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The seats in your vehicle probably take more daily abuse than anything else in your vehicle. Think about it every time you get in and out, spill a drink or food, travel with kids or dogs, or even get in when the weather turns your seats just take abuse after abuse. At Covercraft we custom-make the best seat covers to fit your exact vehicle and provide superior protection for whatever you throw at them.

We have two types of Seat Covers which are our PrecisionFit Seat Coversand our SeatSavers. Both types of seat covers are going to be custom-fit for your exact seats and durable enough to hold up to the daily abuse.
  • SeatSavers are designed for rugged durability, easy on/off installation, and machine washable for when things get dirty.
  • PrecisionFit Seat Covers are designed for maximum comfort with a foam-backing that also helps create a super snug fit. These are also available in only the most durable materials like Carhartt® or Endura and made right here in the USA.
Really you cannot go wrong with either style seat cover it just depends on what you are looking for. Though if you want the best fit with the most comfort and protection go with PrecisionFit Seat Covers. They may cost a little more, but they are well worth it and will help you enjoy driving again.

Some Seat Cover Details We Will Need To Craft The Perfect Seat Covers:
  • Your Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle you are looking for
  • The sub-model or trim package of your vehicle
  • What types of seats does your vehicle have like buckets, 40/20/40 seats, 50/50 bench seats, solid bench seats, captain chairs, etc
  • What type of seat controls do you have electric or manual
  • What type of headrests does your seat have, adjustable, square, round, etc

  • Don't worry we only ask the relevant questions to your vehicle, but every vehicle comes with a variety of seats depending on features that your vehicle was equipped with and unfortunately we cannot use the VIN to drill down to those details so we need your help to narrow down the right pattern. When you shop online though we use diagram pictures of your seats to help

    Rugged Durability & Performance

    Luxurious Look & Feel

    Sporty Style & Performance

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    Covercraft Custom Seat Covers

    Regardless if you are looking for a seat cover to cover your new factory seats or your old worn-out factory seats; Covercraft has the widest selection of custom patterns tailored to your specific vehicle seats.

    6 Ways Covercraft Has Made The Best Seat Covers

    Over 3,+ Covercraft Seat Cover Reviews

    1. SeatSaver Seat Covers (2,+ Reviews) - The ultimate work truck seat cover custom made to take abuse, install quickly, and be machine washable. Covercraft SeatSavers are very durable and hold up to work crews, pets, or even wild kids. Custom-fit Seat Covers for most trucks, SUVs, and work vans.
    2. PrecisionFit Seat Covers (1,+ Reviews) - Our GT Seat Cover line is our premium seat cover line as they offer superior comfort and fit with a foam-backing. These seat covers offer a wide range of options from waterproof seat covers to genuine leather seat covers. With so many styles and colors, you can transform the look of your vehicle while getting maximum protection and comfort.
    3. Carhartt® Seat Covers (1,+ Reviews) - Iconic Carhartt® protection and style paired with the custom vehicle patterns that Covercraft has created. Carhartt® Duck Weave Seat Covers are tough as nails and made to hold up as well as the clothing you know and love.
    4. Comfy Sheepskin Seat Covers (+ Reviews) - Luxury driving at its finest. Our Cozy Seat Covers are ultra-soft and supportive with the finest genuine merino sheepskin wool. The natural fibers provide the perfect all-season seat cover to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
    5. Contour-Fit Seat Covers (New) - The car seat cover made to hug the curves of your bucket seats. Our stunning contour seat covers instantly transform your boring seats into racing seats.
    6. Canine Covers (+ Reviews) - Dog Seat Covers for your best friend. Not all seat covers are ideal for pups, but our Canine Seat Covers are rugged, comfortable, breathable, and of course waterproof. Keeps fur off your factory seats while preventing tears, scratches, or stains from ruining your car, truck, SUV, or wagon.

    Waterproof SeatSaver Fabric From Covercraft



    Ready to purchase one of our
    Custom Volkswagen Seat Covers

    Volkswagen Beetle (Bug) and Beetle Convertible seat covers are necessary for Volkswagen owners who are wise about protecting their investment by covering their front and rear seats. Upholstery can get beat to shreds from everyday use, so protection is key. Some of the most popular Volkswagen Beetle (Bug) and Beetle Convertible seat covers that we manufacture include the Scottsdale seat cover, the Madrid seat cover, and the Regal cover. Two tone seat covers add style and class up your auto with a seat cover customized to your particular tastes and is built to last for approximately years of course depending on how tough you are on them. The interior of the Volkswagen Beetle (Bug) and Beetle Convertible looked best off the showroom floor, but its easy to restore that great look with a new seat cover from seat cover unlimited.

    Volkswagen Seat Covers Sample Install Photos


    Seat Cover Model Pages

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    Choose a selection of seat covers for your VW Beetle via the links on the right.

    Why TMI Seat Covers?
    This company accumulated original patterns for all VW Beetle seat covers and also all original seat cover fabrics for VW Beetle sedans and VW Beetle convertibles ! They dominate the industry and virtually all dealers carry TMI brand VW Beetle seat covers. Most VW Beetle seat covers are custom made though the more popular seat covers, such as the black basket weave vinyl covers can be shipped more quickly. Less popular Beetle seat covers average about eight weeks from time of order to shipment of the seat covers. This varies with the season.

    Original VW Beetle Seat Cover Designs
    VW Beetle seat covers come in basket weave seat cover vinyl, smooth vinyl and in combinations of TMI (original reproduction)seat cover smooth vinyl, Beetle OEM seat cover vinyl and tweed cloth, and velours. Many fabrics and fabric pairs were original VW Beetle seat coveres, but basket weave vinyl is the dominant VW Beetle seat cover fabric.

