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These developers in their 20s are making six figures a year from 'Mad City,' a Roblox game that's been played 1.7 billion times

  • A group of young developers created a Roblox game dubbed Mad City.
  • Since the game launched in 2017, people have played it 1.7 billion times.
  • Two of the games creators are making six-figures, they say.

Welcome to Mad City, where anyone can choose between good or evil. 

A user-generated video game on Roblox, Mad City lets players act as criminals, super villains, police officers, or superheroes – depending on how much chaos they'd like to cause. 

People have played the game more than 1.7 billion times and its wild popularity stems back to its three its young creators: Taylor "Taymaster" Sterling, Stefan "FamedChris" Baronio, and Nick "Nic10Telf," who asked to be referred to only by his first name for privacy reasons.

While most Roblox games are free to play — including Mad City — game developers can add premium features in exchange for Robux, an in-game currency. Through this model, Roblox has paid out large sums to its community of (often teenage) developers: It said in early June that 800 creators have earned over $30,000 in the last twelve months.

Sterling and Baronio said they each make six-figures a year from premium Mad City features like exclusive cars and guns, paid out through revenue from Schwifty Studios, named in reference to a made-up word from the animated TV show "Rick & Morty."

It all started in 2017 after Sterling reached out to the two other young developers, who he knew through the Roblox community, to create a cops-and-robbers themed action game. Sterling, then 22, handled the programming and overall direction of the game, Nick created 3D models for cars, weapons, and more, and Baronio was charged with mapping the world that players enter. 

"I was pulling all-nighters like three times a week in the beginning," Baronio, then in college, told Insider. "I had the job of Mad City to do, which I intended to take seriously, and the job of school at the same time."

Stefan “FamedChris” Baronio, co-creator of Roblox game "Mad City." He's wearing a white tshirt with a lanyard around his neck and dark jeans. He's sitting on the ledge in front of half dome style building.
Ammon Runger

Two years after its release in late 2017, Mad City reached Roblox's front page, which features the games that have the most players at the current time — and has remained there near-constantly since. It surpassed one billion visits in April 2020, making it the 13th game ever to hit that milestone (Roblox counts visits as when a player enters the game for more than 30 seconds). 

Once the game took off, the team started pushing updates every single week which included new heists, map updates, and different in-game items. Meanwhile, they were earning real money.

A screenshot of the Mad City gameplay, extremely colorful and features a single Roblox character in the middle holding a fire extinguisher.
Ammon Runger

The trio hired three new developers to help scale the game in 2018 and has also contracted part-time developers as well. The team says that Mad City developers can make between $60,000 and $100,000 and that Schwifty Studio's youngest employee is a 16-year-old developer, and the oldest is Sterling, who is now 26.

"We wanted to make sure that they were compensated well enough that they felt like we cared about them and we didn't need to compete for their attention and work," Baronio said, adding that Schwifty will offer bonuses, raises, and managerial positions to employees depending on the game's performance.

"I've made tons and tons of games and none of them had really taken off like crazy," Baronio said. "So it doesn't happen overnight. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of work. And that's definitely something that was put into Mad City that got it to where it was."

🌎🌎🌎 Spatial Chat Added 🔊 Welcome to Mad City, where the choice is yours to choose the power of good or evil. Cause chaos in the city streets as a criminal and super villain or join the super heroes and police force to bring justice to the city. With so many heists, the chaos never stops! Follow the developers on twitter for updates and special codes: Lead Developer: @Taymastar Lead Programmer: @ChiefDaysRBLX @osedaycan World Builder: @FamedChris & @TheGemini_II 3D Modeler: @Nic10Telf Official Twitter: @SchwiftyStudios Special thanks to these awesome people: @[email protected] @kiouhei @Mockerii @Ep1cDrew @PixelatedCandy @DevFoxby @ItsAmmon @PerhapzRBLX @FoxOfJulyy
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Roblox Mad City WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

Wise Geek → Unofficial Game Guides → Roblox Mad City: Review of Guides and game Secrets

ROBLOX MAD CITY is an Android game with a release date of December 3, 2017 from the Roblox Corporation. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Codes, Codes for Money
  2. Prison Break
  3. Cars
  4. Secrets of Successful Heists
  5. Mini Heist
  6. How to Earn XP and Money?
  7. Overview of Locations
  8. Weapons Guide
  9. Heroes Game
  10. Villains, Police & Crime
  11. Apartment
  12. Mini Games
  13. Game Passages

