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Call Of Duty Warzone: Ranking The Best Shotguns After The R-9 Nerf

The shotgun meta in Warzone appears to be over, at least for the time being. The Origin-12 took over Verdansk for several weeks before it was nerfed and the Famas shotgun made Warzone unplayable for just over a week. In December 2020, the R9 fire shotgun was finally nerfed, and balance was restored to the shotguns in Warzone. Unfortunately, players discovered how powerful the FFAR was later that month.

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It has been nearly four months of FFAR dominance in Warzone. Until Raven makes substantive changes to the gun, many of the shotguns in this list will be difficult to use. If shotguns do become viable again, players will want to use one of the three top options at the bottom of this list. That said, here's an updated look at the best shotguns you should be using post the R-9 nerf.

Updated on September 7, 2021 by Payton Lott: The only real changes in the shotgun category are the Streetsweeper nerfs. A couple of Seasons ago, the Streetsweeper wreaked havoc in Warzone. The Streetsweeper's incredible hip fire accuracy and damage made the shotty one of the most annoying weapons in the game. Fast forward a couple of months and the Streetsweeper is still good. However, we contend that the Jak-12 and Gallo are now even better. Very few players are using the best shotguns in Warzone this season. They may have a stigma, but the shotguns at the bottom of this list get the job done. This article includes a stat comparison between the top three shotguns in the game. It will also go into more detail and explain why the rankings have changed slightly after the Streetsweeper nerfs.

9 Hauer 77

The Hauer is more inconsistent than the 680, and it has a wider hip fire spread. Players should stay away from the ground loot Hauer if possible, as it appears to have hit detection issues and it often takes three shots to kill an enemy. Even with the best attachments, the Hauer is a bottom-tier weapon in Warzone.

8 Model 680

The Model 680 is a tinge better than the Hauer, but it is still difficult to use in Warzone. Players that hit two headshots will still have a relatively slow time to kill. There are several more effective shotguns to use in Warzone.

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Gamers that are stuck with the Model 680 early in a match should fire it behind cover to maximize the effectiveness of the gun. The Model can be a good weapon if players are able to seek cover after firing each shell.

7 725

While the slug shotgun is a fun weapon to troll opponents with, the 725 is not a viable option in Warzone. The slug 725 can down enemies with just one headshot, and players that use the weapon correctly will have a lot of fun with it. However, the 725's slow reload speed coupled with only two shotgun shells make it arduous to use in any mode.

If Warzone players miss one shot, they will be lucky to survive any gunfight. While the 725 does have more range than most of the shotguns, the weapon's damage drop-off values are quite bad. Gamers will have more success with the shotguns below.

6 VLK Rogue

The VLK Rogue has been an under-the-radar shotgun since Warzone was launched last year. The VLK is still a powerful shotgun, and thankfully, Infinity Ward fixed the weapon's slug rounds.

The shotgun deals a lot of damage up close and players can down enemies in two shots. However, since it is a pump-action shotgun, if players miss just one shot the VLK's time to kill drops drastically. The VLK is certainly viable, but the semi-automatic shotguns are more forgiving.

5 R9-0

The R9-0 with dragon's breath rounds is still a powerful shotgun in Warzone, but the gun is far less forgiving after Raven nerfed the weapon last month. Players can no longer get a two-pump down with dragon's breath rounds at more than a couple of meters.

While the shotgun is still dominant, the two-shell pump is too slow if players fail to down an enemy in two shots. Players that use the R9 should unlock dragon's breath rounds for the weapon. The R9-0 is now out of the meta, and there are better options for players that like close-quarters combat in Season 1.

4 Origin 12

Even after the Origin was nerfed, it is still a very good shotgun to use in Warzone. At point-blank range, the semi-automatic shotgun takes three shots to kill an opponent. Anyone that has used the Origin 12 blueprint knows how good the weapon can be in tight gunfights.

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With the option for a drum magazine, the gun has enough ammo to take on multiple enemies. The Origin is also one of the easiest weapons to use in the game, and inexperienced players will have no issues using the hip fire shotgun. The Origin is not quite as good as the Gallo SA12, however, due to the fact that players can increase the fire rate of the Gallo.

3 Streetsweeper

The Streetsweeper has a fast fire rate and players can equip a large drum magazine. The shotgun also has a fast time to kill at around five meters. Nerfs to both the range and hip fire spread of the Streetsweeper keep it out of the top two in the rankings. It is still a very good shotgun to use, but the gun is ineffective outside of 5.8 meters. Both the Gallo and Jak-12 have better 3 shot ranges. At 10 meters, the shotguns below are much better in terms of TTK. Factoring in the reduced range and slow reload, it would be a mistake to pick the Streetsweeper over the Gallo or Jak-12.

