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My Hero Academia¬†anime has been shockingly loyal to the manga it is based on. But that doesn’t mean that the two line up similarly. There are things in the manga that didn’t happen in the anime, this may be hard to believe, but there are details about All Might himself that have been dropped in the manga, but so far haven’t made the cut into the anime. Sometimes these moments are minor or are lacking clarification. Let’s check this out together. ūüôā

1-His Own Agency

All might

This is one of those things that makes complete sense, but is likely frequently overlooked. Did you know that¬†All Might¬†had his¬†own hero agency? We never really see him running back there, or helping to run it at all. But he has one. We don’t know much about her agency. But we do know that it’s located somewhere in the capital of Japan. Maybe someday they will show it? It’d be interesting to see what the building is designed to look like. Probably a design, as powerful as All Might’s biceps!

2-Seven Great Mysteries

All might - one for all

Perhaps it’s because of the way All Might’s quirk is registered (called ‘enhanced strength‘), but there is an air of mystery about¬†All Might’s powers. In fact, in the world of Boku No Hero Academia, All Might’s quirk is considered to be one of the seven great mysteries for the moment. That may be hard to believe, but it’s totally true!
The two hypotheses leading to this conclusion are thin, but we assume that One for all Quirk is multiplied tenfold depending on the holder, and that the descendants of this Quirk can communicate with the new holder.
The most recent analysis is during the first round of the¬†U.A. Sports Festival’s Fighting Tournament¬†during the fight between Deku and Hitoshi Shinso (season 2 episode 7) which allowed him to regain his senses!

3-All Might’s Habits?

All might - art

What do heroes do in their downtime? We can’t speak for all of them, but we know what¬†All Might¬†likes to do. When not in his hero form, he’s going to watch movies or he stays with¬†Nezu, the headmaster of the U.A. Academic High School. He wouldn’t be recognizable in his other form.
It’s kind of fun to think of All Might being such a movie fan. It looks like¬†Deku¬†isn’t the only nerd in this line of heroes! Though it does explain a thing or two about why he is so fond of the young man. Even if the reason is that he was also¬†quirkless¬†but also¬†humble¬†and courageous as a powerless hero.

4-All Might’s Best Friend

Naomasa Tsukauchi

In the anime,¬†Naomasa Tsukauchi,¬†the police officer¬†that we keep seeing in both the anime and the manga, is¬†presented¬†as a friend of¬†All Might’s, He appears to have a close relationship with All Might, as he even leaked sensitive information to the hero just because he felt it was the right thing to do, in the manga, All Might introduces the same man as his best friend.
The difference may seem fairly minor, however, this revelation goes a long way in explaining why¬†Naomasa¬†knows such a precious secret of All Might’s (the¬†truth¬†about where the¬†One for all Quirk came from).

5-Toshinori Yagi

Toshinari Yagi

Yes,¬†Toshinari Yagi’s¬†name is one of the elements the anime didn’t focus on that much. And to be fair,¬†All Might¬†does sound a lot more dramatic, so we understand it. However, there’s a hidden fact about All Might in his true name. Let’s start with “Toshinori“, It’s a common name. In fact, it seems likely that this is one of the reasons All Might is better known as well. This is a nice throwback to the fact that All Might was born quirkless. Then there’s Yagi. Yagi means two things. First,¬†Yagi¬†mean <<eighth>> in Japanese. Second, it also represents¬†Tree. Both have significant meaning to this character. He’s the¬†eighth hero¬†to take up the¬†quirk¬†mantle gave by Nana Shimura before she death against All for one.

6-Being Sneaky

My hero academia

We all know that¬†All Might¬†was also¬†Quirkless. His advice to Izuku Midoriya in how to change his registrations further proves that. All Might himself would have had to deal with that ‚Äď going from quirkless to the¬†world former No. 1 Hero¬†who bore the title of the world’s Symbol of Peace.
Here are now the characteristics of All Might step by step, after an intensive training going
from beyond!

