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Ceremony dresses for girls

Abel & Lula is a brand that specializes in children’s ceremony fashion and the key pieces of the collection are the dresses, designed for girls from 4 to 14 years old.  The brands dresses feature unique designs made from premium fabrics, ideal to wear at the most exclusive events such as weddings, baptisms and communions.

Patterns are made with dedication to achieve exceptional results in each dress. Handcrafted tailoring techniques converge with the latest trends in the ceremony sector. The fabrics are carefully selected so that each dress is a small work of art.

Each dress will make parents and children dream of that day of celebration. From Abel & Lula, we want you to enjoy both the actual date and the preparations, and to live with enthusiasm all the moments you share together.

The girls' ceremony dresses are designed for the most sophisticated events and fit the label of this type of occasion. A perfect combination of elegance and freshness that will make the girls shine.

Elegant ceremony dresses for girls

El vestido es la estrella de la colección. La amplia variedad de diseños hace que se haya convertido en la opción más solicitada de la marca. Confeccionados al detalle, todos los modelos son únicos.

The dress is the star of the collection. The wide variety of designs makes it the most sought-after option of the brand. Made with detail, all models are unique.

All girls from 4 to 14 years old will find the dress of their dreams in Abel & Lula. Sweet, fashionable and very flattering, they are small jewels.

In the catalogue of ceremony dresses for girls, you will find: sleeveless dresses with volume on the skirt, floral print and openings at the back. Embroidered tulle dresses with French sleeves and flared skirts. Dresses made in jaquard with rounded collar with drop, striped prints, skirts with tulle lining and overlapping belt with bow detail.  Sleeveless dresses made of organza embroidered with flowers, with tulle cancan skirts and sashes with curl at the waist.

In addition, we also have mikado dresses with lining, with wavy detail body at the front and back and cut at the waist with a decorative bow. Sleeveless dresses with mikado inner lining and tulle outer layer in plumeti.  Dresses for flower girls play a very special role since they are carrying the rings, throwing petals to point the way to the altar or simply stealing hearts in their path. They become the center of all eyes and, therefore, it is very important to choose a ceremony dress according to that sentimental and emotional occasion.

In Abel & Lula you will find the most delicate flower girl dresses, made with the most exquisite fabrics. Since dresses range from size 4 to 14, it won't be a problem for girls of different ages to be coordinated.

The time of the wedding celebration will determine the cut of the dress, with more volume or more fall, as well as the sleeve. Also, the style of the bride and groom on that special day will mark the pattern to follow. If you opt for something more classic, you will select pastels or raw tones. If, on the other hand, they prefer something cooler and more fun, a print or a vivid color will be perfect. What is certain is that both parents and daughters will enjoy the preparations by choosing the right flower dress.

Whether morning or afternoon, whether civil or religious, whether a small or large wedding, at Abel & Lula you will find the ideal flower girl dress.

Selected fabrics for girls' ceremony dresses

In Abel & Lula there is no ceremony dress for girl that will leave you indifferent. Partly because of the careful craftsmanship, partly because of the sublime design, partly because of the fabrics used.

The dresses are made in fabrics such as wool, cotton, polyester, viscose and cashmere, but the most exclusive are their qualities or finishes:  rich velvet, subtle organzas, fantasy tulle, body mikados and many more.

The colors of the dresses adapt to each season and event. You'll find neutral shades like raw or champagne, sweet cakes like baby pink or sky blue, and more vibrant, deeper shades, such as red or yellow. 

Prints are also present in girls' ceremony dresses and fit each season's celebrations. A wide range of prints such as tartan, floral, wild, sailor, polka dot and striped illustrate and color the most exclusive dresses. They bet on funny winks for girls, but at the same time, they are formal and elegant for all kinds of occasions.

Remember, the most exclusive and elegant girl’s ceremony dresses are in Abel & Lula. We turn your special occasions into even more special moments.

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Shop Abel & Lula Baby Clothes

Shop Kids Abel & Lula Clothes & Kids Abel & Lula Clothing

We love dressing trend-setting youngsters in abel & lula baby clothes. Our designer children's clothes have been styling our next generation. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years already. We have procured luxury brands we loved. Surely avant-garde kids of this generation would love the direction of this fashion industry. You can see for yourselves on our website that we have a range of stand-out products. We have a knowledgeable team behind this business and they have hand-picked the best items for you and with different styles taken from all over the world. Our team is on hand 24/7 if you have any queries, with customer satisfaction being our number one aim at all times. We just made shopping for cutting-edge childrens abel & lula clotheseasy. This is why we created the biggest abel & lula baby clothesstores online. We live and breath quality designer children's clothing! Regardless of whether you're shopping for something fancy or fun. regal or rocking, every day or elaborate, we are able to help - no matter the child, the style or the occasion, we will provide you with the best high-end luxury brands and kids abel & lula clothing to make your starlet shine!

