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George BalabushkaGeorge Balabushka did not have the life one would expect from an average cue maker. Instead of growing up playing pool, young George – born in Russia – grew up in the last years of World War I, lived through the Russian Revolution, then when he was twelve moved halfway across the world to a new country, a new language, and even a new name. At Ellis Island, Gregory Balabushka became George Balabushka, and began his new life as an American. Balabushka spent his entire career working with wood, although he only made cues for about sixteen years. He started out making various wooden children’s toys and furniture in New York, which is where he realized not just his love but his talent for carpentry and woodworking. Despite having no formal training, he amazed friends and family with intricate carpentry pieces like accordions that he had built for fun in his spare time.

Balabushka also loved to play pool for fun. He loved to hang around the pros, or the equivalent of pros in the days before professional pool. He especially like to play and watch straight pool, competing in or attending nearly every competition in the New York City area. Something about seeing ball after ball after ball fall into the pocket hypnotized him. And then in 1959, he bought a local Brooklyn pool hall with his friend Frank McGown. While running the pool hall he began to repair cues and then make cues for friends as gifts. This was the first intersection of his gift of carpentry and his love of pool. Soon, other regulars began asking him to make cues for them. Then, at some point in the early sixties, his name, and his cues, began circulating around the professional billiards community.

By 1964, Balabushka was making cue full time, which he continued to do until his death in 1975. His cues departed from the ornate pieces of art that were just becoming popular and instead focused on making high performance hand-crafted cues. He pioneered the use of Irish linen wraps, using straight grain maple instead of curly or birdseye maple in the butt, and checkered rings just above the wrap now known as Balabushka rings, as well as many other cue features nearly universally used today.

George Balabushka died in 1975, a tragic loss not just to his family and friends but to the billiards community as a whole. But his legend lives on in the many improvements he made to cue manufacturing as well as many other places. The famous scene in the 1986 sequel to The Hustler, The Color of Money where Tom Cruise is given a beautiful cue by Paul Newman and told, “It’s a Balabushka,” made the name Balabushka synonymous with top quality pool cues. And David Forman, founder of Adam Custom Cues, licensed the name Balabushka from George’s family and now manufactures a line of cues under the Balabushka name as a memorial to one of the greatest figures in modern billiards.