  • TTK: 367-400ms
  • Range (3 shot kill): 5.8 m
  • Largest Magazine: 18 Rounds
  • Reload Type: Shell by shell
  • Best Attachments: Agency Choke, Reinforced Barrel, Ember Sighting, No Stock, 18 Round Mag

2 Gallo SA12

The Gallo would be the best shotgun in the game if it had a larger magazine. The gun actually has a better time to kill than the Jak-12 at around 10 meters, and it is noticeably better than the Streetsweeper. However, with only 12 shells, players will have trouble using the gun in squads.

In solos and duos, the Gallo can erase opponents with only two or three shells. The semi-automatic shotgun will go through rounds quickly, but it will also down players faster than the previous guns on this list. It is a neck and neck race between the Gallo and Jack-12 for the top spot. For aggressive players, the Gallo is by far the better option. It has a better time to kill beyond 7 meters and players will move considerably quicker with the Gallo. People pushing buildings will have much more success with the Gallo when compared to any other shotgun. It may be controversial, but the Jak-12 is still the best shotgun in Warzonefor the reasons explained in the next section.

  • TTK: 451-517 ms
  • Range (3 shot kill): 8.1 m
  • Largest Magazine: 12 Rounds
  • Reload Type: Shell by shell
  • Best Attachments: Agency Choke, Reinforced Barrel, Ember Sighting, No Stock, 12 Round Tube

1 Jak-12

The Jak-12 has the same base fire rate as the Streetsweeper, and both have a base time to kill of 400 milliseconds. With the proper attachments, the Jak-12 is the best shotgun to use in Warzone because it has the tightest hip fire spread of all the shotguns. Players may have a slower time to kill using the Jak-12 compared to the increased fire rate Streetsweeper, but the Streetsweeper's reload animation takes forever. Also, the Jak-12's 3 shot kill range is one meter further. Yes, the Gallo will kill enemies past 7.1 meters faster, but this shotgun is a Jak of all trades. It has the range, spread, and magazine to perform well in every single mode. Perhaps even more importantly, it has a quicker reload than both the Gallo and Streetsweeper. While it is close, players should consider trying the Jak-12 over the Gallo. The slow movement speed of the shotgun can be overlooked because it provides all of the excellent benefits shown below.

  • TTK: 400 ms
  • Range (3 shot kill): 7.1 m
  • Largest Magazine: 20 Rounds
  • Reload Type: Drum
  • Best Attachments: Marauder Muzzle, Torrent Barrel, 5mW Laser, 20 Round Mag, Stippled Grip Tape

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Call of Duty: Warzone features a variety of shotguns from Modern Warfare (MW) and Black Ops Cold War (BOCW). They are designed to outpower every other weapon class in close-range fights. However, not all shotguns are viable in Warzone.

Here's a guide to the best shotguns to use in Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone. The ranked list only includes meta and top-tier shotguns and is updated following every relevant weapon balancing patch.

LAST UPDATED- September 29, 2021

1. JAK 12 - MW

  • PROS:
    • Great damage output and range.
    • Full-auto shotgun with high fire rate.
    • Ammo capacity of up to 32 rounds per mag. However, 20 Round is advisable to minimize the mobility reduction.
    • Decent hip fire accuracy and sprint to fire time.
    • Slug Round
  • CONS:
    • Poor mobility when compared to other weapons in class, especially Cold War shotguns.

2. Gallo SA12 - BOCW

gallo sa12
  • PROS:
    • Good mobility and sprint to fire time with right attachments.
    • Great hipfire accuracy.
    • Decent damage range, even after nerf.
    • High rate of fire if you have fast trigger fingers.
  • CONS:
    • Maximum ammo capacity of 12 round holds it back.
    • Damage range is bad when compared to JAK-12.
    • Slow reload speed.

3. Streetsweeper - BOCW

  • PROS:
    • Full-auto shotgun with high fire-rate.
    • Decent damage range.
    • Good hipfire accuracy.
    • 16 round mags helps a lot.
  • CONS:
    • Reload time for the Streetsweeper shotgun is too long and requires patience. However, you can stop the reload after putting in a few shells.
    • Poor mobility.

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4. Origin 12 Shotgun - MW

origin shotgun
  • PROS:
    • Good damage range and hipfire accuracy.
    • Very high ammo capacity. Regardless, 25 round drum mags shouldn't be equipped to reduce the mobility cons.
    • Fast reload speed.
    • Great mobility if paired with the right attachments.
  • CONS:
    • Doesn't perform as good as the top 3 shotguns.

5. R9-0 Shotgun - MW

r9-0 shotgun
  • PROS:
    • Dragon's Breath round ammo on gun imparts incendiary damage over a few seconds.
    • High ammo capacity.
    • Decent range.
    • Quick two round bursts.
  • CONS:
    • Not the best mobility in shotguns category.
    • Dragon's Breath ammunition take up one attachment slot which could've been used elsewhere. R90 shotgun's viability drops significantly without this attachment.
    • Reload can be tedious.

