Letter styles for posters

Letter styles for posters DEFAULT

The right font can make all the difference for a great poster design. Using bold fonts and captivating headlines on your posters, you&#;ll attract a larger audience to your events and gatherings.

From vintage, distressed typefaces to clean and elegant fonts, this list has something for everyone.

Who is your favorite font designer for poster fonts? Leave a comment below to share!

1. Greycliff CF: Geometric Sans Font

greycliff sans serif font family

Greycliff is a clean and modern sans serif font family from Connary Fagen. Ideal for smooth titles and bold headlines, Greycliff is useful for poster design due to its versatility.

Get Greycliff Font →

2. Blackriver Font + Ornaments

blackriver block font

Blackriver is a bold and strong vintage typeface designed by Tobias Saul. The theme is inspired by early 20th century advertising and packaging design, making it a great choice for vintage and retro poster designs.

Get Blackriver Font →

3. The Artisan Collection (Font Bundle)

artisan collection vintage fonts

A huge collection of vintage fonts with sixteen logos included! This bundle is created by Hustle Supply Co. and features Scrip fonts, Condensed fonts, Sans & Serif fonts.

Get the Artisan Collection Bundle →

4. Equinox

equinox typeface

Equinox is a clean and futuristic display typeface from Tugco Design. Add modern and sleek style to your posters with this font.

Get Equinox Typeface →

5. The Holidays &#; A Christmas Typeface

the holidays christmas typeface

The Holidays is a merry and bright typeface created by Leslie Ray. This cheery Christmas themed font features a bunch of cool bonus vector art and is perfect for titles and bold statements on posters. Especially those with a holiday theme.

Get The Holidays Typeface →

6. Hello Beautiful Font Duo

hello beautiful font

Hello Beautiful is a duo kit of hand-scripted fonts created by Nicky Laatz! These bold headliner fonts work great together for titles and messaging. You can also use the amazing swashes Nicky included for unique flairs and details.

Get the Hello Beautiful Font Duo →

Recommend Textures & Effects

Mono Grunge Animated Textures Pack from Enchanted Studios

Spark Effex V2 - Spark Effects PNGs

Nois7 Stars & Night Skies Photo Overlays - FilterGrade

7. Evolve Sans

evolve sans futuristic font

If you&#;re looking for a futuristic, space-inspired font, Evolve Sans is a fantastic choice. This modern design was crafted by MadeType. Evolve Sans features a type-family of 10 unique fonts including various thicknesses and special caps characters.

Get Evolve Sans →

8. Sucrose Letterpress Font Family

Sucrose is a premium letterpress font from Yellow Design Studio. This textured and run down font features 8 unique texture levels for any type of design. You can choose from almost no texture to completely faded.

Create the perfect poster design with a bold title from Sucrose.

Get Sucrose Font Family →

9. Bison Font

bison font

Bison is a powerful font family by Ellen Luff. Design audacious titles and posters with Bison to get your message across!

Get Bison Font Family →

Firebox Slab Serif Font

firebox slab serif font

Firebox is a bold and eye-catching slab serif font designed by Scott Fuller and distributed by the amazing folks at Retro Supply Co. Firebox has that slight western and vintage feel, making it perfect for themed party poster designs.

Get Firebox Slab Serif Font →

London Luxe Serif Font

london luxe serif font

London is a timeless and luxurious serif font from Jen Wagner Co. This beautiful bold font features sleek lines and sharp contrast making it great for titles, posters, invitations, and much more.

Get London Font →


buinton script poster font

Buinton is a script typeface with an old sports feel to it. Designed by Mike Melvas, Buinton is a great font for sports-themed parties, exciting events, and poster designs related to vintage themes.

Get Buinton Script Font →

KIONA Modern Sans Serif

kiona font

KIONA is a minimal, modern font family from Ellen Luff. Using KIONA, you can build some beautiful posters with thin and thick type with an edginess to it.

Get KIONA Font Family →

Quincy CF Font Family

quincy font family

A pleasant display font for reading clearly. Build titles, bold headlines, and poster boards with this clean font family from Connary Fagen.

Quincy has eight weights and italics plus Latin/Cyrillic multilingual support.

Get Quincy CF Font Family →

Bank Typeface

bank typeface design

Bank is a modern typeface that is designed to be layered with a lined version for unique details. These lines make Bank the perfect typeface for bold titles on posters announcing your party or event!

Get Bank Typeface →

Redzone Display Typeface

redzone display typeface

Redzone is the official typeface of the &#;Ultimate Football League&#;, a reimagining of 32 fictional football teams that CJ Zilligen created when he was View the full UFL project here to see all the cool designs!

Redzone is perfect for football games, posters about sports events, and special title sequences.

Get Redzone Display Typeface →

 Sarcastic Typeface + Extras

sarcastic typeface

A mischievous and sassy typeface from Graptail. Sarcastic is a display font inspired by classic posters with bold and appealing titles.

Multiple variations of the font allow you to add swashes and ligatures for even cooler titles.

Get Sarcastic Typeface + Extras →

Jenthill Script Family

jenthill font

Jenthill is a script font family from Katsia Jazwinska. Featuring bold, light, and caps versions, this font is a more playful poster font for cheerful and hand-crafted design themes.

Get Jenthill Script Family →

Blackhawk Brush Font

blackhawk brush font

Blackhawk is a high-energy brush font from Sam Parrett. For street-style designs and grungy themes, Blackhawk is the perfect choice.

