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Kia Sedona Reliability and Common Problems

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If you’re looking for a minivan with a roomy cabin, the Kia Sedona is a great option. It’s a reliable vehicle that doesn’t cost much to maintain in comparison with other vehicles in the same category. It also has a resale value that depreciates 59% after 5 years, according to

Are Kia Sedonas Reliable?

The Kia Sedona received a 4.0 out of 5.0 reliability rating on RepairPal. It also ranks 1st out of 8 other minivans. It’s practical, dependable, and comfortable with its spacious cabin. Your Kia Sedona can last a long time. It can easily last over 200,000 miles as long as you properly keep up with its maintenance and service schedule.

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Top Kia Sedona Problems

The Kia Sedona is reliable, but it has multiple potential problems, depending on the model year. Here is a list of common problems you may experience with your Kia Sedona:

Abnormal Startup Noises

2002-2017 Kia Sedonas may exhibit abnormal startup noises, which may set in at around 90,000 miles. Some owners have described them as loud knocking noises that last around four or five seconds, which become loud as the engine cools down. They may be linked to incorrect oil levels. However, if your Sedona’s oil levels are correct, they may be due to a bad timing chain tensioner. Kia is aware of this issue and has released an improved timing chain tensioner as a replacement. You may acquire and install it in your Sedona to resolve the issue.

Starting Complications

One of the most reported 2002-2016 Kia Sedona problems is its persistent starting issues. Some owners have shared that Sedonas may have difficulty starting due to its vehicle immobilizer control module. If it doesn’t detect the push-to-start Kia smart key, it may activate as if the vehicle is being stolen.

Your vehicle may only start up properly if the key is inserted into the ignition to start the vehicle. However, some have shared that their Sedonas don’t start even if they’re manually turning the key. You may encounter this problem at around 110,000 miles. Getting a new and upgraded version of the Kia smart key may resolve this issue. Take note that this problem may also be linked with wiring issues, so the vehicle may need further inspection to determine the exact cause.

Faulty Battery

One of the most well-known 2015 Kia Sedona problems is its faulty battery, which may die frequently. It often happens to relatively new vehicles at just around 3,400 miles. Some owners have shared that they were forced into difficult situations because their batteries unexpectedly died. They have reported that they need to jump start their batteries almost every week to drive their Sedonas. Others were shocked because their batteries got depleted multiple times in just one week. It’s not clear why this happens, but your dealership may jump start your vehicle or replace its battery to fix it.

Malfunctioning Air-conditioning (A/C) Clutch Assembly

Some 2002-2014 Kia Sedonas are known to have faulty A/C clutch assemblies, which may act up at around 89,000 miles. They may cause excessive vibrations whenever the A/C is working, which may come with odd rattling sounds. Some owners have shared that in some cases, their A/C may blow hot air or not work at all. An A/C compressor clutch assembly replacement may be able to resolve the issue. However, some cases may require work on the A/C compressor, depending on findings after inspection and diagnosis. Resolving this issue may become expensive, depending on the extent of repairs needed as well as part and labor rates.

Transmission Issues Caused by Outdated Software

Transmission problems are common among 2002-2010 Kia Sedonas. They’re usually caused by an outdated transmission control module, which needs to be reprogrammed and updated. Aside from an illuminated check engine light, other symptoms include transmission-related issues, such as improper shifting, unexpected jerking, and abnormal noises when changing positions. They usually happen at around 117,000 miles. Software updates may resolve transmission software problems, but high-mileage vehicles with faulty parts may exhibit similar symptoms. If your Sedona undergoes major transmission repairs, your transmission software must be updated to prevent other complications.

kia sedona headlight

Exterior Lighting Problems

The 2006 Kia Sedona headlight and turn signal light problems are widely reported among owners. Some owners have shared that their headlights may blow or burn out every couple of months. Their turn signal lights may also malfunction or not work at all. These exterior lighting issues may be accompanied by an illuminated airbag light or abnormal squeaking sounds. Owners may end up replacing headlight and turn signal light bulbs frequently. Symptoms may set in at around 70,000 miles. Aside from bulb replacements, no other repairs were reported to resolve this issue.

Failing Crankshaft Position Sensor

2005 Kia Sedona crankshaft position sensor problems are pretty common. Some owners have shared that they may happen to high-mileage vehicles at around 160,000 miles. They have reported that their vehicles may suddenly stall, jerk, and stop running. Symptoms may become extremely dangerous because excessive jerking may increase the risk of vehicle control loss, crashes, and collisions. Some owners were able to take their Sedonas to their mechanics, discovering that their crankshaft position sensors failed and required replacement. If you suspect that your Sedona has a bad crankshaft position sensor, it’s best to visit your mechanic immediately to avoid getting into any accidents.

Premature Alternator Failure

The 2002 Kia Sedona is known to have an alternator that may prematurely break at around 59,000 miles. Some have shared that they ended up with drained batteries all the time. They have reported getting their batteries replaced multiple times before getting their Sedonas diagnosed with a bad alternator. Some have shared that they got their alternator and belt replaced to resolve the issue. However, your vehicle may break down if the belt is not the right size. If you suspect that your vehicle has alternator issues, it’s best to contact your mechanic and get direct-fit replacement parts to prevent further problems.

If you plan to get a Kia Sedona, you must learn about its potential problems per model year. Being aware of its common issues can help you make up your mind and prepare for any complications that may happen. Whether it’s a new or used Kia Sedona, you must do your research and clarify any details with your seller before making a deal.

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Kia Sedona repairs by problem area

100000 kmCheck engine light on, replaced intake manifold 
112903 kmCheck engine light would always come on. Dealer said everything is correct and no reason for light to be on. Dealer called factory and factory reps. reprogrammed computer. 

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5161 kmTransmission momentarily shifting upon startup, told of TSB that involved a reflash of the computer. Also rebalanced 4 tires. Also complaint of potential short in ignition swich, no problem found. 

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17500 kmEngine failed and was replaced under warranty. 

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109677 km

US $300
Radiator punctured by a rock. 

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43548 kmReplaced whining tensioner on serpentine belt, under warranty. 
100000 km

US $670
Replaced throttle body and reflashed the ECU. The throttle position sensor failed, requiring this service as described in a Kia TSB. 
114516 km

US $500
Replaced fuel injectors, coils, and spark plugs to clear multiple misfires. 
169355 km

US $65
Replaced intake air hose due to age-related crack which led to inaccurate MAF readings. 