top 10 most expensive pool cues

10. Sweta Sett. Check out these 10 most expensive wood options for your interior design. For those pool cue tip men and women who want to have a good deal of enjoyable with their pool cues, but do not want to take the danger of going for more high-priced designs, you ought to look into Joss pool cues. Review Score. HomCom Folding Miniature Billiards Pool Table w/ Cues and Balls. The Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU Heat Pump is good value for money and is a high class product. Nonetheless, you could also come across a cue produced out of metal, which would be quite tough and expensive. Or pay a whopping $370 per pound for wood. The pool cue that stands at the top of the listing for the most expensive pool cue in the world is the McDermott  Intimidator. This combo deal also includes a set of joint protectors! Excalibur is the legendary famous sword and therefore with no surprise, the cue is designed the same, as a galaxy cue is one of the cues that can bought with cash in 8 ball pool and one of the costly cues. Found insideUsing the most well-studied behavioral analyses of animal subjects to promote a better understanding of the effects of disease and the effects of new therapeutic treatments on human cognition, Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience ... The most expensive cues are the Black Hole Cue and the Galaxy Cue . Top of the range in as new condition Includes Snooker balls, Pool balls, Kelly pool selection kit, cues, rest, spider, framed rules poster, full length rest and cue. Full slate 10′ x 5′ Billiards / Snooker table. ONE-POCKET is the ultimate pool challenge-it's the Rolls Royce of pool games-it's the universal choice of champions. The price tag on this one is a whopping $150,000. This sneaky pete cue is one of the most expensive cues on our list and one of the top quality pool cues available in the market and only a few cues can beat this pool cue with the features. No piece of equipment is more personal to a pool player than a cue stick. TaiBA 2-Piece Pool Stick See more ideas about billiards, pool cues, billiards pool. To aid in developing strategies for prevention and remediation of overweight in military personnel, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command requested the Committee on Military Nutrition Research to review the scientific evidence ... While I admit to having paid four figures for really fine cue work myself, I at least got to shoot with my most expensive cues at the tables. Arctic Spas® Halifax has been in business since 2005 and our NB location has been in business since 1998. Available for a very reasonable price, this table offers tons in the way of portability and storage capabilities. The second is a part of the Smithsonian’s collection of the rarest cues in the world, and that example is not likely to ever be put on the market for sale. So to answer your question: the sky's the limit, however, for someone just starting out a good price range is between $100-$150. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day reveals Nomadic Matt’s tips, tricks, and secrets to comfortable budget travel based on his experience traveling the world without giving up the sushi meals and comfortable beds he enjoys. Since the early 1960s, they’ve been making awesome custom pool cues and, in the last ten years, have developed a range of pool cues that are perfect for the intermediate pool player. The cue plays with a firm and solid hit and weight changes can be adjusted in increments of ounces. Billiard Factory carries pool cues from the best manufacturers in the industry - including Players Cues, Rage Cues and others. It has all the right ingredients packed into corrosion free injection molded UV … Players Technology Series HXT15 is the best pool cue for the money, not because it is cheap, but because is an engineering master piece and also looks really beautiful. This state of the art pool cue is simply perfect in many more ways than it meets the eye. Any respectable mansion should have a name to go along with its personality. You'll need the pool cue that feels like a natural extension of your arm to have the perfect game. For that short period of time up in the air, and when life is at stake, flyers would want the absolutely most reliable flying equipment to count on to make decisions. Menu: Custom Pool Cues - Made in the USA! The top pool cue for the money is the Players D-JS White with Jester on Pool Balls and Dripping Card Suits Cue, which features a fun poker design on the shaft. Besides which, women who wanted him would talk with him but his face would swell as if he was having an allergic reaction! Explains the terminology and slang associated with billiards, pool, and other related games However he does like to take on other topics involving some of his personal interests like automobiles, future technologies, and anything else that could change the world. What Should You Ask Before You Buy or Try A Pool Table. It came and went up in flames (literately) in just a few years, my first advertisement was in this magazine. img source: ... How to Get Better Pool Cues Without Buying the Expensive Pool Cues. Predator Ikon4 Cues Predator Sport2 Cues Predator 9K Cues Predator P3 Cues Predator Throne Cues Predator Blak4 Cues Predator Revo Cues Predator Limited / Special Predator Break / Jumps 1811 Uni-Loc Cues Ariel Carmeli Cues Becue Cues Cuetec Cues Dufferin Cues Jacoby Custom Cues Joss Cues Lucasi Cues Very best pool cue does not refer to how very good is the cue. We chose the Realtree Max 4 HD because it's one of our best-selling, top-reviewed pool sticks for beginners and it comes with a price tag under $50.00 Expanded Details: Design: Camouflage Design; Shaft: 13mm Hardwood; Tip: Hard Leather; Ferrule: Fiber; Joint: 5/16 x 18; Wrap: Black and White Nylon The focal point is a Genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere at the base. Found inside – Page 34Not $100, Not $50 — But An Incredible Give-Away For Only $10! Similar Table Top Pool tables have been nationally advertised by others in some of this ... This set includes: 2.25" billiard balls, (2) two-piece pool cues, 2 pieces of cue chalk, table brush, racking triangle, and nylon carry/storage bag. The bumper pool table includes a full set of bumper pool balls, 2 pool cues, chalk, and a table brush. One of the features that sets the cue apart from all others is the Genuine Italian Obsidian gemstone sphere that’s located at the base. The world’s most expensive pool cue with 24K gold and precious metal inlays is designed to intimidate. Cues By Brand. These measure 2 1/4 inches in diameter. The bottom line is this is nothing you will properly ever see in your years of playing pool even if you are playing on a professional level scale like myself, if you do just consider yourself lucky. The Players Technology Series HXT15 is also one of the most perfect pool cues you can buy, but is much more budget-friendly. By hand: Expensive, cues will have a more rounded point on the four sections of the splice. The idea is simply. The book will give you the parent the understanding, knowledge and confidence