Cool bandsaw box designs

Cool bandsaw box designs DEFAULT

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If you are looking for free band saw patterns, you are in the right place! There is no need to spend money on band saw plans, just print them out and you can start sawing.

Band saws are amazingly versatile tools that can cut irregular or curved shapes in wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. That’s why there is no lack of cool and free band saw projects you can try out at home.

The greatest thing about band saw patterns is that they can be very simple or elaborate. You can make simple things like picture frames, or you can craft real pieces of furniture.

Regardless of your skill and experience, there is nothing more rewarding than completing a band saw project!

Although band saws aren’t for children, nothing is stopping you from involving the entire family in the project once the cutting part is done.

Massive List of Free, Downloadable, And Printable Band Saw Patterns

To save you some time and energy we compiled the best list of printable and free band saw projects for beginners, intermediate, and advanced band saw users.

We looked all over the internet for creative woodworkers and have put together a list with their best downloadable and free band saw patterns.

All you need to do is click on any of them and you will jump to the page with a downloadable free band saw pattern.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Wooden Chopping Board and Serving Tray

Image source: Family Handyman &#; Download Plan!

2. Easy Bandsaw Project – Bandsaw Scoops

Image Source: Jay Custom Creations &#; Download Plan!

3. Decorative Wood Inlay Pattern – Small Star

Image Source: The Apprentice And The Journey Man &#; Download Plan!

4. Bandsaw Bowl

Image Source: Dekeros &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

5. Bandsaw Box &#; Whale

Image Source: Harold Penner &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

6. Bandsaw Taxidermy

Image Source: Wholman &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

7. The Broken Heart Bandsaw Box

Image Source: Bales &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

8. Spice Rack Bandsaw Drawers

Image Source: Bongo Drummer &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

9. Multi Drawer Bandsaw Box

Image Source: Highland Boxes &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

Bandsaw Box With Pencil Holder

Image Source: Make Something TV &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

Bandsaw Blade Storage Box

Image Source: Seamster &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

Bandsaw Box With Lid

Image Source: LanLeo &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

Make a Bandsaw Box

Image Source: Moy Perez &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

Push-Button Bandsaw Box

Image Source: Popular Woodworking &#; Download Plan!

Coat Rack

Image Source: DW &#; S.Hansen &#; Download Plan!

DIY Nightstand

Image Source: ShantyChic &#; Download Plan!

Wood Picture Frames

Image Source: Young House Love &#; Download Plan!

Rocking Horse Chair

Image Source: Lowes &#; Download Plan!

Wooden Arrow Name Plaques

Image Source: Reality Day Dream &#; Download Plan!

Easy DIY Wall Shelf

Image Source: Fine Woodworking &#; Download Plan!

Wooden Coffee Scoop

Image Source: Four Oaks Crafts &#; Download Plan!

DIY Breakfast Bar

Image Source: Reality Day Dream &#; Download Plan!

Nautical Folk Art Sculpture

Image Source: Felt Magnet &#; Download Plan!

Bandsaw Pen Box

Image Source: Four Oaks Crafts &#; Download Plan!

A Happy Accident – Wood Trees

Image Source: Things 2 Do &#; Download Plan!

Bandsaw Book Box

Image Source: Highland Woodworking &#; Download Plan!

DIY Bandsaw Box

Image Source: Home Fixated &#; Download Plan!

Decorative Candle Holders

Image Source: Dieter Schneider &#; Download Plan!

Gorgeous Segmented Boxes

Image Source: Darbin Orvar &#; Download Plan!

Scrap Wood Signs

Image Source: Making Stuff &#; Download Plan!

Band Saw Jewelry Box

Image Source: Steve French &#; Download Plan!

Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Image Source: Prodigal Pieces &#; Download Plan!

Union Jack Flag

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Rustic Toy Box

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Vinyl Record Wall Display Rack

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Headphone Stand

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Serving Tray

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Laptop Wall Mount

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Vizio D24F Smart TV Monitor Stand

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Dog Food and Water Bowl Stand

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Easy Wall Shelves

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Shop Bar Stool

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

TV Stand Console

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Guitar Clock or Guitar Pick Holder

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

X-Carve CNC Fold Up Table

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Coffee Mug Rack

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Patience Clock

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!

Book Reader&#;s Thumb Page Holder

Image Source: The Car Michael Workshop &#; Download Plan!


Image Source: Woodworking For Mere Mortals &#; Download Plan!

Eucalyptus Wood Bandsaw

Image Source: Rockler &#; Download Plan!

Wooden Sword Toy

Image Source: Art of Manliness &#; Download Plan!

Natural Wooden Blocks for Children

Image Source: Crafts Tuts Plus &#; Download Plan!


Image Source: Woodworkers Guild of America &#; Download Plan!