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41123 kmThrottle position sensor failed. Check engine light came on and ran on three cyclinders - car thinks wheels spinning so reduces power. 
69355 km

US $140
Idler pulley failed. 
15000 kmoxygen sensor replaced second oxygen sensor replaced 
55000 kmIn cold weather engine will stall if not warmed up. Scan done, found P0110, and reprogrammed with update to software. Personally not sure if this will fix the problem, as we haven't had any days below -15C. 
62000 kmoxygen sensor replaced 
128219 kmCheck engine light codes read running lean meaning too much air. Brought to dealer-hose connector to air filter housing deteriorated causing too much air in system. Common problem on these cars. Fixed under aftermarket warranty. 
225806 km

US $50
Throttle position sensor replaced Air intake hose was badly cracked 
84000 kmValve cover gaskets were replaced under warranty. *Just discovered that a large metal bracket was left sitting on top of the engine under the plastic shroud after work was performed. 
122000 km

C $50
Replaced valve cover gasket again as it was leaking onto alternator. 
114516 kmThrottle Position Sensor 
144735 km

US $300
169355 km

US $1000
Valve cover gaskets needed to be replaced, had various other minor matters taken care of at the same time. 

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58065 kmDriving the vehicle at normal speed and suddendly the vehicle lost power and the ESC and Check engine light came on. Pull the vehicle over and called dealer. Tried to drive the car to service department but problem occured again. Car towed. 

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73081 kmCheck engine light 

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77694 kmJan 5,2012 Wife could not get key out of ignition. Took car to dealer. Dearler found interlock linkage defective, adjusted and ordered new part. Installed new ignition linkage part. 
93548 kmEngine made a weird noise on start up and ran very high rpm. Resarted and ok. Took to dealership. Replaced TPS and flashed computor. OK. 
127419 kmCoolant was noticed on floor of garage Sat 2/1/14 pm. Called dealer Mon. 2/3/14 Hose was reclamped 2/4/14. 
141935 kmCar ran down, would not start or run long. Towed to dealer. Alternator dead because valve cover was leaking oil on alternator. Replaced valve covers and alternator. I had to replace battery at my cost. 2-year bat 3-years old. 
158965 km

US $62
CEL came on diagnosis at Advance Auto indicated Lean mixture. Dealership had to replace plastic tube from MAF to throttle body. Known problem 
150500 km

US $488
Car began running very roughly, similar to when an ignition coil pack fails. CEL on. Towed to dealer, diagnosed as oil control valve (left). 
217742 km

US $25
CEL light: lean codes P0171 P0174 (left/right banks). Issue was air intake hose, large split in underside, not visible from above. Unmetered air entering system. Part purchased on Amazon, 1 hour to replace. Common in older Sedonas 
9677 km05NOV07 CEL came on so took directly to dealer and dropped off. Same day 'repair'; dealer maintenance shop reset CEL light, ordered new O2 sensor, and performed 5K oil change and service. Still awaiting dealer to call and say part has been received. 
9677 kmO2 sensor was ordered in November 2007 and arrived in December 2007. Dropped off car 0700 A.M. and ready for pickup by noon. 
98387 kmTech also discovered a front valve cover oil leak for R&R and recommends belt tensioner be replaced as well. Parts need to be ordered and R&R under warranty too. 
98887 kmParts are in; R&R of seals for valve cover oil leak, new belt tensioner installed as well. Parts ordered and R&R covered by extended warranty. 
119355 kmNoted oil stains on alternator housing; inspection showed l/valve cover gasket was leaking again. Replaced gasket under warranty. 
158065 kmCEL came on and car went into limp mode; R/R the ETC actuator & TB. 
104848 kmCEL came on w/routine driving. DTCs were found using diag scan tools; R/R MAF assembly, R/R engine air-intake hose, R/R O2 sensor bank 1 
171774 km

US $900
CEL was on; dealer diagnostic equipment showed P0430 DTC. R/R of engine exhaust manifold catalytic convertor. Code was cleared and test driven to verify repair. Engine oil & filter changed, tires rotated and fluids topped off as well. 
90323 kmChattering idler pulley 
125806 km

US $400
Check engine light on, bad oxygen sensor replaced. 
177419 km

US $150
Check engine light on, code reported lean mixture, mechanic replaced cracked air intake duct, problem resolved, which also fixed slight hesitation problem 
185484 km

US $200
Engine would suddenly drop to idle and "limp home" mode, diagnosed and replaced bad throttle position sensor, reflash ECM due to revised part. 
228319 km

US $95
Engine ran rough and stalled in heavy traffic. Problem determined to be part of air intake system had fallen off, causing mass airflow sensor to misread. Shop reassembled parts, problem solved. 
241935 km

US $100
Noisy engine idler bearing replaced. 
259677 km

US $100
Hesitation, surging. Engine air intake hose had split in the corrugated folds of the hose. Could not see this until hose was removed. Kia part 28138-4D200 replaced with Dorman 696-735 
40323 kmThrottle position sensor replaced under warranty. Rear door seal recall performed 
93861 km

US $30
Valve covers were leaking oil 
108865 kmDealer fixed idler pulley as condition of sale. 

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124194 km

US $50
air intake hose was cracked causing error code, hose was replaced 
230000 km

C $300
Sedona has a steel pipe that runs underneath the van all the way to the back. The pipe moves coolant. Pipe is not protected and easily corrodes, especially from winter driving. It rusted through. Needed to be replaced as coolant leaked. 