Add bold headers and headlines to your posters with this supercharged font.

Get Blackhawk Brush Font →

Argon Font

argon font tom anders

Argon is a typeface featuring clean lines and bold letters. The all caps typeface, designed by Tom Anders, works great for sporty, adventurous design themes.

Get Argon Font →

Lovadelic + Extras

lovadelic font

Lovadelic is a groovy and retro 70s themed display font from Aiyari.

This typeface features psychedelic balloon typography and a bunch of fun extras! For a retro or 70s themed party, this is the perfect font. You can also use Lovadelic to generate logos for themed events and posters.

Get Lovadelic + Extras →

Hanley Font Collection

hanley font collection

Hanley Font Collection from District 62 Studio is a bundle of 10 fonts and 2 extras that work well together to create authentic titles and bold lettering for designs.

The fun extras help you add tiny words, catchphrases, and fun messages with your designs.

Get the Hanley Font Collection →

Electric Dreams Font Duo

electric dreams font duo

Electric Dreams Font Duo is a great pack of fonts and styles for creating posters because it offers you both script and sans-serif style fonts for pairing.

Using the sans serif font, you can create bold titles with outlined effects. Then add the script font for messages and taglines.

Get the Electric Dreams Font Duo →

Gilmer – Geometric Sans Serif

gilmer font

Gilmer is a fresh and clean font family with 5 weights and 1 outline font. Great for clear, legible titles and informative poster designs.

Get Gilmer Geometric Sans Serif →

Candlescript Pro

candlescript pro font

Candlescript Pro is an elegant script typeface designed by M Fairuzulhaq aka Ve. Perfect for ornate titles and luxury events. Add elegant flair and some clean details to your poster design with Candlescript Pro.

Get Candlescript Pro →

 Festivo Letters

festivo letters typeface

Festivo Letters is a handmade font family designed by Ahmet Altun. Add festive letters and intriguing effects to your posters with this fun typeface.

Get Festivo Letters →

Fiona Type

fiona elegant typeface

Fiona is an elegant typeface for minimalistic titles and headlines designed by Josh Ownby. Create beautiful wedding invitations, classical party posters, and more.

Get Fiona Type →


longitude condensed font

Longitude is a condensed, sans-serif font family with a modern and clean block look. Designed by Luke Lisi, Longitude works well for headlines and informative titles.

Get Longitude →

Font Inspiration

Browse more popular fonts for vintage themes, spring/summer, and even some free fonts to try!

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Sours: https://filtergrade.com/great-fonts-for-posters/

40 Standout Poster Fonts To Attract All Eyes on Your Designs

Last Updated on October 12,

Design has the power to evoke all kinds of emotions on a subconscious level. That’s why it’s important to carefully think about the images, color, and font that you want for your project. Posters for instance, are meant to be displayed in public, whether it’s in print or digital. Thus, you need something that’s big, eye-catching, yet still maintains readability.

The choice of color and font can make or break your concept. If you’re making a horror movie poster for example, something dark or edgy should evoke fear. On the other hand, a billboard ad for food needs something simple yet striking.

Looking for the right poster fonts? You’ve come to the right place.


High-Impact Poster Fonts

1. Another Danger

poster fonts

Pick this hardcore font from The Branded Quotes that is made with unruly inks to achieve an enigmatic, splattered appeal.

Download Another Danger

2. Zuume Font Family

poster fonts

Adam Ladd&#;s all-caps font present a high-impact, condensed look available in multiple weights and italics.

Download Zuume Font Family

3. Coven

poster fonts

This sharp and bold display typeface comes in both filled and outline styles that works not only with titles, but also with subtexts.

Download Coven

4. Megante

poster fonts

From Sensatype comes a stylish, modern calligraphy font with a casual, chic flair that works stunningly with wedding invites, cards and projects that need elegant touches.

Download Megante

5. Bondie Extrude Font Family

poster fonts

This sans serif font from Craft Supply Co. is a result of exploring Retro American and European bold sans serif lettering for advertising, perfect for layered, vigorous detailing.

Download Bondie Extrude Font Family

6. Chelsea Olivia Font Duo

poster fonts

Garisman Std. gets you a display font and a script font that comes with not only ligatures, but also premade logos for you to whip up faster, more personalized presentations.

Download Chelsea Olivia Font Duo

7. Golte Sans Font

poster fonts

With an eccentric and variable design, this display font works best when used at large sizes for headings.

Download Golte Sans Font

8. Marons Font

poster fonts

Alit Design presents an elegant font created using many properties of scripts and serif fonts which bring a unique and bold impression.

Download Marons Font

9. Gore Typeface

poster fonts

This curve-less display font works great with titles and blends nicely with other sans serif and script fonts.

Download Gore Typeface

Clarkson Script


Brand new stylish, versatile poster font Clarkson Script includes more than characters, alternates, and ligatures.

Download Clarkson Script

Devant Pro


Devant pro is a modern Sans Serif poster font very much suitable for web and print, such as movie film posters or large typography pieces.

Download Devant Pro



Frank is a poster font inspired by the classics DIN, Eurostile, and a dash of Futura. Perfect for prints, t-shirts, posters, and such.

Download Frank

Haste &#; 3 Handmade Font


Haste is a lovely, hand-lettered, vintage poster font designed to make getting that perfect hand-lettering look super easy!

