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OutKast's Andre 3000 is selling a new line of shirts to benefit the Movement for Black Lives, which "was created as a space for Black organizations across the country to debate and discuss the current political conditions, develop shared assessments of what political interventions were necessary in order to achieve key policy, cultural and political wins, convene organizational leadership in order to debate and co-create a shared movement wide strategy. Under the fundamental idea that we can achieve more together than we can separately."

Andre's selling 13 different shirts, each with a different slogan, including "across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?", "breathe", "can one rest in peace & violence?", "narcissistic americans", "ok, hand over the cure and stop playing", "passionate about compassion", and more.

Andre writes:

Something very important is happening all over the world and it is happening to all of us. How does it make you feel?

For 3 days, a selection of shirts inspired by a collection of my jumpsuits will be sold and 100% of net proceeds will be donated to Movement for Black Lives to aid in their fight to end police brutality & racial injustice against Black people. This is only one piece in the war against systemic racism. It takes all of us. BLACK LIVES MATTER … at a minimum.

Order yours and see all the designs at

To learn more about the Movement for Black Lives, sign their petition calling on Congressional leadership to prioritize black communities over corporation, and/or leave a donation, go here.

UPDATE (6/11): In a rare interview with Blackbird Spyplane, Andre gave more background on these shirts, and explains that the slogans actually date back to OutKast's 2014 reunion tour:

So, to put it in context, all these slogans were made during the OutKast tour in 2014 — I wanted to find something to keep myself excited each night, because I didn’t have new verses and new songs, and it felt weird to play old songs from 1993, so I said, ‘Let me put these thoughts on my suits.’ Some were serious, some were silly. Just random thoughts like me admitting to loving fruit snacks! But also this was summer 2014 so with a lot of these suits I was responding to Ferguson in real time. So it was fun and serious and sad and everything. But they still make sense now — they ring even truer.

He also talked about the protests:

I feel like, marches, in the ‘60s, they worked, but over time they might have lost power. The opposition figures out the trick, and they figure out how to deaden it. Honestly, I lost hope in marches — until now. I saw it working again and I said, ‘Whoa.’ The thing is that, for it to work, people have to turn out, and now it’s kind of the perfect storm because corona had everyone at home, and we had nothing to do but react — and people wanted to be outside. It’s kind of a blessing and a curse: If everyone was at work right now, going about their business, the protest turnout wouldn’t be anywhere near as high. But it’s been a long time coming and it came to a head right now.

You can read much more here.

Check out photos of OutKast at Governors Ball 2014 by Dana Distortion:

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1

2014 Governors Ball - Day 1


For ways to help out in the fight against police brutality and racism, here are some resources.




Connect Global


Wear What Matters

For us Wear What Matters is more than a campaign or slogan, it is an opportunity to invite others into the conversation about what matters around the globe. 

At Connect Global, the things that matter most to us are the people we encounter, lives being changed, and the tangible results of showing love to our neighbors around the world. 


The'COMPASSION' shirt represents our desire to not just be sideline observers. We jump into the fray and make a difference anywhere we can.  


Proceeds from each shirt sold go towards our ongoing projects throughout the year. 


 We are so glad that you have chosen to show your support by being a part of Wear What Matters. If you would like to make a separate donation towards our efforts, please visit the link below. Thank You.

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Spread the Word

This Shirt is a limited edition, short run t shirt designed for you to collect and show the world that you are called To All Nations. Share with us what you are passionate about and tag us to be featured & don't forget to add a photo of your new shirt! 

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Compassion Fatigue Strategies for Animal Welfare Workers in Troubled Times

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Young man in t shirt holding a cat.“The past 19 months have been outrageously challenging, and not just because of COVID. In the States we’ve also been coping with political unrest, racial and gender-based violence, and catastrophic weather events. What I want folks to know is that it’s okay if they’re not okay right now. If they feel exhausted, if they’re having trouble staying focused or motivated, that’s a normal response to everything they’ve been coping with for the last year and half.”

Those are the words of certified compassion fatigue educator Jessica Dolce, instructor for the Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida Compassion Fatigue Strategies online course, which begins Oct. 18 and has been updated for the 2021 session to include new research and resources on empathic strain, moral distress, and vicarious-trauma informed organizational practices. The refreshed course will also include resources to help students cope with pandemic-related stress, such as Stress First Aid skills.