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395132 km

Engine management light permanently on, engine kept cutting out. Dealer diagnosed Injector valves. Replaced.  
520968 km

coolant leaking, faulty radiator replaced 
537097 kmClutch failed. On inspection dual mass flywheel and clutch had to be replaced. 
643548 km

Car wouldn't start, faulty fuel injectors replaced 

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208065 km

US $400
Camshaft pulley broke 
220968 km

US $750
Oil pan rusting and leaking valve cover gaskets leaking 
254839 km

US $680
Cracked y pipe from engine 
325806 km

US $600
Metal Heater hoses to middle of van rusted through and the wife overheated the has blown head gasket...200,000 miles and no real problems but now new car headed my [email protected]#$% 
274194 km

US $660
Oil gasket replaced. 
190323 km

US $5000
Bearing loose in engine. Full of sludge. Replacing engine was only option. Also catalytic converter replaced 
45161 kmTiming and value covers leaking oil. Alternator was soaked with oil. Dealer replaced valve cover gaskets, re-sealed timing cover and replaced alternator. 
109677 km

US $268
The oil pan was leaking. 
208065 km

US $304
Serpentine belt and tensioner pulley replaced due to pulley seizing up. 
217097 km

US $16
Replaced spark plugs, which requires removing the air intake manifold. 
230645 km

US $24
Check engine came on, with MAF sensor or oxygen sensors being the issue. Cleaned the MAF sensor which fixed the code. Also noticed air intake hose (with duct tape over it) was in even worse shape. Ordered replacement hose and replaced. 
403 kmOn the trip home from the dealer the engine warning light came on. Had it towed to dealer 45 miles away. They said the Camshaft sensor was bad. Replaced it and now at about 500 miles with no problems. Also told them about a film on the headers and only ab 
316129 km

US $50
Replaced harmonic balancer. 
182258 km

US $1811
Threw a rod had to replace engine 
64516 km

US $150
Idler pulley bearing getting very noisy and on the way to failure. Earlier major repair of AC system, but probably unrelated even though the idler is part of the serpentine belt system that drives AC, water pump, and generator. 
80645 kmfuel tank cap leaked causing engine light. Replaced cap  
30645 kmCheck engine light flashing, engine running very roughly, vehicle not reliably driveable and requiring tow to dealer who re-flashed PCM 
132258 km

US $500
CEL would not clear after repeated troubleshooting attempts -- tech eventually found intake air leak and wrong part was shipped from OEM twice, air problem and wrong part problem still not resolved 
29032 kmLifter noise or clicking on cold start. They could not replicate the problem. 
67742 km

US $320
On cold start up noticed a clicking or knocking noise for the first 30 seconds or so. Was told there is a TSB on this problem and they all do that. My bosses does do it also. 
66129 kmIdler pulley bearings were worn. Replaced pulley. 
172581 km

US $4000
All the seals (valve cover, oil pan, timing chain cover) were leaking. This was discovered during the annual state inspection. Engine light also on. This was an 02 sensor. 
38710 kmVan lost all power. RPM's dropped to 1000 and nothing happened when you pushed the gas paddle. Gas paddle and receiving sensors had to be replaced. 
101613 km

US $125
Valve cover gasket was leaking. Dealer replaced gasket.  
114516 km

US $350
Minor oil leak around oil pan. Dealer replaced gasket.  
245161 km

US $200
Erratic idle on cold start up and intermittent loss of throttle response. Replaced Throttle Body. . 
19355 kmEarly Model Sedona Vans have timing chain tensioners which allow slack upon start-up. I noticed a little rattle for 2-3 seconds after start-up and then read a notice issued to dealers prior to a forthcoming TSB. Mentioned to service rep and she arranged 
37097 kmCheck engine warning - dealer reports I needed updated (reflash) programing to avoid a false temp warning, no actual problem with cooling system reported or evident. 
174194 km

US $1
Air intake hose had several cracks allowing air in without sensor knowledge. Car started at high RPM and surged and just ran poorly. Used electrical tape to repair hose. Runs great now. 
79032 kmCheck engine light came on. Dealer replaced thermostat binding at no charge. 
83871 kmFollow up to previous concern.(Car will not start intermittently - sometimes in morning/sometimes after having been driven.) Dealership cannot replicate problem. Reprogrammed system & swapped starter with "known good relay." 2 hour wait. 
87097 kmFollowing complaint letter from March (intermittent not start), dealer kept car 2 days. Replaced junction box.  Back again when van would not start at all. 8 minutes before it turned over this time. Dealership inspected power supply cables & grounds related to starting. (Only done-my insistence-having seen comments about ground at fault online.) 
99987 kmAgain, intermittently van won't start. Dealer improved ground connections. Problem again 2 days later. 
108065 kmVoltage drop from fuse panel to solenoid.Was not enough volts to activate starter.Removed battery/fuse panel/+ and - cable.Add stabilizer 22a to all connections/cleaned corrosion/crimped all connections for proper contact. 
128219 kmCheck engine line came on. Then it would go off. Happened for 48 hours. Took to mechanic who said code was related to emissions. Light came on again and off again for two more days but nothing after that again. 
178519 km

US $3000
Metal supply line for rear heater corroded. Antifreeze/coolant leaked out. Drained fluid caused engine to overheat. Check engine light never came on. Car died on road. Replaced with used motor, new heater lines, new radiator & antifreeze 
32000 kmRan Diag. Pulled code P0128 - thermostat sticking. found TS172000114 - ECM upgrade. Performed upgrade, cleared code. Tested good. 
86700 km

C $700
Throttle body or throttle sensor broke. Replaced the throttle body. 
100000 km

C $1500
Very low gas mileage. A number of sensors were replaced. 
124000 km

C $450
Idler pulley dead 
129271 km

US $284
Pulley replaced for engine drive belts. Pulley was causing high-pitched noise and could have soon impaired drivability of vehicle. 
25806 kmCheck engine light came on flashing, then solid. Engine misfire from computer, did a software update, problem fixed. 
141935 km

US $120
intake tube replaced 
143848 km

US $620
Throttle body needed replaceing 
133871 km

US $25
Vacuum leak code. Check engine light is intermittent. 
155665 km

US $50
Air intake boot was cracked. Check engine light on with p2187 and p2189. 
210477 km

US $600
Belt tension pulley mounting bolt broke off 
101613 km

US $90
Check Engine Light on - diags showed "running lean". Inspection found broken intake. Intake replaced. 
87097 kmThe rubber air intake tube from the air filter box and MAF to the throttle body needed to be replaced because a hole had developed in the original tube. Mechanic said this was a common problem with Sedonas. 
133168 km

US $6500
Engine replaced. Mechanic said it had a dead cylinder. In addition 90,000 mile service done and 2 recalls for suspension parts. 
258065 km

US $75
Found that the valve cover gasket on the left-bank of the engine had a minor leak. Decided to replace right-bank as preventative maintenance. Ordered parts from dealership and replaced myself. Cleaned up leaked oil, Problem has not recurred 
262903 km

US $45
Check engine light came on, codes for incorrect gear ratio came up. Tested input speed sensor - it had failed. Replaced input speed sensor, cleared codes. Problem hasn't recurred. 
314516 km