Download Haste &#; 3 Handmade Fonts

The Historia


The Historia is a vintage and natural handpainted poster font. Suitable for any design needs, it comes with upper and lowercase Standard Characters, punctuation, numerals, and special glyphs with multilingual support.

Download The Historia


poster fonts

Maulana Creative&#;s bold sans serif typeface with a strong focus on italics works well with branding, logos, magazines, and many more.

Download Nordams


poster fonts

Much like the well-known beast, Ellen Luff attempts to capture the bison&#;s sturdy and uncompromising appeal using controlled letterforms and modern touches.

Download Bison

Fab Display

poster fonts

If you&#;re looking for a font that takes the appeal of old labels with an added feminist touch, this product from Biro AMDS is what your presentation needs.

Download Fab Display


poster fonts

This Roman typeface from Rosario Nocera gives your presentation the thrill of lettering found in the horror and thriller genres.

Download Zachar


poster fonts

Remedy presents a handmade typeface that takes inspiration from lettering used in classic sci-fi and horror films to project a vintage, spooky feel.

Download Vampliers


poster fonts

PintassilgoPrints made this hand-drawn, all-caps font based on Italian movie posters from the known movie poster artist Symeoni.

Download Manicuore

Due Credit

poster fonts

Wing&#;s Art Studio specifically designed for the film and television industry that is great for bold headline titles and small credit blocks &#; with a few horror-inspired style elements.

Download Due Credit

Film Poster Typeface

poster fonts

Fontsphere gets us an ultra-condensed sans serif display typeface with geometric forms usable in creative graphics, posters, and advertising.

Download Film Poster Typeface


Sebastian Cover min

Sebastian is a playful cutout font created for quotes, greeting cards, social media posts, branding, headers, posters, merchandise, and much more. If your project or design requires a light-hearted cutout typeface, then Sebastian is for you!

Download Sebastian

Test this font by typing here

Wavelength Typeface

Wavelength Cover min

Wavelength was inspired by the &#;Rick and Morty&#; logo. This abstract display typeface grabs the reader&#;s attention and keeps them there. It has an upper, lowercase display, numeral, and special characters. It is most suited as a decorative display font for editorials, album covers, posters, logos, web or packaging design. If you&#;re looking for a typeface that&#;s weird, trippy, and unique then Wavelength is for you!

Download Wavelength

Test this font by typing here

Overdrive &#; Elite Automotive Typeface

Overdrive Altentive

Overdrive is an elegant typeface inspired by Italian racing and automobile industry. This wide typeface is designed for sheer elegance and stylish experience. Overdrive is perfect for creating stunning logotypes, gripping headlines, memorable presentations, and edgy adverts.

Test this font by typing here

Download Overdrive

Pulse &#; Bold Racing Typeface

Pulse min

Pulse is a racing font that displays boldness, showmanship, and speed. Pulse typeface is versatile and perfect for any design including logos, flyers, posters, headlines, sports, video editing and much more. Possibilities are endless.

Test this font by typing here

Download Pulse

Wanderlust – Soft Vintage Typeface

Wanderlust 1 min

Wanderlust is a beautiful vintage soft vintage typeface. Wanderlust is a very versatile font, covering a wide range project types, from wedding invitations, to bold magazine imagery, to branding, poster design and so much more.

Type here to test this typeface

Download Wanderlust


Heisman Typeface min

Heisman is an all caps font with unique small and large cap characters. The font is ready to be used for your sports related projects. Built to be perfect for headlines, jerseys, logos, branding, posters, packaging, advertising, and much more.

The font is geometrically perfect, which means it&#;s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Heisman is fully-kerned and is effortless to use. You can always play around with the spacing, however the typeface looks great when the letters are close to each other.

Test this font by typing here

Download Heisman

Hitchcut Display Font

poster fonts

If a bold, gritty and unique font is what your project requires, try this product from Itsmesimon that will make your presentation standout using large lettering.

Download Hitchcut Display Font

Sahar Heavy

poster fonts

If you are looking for a charming san serif font that also achieves a hot, loud and heavy tone, you can count on this Lella7 product to get that effect.

Download Sahar Heavy

August Typeface

poster fonts

From Ellen Luff, this san serif display typeface projects a powerful effect without sacrificing style or legibility.

Download August Typeface

Vanguard CF

poster fonts

Connary Fagen&#;s display typeface is made to maximize horizontal space with weights that span from an elegantthin to an arresting heavy.

Download Vanguard CF

Bernoru Sans Font Family

poster fonts

From grahampeterson, this eye-catching font works great for posters, headlines, and branding with six current widths and more to come.

Download Bernoru Sans Font Family


poster fonts

This URW product makes use of a geometric or constructed sans serif design influenced by the German Bauhaus movement of the s.

Download Futura


poster fonts

This Howcolour font focuses on linear, geometric dimensions largely based on mimicking architectural design.

Download Genome


poster fonts

What&#;s great about this Tugcu Design Co. product is that the font&#;s lack of curves can give you either a dark, grim aesthetic but can also be used for more lighthearted themes.

Download Loki

CS Sandreas Font Family

poster fonts

If you&#;re after a universal font package that suits any kind of project that needs vintage or retro feels, this Craft Supply Co. typeface has a myriad of effects for you to mix and match.