“COVID has significantly exacerbated the workplace conditions that lead to burnout,” said Dolce. “Workloads are up, resources are down, change is constant, and uncertainty remains high. Right now, organizations are either significantly understaffed or are staffed by new, inexperienced workers who have not yet had time to build their competence. This puts an enormous strain on their remaining, more experienced staff, as well as managers and leaders. But when individuals and teams have the resources and tools they need to cope with stress and distress it can reduce the harmful impacts of stress, even when those stressors are long-lasting.”

In the course, students will learn skills that can help them navigate a variety of work-related challenges, including vicarious trauma, ethics strain, and burnout. By learning to navigate these challenges more skillfully, students can minimize the risk of injury and increase overall wellbeing. Increasing awareness and learning practical skills in the CFS course will help students to feel calmer, more competent, and confident as they continue to meet the intense demands of animal care and welfare work.

If organizations want to retain their high achieving staff, they’ll need to increase the available resources to help them meet intense demands,” Dolce said. “This course is a concrete way to offer staff more support. It’s also a way for supervisors to learn how to better support their staff in order to mitigate the impacts of ongoing stress and distress.

The course begins Oct. 18, 2021, and runs for 8 weeks. Registration is open now to anyone who works with animals; it is is eligible for 15 CE credits and  has also been approved for Certified Animal Welfare Administrator CE. The cost is $200, which is just $25 a week. It is a self-paced course with the exception of four live calls with Dolce. All the calls are recorded for those who cannot attend live.

“This is a chance to get 8 weeks of support and to learn new approaches to coping with stress, so they can keep doing the work they’re passionate about, without causing harm to themselves in the process,” Dolce said. “The world needs skilled, courageous, compassionate animal welfare and vet med professionals now more than ever. My hope is that the people who take this course will leave feeling like they’re not in this alone, that they have practical resources and choices to help them navigate ongoing challenges, and a sense of realistic optimism about the future.”

Interested students can learn more and register at Online Compassion Fatigue Strategies PLUS.


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Teaching compassion in the classroom starts…

I wasn’t out to my students as a teacher—and I think that is okay, and I didn’t feel any pressure to be during my first year. I was scared to share that part of my identity with middle schoolers who might say offensive things about people’s identities without even knowing it. I was scared my students would think of me as a lesser person because of my sexuality. As a new teacher, I wasn’t comfortable enough to add that factor to the equation, especially while still learning the basics of teaching, classroom management and curriculum. 

I've reflected on my 18 years of questioning my feelings, how I've interacted with others, of my own existence on this earth.

If I had known just one teacher who I could share that part of my identity with, I know I would have felt a lot less of an outsider.

Our job as educators is to create an inclusive classroom for all students. Teachers all over the world go to the ends of the earth to make sure their students feel loved and accepted in the classroom. Yet, students who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community have more difficulty finding educators who share their identity, and therefore do not feel like they belong. 

I felt like it was my duty as an educator part of the LGBTQ+ community to be out to my students—not only for those who might identify as part of that community, but for everyone as an example of a successful and happy gay man. But I haven't come out on the timeline I initially set. I've been scared, worried my students wouldn't think of me in the same way, and disappointed in myself for not owning who I am. I have shared other parts of myself, and in time will share my full self.


Compassion passionate shirt about

The Team

Ben smiling at the camera wearing a black Compassion in World Farming t-shirt

Ben Williamson
US Executive Director

Ben Williamson leads Compassion in World Farming's US office, overseeing the running of its campaigns, food business, and operations. Originally from London, England, Ben has over a decade of experience working for leading animal protection organizations in both the United States and United Kingdom. As a lead spokesperson, Ben has made numerous television appearances including NBC, CNN, Fox News, CBS, and Good Morning America and authored numerous op-ed pieces in USA Today, Newsweek, New York Daily News, Independent and more.

Ben holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and Political Economy from London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University College London.

Margaret smiling at the camera wearing a black Compassion in World Farming t-shirt with a green logo.