  • Immense Strength ( Rank S )
  • Immense Speed ( Rank S )
  • Immense Durability ( Rank S )
  • Immense Stamina ( Rank S )

7-About Gran Torino

Midoriya and Gran Torino

Gran Torino¬†is a character with a pretty impressive quirk, all things considered. However, Torino would have preferred to never have to register his quirk. Despite his old age, Gran Torino is a very¬†powerful Hero. Gran Torino was the one who taught the world’s number one hero All Might how to fight and use his Quirk. He is an excellent teacher and was wise enough to teach¬†Izuku Midoriya, a true Yoda Master!

8-Strange Eyes

All might's eyes

There’s no doubt that fans picked up on it.¬†All Might¬†has strange, and very dynamic eyes. The reason for that is actually explained in the manga though, and it’s rather shocking. As it turns out, the reason¬†Toshinori Yagi’s eyes¬†look that way is because of¬†several rounds of surgery. The surgery was not optional, and not for aesthetic reasons. The way his eyes look now is the end result of all of those surgeries, however.

9-Relationship Between Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

This is an important theory to find yourself in the universe of My Hero Academia,¬†Nana Shimura¬†was known to be a very close friend of¬†Gran Torino, she also told him about the One for all, that’s also why he took All Might under his wing to train him.
All Might’s power and willingness comes from the education that charged the¬†7th holder¬†of the one for all quirk.
Nana Shimura was the one that told All Might that a true hero should smile no matter what, to reassure the people and to not only protect their lives but also their hearts.

10-Origins of All Might

Captain america - all might

Let’s not hide each other,¬†All Might¬†is our favorite hero, and for the simple and good reason that¬†Kohei Horikoshi¬†likes American figures including the Marvels. He imagined a powerful, protective, vigilant and kind hero, even if it meant sacrificing himself for peace, and the best model for this character was the only one,¬†Captain America!

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My Hero Academia: All Might's 10 Closest Friends, Ranked

Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academiahas grown into one of the most popular anime series of the decade, and it’s been incredible to watch this plucky shonen series enter the mainstream. My Hero Academia has benefitted from the public’s current obsession with superheroes and how it’s able to take the staples of the genre and reinvent them through anime.

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There are many important heroes and villains in the series, but right from the start, it’s the prolific figure, All Might, who is positioned as My Hero Academia’s mascot. All Might’s role in the series is invaluable, but My Hero Academia has also slowly peeled back the layers on the character and highlighted the personal relationships and friendships that drive him forward. Allies are crucial in My Hero Academia, and there are some important ones who inspire All Might.

10 Katsuki Bakugo Becomes An Unlikely Addition To All Might’s Inner Circle

My Hero Academia begins with Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo at odds and fulfilling the roles of friendly rivals more than outright companions. All Might focuses his efforts on Midoriya and helps him grow and rise above Bakugo’s playful barbs. However, after Midoriya and Bakugo grow closer, the latter gets indoctrinated into All Might’s trusted clique. All Might opens up to Bakugo about Midoriya’s inheritance of his One For All Quirk and its accompanying dangers. All Might and Bakugo don’t get a lot of one-on-one time, but he trusts the boy to be there for Midoriya when he can’t be.

9 Principal Nezu & All Might Have A Tacit Understanding Of What Society Needs

All Might is a character in My Hero Academia who gets pulled in many different directions. All Might was the Number One Pro Hero, but he also serves a crucial role as an educator at U.A. High. Principal Nezu doesn’t play a major role in My Hero Academia, but some of his most significant scenes take place alongside All Might. Nezu is one of the select few who are aware of All Might’s debilitating condition. The two engage in fascinating discussions about the public’s safety, and they know that they can implicitly trust each other.

8 Endeavor & All Might Have A Painful History That Boils Down To A Terse Friendship

When My Hero Academia begins, it seems that All Might and Endeavor are completely at odds with each other. It’s explained that the two haven’t spoken for ten years and that bad blood has formed between them. Despite this tension, All Might and Endeavor are able to eventually resolve this feud and put their differences aside.

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All Might is able to put his trust into Endeavor, and he can actually be proud of Endeavor as the new Number One Pro Hero. This friendship remains more of an unspoken bond, but it definitely exists and has been forged through hardships.