Roblox Mad City: Codes, Codes for Money

The codes are redeemable, they assign skins to vehicles and weapons. To apply the code, open your phone in the game and click on the blue Twitter icon. You will see the screen:

Click on the "Enter Code" field and enter one of the codes. Then click the "Submit" button and you will receive your reward. All current codes are listed below:

  • BILLYBOUNCE - Billy Bons emotion;
  • 0MGC0D3 - vehicle skin with green dots;
  • B3M1N3 - SPAS skin with hearts;
  • B34M3R - Sunbeam transport skin;
  • S33Z4N2 - ice skin for vehicles;
  • STR33TL1N3 - street skin for vehicles;
  • S34Z4N3 - Plasma transport skin;
  • TH1NKP1NK - pink skin for vehicles;
  • S34Z4N4 - skin for the Purple Zebra vehicle;
  • Ryguy - Ryguy vehicle skin;
  • D1 $ C0 - vehicle skin;
  • Napkin - vehicle skin;
  • RealKreek - vehicle skin;
  • 5K37CH - vehicle skin;
  • Bandites - vehicle skin;
  • uNiQueEe BACON - vehicle skin;
  • KraoESP - vehicle skin;
  • 0N3Y34R - festive car skin for Birthday;
  • M4DC1TY - AK-47 assault rifle skin;
  • W33K3NDHYP3 - monochrome transport skin;
  • T4L3N - vehicle skin.

Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

Roblox Mad City: Prison Break

Prison - the location in which the Police and Prisoners appear. It is the main location in the game. Contains: a kennel with a dog, a police station, a prisoner’s room, a gym and other locations.

Escape methods

1. Find a rope in the box, go to one wall and hold the E button. Then climb the rope and climb over the wall. You can also go to the dining room and put the rope on the stove, then climb into the ventilation through the hood, walk the rope and jump off the wall.

2. Find the master key, go to the iron door near the dining room and open it while holding down the E button. Then go to the ventilation hatch in the floor and open it, also holding E. Then go through the ventilation, go up the stairs, open the hatch and exit the prison.

3. Find the spoon, go to the ground near the police base and click on E. Thus, gradually digging, you go outside.

4. Find a screwdriver and open the ventilation hatch. Then you will fall into the trash compartment, from where you will escape through the passage.

5. Create a hammer from wood and stone, and then break the toilet near the prison block and escape through the sewers. Or go to the wall near the benches on the football field, break the wall and escape from the prison.

6. Create C4 from gunpowder and plastic. Then go to the wall near the football goal of the police team and blow it up. After the explosion, you can escape from the prison.

7. Approach the policeman and, holding E, steal the card from him. With the card, you can go out through any doors of the prison.

8. If you have a prisoner friend, you can jump on the helicopter rope, which he will lower. You will fly along the rope, and that’s it. You escaped!

9. If you have a weak computer, then with some chance you can jump over the cones near the hole, which you need to dig with a spoon.

10. Other tweaks:

  • Jump to the corner of the police station and quietly escape;
  • Once outside, jump over the car. You can also do this with boxes;
  • Make a hammer, go to the toilet and throw the hammer into the toilet. To throw the hammer down the toilet, hold down E and you will be carried down the drain. Then get out;
  • Find C4 explosives in the box, go to the wall and blow it up;
  • Break the wall with a hammer.

Roblox Mad City: Cars

Cars in Mad City are used as a form of transport for players. When cars appear, they will be painted in the default color and have no enhancements unless you edited them in the garage, after which they will be customized regardless of which combo you choose when the car appears.

Main functions. To enter the car, find the place where the icon appears that says: "Enter driver" and press "E". To drive the car as a passenger, find the place where the icon appears that says "Enter Passenger" and press "E". To purchase a car, find one that you do not currently own and try to drive it. A purchase prompt will appear on the screen with a Yes or No option. You can get nitro by driving onto the sidewalk at one of two gas stations.

Some types of cars

1. Camaro. Price: free. The slowest car. Located by the police station. Can use Turbo. Accommodates 2 people. Speed: low. Real life prototype: Camaro.