to not only teach your children to swim correctly but to enjoy the process as well. October 27, 2020 The 25 Most Expensive Homes in the World for Sale From Bel Air to Barbados, from Hong Kong to the Hamptons, here are the priciest listings on the planet. Each cue is created from superior products and assembled by Dan and Stephen Janes. Second, the only thing as desirable as a top pro's cue stick is a top hustler's stick, and Lassiter surely was among the very best. The world’s most expensive pool cue with 24K gold and precious metal inlays is designed to intimidate August 13, 2008 World’s most expensive Golf bag is a hotcake at $8,400 Carolina Cues. A revised guide to pool and billiards discusses the rules, lingo, equipment, and techniques of the sport and provides tips and illustrations, with new sections on eight-ball and nine-ball, tips on trick shots, and an updated resource ... What is the most expensive cue stick? Not just any cue will do. So this post has cues for top, intermediate and beginner pool players just like the post for the best pool balls and best break cues. Is Luminar Stock a Solid Long Term Investment? The Most Expensive Pool Cue Picture Ever Taken. 1. This pool cue has a natural stained birdseye maple forearm with four sharp ebony points with maple... click for details. The Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition is only one of these three custom cues made and it is for sale on the market currently. The Blue Book of pool cues is a visual masterpiece. Includes short biographies on most of the popular makers with hundreda of black & white images making pool cue identification easy. 10-ball: the pool game played with only the first ten balls (1-10), racked in a triangle pattern with the 10-ball in the center. Found inside – Page 93... Proven Advantages CUE -STAR • FEATURE FOR FEATURE, YOU GET THE MOST AND THE BEST FOR YOUR MONEY! 10 Years Continuous Production of Coin- Operated Pool ... It is completely hand etched, hand machined and hand engraved and these processes took a total of 1,862 hours to complete. Same Day Shipping - Top Rated Customer Service - Free Shipping Over $100.00 - Specializing in Pool Cues, Cue Shafts, Pool Cue Cases, Pool Cue Accessories, Pool Balls, Billiard Instruction, Pool Table Supplies are all featured items at Manning Cues Billiard Supply It took over 1860 man hours to do the hand engraving and etching to create the 9.5 pound cue. This premium pool cue is made with a birdseye maple handle and brass rings. Fun and Friendly, yet if you're looking to play…. Prior to this, Peter and his family farmed from 1974 – 1996, instilling a strong worth ethic which has carried into their current business. The shaft measures 13mm and features a matching inlay. Truly a top choice among professional snooker players. He was further one of the greatest ever Straight Pool champions--although overall he considered himself a "player beater", a competitor who played best head-to-head rather than in round robin tournaments. View All Historical Hair. It uses 15 of the iconic numbered solid and striped and balls, plus one white cue ball. $891.00 msrp $990.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping. Amazon Deal. Some 8BP gamers on iOS complained that they never get league up rewards, that is because when you move to upper level league, you need to claim your rewards in achievement panel by hand. This is the true-crime bestseller that was the basis for Martin Scorsese’s film masterpiece GoodFellas, which brought to life the violence, the excess, the families, the wives and girlfriends, the drugs, the payoffs, the paybacks, the ... Product Name. The artists were precise with their work to ensure that the finished product did not possess a single flaw. Read on for more information about the top 15 best pool cue brands. Most cue collectors will properly store their expensive cue collection in equally expensive custom cue cases. These are the ten most expensive and luxurious limousines in the world. 8 ball pool legendary cues accounts 10/10 cues. The Intimidator is the most expensive pool cue in the world and raises the bar to a whole new level of prestige. To help us to help ourselves, we have compiled the top 10 best pool cue brands found in the market today which is after looking closely at many, and we feel one of these in our hands should let us play the game of Pool to our ability.. We have selected a mixture of the best pool cue brands for you the best out of the rest, and it is all rated with customer reviews and ratings. 1. Whichever of these 10 great pool cues you choose, we hope you spend many happy hours by the pool table. It must be the ideal weight, properly balanced and made of premium materials that will help to absorb the shock when the tip comes into contact with the balls. 10 Kentucky Derby Experiences Enjoyed By the Wealthy. ... 25, 2010. Total length is 63 inches and the wingspan of the large blade is 9 inches. This year there is a generous selection of ostentatious mansions for sale on this Millionaires’ Row. Found inside – Page 77Kitchen Sun 7 a.m. -3 p.m., Tue thru Thur 7-9:30, Fri & Sat 7-10:30 (bar til ... locals in work clothes sip cold beer and push pool cues much as they did ... Top 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World. However, there are some super expensive ones that cant be bought that easily especially the one that stands at the top as the most expensive pool cue in the world. Gaming Headset. The Prestige Series has an adjustable weight system and is more affordable than some of the brand’s most elite options. The cue consists of 46 individual parts, made of stainless steel with the inlays made from genuine Italian Obsidian and 24 karat gold. This book offers perspective and context for key decision points in structuring a CSOC, such as what capabilities to offer, how to architect large-scale data collection and analysis, and how to prepare the CSOC team for agile, threat-based ... These cues are designed and developed by Bob Meucci, and offer a tremendous value. The classic study of human nature which depicts the degeneration of a group of schoolboys marooned on a desert island. The artisans began with a piece of solid stainless steel that weighed 82 pounds. You can have the person who plays the card answer the question alone or everyone at the table can answer. Viper Realtree Max 4 HD Camouflage Pool Cue. The main article for cues can be seen here. Incredible, rare but outrageously expensive. Thanks for reading our article on the Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World, please remember to check a few of our other related articles like the listing with the best high-end pool cues under $500. Pros. The reality is, there are a whole lot of pool sticks to choose from, so how do you pick? CUESOUL Handcraft 3 4 Jointed Snooker Cues Our #1 Choice . “Pick up only” The Five Most Expensive Pool Cues on the Market Today. Top Brand’s Pool Cues List 2020; A pool cue with heavy-weight will always hit the cue ball hard even if you want to hit the cue ball softly. So it naturally follows that you are very unlikely to see a top quality expensive hand spliced cue with a very poor quality ash shaft. Found inside – Page 1988top - notch top willow ! 