Download CS Sandreas Font Family

Branche Display Font

poster fonts

TypoBureau Studio presents a sans serif font inspired by classic cigarette typography design from the Sixties, but with a modern, sporty touch.

Download Branche Display Font

Myona Serif and Elfani Script

poster fonts

Get a luxurious, modern design look that you can mix and match using Unfutur Labs&#; font duo.

Download Myona Serif and Elfani Script


poster fonts

Tobias Saul&#;s font features a modern look using straight shapes that will remind you of an early 20th Century aesthetic.

Download Charoe

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Sours: https://hipfonts.com/poster-fonts/
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When graphic designers create a poster, they have to consider a number of different elements. What message is the poster trying to convey? What is the poster size going to be? What colors should they use? How should the text be formatted – and, perhaps most importantly, what font should they use?

A poster’s font plays a very large role in creating the proper design aesthetic. As the words on a poster actually convey the company’s information to the viewer, the font does a lot of the heavy lifting in regard to the brand’s style. However, font can’t focus on looks too heavily; it also has to be clear and legible if your customers are going to understand what you’re promoting.

So, what are the best fonts for a poster? Here are nine popular fonts that will make a big splash on your next poster design.

Sans Serif Fonts

Readability is an absolute necessity for any type of print marketing material. If your audience can’t read your poster, flyer, or business card, they are unlikely to remember your business – and even less likely to look you up on their own time. For this reason, san serif fonts are the best kind of typeface for poster copy.

What is “Sans Serif”? This term refers to fonts that do not have a small “brushstroke” (known as a serif) at the edge of each letter. Sans serif fonts are considered cleaner and easier to read, which makes them particularly popular on posters that contain a lot of text copy.

Some of the best sans serif fonts include:

Franklin Gothic

Any discussion of poster fonts must include a discussion of Franklin Gothic, the “father” of the sans serif font family. This font was originally designed by American typeface designer Morris Fuller Benton at the turn of the 20th century, and it quickly became a go-to font for newspaper headlines of the time. These days, Franklin Gothic (and the other “gothic” fonts inspired by it) is used for billboards, movie posters, print ads, and a wide range of other advertising signage.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ePaa2pOccf-O1BAH7HbpR2n8I81YPIWpLbjhnmwHdZP-OBGBNxfaPvBYHanJPUtNZDV7gWS2VgIZhTnAXNIz-v7-RBDCaRykEsF_JmjEhqXnwl6PjfY9y3YTr6pUmgXcR9pA-


Helvetica has been a very popular font among graphic designers for many years. This is for two main reasons: it’s a free font included in most design programs, and its thick, sans serif letters are easy to read. However, it is important to keep in mind that Helvetica uses very tight spacing, which can make it hard to read at small font sizes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AJPxEzKYV6J53rLNivrU1HCJeo0SCgd3l6mvuZ9zT72ooXWw1is3sM1SfUagPzUPPLxzlHpQfNTQpkl8j2tU8TgEvmmVIvw-f3YNfaAnS-3bpgP6CTp0iyhiAupsl19pwjZau4Qx


Futura is a clean, geometric-style font inspired by the Bauhaus design style popular in Germany from to This is a great font that looks retro and futuristic simultaneously, and its slender letter shape makes it readable at very small fonts. Many designers use Futura for logo design, copy text, or brochures because it is clear, efficient, and professional.

Image result for futura"


If your business wants to use a sans serif font with a science-fiction style, you might want to consider the Equinox font by Tugcu Design Co. This typeface has very thin letters that make it legible, but the is sleek and minimalistic design adds a unique edge. However, it is important to note that the Equinox font does not include lowercase letters, which can make a large swath of body text hard to read.

Image result for equinox font"


Gilmer is a classic, versatile font that looks great on a variety of printed material. This geometric typeface actually belongs to a larger “font family” (another name for a group of similar fonts), which includes five different weights (or letter thickness) and one outline option. This makes Gilmer a popular choice for logo design or branded company materials, as you can vary the font to suit your needs and still have a consistent look throughout.

Decorative Fonts

While sans serif fonts are an excellent choice for poster design, they are certainly not the only option available to graphic designers. Sometimes, a company needs an elaborate, decorative headline to convey a certain feeling, and that can require using a more stylized display font. Here are a few of the best fonts for making a big splash on your poster:


If you want your poster to have a sense of class and elegance, you might want to look to “the most elegant typeface ever designed”: Bodoni. Designed in the late eighteenth century by Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni, this vintage font adds an element of old-school sophistication to any document. With a serif typeface and a combination of thick and thin strokes, this font looks like the text you might expect to find in a classic work of literature.


Another elegant font option that rather popular with typographic experts is Coldiac, a serif font with large, square-like letters. This font is particularly popular for materials like wedding invitations. because it looks fancy and upscale, while still being very legible. Coldiac is a great font for businesses that want to convey an air of luxury around their brand.


Another popular choice in the world of display fonts is the calligraphy style. A script-style font can be great for logos, t-shirts, and lots of other items for commercial use. James T. Edmonson’s Lavenderia, which was inspired by the fonts in laundromat windows in San Francisco’s Mission District, is a particularly useful script font because it is both beautiful and readable.

Hello Beautiful

If you’ve spent any time looking at female-oriented brands on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a post or two featuring this font style. The Hello Beautiful font family, designed by Nicky Laatz, is a brushstroke-inspired font with a look that is both bold and eye-catching, yet casual and playful.