Margaret Barnard
US Head of Operations

Margaret Barnard oversees human resources, compliance, and operations functions for Compassion USA. She brings ten years of experience in operations, recruitment, personnel management, training, and program development. After spending most of her career before Compassion in the companion animal welfare space, Margaret changed her focus to farmed animals after learning about the negative impact factory farming has not only on the animals themselves, but on the environment and public health.

She holds an M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and draws on her organizational and team development skills and education to support the team in this very critical work.

Food Business

Jeff looking at the camera in front of a dark blue background

Jeff Doyle
US Head of Food Business

Jeff Doyle is the US Head of Food Business at Compassion in World Farming, overseeing the organization’s engagement with food businesses on animal welfare and plant-forward proteins. Prior to joining Compassion, Jeff led strategy and program development for an international public health NGO. For nearly a decade, he designed, built, and oversaw advocacy, communications, and technical programs from Washington, D.C. to Geneva to Delhi.

These programs brought together and leveraged the unique capacities of multinational companies, governments, and civil society to deliver innovative, impactful solutions. He holds a degree from the University of Virginia and sits on the Board of Directors of VideoOut, an LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization.

Katya looking at the camera in front of a gray wall

Katya Simkhovich
Senior Food Business Manager

Katya Simkhovich works to ensure farm animal welfare is incorporated into the policies of the leading US food businesses and to solidify higher welfare practices as integral to a sustainable food system. In doing so, she hopes to inspire and support companies in fulfilling their enormous potential to drive positive change for farm animals. Katya holds a B.S. in Food Studies, as well as a passion for understanding the complexities of agriculture and food systems.

Nicole looking at the camera in front of a white beige background

Nicole Jenkins
Food Business Manager

Nicole Jenkins supports US food businesses in incorporating farmed animal welfare and sustainability into their policies and practices, to create positive and impactful change in our food system. In her role as Food Business Manager, she uses her knowledge of agriculture and food business to encourage companies to create strong commitments and follow through with measurable progress and transparent reporting.

Nicole has a diverse food systems background, from consulting to NGO work, aspiring to create a system that is more compassionate and sustainable. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of California and a M.S. in Agriculture, Food, and Environment, specializing in Sustainable Business: Sourcing and Supply Chains, from Tufts University. In her free time, Nicole loves to bake and get outside to hike and camp as much as possible.

Hillary smiling at the camera wearing a blue shirt and a black blazer

Dr. Hillary Dalton
Senior Research Manager

Hillary Dalton is the Senior Research Manager at Compassion in World Farming USA. Hillary holds a PhD in poultry behavior and welfare from the University of Guelph, an MSc in applied animal behavior and animal welfare from the University of Edinburgh, and a BSc in animal biology from the University of Alberta. Hillary previously served as a post-doctoral associate at Newcastle University, overseeing precision agriculture research on behavior, welfare and health topics in pigs and poultry.

During her career, Hillary has published several peer-reviewed scientific articles and has presented at several international conferences. Hillary uses her technical knowledge and experience to advise Compassion USA on strategies to improve farmed animal welfare and the sustainability of modern food production practices.

Sophie smiling at the camera in front of a body of water

Sophie Dalterio
Corporate Compliance Coordinator

Sophie Dalterio works with leading US food businesses to ensure the implementation of their farm animal welfare commitments, encouraging transparency in supply chain management. Building off of Compassion's work to secure corporate welfare policies, Sophie supports the Food Business team in realizing the shift towards a more compassionate food system. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Bates College and a M.S. in Animals and Public Policy from Tufts University.

Her previous work includes experience monitoring industry compliance with federal farm animal welfare regulations, as well as more general management of projects to advance public policy initiatives.


Samantha smiling at the camera

Samantha Vega
Campaigns Manager

Samantha assists with Compassion USA’s public campaigns and communications with an emphasis on our Eat Plants For a Change campaign. Through storytelling and content coordination, Samantha engages with stakeholders to aid consumers in educated decision making from farm, to cart, to table- always prioritizing animal welfare and the environment.

Her previous positions on Capitol Hill and in non-profit administration allow her to bring a strategic eye to the public engagement team. Samantha holds a B.A. in Political Science from Whittier College and is a pet foster parent with her local Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C.