6. VLK Rogue - MW

vlk rogue
  • PROS:
    • Can one-shot kill opponents in extremely close range, point blank or less than 4 meter at the very least.
    • One of the best mobility in shotguns with great movement speed.
    • Quick reload speed.
  • CONS:
    • Poor and unacceptable range puts it at the bottom of our best Warzone shotgun list.
    • Requires decent skill to operate even at close range. Aiming down sights (ADSing) is necessary to get the best out of it.

Keep in mind that shotguns in Warzone are meant to be viable only for close-quarters combat. Their effectiveness drops significantly after the 7 to 10 meters range unless you use the slug rounds ammunition. Henceforth, if used properly, no weapon can defeat a shotgun's lightning-fast time to kill (TTK).

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The best Warzone shotguns for power, speed, and mobility

Warzone shotguns might not be the most popular weapons on the battlefield, but there’s no denying their uses. Long-range kills from sniper rifles are only good if you can keep distance between yourself and your enemies. When that fails, the shotgun is your best friend.

The future Warzone time to kill (TTK) update could significantly change what makes for the best Warzone shotgun. For now, we’ve picked out the fastest and strongest shotguns to make short work of your foes.

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For more on Warzone, check out our best Warzone loadouts page.

Best Warzone shotgun

The Jak-12 is still the best Warzone shotgun, even after being nerfed in recent updates. Jak-12 is fully automatic with an impressive rate of fire and short TTK. In normal speak, that means you can fire a lot of shots at once, and it won’t take many to down an enemy.

It’s big weakness is range. While you could make a Jak-12 loadout to augment that, your best bet is increasing its hipfire accuracy. Jak-12’s automatic rate and high power means is a shotgun for running in fast and taking down as many enemies as possible.

How to unlock Jak-12 in Warzone

You’ll need to score three hipfire kills across seven separate matches to unlock Jak-12.

Best Jak-12 Attachments

Our Jak-12 loadout fixes the range issue and gives you a deadly boost in speed and sprint fire.

Best Jak-12 Attachments
Attachment typeName
BarrelZLR J-3600 Torrent
MuzzleFORGE TAC Marauder
Laser5mW Laser
Rear GripStippled Grip Tap
Ammo20 Round Drum Mags

Best Warzone shotgun for fire rate

The crown for best shotty is often shared between Origin and Jak12 for good reason. Origin lacks in fire rate and raw power compared to Jak12, but it makes up for that with a few key strengths. For one, it boasts a bigger magazine.

It might not hit as hard — especially not at very close range, after 2020’s Origin nerf — but it basically never stops firing. When it does, you’ll find Origin reloads a bit faster than Jak12 as well. Like most shotguns, you don’t really want to waste time with ADS. Focus on improving the spread to deal more damage instead.

How to unlock Origin in Warzone

The only trouble with Origin is that it won’t unlock until level 31, so it’ll take a while to get this one.

Best Origin Attachments

This loadout reduces ADS speed, but makes up for that with better pellet spread and mobility.

Best Origin Attachments
Attachment typeName
BarrelFORGE TAC Impaler
Muzzle Choke
Ammo25 Round Drum Mags
StockNo stock
Laser5mW Laser

Best Warzone shotgun for mobility

Raven might have issued a Streetsweeper nerf in Season 4, but it's still one of the game's best shotguns. The Streetsweeper is another fully automatic shotgun with intense power, but only at close range thanks to that nerf reducing effective damage range.

Still, it ranks high in mobility compared to its competitors, which means you can dash in and clear a room at close range without having to worry about setting up shots. That's a good thing, since the Streetsweeper's reload time is pretty long.

How to unlock Streetsweeper in Warzone

Unlocking the Streetsweeper involves a bit of work. You'll need to get three shotgun kills without dying in 15 different matches. You can also purchase the Shock Value DLC bundle if you don't feel like completing the challenge, but we recommend the free route.

Best Streetsweeper Attachments

This loadout maximizes Streetsweeper's potential for fast, heavy damage at close range. Your ADS speed goes down, but really, you shouldn't be using ADS for most shotguns anyway.

Best Streetsweeper Attachments
Attachment typeName
MuzzleAgency Choke
Barrel13″ Reinforced Heavy
AmmoSTANAG 18 Round
StockNo stock
LaserSWAT 5mw Laser Sight

Best Warzone shotgun for raw power

The R9-0 remains one of the most powerful Warzone shotguns even after being nerfed, though there are a few caveats. R9-0 has a quirk where there’s a brief pause after a burst of rounds. The upside is that initial burst is enough to down an opponent, since a kill usually just takes two shots from the R9-0.

The Dragon’s Breath rounds won’t give you as much damage as it used to. However, the extra damage it deals makes it a useful workaround for the pause in fire if you didn’t finish someone off with the initial round.

Shotguns aren’t normally built for range, but the R9-0 features better range than your average shotty. It’s still better played in close quarters, but the added versatility is never a bad thing.

How to unlock R9-0 in Warzone

Fortunately, R9-0 unlocks at Rank 1 in Warzone, so you can try it for yourself immediately and switch to one of our other picks if it doesn’t suit your style.

