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Do You Use Hoods On Your CFLs?

screamingfit said:

Wow - that thing is a monster! Are you finding that the cost/benefit ratio to be good? Do you do any supplemental lighting with those beasts?

I think I'm going to try my next grow without these cone-shaped hoods. Just starting out and always second and triple guessing decisions with my lack of experience in all things green.

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The cost isn't so bad, they last anything between grows and definately pay for themselves in yield over the time they are VERY Cheap to run my bill for the whole apartment monthly is £40 and thats including PC, Xbox, TV's, Oven and all that crap, works out my CFL's I think, cost about £ give or take per month which is nothing really. As for supplemental lighting I now have 2x 23w k Cfls a 45w Fluoro tube (both for side lighting) and a 90w UFO (led mixed specturm).

Gastanker said:

Hoods have a HUGE impact on CFL cast pattern but at the same time you are generally better off hanging the CFL slightly below the canopy with no reflector - maximizes light while minimizing re-strike.

This might be helpful -

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Exactly! +rep XD

pacificarage said:

Wow! I have never in my life seen one that big. I gotta get me one of those! Although, I noticed it requires an E40 socket. I wonder if they make any in E27s. :/

I just thought you were another person that was confused with the incandescent equivalent wattage. My apologies, sir.

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haha no worries, I wonder what their incandescent equiv is, like w lol XD they are ridiculous huge though :)and the E40 sockets w/4m of lead are only about £5 so no biggy really.



Best CFL Grow Lights &#; Grow Guide & Reviews

CFL grow bulb

CFLs are no doubt among the most popular light types used in the last 20 years. Enter any household, and you can find at least one set of CFL. 

However, these fluorescent lamps are also heavily used and favored by many gardeners for growing plants indoors as well. CFLs are equipped with many incredible benefits no other grow light types can beat like ease-of-use, high availability, little heat, and low-cost.

In this post, I will go further about how to use CFL grow lights for the best results and also help you choose the best CFLs for your growing setup.

In a hurry, here is my recommendation for CFL grow lights.


Agrobrite FLCDGD Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System

A built-in CFL fixture with a K bulb. Bulb power of W (can increase up to W). Able to coverage 2 plants within 2&#;2 feet. Reflector, fixture, socket are included. Able to change the light spectrum by switching a K, or K bulb.

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How to pick the best CFL Grow Lights

Light quantity and quality of your bulbs can bring or break your garden&#;s productivity.

Most of the CFLs sold on the market only have the Lumen, wattage, and Kelvins as the descriptions of their bulbs. 

But to measure the effect of these units onto your plant growth, they are not a very good measuring unit. 

A proven measuring one would be by PPFD, and DIL. 

PPFD, known as photosynthetic photon flux density, is the unit of PAR 
It tells you how many photons of light within the visible light between nmnm hit a square meter per second.

PAR, or Photosynthetic Active Radiation is the range of light, from nm (Blue) to nm (Red), which plants use to grow.

DIL, or Daily Light Integral is the total number of photons of in a full photoperiod (i.e., a day)

However, as there are not many CFL types sold and they also do not have as many PPFDs (and DILs) as LEDs and HPs, this figure is not so important when choosing CFLs.

First, even if the manufacturers list the PAR and DIL meter, it still doesn&#;t tell you much.

Unless you are growing in a very small place and placed in an exact position like the manufacturers, the PPFD will not give much accurate information. It is better to tell the complete environment that manufacturers use to measure the PPFD, but is it worth the necessity for them to do that?

Second, a PPFD only tells how many photons can approach plants, and it treats all wavelengths the same even though specific wavelengths are stronger than others. And many studies have shown that light quality does affect plant growth.
That also means, even though light quantity is always more important than color types, the two light types have the same PPFD, and DLI will give different results for plant growth at different wavelengths.

With that said, DLIs should be given to other types like LEDs because people can custom the specific wavelengths. Meanwhile, with CFLs, you can not. CFLs only have a particular wavelength of the spectrum.

Compared with other types of lights like LEDs, CFLs do not have as good PPFDs or DLIs as them. And, in fact, most of the CFLs on the market do not have high DLIs.    

In this case, we can use the relative measuring units. That is lumens, and wattages, and Kelvins.