US $300
Blown engine head gasket. Replaced myself. While disassembled, cleaned the engine bay, lapped valves, and replaced fluids. 
62000 kmCheck engine light came on. Was advised to tighten my gas cap, and after 5-7 start ups the code might clear.It didn't. Took it in and code came back Purge Valve Insufficient Flow. Could not find problems w/ purge valve.Cleared code. 
169355 km

US $650
4 Engine mount bushings and 
177419 km

US $400
Upon check engine light appearing I had mechanic check and found a breach in the airflow system inadvertently caused by owner when changing air filter. Had transmission flush done and at over 100K miles added Lucas Oil transmission fix. 
217077 km

US $1500
Spark plugs changed. Air tube to filter replaced (hole) 
283058 km

US $420
Replace leaking gasket 
129032 km

US $200
Intake tube cracked and leaking, caused emission fault. 
170968 km

US $235
Several wires had become damaged somehow leading the torque converter lock-up sensor to not register and putting the transmission in "limp-home" mode. Wiring repair fixed the problem. 
209677 km

US $169
Accessory drive belt was worn and making a slight noise. Replaced the belt before it failed. 
238710 km

US $512
Drive belt tensioner broke, required replacing tensioner, idler, and belt. 
269355 km

US $450
"Y" tube (connecting exhaust headers to rest of exhaust) was cracked. Replaced tube. 
59677 kmerror code in car's computer was triggered by low battery. there were no broken parts 
162890 km

US $2200
Comprehensive 100,000 mile service. Included some non-maintenance repairs. A torn boot that fed the fuel intake system; turning the rear brake disks and replacing the pads; plugs and all fluids including transmission were replaced 

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98387 kmnew fuel injection system; would have been £2,400 
104839 kmgearbox resetting - kept going into safety mode. never resolved. 

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175000 km

C $400
3 pulleys needed to be replaced due to excessive noise. 2 pulleys were defective, 1 was done as a precaution. 
133871 km

US $800
Fuel Injectors on back 3 cylinders needs replacing 
95161 kmReplaced transmission sensor, cost covered by manufacturer 100,000 mile warranty 

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225806 km

US $500
Replaced Front and Rear Engine Mounts 
226613 km

US $500
Replaced Main Engine Gasket (was leaking alot of oil) Replaced Spark Plugs and Wire Harness Replaced Serpentine Belt 

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120968 km

US $2400
lost ac 
191935 kmCar had restart issues aftr driving of/on for 5 months. thought it was starter. 3 wks ago car cut off while in drive. car was pushed out of traffic, waited a while then it started. garage put car on machine, but couldn't locate problem. 
125806 km

US $560
Needed both Pre-Catalytic converters replaced. 
127419 km

US $500
P0305 misfire cylinder 5 code. Local mechanic did tune up/teardown-code still there. Replaced Injector, code gone but engine still bucking. Off to dealer for more repair. 
153226 km

US $1000
Engine was misfiring and needed much more than plugs. 
177419 kmCleared CEL, but it came back. No obvious symptoms, so we're not messing with it. 
191935 km

US $500
Failed thermostat regularly registered the car as overheating. (I know there was something else repaired at the same time, but I don't have the documentation handy.) 
196561 kmVan has begun stalling when it has low fuel, under maybe a quarter tank or so. No repairs are planned; we'll just get gas more often. 
200000 kmCar failed emissions test; went in for catalytic converter/exhaust work. Car has begun overheating and dying when driven more than 15-20 minutes. No immediate plans to repair; will likely be donated. (It would have required a tow, but it was just left in a parking lot and come back for once it had cooled off.) 
200000 km

US $300
A shop fixed the previous overheating problem by disabling the rear heating system, which we took as an acceptable solution. (A repair that kept it working would have been much more expensive.) 

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146774 km

US $140
oil leak from head gaskets 

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Kia Sedona

Rated with 1 star
Kristin of Milford, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2021

Do not buy a Kia. They do not stand behind their products. Took my 2016 Sedona in under warranty that BOTH sliding doors were malfunctioning. Told they were fine. Completely false and have multiple kids and adults to prove it. Door gave out 5 months later. Refusing to cover it. Btw I have owned two Sedona. Doors broke 5 times on my first (2006). I figured in 10 yrs they had it fixed. Door broke at 22000 miles on the 2016 and the other broke at 65000. They refuse to close. It opened with my child in the seat next to it while driving!!!!

Rated with 1 star
Crystal of Clifford, ON Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2021

In 2017 I purchased a used "Demo" from a Kia Lot in Orangeville, ON. It had 32,000kms on it. I had the warranty on it to cover 120,000kms. Fast forward to 2020, the van blows the motor at 132,000kms. 12 thousand past warranty. All oil changes had been done. Literally a piston went through the motor leaving me and my children stranded. I call Kia, got, "Sorry not our problem, it's past warranty." I called their head office, got told, "Sorry about your luck." I still owed $22,000 and it was a brick. I had to eat the loan payment and buy a new car. I will NEVER buy a Kia again.

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Rated with 1 star
Sufyan of Orlando, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2020

I bought a Kia 2015 Sedona SXL White color, 48,000 miles. I had Paint damage on the roof, back door and the wheels comes chrome on the chrome star to fall too. I went to my dealership. They said "Warranty is three years and your car past the three years. We can’t help you" and they refused. And I didn’t stop. I tried with Kia headquarters. I stayed with them for a month and they told me to bring us an estimation for to paint jobs. And after I did all what they wanted they said "we can’t help you" and I told them the warranty for paint shouldn’t be for three years because no one wants to paint his car every three years.

Rated with 1 star
Cindall of Fontana, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 20, 2020

Purchased a 2016 Sedona for my family of 6. I have 4 children under 5 and they fit perfect in the van. One of my kids has sensory overload and we put in a television to help with this and it did. Our only problem is KIA will not honor their warrranty. One day while driving home the engine completely shut off, I had no power and almost was rear ended by other cars. Finally I was able to coast to the shoulder but again with no power steering. It was extremely hard. Called my husband. He came and got the car started and drove to our house but it went shut off every now and then.

Took to KIA dealership where we purchased the Sedona and was told they would have to look at it. That is the only vehicle we had for our family. So I had to borrow a car from my parents that does not seat all my kids. When KIA got back to us said they were not going to honor the warranty even though we were under the mileage only has 60,000 miles and just 4 years old because they did not believe we did the maintenance on it. If we had records they would then honor warranty. We did keep records of every time an oil change was done with receipts and we also have a log of everything. My husband had to turn these in for his work so our records were meticulous.