7 Shota Aizawa Becomes A Trusted Confidante For All Might On U.A. High’s Faculty

Many of the educators at U.A. High are treated like indispensable figures in My Hero Academia, but it’s quite interesting to examine the relationships that exist between the faculty. Shota Aizawa and All Might first appear to carry highly contrasting ideologies even if there’s tacit respect and appreciation between the two of them. However, once the heroes get spread progressively thin by villain attacks, both All Might and Aizawa are willing to let their guards down more. The two make their students’ futures their priority, and Aizawa provides crucial assistance during the Paranormal Liberation War.

6 Naomasa Tsukauchi Is One Of The Few Quirkless Individuals All Might Trusts

The characters in My Hero Academia can often get tied up with their heroics and surround themselves with powerful Quirks. This is no different for All Might, but Naomasa Tsukauchi is an important exception. Tsukauchi is one of the best cops in Japan, and All Might goes so far as to trust him with his unstable condition. All Might and Tsukauchi often keep their interactions to a minimum, but they’re still incredibly close. All Might trusts him and will confide in him about his problems, while Tsukauchi will also provide All Might with intel on Nomu and All For One.

5 Sir Nighteye & All Might Used To Be Crime-Fighting Partners

My Hero Academia focuses on the next generation of heroes represented by Izuku Midoriya and his peers, but it also shines a light on many of the existing Pro Heroes’ pasts. Audiences first encounter Sir Nighteye as a temperamental Pro Hero who takes Midoriya and Togata under his wing.

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It’s revealed that Nighteye and All Might are former partners, but a disagreement over his declining health is ultimately what causes them to part ways. Even still, the two value each other’s opinions, and Nighteye weighs in on who should receive All Might’s Quirk.

4 Gran Torino Mentored All Might & Gave Him Sage Advice

No one is born as a fully-formed hero, and even the best of the best still need to receive training to properly understand the fundamentals. All Might is a bastion of knowledge for Midoriya, but All Might himself owes a lot of his success to the teachings of Gran Torino. All Might remains close with his former mentor, and they still turn to each other for support. The two are even able to once again work together as teammates during the events of the Hideout Raid attack where they both cathartically fight against All For One.

3 Izuku Midoriya Is All Might’s Protégé & His Hope For The Future

My Hero Academia establishes many touching relationships, but arguably the sweetest of them all is the bond that forms between All Might and young Izuku Midoriya. All Might immediately recognizes the potential that’s dormant inside Deku, and he trusts him to be honorable enough to be his successor as the beater of One For All. The connection between these two only grows more intense, and All Might never shows concern over his decision to back Midoriya. This relationship means even more to Deku in lieu of his father being absent from the picture.

2 David Shield Is All Might’s Former Partner & Represents A Simpler Time For The Hero

The first My Hero Academia movie, Two Heroes, provides some helpful context on All Might’s past back when he was one of the biggest Pro Heroes in the United States. During this time, All Might’s partner was David Shield, someone he’s known since his college days. All Might is even at David’s wedding, and he makes sure that David’s daughter knows that he’s All Might’s hero. David is also responsible for designing all of All Might’s hero costumes. David doesn’t know the full story regarding All Might’s condition, but they still share a crucial history and stay in touch.

1 Nana Shimura’s Hero Lessons Will Always Be A Part Of All Might

Nana Shimura is not only the former mentor of All Might, but she's also the previous bearer of One For All before he becomes the new face of the legendary Quirk. Nana instills many of the optimistic ideals that dominate All Might's heroic work, and their bond becomes so intense that All Might views Nana as his own mother. This turns All For One's elimination of Nana and the manipulation of her grandson into serious points of contention for him that drive him in battle. All Might’s connection with Nana Shimura runs far deeper than the standard teacher-pupil dynamic.

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All Might


Real Name

Toshinori Yagi

First Appearance

My Hero Academia, Chapter One (July, 2014)


KŇćhei Horikoshi

Team Affiliations

The Hideout Raid Team


Symbol of Peace

Base of Operations



One For All

Skills and Abilities

Fighting Experience





Toshinori Yagi, more often known as his alias All Might, is a superhero who appears in the manga and anime series My Hero Academia and is considered the #1 hero in the world.