Third, most of the time, you choose CFLs because of many benefits like low cost, less heat, convenience for small-setup, and portability. And definitely, just keep in mind that CFLs will work for every setup, and measuring units like PAR are not as efficient as in LEDs. So don&#;t care much about it.

Best CFL grow lights

This list below shows our favorite CFL grow lights.

For many growers, especially starters, it&#;s easier to buy already set up CFLs bulbs with the fixture. This is to save you so much time and to forgo the headaches and hassle when setting the full CFLs system for growing.

There are lots of CFLs brands on the market, but there are few already setup products, and I will only list the brands that are well known, have been tested and proven by indoor growers. 

Top pick

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDGD Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System with CFL Bulb

Key Specifications
  • Number of bulbs: 1
  • Bulb power: W
  • Color: Daylight (K)
  • Bulb lifespan: up to 10, hours
  • Inclusion: Reflector, fixture, socket
  • Socket base: Mogul type
  • Wattage extension: can increase up to W (mogul socket type)
  • Size and weight: 18 x 10 x 4 inches, 3lbs.

After 25 hours of researching and talking with some indoor Hydroponic growers, I find that the Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDGD Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and super easy-to-use for any growers. It already has the set-up fixture that is easy to be hung and work immediately.

Since the product comes with wattages with the lumens measured at approximately , you can grow up to 3 plants within 3&#;x3&#; feet set up. But I recommend you to grow a maximum of 2 plants in 2&#;x2&#; for the best yields.

The Hydrofarm, just like any other CFLs types which are designed to work with one growing phase, has the daylight white light. This is best suited for the vegetative period, and leaf vegs like lettuce, spinach, etc. It&#;s totally fine to use this throughout the growing period. But if you want optimal results or if you want to grow buds and fruits, you should add some warm, red spectrum lights.

Here is the necessary supplementary bulb &#; Feliz Watt CFL Grow Light K. Just replace the k bulb on the socket with it.


  • Trusted brand. 
  • Low heat.
  • Versatile, expandable by using larger outage bulbs fitting the mogul base(up to W) 
  • Good design. 
  • Tubular form. Equal light output unlike the spiral bulb, where light emits more to the sides.
  • Can change spectrum by switching bulbs.


  • Can only fix Mogul socket.
  • Can only accommodate up to watts.
  • Doesn&#;t work best for the flowering phase, or buds, fruits. Better supplement with some flowering bulbs.

Best CFL Grow Bulbs

In case you want to set up yourself, there are lots of CFL bulbs on the market to choose. I&#;ll recommend you to get some daylight bulbs together with some warm bulbs added to give enough light spectrums for your grow setup.

Here are our top choices. 

Best CFL Bulbs For Vegetative Growth

Commonly, these bulbs give daylight color with not less than K. 

Again we find the Hydrofarm Agrobrite 32 Watt, K works great for individual light setup.

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLC32D Compact Fluorescent Spiral Grow Lamp


Agrobrite FLC32D Compact Fluorescent Spiral Grow Lamp, 32 Watt, K

32W CFL bulb with the temperature of K. Last up to 10, hours. Fit any medium socket.

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The brand is designed for indoor grow lights; so nowhere you could go wrong with it.

The product has the spiral form just like any standard CFL bulb. Bulb details include 32 Watt, K, lumens. They all fit a normal light fixture with a standard base. 

Another great brand is the SunBlaster CFL Self ballasted Propagation lamp, K Light Spectrum.


CFL Self ballasted Propagation lamp &#; K Light Spectrum, 26 Watt

K CFL bulb with 26W power, and initial lumens. Fits any standard medium.

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This spiral bulb also fits normal fixtures with a standard base but comes a little lower in wattages at 26 watts. The product gives lumens. 

For small wattage bulbs, be sure to get at least bulbs for an efficient grow light environment.

Higher power options

For growers who don&#;t want to install lots of bulbs around your plants, there are some grow bulbs with larger power.


Agrobrite FLBC Compact Fluorescent Lamp Cool, Watt, K

W CFL bulb with cool (K) temperature. Fits mogul base

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Hydrofarm W Daylight CFL Bulb (k) is the same brand with the same bulbs with our top pick above. What is different is that it doesn&#;t come with the reflective hood and fixture.

Best CFL Bulbs For Flowering Growth.

These kinds of bulbs give the spectrum in warm white color with no more than K.