Wooden Jewelry Box

Image Source: Fix This, Build That &#; Instructables &#; Download Plan!

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Introduction: Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy

Warning Bandsaw Box making can be addictive.

owever they are easy to create and make great gifts for storing little trinkets. Have Fun!

I want to thank Steve Ramsey at for his tutorial video that got me started in the box making world 

Step 1: Design Your Creation

Design your creation. You are only limited by your imagination. Or search the web for ideas. The following box is a facsimile of a picture I found created by " Lois Keener Ventura" 

Lois Keener Ventura wrote a book on making bandsaw boxes.

This design I drew up in Sketchup (free version)

Step 2: Prepare Your Blank

Glue up a block to fit you design – unless you keep 12/4 material around!
On this particular box I used a piece of 8/4 Walnut for the core and 2 pieces of Lace Wood for the front and back. The total block measured 3 x 6 x 11

Step 3: Blank Clean-Up

This is not a required step, I just like to have the block squared up and clean on all sides before I head to the bandsaw.

Step 4:

Roughly cut out your template and attach it to the blank with spray adhesive. Be sure to leave enough room to sand to your line.

At this point you are only cutting the outside of your design.

Keep in mind the smallest radius you can cut is determined by the size of your bandsaw blade. I used a 3/16 or 1/4" blade for the boxes I've made so far.

NOTE: if you fail to follow your line don't worry, just consider it a design change :)

Step 5: Sand Your Creation

It easier to sand all of the curves now before you proceed. That way the back will be identical to the main body.

NOTE: I usually make my boxes around 3" thick so they will fit on my spindle sander!

Step 6: Slice Off the Back

Now slice off the back of your box. Mine are around 1/4" but that's your decision.

Step 7: Cut Your Drawers

Decide on an entrance point and cut out each drawer (In one motion if possible.)

Or if you come to a sharp point, stop your saw and back out of the cut

This box is a little different. there will be 2 entrance points. 1 will left open with the drawer exposed and the other will be closed. (see next photo)

Step 8: Cutting the Drawer Openings

See how the middle drawer is cut out after the lower drawer is cut out,  by joining the two openings with a single kerf.

Step 9: Closing the Gap

Here I'm gluing my lower entrance point back together.

Depending on your design it is sometimes quite a challenge to place clamps.

Step Sand Main Body

Sand all of the inside compartments where the drawers will go.

Step Sand Your Drawers

While your glue is drying you can sand the outside of your drawer body

Step Preparing Your Drawers

Now slice a front and back off your drawer bodies. Your choice for thickness

NOTE: You might want to mark your pieces in some way so you don't get the parts reversed. This will make sure the glue up goes smoother.

Step Design Your Drawer Compartment

Mark your drawer bodies with a shape that will become the inside of your drawer.

Don't make the corners to sharp, You still want to sand the inside.

Step Cut the Drawer

Follow your pattern (roughly) and remove the drawer cavities

Step Sand Drawer Curves

Before drawer assembly sand the inside of your drawers

Step Re-Assemble Your Drawers

Carefull line-up the front and back pieces of your drawers and glue them back together.

This is when you will be glad you marked your components.

Step Attach the Rear Panel

The rear panel of the main body can be attached, (actually it can be attached anytime after you glue your entrance point closed)

There will likely be a small amount of sanding along your glue line when it dries and near the entrance cut.

Step Make Your Drawer Pulls

Design and cut out your drawer pulls (if reqyuired)

These are very small pieces - use extreme caution if you use a bandsaw to cut these out.

I chose ebony pulls for this box just to accent the Lace Wood

Step Attach Your Handles

Attach your handles and your done!

Step Apply Your Finish

Finish with your favourite finish and show it off.

I hope you give these boxes a try, they are great fun to make and will make wonderful handcrafted gifts

Depending on the complexity of your design the whole project will only take 4 -5 hours. (Not counting waiting on glue to dry)

(Wood Chuck)

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Make Your Own Bandsaw Box

9. Sand & Finish Your Creation

Once your glue has had a chance to set, give everything a good sanding. If you’ve taken care to match your grain and clamp carefully, this step should be quick and easy. Once you’ve achieved a nice smooth texture, finish your bandsaw box with your favorite topcoat, laquer or stain. If your box is going to see actual repeated use, be sure to apply a durable topcoat for protection.

Add Some Knobs

Kyle’s bandsaw box was crying out for some small knobs to finish off the drawers. He chose to use small metal pull knobs for his box, but you could easily create your own from thin dowel stock, wooden blocks or spheres. That’s one of the best parts about creating your own bandsaw box. You can make it however you like!

Make your own bandsaw box today!

We would love to see your bandsaw box creations. Post it on your favorite social media channel and use #woodcraftbandsawboxor you can visit our Facebook page and send us a message with your creation. Most importantly, have fun, be safe, and go make some sawdust!


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