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Besides, knowing about the beautiful actresses and main actors of the Crime Patrol series. Some people also want to know more about the Crime Patrol Police Cast.

Previously, we have talked about Crime Patrol Show’s main actress and actors. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about Crime Patrol Police Actors and Lady Police Actresses.

Crime Patrol Police Cast

There is no doubt that Police characters are among the most vital characters of the Crime Patrol series. Because of the Police and Lady Police’s flawless acting and expressions, the shows look more realistic.


The show wouldn’t be exciting and enjoyable if there is no role for any cops characters. Therefore, it is proven that Police characters are the most vital character of the Crime Patrol, even more than any frontline Crime Patrol’s actress and actors.

For organized pieces of information, we have divided the article into two parts. The first part of the section is about Crime Patrol Lady Cops, and the other part of the section is all about Crime Patrol Male Inspector.

Besides the lady cop’s flawless acting, the crime patrol lady inspector’s beauty has amazed lakhs of the Crime Patrol show’s regular audiences.

Below are the list of the most famous Crime Patrol Lady Police Cast.

Shashwita Sharma


Shashwita Sharma is the most popular lady cop among all the Crime Patrol female police. She has appeared in more than episodes of Crime Patrol show. Other than that, she has also performed various characters besides Police on Crime Patrol, such as she has performed a housewife character at Crime Patrol Season 2 episode number 61.

Shashwita is also very active on social media. Over K people follow her on Instagram, and more than 1K people has already subscribed to her youtube channel, named Shashwita Sharma. The actress has already uploaded more than 15 videos on Youtube.

NameShashwita Sharma
Age31 Years
Height5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight54 Kilograms

Suman Singh

Suman Singh is another famous Lady cop. Suman was born in Badarpur, New Delhi and currently residing in Mumbai. She is an actress by profession and has appeared in many TV shows, including Crime Patrol, Aahat, Savdhaan India, etc. But she got fame after appearing in Crime Patrol.


The glamour girl completed her graduation from Deshbandhu College, Delhi University and later completed Diploma in Mass Communication from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans College.

More than 22K people follow her on Instagram. To get this amount of followers on Instagram, she needed to upload more than posts.

NameSuman Singh
Age32 Years
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight52 Kilograms

Maleeka R Ghai


Maleeka R Ghai is an Indian actress known for her work on Crime Patrol, Saraswati Chandra, Dharmakshetra, Epic Chandrakanta, DeshKiBetiNandini, etc.

Though she hasn’t worked much for Crime Patrol shows, she has still been able to win over thousands of people’s minds because of her elegant looks and amazing acting. Maleeka has a decent fan following on Instagram.

Above K people follow her on Instagram, and her Instagram engagement ratio is also decent.

NameMaleeka R Ghai
Birthday12th July
Age34 Years
Height5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight55 Kilograms

Geetanjali Mishra


Reshma Kotian


The actress has started her career by acting at Progressive theatre group. Later she joined the Crime Patrol team. The actress mostly appears on such episodes where primarily girls are proved criminal.

Reshma Kotian is available on Facebook. She has a public page named Reshma Kotian. More than 6K people follow her there.

Alefia Kapadia

The famous Indian television actress was born on 25th September in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Meanwhile, she is 40 years old in

Besides performing on Crime Patrol as an actress, she has also appeared on Just Mohabbat, Barot House, CID, etc. She also has a great interest in Biking.

She is widely popular on Social Media. More than 8K people follow her on Facebook. She also has a decent amount of fan following on Instagram, about 33K.

NameAlefia Kapadia
Birthday25th September
Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight53 Kilograms

Malini Sengupta

Malini Sengupta was born in in Kolkata. She cuts her birthday on 31st August of every year. In , The age of Malini Sengupta is38 years. The actress is currently residing in Mumbai, India.

NameMalini Sengupta
Birthday31st August
Age38 Years
Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight54 Kilograms

Samidha Guru


The gorgeous Samidha hasn’t just shown her flawless acting on the Tv screen, and people are also crazy for her beauty. The lady police is quite famous on Social media. More than 50K people follow her on Instagram. She is 40 years old in

NameSamidha Guru
Birthday6th August
Age40 Years
Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight53 Kilograms

Prerna Bhat


Prerna Bhat was born and spent her childhood in Kashmir. She has amazed thousands of people with her beauty and acting skill. She cuts her birthday cake on 24th June. Meanwhile, she belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign.

Over K folks follow her on social media platform Instagram.

NameSamidha Guru
Birthday24th June
Age22 Years
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight52 Kilograms

Namrata Jadhav

Another gorgeous female police officer from Crime Patrol is Namrata Jadhav, who celebrates her birthday on 29th March. Apart from acting, she has a vast interest in Dancing and Travelling.


She has appeared in more than episodes of Crime Patrol shows. So she has got a lot of fans following through the show. Around 15K people also follow her on Instagram.

NameNamrata Jadhav
Birthday29th March
Age28 Years
Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight53 Kilograms

Melanie Nazareth


The hot actress Melanie Nazareth is fan’s favourite. Fans often give compliments for her flawless beauty and great physics. She belongs to Mumbai, and her height is 5 Feet 6 Inches, and she weighs about 55 Kilograms.

NameMelanie Nazareth
Birthday22nd May
Age30 Years
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight55 Kilograms

Aleeza Khan


Aleeza Khan has worked in many TV shows by Sony Entertainment Television India, such as CID, Crime Patrol, etc. Apart from acting as a Police, she has also worked on small roles on Crime Patrol.

The model height is 5 Feet 4 Inches, and her age is about 31 years old. More than K people follow her on Instagram. Most of her craze is among Youth.

NameAleeza Khan
Age31 Years
Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight55 Kilograms

In this section, you’re going to learn real information about the Crime Patrol Male Police cast.

Sanjeev Tyagi


Sanjeev Tyagi is an Indian Television actor who is mainly known for his Senior Inspector role on the Crime Patrol show. The talented actor was born and currently residing in Mumbai.

He is married to Dipali Tyagi and celebrated their anniversary on the 7th December of every year. Probably, he has appeared more times on the Crime Patrol show than any other inspectors from the Crime Patrol police cast.

NameSanjeev Tyagi
Birthday22nd June
Age51 Years
Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight79 Kilograms

Nissar Khan

The handsome Nissar has been working for the Crime Patrol show for over five years now. He has appeared in more than episodes of Crime Patrol as a Police Inspector.