Best R9-0 Attachments

Dragon's Breath might have been nerfed, but it's still the best ammo to take out enemies fast. The rest of this loadout boosts your speed so you can clear groups of enemies fast.

Best R9-0 Attachments
Attachment typeName
AmmoDragon's Breath Rounds
Laser5mW Laser
Rear GripStippled Grip Tape
BarrelFORGE TAC Sentry

If you're looking for the best Warzone loadouts, we've got the list for you. Meanwhile, check out our other Warzone coverage, including:


Warzone best shotgun - why you should be using the Origin 12

The best Warzone shotgun is an ongoing discussion but you can't fault the classics:  the best Origin 12 loadouts will solve a lot of problems up close, and if you need a dependable shotty in your loadout then this will fill that gap nicely. It's a deceptive looking choice because of that apparently low damage output. However, kit it out right and it is lethal in Call of Duty Warzone, with a fire rate that compensates for the lower damage per shot. Obviously this should be an Overkill perk back up option but take a look at some of the best Origin 12 loadouts, as well as some alternatives if you're after something else in Warzone.

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Modern Warfare and Warzone best shotgun: Origin 12

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If you're not sure what other options to pair with a shotgun then check out our Warzone best guns guide.

The Origin 12 seems like a no go at first glance. Initially, at least, it appears to have the least damage out of nearly all the Warzone shotgun options on paper, but the fact that it's a semi-auto weapon completely negates that. It has a big fire rate, and magazine, that means the low damage quickly stacks up thanks to how fast and constantly you can fire. it just pumps out rounds and as long as you're getting up close with the enemy and landing hits, that smaller damage per round suddenly isn't a joke. If you trust your aim, and ability to close the gap fast, then the Origin 12 can utterly dominate a one on one. 

Best Origin 12 build: Small maps

Any shotgun is going to excel on small maps like Rust, Shoot House, and of course... Shipment. If your goal is to grind towards Damascus camo, using the Origin 12 on Shipment is going to make it fly by. And for that, you're going to want attachments that help you to keep shooting from the hip, because aiming down the sights will just slow you down.

Barrel: FORGE TAC Impaler
Laser: 5mW Laser
Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
Ammunition: 25 Round Drum Mags
Rear Grip: Rubberized Grip Tape

Best Origin 12 build: Run n Gun

When you're using the Origin 12 on larger maps or in Warzone, chances are you're going to be legging it about the place getting in the faces of the enemy team as much as possible. So you want increased mobility, but since you'll be in some tricky situations at slightly longer range than is ideal, you need some ranged damage too.

Muzzle: Choke
Barrel: FORGE TAC Precision
Optic: Monocle Reflex Sight
Stock: No Stock
Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Best Origin 12 build: Hardcore

Finally, if you're rocking the Origin 12 on hardcore, you need to tailor it differently. Range is important because there's nothing worse than your otherwise lethal shots not even reaching your target, but you want to be less mobile because hardcore naturally plays slower.

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel: FORGE TAC Precision
Laser: Tac Laser
Optic: PBX Holo 7 Sight
Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip

Other shotgun options

If you don't want to destroy players with the Origin 12, the 725 is the next choice for the best shotgun because it has such incredible range. Throw a few range attachments on it and you've got yourself a marksman rifle, making it perfect for bigger maps but not very useful on the small ones.

If that doesn't do it for you either, level up the Model 680 until you unlock the Dragon's Breath Rounds. These do incendiary damage so as you can imagine are incredibly frustrating for your enemies, although the Origin 12 is still the top choice.

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Shotgun warzone best

Warzone Shotgun tier list - Every shotgun ranked from best to worst for Season 5 Reloaded

The Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update is finally here! Raven Software has released its content roadmap, which includes the start of the enigmatic limited-time event called "The Numbers", later this month. There are also several new additions, including new Warzone game modes: Iron Trials '84 and Clash, a new Operator, new melee weapon, Judge Dredd skin, bug fixes, and of course, weapon balance changes.

The Shotgun weapons class did not receive any balance changes in the latest patch. We've therefore updated our list based on each weapon's performance in the previous season. Raven Software noted that weapon balance changes were primarily to ensure that the effectiveness of each weapon "scaled appropriately with the skill required to wield them." With that said, here's our updated list of the best shotguns to use in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded, ranked from best to worst.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded Shotgun tier list

There are 9 shotguns in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded. Each shotgun has its own inherent pros and cons, with some being natural, standalone "meta" weapons, whilst others require customized loadouts to unlock their full potential.

Description of the tiers

Warzone season 5 submachine gun SMG tier list best worst Bullfrog MAC-10 MP5
  • S-Tier: Meta picks for Warzone Season 5 Reloaded. With the right attachments, these shotguns could be considered overpowered.
  • A-Tier: While perhaps not considered the best, these weapons are strong and viable choices that will blow your enemy to smithereens.
  • B-Tier: These weapons require the perfect loadout to compete with players wielding S- or A-tier weapons.
  • C-Tier: These shotguns shouldn't be your primary weapon and should be used circumstantially with another weapon. 
  • D-Tier: Don't pick these up even if there aren't other options.