    These are reproduction seat covers and they are accurate reproductions of original VW Beetle seat covers: original Beetle (and Super Beetle) seat covers were utilized in creating stored computer driven cutting of seat cover sections by this manufacturer. Pleating and fabric colors are reproductions of original Beetle and Super Beetle seat cover designs.

    Installation of Beetle seat covers
    To install replacement seat covers (these are original replacement covers, not slip overs !) you must take the seats out of the car, strip off the old seat covers and proceed. With any luck the stuffing inside the seat covers is okay. If not we can supply shaped foam replacement seat cover cushions. These include both seat back rest cushions and seat cushions. They are designed to replicate the original Beetle seat shape. We also have sisal and other items for partial or complete Beetle seat cover restoration. Instructions for Beetle seat covers apply to all air cooled VW seat cover restoration.

    Seat Cover Instructions
    We have an excellent, illustrated, step by step instruction booklet for overhauling your VW Beetle seats and replacing those seat covers and everything under them ! This seat cover restoration manual is thorough and you will not need a seat cover video or CD. The seat cover restoration booklet is inexpensive and is listed on all our VW Beetle seat cover pages at the site.

    VW Beetle Seat Parts
    There are many associated parts, such as seat belts, seat sliders, knobs, etc. Our site has all original replacement Beetle seat parts. Most of the seat parts are inexpensive and allow all new seat functioning.

    Floor Pans
    Taking out the seats in order to replace your seat covers will expose your floor pans. Please contact us if your seat cover work reveals the need for any sheet metal replacement. We prefer to arrange special shipping to minimize that cost for you on large sheet metal orders.

    Best Seat Cover Fabrics
    The basket weave vinyl seat covers are the most ordered seat covers and the most used original seat cover fabric. Black basket weave seat covers are the most popular and we try to stock them for all years. Next most popular seat covers are the smooth (leather grained) one color vinyl seat covers. As mentioned, we can have your seats made in two fabrics, and with or without the seat cover edge piping that was sometimes used. You may email us with any special seat cover requests.

    Warranty Information
    We pass on TMI's excellent replacement warranty. They do guaranty the fit of their seat covers and we have been offering, not just seat cover customer service, but helpful advice and generous processing of any customer seat cover issues. It should be pointed out that you should be confident of your choice of seat cover fabrics and seat fabric colors. usually the seat fabric scans suffice but we are happy to send samples (swatches from seat cover fabrics) if you request by email. We are not responsible for seat cover color choice dissatisfaction when we supply the specified seat cover color and seat cover fabric.

    Basketweave Vinyl Seat Covers
    Our best selling VW Beetle seat covers are the basketweave vinyl seat covers. The advantages of this seat cover fabric are twofold: the fabric (original in most Beetle seat covers) is the most durable of all the seat cover fabrics. Also, as a result of their popularity, basket weave vinyl seat cover fabric had the highest production volume of all original VW Beetle seat cover fabric production. And this is true for reproduction seat covers too. This makes for an attractive choice as the basketweave seat covers are the least expensive, the most durable and the quickest to ship.
    However: the color choices and especially the combinations available in other seat cover fabrics make their choice attractive to Beetle seat restorers. When you order basket weave seat covers the main fabric will be the basket weave (in the color selected) and the trim fabric will be smooth vinyl of the same color.

    Custom Made Seat Covers
    There are thousands of combinations of VW Beetle seat cover designs, fabric combinations, and other seat cover variables. AS a result of this seat cover situation no one stocks enough Beetle seat covers to satisfy craving for quick delivery ! TMI, as it enjoys a virtual monopoly on VW Beetle seat covers, is in charge of turnaround and we have to inform our seat cover customers that waits, especially for combination fabric seat covers, early year seat covers and even most single color seat covers, can be several weeks. If you are planning to replace your VW Beetle seat covers, please keep this in mind. This seat cover situation applies to every VW Beetle seat cover supplier, and this is just about universal, makes quick delivery impossible. Please plan your VW Beetle seat cover project with this in mind.

    Long Service Record
    We have been providing VW Beetle parts, not merely seat covers, ever since ! At this writing that is 45 years of service to the VW Beetle restorer. Please use our email address [email protected] for any questions. Our staff will provide the best service in the industry.


    The uniqueness and iconic style of a VW deserve an interior and leather seats that stand out just as much. Katzkin’s custom-fit, premium leather seats, and interiors are created to transform your VW Beetle&#;s interior. Replacing your original factory-installed cloth seats with a custom-designed leather interior from Katzkin will change the look, feel and resale value of your car. And while VW offers a stellar warranty on the Beetle, we offer a great 3 year, 36,mile warranty on our leather seats.

    VW Beetle Seat Covers

    Katzkin interiors are NOT seat covers. They are specifically engineered and handcrafted to completely replace your Beetle&#;s cloth seats with a professionally-installed, upholstered custom leather interior. Our leather seats blow traditional seat covers out of the water. Katzkin seats improve the look and feel of your Beetle while also increasing the value of your car. These seats will be a huge upgrade to your car&#;s interior. The exterior of your Beetle already stands out. Let us make the inside be just as original. We can also install heated and ventilated seats on your Beetle with three different levels of temperature comfort.

    Choose from our popular VW Beetle Katzkin Designs, a Manufacturer Inspired Interior, or Create a Design of Your Own. We offer a choice of over colors and materials with multiple trim options including red, black, white, and blue.

    Katzkin’s VW Beetle custom leather seat and replacement seats are available for the following model years:


    Transform your VW Beetle interior with Katzkin. Choose from any of our installers all over the country including Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Dallas, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Start now and find an installer today!

    Choose Your Design

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    How to Install 2004-2005 Volkswagen Beetle Custom Seat Covers - COVERKING®

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