Also, we were told by family members to keep all receipts in case we ever had a warrant issue. We submit to KIA and then denied again because they said they cannot honor the logs or receipts since they were not done at a KIA dealership. Never were we told all work or maintenance would have to be done at a dealership. We were only told to keep records. They are also quoting us an exorbitant amount of money to fix. They want to charge us $17,704.58 to repair. When we only owe $14,000.00 on the car.

We are still fighting this with KIA but at this time we have no car. They defraud their customers when they tell you have an warranty when you don't. They find any small reason to deny warranty. Do not buy a KIA. As much as I love the car I would never recommend such a shady company that would not honor the warranty. I too am a returning customer but I will now go to Hyundai who I have read has one of the best customer service representatives. It is a shame that during such times companies are only out to defraud their customers.

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Rated with 1 star
Donald Wayne of Medicine Hat, AB Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2019

Bought a 5 yr extended warranty for 2015 vehicle in 2017. Original warranty ends April 2020. Vehicle rear ended April 2019. Totaled with medical problems to wife. Kia Protect refused to transfer warranty to new Sedona. Claim free reward states, "a refund cheque of the amount paid for your contract inclusive of taxes up to $1000." Contract cost 3626.70. Naturally there will be no claim on last year of original warranty or new warranty. Kia Protect says, "Sorry about your accident. However you won't own the car in 2025 (totaled) so you get nothing." (Who is the sucker?) Story to be told to all media outlets in Calgary Alberta and surrounding cities. Have spent two weeks speaking to representatives and they all express concern about the accident and injuries to my wife but they have no interest in recognizing their poor customer's problem.

Rated with 3 stars
William of Leduc, AB Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 12, 2019

The minivan is awesome. Reliable and comfortable to drive. Fuel economy is not too bad. I purchased the van last year from the Go Kia in South Edmonton with 100,000 K on it. It was a hard bargain but when the deal was closed I was happy with my price and assumed I had a good relationship with the dealership. After the deal closed the finance manager grinded me for two hours solid, ignored my multiple objections and basically forced me into purchasing an extended warranty I did not want for $5,000.

After I got out of the manager's office I was unhappy and did not want the warranty and after composing myself, getting a coffee, and going back and saying in no uncertain terms I did not want it, I was told it's too late and I have to have the warranty. I got my wife and kids to join me the following day and we picketed the dealership. Our signs read "Ripped off by Kia." Within 15 minutes the manager was out on the sidewalk with us telling us we did not have to have the warranty and begging us to pack up our signs and go home.

Fine, got out of the warranty and got my $5000 back minus a "$150 administrative fee" that I couldn't be bothered fighting over. Still the high pressure and dishonest upsell left a bad taste in my mouth. For the past year I can only say good things about the van and Go Kia's service of my van has been positive. My van is now at 135,000 KM and I have only needed the usual maintenance for the van, oil change, transmission fluid change, tire change, etc....

I did get a roof rack from Go Kia in December. It was allegedly on sale and at $300 it did seem like a good deal. I have not used the roof rack until today. Today I needed to move a king size mattress, that was just a little too big to fit in the van, but seemed to do ok on the rack. I strapped it down tightly and the started driving at 90Km up Highway 2 to take it to the person who purchased it off me, who was 20 km away. I made it about 1 km on the highway and then heard the roof rack rip away from my roof and in the rearview mirror I saw the mattress land in front of the car travelling behind me. The fellow skidded a bit and drove over the mattress and kept on going. I pulled over and dragged the now destroyed mattress off the highway and looked at the roof rack that was still attached to the mattress and saw it was destroyed too.

My advice is the Kia Sedona minivan is a great buy having owned it for a year and having put on 35,000 of the 135,000 kilometres on the van I have only experienced great reliability and excellent performance. The dealership is shady, ruthless, and will lie and pressure you to get an upsell. Don't trust them, and picket them if you have to, if they succeed in pressuring you into an upsell you don't want. The Kia roof rack sucks. Not safe actually. Mine looked good on my van's roof, but it seemed to me it was ripped off of my roof way too easily. I wasn't driving that fast and I think it should have been able to handle the mattress. I am grateful the mattress accident didn't result in a high speed accident where loss of life or serious damage could have resulted.

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Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Virginia of Mesa, AZ Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 7, 2019

I purchased my Sedona in October 2016. It was a dealer vehicle that had 7,000 miles on it. I was told I would have the same warranty as if it was brand new. Now the paint on the roof is coming off. You can run your hand along the top and your hand will turn silver (the van is silver). I took my van in for service on 2/26/19. Parts were ordered as they did not have them available. I had company so did not make a follow-up appointment until 3/25/19. 3/22/19 Texted my service advisor that I also wanted them to review my paint as it was coming off on the roof as well as a ticking noise in my engine. He stated that it would be addressed when I dropped it off on Monday.

3/25/19 I dropped my van off at noon. At that time, I was told that the body shop manager would look at the paint on the roof. I received a text on 3/28/19 regarding my paint. It was not covered under warranty. I asked if the 36 months was from the time I purchased, or they received it. I was told that it was 36 months OR 36,000 miles. I was never actually told one way or the other when the 36 months started.

The vehicle does not have 36,000 miles on it, so I am assuming the 36 months is from when THEY received it not when I purchased it. I was also told by my service advisor to contact Consumer Affairs which I did. I was told that the parts for the ticking noise were ordered and should be in on 4/3/19. 4/3/19 Was contacted by Consumer Affairs (Nikki). She was going to do some research and call me back. On 4/4/19 I texted my service advisor again to find out the status of my van. Was told at that time that they had left me messages, but I received none of them. The engine was still making a noise, so the manager was having the master tech look at it. Was told it would be Friday or Monday.

4/5/19 Nikki called and left me a voice message. She called and talked to Pierre (the body shop manager) and explained that we needed an estimate to move forward. My service advisor texted that he would touch base with him (Pierre) that morning to ensure it was done. Supposedly on 4/8/19 Pierre had the van and would have an estimate for me by 10:30. Was told by my advisor on 4/9/19 that my vehicle was there now and should have an estimate shortly. On 4/10/19 I kept texting my service advisor with no response. I finally got ahold of a someone in service (Travis I think) and was told that Brandy was handling my vehicle and I would be called back. Brandy did not call back, so I called again at 5:28 and left another message.