Shotgun tier list

We endeavour to always have our tier lists as accurate as possible. The developers may, however, choose to either nerf or buff weapons throughout the season as well. When this occurs, we will update this list.

We've listed all 9 shotguns in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded, ranked from best to worst according to each weapon's performance in the previous meta.

We note that we did not include the "broken" Marshal in this list because it is technically classed as a Pistol.


Gallo SA12 is still the best shotgun in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

The Gallo SA12 remains a strong weapon to use in Warzone for multiple seasons now. We've decided to move the JAK-12 up to our S-Tier list given its surge in popularity last season. The JAK-12 is based heavily on the AA-12 and has been dominating the meta with its great range and explosive damage.


Best shotguns to use in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

Both the Streetsweeper and Origin 12 received nerfs in previous seasons but they remain solid choices to use in Verdansk. We'll admit that they're probably not comparable to other A-Tier guns in the Assault Rifle or SMG weapon classes but they certainly still get the job done.


best shotgun tier list in warzone season 5 reloaded cod call of duty

The VLK Rogue and R9-0 are decent options but you're better off using one of the S-Tier or A-Tier weapons.


best strongest shotguns warzone season 5 reloaded call of duty

The Hauer 77 technically belongs in the D-Tier but we'll cut it some slack. It can be underrated but relies on the perfect situational loadout to truly shine.


The Model 680 is the worst shotgun in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

If we could remove these weapons from the list altogether, we would. Don't use them - they suck.

So there you have it, all the Shotguns ranked from best to worst at the start of Warzone Season 5 Reloaded. Disagree with our list? We don't care. Want to be more disappointed? Check out our Assault Rifle, SMG, LMG, Sniper and Tactical Rifle tier lists.

For everything else Call of Duty players might desire, check out our dedicated section filled to the brim with gun guides, news, leaks and much more.

Header image via Activision.

The *ONE SHOT* HAUER 77 CLASS In WARZONE SEASON 6 🔥! ( Best Hauer 77 Class Setup Warzone )

Best Shotgun in Warzone: a guide to Shotguns in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Want to know which is the best Shotgun in Warzone Season 5? After recent nerfs, it’s a particularly interesting question. There was a period in the Modern Warfare era when Shotguns utterly dominated building fights in Verdansk. In the Cold War era though, their periods of meta prominence have been shorter-lived. Now in Season 5, however, many of the best close-range SMGs have been repeatedly nerfed. The time for Shotguns may once again be upon us.

The best Shotgun in Warzone

Let’s dive straight in - the Gallo 12 is the best Shotgun in Warzone Season 5. The Gallo has the best effective range among automatic and semi-automatic Shotguns right now. With the high effective-health of armored players in Warzone, you aren’t going to be one-shotting anyone under practical circumstances. So, sustained fire is the key, and the Gallo will have no trouble with that.

Here is the best Shotgun in Warzone:

  • Gallo 12
  • Streetsweeper
  • R9-0
  • Jak-12
  • Origin
  • VLK
  • Hauer
  • Model 680
  • 725

A Gallo 12 in Warzone

Gallo 12 -The best Shotgun in Warzone Season 5

The Gallo’s big advantage is range. Obviously, range is a key limiting factor on Shotguns in general. Shotgun damage falls off hard and fast, so the further out you can deal peak damage the better. The Gallo 12’s damage holds up better at range than the Streetsweeper, Origin, or Jak-12. Plus, it has a tighter hipfire spread, so you’ll hit more pellets per shot.

Of course, the Streetsweeper has a larger magazine, and the Jak-12 and Origin have much faster reloads. Still, you’re going to get more reliable kills with the Gallo, and that outweighs the downsides. That’s why the Gallo 12 is the best Shotgun in Warzone Season 5. Check out our guide to the best Gallo 12 loadout in Warzone for more info.


The R9-0’s unique, double-barrel pump design makes it about the closest thing you can get to a one-shot kill with a Shotgun in Warzone. If you catch an enemy off-guard, you can fire two shots extremely quickly, much faster than they can react. There was a time when that made the R9-0 a terror in Warzone, but that time is long gone.

Still, you can near-instantly kill enemies with the R9-0 if you get close enough. If you’re looking for that one-shot playstyle you know from traditional multiplayer modes, this is as close as you will get in Warzone. Just make sure you get close enough to your enemies before you pull the trigger.

A Streetsweeper in Warzone


The Streetsweeper is the most spammable shotgun in Warzone. It may lack the range and accuracy of the Gallo, but there’s something to be said for just shooting a whole lot of shells. No other shotgun puts pellets downrange like the Streetsweeper, which will unleash its 18-round magazine about as fast as you can pull the trigger.