The specifics off Toshinori Yagi's early years and birthplace remain unknown.  Toshinori was a young high school student at U.A. High, without any powers of his own. However, a teacher, Nana Shimura, saw great potential in him, and revealed that she had a special power called One For All that could be passed on from person to person, with each bearer acting as the protector of the world. All Might inherited the Quirk from her shortly before her untimely death, her close friend Gran Torino trained Toshinori to be a hero.

All Might very quickly learned how to control all of One For All's power, and swiftly started making headlines, eventually becoming and remaining the number one hero in the world until his retirement. His seeming invincibility paired along with his personality earned him the title "The Symbol of Peace and Justice"

However, a battle with a powerful and ancient supervillain known as All For One changed things. While All Might thought he had killed All For One, he was left with a grievous wound that had destroyed much of his digestive and respiratory system, leaving him only able to do hero work for three hours a day. Applying as a teacher at U.A. High School to find a successor, he found one in Izuku Midoriya, another quirkless boy who had great spirit and intelligence.

Passing his power on, he would use the residual leftovers in three more major battles: one to defeat a group of villains who attacked U.A. to kill him and his students, as the obstacle in the first-year practical exam finals for the in-training heroes, and to once again fight and defeat All For One in a rescue operation. After this last fight, his residual power was used up, and he could no longer use his Hero Form, ending his career as the World's Greatest Hero, though he would continue to mentor the rapidly growing Izuku Midoriya.


One For All - All Might, like most of the population in My Hero Academia, possesses a special power called a Quirk. However, his is unique in that it is one that was given to him. This Quirk is called One For All, and it was created when the villain All For One forcibly gave his weak, but defiant brother a stockpiling quirk that mutated and merged with the brother's latent transfer quirk. Each user of One For All grows the power of the quirk through their training and heroism, then passes the torch along to another user with the goal of creating guardians of the world who can uphold peace, and foil the plans of All For One. All Might is the eighth holder of this quirk, and the most powerful by far.

When activated, All Might's muscles bulk up immensely and he turns into his Hero Form. At a normal constant state of 100%, his strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and endurance skyrocket to near god-like levels, with a single punch from him being capable of creating a wind blast that levels a city block and changes the weather. He's been seen to instantly take down a large group of villains in the blink of an eye, and was even able to overwhelm an artificial human possessing shock absorption and super regeneration quirks, that was designed to counter him. All Might has never been known to have lost a real fight or fail saving a citizen but sometimes he struggles to save them.


Prior to his first battle with All For One, All Might had no weaknesses in his Hero Form. However, following his injury, All Might had a time limit on how long he could use his quirk per day without it straining his body. Initially it was three hours, and it was later reduced to one hour. Going over the time limit meant he would forcibly revert back into his true form, and often suffer the side effects of his wound, such as frequent bleeding and exhaustion. However, when in his Hero Form during his prime time, he did not have a major weakness, although he was past his prime.

Appearances in Other Media[]

- All Might will appear in the upcoming video game My Hero One's Justice (also called My Hero Academia: One's Justice).


My Hero Academia: 15 Most Powerful Quirks, Ranked

The world of My Hero Academia is full of amazing, useful, and silly quirks. But, when it comes to being a superhero, some quirks are better than others. For example, All Might would never have become the hero we all know him to be should the quirk handed down to him have been anything less powerful than One For All.

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From the ability to copy another person's quirk to the ability to outright steal it permanently‚ÄĒas well as just about everything in between‚ÄĒhere are some of the most incredibly powerful quirks seen in the My Hero Academia anime.

Update on June 12th, 2021 by Tanner Fox: My Hero Academia continues to be one of the most popular shounen anime series, with the fifth season recently debuting in May of 2021. The students in UA's Class 1-A continue to hone their skills and encounter new challenges and rivals along their paths to becoming fully-fledged heroes. A lot has changed for Izuku Midoriya, his close friends, and the world of professional heroics in My Hero Academia, and it's time to re-evaluate which characters possess the series' most powerful quirks.

15 Copy

Neito Monoma has a unique quirk; he has the ability to copy other quirks. Thankfully, he can’t actually copy all quirks, as he's beset by restrictions and limitations. Still, it can be an incredibly useful quirk with a boundless amount of potential applications.

