The rockstar update service is unavailable

The rockstar update service is unavailable DEFAULT
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lowering the image quality and lowering the maximum number of battlefield may help.
Ok thank you I'll try this
everytime I play the game just crashes my pc, I try changing from directx 9 to 7 and it will let me play for awhile then it crashes, pls help me I just wanna play
Everytime i open the game, uplay keeps ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ up and saying connection lost. All my friends are currently facing the same problem, is the game dead or what? I heard about the server being hacked by some ukranian guy but I thought the problem was fixed.
cant find any matches is it always like this? can any of u help me pls :D
In topic HELP!!!
In topic HELP!!!
In topic HELP!!!
Rockstar game launcher can't connect when im using my wifi but when i use mobile data by hotspot it works anyone know how to fix this, is it because of my pc or maybe nat type?
can anyone help me figure this out, is there something wrong with my wifi or maybe my pc? I have this problem for about 3 days now and a week ago I can play gta with my wifi just fine
it keeps on saying error code: 324
... launcher.

Going to bed in 5 minutes.
[2020-08-20 15:28:25.258] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:28:25.529] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 0/200)
[2020-08-20 15:28:25.529] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [titlemanager] Downloading title list...
[2020-08-20 15:28:25.555] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:28:25.772] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 0/200)
[2020-08-20 15:28:25.775] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [titlemanager] Downloading default title list (SCS)...
[2020-08-20 15:28:25.776] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:28:35.778] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Download error for
[2020-08-20 15:28:35.778] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Error: The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 236). If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
[2020-08-20 15:28:35.778] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Error code: 236 Result 408
[2020-08-20 15:28:35.778] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 4/408)
[2020-08-20 15:28:35.778] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:28:55.780] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Download error for
[2020-08-20 15:28:55.780] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Error: The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 236). If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
[2020-08-20 15:28:55.780] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Error code: 236 Result 408
[2020-08-20 15:28:55.780] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 4/408)
[2020-08-20 15:28:55.780] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.796] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Download error for
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.796] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Error: The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 234). If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.796] [] [Workr] [idownloader] Error code: 234 Result 400
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.796] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 4/400)
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.796] [] [Workr] [error] ************************************************************************
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.796] [] [Workr] [error] * Setting error condition
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.796] [] [Workr] [error] * Category: 2 (ERROR_CATEGORY_DOWNLOADER)
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.797] [] [Workr] [error] * Code: 224 (DOWNLOADER_ERR_DOWNLOAD_XML_FAILED)
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.797] [] [Workr] [error] * Extra:
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.797] [] [Workr] [error] * Localised: The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 224). If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.797] [] [Workr] [error] ************************************************************************
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.797] [] [Workr] [xml] Unable to download XML from!
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.797] [WARNING] [Workr] [launcher] Unable to download default title list; can't check for updates.
[2020-08-20 15:29:16.945] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [gameslibrary] Could not get game library list from disk; assuming no game libraries exist yet.
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.203] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [scuimessage] Sending version info to Social Club UI
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.204] [DISPLAY] [12212] [sysinfo] Drive C:\ has 447030358016 bytes free, 498910359552 bytes total
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.204] [DISPLAY] [12212] [sysinfo] Drive D:\ has 333144399872 bytes free, 500090007552 bytes total
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.494] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] Time to start up: 56039 ms
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.498] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [ui_mainwindow] Using DPI 96,96
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.498] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [ui_mainwindow] Using UI Scale: 1.00
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.499] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [ui_mainwindow] Using saved geometry: 86,97 (1024 x 600)
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.536] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [systemtray] System tray: enabled
[2020-08-20 15:29:20.537] [WARNING] [Main ] [manifestmanager] Couldn't get current version for title 'gta5'
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.634] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] Presence Event - Signed In
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.634] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] User 'WrathAce' is now signed in
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.639] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [titlemanager] Not checking titles for updates, due to not being signed in and online.
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.639] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [titlemanager] Downloading title list...
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.639] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [titlemanager] Downloading default title list (SCS)...
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.639] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.843] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] Presence Event - Signed Out
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.874] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Download error for
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.874] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Error: The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 234). If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.874] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Error code: 234 Result -1
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.874] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 4/-1)
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.874] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.891] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Download error for
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.891] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Error: The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 234). If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.891] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Error code: 234 Result -1
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.891] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 4/-1)
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.891] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [idownloader] Starting download of ''
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.908] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Download error for
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.908] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Error: The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 234). If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.908] [] [Admin] [idownloader] Error code: 234 Result -1
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.908] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [idownloader] Completed download of '' (status: 4/-1)
[2020-08-20 15:30:34.914] [WARNING] [Main ] [manifestmanager] Couldn't get current version for title 'gta5'
[2020-08-20 15:33:15.848] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] StartShutdown - Now in progress
[2020-08-20 15:33:15.978] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [app] Application quit requested (exit code: 0)
[2020-08-20 15:33:16.214] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] Closing log file.

My docs / rockstar games / launcher / launcher.log
It is large - use or something.
I dont have a file name launcher.log
all i got are this

and so on until launcher 0.9
Log file.
how do i acces it and see it, sorry if I ask too much I'm not good with PCs
If you want to waste your time re-downloading 90gb, instead of simply verifying cache...
Have at.

