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B18b1 Keeps jumping timing

i know mine was a bear to time. What we did was you loosen the nut on the tensioner, pull the little spring/lever on the tensioner all the way down, and hold it there and tighten that nut back up. then we slipped the belt over the crank first and set the timing on the crank like half a tooth clockwise from where it SHOULD BE.

then with the cams timed right, ran the belt up the exhaust side and held , over the top to the intake cam and held the belt tight lightly. Then you have someone turn the crank just a little bit back counterclockwise to its timing mark (this should tighten u up pretty good on the exhaust side), then run the belt from intake cam down to the water pump (all as tight as you can), over the tension pulley, and you're timed.

Release the nut on the tension pulley until it rises and tightens the belt. with a breaker bar and socket, put the crank pulley bolt back on and turn the crank over 2-3 times counter clockwise. this should tighten you up all the way around and she should fire up.


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Having issues with ms3x on honda b18b1

Postby 13bjunkie » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:59 am

Hey guys,

so have wired up an ms3x into a 1994 acura integra non vtec. I used the 24 tooth reluctor as crank and the 1 tooth as sync. I have the injectors wired in sequantial setup, in firing order from the ms3x board. to run the ignition module i am running the spark output from TACH on the ms3x board.

I have my timing showing up good on the crank, and its as commanded. It is also good as i rev it, but heres the hitch. If i only give it part throttle to rev to 7k rpm, its ok, and holds position on the crank marks.However, when i give it full throttle, it acts like a rev limiter, and bounces off it, and the tach on the dash / timing marks on the crank go nuts. I have watched the trigger log, and i see no loss of sync....unless im missing it entirely

any ideas ? ive attached my files

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B18A1 FIRING ORDER...........

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I think i already have it right, But i just need to make sure. WHAT IS THE FIRING ORDER FOR A 90 INTEGRA LS MOTOR????? I have an LS in my CRX and i just need to verify the firing order, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS


that is wrong, 1-3-4-2
dont you have a damn book. even the worst of all books the haynes tells the firing order
Nah, no book, LOL. But, 1-4-3-2, Is this going from top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right?????
And the #1 cylinder is the one closest to the cam gears correct????
Get a god damn book. it fires from bottom left, top left, top right, bottom right. Then starts over
Originally posted by SpodaB1@May 22 2004, 12:32 PM

1-4-3-2 is NOT correct. If it was, you'd have cylinder 1 firing with the piston at the top of the stroke and cylinder 4 firing when the piston is at the bottom of the stroke. Bad idea.

The real firing order is 1-3-4-2

Cylinder #1 is the one closest to the cam gears.

I don't know where #1 is located on the distributor off the top of my head...
that was a mistype that I didnt catch, sorry, I was lookin rigth at hte service manual when I type this up.

#1 is on the bottom left. The distributor spins clockwise, and 1 is on the left bottom.
Me so funny, me make you holla for 2 dolla...

Hey Spoda, Dont you think if i had a manual, I would be asking the question?????Damn, Get a grip, You seemed offended that i asked the question or something. Try Vagisil, It sooths the aches and pains.
Originally posted by tlb1127@May 24 2004, 03:14 PM

Hey Spoda, Dont you think if i had a manual, I would be asking the question?????Damn, Get a grip, You seemed offended that i asked the question or something. Try Vagisil, It sooths the aches and pains.

Well, its a retarded question, that could have been answered if you hada manual, likeI said even the crappy manuals, like haynes has this info. those books are handy.
Dude, ONCE AGAIN, I Asked the question because I DO NOT HAVE A MANUAL, Is it that hard to grasp???? Retarded Question Answered by a retarded person, and you were still wrong, HAHA.
Dude, you must be SUPER poor if you don't even have a Haynes manual. They are like 12 bucks at the store.
I thought all hondas had the same firing order, well all 4 bangers for that matter. I think it is balance issue for the inline motors.
Originally posted by tlb1127@May 24 2004, 03:22 PM
Dude, ONCE AGAIN, I Asked the question because I DO NOT HAVE A MANUAL, Is it that hard to grasp???? Retarded Question Answered by a retarded person, and you were still wrong, HAHA.