Allison Molinaro smiling at the camera wearing a black shirt

Allison Molinaro
Campaigns Coordinator

Allie Molinaro works to advance Compassion USA’s state and federal policy work, thought leadership, and activist mobilization. She focuses her work on placing factory farming in a broader context, highlighting its impacts not only on animal welfare but also on pollution, climate change, public health, and social justice. Prior to joining Compassion, Allie assisted in public education and donor relations at NRDC.

Allie holds an M.S. in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management from The New School and a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Connecticut.

Ronnika McFall smiling at the camera with her right hand resting below her chin

Ronnika A. McFall
Media Relations Manager

Ronnika A. McFall oversees media relations work for Compassion in World Farming's USA territory. This involves strategically leading, planning, coordinating, and successfully implementing innovative and effective communications projects including building relations with, and exposure in, traditional media (print, tv, radio). Through engaging writing, traditional media outreach, and managing incoming supporter communications, she ensures Compassion’s message reaches key stakeholders and the public.

Prior to joining Compassion, Ronnika led communications efforts for the American Red Cross Georgia, Florida, and Alabama-Mississippi regions and served as a Spokesperson for the organization. As a freelance Public Relations specialist, for nearly a decade, she gained her experience in established, mid-size, and small business settings by leading an award-winning public relations group.

She holds a Communications degree from Jackson State University and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority INC, the NAACP and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and she is an active, trusted community voice.

Audry Dubon smiling at the camera wearing a black blazer

Audry Dubon
Media and Communications Manager

Audry Dubon is the Media and Communications Manager for Compassion USA, helping to tell the organization’s story through written and visual communications. She comes to Compassion with a variety of nonprofit experience from global health and human service organizations to local community nonprofits. In her role, Audry hopes to inspire others to play their part in the end to factory farming by staying informed and making small lifestyle changes with a big impact.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a concentration in Creative Advertising. Outside of her work with Compassion, Audry is a yoga teacher and a parent to three rescue pets.


Eve-Marie Kuntzman smiling at the camera and wearing a black Compassion in World Farming t-shirt with a green logo

Eve-Marie Kuntzman
Director of Development

Eve-Marie serves as the Director of Development at Compassion in World Farming. Previously, Eve-Marie led the philanthropic strategy and team of a global NGO working to better the lives of farmed animals, and brings over 10 years of nonprofit experience to her role. Prior to devoting her career to the nonprofit sector, Eve-Marie co-founded a consultancy providing financial guidance to nonprofit organizations and philanthropic individuals.

Eve-Marie is passionate about mission alignment and creating meaningful philanthropic partnerships that make the world a more kind and compassionate place, for both animals and humans alike.

Eve-Marie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from California State University and her Masters in Business Administration and Marketing from Arizona State University. Eve-Marie volunteers her time to several charitable causes, including serving as the advisory board president of Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy, a nonprofit dedicated to improving literacy in her community.

Courtney smiling at the camera in front of greenery

Courtney Franklin
Philanthropy and Partnerships Manager

As Compassion USA’s Philanthropy and Partnerships Manager, Courtney Franklin engages individuals and institutions that are passionate about ending factory farming as partners to help further our organization’s mission. Courtney holds a M.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Management with a concentration in International Food Security from Ball State University, and a B.S. in Business from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

She brings experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, including 12 years of fundraising experience across multiple industries. In her personal time, Courtney can be found “palling around” with her best friend and canine fur baby, Bernice.

Marissa Valladolid smiling at the camera and wearing a black Compassion in World Farming t-shirt

Marissa Valladolid
Individual Giving Manager

Marissa joins Compassion USA as the fundraising team’s Individual Giving Manager. With a focus on growth and engagement, she develops informative campaigns to fuel Compassion’s vital programs, creating opportunities for everyday animal lovers to become extraordinary animal advocates.

After more than four years of development and communications work in the farmed animal welfare movement, she remains committed to learning and connecting with other mission-driven individuals in meaningful ways. When not spearheading the next big fundraising push, she can usually be found hanging with her two best friends, Romeo and Cruz—small Chihuahua mixes with larger-than-life personalities.

Meghan Endicott smiling at the camera

Meghan Endicott
Fundraising and Stewardship Coordinator

Meghan Endicott brings over 11 years of experience in the nonprofit sector to her role as Fundraising and Stewardship Coordinator at Compassion in World Farming. Utilizing her extensive experience in donor stewardship, Meghan works to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with Compassion donors and supporters. Through strategy, data, interpersonal skills, and command of a variety of communication channels, Meghan recognizes and promotes the important role each individual supporter holds in ending factory farming.