However, even with limitations on what he can mimic, this ability is extremely useful. It allows Monoma to be fairly versatile in any given situation. He can even combat an enemy with their own quirk depending on what it is.

14 Warp Gate

Though he's not all that powerful on his own, Kurogiri acts as an invaluable asset for Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains. Instrumental in their infiltration of the USJ in the first season of the anime, Kurogiri's quirk, warp gate, allows him to envelop friends and foes in a dense fog which can teleport them from place to place.

Perfect as a means of transportation and as an easy way to escape from hazardous situations, Kurogiri has a major hand in allowing the League of Villains to remain so evasive. Though he's proven to be fallible during the USJ attack, he's an essential member of any villain crew.

13 Erasure

U.A. professor Shota Aizawa may not be all that powerful in a conventional sense, but his quirk makes him incredibly valuable in combat. Wielding Erasure, Aizawa can temporarily deactivate a person's quirk, with the effect lasting for as long as he can keep his gaze fixed on them.

Obviously, it comes with a few weaknesses; it doesn't last all that long, and it gives him dry eye. Still, we've seen him use it to save lives in the past, and, though he won't be demolishing city blocks or pulverizing opponents, he's still more than capable of saving the day.

12 Bloodcurdle

Stain had what is quite possibly the most brutal combination of quirk and personality. His quirk, bloodcurdle, gives him the ability to freeze anybody whose blood he ingests. His quirk is only effective in violent altercations, of course, and he then takes advantage of the person being frozen to maim or slaughter them.

In the hands of a killer like Stain, this quirk is incredibly powerful‚ÄĒand incredibly dangerous; the famous fight which pit him against three UA students is indication enough of that fact. Furthermore, we can only wonder how his quirk might have been utilized had he become a hero.

11 Half-Cold Half-Hot

Most of the elemental quirks seen in the anime seem like they would be useful depending on the situation. However, many of them are limited by their environments, as evidenced in the series. That’s what makes Todoroki’s quirk stand out among the rest.

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Shoto Todoroki can command both fire and ice, and it’s an extremely strong quirk. He was already a skilled fighter before entering U.A. as a result of his strict father. Todoroki is a versatile fighter thanks to his quirk, and he will become an even bigger threat as he gains more control over his quirk.

10 Brainwashing

Shinso has a criminally undervalued quirk, but, based on the way they test for new students, it’s no surprise that Shinso failed. Yet, that shouldn't be an indication of the strength of his quirk; the ability to control minds is not one that should be underestimated, especially when he can mimic other’s voices and gain a higher chance of getting a response from his targets.

Shinso played a minor role in the second season of the anime, but he's been a much larger part of the fifth season. His altercations with Deku have been some of the season's most interesting moments, and there's no denying that he wields an incredible power.

9 Black Hole

Thirteen is sort of an overlooked hero due to her focus on rescue instead of combat, but that doesn't mean she should be underestimated. The ability to create black holes is an incredible feat, and it makes Thirteen extremely dangerous in a fight.

One can understand why Thirteen has dedicated the use of their quirk to rescue instead of harm. Her quirk can prove to be extremely dangerous, and there's a significant chance that she could kill her opponents, something heroes often try to avoid.

8 Disintegration

Tomura Shigaraki has one of the more disturbing quirks out there. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s painful, and, quite frankly, it just looks alarming. Shigaraki has the quirk of disintegration. We saw it get used against Aizawa in the first season.

Shigaraki doesn’t seem terribly interested in using his quirk in excess. It may be that it's physically painful or draining, but it's more likely there are other reasons he doesn’t want to rely on the quirk.

7 Explosion

Katsuki Bakugo, the longtime rival of series protagonist Izuku Midoriya, wields an incredibly devastating quirk known simply as Explosion. Able to ignite the nitroglycerin which he excretes from his hands, Bakguo can torch his enemies with ease, further developing his quirk to allow him to fly via controlled blasts.

Unfortunately, his immense power is counterbalanced by his equally hot temper. A hothead through-and-through, Bakugo isn't easy to get along with, and this hinders his ability to work as part of a team. Nevertheless, he's an incredible fighter, and he possesses one of Class 1-A's most impactful quirks.