Nissar Khan was born in and cut her birthday on 4th May of every year. Meanwhile, he is 51 years old. Still, He looks like a 35 years old actor. Even most of his craze is among female audiences.

NameNissar Khan
Birthday4th May
Age51 Years
Height5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight72 Kilograms

Sushil Tyagi


Sushil Tyagi is another famous senior inspector among the cast of Crime Patrol male police. The height of Sushil Tyagi is about 5 Feet 7 Inches. Unfortunately, there is no more information available in the public domain.

He is available on Instagram, and more than K people follow him on there.

NameSushil Tyagi
Age48 Years
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight70 Kilograms


These are the most popular Police cast of Crime Patrol. They all have a decent number of fans following the Crime Patrol shows audience. Some of the actors also have a huge fan following base on Social Media too. On social media, Aleeza Khan is the most popular actress among all Crime Patrol police cast.


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Full Cast & Crew

Anup Soni Anup Soni  Self - Host / episodes, Saptrishi Ghosh Saptrishi Ghosh episodes, Sanjeev Tyagi Sanjeev Tyagi  Inspector / episodes, Manish Sharma Manish Sharma  Inspector / episodes, Sonalika Prasad Sonalika Prasad episodes, Nissar Khan Nissar Khan  Inspector / episodes, Moin Khan Moin Khan  Inspector episodes, Rajendra Shisatkar Rajendra Shisatkar  Inspector episodes, Laxman Singh Rajput Laxman Singh Rajput 71 episodes, Shahab Khan Shahab Khan  Various / 65 episodes, Ravi Singh Ravi Singh  Culprit / 52 episodes, Saheem Khan Saheem Khan  Various44 episodes, Sameer Deshpande Sameer Deshpande  Ajinkya Kalse / 25 episodes, Saurabh Goyal Saurabh Goyal  Dinesh Mishra / 20 episodes, Samir Rajda Samir Rajda 9 episodes, Annkur Vinchuurkar Annkur Vinchuurkar 7 episodes, Pratik Kothari Pratik Kothari  Rishi Sisodia / 6 episodes, Amit Bhardwaj Amit Bhardwaj  Bala Patidar / 6 episodes, Yuvraaj Gupta Yuvraaj Gupta 5 episodes, Firoz Ali Firoz Ali 5 episodes, Bhakti Rathod Bhakti Rathod  Ruchi / 4 episodes, Bandhan Durga Bandhan Durga  Sultan4 episodes, Ashwani Rathore Ashwani Rathore 4 episodes, Vikram Singh Sodha Vikram Singh Sodha  Bilal3 episodes, Devika Sharma Devika Sharma  Dr. Supriya / 3 episodes, Aman Gupta Aman Gupta  Girsih / 3 episodes, Sumeet Suryodhan Sumeet Suryodhan  Servant2 episodes, Perin Malde Perin Malde  Raju Panchal / 2 episodes, Abhijit Sinha Abhijit Sinha  Cop / 2 episodes, Akshay Kapoor Akshay Kapoor  Inspector / 2 episodes, Aleeza Khan Aleeza Khan  Hetal / 2 episodes, Ashish Dixit Ashish Dixit  Ajit / 2 episodes, Anjalika Jain Anjalika Jain  Ayesha2 episodes, Raquib Arshad Raquib Arshad  Yogesh Bhatte2 episodes, Sheetal Vegda Sheetal Vegda  Sheetal2 episodes, Aamir Saifi Aamir Saifi  News Reporter1 episode, Kaivalya Chheda Kaivalya Chheda  Rohan1 episode, Mahi Milan Mahi Milan 1 episode, Sanjay Bhatia Sanjay Bhatia  Rathi1 episode, Anuj Sharma Anuj Sharma  ()1 episode, Farhan Rehman Khan Farhan Rehman Khan 1 episode, Laksh Singh Laksh Singh  Dr. Asthana1 episode, Rahulsonu Srivastava Rahulsonu Srivastava  Police Inspector1 episode, Rachna Khanna Rachna Khanna  Swati1 episode, Vidhi Pandya Vidhi Pandya  Sophia Prachar1 episode, Shakti Singh Shakti Singh 1 episode, Arjun Tiwari Arjun Tiwari  Arjun1 episode, Rahil Bhardwaj Rahil Bhardwaj  Ranjit Chauhan1 episode, Ashish Virendra Chowdhary Ashish Virendra Chowdhary  Suraj1 episode, Gaurav Nanda Gaurav Nanda  Jassi1 episode, Kalpesh Rajgor Kalpesh Rajgor  Adarsh1 episode, Rahul Verma Rajput Rahul Verma Rajput 1 episode, Disha Savla Disha Savla  SP1 episode, Abhishek Bhalerao Abhishek Bhalerao  Loan Recovery Agent1 episode, Harshit Mathur Harshit Mathur  Goon1 episode, Sooraj Ohri Sooraj Ohri  Inspector Vidyut Thakur1 episode, Shashwita Sharma Shashwita Sharma 1 episode, Rohan Birla Rohan Birla 1 episode, Jodhan Raj Jodhan Raj  Prince1 episode, Rajeev Singh Rajeev Singh  Guru1 episode, Prachi Vaishnav Prachi Vaishnav 1 episode, Anusheel Chakrabarty Anusheel Chakrabarty  Sunil rao1 episode, Sunil Jaglan Sunil Jaglan 1 episode, Sanjeev Pandey Sanjeev Pandey  Shop Owner1 episode, Pardeep Singh Rajput Pardeep Singh Rajput  Vikram singh1 episode, Deepanshu Titoriya Deepanshu Titoriya  Rohan1 episode, Santosh Yadav Santosh Yadav  Mechanic1 episode, Chandrahas Pandey Chandrahas Pandey  Manoj1 episode, Akash Rajput Akash Rajput  Ajay1 episode, Akshay Aruku Akshay Aruku  Police Informant1 episode, Udit Parekh Udit Parekh  Udit Parekh1 episode, Sakshi Tanwar Sakshi Tanwar  Selfunknown episodes
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Crime Patrol (TV series)

Indian crime television series

Crime Patrol is an Indian Hindicrimeanthology series created by Subramanian S.lyer for Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The first season was created by Cinevistaas Limited and directed by Anshuman Kishore Singh, while later seasons were created by Optimystix Entertainment. The series is set in Mumbai, India. The first and second seasons' episodes are 30 minutes long, while the subsequent seasons' episodes are 40 minutes long.