Iw as wrong ass hat becuase I mis-typed it. I knew the god damn firing order, but I made a typo.

mikebergy - i dont think all 4 abngers do, becuase hondas rotate opposite of any other manufacture... well at least the b and d sereis do...
Wow, What a low blow, SUPER POOR. You must be SUPER GAY for trying to make fun of someone elses financial status. I would tell you how much i make, But then youd probably come back with another SUPER GAY statement, So ill just keep to myself.
Like Ive said many times before, DO YOU GUYS HAVE LIVES???? This site is for people that have questions and comments about HONDASWAPS, ETC...... Not for fuckin stupid people to come make senseless comments about other peoples statements.
Mikebergy and Spoda, You guys are a perfect match, Maybe you guys should hop in your Slow little imports and meet somewhere so you can suck eachother off all you want. HAVE FUN and please GET LIVES!!!!!!!!!!
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Order b18b1 firing

Honda B18C B18B

by mwmadmin · Published · Updated

  1. Specifications
  2. Overview, problems
  3. Performance tuning

Honda B18C/B18B engine specs

ManufacturerHonda Motor Company
Also calledHonda B18
Cylinder block alloyAluminum
4 valves per cylinder
Piston stroke, mm (inch)89 (3.50)
87.2 (3.43) – B18C
Cylinder bore, mm (inch)81 (3.19)
Compression ratio9.2
Displacement1834 cc (111.9 cu in)
1797 cc (109.7 ci in) – B18C
Power output95 kW (130 HP) at 6,000 rpm
96 kW (132 HP) at 6,000 rpm
101 kW (138 HP) at 6,200 rpm
104 kW (142 HP) at 6,500 rpm
104 kW (142 HP) at 6,300 rpm
105 kW (143 HP) at 6,300 rpm
125 kW (170 HP) at 7,600 rpm
132 kW (180 HP) at 7,200 rpm
132 kW (180 HP) at 7,300 rpm
139 kW (190 HP) at 7,900 rpm
143 kW (195 HP) at 7,800 rpm
147 kW (200 HP) at 8,000 rpm
147 kW (200 HP) at 8,200 rpm
Torque output167 Nm (123 lb·ft) at 5,000 rpm
164 Nm (120 lb·ft) at 5,000 rpm
171 Nm (126 lb·ft) at 4,900 rpm
178 Nm (131 lb·ft) at 6,100 rpm
172 Nm (126 lb·ft) at 5,200 rpm
172 Nm (126 lb·ft) at 5,200 rpm
174 Nm (128 lb·ft) at 6,200 rpm
171 Nm (126 lb·ft) at 6,200 rpm
174 Nm (128 lb·ft) at 6,200 rpm
178 Nm (131 lb·ft) at 7,300 rpm
176 Nm (129 lb·ft) at 7,500 rpm
186 Nm (137 lb·ft) at 7,200 rpm
176 Nm (129 lb·ft) at 7,500 rpm
Redline6,500 (B18A)
6,800 (B18B)
8,000 (B18C2)
8,100 (B18C1)
8,300 (B18C5 Type R)
8,400 (B18C6/B18C7 Type R)
HP per liter71
Fuel typeGasoline
Weight, kg (lbs)179 (394)
183 (403)
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (mpg)
Acura Integra
9.4 (25)
7.6 (31)
8.5 (28)
Turbocharger Naturally aspirated
Oil consumption , L/1000 km
(qt. per miles)
up to 1.0
(1 qt. per 600 miles)
Recommended engine oil5W-30
Engine oil capacity, L (qt.)4.0 (4.2)
Oil change interval, km (miles)5,000-10,000
Normal engine operating temperature, °C (F)
Engine lifespan, km (miles)
-Official information

300,000+ (180,000)
Tuning, HP
-Max HP
-No life span loss

The engine is installed inHonda Civic
Honda Integra/Acura Integra
Honda Domani
Honda Orthia