Best Fonts for Posters

So, what is the best font for your company? The answer depends entirely on two things: your message and your audience. Whether you are looking for a stylized look with a decorative font or a classic sign that gets right down to business, you can always us a high-quality online printer to create the perfect poster for your company.

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Sours: https://www.banana-print.co.uk/blog/nine-poster-fonts-that-make-an-impact/

40+ Best Fonts for Posters

40+ Best Fonts for Posters

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to poster design, there are certain types of fonts that can help you make bold statements and attract attention. In this post, we feature some of the best fonts for posters you can use to create the perfect poster design.

It’s quite difficult to generalize poster design. There are just too many types of posters that require various design standards. For example, a poster you design for a business conference and a poster you make for a summer beach party will require completely different designs, including different colors, shapes, layouts, and more importantly, fonts.

When creating this collection of fonts, we decided to cover all categories of poster designs and include both formal and casual fonts you can use to design titles, headers, and text for various types of posters. We&#;re also featuring a set of tips for choosing a poster font to help get you started.

Hopefully you&#;ll find the perfect typeface that matches your project!

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Top Pick

Devant Horgen &#; Modern Poster Font

Devant Horgen - Modern Poster Font

Devant is a modern decorative font that’s ideal for designing creative poster titles, website headers, banner headings, and much more.

The font comes with a set of beautiful, tall, and slightly rounded set of characters. And it’s available in multiple versions, including OpenType, TrueType, and WebFont versions.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The clean, narrow, and smooth lettering design of this font will ensure your titles are clearly visible even from afar while making your designs look more modern and professional.

Volos &#; Font For Posters

Check out Volos, a modern and stylish font perfect for posters, flyers, and other branding needs. It comes with a stunning design and a range of features that really should be seen to be appreciated.

Blephyca &#; Creative Brush Poster Font

Blephyca - Creative Brush Poster Font

If you’re working on a creative poster design, this beautiful font will help create a unique title for your project. It comes with a smooth brush letter design that features both uppercase and lowercase letters. The font is perfect for posters, flyers, and website headers as well.

Andreas &#; Bold Condensed Poster Font

Andreas - Bold Condensed Poster Font

You can design elegant titles for posters or flyers using this bold poster font. It features a set of unique sans-serif characters with a condensed design. The font includes multilingual support and comes in both TrueType and OpenType formats.

Morish &#; Handmade Display Font

Morish - Handmade Display Font

Serif fonts are now quite popular in website header design as well as in print designs. This is a creative display font you can use to craft titles for your professional projects. The font features a design inspired by the vintage designs from the s.

Chelsy &#; Fun & Creative Display Font

Chelsy - Fun & Creative Display Font

Make your designs look more fun and entertaining with this quirky poster font. This font is perfect for all kinds of designs for children as well as for fun T-shirt and poster designs. It comes with multilingual support.

Stanley &#; Free Display Poster Font

Stanley - Free Display Poster Font

This is a free display font you can use in your personal and commercial projects. It comes with a unique letter design that consists of shapes and forms. In addition to posters, you can use the font to design many other digital and print designs.

Vicenza &#; Elegant Serif Poster Font

Vicenza - Elegant Serif Poster Font

This font is perfect for designing posters, banners, flyers, and all kinds of designs for promoting luxury brands. The elegant look and feel of the font give it a certain classy vibe unlike any other font on our list. The font includes lots of glyphs and an italic version as well.

Portway &#; Military Stencil Poster Font

Portway - Military Stencil Poster Font

Portway is a modern stencil poster font that features a letter design inspired by the typography used in military designs. This font works well for designing bold poster titles as well as T-shirt designs and logos.

Huelva &#; Handwriting Display Font

Huelva - Handwriting Display Font

Huelva is a unique handwriting font you can use to add a creative personality to your designs. The uncommon letter design even makes the font stand out. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as Webfont versions.

Monstarr &#; Playful Handmade Poster Font

Monstarr - Playful Handmade Poster Font

Designing a poster for children? Then this font is made just for your projects. This playful and adorable font will definitely grab the attention of the kids. It’s perfect for designing flyers, book covers, and banners as well.

Obrazec &#; Free Industrial Poster Font

Obrazec - Free Industrial Poster Font

Obrazec is a free poster font that comes with a design inspired by industrial designs. It’s an all-caps font that’s most suitable for crafting big and bold titles. You can use it for free with personal and commercial projects.

Burtons &#; Poster Font

Burtons Poster Font

Burton is a stylish font that comes with mixed elements of both retro and modern design. The font’s bold look will allow you to craft eye-catching headlines and titles for posters. It comes with lots of alternate characters, symbols, and ligatures as well.

Lemonade &#; Poster Font

Lemonade Poster Font

Lemonade is a creative font with a fresh design. This font will fit in perfectly with your fun, creative, and entertaining poster designs. It will also look great on vintage-themed posters. As a bonus, you’ll also get 5 unique and editable vintage vector badges with this font.

Rhinos Rocks &#; Brush Font

Rhinos Rocks Brush Font

This font comes with a bold and unique look that makes it ideal for designing posters for movies, rock music events, and many others. It features a hand-brushed design. The font is available in several versions, including all-caps typeface and swashes.

Ironclad &#; Modern Creative Poster Font

Ironclad - Modern Creative Poster Font

Ironclad is an art deco-style font featuring an elegant design. It’s ideal for making logos, website headers, and titles for luxury and creative branding designs. The font includes multilingual support as well.