1988 top - notch adjective of the best quality UK Figurative use of a ' top notch ' representing the highest point achievable . The HXT15 Pool Cue is pretty well respected in the pool industry. Cons. Most manufacturers will keep their best shafts for the most expensive hand spliced decorative butt designs so the customer gets the very best of the shafts available at that time. I personally would have this masterpiece hand up in my living area, even if I had never won a game before at least I would still feel satisfying to know that I own the most expensive pool cue stick in the world. Take A Look At The Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World, Tips On How To Choose A Pool Cue Before You Buy One, Learn How To Maintain A Pool Cue When You Visit Us, Learn How To Play Hand Positions In Pool On Our Site. Jacoby Edge. How sweet is that! There are more than 112 precious metal inlays on the handle and more than 210 separate inlays in total. "I recommend this book highly as one of the 10 most important 'must read' books published this year," Robert Plotkin, Founding President, World Trade Center San Diego. “Three Steps to Wealth & Financial Security – All That Glitters Isn ... The Intimidator is the most expensive pool cue in the world and raises the bar to a whole new level of prestige. One of the essential tools for a great game of pool, billiards, or snooker is the cue. Other acceptable brands are Hathaway Imperial Costzon Minnesota Fats and East point. Sep 23, 2020 - Explore Poolkxng's board "featured", followed by 259 people on Pinterest. You can explore our collection of prestigious and high-precision cues and see one that suits you the most. Most Expensive Pool Cue … The company has so many charms to choose from when it comes to your bracelet, however, this one is the most expensive one you can buy. Further, Wimpy Lassiter was so dedicated to pool he never found time for relationships, saying "He just didn't have time for a girlfriend." These were notable years in George’s career. The lowest numbered ball must always be hit first, and all shots must be called (i.e., slop doesn’t count). This popular table also sports a particularly modern design . The Maverick 7-ft Pool Table delivers top quality billiards with the extra bonus of table tennis - all at this great price! List of Top 10 Best Pool Cues in the World: 1. The Top 10 Most Luxurious Trains in the World. Matching inlays have been embedded into the wood of the handle to give this cue an extra special appearance. Here at PoolDawg, we carry pool cues from every major manufacturer, all at up to 20% off suggested retail prices. You could see the top 10 Eastpoint Titanium Pool Cue of 2019 above. Found inside – Page 2810, 1988. Not $100, Not $50 — But An Incredible Give-Away For Only $10! Similar Table Top Pool tables have been nationally advertised by others in some of ... The price tag on this one is a whopping $150,000. This award winning publication has established itself as the most authoritative and historical book ever written on the game of billiards. This new third edition has been completely revised with over 350 new pages and 500 new images. Lassiter spent most of the Second World War in Norfolk at the huge naval base there, scamming the servicemen who loved to shoot pool. Let’s begin with top 10 longest sixes in world cricket: 10 -Dan Christian in Big Bash League . 10 The Predator Pool Table – Price: $23.000. The fifth most expensive pool cue that is available for sale today is the Balabushka brand SLE2B. Found inside – Page 43Similar Table Top Pool tables have been nationally advertised by others in some of this country's most prestigous catalogs for as much as $50. For this felt upgrade its slightly more expensive being an extra $100 on top of the price for the blue felt option. Meucci. 5. Xq Billards. It weighs 9.5 pounds, and it was named the Intimidator. Balabushka Cues GB-23 pool cue. #1. He would show up in farmer's blue overalls with a piece of wheat protruding from his mouth and the seamen would take him for a hopeless rube. Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Pool English. The McDermott M29B Pool cue is manufactured in America. McDermott. Garrett by trade is a personal finance freelance writer and journalist. But I would be gentle at all times. 4. Get this. The pool cue that stands at the top of the listing for the most expensive pool cue in the world is the McDermott Intimidator. So, these all are the reasons that you should buy a lightweight pool … Worth … An average pool cue -- also occasionally called a cue stick-- is 58 inches in length (based on the standard range of official cues, which are between 57 and 59 inches long) and weighs anywhere from 16 to 21 ounces. When they pull the cases out to view they’re collection, the first thing they feel is all the cues inside of the case rattling around. Found inside"-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review - Wisconsin Bookwatch "If you can't figure out how to use your brain after reading this guide, you may want to return your brain for another. Ranging in price from under $50 to more than $1000, Billiard Factory is sure to have whatever style of pool cue stick you are seeking. Matte black melamine cabinet color and chrome plated corner castings with rope net pockets; 5" Wide durable melamine top rails, round rail sites and fast action L-cushions What is the Most Expensive Pool Cue in the World? There’s no need to mention that Saluc company is one of the most famous and reliable manufacturers of billiard equipment in the world. This pool stick is said to be worth $150,000 USD, it’s definitely a super masterpiece. The Pechauer CAM 12-Manchester cue is made of ebony wood that is figured with leopard wood and ebony along with simulated pearl and ivory inlays for an attractive and classy aesthetic. Most of that is for looks and makes the cue much more expensive than what you would need just beginning. 1 Our Top Choices of Best Pool Cue of 2021. Found inside"Speak up for yourself—we want to know what you have to say." From the first moment of her freshman year at Merryweather High, Melinda knows this is a big fat lie, part of the nonsense of high school. The focal point is a Genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere at the base. You get one block of Kamui chalk per packing, and it’s stored in the perfect climate which can help keep quality during producing it and sending it to clients. Found insideThis book delves into some fascinating mysteries of experience: Why we tend to remember the best or worst moment of an experience, as well as the last moment, and forget the rest. The wingspan of the large blade is nine inches with the smaller blades measuring thirteen inches and the larger blades being 48 inches. The Most Expensive Pool Table In The Uk On Show In Bristol. 