6 Manifest

It may not seem all that useful on paper, but Tamaki Amajiki's Manifest quirk can be incredibly powerful. Manifest allows Amajiki to change his appendages into those of animals he's eaten recently. With this, he's able to create tentacles and a massive shell to ensnare and attack his enemies. He can also sprout wings, giving him even more of an edge.

Though he goes by the intimidating name of Suneater, he's brought down by his extreme lack of self-confidence. Still, he's been able to shake off multiple powerful attackers at once, and he's doubtlessly one of the anime's most powerful characters.

5 Overhaul

Overhaul, A.K.A. Kai Chisaki, has one of the most terrifying quirks out there. His villain name is based on the quirk itself; he can deconstruct and reconstruct matter‚ÄĒincluding organic matter‚ÄĒon a whim. He can also alter any item or person during this process, healing or damaging as he sees fit.

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That makes him an extremely dangerous person to try and fight against, as our heroes learned. The end of season four showed just how lethal he can be‚Äďtaking on a group of protagonists without a moment‚Äôs hesitation and nearly winning.

4 Rewind

Perhaps the most pivotal character to be introduced in the series' fourth season, Eri has the unique ability to rewind time, granting her the ability to either heal damage or revert others into a state of nonexistence.

She has no control over her quirk and has spent years under the thumb of Overhaul, who planned to use her quirk to mass-produce bullets that could rob heroes of their quirks. In the end, she was saved by Deku and brought to live at U.A., but her story remains one of the most tragic seen in the series so far.

3 Hellflame

The current number-one pro hero in Japan following the retirement of All Might in the third season of My Hero Academia, Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor, commands an intimidating, firey quirk known as Hellflame. Much like Katsuki Bakugo or his son Shoto Todoroki, Endeavor can summon powerful bursts of flame from his hands, and he's able to use it in all kinds of situations.

Though his quirk may be similar to those of powerful U.A. students, Endeavors years as a professional hero have given him even more of an edge. Most villains would be hard-pressed to take him on, with All For One himself perhaps being the only villain Endeavor couldn't beat.

2 One For All

Naturally, we had to include One For All on this list. This quirk is technically a few quirks merged together, but, since they’ll never be separated, we’re counting them as one. One For All combines immense strength and power with the ability to hand the quirk to somebody else. Thus, it creates a lineage of heroes, handing the quirk down through the ages. It has some unusual side effects, as readers of the manga are well aware of.

One For All is an exceptionally powerful quirk; All Might and Midorya can both prove that fact for us. Both heroes have been capable of amazing feats, with All Might being the number one hero for years.

1 All For One

If One For All is going to make this list, then so should All For One. All For One is the quirk that allows our main villain to take any quirk he wishes. It’s basically the polar opposite of One For All, and it allows All For One to get more and more powerful with time, picking and choosing the quirks he desires.

To make matters worse‚ÄĒor better, depending on how you want to look at it‚ÄĒthis quirk can also transfer quirks. Allowing All For One to take quirks and give them to his followers. It‚Äôs a smart way to ensure loyalty, at the very least.

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Quirk all might

My Hero Academia: The 15 Strongest Hero Quirks, Ranked

The world of anime is extremely vast, but only a handful of series have managed to achieve success on a global scale, and over the past five years, My Hero Academia has become one of those series. It takes place in a world where most of the population has some type of quirk (superpower), and it focuses on Izuku Midoriya-a quirkless teenage boy who is given a quirk by his personal hero, All Might.

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There are a lot of powerful quirks in this universe, and not everyone uses them for good, in fact, there is an entire league of criminals who are dedicated to villainy. Since villains exist, Heroes do too, and they all possess quirks that are both powerful and versatile, but some of these Hero quirks are more powerful than the rest.

Updated on May 31, 2021 by George Voutiritsas: My Hero Academia's first manga chapter was released in the summer of 2014, and it has since gone on to become one of the most popular series in the world. The series is filled with villains who possess very unique powers called quirks, but there are plenty of Pro Heroes with their own quirks to take them on. Fans of the series have seen dozens of Hero quirks over the years, and although they are all useful in their own way, some are just far superior to others. The strongest Hero quirks are renowned for their power and usefulness, but even the strongest of these quirks have a hierarchy. 