On 4/11/19 I still did not receive a call so at 8:51 am I called again and talked with Brandy. At that time, she let me know that Johnny (my service advisor) was let go. She was shocked that Johnny had not offered me a loaner car. I explained that it was not supposed to take this long, and we had 2 vehicles. She was going to find out what was happening with my van and call me back.

4/12/19 Brandy did not call me so at 9:53 I called her. Was told at that time that the engine was still making noise and no estimate for the paint. Asked her to contact me and let me know an update. Left 2 voice mails asking for an update. Did not hear from Brandy so at 5:06 I called again. Was told I could have a loaner that would not cost me anything. Still, no estimate for paint and the master tech was waiting to talk with Kia techline about the noise. 4/13/19 Called Brandy at 8:12 and told her I would be there within an hour to get the loaner. Got there and had to wait almost 40 minutes. I did receive a loaner. 4/19/19 Left another message for Brandy asking for an update.

4/20/19 Did not hear from Brandy so at 10:25 I called again. Did get ahold of Brandy. Was told that the body shop was extremely backed up and the estimate had still not been done. Was told that Kia Techline did talk to the master tech and the noise in the engine was determined to be “normal”. I asked why it is doing that now when it was not before? Was told that the tech did say that it was louder than others, but it was normal and if they replaced the fuel pump again it would still make that noise. That was when my husband got on the phone. Was told the same thing. He asked to talk to the manager. Brandy offered to have him call us. My husband wanted his direct line. Brandy gave him the manager's name and direct number.

4/20/19 He left a message for Jim ** at 10:31 to have him call. 4/20/19 Jim the Kia service manager did call back. He stated that the engine was still making a noise that he did not think was normal. He was going to talk with the rep for this district and see what could be done. 4/23 10:09 am Jim phoned and stated he had talked to his higher-ups and he explained that he did not agree with the tech's decision from Kia Tech Line. He was going to put another fuel pump on and see if that took care of the noise.

4/30 Spoke with Brandy and she stated that the painting estimate was back. The body shop also found that the hood needed to be repainted. It would cost $2300 to repair. She had not heard from Kia Consumer Affairs. The engine was still making noise after the new fuel pump was put on. The rep for the area would be there the following week. They were going to have him come by and listen to the noise in person. 5/6 Spoke with Jaimie at Kia Consumer Affairs. My claim was not approved so I would not be getting any assistance to repaint my van. At this point, I am beyond distressed about my vehicle. As of 5/6/19 they have had my van 6 weeks.

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Rated with 1 star
Melissa of Williamson, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2019

Where do I begin... It sucks. I bought a brand new 2015 the same year it was out, fully loaded the most expensive one, first paint is peeled off near sliding door, got that fixed, the places that did that, didn’t put the protection piece on a part of my vehicle and now that has rusted, they will not fix this one. Engine blows so a new one is put in. Transmission goes, new one put in. My radiator goes crazy while driving and that was fixed. They cracked something in my car but I can’t prove it. Recalls on sliding door not closing and last another freakin' transmission problem that needs to be replaced with a new one. No loaner car for a week and I have called them every day and was told that someone is bringing a car in that I can use, Still waiting. I’m sooo done with this car. I pay a mortgage amount on this car over $800. This is ridiculous. Do not get a Kia.

Rated with 1 star
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Kathy of Connellsville, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

I would never recommend a Kia to anyone, I have purchased 3 brand new Kias, 2 Sorentos and one Sedona. The Sedona started smoking, the next day I called the dealership and took it in to have it serviced. My Sedona is a 2014 with only 55,000 miles on it, once the tech looked at the engine they requested service records which was provided and Kia corporate would not cover the engine stating that the oil changes could not have been done properly (really) because of the damage to the engine.

When dealing with Kia Corporate, they were very rude and would just talk in circles and would not work with you at all. The person that was to be my case supervisor was terrible and I stated that I wanted to talk to his superior and he stated that there was no one above him which I later found out that there was and I did finally speak to him which was just a waste of time. Also, I was told that no one is required to return your calls or answer any emails or etc. What type of company is this? Kia is just a total joke and they promote this wonderful warranty which is a bunch of crap and fraud. Steer away from Kia and don't fall for their warranty scam.

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Rated with 1 star
Jeffrey of Tallahassee, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2018

We bought a new Sedona SX, $40+ grand. We bought all the extra warranties and everything they offered. Well, we have been bringing in now going on 4 times for the same problem, the passenger side door will not open/close properly. At first it was intermittent, so when we got there, it wouldn’t do it, so sent away. After maybe 5-7 times of that, they got to see first hand. So they try this, try that. To no avail, the most recent, they had my wife drop off in the morning and pick up n the afternoon after work. After a week of that, I demanded a courtesy car for her to use. Well after 15 more days, they demanded the car back, and gave my wife back her disassembled door still not working van back and said they have to fly in a specialist to fix, in three weeks.

I wanted them to give a car to use, as my wife drops off our children to school and they get out that side. With the door broken, they either have to crawl over the front seat or get out the other side, where cars are leaving, not a good situation! So Kia refuses to give a loaner car, and still waiting for specialist to fly in. I am currently in talks with a lawyer for lemon law, as a safety concern, as well as just fix or replace the door like you're supposed to! I have contacted their customer support, or lack of! I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau also. Attorney is last step, I will never buy a car from Kia again!!

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The Kia Sedona is one of the most popular models on the market today. With its spacious interior and electronic enhancements, it is highly sought after. Underneath all the glamour and glitz, is there an issue?

Kia Sedona: What Are the Common Problems?Here are the most common issues with the Kia Sedona:

  • Brakes 
  • Ignition and Starting
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Doors
  • Turn Signals
  • Transmission
  • Cooling system
  • Overheating

While the problems are mostly attributed to the earlier models, buyers should still be aware. The Sedona has been the subject of multiple recalls.  To find out what recalls apply to a specific vehicle, you can look it up online. Go to your local mechanic or take the VIN to a dealership. 

You may be asking yourself how there can be this many issues, and the vehicle is still so popular? Read through the article and see what we were able to find out about the Kia Sedona.

Common Issues With The Kia Sedona

Several areas have been problems for the Sedona. We have broken them down for you and provided details on each one. This is not a complete list, just the most common issues.