28-day returns. In this post, you will not only find the best pool cues under $700, $300, $200, $150 and under $100 on this list but also get a chance to understand how to choose a pool cue. Whichever of these 10 great pool cues you choose, we hope you spend many happy hours by the pool table. The Diamond PRO-AM pool table is respected by professional, amateur, and casual players everywhere. Superior in terms of construction, quality and materials resulting in the best playing table on the market. US announces $20 million deal to launch high-tech weather satellites in space This sensational cue is a 3D piece of art that features four bladed wings that can rip a table to shreds. Sometimes, you want to pick a pool cue that your favorite pool expert uses, while at other times, […] The Top 10 Pool Cue Brands Worth Your Money – 2021 Guide In the game of pool, the break occurs at the start of each game but what many do not understand is that it can be the most … Elite Innovations Transparent Pool Table Noveltystreet. Learn how your comment data is processed. Indian benchmark indices open lower on weak global cues. The taper is pro-style 12.5 inches and thee joint piloted 5/16-14 thread in quick release styling. Originally built in 1924 for Andrew Carnegie’s daughter and impeccably renovated from 2000-2004, the stone structure took its cues from Skibo Castle in Scotland (which was fittingly owned by the industrialist). The 10-bedroom, 14-bathroom estate has elegant appeal both indoors and out. The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue – $150,000.00. 1.1 1) Players Technology Series HXT15 Pool Sticks – Best Pool Cue; 1.2 2) Lucasi Custom Sneaky Pete Pool Cue with Low Deflection Shaft; 1.3 2) EastPoint Sports Composite Pool cue; 1.4 3) Iszy Billiards Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue; 1.5 4) EastPoint Sports Deluxe Pool Cue; 1.6 5) Players 1 Piece Pool sticks This cue has a nice balance and is available in different weights for each experience level. The Intimidator Cue started as a 82 pound of stainless steel. Iszy Billiards Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue (best under $100) The next one is this two-piece maple cue from the Iszy Billiards brand that made using top-grade Canadian maple hardwood providing an adequate level of durability. 6Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick. HyperX Surround Sound. If you love to play pool, this table has quality features and the compact 7 foot playing surface fits in many game rooms where a larger table won't. Le Pro Tip – Most Favored – This is an all American made cue tip, most pros that use this pool cue tip normally prefer a density tip of 88.2 extra hard. It’s not surprising when you look at the product description, however, this pool cue isn’t for beginners. Found inside... on hands 183-4 , on water 182 , track records 296-9 , backwards walking 300 WALKING STICK , most expensive 153 WALL , greatest , sheerest mountain 59 ... Go to a pro shop in your area so you can get a superior tip installed on your cue. Found insideA New York Times Bestseller A Forbes Top 10 Conservation and Environment Book of 2016 Read the sea like a Viking and interpret ponds like a Polynesian—with a little help from expert navigator Tristan Gooley, New York Times-bestselling ... Find expert reviews of the best pool cues for your gameroom table. This cue is a limited edition production that pays tribute to George Balabushka, one of the most influential cue makers who ever lived. ... Methods For Replacing A Pool Cue's Tip Yourself. Among the 40+ pool cue brands we carry are: Action, Cuetec , Lucasi, McDermott, Meucci and Viking. Photographs and text introduce the stance, strokes, and fundamentals of the sport The cue was crafted in the year of 1992 and took approximately 1862 hours out of man labor to hand made it’s unique built. The main advantage of this pool stick is that it is sharing some features with much more expensive cues. The third in the collection is the property of a wealthy collector who is not likely to advertise it for sale in the near future. It doesn't matter if you've been playing for decades or you are just starting. The legendary Balabushka was such an outstanding wood craftsman, he once lost a finger to a buzzsaw--no, that's not the craftsmanship part--and replaced it with a wood finger he made. Matthew Sherman is an experienced pool and billiards instructor and the author of "Picture Yourself Shooting Pool. Billiard Factory carries pool cues from the best manufacturers in the industry - including Players Cues, Rage Cues and others. Predator Sport II Ice Wrap. 10 U.S. Presidential Cadillac Limousine The very same car used to transport the president of the United States of America himself, and among all the presidential vehicles throughout the years, this one is the most luxurious and secure. September 29, 2011. The Players Technology Series HXT15 is also one of the most perfect pool cues you can buy, but is much more budget-friendly. Add to cart. McDermott has been producing cues for years and make a great quality cue, They also have high quality theme cues like Jack Daniels, Ford, Harley-Davidison these are the best on the market for a true fan that wants a great playing cue. WATCH: Adorable 15-week-old sea lion pup at Ohio zoo takes first dive in outdoor pool By Kristin Fisher, CNN. There is currently 143 cues: 54 standard cues, 32 premium cues and 62 standard cues available. In addition, the book is highly illustrated with line drawings and photographs which help to reinforce explanations and examples. The Meucci line of pool cues play with a softer, more consistent hit, which reduces cue ball deflection. We took a look a the most expensive pool cues available on the market right now and we were able to identify the five highest priced that you could own today. The "GIBSON" by Brunswick 8ft SOLD. Lakewood, WA 98499. Another top pool cue in the market is the Technology Series HXT15 pool prompt is constructed and composed remembering the requirements of expert and middle of the road players. The awe-inducing pool cue, created by McDermott Pool Cues, has 46 individual parts and over 210 separate inlays including 112 hand-polished precious metal inlays on the handle. American pool. Read our buying advice for choosing between the different high-end manufacturers, and find out which companies make decent budget sticks. 20 Things You Didn’t Know about Launch House, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sokratis Papafloratos. Jeannette Walls was the second of four children raised by anti-institutional parents in a household of extremes. Even birds like canaries and parrots are also commonly adopted. September 11, 2007. Personally, I'd be terrified to break the thing. Found inside – Page 2Combination billiard and subscription cards we pool table . Scientifically constructed the same as most expensive will give a Planotist tables . This sensational cue is a 3D piece of art that features four bladed wings that can rip a table to shreds. This unique table combines an art deco motif with today's modern technology. Like a multitude of other popular architects, Frank Lloyd Wright was the inspiration for Meucci Pool Sticks. A banking system that works best for one person may not work for another individual. This book presents eight different banking systems; try them all to determine which system works best for you.