Bronxos &#; Font For Posters

Emulate the classic 90s collaged music posters style with Bronxos, a collage punk font best suited for posters, urban city design, logos, flyers, packaging requirements, you name it. A great font that is sure to impress!

Girock &#; Quirky Poster Font

Girock - Quirky Poster Font

Girock is a creative poster font with a fun and quirky design. This font can be used to design all kinds of creative poster designs, flyers, book covers, and much more.

The Ancient &#; Medieval Sans Typeface

The Ancient - Medieval Sans Typeface

This unique font features a set of medieval-style characters, making it a great font for designing posters for movies, music, and other entertainment-related projects. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Bacoter &#; Free Brush Font

Bacoter - Free Brush Font

This modern free font comes with a brushstroke design that gives it quite a unique look and feel. The font features a handcrafted design and it’s free to use with your personal projects.

Phenomena &#; Free Modern Font Family

Phenomena - Free Modern Font Family

Phenomena is a complete font family that features 7 different weights you can use to craft both titles and paragraphs. The font features a beautiful rounded character design as well.

Morton &#; Poster Font

Morton Poster Font

Morton is a modern poster font that is most suitable for designing posters for formal events, such as business conferences, networking events, and exhibitions. The font features a professional design and it comes in 9 different weights.

Reef &#; Rounded Font

Reef - Rounded Font

Reef is a casual font featuring an attractive rounded design. You can use this font to craft poster titles as well as paragraph text. The rounded look also makes it ideal for both professional and casual poster designs.

Rogue &#; Font For Posters

If you are looking for an elegant and trendy font for posters, take a leap of faith in Rogue, a tall letter typeface that will fit right into your needs. A great choice for a wide range of creative and professional applications!

Sallsburgg &#; Free Font For Posters

Next up is Sallsburgg, a unique and playful outlined font containing the full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuations, numerals, and symbols. The font can be fully customized to your liking.

Hello Miami &#; Free Font For Posters

Perfect for summer beach party posters, Hello Miami is a creative and stunning font that will draw attention and make people notice your content. It&#;s free for download, so get your hands on it now.

Helios &#; Futuristic Font

Helios Futuristic Font

Helios is a unique sans-serif font with a futuristic space-themed design. It includes all uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuations. The font is also available in rounded and regular versions. It’s perfect for designing technology-related posters.

Clarkson &#; Script Poster Font

Clarkson Script Poster Font

If you’re working on a vintage-themed poster for a special event, holiday promotion, or a business, then this font will come in handy. It comes with a creative design featuring many alternate characters, ligatures, making a total of characters.

The Painter &#; Vintage Poster Font

The Painter - Vintage Poster Font

The Painter is yet another vintage-themed poster font you can use to design bold titles for posters. It features a design inspired by traditional sign and brush lettering. The font includes a total of characters.

Originals &#; Poster Font

Originals - Poster Font

Originals is a creative font that features a fun and quirky design. The font is available in multiple versions featuring different designs. It’s most suitable for designing posters for school, children, and entertainment events.

Sayfull &#; Free Bold Sans Serif Font

Sayfull - Free Bold Sans Serif Font

Sayfull is a bold poster font with a quirky character design. You can use this font to design website headers, poster titles, banners, and much more.

Galaxy &#; Free Display Font

Galaxy - Free Display Font

This creative free font comes with a unique stencil-like character design. It’s most suitable for designing titles for technology and entertainment-themed posters and banner designs.

Crutsen &#; Poster Font

Crutsen - Poster Font

This font comes with an elegant design that makes it the perfect choice for designing posters for business, branding, and product promotions. It includes lots of stylistic alternate characters, ligatures, and more.

Sunrise Waves &#; Poster Font

Sunrise Waves - Poster Font

This is a font you can use to design creative posters for holiday-themed events and promotions. It’s a brush font that looks better when used with all-caps. The font is available in both TrueType and OpenType formats.

Monofor &#; Poster Font

Monofor - Poster Font

Monofor is a creative font featuring an uncommon design. You can use this font to craft posters for fashion, apparel, travel, and other brand-related events and promotions. It also includes alternate characters and multi-language support.

Rendang &#; Handmade Font

Rendang - Handmade Font

This font comes with a modern design that makes it perfect for designing titles for travel, business, event, and other promotional posters. It features a handmade script design and comes in TrueType and OpenType formats.

Zeky &#; Classic Poster Font

Zeky - Classic Poster Font

Zeky is a modern font with a classic design. It features an elegant formal design that will make your posters stand out from the crowd. This font is most suitable for designing posters for fashion, apparel, and luxury brand promotions.

Tomcat &#; Free Display Font

Tomcat - Free Display Font

Featuring a unique handcrafted design this creative font will help you design more fun titles for posters and banners, especially for projects related to children.

COCO &#; Free Fashion Typefamily

COCO – Free Fashion Typefamily

COCO is an elegant free poster font featuring a design made specifically for luxury brands and agencies. The font comes in 8 weights and features more than glyphs as well.

Castillo &#; Poster Font

Castillo - Poster Font

This poster font features a creative design that makes your text look like cave paintings from thousands of years ago. It’s ideal for designing creative and entertaining posters.

Portico Outline &#; Poster Font

Portico Outline - Poster Font

The outline version of the popular Portico font looks perfect for designing technology and business event posters. According to its designer, and from the looks of the previews, the font looks great in neon colors.