Outside of work, Meghan can be found volunteering her time on the Board of Directors of Tenth Life Cat Rescue, an organization that prioritizes the rescue and care of cats with special needs.

Want to join our team?Take a look at our current open positions!

Incredible Life Story About : “ Kindness And Compassion ” Watch This. #shorts #lifestoryinspiration

André 3000 has released a limited edition line of t-shirts in an effort to raise money for The Movement For Black Lives. The shirts are inspired by the iconic jumpsuits he designed and wore during Outkast’s 2014 tour.

“Something very important is happening all over the world and it is happening to all of us. How does it make you feel?” the Atlanta-bred legend wrote on his website.

The t-shirts come in 13 different captions ranging from: “Across cultures, darker people suffer most. Why?” to “Passionate about compassion.” The original Outkast jumpsuits were also praised and featured during Art Basel in 2014.

“For 3 days, a selection of shirts inspired by a collection of my jumpsuits will be sold and 100% of net proceeds will be donated to Movement for Black Lives to aid in their fight to end police brutality & racial injustice against Black people,” 3 Stacks continued. “This is only one piece in the war against systemic racism. It takes all of us. BLACK LIVES MATTER… at a minimum.”

The shirts went up for sale on Wednesday (June 10) and will remain available until Friday (June 12). André also shared his t-shirt designs on Instagram — his first post in two years.

According to its website, The Movement For Black Lives was created as coalition of “Black organizations across the country to debate and discuss the current political conditions, develop shared assessments of what political interventions were necessary in order to achieve key policy, cultural and political wins, convene organizational leadership in order to debate and co-create a shared movement wide strategy.”

Several other hip hop artists have also used merchandise as a means for raising money in the fight against systematic racism and police brutality. Earlier this month, Russ reissued a t-shirt that read “If you want to change the system, speak up. White silence is violence.” All proceeds from the shirt’s sales went to benefit the Black Lives Matter Network.


Now discussing:

Compassion 5k


1302 South York St
Muskogee, OK US 74403


Sole2Soul is a running Lifegroup of TheBrick.Church and we will be hosting the Compassion Run on Sunday, October 24 2021 at 2:00 pm.  We are passionate about running and reaching the local and global community for Christ, so we hope you will join us for this exciting event.  We are grateful to be partnering with Compassion International, a leading authority on child sponsorship who provides food, emergency medical care, and water wells for clean drinking water to underserved children living in poverty across the globe. 

At the event, participants will learn about Compassion International and their child sponsorship program.

Also, during and after the event there will be a block party going on in the parking lot, so this will be a family freindly event with something for everyone.  

Event Details: 

- Date: Sunday October 24, 2021

- Start Time: 2:00 pm

- Location: TheBrick.Church - 1302 S York St Muskogee, OK 74403 

- Events: 5k & Run

- 5k Course: Check back soon for the Course Map

- 5k Cost: $20 early bird until 10/10, $25 from 10/11 to 10/23, or $30 day of race

- Fun Run Cost: Fun Run $15 early bird until 10/10, or $20 from 10/11 through the day of event 

      (The Fun Run is free for kids 10 & Under (no shirt). Select Fun Run 10 & under option)

- Spectator Only + T-shirt: $12 before 10/23 or $15 day of race 

- Guaranteed Shirt Deadline:  10/10 - Same day as the first price increase, so get signed up! 

Click here for More information on the TheBrick.Church 

Click here for More information on Compassion International 

Click "Contact Race" for any question about this event 

Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.

Compassion Journey 1 Minute Video


Please click below to register for the Cpmpassion Journey Event that is going on at The Brick Church weeken of the Compassion Run:

The Brick Church
1302 South York Street
Muskogee, OK 74403

Free & family friendly

SAT Oct 23  10:00 am - 3:40 pm
SUN Oct 24  9:00 am - 9:40 am
SUN Oct 24  11:00 am - 11:20 am
SUN Oct 24   12:40 pm - 3:40 pm

Race Participant Survey

Please complete the following survey to help us better understand your race experience.


17799 17800 17801 17802 17803