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Most Expensive Pool Cue - Luther Lassiter's Stick Weighs In

A Luther Lassiter owned, George Balabushka crafted pool cue, joins the ranks of fabulous pool cues hitting auctions this year. This one is close to the coveted title of the most expensive pool cue ever.

Luther "Wimpy" Lassiter's pride and joy, a George Herman Balabushka custom cue, was posted on for a starting bid of $45,000.00 US. Why so much money?

First, Lassiter is arguably the greatest 9-Ball player of all time. He was famous for kicking to score balls from anywhere and running out constantly. Wimpy would rather play than do most anything, except eat hamburgers like his Popeye cartoon namesake. Further, Wimpy Lassiter was so dedicated to pool he never found time for relationships, saying "He just didn't have time for a girlfriend." Besides which, women who wanted him would talk with him but his face would swell as if he was having an allergic reaction!

An Infamous Hustler

Second, the only thing as desirable as a top pro's cue stick is a top hustler's stick, and Lassiter surely was among the very best. So why not the most expensive cue?

Lassiter spent most of the Second World War in Norfolk at the huge naval base there, scamming the servicemen who loved to shoot pool. He would show up in farmer's blue overalls with a piece of wheat protruding from his mouth and the seamen would take him for a hopeless rube. He was further one of the greatest ever Straight Pool champions--although overall he considered himself a "player beater", a competitor who played best head-to-head rather than in round robin tournaments.

Third, add George Herman Balabushka's devastatingly brilliant cue craftsmanship and you have a real winner on sale. The legendary Balabushka was such an outstanding wood craftsman, he once lost a finger to a buzzsaw--no, that's not the craftsmanship part--and replaced it with a wood finger he made. For decades, even good friends had no idea it was an artificial wood finger.

Try It Before You Buy It?

While I admit to having paid four figures for really fine cue work myself, I at least got to shoot with my most expensive cues at the tables. I can't imagine anyone but an enthusiastic millionaire ever taking more than a few shots with his new Lassiter Balabushka--unless he wanted to potentially incur the wrath of an insurance company.

Personally, I'd be terrified to break the thing. Okay, actually, I would play with the cue. But I would be gentle at all times.

Watch Now: 3 Pool Shots You Should Master As A Beginner


Most Expensive Balabushka Pool Cue to Win the Game

most expensive balabushka pool cueA George Balabushka Pool Cue handcrafted, by the legend himself before his untimely death in 1975, was sold by another considered the best Pool player of all time Luther “Wimpy” Lassiter for an astonishing US $ 45,000 in 1994.

Considered the highest price ever paid for a Pool Cue and the buyer who bought is unknown, but today this one might be worth very much more because George Balabushka handcrafted only about 1,200 Pool Cues during his lifetime.

His Pool Cue making was unfortunately limited to only 16 years, and if any on those that he made becomes available for sale at any of the world’s auction houses, they are sure to fetch a few tens of thousands of United States greenbacks.

The year 1992 saw something unique happening in the Pool Cue manufacturing industry when the “Ultimate Fantasy Cue” introduced to the market at a fantabulous price of US $ 150,000.

It is no ordinary Pool Cue, most expensive Balabushka pool cue it weighs, 9 ½ pounds so it is not one you could play a competitive Pool game with and would not be even permitted near any baize topped the table by the owner.

Named appropriately as the Intimidator it is a piece of Pool Cue art, in Three Dimension (3D), which would remain in the eyes of everyone who would have had the opportunity to see it.

The focal point in the Intimidator though it is at the base is the Genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere which adds to the beauty of it in no small measure but brings the best in it when one imagines the sheer audacity of its craftsmanship.

It took over a year to complete this masterpiece which was first an 82-pound solid stainless steel block and took 1,862 working hours in total, which was painstakingly hand-engraved, hand-etched and hand-machined to perfection.

The Intimidator has two sets of intimidating steel blades chiseled out of a solid stainless steel bock, one at the aft near the grip which has a wingspan of nine (09) inches and the other blade set at the fore a bit smaller.

The total length of the exposed blades on the Intimidator is a staggering 48 inches and carrying it around would equate the person to a reincarnation of a Viking gracing the Pool rooms, and is sure to put the jitters into anyone.

It is these menacing two sets of blades, which juts out of the Intimidator which gives it the “persona non grata” status into any Pool room because it could shred any Pool table to bits and pieces.

If its blades are menacing so is its look, and at a length of 63 inches, it is a mean Pool cue which would keep anybody who beholds it for the first time gaping with astonishment as to how anybody could have a game with it.

The winged dual sets of intimidating blades inlaid with Gold, Deep Relief, and French Grey Scroll engraving which gives the Intimidator a specialty to set it apart as the most exquisite Cue ever made without any expenses spared.

Designed with 210 separately and exquisitely handcrafted inlays embedded with 112 hands polished precious stones on the handle the Intimidator is a masterpiece in craftsmanship and a thing of beauty though menacing to behold.

The Intimidator would remain in the annals of Pool history as the Cue that never graced a baized table due to its sheer menacing looks and incapability to engage in a game.

It is a Pool Cue all those Pool enthusiasts should take the opportunity to see because it is sheer beauty.


Pool cue expensive balabushka most

You can find inexpensive pool cues, but your game may suffer. If you are serious about the game and want to get to the professional level, you’re going to have to spend some money.

If you’re curious about what the most expensive pool cues are, here are ten that may have you rethinking your budget.

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The 10 Most Expensive Pool Cues (Least to Most)

You don’t have to purchase the most expensive pool cue.

If you want to improve your game, one of these may be what you need to sink that tricky shot.

