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'Gigantic Rat' bigger than a human being found in Mexico city drain | Watch

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A giant Rat, bigger than a human, was found in underground drainage system in Mexico city by workers, shocking everyone around. The huge rat was found in sewage tunnels of the Mexico city, however, it later turned out to be a halloween decoration.

Several videos of the gigantic rat that was found from sewage tunnels went on social media as people began to talk about the real life-like creature.

The halloween prop in first sight looks absolutely real, leaving no doubt that it wasn't a living creature but actually turned out to be a halloween decoration that managed to end up in the labyrinth of underground tunnels.

As videos, photos of the giant prop began surfacing on social media, a lady came forward and claimed the ownership.

According to the New York Post, the lady claimed she made the rat from scratch years ago hoping to use it as a halloween prop. However, the prop was misplaced, lost during heavy rains.

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Watch: Giant Rat Measuring over 4 Feet Found in Mexico. Is It Real?

Apart from Stuart Little and Ratatouille’s Remy, any sight of other rats is bound to leave people running or jumping away, especially if one has a fear of rats. Now imagine the same rat, but it’s taller, wider, and larger than humans and looks terrifying!

It’s not a plot for some horror movie but an actual incident from Mexico City that had people squeaking with cringe. While cleaning an underground drainage system, the workers discovered a gigantic rat stuck in the gutters. The shocking discovery was reported to have been stuck there with around 22 tons of litter, reported Border News. The crew had to work very hard to remove the garbage from the sewer tunnels and here they came across the realistic looking “rat”.

If you have hopes that the Ninja Turtles are real and Rat King (Master Splinter) is finally found, then the following news would be disappointing. Before anyone is scared about a possible radioactive/nuclear Godzilla style accident that may have resulted in this behemoth, mutated rat monster, there’s further disappointment.

The rat turned out to be fake, a Halloween decoration from someone’s haunted house collection. It just somehow got stuck in the underground tunnels due to improper waste management.

The video of this discovery has become viral on Facebook. A man is seen holding a water hopes, washing off the years of filth and sewage gunk off this rat’s body. The rat itself sits between the crew like a giant rat monk sitting hunched over, and the distance is enough to make it look almost realistic. Or at least an incredibly realistic sculpture of a rat.

Witnesses were astonished by both the size and realism of this creature. Others wondered how something this gigantic could ever end up in the underground tunnels in the first place. Some bravely accepted that if they came face to face with rat on an empty street, they would run away quickly in the opposite direction.

A resident named Evelin López finally came forward claiming the giant rat to be her own creation. It was lost to her after some storms, and despite repeated requests to search the drains and sewage, no one came to help.

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‘Giant rat’ found in Mexico City drain: report

The ‘Giant rat’ found in Mexico City

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, Mexico City residents got the living daylights scared out of them when what appeared to be a giant rat was pulled up out of the city’s drainage system.

A realistic Halloween prop was among the 22 tons of trash and debris retrieved by crew workers from the sewage system, according to Border Report.

People marveled at how much it resembled a real rodent. Some told the outlet that if it had been seen on the street they would’ve run away in fear.

Local resident Evelin López laid claim to the monstrous monstrosity – saying her creation washed away years ago during storms in the city, and no one helped her find it.

No idea what she plans to do with the creepy creature.


‘Giant rat’ found in drain under Mexico City

MEXICO CITY (Border Report) — As crews were cleaning 22 tons of trash from Mexico City’s drainage system, they came across what is being described as a “giant rat.”

The rat, which turned out to be a Halloween prop that was in a warehouse, apparently washed away during storms, somehow disappearing into a labyrinth of drains underground.

People who saw the giant rat could not figure out how it squeezed through a drain in the first place due to its size but everyone marveled at how much it looked like a real rodent.

Some even said if they had seen it on a street, they would’ve run away in fear.

One woman named Evelin López admitted it was hers, all part of materials she had collected for Halloween, but that it washed away years ago during storms.

López said she had asked for assistance to search the drain many times but no one ever came to help.

She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her prop or whether she planned to keep it.