Alora &#; Creative Poster Font

Alora - Creative Poster Font

Alora is a modern and creative poster font featuring a quirky design. It’s perfect for promoting special events, holiday-themed promotions, and posters related to kids.

Hennigar &#; Poster Font

Hennigar - Poster Font

Hennigar is a Neo-Grotesque sans font that features a unique and formal design. You can use it to design posters for formal events, business conferences, and more.

Fort Collins &#; Font Duo

Fort Collins - Font Duo

Fort Collins includes a pair font that seems to go well together, especially if you’re working on a retro-themed poster design. It includes a condensed sans font and a handwriting script font.

Hallowen &#; Poster Font

Hallowen - Poster Font

This is the perfect font you can use to design attractive and scary-looking posters for Halloween events and promotions. It comes in 6 different styles, including grunge and inline.

Snowy &#; Winter Floral Color Font

Snowy - Winter Floral Color Font

Snowy is a unique font that features a floral design most suitable for winter-themed poster designs. The font has been created using a new font format known as OpenType-SVG. You’ll need Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC or better to use this font.

5 Tips for Choosing a Poster Font

Finding the right poster font can be quite challenging since different types of designs require different styles of fonts. These quick tips will help you make the right pick.

1. Go Big and Bold

A fun part of using poster fonts is that you get to go big with your text. When crafting the titles of your posters, website headers, banners, etc, you get to try fonts using large sizes and bold font weights. During these tests, you’ll also notice that not all fonts look great when used in large font sizes.

Quanty Modern Script Bold Font

Thankfully, all of the poster fonts on our list will look great no matter how big you make them out to be. Feel free to experiment with them.

2. Use Themed Fonts

Whether you’re designing a poster for a music festival or for a luxury brand, you should use the fonts that are appropriate for the theme of your poster.

Blood Bold - Fun Halloween Two Fonts

Poster fonts come in various themes ranging from minimal designs to retro styles, brushstroke designs, and more. Pick themed fonts to make your designs look more creative. For example, a brush font is a great choice for designing titles for a rock music poster.

3. Pick the Right Font Pair

Witness History - Modern & Dramatic Typeface

When talking about poster fonts we usually only consider the title font, but let’s not forget about the subheadings and body text. Only with the right combination of the title font and paragraph font you can design an effective and impactful poster. Make sure to find a matching font pair for your project.

4. Consider Sans-Serif

Chillow font

Unless you’re designing a poster for a corporate business event or a luxury brand, consider using sans-serif fonts for your poster design. Sans-serif fonts not only improve readability but they also make your poster text and titles clearly visible from a distance.

5. Narrow Fonts Are Better

Tallios Font

Narrow and condensed fonts are usually a great choice for designing a poster title. Especially when it’s a long title a narrow font offers a great opportunity to squeeze in more letters without cluttering the design. However, be mindful not to choose a font with too narrow spacing that affects readability.

Poster Design

Whether you're crafting your own poster design or looking for a poster template to get started fast, this series is the perfect place to start!

Read the Feature →
Sours: https://designshack.net/articles/inspiration/best-fonts-for-posters/

For posters styles letter

In this post, we have picked up some amazing free fonts for designing posters and promotional banners. This collection includes a wide variety of useful fonts including elegant script fonts, modern thin fonts, hipster fonts, techno fonts, fonts inspired by low poly look, as well as retro and vintage fonts to give your posters the look of bygone era.

All these fonts are free for personal as well as commercial use and are available as Open Type (OTF) or True Type (TTF) fonts that will work on both Windows and Mac. Some of them are available as web fonts also for use in your online work.

The fonts below will make your text stand out and reinforce the message & mood you want to convey through your banner and poster design, whether it is a quote poster, a poster depicting a bold message or a fun, cheerful poster. And the best part is that not only do they fit in poster designing, they will also be a good addition to your toolkit for designing product promotional images, magazine covers, logos and branding identity. If you are working on poster design, you may also want to check out this collection of poster PSD mockups to showcase your designs in a professional way.


Fonts for Poster Design Debby

A hand drawn brush typeface, Debby features irregular bouncy characters and rough shapes to give your design work a natural hand written look. Perfect for designing quote posters, you can download it for free in both .otf and .ttf formats. Font designers: Artimasa Studio & Free Design Resources.

Download Debby



Break is an ultra thin modern font family designed by Rajesh Rajput. It comes in five weights from bold to extra light and includes uppercase, lowercase, numericals and symbols. The font can be downloaded for free in .ttf format.

Download Break


Bukhari is a bold cursive font with connected letters that has a vintage vibe to it. Bukhari font family contains two typefaces &#; Bukhari Script and Bukhari Script Alternates to give you access to all the alternate characters. Designed by Mikrojihad type foundry, the font is available for free download in OTF format.

Download Bukhari



Based on the principle of low-poly, Polya is a free line font that will look great at large font sizes like on posters. An all caps font, it includes accented letters, numbers and common symbols. Designed by Adrian Coquet, the font can be downloaded in .otf format.

Download Polya



Artimasa Studio&#;s Streetwear is a bold and stylish retro font reminiscing the fashion and sport related typefaces of the s and 70s. Available for download in .otf format, it also includes alternate characters that you can access in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Download Streetwear


A stunning and stylish font, Glamor is perfect for when you need to design advertisement posters and promotional graphics for fashion events. The font features ball terminals that will lend your work an elegant yet classic feel.