15 Dark Shadow

Fumikage Tokoyami's head may resemble that of a crow, but he is still very much human, and his quirk actually has nothing to do with it. His quirk is called Dark Shadow, and it allows him to produce a completely sentient shadow creature that is connected to his body.

Tokoyami can use this quirk to pummel villains without having to get close to them, but Dark Shadow's energy will drain quickly if it is exposed to very bright light. Through extensive training, Tokoyami's control has improved to the point that he can now wear Dark Shadow like a suit of armor.

14 Foresight

  • Super Move:¬†Currently¬†Unkown

Sir Nighteye ran one of the best Pro Hero agencies in Japan, which is to be expected since he was once All Might's trusted sidekick. Nighteye was a tall and lean individual, and thanks to his Foresight quirk, he was a very competent hand-to-hand fighter.

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Foresight allowed Nighteye to see another person's future from a 3rd person perspective. In order to activate this quirk, Nighteye needs to touch and make eye contact with his target, but it can only stay active for an hour, and if it is used, it can't be used again for 24 hours. This quirk may have a time limit, but it allows him to react to virtually any attack before it happens.

13 Fiber Master

  • Super Move:¬†Thread of Hope

Best Jeanist wears a comical amount of denim, but he also happens to be the current No. 3 Pro Hero. His quirk is called Fiber Master, and it gives him the ability to manipulate the threads of any piece of nearby fabric.

Tsunagu Hakamada's quirk works best with denim, which is why he uses his own clothing to restrain villains. As long as his opponent is wearing some type of clothing, Jeanist can use his quirk to turn their own clothing against them, and this usually involves tightening string around their necks to knock them unconscious.

12 Whirlwind

  • Super Move:¬†Currently Unknown

My Hero Academia features quite a few elemental quirks, including the one used by Inasa Yoarashi, otherwise known as Gale Force. His quirk is called Whirlwind, and it allows him to freely control all the air around him.

This quirk gives Inasa the ability to create wind gusts that are powerful enough to move stones and other debris, and he can control these gusts with pinpoint accuracy. As far as offense is concerned, Inasa can produce whirlwinds that are strong enough to break solid ice or blow villains away. He can also use his quirk to fly.

11 Black Hole

  • Super Move:¬†Currently Unknown

My Hero Accademia is set in the kind of detailed world that any Final Fantasy fan would enjoy, and a large amount of this detail is focused on the heroes themselves. Thirteen is one of several Pro Heroes who specialize in search and rescue emergencies, and her quirk is quite useful and powerful.

Thirteen's Black Hole quirk allows her to recreate the suction effect of a black hole through her fingertips, and the force of the suction is so strong that it can even pull in light. She can use this quirk to clear debris and save trapped citizens, but she can also use it to capture villains.

10 Creation

  • Super Move:¬†Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag

Anyone who plays Dark Souls 3 knows how important rings and weapons are, and if the game had an NPC like Momo Yaoyorozu, players wouldn't need to buy them with the Souls they've collected. Momo possesses the Creation quirk, which allows her to  create any non-living material or object from her exposed skin

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She can do this by transforming the molecular structure of her fat cells, but she can only create something if she understands its molecular structure. As a result, she can create any item or weapon that she might need in a fight or rescue operation.

9 Manifest

  • Super Move:¬†Chimera Kraken

Food-inspired abilities may not sound impressive, but they can be very effective when used the right way. Tamaki Amajiki is a Pro Hero student who goes by the name, Suneater, and he can manifest the physical characteristics of anything he eats thanks to his Manifest quirk.

If he eats Octopus, he can turn his fingers into tentacles which he can use to capture villains, and if he eats crab, he can generate claws that are strong enough to destroy metal weapons. What makes this quirk so useful is the fact that Tamaki can manifest and use multiple characteristics at once.

8 Explosion

My Hero Academia doesn't really feature any kind of sword fighting, which means that it isn't the kind of anime that Ghost of Tsushima fans would enjoy. It does have plenty of explosions though, and fans can thank Bakugo for that.