Honda B18C (B18B) engine reliability, problems and repair

In 1990, a new B18A engine was added to B-series of Honda engines; this engine first appeared in 1990 on Acura Integra. B18 cylinder block is made of aluminum, its deck height is 211.84 mm, and bore diameter is 81 mm. Inside this unit, an 89 mm stroke crankshaft and 137 mm long rods were installed. Compression height of the pistons was 30.1 mm and all this ensured 1.83 liters of displacement
On top of the cylinder block, a 16-valve non-VTEC DOHC head was installed. The intake valve diameter was 31 mm, exhaust valves diameter was 28 mm, valve stem diameter was 6.6 mm.
In 1994, B18C engine appeared with the cylinder block deck height of 212.4 mm and oil jets, a new crankshaft with the stroke of 87.2 mm, lightweight 137.9 mm rods, modified pistons, compression ratio increased to 10.6.
These solutions have reduced the displacement from 1.83 liters to 1.8 liters, but increased the R/S ratio from 1.55 to 1.58.
This block was covered with a VTEC DOHC head with improved intake and exhaust ports, modified angle of fuel injectors, inlet valves were enlarged to 33 mm and exhaust valves were enlarged to 28 mm, and 5.5 mm thick valve stems. They installed more powerful cams and a 4-2-1 header.
Here are B18C cam specs: duration (at .050″ or 1 mm lift) 230/227 deg, lift 10.6/9.4 mm.
A timing belt is used here to be replaced after every 105,000 miles of mileage. If the timing belt breaks, valves will most likely be bent.
Honda recommends adjusting valves in B18B and B18C after every 30,000 miles of mileage.
Valve clearances (cold) are the following: intake 0.08-0.12 mm, exhaust 0.16-0.20 mm.
B18C valve clearances (cold) are the following: intake 0.15-0.19 mm, exhaust 0.17-0.21 mm.
Among other things, a 2-stage intake manifold was used for B18C. The firing order was 1-3-4-2.
The size of the throttle body:
– B18C Type R – 62 mm
– B18C – 60 mm
– B18B – 60 mm
– B18A – 58 mm
The size of Honda B18 fuel injectors was 240 cc.
In addition to B18, B-series included other engines: B16, B17, and B20.
Production of B18B and B18C continued until 2001, and then they were replaced by K20A.

Honda B18C (B18B) engine modifications and differences

1. B18A1 was the first version for USDM Acura Integra. Specifications of camshafts: duration 270/276 deg, lift 9.95/9.65 mm. The compression ratio was 9.2, the power was 132 HP @ 6,000 rpm, and the torque was 164 Nm @ 5,000 rpm.
After 1991, power increased to 142 HP @ 6,500 rpm, and the torque was 178 Nm @ 6,100 rpm.
2. B18B1 was an improved B18A1 with another air filter, another angle of fuel injectors, other camshafts and another program for ECU.
Specifications of B18B camshafts: duration 274/278 deg, lift 9.98/9.65 mm. The power was 142 HP @ 6,300 rpm and the torque was 172 Nm @ 5,200 rpm, with the rev limit of 7,200 rpm. This engine was intended for Acura Integra, Honda Integra, JDM Honda Domani and Orthia.
3. B18B2 was the B18B1 for Australia
4. B18B3 was the version for Honda Civic for South Africa and the Middle East. The power was 130 HP @ 6,000 rpm; the torque is 167 Nm @ 5,000 rpm.
5. B18B4 was an analogue of B18B3, the power was increased to 140 HP @ 6,200 rpm, and the torque was 171 Nm @ 4,900 rpm.
6. B18C was a sport motor, its main difference from the B18B are listed above. B18C power was 180 HP @ 7,200 rpm, the torque of 171 Nm @ 6,200 rpm, while the redline is set to 8,400 rpm. It was developed for JDM Honda Integra SiR.
7. B18C Type-R was an improved analogue of B18C and B18C5. The compression ratio was increased to 11.1, and a new intake manifold was installed. For the B18C 98 Spec R engine, the 4-1 header was used. The power was 200 HP @ 8,000 rpm; and the torque was 186 Nm @ 7,200 rpm. This engine can be found in Honda Integra Type R.
The B18C Type R engine can be identified by the red valve cover, the 4-1 header, and an intake collector.
8. B18C1 was an engine for USDM Acura Integra GSR. This was an analog to JDM B18C, but the compression ratio was reduced to 10. The VTEC system was triggered @ 4,400 rpm, intake manifold was triggered @ 5,800 rpm. The power was 170 HP @ 7,600 rpm; torque was 174 Nm @ 6,200 rpm.
9. B18C2 was an analogue of B18C1 for Australia and New Zealand. The engine was designed for Honda Integra VTi-R.
10. B18C3 was a B18C1 analogue for the Asian market.
11. B18C4 was a B18C1 analogue for Europe. The engine was installed in Honda Civic.
12. B18C5 was an analog of the JDM B18C Type R for USDM Acura Integra Type R. In this engine, they used new pistons with the compression ratio of 10.6 and deeper valve reliefs, and lighter connecting rods, the most aggressive camshafts; VTEC was triggered at 5,700 rpm. But that’s not all, head porting was made, lightweight inlet valves, double valve springs, a 62 mm throttle body, new spark plugs, a Type R intake manifold, and a straighter 2.25″ exhaust system were installed.
Specifications of B18C5 camshafts are the following: duration (at .050″ or 1 mm lift) 240/235 deg, lift 11.5/10.5 mm.
As a result, the power reached 195 HP @ 8,000 rpm, and the torque was 176 Nm @ 7,500 rpm, and the redline was set to 8,300 rpm.
13. B18C6 was a European analog to B18C Type R, which was installed in Honda Integra Type R.
14. B18C7 was an Australian analog to B18C Type R, which may be found in Honda Integra Type R.