So let’s dive into the list and show you what you should be aware of if you are going to purchase a Kia Sedona.


The brake system on the Sedona has been a thorn in the side of engineers and customers for years. Early models used a front disc and rear drum system. A design flaw in the brake calipers contributed to uneven pad wear and noise while braking. The system has been redesigned, and as of 2009, the Sedan has been available with four-wheel disc brakes. The problem seems to have gone away after the redesign.

Ignition and starting


There have been many issues with the steering column of the Sedona. Some of these include not being able to insert the key, not being able to turn the key when it has been inserted into the ignition, and not being able to remove the key when the vehicle has been turned off.

Electrical problems in the steering column have been known to make it impossible to start the car no matter what position the ignition is located. Luckily these problems are usually easily fixed.

Throttle Position Sensor

Another well-known problem with the Sedona is the TPS or Throttle Position Sensor. This sensor controls fuel and air to the engine. The Sedona has been known to stall while driving or become jerky while driving.

This is a well known and easily fixed issue with the Sedona if you are experiencing any of these symptoms check and see if your Sedona is covered under any of the recalls.

If you are familiar with the inner workings of vehicles you may be able to locate the sensor. If you are able to do this you can tap it gently or clean it with a solution. They are known to physically stick.


Silver 2020 Kia Sedona

The automatic sliding doors have been an ongoing issue for the Sedona. Sometimes they don’t respond to the “close door button.” Other times, they close and immediately reopen. These issues are not limited to problems with the door buttons; they can also happen when the door is manually shut.

Turn Signals

The Sedona has had several issues with the turn signals. The switch in the selector lever has been known to fail or only work sometimes. There are reports of drivers that have not been able to get their turn signals to function at all.

Despite these noted issues, the Kia Sedona continues to be a bestseller. They are known for their performance and reliability. While we may sound as though we’re focusing on the negative things, there are some great things. Kia has been great at working with customers and honoring their recalls.


5 Speed Transmission Gear

The Kia Sedona has been known to have some transmission issues. These range from not being able to shift through the gears at all to the vehicle suddenly dropping into 3rd gear at highway speeds. There is an output sensor that sits at the top of the transmission on the Kia Sedona that tends to go bad. If this is starting to fail, you may be able to get away with turning the vehicle off and letting it sit for a while. It is not recommended that you drive the car for any length of time until this is fixed. Luckily this is a cheap fix and costs approximately $50 to purchase the sensor. If you are handy with tools, it’s relatively easy to replace on your own, but a shop can do it for a minimal charge.

Cooling System

The cooling system on several Kia Sedona Generations has been known to have problems. A new design in the radiator has fixed the issues; however, that is only going to affect  Vehicles after 2015. There were issues with several of the hoses as well as the radiators themselves. If you suspect that there is an issue with your radiator that might be covered under warranty, then we suggest taking it to your local kid dealership and having them inspect the radiator and the cooling system.


Inside look of a Kia Sedona Engine

This defect ties into the issues with the cooling system. The channels in the motor that carry the coolant through the system I’ve had problems. They are often clogged or melted by intense heat.  The engine heads also tend to overheat because of their Construction. This applies mostly to earlier models. Kia has done a great job on the redesign. if you have issues with overheating regularly, you should have your auto mechanic or the dealership check on the recall status of your engine

Kia Sedona Not Starting

Is your Kia Sedona is not starting the first thing that you should check is your battery. Make sure that it is reading at a minimum of 12.4 volts. Also, check your battery terminals for corrosion. If everything appears to be in order, the next step would be to locate the throttle body and spray a chemical into it to help it start. An easy way to find this is to locate a tube running from the air filter to the engine. Before you start the vehicle, make sure that you reconnect the tubing.

Kia Sedona Not Displaying Time

In some models, this is directly related to the satellite uplink that is built into the electronic system of the car. There have been noted issues with software updates and other types of media are inserted into the entertainment system. The best solution to this issue is to disconnect the battery and leave it as such for 15 minutes. Make sure that there is not a Micro SD card inserted into the deck. Reconnect battery cable, and your display should return to standard functionality.

Kia Sedona Transmission Not Shifting

If your transmission is not shifting, there are few things that you can do. If you are driving safely, pull over to the side of the road out of traffic, pull your hood release, and lift the hood of the van. Locate the transmission dipstick and check your transmission fluid. If you find that you need transmission fluid, you will need to add some. If there is not an issue with your transmission fluid, then you should shut the van off,  wait approximately 15 minutes for the electrical system to clear out, then attempt to start the van again and shift through the gears. If none of these things work, you may need to call a tow truck to take your vehicle to a service station or your home.

Disconnecting Your Battery

Kia Sedona Engine

This is a relatively simple process. You will need some essential tools to get the job done. You will need a wrench that fits your battery, a pair of gloves, some safety glasses, and a clean, dry rag.

  1. Open your hood
  2. Locate the battery
  3. Find the black cable connected to the battery
  4. Use the appropriate wrench to loosen the bolt
  5. Remove the cable being careful not to touch anything with it
  6. Wrap the end of the wire in a clean, dry rag and set it aside

Reconnecting is simple, replace the negative battery cable.

Despite its issues, the Kia Sedona remains a top seller on the market. The current model shares more storage space then it’s utility vehicle partners on the market. Everything has been reworked there’s room for seven or eight, and there’s even a driver assist feature.

Most of the issues with a Kia Sedona are easily fixed. The majority of the problems focused on earlier generations. If you are looking for a van or sport utility vehicle for your family, this is a great option. Replacement parts don’t cost too much, and then repairs are generally straightforward.

As with any new vehicle, we recommend that you do your research first.  These issues have not affected all Kia Sedonas. They are just the most common. Some of them have been amazing vehicles. The only real way to survive on the market today is to make a great vehicle, and Kia has proven that they are quite capable of that.

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Sedona engine problems kia

Kia Sedona Common Problems and Solutions

Trouble Starting The Engine


You are struggling to get the engine to turn over.

Models affected:


This could be a few issues, but on the Sedona, it's very likely to be a defective vehicle immobiliser control module. Replacing with a new one is a challenging job, but you can find a new control module on our parts page, and there are a lot of tutorial videos available online.

Noisy AC


Your AC is excessively noisy when it's turned on.

Models affected:


The idler and tensioner pulleys on the Sedona's AC alternator belt are renowned for rapid wear and may break entirely. Although some drivers are content to live with the noise, you can find replacement idlers and a tensioner pulley in our online store and easily install them.