Lucasi Custom LZC46

You’re in complete control of the table with a Lucasi custom LZC46 pool cue. The handle isn’t wrapped, like most cheaper models, giving you an improved slip stroke. It also boasts a 4-piece butt construction.

Lucasi Custom LZC46 Pool Cue Stick + Zero Flex Low Deflection Shaft

You have the balance you need for tricky shots, along with performance.

A 12.75mm Tiger Everest tip provides solid contact with the ball. Add a little English, and you can run the table with the cue.

It’s hard to beat the elegant look of the LZC46. The sleeve and forearm are maple wood with an attractive honey stain, accented with Abalone. Black and white points add more detail, giving the pool cue a professional appearance.

If you’re wondering about the price, the LZC46 is under $1000.

McDermott G708

McDermott pool cues aren’t cheap, but the sticks are worth every penny. The G708 is one of the company’s more affordable cues priced right under $1000 before tax.

McDermott - G708 - 19 oz

With over 45 years of experience manufacturing pool cues, McDermott continues to live up to its reputation with the G708.

It’s hard to take your eyes off of the pool cue; it looks that great. It’s made from Birdseye maple, a lightweight and sturdy wood. Green burl inlay, Cocobolo, and recon ebony inlays are worked into the handle and forearm, giving you a stunning cue that’s hard to miss.

A soft 12.75mm tip connects solidly with the cue ball for perfect shots.

When you want a well-balanced cue that fits perfectly in your hands, pick up the McDermott G708.

Balabushka GBGS

When you’re ready to start playing with the pros, you need a pool cue that can keep up with the game. Balabushka pool cues are designed to make a statement both with performance and appearance.

The manufacturer’s line of pool cues isn’t inexpensive, but sometimes it’s worth the money to see a dramatic improvement in your playing skills. You can expect to pay around $1000 for the GBGS pool cue.

A 13mm LePro tip ensures the cue doesn’t miss the ball. Whether you’re aiming for the center or side for an angled shot, you won’t miss the mark. A stainless collar provides a little weight for balance, along with stability.

A black leather wrap prevents the cue from slipping out of sweaty, nervous hands.

You will notice the cue’s appearance from across the table. You will make an impression on League night when you walk in with a Balabushka stick.

The 29” shaft is constructed from hard rock maple. It’s sturdy, while still having a lightweight feel during play. The forearm is Birdseye maple with 4 ebony accent points, along with black and maple veneers.

The sleeve with its 12 mother of pearl diamond inlays is what catches everyone’s attention. You won’t look like an amateur when you play with the GBGS pool cue.

Meucci MECAS08

Even if you’re not shooting pool in a Las Vegas casino, you can feel like you are with the pricey MECAS08 from Meucci.

Meucci MEJSS Jayson Shaw Custom Billiards Pool Cue Stick w/Pro Shaft

The company has a long reputation for manufacturing high-quality pool cues with unique designs. The MECAS08 is one example, with its inlaid dice and cards along the forearm and sleeve.

Even the collar follows the casino-themed design with its black and gold paua dice.

Following the casino theme, the black forearm is inlaid with 4 gold paua shell floating points. Each of the points is topped with Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, or Spades. The sleeve boasts green paua shell playing cards and dice, along with decorative rings designed to draw attention.

The Irish linen wrap is urethane coated to ensure a secure grip no matter how stressful the game gets.

The MECAS08 is one of the higher-priced Meucci pool cues in the series, but if you want to look and play like the pros, it’s worth the cost.

Molinari SPA8A Carom

This is the first pool cue priced over $1000 on the list of most expensive pool cue sticks and may make you question the cost.

Is it worth it to spend this much on a pool cue? The answer is yes if you want to improve your game.

Sometimes, making shots depends as much on the cue as it does on your skill level.

MOLINARI. Carom CUE Choi with 2 SHAFTS.

You’ll quickly find the Molinari Carom is worth every cent you spend. The black maple handle is balanced for improved control over where your shots go. Add in the butt sleeve that gives you a steady grip, and you can make many shots you thought were impossible.

The Vantage C shaft gives you a solid stroke, especially combined with the conical taper.

Appearance is almost as important as performance in a pool cue, and the Carom delivers. Black, light, and dark blue, along with maple veneers accent the points on the shaft. These are followed by 4 white Micarta accent points.

Referred to by Molinari as reverse mirroring, the design gives the pool cue an elegant appearance that makes you look and feel like a professional.

The weight is adjustable on Carom pool cues; just contact the manufacturer if the stick is too light or heavy.

Balabushka SLE2B

There are a few reasons why the SLE2B from Balabushka is over $1300. It is manufactured by Balabushka, a leading name in pool cues. George Balabushka, the founder of the company, is one of the most influential manufacturers in the industry.

The SLE2B is a limited edition pool cue dedicated to the company’s founder. It alludes to 1957 to 1975, the most notable years of George Balabushka’s career. The die pattern alternates between the 5 and 7, paying tribute to those years.

The pool cue has two 13mm shafts, along with custom protectors for the joints. Matching ring work completes the design, and it’s also a high-performance pool cue. Like all Balabushka sticks, it’s designed to help you improve your game.

Though with only 50 of each model in the series on the market, you may want this signed and numbered pool cue for display.

McDermott M29B Bridgeport

The American-made pool cue is money well-spent. The stick is under $2000 but looks and performs like it is worth more.