Honda B18 engine problems and malfunctions

One cannot expect miracles from this very old motor, it was reliable and durable long ago, but not today. Today, all B18s are worn out, and anything can break at any time of day or night. There’s nothing you can do, just regularly service your engine and use good engine oil.

Honda B18C (B18B) engine tuning

NA tuning

Here are some recommendations about how to make your B18C faster. To start with, let’s add 10-15 HP, it is not too difficult, but you will just need some performance parts. Buy a cold air intake system, a B18C 98 Spec R 4-1 header (or an aftermarket header), and a 2.5″ exhaust system. You can leave your old ECU.
As to the rest, tuning is similar to what is written about Honda B16A.
Very soon this will not be enough, and you will want more power. Buy a Skunk2 intake manifold, a 65 mm throttle body, Type R cams, adjustable cam gears, a TODA lightweight flywheel, and a Hondata ECU. This will give you about 210 HP at the flywheel.
Add Integra Type R pistons, ACL bearings, make port and polish, buy ARP head studs, a larger throttle body, Skunk2 Stage 2 cams, Supertech valves, valve guides and retainers. You can increase the compression ratio even more, and install high compression pistons (CR 12+), 340 cc fuel injectors, and NGK 7 spark plugs. These performance upgrades will let you get 230-240 HP from your naturally aspirated Honda B18C.
You can get as much as 250 HP, if you replace your cylinder block with a sleeved B20 block, and install oil jets, performance pistons and rods, an oil cooler and a Type R oil pump. It’s a very difficult work, and it is easier to buy a Jackson Racing supercharger kit. This JRSC will let your Integra Type R cover the quarter mile in 13.0 to 13.5 seconds.

B18 Turbo

Now let’s learn how to turbo a Honda B18. If your engine is in good condition, B18C stock internals will withstand 250whp. You can even get 300whp, but reliability will be lost completely. B18B stock internals can withstand about the same.
HERE you will learn what performance parts can be used to make a B18 turbo kit for 300+ WHP.


Sours: http://mywikimotors.com/honda-b18c-b18b/

Issues Starting Car After B18B1 Swap

So I'm in a bit over my head. I recently purchased a 1995 Civic SI (Canadian, so it came with the D16Z6) as my very first car, and at the time I bought it there was a bit of rust work / a dent that needed to be done, the clutch was shot, and it was leaking quite a bit of oil.

I was going to try and fix the leak, and replace the clutch so I could actually start driving it, however my friend convinced m to do a B18B1 motor swap on the car.

I've swapped out the motor, and now tried to start up the car but it won't start. I'm thinking it could be a battery, or something to do with the immobilizer on it.

(I know next to nothing about cars), I've had a couple of friends help me this far with the entire swap and they're both out of town for the next few weeks and I'd like to get it running.

The dash lights were all extremely dim, and when I tried to start the car up it would make a rrrrrr-rrrr-rrrr sound (not technical I know), it sounds like it would turn over, just not actually start up?

My first thought was the battery, as all the dash lights were extremely dim so I borrowed a battery charger and left it at 2 amps overnight. I checked it again this morning, on the charger the battery was sitting at 13.20 volts, as soon as i unplugged the charger (before it was even plugged into the car), it had dropped to 12.85. I checked it just before I started it, and it was sitting at 12.60, when I tried to start it up all of the dash lights were brighter but the motor still made the exact same sound when turning over and didn't start.

So I guess my questions are.

Does it sound like the battery is shot since the voltage is dropping?
I know there's probably a million possibilities, but is there anything else obvious I can check which would lead to a car not starting yet still "turning over" slowly.

First post here, so thanks for any advice =)


Sours: https://www.clubcivic.com/forum/threads/issues-starting-car-after-b18b1-swap.215536/

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