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Workers in Mexico discover 'giant rat' while clearing sewers

Workers in Mexico discover 'giant rat' while clearing sewers  |  Photo Credit: Facebook

Think you saw the largest-ever sewer rat in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Wait till you get a load of this Mexican beast.

Workers clearing a drainage system in Mexico city were left shocked this week after they discovered a 'giant rat' that was almost thrice their size.

Don't start thinking about alien invaders and scientific experiments. There's an incredible catch to the story that is linked to the mood for the upcoming season.

The men were in the middle of their assignment of removing 22 tons of litter from Mexico City's sewers when they stumbled upon a 'creature' that looked like a giant rat with lifelike fur and body shape.

But when the men went in for a closer look, they realised it was a Halloween prop, which had been washed away from a warehouse during heavy storms in the city. According to reports, the owner of the prop had no clue how it ended up in the sewer.

A short clip showing the workers using hoses to clean the prop has now gone viral on social media.

Take a look:

According to the post, the huge 'rat' and 20 tonnes of garbage and waste in the drains of La Magdalena Contreras contributed to the intense floods in the area.

The workers and pedestrians were in disbelief as to how the prop ended up in the drainage system.

Later, a woman by the name of Evelin Lopez claimed the ownership of the prop and said she had collected materials to create a giant rat for Halloween a few years ago. But it was washed away with heavy rains, she said.

Evelin added that she sought assistance for checking the drains in order to retrieve her prop, but no one came to help her at that time.

Sewer creature spotted!

'Giant Rat' Found in Mexico City Sewers

In the sewers beneath Mexico City, a hulking behemoth was hidden for years and dragged into the light only days ago. 

Larger than a human, a monstrosity was unleashed upon the people of Mexico City, its unnatural hibernation disturbed by workers cleaning out the drains to combat torrential flooding. You read that right, and this isn't "The Weekly World News"—a "giant rat" was found and pulled out of the sewers ... but it's a fake rat.

Mexico City resident Evelin López has claimed ownership of the prop saying to Border Report that she made it for Halloween years ago but it was washed away by storms and never found despite requests for help looking for it.

The "giant rat" (which really needs a name at this point) was found amid over 20,000 pounds of garbage and gained extra attention after this tweet went viral.  Everyone involved agreed how realistic the fake rodent looks and some said that "if they had seen it on a street, they would’ve run away in fear."

Although the question of its origin is laid to rest, some mysteries still remain. How did it get down the drain in the first place? What will López do with it now? Also, there has been no official word on just how freaked out the workers were when they found it.

On a more serious note, this "giant rat" situation illustrates very real issues that Mexico City is facing with irresponsible disposal of garbage and heavy rains which recently have broken records.  According to Mexico News Daily, the Mayor of Mexico City has made statements in person and on Twitter to address the issue.

Ultramix TV (YouTube)

On a scale of 1-10 how freaked out would you be if you saw this rat? 15, maybe? Any suggestions for a name? Tell us in the comments!


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Terrifying 'giant rat' found after heavy rain washes it out of Mexico City sewers

A mysterious "creature" was pulled out of the sewers after a bout of heavy rain in Mexico City.

The "giant rat" was part of 22 tonnes of waste pulled from the city's drainage system following heavy storms.

When workers in Mexico City first clapped eyes on it, they thought rats were turning into dinosaur-sized monsters.

Border Report says crews made the unsavoury discovery while cleaning 22 tons of trash from Mexico City’s drainage system.

Turning a corner, they suddenly came across what is being described as a “giant rat”.

But the rodent turned out not to be an actual live animal – and is actually a Halloween prop.

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The rat had been in a warehouse but apparently washed away during storms, somehow disappearing into a labyrinth of drains underground, the Mexico City workers said.

Some even said if they had seen it on a street, they would’ve run away in fear.

Local reports say it was so realistic that passersby “marvelled” at the site of it after crews pulled it out from underneath the city.

Its rightful owner, Evelin López, said her creation washed away years ago during storms in the city, and no one ever helped her get it back.

López says she has yet to decide what she would do with the rat, Border Report wrote.

Last month rats "the size of rabbits" overran homes in a Merseyside town, as shown in a shocking video.

People living in Sefton Road, Litherland, complain that the problem is ongoing and the "brazen" creatures appear to be getting bigger.

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