Here are our top picks.

Satco S 40 Watt ( Watt) Lumens Hi-Pro Spiral CFL Soft White K


S 40 Watt ( Watt) Lumens Hi-Pro Spiral CFL Soft White K

40 Watt individual CFL bulb. K temperature, greatly suited for flowering plants.

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The Satco Lumens 40WT K bulb is a great option if you want to set up some individual low power bulbs for blooming phase.

Higher power options


Watt CFL Grow Light K

Stronger soft white light output with W power. Uses mogul medium

Check Prices

Though this bulb is not from Hydrofarm, it does fit the mogul socket well and is a great supplement bulb using together with the k W bulb.

Growing with CFLs

Here are a detailed guide when growing with the CFLs

What are CFLs?

When the classic incandescent lamps invented by Thomas Edison are no longer efficient in modern days, the CFLs are created to replace them. 

The compact fluorescent lamps win over the incandescent bulbs with a longer lifespan, significantly less heat emitted, and more light outputs with the same watts.

Why CFL grow lights?

Most of the time, for starters and hobbyists, who don&#;t want to spend much cost on growing initially, CFLs are great. They are the big bang for the buck. They&#;re also easy on your power bill.
The days when your electricity bills are a burden for growing plants indoors are long gone. 

While HPs/MH heat emission seems like a big issue, the LEDs are out of your budget. Meanwhile, the T5 lights are not great for your spaces and are not portable like the CFLs. This makes CFLs the perfect choice. Or it&#;s just simply because they are easy to get or as simple as because they are your preference. 

CFLs can be used alone for the whole growing phase for all kinds of plants. They can be used in combinations with other light types as well.

Let&#;s look at the advantages and disadvantages of CFLs

Pros and cons of CFLs


  • Produce less heat, so can keep near the plants. (More heat output requires more attention &#; too close to the plants, and they may die. If there happens to be water that is spilled on a superheating bulb like the HPs, it can explode)
  • Great for tight spaces
  • Normally last up to 10, hours, half as long as the fluorescent tubes.
  • Versatile. Mobility. Ease of use. Small, short. Can be plugged into a conventional light socket. 
  • Self-ballasted. Don&#;t require ballasts like the fluorescent tubes (T5, T8).
  • Less mercury than fluorescent types, but still contain mercury.
  • They are not cheaper per lumen compared to HIDs, but CFLs are very economical for small set up
  • Expendable (you can extend the wattage of the CFL lights as long as the fixture withstand more current), which is untrue for LEDs.


  • Not as efficient as HIDs (HPs) or LEDs. 
  • Not effective when growing many plants, or for large setup.
  • Shorter lifespan than HIDs, LEDs.
  • Still heat up if lots of watts are used. 
  • Cannot produce wide, full spectrum like LEDs

CFL types

Most of the CFLs sold are not full spectrum. Mostly they are in two color types: warm and daylight colors. 

And instead of indicating the color of bulbs when lighted, people use Kelvin to measure the light color (or also light temperature). 
Kelvin is abbreviated as (K). And the lower the number, the redder/warmer the light.

Below are the two types of CFLs you&#;ll see on the market.

&#; K/K, warm color, gives color in the yellowish, red spectrum. Best for flowering, and blooming. 
&#; K/k, daylight, cool color, give the blueish color. Best for all phase of growing, especially vegetative stage

There is also a dual spectrum type, in which the manufacturers have customed to produce some yellow lights mixed with some blue ones.

How to use CFLs for best results

Any experienced indoor growers know that you cannot get a one-color bulb type and uses it for the whole growing phase even though you can still use it and enjoy some fair results.

And regarding the CFLs, because of the way they are created, there are no specific CFLs that can fit all kinds of plants and their growing period.

For the best results, you should use mixed lightning. In other words, dual Spectrums. 

Keep this in mind not to get unsatisfactory returns like shorter plants, smaller sizes, buds.

Say you can use the red light for whole growing phase, and your bud, flowering stage loves that, but you should know that the bud and the plant will not grow adequately without a strong root system, vigorous leaves, and stems to move moisture and nutrients throughout the plants. That&#;s why you need both lights at the same time with an unequal ratio. 