Engine Misfire


The engine is misfiring regularly.

Models affected:


This will often be caused by cracked ignition coils, and if you don't resolve the problem, then it will lead to your catalytic converter melting. If only one of your coils has cracked, it's a sign that the others are also on the way out. You'll need to have a new ignition coil pack delivered by BreakerYard, but installation is very doable.

Non-Functioning Gears


You are struggling to make smooth gear changes. Sometimes, the gears drop into 3rd when you're driving on the motorway.

Models affected:


The output sensor that sits at the top of the transmission is prone to premature wear and is likely to be one of the first parts of your car to fail. If you're in an emergency situation, then you can temporarily resolve the issue by turning the car off and letting it cool down. However, you will need to order a new sensor from our parts page, but it's an easy and low-cost fix.

Malfunctioning Turn Signals


Your turn signals only work occasionally or may not work at all.

Models affected:


This is a common issue with the Sedona and is being caused by a faulty switch in the selector lever. You can try to replace the switch itself, but this is a very delicate and fiddly job. It's a lot easier to find a new selector lever on our parts list and replace the entire thing.

Noisy Braking


The brakes make a squealing noise when applied.

Models affected:


Early models of the Sedona were fitted with a front disc and rear drum braking system that has caused a lot of brake issues. Uneven brake callipers are the cause of the squealing noise, while also causing uneven brake pad wear. A new brake system was designed and released by Kia, which you can order directly from BreakerYard.

Leaking power steering pipes


If you have noticed drops of red oil on the ground underneath the vehicle, it is most likely caused by leaking power steering pipes.

Models affected:


You will need to replace the power steering pipes to fix this problem.

Air conditioning problems


Are you having problems with your air conditioning system? The condenser is known for failing which can result in the air conditioning not working. A common symptom of a faulty condenser is for the air conditioning only to work on one or a few settings, but not them all.

Models affected:


You will need to replace the condenser to sort the issue.

Poor engine idling


Is your engine idling very badly? Has the engine management warning light appeared on the dashboard? If yes to one or both of these questions, there is a good chance that the throttle position sensor is faulty. You will most likely be noticing that there is a hesitation when you are trying to accelerate.

Models affected:


You will need to replace the throttle position sensor to fix the problem. Watch the video below to see how this is done:

Fuel pump failure


The fuel pump is prone to failure on the Sedona. If this part fails you will notice a lack of power when you press your foot on the accelerator. You will get surges of power and then lose power again, which will result in the fuel pump breaking up and the metal pieces entering into the fuel system potentially causing severe damage.

Models affected:


As soon as you notice this problem on your vehicle you should get it seen to asap to avoid any further damage to your Sedona. Fitting a replacement fuel pump will solve the problem. We can help you find a replacement fuel pump at a very low price.

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Kia Sedona owner reviews

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"The Sedona represents good value for money but is beginning to look dated and could do with being better to drive"

3.0 out of 5

4.2 out of 5

71%of people would recommend this car to a friend.

Common Problems

  • Engine (3 cases)
  • Engine, Gearbox / clutch (1 cases)
  • Electrics, Other (1 cases)
  • Brakes (1 cases)
  • Gearbox / clutch (1 cases)


2-3 litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

I would recommend this car to a friend


2-3 litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage


4 out of 5



2-3 litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage

Full adult seven seats, comfortable, Full leather, luxurious with plenty of extras and tow bar.This is top of the range SE+

3 out of 5

I keep my car maintained well - has not cost me greatly since ownership


2-3 litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage

It is 8years old now,and have maintaince stuff like new brake pads tyres etc but not alot else

3 out of 5

could do with a smaller engine,insurance ok but tax is silly price Ł143 for 6 months one car family 4 kids
I would recommend this car to a friend


2-3 litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

4 out of 5

I would recommend this car to a friend


2-3 litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

not had problems with car since owning it

4 out of 5

more mpg wouldnt go a miss


gd, 1.6-litre to 1.9-litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage

I love to drive it and its great on long journeys. I only wish that parking in car parks would be better as the parking spaces are small compared to the size of car.
I would recommend this car to a friend


L, 1.6-litre to 1.9-litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage

Great wprkhorse, we tow a large caravan, you would not know it was there. A lot of car for the money.


le, 2.0-litre to 3.0-litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage

Car was fit for the purpose that it was bought for to transport 3 adults and 3 children in adequate room/comfort
I would recommend this car to a friend


2-3 litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

Only problem I've had is when gear box oil was low

3 out of 5

I would recommend this car to a friend


2-3 litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

Serviced every 10k,at none francised garage. Only replaced tyres, wiper blades, discs and pads, and drive belts at 80k.

5 out of 5

Used for business, cost per mile is good for size of car. My accountant is pleased.
I would recommend this car to a friend


2-3 litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

Apart from regular servicing no problems

3 out of 5

Fuel costs are high but parts are cheap
I would recommend this car to a friend


LE, 2.0-litre to 3.0-litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage

Practical people carrier. It performs all tasks well.
I would recommend this car to a friend


LE, 2.0-litre to 3.0-litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

Versatile roomy and practicle, it provides a comfortable drive / ride with good seating loads of room and storage. Not the fastest or best performer by a good way but the most practicle family car i have owned and brilliant for a disabled person, easy to drive loads of room and good storage for wheelchairs and equipment.
I would recommend this car to a friend


s, 2.0-litre to 3.0-litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

A to b cheaply, i prefer to ride motorcycles


TS, 2.0-litre to 3.0-litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

On the whole it has been fairly reliable and good value for money, with no major faults. after sales service could be much better, the only fault i have had is the rear electric sliding doors (which intermittently refuse to close, since new) which has not been fixed to date, they cannot find the fault.
I would recommend this car to a friend


SE, 2.0-litre to 3.0-litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage


2-3 litre, Diesel, Automatic

Average annual mileage

Several repeated electric issues with lights, immobiliser, seat heating. Immobiliser means that the car has issues starting. Brakes are far too weak - meaning new pads every year. Expensive to maintain.

2 out of 5

Spare parts are very expensive.
I would recommend this car to a friend


2-3 litre, Diesel, Manual

Average annual mileage

One breakdown in 20000 miles, heater hose split

3 out of 5

So far it has not been very expensive to service

Year of registration


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