The series, which premiered on May 9, , is the longest-running reality crime television series in India.[1][2] The series is in its fifth season which premiered on July 15, In , the show won the Milestone Achievement Award at the 20th Indian Television Academy Awards (ITA Awards).[3]


The series presents dramatized versions of crime cases that occurred in India. Series anchor, Anup Soni, suggests the correct measures to avert crimes while narrating real-life stories revolving around harassment, kidnapping, and murder. The series opens its viewers’ minds with these cases by making them aware of the crime around them.[4]

Since June , Crime Patrol has not only focused on creating awareness about crimes but has also aimed to help the victims depicted in the episodes.[5]



Investigating officers[edit]

  • Sanjeev Tyagi (seen in the maximum episodes of the show.[7])[8][9]
  • Ankur Sharma Kabir
  • Moin Azam Khan
  • Rajendra Shisatkar
  • Abhishek Khandekar
  • Nissar Khan
  • Shashwita Sharma
  • Suman Singh
  • Gulshan Pandey
  • Rohit Tiwari
  • Samidha Guru
  • Anup Shukla

Other roles[edit]

  • Ankit Bhardwaj
  • Pushkar Priyadarshi as [10] (story name Lakeer)
  • Ashish Dixit as Rohan Mathur (A Dead Body in Water Tank) & as Ajit (A String of Violent Crime)
  • Shabaaz Abdullah Badi as Guddu / Girish
  • Shweta Kanoje as Anjali Mehta
  • Adaa Khan
  • Sneha Jain
  • Ujjwal Chopra
  • Karmveer Choudhary
  • Mohit Sharma
  • Muskaan Uppal
  • Emir Shah
  • Shiju Kataria
  • Radhika Chhabra
  • Simar Khera as Kundan
  • Vijay Vidyadhar Mishra
  • Lankesh Bhardwaj
  • Deepanshu Titoriya as Rohan
  • Chinmay Mandlekar
  • Deepshikha Nagpal as Devyani Banerjee Episode (Crime Patrol Dial )
  • Pankaj Berry
  • Kamlesh Oza
  • Wahid Syed
  • Anuj Nayak
  • Rajveer Singh Rajput as Suresh ( Crime Patrol dial Episode 84 ) 30th Jan
  • Mangesh Desai
  • Sonam Arora
  • Riya Raval
  • Dipti Patil
  • Maansi Jain
  • Rushad Rana
  • Harsh Khurana
  • Yogesh Soman
  • Amaira Jairath
  • Kaushiki Rathore
  • Monika Chowdhury
  • Rohit Deshmukh
  • Neetu Pandey
  • Mahi Kamla
  • Riya Meena
  • Shubha Saxena
  • Jiya Chauhan
  • Gazal Saini
  • Satyaketi Mishra
  • Shruti Gholap
  • Tanishq Seth
  • Tasneem Ali
  • Taruna Rathod
  • Manish Raj Sharma
  • Gyanendra Tripathi
  • Darshan Dave
  • Ashutosh Priyadarshi
  • Deepak Sharma
  • Reema Worah
  • Niyati Joshi
  • Devika Sharma
  • Nishi Singh
  • Harpreet Chhabra
  • Urvashi Jogiya
  • Manav Soneji
  • Urvi Gor
  • Khushboo Sawan
  • Bhavna Rokhade
  • Simran Sharma
  • Aleeza Khan
  • Trishna Mukherjee
  • Deepak Soni
  • Surekha Kudachi
  • Ashi Singh
  • Sumit Rana
  • Mazher Sayed
  • Sameer Deshpande
  • Kavita Joshi
  • Neeraj Singh
  • Anurag J Sharma
  • Sudeep Sarangi
  • Poorti Arya
  • Gareema Goel
  • Muskan Bamne
  • Priya Shinde as Multiple Roles
  • Geetanjali Mishra
  • Rohit Tailor
  • Chandrahas Pandey as Manoj
  • Avneet Kaur as Kajal (Episode )
  • Vishal Jethwa as Vicky (Episode )
  • Sayantani Ghosh
  • Zeba Hussain as ASI Astha (episode Haiwaan)


Season 1 (–)[edit]

The first season was a weekly program airing on Friday nights, hosted by Diwakar Pundir, who later was replaced by Shakti Anand in late The first season was immediately popular.[15] Casting Director:-Nitesh Mishra

Season 2 ()[edit]

Due to the popularity of the first season, Sony TV decided to bring back the series for a second season. The second season was aired from Monday to Thursday nights. Season 2 was presented by Anup Soni and Sakshi Tanwar. This season did not have as good of TRP ratings as the first season.

Season 3 ()[edit]

The third season was broadcast on Friday and Saturday nights. This season ended early due to low TRP ratings.

Season 4 (–)[edit]

The fourth season premiered four months after the third season ended.[13] The season managed to gain better TRP ratings each week. The fourth season was initially aired on Friday and Saturday nights.[13][16][17] From April 11, , the series was aired three days a week from Friday to Sunday nights. The series was given a new title: Crime Patrol Satark (previously Crime Patrol Dastak until July 6, ).During the last quarter of , Soni decided to exit the series citing that he wanted to focus on his acting career in films. "I requested makers that I would like to focus on films and they were ok with it. They wanted me to complete my contract that ended this March–April", said Soni. After Anup Soni, Sanjeev Tyagi replaced him till he joined again.[18]

Season 5 (–present)[edit]

The fifth season premiered on July 15, , and airs on Monday–Friday nights. Anup Soni returned to host the series 15 months after leaving the show.[14] After some time, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya hosted the show. At present, Sonali Kulkarni is hosting the show.


A spin-off series Crime Patrol Dial premiered on October 26, , aired on Monday–Thursday nights, and was produced by different production companies.[19][20] It ended on July 12,

Delhi gang-rape case[edit]

Bhartiya Stree Shakti (Nagpur Wing), a non-governmental organisation, Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India intervened and asked Sony Entertainment Television not to telecast a program about the Delhi gang-rape case.[21][22][23][24] But on 10 September , the show was given permission to present the Delhi gang rape case on their show, and subsequently the promos of the episode were also aired.[25] The episode was aired in a two-episode part on September 21, and September 22, [26][27][28][29] And in this episode head police inspector's role was played by Sanjeev Tyagi.