Often the ratio of the different wavelengths will be different for various plants, growing phase, but as a general rule of thumb, you will want more blue light for the vegetative phase, and more yellow for the flowering stage. So better allocate an unequal ratio with for the specific phase. Say for the vegetative phase. (7 for blue, and 3 for yellow)

Even though you can still get good results with just one type of spectrum, this is the recommended practice for maximum results.

Or if you cannot use duel spectrums for your setup, you can stick with the rule that the blue daylight bulb for vegetative growth, and switch to warm yellow bulb when plants reach their flowering phase.

Some FAQs about growing with CFLs

One big CFL or multiple small CFL bulbs?

So you have two different options to go &#; use a big small CFL bulb or buy separate bulbs and build your own.

Of course, if you go the DIY way, and if you separate bulbs and set up them yourself, the cost will be lower. You can put the bulbs all around the plants, which will be definitely better than using one big bulb, which only gives light from one side.

But like all things, it will trade with your time. 

How far should you place your lights?

As said, you can place the CFL bulb as near your plants as possible. The recommended distance is 2&#; &#; 4&#;. 

Unlike some hot types like the HPs and other high-intensity light like LEDs, you can place the CFL bulbs near your plants without afraid of burning them. 

Check and adjust CFLs often. When your plants grow, the distance between the CFLs also reduces. So better to keep the stated distance above.

What color types do I need for my set up?

You should know that plants need a warm and cool color spectrum for their whole life.

More cool lighting (K) for the flowering stage. If sticking to the more bluish spectrum will reduce the size of your buds, bud quality and the plant yield.

Turn to bluish light for the last week or two of the budding. The last week before harvesting is dedicated to ripening, not for bud growing anymore. 

How much light wattage/lumen I need to have if my set up is small. Say, about plants?

It&#;s better to give an answer in terms of space (square feet) than how many plants. 

The general guideline is to give 80W &#; W per square foot the growing area. 
Most vegetable crops only need 50 &#; 70 watts each square foot.

But others light craving plants like cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, cannabis need higher watts, lumens, PPFD, DIL. 
So the answer is that for plants, and each plant contains 1 square foot, you should need not less than wattages.

In terms of lumens, it&#;s always great if you can have as much as possible as long as your space can handle the heats, up to around Lux. That is the case of CFLs. This is not true with other light types as CFLs do not give much heats and PPFD.

And even though too much light can bring along the photoinhibition like in some vegs that don&#;t need much light but as CFLs do not provide as much as light intensity like LEDs. You don&#;t take much consideration of it. Just give as much as lights as you can as long as your plants are not burned.

Another important key to keep in mind is that the quantity of light is always better than light quality, or the specific light spectrums you give the plants. 

In all cases, the plants will still grow at a good rate if being provided with enough light quantity despite using just one wavelength. But if you give them the correct ratio of multiple spectrums (light colors) but fail to provide them with enough light intensity, they will not be able to photosynthesize and will not grow well.

Wrapping up

Growing with CFLs is great, especially with its convenience, low investment cost while still enjoy excellent results.

For recommendation, the Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDGD Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System with CFL Bulb will get you fast, enjoyable results for your vegetables, herbs, seedlings, fruits and any plant types. If you crave for better results with the fruits, buds, get the extra bulbs with /K that fit well with the sockets. 

If you want to do it yourself or just want to buy CFL bulbs, you can get separate bulbs. We have recommended our top picks for vegetative and flowering growth. 

Whatever choices you make, I believe you will come out with excellent plants growing with CFLs.

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CFL Wing Reflector Shade Grow Light Hood E40 Fitting with 5m Cable (Heavy Duty)



Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 October

Does the job

Does what I wanted it for,a little flimsy but when put up in place does the job Read more


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 September

Excellent customer service

Product excellent, well made and sturdy. Also the staff are excellent, friendly and have been quick to answer any questions. Customer service is something that is dying but not with this company Read more


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 August

Maximum W CFL unless you want it hanging down

Needs some serious modification to take a watt CFL, the E40 is to high up and you can just about get a CFL in there and even then it hangs down. Drilled rivets to remove E40 bulb holder and move it down, along with earth wire (also riveted), Drilled new lower holes out to 7mm and put a bolt through both sides of the bulb holder With the earth wire attached to one side. Added more rivets to the top and bent the metal to stop the bulb hanging, it works great now Read more


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 September


Definitely NOT built for an heavy CFL bulb this reflector and therefore NOT fit for purpose, very cheaply made and inadequate quality materials used in the manufacturing process hence the price. As it is made with materials so thin it makes the Bulb sag really badly, so much so that you feel that the bulb will drop and break. Due to the quality of the materials used to make it, it bends the spine upwards (hence the bulb sagging so badly) and the E40 screw fitting bends outwards (again hence the bulb sagging so badly).I do not recommend this product at all, spend a little more and buy a better quality one!Returned for a full refund Read more


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 April

Great performance, great delivery, great price!