Glamor type family is a set of 24 fonts in all the possible weights you&#;ll ever need, from light to bold and in between. Designed by Henrick Ronaldez, the font is free for personal and commercial work and is available in both TTF and OTF formats.

Download Glamor



Designed by Adrian Coquet & Hugo Dath, Slot features semicircle pattern that gives it a playful look. It contains latin accented characters and many glyphs for your poster designs, logos and corporate identities. Slot is available for download in .otf format.

Download Slot


According to the font designers Mats-Peter Forss and Andreas Twardzik, Hammock embodies the passion for travelling, surfing, nature and everything else made with love. Hammock font has an outdoorsy persona that will lend your travel posters a rustic look. The mix of thick and thin contrast in its letterforms and imperfect edges give it the perfect handmade feel.

Hammock is completely free to download and is available in three styles &#; Regular Black and two distressed styles with different texture levels. It will suit a poster designed for your home as well as for a billboard. Font format is OTF and it offers 2 alternative characters for each letter.

Download Hammock



A unicase typeface, vintage style font Bernier is perfect for old school style typography work and logotypes. It comes in 3 different styles &#; Regular, Distressed & Shade. Designed by Ryan Pyae, it can be downloaded in .otf format. I have used its regular and shaded styles in designing this poster &#; Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Download Bernier

Sprite Graffiti

Sprite Graffiti by Four Plus Studio fuses together the essence of street graffiti with legibility and the end result is a functional font that can be used by a wider set of audience and not just graffiti enthusiasts. Available in Cyrillic and Latin, Sprite Graffiti font can be downloaded for free in OTF format in regular and outline shadow styles plus some extra characters as well.

You may also want to download our free splash and splatters Photoshop brushes that you&#;ll find useful when creating graffiti inspired posters and artworks.

Download Sprite Graffiti



Carosello is a beautiful free font you can use to re-create the s-esque hand lettered quotes, inspirational phrases and vintage designs. Designed by Unio, this handmade script font is available for download in .otf and .ttf formats.

Download Carosello



A free brush script font, Sophia comes bundled with Sofia Left and Sofia Right fonts along with the regular font file. These extra font files include characters having ornaments to their left (Sofia Left) and to their right (Sofia Right) for creating decorated word sequences. The font can be downloaded as .ttf, .otf, .eot, .woff and .svg files. Designers: Emily Spadoni & Mats-Peter Forss.

Download Sophia



Rise, created by Pavel Korzhenko, is a free brush typeface. It sports jagged edges and is perfect for giving a hand painted look to your artwork. The font is available in .otf format.

Download Rise

High Tide


Designed by Filipe Rolim, High Tide is an all caps, decorative font family suitable for posters, headlines, titles and logos. It comes in three different weights – regular (High Tide Sans), bold and the Nordic style font.

Download High Tide


Designed by The Brosnes Design Co., Berg draws its inspiration from vintage sign paintings, posters and labels. Berg is a family of 7 typefaces in different styles &#; Regular, Extrude, Inline, Shadow, Ornament, Western and Rough that can be layered together to create different kinds of text effects. Font Format: TTF.

Download Berg



Hipster style free typeface, Bellaboo is an all caps font available in .otf, .ttf and web font formats. Designed by Marcelo Reis Melo, this font has a bold personality and is great for headlines.

Download Bellaboo



Arenq is a minimalistic outlined font by Paula R. It comes with stylistic alternates and is available in .otf format.

Download Arenq



Aroly is a polygonal heading font designed by Arvind Kumar. It can be downloaded as .ttf font file and includes full 26 capital and small letters, numbers, punctuation marks and more.

Download Aroly

Ruffle Beauty


A cheerful typeface designed by Anis Iday, Ruffle Beauty is available in OTF format.

Download Ruffle Beauty



Modern, minimalistic, Anders is a free geometric typeface by Tom Anders Watkins. An all caps font, it is available in .ttf format.

Download Anders



Crypo is a geometric sans serif font to convey a technological, futuristic feeling to your designs. Designed by Cyrille Leroy, the font can be downloaded for free in both .otf and .ttf formats.

Download Crypo



Inspired by nature and camping, Aventura is a bold, adventurous font by designer Jimmy Kalman. The font can be downloaded in .otf format and comes with uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Download Aventura

Ansley Display


Designed for headlines and large display, Ansley Display is a retro inspired slab serif font. The font comes in 6 different styles &#; regular, bold, black, inline, outline and light. Made by graphic designer Kady Jesko, it can be downloaded as .ttf font files.

Download Ansley Display



Minimal, ultra thin font Accent is designed for small words and short titles. Designed by Nelson Balaban and Soulcraft Brand this font is available in .ttf format.

Download Accent



Nima Visual&#;s Moonhouse is a futuristic, sci-fi font. Characterised by wide rounded characters, this geometric font is great for posters, magazine and logos. Available for download in .ttf format.

Recommended:25 Sci-Fi and Techno Fonts for Futuristic Designs

Download Moonhouse

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High quality free fonts are always an asset to have. Do share this post with your fellow designers and spread the goodness of these free fonts and their creators.

How did you find this collection of free fonts for poster design? Which ones would you pick for your design work? Voice your thoughts in the comments below.

More Free Fonts

You might also be interested in checking out these font collections:


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