Om Prakash Chautala teacher recruitment scam[edit]

Sony TV was to air episodes based on Om Prakash Chautala teacher recruitment scam in the show. On 22 February Delhi High Court restrained Sony TV from telecasting the related episodes until 4 April , upon the appeal by Chautala and others as the case was still in court and there was a possibility of bias of the show on the case.[30] On 2 March , show was given clearance by High Court.[31] However, clearance was challenged in Supreme Court and on 6 March , the episodes of this case were again put on hold.[32] On 3 May , the Supreme Court allowed Sony TV to telecast episodes as the trial was complete and judgment of conviction and sentence are in public domain.[33]

Special appearances[edit]


Critical response[edit]

Crime Patrol generally receives positive reviews from critics. Riptide Malhotra of India TV stated, "The popularity of Crime Patrol is quite high that airs on Sony on weekends. The show is so popular that it keeps people awake until late at night to watch the latest episodes. This show is not just a show that airs crime stories but is a true depiction of real-life happenings presented in a dramatized form."[37]


Riptide Malhotra of India TV gave the series 4/5 stars and further stated, "The show is presented in such a way that will not threaten you but will make you conscious enough with that extra punch and appeal. Overall, to make the show convincing is the major responsibility of the host."[37]

In , it was one of the most watched Hindi GEC maintaining its position in top 20 averaging 3+ TVR. The Baby Falak Case sequence aired during February made the series the most watched hindi GEG program with TVR.[38] The following week after it, the series maintained its top position with TVR.[38]


The series has won Star Guild Awards for Best Non-Fiction Series in [39] The series has also won Indian Telly Awards for Best Thriller Programme in and [40] Subramanian S Iyer and Amit Jha (directors) won Indian Telly Jury Award for Best Director (thriller/crime/horror) in , while Durgesh Pesharwar and Shailendra were nominated. Jevan Jena and Subramanian S Iyer were also nominated for the same category of the same award in [41] Subramanian S Iyer was nominated for Best Screenplay Writer (drama series & soap) of Indian Telly Jury Awards in , while won in Charudutt Acharya won Indian Telly Jury Award for Best Dialogue Writer (drama series & soap) in The series was nominated for Best Weekly Serial of Indian Telly Awards in and and for Best Thriller / Horror Serial of Indian Television Academy Awards in [42] In February , the series won the Milestone Achievement Award at the 20th Indian Television Academy Awards (ITA Awards).[3]


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As we know that Crime Patrol is the India’s Number 1 Television Crime Reality Show. The important role behind its success is Crime Patrol Star Cast Real Name List Stars and its whole team efforts. Crime Patrol is Created, Developed and Directed by Subramanian S. Iyer for Sony Entertainment Television India. In the Development of Crime Patrol, Neeraj Naik was also played the crucial part. Its first season was presented by Diwakar Pundir, Shakti Anand, Anup Soni. On its second season Sakshi Tanwar, Anup Soni played as a host. While in the third and fourth season of Crime Patrol, Anup Soni got the responsibility to represent the show.

Crime Patrol Star Cast Real Name

The creative director of Crime Patrol is Ankur Nayak, while Crime Patrol All Star Cast casted by its casting Directors. On the production end, Prem Krishen Malhotra and Sunil Mehta for season 1. Sanjeev Sharma and Vipul D. Shah for season 2- season 4. Production companies for its production are Cinevistaas Limited for season 1 and Optimystix Entertainment for season 2- 4. Crime Patrol is broadcasting in its two variants first is Crime Patrol Satark aired on every Saturday, Sunday, while the second one called as Crime Patrol Dial aired on SET every Monday to Friday.

It is written by many of writers namely Subramanian S. Iyer, Deepak Chaurasia, Sania Sayed, Vanisha Dhamankar, Rajesh Yadav, Laveena Tolani. The prime location of shooting for many cases is revolving around Mumbai. The main motto of Crime Patrol Team is not only on creating awareness about crimes, but it also aims to help the victims on whom their episodes are based.

Show presents the dramatic version of Crimes which were occurred in India. Crime Patrol Star Cast Real Name List Stars are of high grade, appointed or casted to play different role of it. Out of which many of them leaves us speechless with their outstanding role play. So it is our responsibility to know their real name, more about real life and encourage them on social media for boosting their energy.


So here we are presenting the Crime Patrol Star Cast Real Name List

Crime Patrol Star Cast Real Name, Real Life, Biography, Height, Age, Weight and More:-



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Crime Patrol TV Series Cast Name List 2, Crew Members, Sony TV Show, Genre, Premise, Start Date, Timing, Pictures

Crime Patrol is a crime, suspense, thriller genre based and inspired by real life crime that happened in India television series. Subramanian Iyer created the show for Sony TV. Crime Patrol TV Series Cast Name List 2 stars are Gulshan Pandey, Anuj Nayak, Neeraj Singh, Rajdeep Sickder, Kapil Soni, Sonam Arora, Niilam Paanchal, Devika Sharma, Saheem Khan, Akhil Kataria, Ekta Methai, Anuj Sharma, Alok Kumar, Akansha Sareen and More. The series was started from 5th May on India&#;s popular TV Network Sony TV every Saturday- Sunday at PM. From October shows daily version was launched as Crime Patrol Dial and on weekends as Crime Patrol Satark. It is produced by Vipul D. Shah, Prem Kishen Malhotra, Sushil Mehta and many others under their production banner of Optimystix Entertainment, Cinevistaas Limited, Sunshine Production, Purple Canvas Creation Studio and others.

Production: &#;

Show is also available on online media platform of Sony and App. Its total running time is 40 to 50 minutes approximately. Shows production, development and shooting location in Mumbai, Maharashtra and revolves around Mumbai. Earlier team also shot some episodes in real location.