Great item. Using with a massive w CFL bulb to hang above my cacti in m new temporary flat that doesnt get as much light as my old place. Used just the bulb as first and the cacti hav grown a lot more since adding the reflector.Very rugged also, iv read that they can have a tendancy to start bending down where the bulb screws into the horizontal holder. This has not done that so far. Also comes with a very long cable to plug in. Also great,quick delivery for either free or a very small price, cant remember. It certainly didnt cost me a lot if it cost atallnd tur ed up a daylater so was very happy! Read more


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 October

Ok for the money

Works fine,came on time..its better than most which come without an adapter,this one is basicly plug in and ready to use Read more


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 June

It's fine

It's fine now I put 2 more rivets in the centre of the spine which made it more stable Read more


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 March

Four Stars

Good reflector for CFL lamps, nice spread of light. You will need a suspension kit to hang it up Read more


W CFL Fluorescent Bulb Grow Light Hood Reflector Hydroponics Kit - Watt High Quality CFL Package + Plug & Play Out Of The Box

SoldSee similar items$ $Buy It Now, FREE Shipping, Day Returns, eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:factory_authorized_outlet&#x;️(,)99%, Location:Ontario, California, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item:W CFL Fluorescent Bulb Grow Light Hood Reflector Hydroponics Kit - Watt. The W CFL reflector and bulb combo package includes Enclosed Reflector with a standard V lamp cord for use with CFL lamps. The Included Watt K Fluorescent bulb provides a wide and bright light delivery. This unit comes completely assembled and ready to use of the box. No complicating ballast or additional wires are required. Buy yours today, and start growing tomorrow! Features K rating for vegetative stage Very efficient and cost effective Softer Light won't damage/burn plants Compact size and advanced design delivers high output Works great in humid areas No need for a ballast, just plug it into the wall Adjustable wing to widen or limit your lighting space Top Quality German Aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity What's in The Box (1) Enclosed Reflector with prewired lighting socket and cord (1) Watt CFL Bulb (2) Universal Reflector Hanging Clips Owner’s Manual Warranty Limited Factory Warranty 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Specifications Weight 10 lbs Dimensions 20"L x "W x 9"H Watts Watt CFL Bulb Type Compact Fluorescent Kit System 1 Bulb Color Temp (K) K WHY FACTORY AUTHORIZED OUTLET? SECURE & HASSLE FREE SHOPPING All items are covered by manufacturer warranty. FAST SHIPPING Most orders ship within business days via FEDEX Ground shipping. CUSTOMER SERVICE Call us toll free: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED All our sales are backed by a Day Satisfaction Guarantee. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OF $49 OR MORE Shipping Warranty Feedback About Us Factory Authorized Outlet. All rights reserved. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed. Protect Your Product With a Consumer Priority Service WarrantyCondition:New, All returns accepted:Returns Accepted, Refund will be given as:Money Back, Item must be returned within:30 Days, Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer, Restocking Fee:20%, Brand:DL WHOLESALE, MPN:

PicClick Insights - W CFL Fluorescent Bulb Grow Light Hood Reflector Hydroponics Kit - Watt PicClick Exclusive

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  • 20 sold, available. 0 views, 0 views per day, 1, days on eBay.

  •  Price -
  •  Seller - ,+ items sold. 1% negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.
  • ,+ items sold. 1% negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.

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20 Best Cfl Grow Light Hood of &#; Romance University

After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, Romance University finds out the Best Cfl Grow Light Hood of Check our ranking below.

