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A Guide to the Indiana Driver's Manual

You can obtain this manual free online or from any Indiana license office. If you want to make the journey to getting your Indiana license as smooth as possible, it is crucial that you get this manual. The Indiana Driver's Manual will also help you become a better driver if you take the time to learn it inside out.

Does the Indiana Driver's Manual replace a driver education course?

Despite the amount of information that the driver's manual contains, it does not replace an Indiana-approved driver education course. The purpose of the manual is to provide you with the information you need. An approved driver education course gives you the skills that you will need to actually drive the vehicle. You must be at least 15 years of age to take a driver education course.

What is the best way to use the Indiana Driver's Manual?

The best way to use the driver's manual is to give yourself the time to read the entire manual without rushing. There is a large amount of valuable information in this manual so it is unwise to expect to be able to finish it in one sitting. Take a week or two and read from it each night, making sure that you are retaining the information as you read.

Once you have read the manual in its entirety, go back and review one section at a time, taking it slower this time. Use a highlighting pen if you prefer to highlight pertinent information that you will need for your knowledge and driving skills tests. Don't try and memorize everything the first time around. There will be time for that when you go back for the second read-through.

If you need to read the manual a third time, that's fine. The more you read it, the more you will cement the information in your mind so you will have it when you need it. Once you have passed your knowledge test, obtained your learner's permit, and eventually earned your driver's license, it is a good idea to keep an updated copy of the driver's manual in your car in case you need to refer to it in the event of an accident or emergency. It is always better to be prepared by having a copy on hand, rather than wishing you had a copy.


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From Indianapolis to Beech Grove, there’s no doubt that cars are the most common way to get around Indiana, and the path to a driver’s permit starts here with the Indiana Driver’s Handbook. We ensure this page features only the very latest version by providing it directly from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Once you feel confident you’ve studied the handbook enough, you can start practicing with our free Indiana permit practice tests to prepare for your real exam. Then, when you’re comfortable with both the Indiana Driver’s Handbook and your practice test scores, it’s time go get your Indiana driver’s permit!

The DMV handbook alone isn't enough.

If you only study the official manual, your probability of passing the DMV Exam is 49%. You can double your chances with our Premium program.

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Driver's Manual

The BMV’s Driver’s Manual contains the latest information you will need to successfully pass an operator’s knowledge examination (written test) and obtain an Indiana driver’s license. The Driver’s Manual is also a great way for anyone to review updated traffic laws and regulations.

The most up-to-date version of the Indiana Driver’s Manual is available for you to download below in several different languages.

Download the Entire Driver's Manual

Please Pick Your Language

  • Chapter 1 | Obtaining a New Credential

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • Credential Overview
    • Credential Design
    • Real ID
    • Indiana Residency Requirements
    • Applying for an Identification Card
    • Learner’s Permit
    • Vision Screening
    • Knowledge Exam (Written Test)
    • Driving (Skills) Test Waiver for Skills Exam
    • Driving (Skills) Tests
    • Financial Liability for Injury or Damage
    • Applying For a Driver’s License
    • Commercial Learner’s Permit and Commercial Driver’s License
    • Photo-Exempt Credentials
    • Receiving Your Credential by Mail
    • Public Safety Restrictions and Prohibitions

    Download Chapter One ( KB)

  • Chapter 2 | Restrictions & Endorsements

    This chapter contains the following topics: 

    • Restrictions and Endorsements
    • Motorcycle Learner’s Permit
    • Motorcycle Endorsement
    • Motor Driven Cycles
    • Autocycles
    • For-Hire Endorsement
    • Chauffeur’s and Public Passenger Chauffeur’s Licenses

    Download Chapter Two ( KB)

  • Chapter 3 | Indicators, Watercraft, & Parking Placards

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • Organ Donation
    • Active Duty and Veteran Military Indicator
    • Watercraft
    • Parking Placards

    Download Chapter Three ( MB)

  • Chapter 4 | Renewing, Amending, or Replacing a Credential

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • Renewing a Credential
    • Amending a Credential
    • Replacing a Credential

    Download Chapter Four ( KB)

  • Chapter 5 | Points, Suspensions, & Insurance Requirements

    This chapter contains the following topics: 

    • Point Values
    • Driver Safety Program
    • Insurance Requirements
    • Suspensions
    • Habitual Traffic Violators

    Download Chapter Five ( KB)

  • Chapter 6 | Traffic Signs & Signals

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • Traffic Sign Colors
    • Traffic Sign Shapes
    • Warning Signs
    • Traffic Regulation Signs
    • Traffic Guidance Signs
    • Traffic Signals

    Download Chapter Six ( MB)

  • Chapter 7 | Safe Vehicle Operation

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • Lane Markings
    • Changing Lanes and Passing Other Vehicles
    • Rules for Safe and Legal Turning
    • Speed Limits
    • Braking and Following Distances
    • Fuel Economy
    • Tire Pressure and Tread Depth
    • Driving in Uncertain Weather Conditions
    • Driving at Night
    • Impaired and Dangerous Driving
    • Distracted Driving
    • Aggressive Driving
    • Driving on Rural Roads
    • Driving on Interstate Highways
    • Work Zones
    • Railroad Crossings
    • Safety at Railroad Crossings
    • Sharing the Road with Tractor-Trailers
    • Sharing the Road with Other Vehicles
    • Parking and Reversing
    • Pedestrian Safety
    • Seat Belts and Child Safety Restraints
    • Truck Equipment Requirements

    Download Chapter Seven  ( MB)

  • Chapter 8 | Accidents & Emergency Situations

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • What to Do After an Accident
    • Avoiding Collisions
    • Impaired Driving
    • Roadside Emergency Situations
    • Vehicle Equipment Failures
    • Avoiding Vehicle Theft
    • Traffic Stops by Law Enforcement
    • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Download Chapter Eight  ( KB)

  • Chapter 9 | Knowledge Exam (Written Test) Sample Questions

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • Learner’s Permit and Driver’s License Sample Exam Questions
    • For-Hire Endorsement Sample Exam Questions
    • Motor Driven Cycle A Exam
    • Motor Driven Cycle B Endorsement Sample Exam Questions

    Download the Sample Questions ( KB)

  • Appendices A, B, & C | Document Requirements, Teens Behind the Wheel, & Other BMV Services and Resources

    This chapter contains the following topics:

    • Identity Documents
    • Lawful Status Documents
    • Social Security Number Documents
    • Indiana Residency Documents
    • Submitting Acceptable Documents
    • Obtaining a Non-Compliant Credential
    • Driver Guide for Parents and Teens
    • Forms
    • Voter Registrations
    • Military Selective Service Registration

    Download Appendix A, B, & C ( KB)


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Manual for indiana drivers

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2021 Indiana DMV Written Test #1

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