Crime Patrol TV Series Cast Name List 2, Crew Members, Sony TV Show, Genre, Premise, Start Date, Timing, Pictures

Details of Crime Patrol TV Series Cast Name List 2 Show: &#;

TV Series Name: &#; Crime Patrol Dastak, Dial , Satark

Telecast Network: &#; Sont Entertainment Television

Days: &#; Monday- Friday

Timing: &#; PM &#; PM

Producer: &#; Vipul D. Shah, Prem Kishen Malhotra, Sushil Mehta & More

Production: &#; Optimystix Entertainment, Cinevistaas Limited and Sunshine Production

Online Network: &#; Sonyliv App and

Show’s Creators: &#; Subramanian S. Iyer

Story Premise: &#;

Crime Patrol’s 2nd season was premiered on Sony TV on 26 January and hosted by Sakshi Tanwar. Third season of the series is premiered on 24 September and hosted by Anup Soni. The fourth season was premiere on 29th of April on Sony Entertainment Television and presented by Anup Soni till Its popular weekend suspense series i.e. Crime Patrol Satark was ended on 9 December with episodes. Due to show, many changes happened to this many changes happen in India on Law and Order, Women and Childcare Development and in Human Resource Development departments.

Its story is inspired by reality crime sequences that happened in India. The show changed characters name, place where they lived, sometime religion and caste too. This series opens People’s minds and put awareness about the crime that may happen around them and so that be prepare, be aware and be alert for How to avert crime. The series is also tells people that ‘Crime Never Pays’. There is only one place for criminals and that is jail. Previously Anup Soni narrated the story and now main investigating officer characters take the responsibility to narrate the story or handed over the narrator job. Its first season was premiered on 9th May with episodes and Hosted by Shakti Anand and Diwakar Pundir. The entire Crime Patrol TV Series Cast Name Shows characters are exclusively casted as per their suitable roles.

So here we are presenting cast name list 2 of Crime Patrol series.

Crime Patrol TV Series Cast Name List 2 Stars, Crew, Images, Pictures: &#;


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Hindi Tv Show Crime Patrol Season 1 - Cast & Crew

1. Sanjeev K Jha

/sanjeev-k-jha.jpgSanjeev K Jha is a well-known Indian screenplay writer, and producer. Sanjeev K Jha is known for his predominant contributions to the Hindi film and television industry. Sanjeev was born in the year He was born and brought up in Biha, Motihari. He is graduated with Hindi literature from Jamia Milia Islamia University and was a gold medalist for his brilliant performance in academics. Sanjeev loves writing stories that carry a realistic background. Sanjeev has grown up in a family of writers. His grandfather Ramesh Chandra Jha was a brilliant poet, novelist, and writer. Sanjeev got his inspiration from him. Sanjeev has been active in the industry since the year Before entering the field, he has worked as a freelan

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3. Sudeepta Singh

/sudeepta-singh.jpgSudeepta Singh is an actress who started her career as a TV actress and soon proved her worth and talent over the years. Born on 15 October in Mumbai, she completed her schooling from there. Her education was completed in her home town Mumbai and afterward, she started working as a TV actress in the serial crime patrol (a crime-thriller). She has appeared in around 70 episodes of crime patrol and it was then that she got a movie offer. The movie named Poorna was released in and Sudeepta had a role in it. After this movie, she again started working in serials.

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4. Gauri Yadav Tonk

gauri-yadav-tonk.jpgGauri Yadav Tonk is an Indian actress who works mostly in Hindi Television serials. She started her career with Ekta Kapoor’s serial “Kahin Kisi Roz.” That’s also where romance bloomed between Gauri and Yash. Gauri started her career with “Kahin Kisi Rozz.” The serial was directed and produced by Ekta Kapoor. She played the role of Nisha Sikand. The show was loved by many. In fact, it garnered one of the biggest TRP in the prime time show. There isn’t any doubt about Ekta Kapoor-produced shows. They have always been a super hit on television. It is only on the sets of Kahin Kisi Roz that she met her husband Yash Tonk, and both fell in love. Later, sh

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5. Sanjeev Tyagi

Sanjeev-Tyagi.jpgHas been a top contestant in MasterChef Junior in the year Sanjeev Tyagi is an Indian television actor, known for his appearances on Sony TV’s crime reality TV anthology series, Crime Patrol. He has done different roles in the series; from a police officer to a criminal. He also made few appearances in the courtroom drama series, Adaalat, under the same network channel. Sanjeev was also cast as Shailendra in Anand Sivakumaran’s drama film, Money Devo Bhava.

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Sanjeev Tyagi

6. Mahendi Pravin Jain

Mahendi-Pravin-Jain.jpgMahendi Parvin Jain is an upcoming young and talented actress who has done few Hindi television serials mainly crime thrillers.  Mahendi Parvin Jain born in late 90’s to a Jain family and hails from Rajasthan. Mahendi was very much enthusiastic about acting since her childhood days and during her schooling days got an offer to appear in one of the episodes of the popular crime thriller Hindi tele serial Crime Patrol: Dastak which is hosted by another popular television actor Anoop Soni and the serial portrays real life criminal incidents where the law was able to trace the culprits and provide justice to the victims.Mahendi was seen in many episodes of this show and in various roles especially in an episode showcasi

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7. Varun Khandelwal

varun-khandelwal.jpgVarun Khandelwal, who can currently be seen as IPS Sandhya Rathi's brother in famous serial Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus is a very energetic actor. He belongs to Lucknow, but moved to Mumbai to study tour and travel. He always wanted to become an actor. He got his first break in Balaji's famous daily serial Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki. But prior to that he worked with UTV as a casting director. He handled casting of many serials and had tested Rajat Tokas, Gaurav Khanna and many other actors when they were new to the industry. Varun Khandelwal has played a variety of roles in

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8. Shalini Chandran

Shalini-Chandran.jpg Known for her role as Maithili in one of the most famous TV show of its time, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii (October 16 October 9 ), aired on Star Plus, Shalini Chandran is 22 years old, and is from a Tamil background. It was her dream to become an actress, and that is why to pursue this dream she joined television industry. A pretty face and a charming personality helped her in establishing herself in the industry. Even though she is from a Tamil Background, her command over Hindi and English language is quite good. She said that knowing more than one language helps me have some confidence around people, I can easily talk and express my feelings to everyone surrounding me. She was cast in a TV show, Hamari Betiyoon K

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9. Shakti Singh

Shakti-Singh.jpgShakti Singh is an Indian actor. He is also a voice actor. He has done dubbing many national and international films. He was one who gave Hindi voice to ‘Commodus’ character in Gladiator, Iron Monkey in ‘Iron Monkey’ movie, Agent K in all Men in Black series and Caledon Nathan Hockley in “Titanic”. This uncredited artist was born on 9th October. He is married to Janhavi Singh, this couple has been blessed with two beautiful kids. He has also acted in television dramas, so far he has acted in three television programs , one aired in star plus TV, one has been aired in Colors TV and the other is aired in Zee TV. He is a well-known dubbing artist, but in a recent article titled “Audible Success”, it has been clearly stated how the voice actors

