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Online Video Intro Maker

Start your video with a bang. You can now easily create professional-looking videos that will hook your audience immediately with the intuitive and free intro maker by InVideo. Create awesome intro videos with InVideo's intro maker and introduce your brand in the best possible way as intros create a lasting impression!

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How to use Online Intro Maker?

Get ready to create irresistible intro videos with the most flexible and intelligent online intro maker. Period. Create this and much more with our intro maker. Just pick one intro template, drag and drop scenes you like from any other video template, customize using our overlays, masks, stickers, and more, export/download in any dimension and your intro video is ready! Be it a gaming intro maker or just any video intro maker, InVideo has you covered with its vast options of intro maker templates and features on the editor.

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How to Make an Intro Video? Follow These Tips


Video Ads - Quickly introduce your brand, what you do, some contact details and you’re done. With our free intro creator, you can make videos as short or as long as you like.


Choose Music That Breathes Life Into Your Intro Videos - Grab your viewers’ attention and make them stay with music that pulls them in your world. InVideo’s online intro maker offers you an extensive copyright-free music library.


Let Your Intro Videos Reflect Your Brand Personality - Let your Intro Videos reflect your brand personality. Show your users what your brand stands for and its vibe. Users tend to connect more with a brand’s character than just its services. With our free intro maker, you can customise your video as much as you like.


Treat Your Intro Videos As Your Visiting Card On Social Media - Treat your Intro Videos as your visiting card on social media. Make sure you give out as many contact details as you can. Email, website, social media channels, etc. With our free Intro Maker, you can easily use social media credit boxes to include channel names.

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Step-by-Step Guide to use Intro Maker


Login to InVideo’s video intro maker.


Use the many brilliant intro maker templates InVideo has to offer. Whether you want to make a subtle intro or one that is high in energy, our free intro maker has it all. Choose the one that you like the best.


Customize your template to make it your own. Add your brand logo, contact details, font, colors, shapes, overlays, and more. Our free intro creator helps you easily accomplish complex video-making tasks like these.


Use media from InVideo’s free library or upload your own. You can also edit your images and videos easily and add them as layers.


Browse through the music tracks from our free intro maker’s library. Select one from there or upload your own music track.


Preview and publish your video. Share it with as many netizens as you can and enjoy the attention.

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How Effective are Intro Videos?

Intro videos help you make a great first impression. It helps you quickly build a rapport with potential customers, even before they have used your services. Intro videos generate a buzz around your brand and services.

Videos are easily shareable on social media. Videos make it easier for your followers to help spread the word about your brand. When you create brilliant videos with our free intro maker without watermark, videos also help you gain some cool points with the younger generation, which is where most of the buying power lies.

Our free intro maker helps you get an edge over your competitors in terms of design, time, and money. Make intro videos that make your competition look like a thing of the past. And save your time with our free intro maker.

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How and Where Can You Use Intro Videos?

Intro videos are your brand’s opening act.

In a video-heavy and time-restricted world, very few videos or brands actually make you stop scrolling and take notice. Intro videos are your ticket to a world where people talk about your brand. And when you use our free intro maker, making intro videos can seem the easiest thing to do. Here are a few ways you can use intro videos.

Social media How cool would it be to send someone an introductory video on social media instead of a long descriptive email about your brand and product? Express more by saying less!

Website When people don’t have time to read through your impressive body of work, they can simply watch a short video and come back for more if they need to.

YouTube Make a cool intro video for your channel using our YouTube intro maker. Impress your viewers and turn them into subscribers.

Ads You can efficiently run ads on different digital media channels using the same video. Since intro videos are short and easily repurposable using our free intro maker, they work really well as ads.

Become a professional video maker with just one single step.

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Great platform! Superb customer relations! THE BEST! I've dropped many of my other video-creation software subscriptions now in favour of InVideo.

Christina C


The EASIEST tool in my video toolkit! There is SO much to love: the intuitive UI, the easy-to-use-and-customize templates, many nifty features.

Maya K


An incredible program to make quality videos. I can openly recommend it to anyone looking for a program to create excellent quality videos.

Paula C

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Hi, Patrick. How can I help you?


I have a few social media posts that I would like to include in my video. What is the best way to go about it?


You should try our social post feature. You would just need the link of the post you want to embed. Get more details <a href=''>here.</a>


Great to have this feature. Can I change the style of the scene where the post has been added?


Yes, you can. On the right hand side of your Advanced Editor, click “More Scenes.” Scroll through the many options and click on the one that you like the most.


It is always good to be spoilt for choice. Is there a way to undo?


Yes, just press Ctrl + Z on Windows or Cmd + Z on MacBook.


Thank you for the lightning fast support!


You’re welcome. At InVideo, someone will always be around to help :)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Create breathtaking intros in minutes with Motionden

Making an intro: some quick tips

First impressions are everything, make yours count

They truly are.

Remember how many times you’ve rejected a product just because the packaging wasn’t impressive? You should look at intros the same way.

Your video intro needs to be memorable, easy to read, and should follow the theme set-forth by our brand.