2, Reviews Scanned

Rank No. #2
VIVOSUN Gull Wing Reflector Hydroponic Grow Light Hood for ///W HPS/MH Bulbs - High-Reflectivity Vega Aluminum Hood- with 1 Pair Rope Hanger, No Bulbs Included
VIVOSUN Gull Wing Reflector Hydroponic Grow Light Hood for ///W HPS/MH Bulbs - High-Reflectivity Vega Aluminum Hood- with 1 Pair Rope Hanger, No Bulbs Included
  • Made from highly reflective textured aluminum for excellent light dispersal without "hot-spots", Over 90% high reflectivity aluminum maximizes the light reflected to the plants and ensures soonest flourish of your plants. Accept HPSW~W~W MHW~W~W
  • Reflector Dimension:(L*W*H)19"*14"*6"; Socket: Ceramic E39 Mogul Base / Power cord: 12 Feet. Buyers must peel off the inner blue protective film before using. NOT include bulbs.
  • Comes with built-in UL listed socket. Create a more focused coverage area and ideal for a condensed grow space to help plants grow quickly.
  • Heavy duty mounting bracket; Rounded corners for safety. Rust-resistant housing, sturdy enough to against damage. Easy to set up. It has high stability & compatibility.
  • 1/8" Rope Hanger (1 Pair): 8-ft long & lbs/pair weight capacity, solid braided polypropylene rope & reinforced metal internal gears to ensure top-safety.
Rank No. #3
Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTMX2 2-Pack Clamp Lamp Light with Inch Aluminum Reflector Up to Watt E26 Socket (No Bulb Included) 6 Feet 18/2 SPT-2 Cord, Silver
Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTMX2 2-Pack Clamp Lamp Light with Inch Aluminum Reflector Up to Watt E26 Socket (No Bulb Included) 6 Feet 18/2 SPT-2 Cord, Silver
  • Multifunction: can be used as a table lamp in your room, garages or art studios, a work light in photography and workshops, even a growth light for indoor plants
  • Material: inch aluminum reflector, W max phenolic plastics lamp holder (E26). Type A lamp. (Note: The temperature of the lamp holder will rise after use, do not touch it with your hands)
  • Function: the clip is firm and well fixed, ° adjustment, the direction of the light can be pointed to where you need
  • Specifications: XX10 inch, rated for up to a Watt bulb
  • Package include: 2-pack W inch aluminum reflector clamp on light fixture (No Bulb Included)
Rank No. #9
VIVOSUN Double Ended Adjustable Wing Reflector Fixture for DE HPS/MH Grow Light Bulb, ETL Listed, High-Reflectivity Vega Aluminum Hood - Easy to Set up(Enhanced Version)
VIVOSUN Double Ended Adjustable Wing Reflector Fixture for DE HPS/MH Grow Light Bulb, ETL Listed, High-Reflectivity Vega Aluminum Hood - Easy to Set up(Enhanced Version)
  • US Patent Design: Adjust the tightness of the steel wire by rotating the button to flexibly adjust the lighting area of the reflector.
  • Overall Dimension: inch x 31inch (55cm x 79cm); Pre-wired lamp cord: ft(m).Buyers must peel off the inner blue protective film before using. NOT include bulbs.
  • High-Reflectivity VEGA Aluminum Hood: The cutting-edge hood made of imported Italian VEGA aluminum boosts reflectivity by 20% compared to standard aluminum reflectors; Unit has an excellent light reflectivity rating of 98% ; Contouring of the polished reflective surface ensures no hot spots or dead spots
  • With UL listed standard double ended DE socket for compatibility with most double-ended HPS/MH bulbs; Fits for W DE HPS or MH grow light bulbs.
  • US Patented 1/8" Rope Hanger (1 Pair): 8-ft long & lbs/pair weight capacity, solid braided polypropylene rope & reinforced metal internal gears to ensure top-safety; Assembly is required, easy to set up.
Rank No. #10
MARS HYDRO TS W LED Grow Light 2x2ft Coverage Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Plants Growing for Hydroponic Indoor Seeding Veg and Bloom Greenhouse Growing Light Fixtures Four for 4x4 Footprint
MARS HYDRO TS W LED Grow Light 2x2ft Coverage Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Plants Growing for Hydroponic Indoor Seeding Veg and Bloom Greenhouse Growing Light Fixtures Four for 4x4 Footprint
  • SUNLIGHT FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT, Infinite close to natural sun light, full spectrum K K and IR nm nm RED, suit for all plants whole stages indoor growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY ENERGY SAVING PLANT LIGHT, Consuming only Watts true output with PCS LEDs, more scientifically and energy-efficient! Perfect for 2' x 2' veg stage, ' x ' bloom stage, higher intensity in a MARS HYDRO grow tent, reflective area, or by crossing over using multiple TS