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Shakti Anand

Shakti-Anand1.jpg Famous for his role as Nikhil Samarth in the drama series Ek Ladki Anjaani Si (November 21, – September 12, ), aired on Sony entertainment television. Shakti Anand belonged to a Punjabi family and was born and raised in New Delhi. His mother was a Marathi filmmaker, and his father was a cameraman. He studied from Tamil Education Association and majored in Science Stream. He received his masters degree in pharmaceutical engineering, and soon after that started working as a medical examiner. Joining Indian television, was nothing but a total surprise for him, he never planned to be an actor. According to him, he never saw himself as an actor, before he got the role in one of the most popular tv

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Shahrukh Sadri

Shahrukh-Sadri.jpgShahrukh Sadri is one the Indian Television actor, who is often seen doing short roles and cameos in the industry. His roles are very impactful. He was firstly seen on ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha'. He was then offered a role in ‘Hum Ne Li-Shapath’ and ‘Sanskar- Darhor Apno Ki’. He was also seen many times in Crime Patrol, mostly planning the role of a father and sometimes in negative character too. Reportedly, Sadri has been offered a role in Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s maiden fiction show on Sony TV. Sadri was in news for his this achievement.

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Samaira Rao

Samaira-Rao.jpgSamaira Rao, born on February 3, , studied from Dubai International School and college. A resident of Mumbai, the big screen always baffled her. So she began modelling. Fortunately, she bagged a role in the movie "Isi Life Mein" by Vidhi Kasliwal in But the movie was not a big success.She embarked on her Indian television career on August 6, , by starring on "Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage", as Mansi Anup Sisodiya. Aired on Sony Entertainment Television India, this particular serial juxtaposed two ideas: love marriage and arranged marriage. Samaira Rao had a spectacular start with Sphere Origins Production House, also considering the sizzling topic that the serial was about. Her character, Ma

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Prarthana Behere

prarthana-behere.jpgPrarthana is Maharashtrian by birth but is born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She gained popularity through the well known Indian soap Pavitra Rishta where she plays the role of Vaishali Dharmesh-Jaipurwala. She is the youngest daughter of Karanjka family. Vaishali is a bubbly, sweet, vibrant woman who undergoes a significant change in her outlook towards life after marriage.She appeared in Optimystix Production’s serial, Crime Patrol, wherein a story of two lovers who take to crime is portrayed. This episode was based in UP and shows the life of Farukh (Saheem Khan of Savdhaan India fame) and Noor (Prarthana of Pavitra Rishta fame).Prarthana was paired with Neha Marda in the dance show Nach

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Parul Chaudhary

Parul-Chaudhary.jpgParul Chaudhary is best known as Kamya from ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ telecasted on STAR Plus channel. The show plot is based in village wherein Radha and Sarju are married. The male lead Sarju goes to city to help his friend Kaula, where he meets Kamya. The cameo character Kamya was the woman who helped Sarju in the city. She fell in love with Sarju, but was shocked to realize that Sarju is a married man. However, by now her love has turned to be more of an obsession and she is all set to break Sarju’s and Radha’s relationship at any cost. In fact, she even attempted to kill Radha earlier, but is not successful. In the meanwhile, Sarju realizes the reality of Kamya and eventually begins to hate her. Once again, the character of Kamya makes an entr

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Parul Chaudhary

Parineeta Borthakur

Parineeta-Borthakur.jpgParineeta Borthakur is an Assamese actress, who has been seen in several Hindi TV serials. She is recognized to audience after her first Assamese film "Nayak". Parineeta Borthakur is a gorgeous and gifted actress of Assam who did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyaaya, Dubliajun, Assam. She started her career as an actress with a telefilm "Nabajibon" when she was in Cotton College. Parineeta has received applauds for her performances, and her list of awards includes Limca fresh face runner up as well as Jyotirupa joint media Awards for Assamese movie ‘Nayak’. Some other Assamese movies to her credit include ‘Barood’, ‘Jibon Bator Logori’, 'Baralar Sanhar’, and ‘Pole Pole Ure Mon’. She has acted in several famous Hind

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Ojaswi Oberoi

Ojaswi-Oberoi1.JPGOjaswi Oberoi is a well-known face of Indian TV scene. This Leo born actress hailed from Delhi and did her schooling from ‘Bal Bharti Public School’. During her school days, she was very active in theater and drama group of the school and actively participated in all cultural events. But as Mumbai is the capital of show business she shifted her base to make a career in Mumbai. Her name “Ojaswi “meaning in Hindi is Bright and by all means when you look at her it is true. She looks very gorgeous and can be photographers delight. Ojaswi has acted in many serials, but her performance in “Aasman Se Aage”, a music based program, was scint

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Nivin Ramani

Nivin-Ramani.jpgNivin Ramani is a well known Indian TV actor and model. He was born on 27 September and hails from Muzaffarnagar, U.P. He comes from the family of doctors as both his parents is in the medical profession. But he was never interested in becoming a doctor instead he wanted to become an actor. He made his TV debut with the serial “Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak?”, a typical Indian family drama and he played the character of Cheenu, a caring brother. Currently, he is playing the character of Ashu in the very popular Star TV show “Diya Aur Baati Hum”, a serial depicting the story of brave women Sandhya Rathi. Some of the

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Ankita Bhargava

a/n/k/i/t/a/ankita-bhargava.png Ankita Bhargava is a talented actress of Indian Television screen. She was born on August She is the daughter of actor Abhay Bhargava. She is approximately 5'6” tall and exquisite looking. She started her career from advertising and is well known in those circles for ads done for ABP News Promo Ad, Sunfeast Marie, Dominos, etc.  After she made a strong footing in advertising world, she set her foot in television serials and has many good roles to her credit like: Kesar, K Street Pali Hill, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Karam Apna Apna, Sati, Jeevan Sathi, Sazda Tere Pyar Mein, Dekha Ek Khwab (as Rajkumari Unnati), Mrs. Tendulkar (as Priyanka) and Ek Nayi Pehchan