The Streetsweeper is arguably the best shotgun for squads purely because of that magazine. It’s highly unlikely that you will wipe a team with the Gallo before running out of ammo, but the Streetsweeper can manage it. If you’re looking to really lay on the trigger, the Streetsweeper is the shotgun for you. Visit our Streetsweeper loadout guide to get the best build.


The Jak-12 is slow and unwieldy, but it really just rips through enemies. Its place as the only full-auto shotgun in Warzone makes it appealing, but unfortunately, the Streetsweeper mostly does the Jak-12’s job better. The Streetsweeper actually fires faster if you have the trigger finger for it, and has a bigger magazine.

Still, there’s something to be said for just holding down the trigger and focusing on movement and aim. If you just want to click and hold, you can still clear rooms with a Jak-12. Plus, that detachable magazine reload is a godsend next to the painful, single-shell speed of the Streetsweeper. If you want to give it a shot, visit our Jak-12 guide for the full loadout.

Origin 12

The Origin unfortunately just doesn’t have much of a role next to the other automatic shotguns. Sure, the detachable magazine is nice next to the glacial reload speeds of the Gallo and Streetsweeper, but the hipfire spread and damage range just lag too far behind. If you do want a quicker reload, you might as well just use a Jak-12. There really just isn’t much of a place for the Origin in Warzone right now.

A VLK in

VLK Rogue

The VLK is sort of stuck in between the Origin and the bottom-tier shotguns. It doesn’t quite have the damage of the Model 680 or the hipfire spread of the Hauer, but it will fire faster than both. You aren’t going to be one-shotting anyone anyways, so you definitely want that faster rate of fire.

Add in the significantly faster reload, and this speedy shotgun is just the better option than the pump-actions. However, it fires slightly slower than the Gallo and Origin, and much slower than the Jak-12 and Streetsweeper. It’s hard to justify the VLK over those alternatives.


The Hauer’s advantage over the Model 680 is Black Ops attachments. It can achieve a tighter pellet spread and better mobility than the Modern Warfare pump-action. Its damage profile matches the automatic offerings though, which makes the Hauer a hard sell. Is a tight hipfire spread really an upgrade over a faster rate of fire when you’ll always need two shots to kill anyways? The numbers just don’t add up in favor of pump-action shotguns right now.

A Gold Model 680 in Warzone

Model 680

It pains me to place the Model 680 down here (see the Gold Camo screenshot above) but this gun is just bad for Warzone. Technically you could one-shot an enemy if you hit them in the head with every single pellet, but that’s just never going to happen under practical game conditions. Without one-shot potential, pump shotguns struggle, and the Model 680 is the slowest firing, least forgiving of the bunch. There’s just no stat that can help you justify a Model 680 in Warzone.


The 725 brings up some unpleasant memories for those who experienced the early days of Modern Warfare multiplayer. Thankfully, it has never been quite so dominant in Warzone. Really, it has the opposite problem. The 725 just isn’t very good. Mechanically, it’s not a fit for Warzone at all, outside of Solos. You won’t be one-shotting anyone, so you will have to expend both barrels to drop an enemy. Reloading between every kill is going to lose you games. Unless you plan to camp buildings in Solos (and please, please don’t do that), you should avoid the 725.

Warzone Shotgun stats

Below is a full stat table for every Shotgun in Warzone to provide context for our list. These damage numbers assume that every pellet hits, so you’ll often deal less damage per shot than this. That’s why tightening your hipfire spread is so important on Shotguns. You need to hit as many pellets as possible while staying mobile.

NameDamageShots To KillRPMMagReloadADS
Model 680300 | 208 | 208 | 2081-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 1-37087.09s310ms
R9-0206 | 166 | 166 | 1661-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 2-4280148.81s290ms
725206 | 166 | 166 | 1661-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 2-415422.59s300ms
Origin 12206 | 166| 166 | 1661-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 2-423083.15s300ms
VLK Rogue300 | 208 | 208 | 2081-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 1-313183.20s241ms
JAK-12122 | 122 | 122 | 1221-2 | 2-2 | 2-4 | 3-529582.31s300ms
Haur 77206 | 166 | 166 | 1661-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 2-46654.50s300ms
Gallo SA12206 | 166 | 166 | 1661-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 2-421276.00s300ms
Streetsweeper206 | 166 | 166 | 1661-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 2-4300714.1s250ms

That’s all for Shotguns in Warzone! This is certainly a niche weapon class, but they’re fun and powerful when used correctly. If you’re looking for some more conventional weaponry, visit our best loadouts in Warzone guide for a full meta rundown. Or if you need a long-range AR to pair with your Shotgun of choice, check out our guide to the best Assault Rifles in Warzone.


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Warzone best weapons in Season 6: Our best AR, sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG and LMG weapon recommendations

Learning the best guns in Warzone is difficult with an ever-shifting meta and the introduction of weapons from new Call of Duty games - such as Cold War: Black Ops in late 2020 - shaking up the roster.