See, an intro is something what allows you to make your first impression.

If viewers skip your intro, they will probably skip the rest of the video. You’ve failed to create a hook. Now, before you proceed to make one with our optimized intro creator, just remember, the only intros you skip, are the ones not worth while.

Short, sweet and to the point

Convey your message in the shortest amount of time, because no one likes drawn-out intros. Truth be told, they’ll bore your audience to death.

With an intro, the last thing you want to create is impatience. You need to tease the audience just enough so that they can sit through it and then gently transition into the video. A good intro should leave a ‘wow’ effect on the viewer. It should be short, to the point and should tease the viewer just enough to make him want to see the rest of the video. Our intro maker will give you a wide variety of tools that will help you achieve this in an instant.

Intro branding always matters

These days, everything needs to be branded. A brand is the personal signature of your product. It’s something that makes you recognizable.

Your intros are a part of your brand, and you must look at them that way. That means that your intros should incorporate logo reveals that will leave your audience in awe, all whilst helping you become memorable in their eyes. A logo reveal should be the climax of every good intro.

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Can OFFEO's video rendering software add my new intro to an existing video?

Yes, our specialized online intro maker can either curate an individual intro for you or help you incorporate it into one of your own full-length videos. There are many options when it comes to sharing your intro, and OFFEO can help you explore all of them!

How do I make my own intro?

Register an account with us, browse through a library of free templates and start editing right away. Edit texts, graphics and other design elements to personalized your templates. Once you are happy with your work, export your intro to the right format

Where can I get free intro video templates?

Offeo has a large collection of Intro Video Templates for you to choose from. Simply select one that catches your eye and begin editing right away.

How do I download my intro?

After creating your Intro with, you may begin to export and download it to your computer in your preferred quality.

How long should an intro video be?

Intro should be short and crisp and no longer than 5-8 seconds.

What video dimensions are available?

We have intro templates in Full HD, Vertical and Square, you can also customize it into to custom dimensions with OFFEO's Smart Resize tool.

Can i download the intro video without any watermark?

Yes, once you have made changes to the template, you can download the video in full HD and the video will be exported without any watermarks.


The Best Video Intro Maker

"I was looking for something just like Placeit to make my videos. Finally found it!"

Thalia Simard 5/5

 Make Successful Facebook Posts

Create instant video clips with your own logo to take your brand to the next level.

 Tons of social media templates

Make awe-inspiring intros with our easy to use video templates. Use Placeit’s Intro Maker to create short videos in a flash!

 Facebook post maker

Add slides, music, images or video to your template. All in just a few clicks!

 Save time posting to Facebook

No need to download any complex software. Placeit works right in your browser.


Video intro logo free

Quick Intro Maker

Get a stunning logo animation to brand your YouTube channel, social media posts, or other video content. All you need is a logo.

This could be your YouTube intro


One chance to make a first impression

Make it count with a perfect movie-like logo animation that reflects your brand identity.

Start the ball rolling with a branded, attention-grabbing video opening that makes you recognizable, even on mute.

Our easy-to-use YouTube intro maker allows you to fully customize designs and create new intro versions in minutes, empowering you to build your brand image like a professional.

Animate your logo in seconds

Select a suitable category and create a professional intro yourself.

Icebreaker that will have them at “hello”


Create a unique YouTube intro. Easily adapt any template design to reflect your style.

Original - Poster frame
Original - Poster frame
Original - Poster frame

Create video on any device

Videobolt enables you to produce videos on any modern smartphone, PC, or tablet device. No need to install an app.

Stock footage and images included

Use gorgeous photos and footage provided by Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels without any extra cost.

No licencing restrictions

Videos are often taken down for copyright infringement. Not yours, as Videobolt provides fully licensed audio and videos clear for lifetime commercial use.

Produce at social media speed

Reactive marketing is about acting in the spur of the moment. Have a video response ready to post in a matter of minutes.

Scalable video content

The ease of use and all-you-can-publish subscription plan means you can create hero of videos every day. Localization, personalization, even A/B testing — we got you.

Custom fonts

Make sure your videos reflect your brand style truly - with custom fonts. Upload your own font or choose from thousands of Google fonts, available in any language.

Create more than just regular intros


Set the stage with a unique visual jingle to communicate what the video is all about.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear it from our customers.

Testimonial profile

“Videobolt is a great service for anyone who wants to add interesting Intros, logos, or visualization to their videos. The service helps save time by rendering the video on their servers which is much faster than if I tried something like this on my own computer.”

The Dark Somnium, 396k subs


Testimonial profile

“I was looking for an easy way to create the right opening for my videos. With Videobolt, I was able to find a template I liked, and modify it with my own assets, to create something that was unique to my brand, and allows me to stand proud with my videos.”


Testimonial profile

“You can make superb intros with Videobolt. This platform is beyond my expectations and just what I needed. Fantastic.”

Kim - Discovering History

Kim Foskett

Create professional intros for your channel

Animate your logo in seconds and see how easy video creation can be, with Videobolt intro maker.

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20 Free Simple Logo Intro for Adobe Premiere Pro Template

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