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Neetha Shetty

/neetha-shetty.jpgNeetha shetty is an actress and model from Mumbai. She was born on June 20, and has acted in many Hindi TV serials. She was first seen in the serial 'Kahin To Hoga' on as Dr. Archita who performs an operation on the male protagonist Sujal Grewal. Thought he role was a small one but her performance was lauded by all. Her great looks and intelligent acting created a great impression on the audiences. The next serial where she performed to a great pleasure of the audiences was 'Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan on Zee TV. It was produced by Dheeraj Kumar and Zuby Kochar for Creative Eye and was directed by Rajan Shahi. The storyline dealt with four daughters and the pleasures of ha

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Komal Sharma

/komal-sharma.jpgKomal Sharma is an Indian actress, model and former squash player. She was born on 6th November, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Her family is a north Indian who settled in Chennai four decades ago. She has three siblings and she is the youngest of all. She did her Bachelors of Computer Applications from Sri Kanyaka Parameswari College for Women in Chennai only. She was a good player since her childhood and she joined the Squash Racquets Federation of India (SRFI). She is a excellent in squash and won many prizes and championships in junior and senior category at National level. She even participated and completed the 21 km Chennai Marathon.She was offered advertisements of various brands. She is very beautiful. She won

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Komal Sharma

Chirag Desai

Chirag-Desai.jpgChirag Desai is an Indian film and television serial actor. He is a new and promising actor in the television industry. He aspires to be an actor and his dream came true when he got the opportunity to essay the role of Jignesh Patel or Jiggy in the teen drama series, Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice on Channel V. His character adds spice to the story, as the production brought a love story between him and Kausthuki (played by Homring). Off-screen, the two were also seen together after the show but Chirag stated that Homring is just a special friend and there’s nothing more. Prior to this, Chirag already appeared in the crime television series, Crime Patrol on Sony Entertainment Television India. He also did an episodic in

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Harsh Khurana

Harsh-Khurana.jpgHarsh Khurana is an Indian TV actor born in Delhi. He was born on 11 March He acted in TV serials like ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hai’, ‘Jeenie aur Juju’, ‘Sonpari’, ‘Amanat’, ‘Qubool Hai’, ‘Crime Patrol’ and ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai’. He also acted in two Bollywood movies ‘Legend of Bhagat Singh’ and ’88 Antop Hill’. In , he acted in daily soap serial ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hai’. His role in the serial is of Ashwin Khanna. Ashwin is the PA of the lead actor Ram Amarnath Kapoor. The character of Ram Amarnath Kapoor was played by the actor Ram Kapoor. Harsh’s role was not a major role in the serial but his acting was appreciated by the viewers. The main story of the show revolves around mid age persons Priya and Ram

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Harsh Khurana

Vaishnavi Dhanraj

/vaishnavi-dhanraj.jpgVaishnavi Dhanraj received a great applause for the role of Jhanvi in the most popular TV show Na Aana Is Desh Laado, which was aired on Colors channel. This beautiful and tall actress was born on 25th August in Nagpur. She studied in Blind Relief Association's Mundle High School and graduated from Shivaji Science College. She has also been a celebrity blog writer for “The Times of India”. Her career as a TV actress started in when she did a cameo in Ekta Kapoor's famous daily serial, “Kasautii Zindagi Kay” and did a lead role in Ekta Kapoor's Karam Apna Apna. But at that time she was known as Vaishnavi Bhoyar. Later on, due to numero

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Jia Mustafa

/jia-mustafa.jpgJia Mustafa is an Indian TV actress. She started her career in a negative role in Zee TV super hit serial 'Pavitra Rishta' in which she acted as Poornima Mallik Mittal or Pooni. This was out and out a negative and a villainous role but she performed so well that she became the apple of the eye for the viewers. Her performance was much appreciated by the press as well as viewers and as a result she started getting offers for negative roles only which she did not like. Instead of doing negative roles , she changed her course and started working in episodic TV shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhan India and Lakhon Mein Ek etc.  crime Patrol was hosted by Anup Soni and presented real life crime stories revolv

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Jia Mustafa

Ekta Tiwari

/ekta-tiwari.jpgIndian TV actress and dancer, Ekta Tiwari hails from Indore an dafter her basic education in Indore, she shifted to Delhi where she did a diploma course in acting from Shri Ram Centre of  Performing Arts. After completion of her diploma, she relocated to Mumbai. In Mumbai, she worked with some film directors as Assistant and also as project Head for Wizcraft for their project Nach Baliye. She was interested in dancing and acting since her childhood and used to regularly participate in dramas and dance programmes during her college days. She started her acting career with a drama 'Rani Padmini' of Chandra kant Desai. After that she got a small role in the serial Ganesh Lila as the wife of Lord Ganesh

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Ekta Tiwari

Diwakar Pundir

Diwakar-Pundir1.jpg Diwakar Pundir is an Indian actor and a model. He was born in Hyderabaad on 11 November He has completed his early education from Shimla and studied in New Delhi University. He completed his studies as a pilot from Lucknow and started his career as a professional pilot. But he began his career in the world of modeling after he won the model hunt. Afterwards, there was no looking back as the popularity he received in modeling was the reason for his staying in the Indian showbiz industry. The fame he got from Sonu Nigam’s video named Deewana and made him a face known to everyone.  Later on, he decided to leave modeling and join acting full time. He did work on tel

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Diwakar Pundir

Amano Dhyan

Amano-Dhyan.jpgAmano Dhyan is an Indian casting director. He graduated B Com in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh and gained a diploma in Acting and Film Direction in New Delhi’s Indian Films and Theatre Academy. He initiated his career in theaters and street plays. In , Amano won the Mr Talented Awards in a competition in Mr U.P. with juries Sukhwunder Singh, Mehar Bhaseen and Asha Chandraa. He was part of the Bollywood drama film, Striker together with Indian film producer and director, Chandan Arora in , Utthaan under the Kumar Sanu Productions in and the television serial, Hero on Hungama TV channel. Because of her vast experience in acting and theatres, the remarks and the logic needed to learn casting came naturally to him. Th