Much easier for you to go through the motions and atleast post a log file. -.-
oh yeah forgot to say that I did verify cache and it didn't work so I feel like I'm out of options here
No log files, crash reports, any other details of when this started, or whatever else you've done. At the very least - based on your profile location - I would see if you are on a N/KN version of windows and install the media feature pack if you are.

Otherwise - usual copypasta when there isn't any info, logs, reports, error codes...
Here's a link that covers many -common- problems/fix AND a link with more steps for methodically cleaning/reinstalling various components - and info regarding log files/crash reports to further 'attempt' to help if that link/steps didn't resolve the problem.

Yes, I can teamviewer and look at it if you CBA'd to do it -.- just add me.
(though, I'm going to bed, around later)

F U C K me there's that much stuff I need to do to fix this? what if I just reinstall the whole game will it help?
Everytime I click play on gta V the game would start rockstar game launcher and then it will suddenly stop and the game wont start and I've been doing this repeatedly also have reinstalled social club and rockstar game launcher.
What is this, who asked for this, talking trash is the only fun thing in this game
Dota 2 is a free game everybody
so if I downloaded the game on epic and didn't uninstall the game on steam, do I still download the game seperately and basically have two civ 6 in my files one steam one epic or do it just recognizes the game files automatically and I dont need to wait for a full download?
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How to fix The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 2) in GTA 5 on PC

Have you encountered the error «The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 2).» when you run GTA 5?

How to fix The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 2) in GTA 5 on PC

In this case, there is a simple solution to this problem. This solution works on Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 8 /8.1. This decision provides that you will need to reinstall the game. Perform the following steps to solve the problem:

  1. Open the folder Documents / My Documents, and then — «Rockstar Games»;
  2. Delete folder «GTA V» and «Social Club»;
  3. Uninstall GTA V and make sure that the folder from the previous installation did not have any files.
  4. If the folder «Grand Theft Auto V» cannot be removed automatically — do it manually;
  5. Now re-install the game on your C drive, or on the drive where you installed the operating system. The error occurs because of game installation to other drives. For some reason, because of location on different drives, there is a communication problem between the game and Social Club.

Found a mistake? Highlight the text and press Ctrl + Enter

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  3. Sandy hook paddle boarding

Buy GTAV, check.

Get excited, check.

Wait for GTAV to download and install for hours, check.

Install Rockstar Games Social Club, check.

Rockstar Update Service is Unavailable (Code 202), check.


Code 202.jpeg

Let’s fix this quick so you could get into a random online lobby and either get killed by random high level players in armored vehicles or get dropped millions of in-game money by a nice modder.

Step 0:Check the status of Rockstar services first

Before we get to fixing this issue, let’s first ensure the hiccup is on our side and not Rockstar’s. You can do that by simply clicking here.

On this page, it will show you the current status of the Rockstar services for the various Rockstar games, like so:

Service Status.png

Now, if the status for your game shows as green, Rockstar’s all good, the issue is on your side and you can continue with this guide from step 1.

But if the status shows as yellowor red, then Rockstar is either experiencing some issues or going through maintenance. So hang on and do not follow this guide, your quest ends here.

Step 1: Close the Social Club window

Close the window, exit Rockstar Games Social Club completely. If you can’t see the problem, there isn’t a problem. Once done, pat yourself on the shoulder (doesn’t matter which one).

Step 2: Find the Social Club data folder

Navigate to the following location on your system:


Here, you’ll find the Social Club folder, like shown below:

Social Club

Congratulations, you’ve found it! Another pat on the back for yourself, by yourself.

Step 3: Rename the Social Club folder

Rename the folder to “Social Club.BAK” or “Social Club.OLD” or anything for your own reference that would signify that it is a backup. I’ve named mine as below:

Social Clubalubadubdub

What this does is it forces Social Club to make a crispy and new folder for its data, retrieving new files from Rockstar and copying them into your system properly, which may not have been done in the previous attempt. Hence the error.

Step 3: Apply some CPS (Command Prompt Sorcery) to eliminate any network issues

Open a command prompt window by pressing the Windows + R keys and typing “CMD” in the “Run” box. Hit Enter and you’ll have a command prompt window in front of you. Now, prepare to look like one of the dudes in those hacker movies, and type these commands (Enter being pressed after each line):

These commands will refresh your connection to the realm of the internets, renew your IP address (if  you’re not using a static IP), and flush your DNS. You cannot break your system or the internets with these, don’t worry. Yes, your internet might be inactive for a few seconds while executing these commands, but they’re completely safe and your ongoing relationship with the internet will be restored within a few seconds. Be patient.

Just in case your internet is still not back within about one whole minute, just restart your router/modem.

Step 4: Run Social Club and sign in again

Run Social Club, sign in, and do that annoying “I’m not a robot” crap once again clicking all the car or road sign images. Now, the update should successfully complete. You’ll soon be able to launch your game as soon as the update is done. You’re all set.

Time to grind hard for that $75,000 Liberty City Loop horn.

Still Having Issues?

If you’re still having issues, try this fix as well. It is a post I have—uh—posted. If all this doesn’t help you, then it might be a temporary issue from Rockstar’s side. Lay low like you’re trying to lose the cops hiding in your car that’s parked in an alley but are still about to get that radar/map blinking red and blue any second now because—well—Rockstar AI.



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Rockstar is unavailable the update service

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(FIX) Grand Theft Auto v (pc) rockstar update service is unavailable error

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