It comes with a Birdseye maple wood handle, along with attractive brass rings. There are six white urethane points and cocobolo inlays on the sleeve. The inlays continue into a web with turquoise added. It gives the pool cue a distinctive and polished look.

The handle isn’t wrapped, but you still get a solid grip. The M29B delivers a solid hit with firm contact. You don’t have to worry about the ball getting away from the stick.

For the money, you get a better pool cue that will also help improve your game. Tenon tip technology increases the sweet spot in the shaft. You get a more solid hit with more control. Perfect for breaking up balls and across table shots.

A triple-layer carbon fiber core in the i-Shaft stabilizes the stick and adds durability. The M29B is designed to last through years of play.

You get what you pay for with the M29B and you’ll see results the next time you shoot pool.

J. Pechauer Camelot II Cam 12-Manchester

You know you are serious about the pool game when you pay over $2000 for a cue. However, the Cam 12-Manchester is worth the expense. You get an attractive pool cue that will help you improve your skills.

Everyone will notice the ebony and leopard wood. It gives the stick a classic look, especially combined with the ivory and pearl inlays. It’s subtle and classy without being overstated.

To add to its appearance, the Cam 12-Manchester has matching inlays on the wood handle.

The 13mm tip connects solidly with the ball. The coated tip won’t easily wear down or become slick and hard. A stainless steel joint adds stability and the right amount of weight. The weight can also be adjusted, thanks to the adjustable weight screw.

The Cam 12-Manchester is a limited edition pool cue. It’s one reason for the high sticker price. J. Pechauer, the manufacturer, only licensed 50 sticks and each one is numbered and signed.

Even though it is a high-performance pool cue, it may be one you only break out for special games.

Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition

You will need your checkbook or credit card for the Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition pool cue. There are only three in existence, and one is for sale by a private seller for $60,000. It is one of the most expensive pool cues in the world.

Wondering about the other two limited edition cues? One is at the Smithsonian Museum and the other is owned by a private collector with no signs of selling.

The Bender Smithsonian Edition and Price

The Alaskan Bender Cues company is world-renowned and was selected by the Smithsonian Museum to create a custom pool cue for their Billiards Exhibit. Mike Bender created the Smithsonian Edition pool cue, but he made only three sticks.

Each has the museum’s label on the handle. It’s one of the few times the museum has allowed its name to be used on items for sale on the public market.

After settling litigation, the Smithsonian allowed the other two pool cues to remain in private collections. There was a stipulation to the agreement: Bender Cues can never manufacture an identical stick again.

With only one up for sale and the likelihood the other two will never hit the market, it’s easy to explain the high price.

The McDermott Intimidator Masterpiece Cue

For around $150,000 you can own the world’s most expensive playable pool cue. The Intimidator is also a work of art and aptly named. Any opposing player will feel intimidated when the one-of-a-kind pool cue comes out of the case.

Starting with a piece of 82lb stainless steel, artisans spent more than a year to get the cue to 9.6lbs. It’s ornate, lightweight, and you can use it to make incredible shots.

Not only is the pool cue lightweight, but it’s also perfectly balanced. It fits great in your hand, and you won’t have to worry about grip slippage.

The one-of-a-kind pool cue is currently owned by a Polish collector.

Intimidator Masterpiece Cue Appearance

The first thing you notice is the French scrolling inlaid with 24k gold. The wicked-looking shaft also gets everyone’s attention. Its medieval design is reminiscent of sword pommels, with a pointed wing on both sides.

An Italian Obsidian gemstone is on the base. It’s hard to miss and gives the cue a flawless appearance. The Obsidian sphere measures 63 inches and is precisely engraved.

In total, there are over 210 inlays, including precious metals on the pool cue.

Artisan Hours

Creating the Intimidator Masterpiece cue was no easy feat. It took artisans more than a year from start to finish or 1,992 hours.

One look at the ornate scrollwork shows you the many hours were worth it.

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth the Price?

There’s not an easy answer to the question. It depends on your finances and dedication to the game.

You do get more with higher-priced pool cues, but you don’t have to pay collector prices. You can get a high-performance pool cue for under $1000.

For a lower price, you can get a high-performance pool cue that will help you improve how you play. You can also find a stick that stands out from the rest without paying thousands of dollars.

What you don’t want to do is settle for the cheapest pool cue. It will affect your shots. If you’re serious about the game, you need to spend money on a good pool cue.

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The Intimidator is the most expensive pool cue in the world and raises the bar to a whole new level of prestige. This sensational cue is a 3D piece of art that features four bladed wings that can rip a table to shreds. The focal point is a Genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere at the base. Our designers started out with a 82-pound solid piece of stainless steel. After finely machining this piece for over a year, the result was an amazing 9½ pound masterpiece.

Year Created

Total Man Hours to Complete

  • 1862 hours of hand-engraving, hand-etching & hand-machining

Total Length

  • 63 inches (from Obsidian Sphere to leather tip)

Total Weight

Wingspan of Large Blade

Total Length of Exposed Blades

  • Large blades: 48 inches
  • Smaller blades: 13 inches

Winged Blade Details

  • Inlaid with Gold, Deep Relief & French Grey Scroll Engraving

Materials & Construction

  • 46 individual parts, including stainless steel, 24K Gold & Genuine Italian Obsidian


  • Over 210 separate inlays, including 112 hand-polished Precious Metal inlays on the handle

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