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Amano Dhyan

Ahsaan Qureshi

a/h/s/a/a/n/ahsaan-qureshi.jpgAhsaan Qureshi is an Indian actor and a stand up comedian. He was born in Madhya Pradesh in a middle class family. He is a simple man with a talent to make anyone laugh at any time and in any condition which is very difficult for an ordinary man to expert. He completed his studies with a double M.A. in Urdu. He is said to have a very high level of IQ. He started his journey with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Comedy show in on the channel Sahara One. He has been a stage performer and conductor from the last 25 years. His main focus in his Shayaris and stand up acts are Political Issues, Political leaders, Culture and Current Affairs. He was loved and liked by the viewers because of his Shayari b

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Ahsaan Qureshi

Pooja Banerjee

/pooja-banerjee.jpgPooja Banerjee is an Indian Television Actress. Pooja Banerjee was born on 8th Nov, She comes from Mumbai. Pooja completed her graduation from Hislop College. Puja first appeared on the reality show “Roadies Season 8” on MTV. Pooja is also a national level Swimmer and an Athletic.  Pooja started her career as a TV artist in the year with the serial Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum. Then she continued her career in Television by doing serials namely, Crime Patrol, Maan Na Maan Main Tera Mehmaan, Chhanchhan and few more series.  Pooja played the role of Noorie Chaudhary in the series Naagarjuna – Ek Y

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Adaa Khan

/adaa-khan.png Adaa Khan is an Indian Model and Television Actress. Adaa Khan was born on 12th May in a city Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in the family of a Muslim Religion. She doesn’t believe in any cast or religion as she Trust in everyone and Believe God is one and present everywhere. She is very spiritual in nature too. Adaa did her schooling from Mumbai itself. After that she went to Delhi for Graduation in School of Drama. Her mother was taking treatment for her cure from a hospital but she was died when Adaa was just of nineteen. She is mainly known for her role as Amrit in a Television Serial of Amrit Manthan. She did her first show in Palampur. After that she started working for various Television shows

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Adaa Khan

Alok Narula

/alok-narula.jpgAlok Narula is a dashing Hindi television and film actor who became popular for appearing as Aditya Kaushik, the 4th son of Satyadev and Bindeshwari Kaushik who lives in Jaipur in the drama serial, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein. Alok’s character is a young and well educated man who is into marketing business. He met Ria (played by Deeya Chopra and Preet Kaur) in London, UK and became her wife. Before this serial, he played as Saket Shergill replacing Ayushmann Khurrana in STAR Plus’ Kayamath. Alok was born and raised up in Himachal Pradesh, India and then he moved to Mumbai to pursue his acting career. His parents became very supportive to his goal, although his father was a little doubtful at first and he wanted

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Alok Narula

Aleeza Khan

/aleeza-khan.jpgAleeza Khan is a dancer by profession and was seen as a staunch feminist who fights for her rights in the role of Amrita Vikram Dhanrajgir in the Indian soap, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara. In a discussion with, this beautiful young lady shared that she hates brutality for fairer sex. She also said that she fights for her rights, if things will not work out the way she wants it to be. Aleeza is an epitome of beauty in her serials. When asked about the secret, she giggled a bit and responded swiftly telling that she’s not a materialistic type of girl. She has a natural beauty and she go for a daily yoga and strict diet. Aleeza likes Kajol Devgan and loves to act

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Geetanjali Mishra

/geetanjali-mishra.jpgGeetanjali Mishra is an Indian actress. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is from middle class family. She did her schooling and graduation from Mumbai only. She had no interest in acting, but life took her to a new world. Actually, she had a strange story about her acting profession. She lived nearby to a director of Indian Television Seema Sharma. Due to some circumstances her actor ditched her at the last moment, so she was stressed. One day she called Geetanjali and asked her to play a role in her serial. So this was the start of her television world. She never gave any auditions.Her first TV serial was “Piya Ka Ghar” telecast on Zee TV. In this serial she played a small role because she entered the show wh

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Anushka Sen

Anushka-Sen.jpgAnushka Sen is an Indian TV child actress and a model, born on August 4, , in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She started acting when she was 12 years old. She auditioned for TVC, TeleSerial and Film. Anushka has starred in the Indian dramatic serial Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli on Zee TV and a pivotal role in Life OK’s Devon Ke Dev Mahadev as the young Chhoti Parvati. She also essayed the character of Meher, one of Ballu’s friends that belong to human in children TV series, Baal Veer on SAB TV. She also played the role of Misti on ZEE TV’s Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. Anushka also did an episodic on Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali on Sony TV, Crime Patrol and Fear Files wh

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Sayantani Ghosh

Sayantanivideo.jpgSayantani Ghosh is a popular TV/film actress, dancer, and singer, and is famous for her roles in Naaginn, Adaalat, and Mahabharat. Born on 6th September , she was brought up in Calcutta, West Bengal and earned a degree in English Literature. She is in a long term relationship with Bharat Kaul and is popularly known as the Bipasha Basu of Indian television. She won the Miss Calcutta pageant which launched her career. She acted in Bengali movies like Raju Uncle, Swapnoo, Nayak - The Real Hero, and Sangharsha, before debuting on the small screen as Antara Wadhwa on Kumkum.  She won the lead roles of Kakul Choudhary in Ghar Ek Sapna, aired on Sahara One; Amrita on Zee TV’s Naaginn &nd

Click Here To Read Full Biography About Sayantani Ghosh

Jatin Shah

/jatin-shah.jpgJatin Shah is one of the famous actors on Indian Television. He spent most of his time living in hostels. At present, he is residing alone in Mumbai. His family is staying in Madhya Pradesh. He made his entry into television acting through, 'Kasautii Zindagii Kay', which was a famous soap opera, which was broadcasted on Star Plus from the year to Then, he appeared in 'Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii', a soap opera that was telecasted in Star Plus. During the year , he was seen in 'Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki' an epic serial that was telecasted in 9X. Then, he appeared in 'Kasturi', a soap opera which was broadcasted in Star Plus from to From to , he worked in 'Ghar

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Raj Singh

/raj-singh.jpgRaj Singh was seen in Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV playing brother of male lead Sushant Singh Rajput as Manav. Personal Life: Raj Singh is an Indian television actor. He lives in Mumbai. A simple person, but very talented. He did appeared in many serials, but his charm did not work on the audience. Hence, he is seen in supportive roles mostly. He is simple, fun loving and cute and people liked him very much when he played the role of Sachin in Punar Vivah for his lovely image. Rumours were Raj is dating his co star Shalini Shauta from Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo, but both the actors denied. Career: Raj Singh acted in many serial,s but failed to make his strong image

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