There's a huge number of Warzone weapons now available, and though every has their favourites, there are definitely winners and losers among the list.

Choosing the right weapon can give you a huge advantage over other players, and if you then learn to control their recoil and offset their idiosyncrasies, then you'll be unstoppable.

We've been out there in Verdansk messing around with everything we could get our hands on, allowing us to present the best weapons in Warzone, category by category.

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What are the best new guns in Warzone after the Season 6 update?

It used to be that you could just visit our list of the best guns in Modern Warfare to also learn what's the best in Warzone, but times have changed. Warzone has become its own beast at this point, and Season 3 even went ahead and ditched the presence of Modern Warfare weapons entirely as loot (don't worry, your loadouts still count!).

The update in December 2020, which reset the Season count in Warzone back to 1, marked a new foundation for Warzone with an array of additions and new weapon classes from the latest Call of Duty game, Black Ops: Cold War.

Season 2 Reloaded was present all the way from late February to April. Then, Season 3 officially kicked things off with several balance updates and new weapons, following with a 80s focused mid-season update with Season 3 Reloaded, bringing new updates to both old and new favourites.


The regular Verdansk map got nuked at the end of Season 2, and players were teleported back to 1984. This brought a new gulag as well as several new points of interest. With Season 4 the map remains fairly similar, although some strange appearances have started taking place, such as satellites falling from the sky.

As players continue unraveling everything that has changed post this new season update, there have been some interesting changes already. The Dead Silence field upgrade is under consideration for changes soon, while the controversial Roze skin has been nerfed. Oh, and there is also a deadly door, just FYI.

In terms of weapons we have seen interesting changes around barrels, as well as the addition of a strangely powerful Nail Gun and a new LMG called MG 82 that immediately jumped to the meta. As expected, developer Raven went ahead and nerfed it a couple days after launch. The C58 also appeared during the first half of the season.


Jumping into Season 4 Reloaded, tonnes of weapons received changes in what was called "the biggest balance update in the history of Warzone" by the developer. In addition, the OTs 9 introduced itself as the latest SMG to join the roster. The Blueprint Blitz event also took place during the week before the new season launch.

Speaking of which, Season 5 showed up after the myriad of changes that took place in Season 4 Reloaded with a few more additions, including the EM2, TEC-9, Marshal and RAAL MG. In addition, events like the Battle of Verdansk were also present.

As Call of Duty: Vanguard draws near, Season 5 Reloaded didn't make for a big of an impact. The main focus is on Mobile Broadcast Stations and the conclusion of The Numbers event, which includes the Sai melee weapon as a reward. That being said, there were significant tweaks and updates to the weapons roster, affecting popular choices like the Krig 6.

Season 6 is upon us, and with it the closure of the Adler's storyline before Vanguard. New weapon additions include the Grav, .410 Ironhide and the Battle Axe melee weapon. In season, the Hammer and Sickle melee weapon joins the roster, while the LAMA SMG is a reward from The Haunting Event, just in time for Halloween.

Best AR in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: AK-47 (Cold War)
How to unlock the C58: Reach Player Level 7


After undergoing several changes across Season 3 and Season 4, the CR-56 AMAX was finally pushed down the ladder. It remained as a decent option for some time afterwards, mind you, but others have taken the reign since.

During Season 4 reloaded, the C58 was the popular choice and our personal favourite. This assault rifle didn't cause much stride during the first week or so of the season, but had found itself in the top place ever since.

However, Season 6 brought yet more balance tweaks to it, increasing its recoil on top of previous changes during Season 5. As a result, the AK-47 (Cold War) is now the best option if you're looking for firepower that excels at range.

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If you want to get the most out of the AK-47, see our best AK-47 (CW) loadout recommendation - or if you want to see what else the class has to offer, our best assault rifles in Warzone page can help.

Best Sniper Rifle in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: Swiss K31
How to unlock the Swiss K31: Get two Headshot kills in 15 different completed matches using any sniper rifle (in Black Ops: Cold War or Warzone)


Sniper Rifles have slowly but surely been receiving a better treatment overall from Raven, all the way from bullet velocity to the way attachments work. Past favourites such as the ZRG 20mm or the LW3 Tundra are still good options, but a particular top choice of ours, the Swiss K31, continues to be on the spotlight.

With the right attachments, this is as fast as you can get with a sniper rifle in Warzone at the moment. ADS speed, rate of fire, and just overall specs make this an excellent option to consider for your loadouts.

If you want to get the most out of this sniper rifle, see our best Swiss K31 loadout recommendation.

Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: KAR98K
How to unlock the KAR98K: Reach Player Level 33 (in Modern Warfare or Warzone)


The Marksman Rifles can often end up feeling a bit like a diet Sniper Rifle, but thanks to constant tweaks throughout Warzone's existence the KAR87K can almost rival them. Even now in Season 2, the weapon hasn't received any nerfs, so it still retains the same range, damage, and accuracy from the first Season, as well as its mobility.