  • ACHIEVE ENVIOUSLY LARGE HARVESTS with LED LIGHTING: High-performance gardens with new LED technology provide highest PAR/LUMEN output(μmol/m².s), Max g yield per wattage (power draw), achieve maximum quality and quantity, much better than traditional w HPS grow systems
  • HIGH REFLECTIVE HEAT SINK LED GROW SYSTEM, quickly heat dispersing material aluminum reducing light lost to aisles and walls, increase the light intensity up to 20%, allowing your plants receive more energy and without burning your plants for maximum headroom
  • NOISE-FREE FANLESS LED GROW LAMPS FOR INDOOR PLANTS, Designed for home growers, fans get noisy when long time use, but this LED light board use aluminum make it cooling down instead use fans, bring you a FANLESS QUIET grow experience
Rank No. #11
SYLVANIA Compact Fluorescent Spiral T2 Light Bulb, W Equivalent, Efficient 23W, Lumens, Medium Base, Frosted, K, Daylight - 3 Pack ()
SYLVANIA Compact Fluorescent Spiral T2 Light Bulb, W Equivalent, Efficient 23W, Lumens, Medium Base, Frosted, K, Daylight - 3 Pack ()
  • Energy Savings up to 78% compared to similar lumen output incandescent. Take advantage of an estimated yearly cost of just $!
  • These bulbs are designed with a lifetime of up to 9 years and are ideal for hard-to-reach fixtures in attics, basements, or closets.
  • Enjoy a quality brightness of lumens and a color temperature of K; install for bright, daylight illumination where you need it most.
  • For household use (medium base), use only V AC
  • Outdoor rated, use only in enclosed fixtures to avoid exposure to weather.
Rank No. #14
VIVOSUN Clamp Lamp Light with Detachable Inch Aluminum Reflector up to Watt E26 Socket (No Bulb Included), 6 Feet Cord, UL Listed, Pack of 2
VIVOSUN Clamp Lamp Light with Detachable Inch Aluminum Reflector up to Watt E26 Socket (No Bulb Included), 6 Feet Cord, UL Listed, Pack of 2
  • SOLID BUILD:With non-marring spring clamp on grips, the clamp is a bit hard to open but that just guarantees the lamp will stay in place
  • FLEXIBLE: With a ball joint connection so it can be more easily aimed. So the light is more filter to where you need it and not just being wasted on the surrounding walls. It can clamp on a pretty wide range of shelves, poles, etc
  • PRACTICAL:The reflective definitely improves efficiency of a light bulb.And the metal shroud can detached from the base
  • VERSATILE SIZE:The shield open end is just under inches across. Under 4 inches from the socket end to the mouth of the shield ,it is perfect for getting light to non illuminated places
  • SAFETY:This lamp meet UL safety standards .Rated for up to a watt medium base bulb.(E26)

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DIY LED Grow Light Follow Up - Low Power LED VS CFL
Apollo Horticulture Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture Hood for CFL Bulbs

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The goal of Apollo Horticulture is simply to be the best value in grow lights. We continually work to produce the highest quality, fully featured, and most up to date hydroponic equipment at the lowest prices possible. We believe that yielding better quality, larger grows don't necessarily mean a higher price tag. The consistency our team delivers year after year, along with unbeatable service, makes up the complete package our customers deserve. It is our commitment to be the grow light company that you'll want to do business with again and again. Disclaimer-Apollo Horticulture products are for professional use and are to be used in a green house environment with proper ventilation only. Use of our products in any other environment such as apartments, community housing, or small enclosed spaces is not recommended and may create a potential fire hazard. By purchasing our products, you agree to the recommended use and release all liability of Apollo Horticulture and respective agents for any misuse of the products.


  • 1 - Apollo Horticulture Reflector Hood
  • Reflector Measures - 19" x 19" x 5"
  • Socket Base Size - E39 Mogul Base
  • 13 Feet power Cord included V/ 60Hz
  • Fits U.S.A Standard Outlet

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