Buying Abel & Lula Childrenswear Made Simple

For any involved, loving parent, finding children's designer clothing is all about discovering the most exciting, unique styles for your family. Clothes that are of the best quality. Clothes that fit perfectly. Clothes that are part of the latest fashion trends. Now you can get the best price, too. For us, abel & lula childrenswearisn’t about sneaky salesmen getting to your wallet. Our focus is discovering great designer kid's fashion that looks wonderful and is durable so you can enjoy it for years to come. Whether you prefer to browse the online catalog or stop by to visit the store in person, you are guaranteed to find beautiful, luxurious fashion that will endure your child's daily schedule. If you have high expectations, you’re in good hands because we do not believe in poor fashion. Here’s why we love every piece we stock, and why we’re confident you’ll love them, too:
  • Beautiful, quality materials. - Our stocked abel & lula baby clothes is made from high-quality cotton, man-made fibers that are washer-safe, and rich fabrics that aren't a possibility if you're shopping within everyday brands. By ensuring that our designs incorporate only high-quality materials, our clothing is able to be worn for much longer than other brands. This guarantee of quality, enduring articles is what separates our fashion from any other and is why we have had the chance to serve countless children and families since 1873.
  • Refined. stylish fit.Our kids abel & lula clothing fits better, dressed elegantly and looked more attractive, do you know why? The reason is simple; our children's designer clothing was designed and thought carefully for kids. We don’t take fashion lightly by just following generic template.
  • Ethics matter. - Designer kids fashion brands can be extremely discerning about the materials that they use in their clothing. We’re noticing an exciting trend among our customers—awareness of where your children's designer clothing comes from. It’s hard for fast-fashion to get away from the damaging sweatshop trade, but designers—under pressure from savvy shoppers like you—are making the move to ethical practices. We love supporting that, and we know our customers feel better for it.

Shopping Childrens Abel & Lula Clothes Made Affordable

The designer children's clothes come in a high price tag that’s why people avoid them. But you can maximize how to get the best of money you paid. Before buying the clothing products, it’s ideal to have undergone research so you would understand the value of items. And we already did that part of works for you. Our fashionista's have worked tirelessly to compile the top brands at the lowest costs, choosing never to sacrifice cost or quality along the way. We refuse to compromise when it comes to finding the best styles from around the world. This commitment to quality is the reason that our childrens abel & lula clothes has continued to impress and astound for 30 years and counting. We always stand by our promise to our customers: 90% authentic-90% of the time. And to make it extra simple for you, you don't need to look for the deals on kids abel & lula clothingas we complete this step for you too! Check out our Sale section, throw on a few filters, and find that exact piece that takes your little one’s special outfit from cute-eee to OMG!
Buying Abel & Lula Baby Clothes Made Fun
We have been working at this for thirty-six years and counting! Each season, we work with new trends and new ways that fashionable kids can use to create the perfect outfit to express their own styles. We would love to see kids expressing themselves through their choices and fabric they wear. Every season allows us to explore unique abel & lula baby clothesthat will allow our young clients to showcase their uniqueness. We want you to be creative with our aid. Contrary to the common belief, fashion is not a generic term, but an expression of your colors, your true personality! While our online presence has been generating sales on a daily basis from the rest of world, our physical store is performing the same too. We've adequate space for you to come with your entire family and indulge in the latest trending fashion wear.
Shop Kids Abel & Lula Clothing Online and in Store
As mentioned previously, our team fully researches and only picks the best designers and products. Shopping with us means that you can be self-assured that you are only getting the best. There are many families out there who have stayed loyal by our side for years and when you look at our clothing, we know you will feel the same way. We are starting to notice that some of the parents who have come to us for the first time come back to us to style their kids. Just right after you made your kids abel & lula clothing order, we make sure you are guided to the next step and keep you updated on the progress of your order. An email notification will be sent as soon as you completed your order. When we have bundled up your order we will send out your tracking number. Most items are sent out to our customers within 24 hours from the time of their order. If you want to physically see our variety of kids designer wear, you're most welcome to visit us. Our styling experts are ready to assist you with any advice that you may need. We've a team of dedicated tailors who'll give a perfect fit for your child's dress. Other shoppers also come to us for related fashion services and we often cater them with finesse! Whatever brings you to us, bring your little one along and we are sure that we will become your new go-to fashion store that you will love for years to come.

Kids Abel & Lula Clothes & Abel & Lula Baby ClothesDesigner Kids Wear Store
Designer Baby Clothes
Sours: https://www.zero20kids.com/designers/abel-and-lula
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Selected fabrics for ceremony garments

In Abel & Lula there are no two identical designs. Each garment is made to detail, taking care of the manufacturing and respecting the fabrics to achieve a sublime result.

It is committed to fabrics such as cotton, wool, cashmere, polyester and viscose in qualities such as mikados, velvets, wool, organza, fil coupé, viscose, fancy tulle, viellas, suede, leatherette, milano, crepe and jacquards. The linings, in case of contact with the skin, are 100% cotton. In the rest of garments are polyester or acetate-viscose.

The colors of the collection adapt to each season so that the garments shine on their own. It starts from designs in neutral tones such as white or champagne, then to more sweet colors, such as baby pink or light blue and intensifying the color range to more vibrant and deeper colors, such as red or yellow.

Unique garments, with limited stock and the best materials to make children's special events memorable. Abel & Lula is the staple brand for the looks of the most important occasions.

Sours: https://www.abelandlula.com/en-us/usa

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