We highly recommend opting for this if you're used to Sniper Rifles, since this weapon works best when you're aiming for headshots. Its biggest advantage comes down to its ADS speed (aim down sight), which is unparalleled compared to Snipers.

Best Tactical Rifle in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: M16
How to unlock the M16: Reach Player Level 10 (in Black Ops: Cold War or Warzone)


The AUG withheld its place throughout most of the duration of Season 2, but the Season 3 balance patch increased its time between bursts by 33 per cent, as well as lowering its neck damage multiplier. The M16, whilst also affected by similar changes, doesn't see a drastic change in the battlefield.

The time between bursts was only increased by 10 per cent in comparison, and it remains super fast still. Paired with its short time to kill, the M16 is the best tactical rifle during the start of the season. Just make sure to increase its magazine capacity and focus on attachments that decrease its overall ADS time and sprint speed to further enhance its qualities.

If you want to get the most out of the weapon, our best M16 loadout recommendation can help.

Best Shotgun in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: JAK-12
How to unlock the JAK-12: Get three Hipfire Kills using Shotguns in seven different matches


Shotguns have been all over the place in terms of preference for Warzone. The Gallo was a reliable option in the previous season, but it can't quite compare to the Streetsweeper and the JAK-12. Amongst these two, we always opt for the lethal Hipfire of the JAK.

If you ask us, shotguns in Warzone are at their best when you don't have to worry about aiming down the sight to land a headshot, especially when you have to stop mid-sprint to defend yourself.

Of course, it would be wise to pair this weapon with the AUG or the LC10, just to cover different bases depending on the situation.

But when it comes to close quarter encounters, this is the one for you.

Best SMG in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: Bullfrog
How to unlock the Bullfrog: Reach Player Level 43


The PPSh-41 introduced itself as a daunting SMG from the get-go, mixing rapid fire with the possibility to have a huge ammo mag that supported its nature. With not too much to worry about reloading and a decent hip fire as a cool bonus, it had a promising prospect, and retained its spot for a while.

While it was surpassed by the MAC-10 during the vast majority of Season 4 and the first half of Season 5, the Bullfrog has regained its spot. When paired up with the right attachments, the significant firepower in both close to mid ranges and decent mag size by default make for a powerhouse of a weapon.

If you want to get the most out of this SMG, see our best Bullfrog loadout recommendation.

Such as assault rifles, there is a variety of top choices to experiment with at the moment, including the PPSh-41 and MAC-10. But as of now, the Bullfrog stands at the top.

Best LMG in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: MG 82
How to unlock the MG 82: Kill 3 or more enemies without reloading across 15 different completed matches using LMGs


While the Stoner 63 used to be our primary choice during most of Season 4, the MG 82 still can't be beaten.

This first introduced as an absolute powerhouse with a massive mag, quick fire rate and moderate recoil for a weapon of its category, but got nerfed in the span of days.

While it has been a target for tweaks during more occasions, it still maintains most of what makes it a powerhouse. Recoil has been the most affected aspect, but overall, you will continue to see the MG 82 fairly often during Season 5.

If you want to get the most out of the weapon, our best MG 82 loadout recommendation can help.

Best Launcher in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: Strela-P (Modern Warfare)
How to unlock the Strela-P: Reach Player Level 17 (in Black Ops: Cold War or Warzone)


We know launchers might be a bit much for Warzone, especially when you could be using that loadout room for literally any other weapon. But if you end up in a situation where you have to choose one, we recommend the Strela-P.

The Strela is great at firing vehicles (or any unfortunate enemy who happens to be in the way of that rocket), and it has a particular high velocity that you don't usually find in other launchers. Amidst the other options from this category, the Strela is certainly the best one.

Warzone Season 6 is here! New are Vanguard weapons STG 44 and Garand, WW2 bunkers and the .410 Ironhide and Grav. Elsewhere, learn our recommendations for the best Warzone weapons across the game, including best assault rifles and popular choices such as the AMAX, C58, MG 82, OTs 9, FARA 83, Stoner 63, AK-47, Bullfrog, PPSh-41 and Swiss K31.

Best Melee weapon in Warzone recommendation

Best weapon recommendation: Kali Sticks (Modern Warfare)
How to unlock the Kali Sticks: Using the Knife, get 3 kills while sliding in 15 different matches (in Modern Warfare or Warzone)


Melee weapons wouldn't usually be our first choice when it comes to Warzone weaponry, but we aren't here to judge. If you want to see how far you can go with this category, we highly recommend carrying the Kali Sticks with you as a secondary option for your loadout.

You will most likely need two hits instead of one to take down an enemy, but the Kali Sticks provide a fast and reliable way to do so thanks to the range they have. Just don't blame us if your squadmates get mad at you for choosing this over a fire weapon. At the very least, you'll be bringing the best sticks available to a gunfight.


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