Bakugo has the Explosion quirk, and this allows him to create explosions by igniting the nitroglycerin-like sweat that secretes from his palms. This quirk can do a lot of damage, but Bakugo can also use it to evade attacks by propelling himself at high speeds, and he can also create a shockwave that functions like a shield.

7 Fierce Wings

  • Super Move:¬†Currently Unknown

Wing Hero: Hawks is currently My Hero Academia's  No. 2 Pro Hero, and part of the reason why people like him is because he's a smart Hero who promotes a carefree and good-natured attitude. His quirk also happens to be very versatile, as he can use it to fight villains and to save civilians who are in danger.

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Fierce Wings is a quirk that gives Hawks a pair of large, bright red wings, and he can telekinetically control the movement and nature of each individual feather. He can harden these feathers in order to turn them into a sharp sword or sturdy shield, and he can use them to grab onto people and bring them to safety.

6 Permeation

  • Super Move:¬†Phantom Menace

When All Might was searching for a successor for One For All, the top candidate was Mirio Togata. Mirio possesses the Permeation quirk, which allows him to become intangible to the point that he can pass through solid matter. When he is completely intangible, light, air, and even sound can pass through his body as well.

Thanks to this quirk, Mirio can phase through walls and the ground, and it happens to be extremely useful in combat. Physical and elemental attacks can safely pass through Mirio's body, and he can unleash an instantaneous combo that takes advantage of his quirk's side effect, which causes him to repel forward when his body becomes solid again.

5 Hellflame

  • Super Move:¬†Prominence Burn

Endeavor is currently the top-ranked Hero in the series, and he has one of the best Plus Ultra moves in My Hero One’s Justice 2. After years of training, Endeavor now has enhanced strength, durability, speed, reflexes, and endurance, but his true power lies in his Hellflame quirk.

Hellflame is a pretty straightforward quirk, as it allows him to create and manipulate large quantities of intense fire. This fire is incredibly powerful as evidenced by his Prominence Burn technique, which produces a concentrated beam of fire that can vaporize an enemy.

4 Half-Cold Half-Hot

  • Super Move:¬†Flashfreeze Heatwave

Shoto Todoroki is Endeavor's youngest son, and he has the potential to become even more powerful than his father. He managed to inherit part of his father's quirk, which is why he can generate fire from the left side of his body.

His mother possesses an ice-related quirk which he also partially inherited, which is why the right side of his body can generate ice. He can use both elements independently, which already makes him difficult to fight against, but he can also use both elements simultaneously.

3 Brainwashing

  • Super Move:¬†Artificial Vocal Cords: Persona Chords

Hitoshi Shinso may not be the series' best fighter, but he possesses a powerful quirk, and the best thing about it is the fact that he doesn't even need to lift a finger to use it. His quirk is called, Brainwashing, and it forces his target to obey every single command.

This quirk will take effect as soon as someone verbally responds to him, and he can use it on multiple people at once, but he will only be able to command one person at a time. It's amazing that Hitoshi decided to become a Hero because he can make a very good living as a villain with his quirk.

2 Erasure

  • Super Move:¬†Currently Unknown

There are a multitude of powerful quirks in the world of My Hero Academia, but there is one quirk that can temporarily counter every single one of them. That quirk is called Erasure, and it belongs to Shota Aizawa, and with it, he can nullify another person's quirk by looking at them.

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This quirk is extremely powerful, but it has several drawbacks. It will deactivate if Aizawa blinks, and this happens a lot when he uses it for a prolonged period of time because the quirk causes his eyes to dry up.

1 One For All

  • Super Move:¬†United States of Smash

There are plenty of anime with great visuals, and My Hero Academia has had its fair share of impressive visuals, including the final exchange between All Might and All For One. All Might is basically the series' Superman, as he possesses immense strength, speed, durability, and stamina.

All Might is the former owner of One For All, a transferable quirk that allows the user to stockpile a massive amount of raw power, and this allowed him to significantly enhance all of his physical abilities. Izuku Midoriya is the current owner, and he recently learned that One For All also allows the user to use the quirks of all the previous owners.

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