2. Dodger. Price: $ 50,000. Located in front of a criminal base and in a multi-storey parking lot. Accommodates 2 people. Speed: medium. It differs from ATV only by slight overclocking. Real life prototype: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

3. Vapid. Price: $ 100,000. Located in front of the criminal base. Accommodates 2 people. Speed: medium. It differs from the $ 50,000 cars only in low speed and acceleration. Real life prototype: Lexus LFA.

4. Dominator. Price: $ 100,000. Located at the police station. Accommodates 2 people. Speed: medium. The characteristics are the same with Vapid. Real life prototype: Ford Mustang.

5. Inferno. Price: $ 500,000. Located by the car dealership. Accommodates 2 people. Speed: high. More acceleration and speed, but less agility. Real life prototype: Lamborgini Gallaro.

6. Spetsnaz van. Cost: SWAT play pass. Speed: slow. Location: police base. The van tires are bulletproof. Players cannot shoot from van windows.

Cars for ranks in seasons

Machine nameSpeed / characteristics.Conditions for receiving
PhantomFastRank 50 in Season 1
ReaperAverage. Players cannot shoot from windowsRank 100 in Season 1
Itali gtFastRank 50 in Season 2
HoverboardAverage. Can float above waterRank 100 in Season 2
HyperDriveFast. Leaves a strip of light behindRank 100 in Season 3
RoverAverageRank 30 in Season 4
Monster TruckSlow. The truck has a high suspension. Players cannot shoot from windowsRank 60 in Season 4
SnowmobileFastRank 50 in Season 5
Rocket sledFastRank 100 in Season 5
MercedesFastRank 50 in Season 6
InvaderFast. Can’t use police sirensDefeating Pope Clack in Season 4
Invisible boat carFast. This car is invisible and cannot switch this abilityDefeating Star-Lord in Season 4 and Season 5
GiottoVery fastDefeating Mechanical Clack in Season 6
PorscheFastCompleting all challenges in Season 5
CartridgeFastSuperpack "Patron"

Roblox Mad City: Secrets of Successful Heists

Robberies are places that can be robbed by criminals and villains to make money. After each robbery, players must return to the criminal base to receive the money they stole. The police can also carry out a robbery (raid) of a nightclub or a cargo plane, but then must return to the police base to collect their money.

The robbery status is indicated by its icon. If the robbery is open but not started, the icon will be colored. If it is open and already robbed, the icon will flash red and blue. If it is closed, the icon will be grayed out. Each heist will close at a certain time after the player starts the heist, and it will take a certain amount of time, certain for each heist, for it to open again.


  • Location: city center;
  • Reward: Public robbery - $ 3000 ($ 6000 VIP); additional robbery - x2 ATM for $ 1000 = $ 2000. Total: $ 5,000 and 200 XP.

The bank is one of the seven major heists available to criminals. It is the tallest building in the game and is easily recognizable by its large glowing sign. There are two ATMs outside that you can break into and get $ 1000 each. After the Bank is robbed, it will be closed for 6 minutes until it reopens. During this period, you will not be able to enter the Bank.

Exterior. The bank is a tall white striped rectangular skyscraper with three different "cubes" that make up its structure. On its right side there is a sign with the Roblox logo. The bank is written under the aforementioned logo as well as on the front of the building. At the bottom, the building looks like a museum and is surrounded by columns, with a small parking lot in front of it and several benches to the left. There are two automatic doors to the left and right of the front of the building.

Interior. The floor of the bank is mostly red carpet. The ground floor has a table with a hole in the back. There is a staircase that leads to the second floor and lasers in the form of a lattice are used as an obstacle. Past the laser grid is a storage room with many intersecting lasers. On the third and last floor, there is a zipline to a jewelry store that players can use to get to it after robbing the Bank or to leave the Bank.


  • Location: near the criminal base;
  • Reward: Public robbery - $ 4000 ($ 8000 VIP); additional robbery - no. Total: $ 8,000 and 250 XP.

The casino is one of seven major heists located near Paradise Pier and the Crime Base. To enter the casino, the crime must pass through the revolving door in front of him. The main room can be accessed through two doorways, which will initially be covered with two bars. The computer at the front desk must be hacked to gain access.

Players will then find themselves in a large room equipped with various (non-functional) gaming machines such as electronic slot machines, empty green tables and roulette wheels. There are two doors at the end of the room, each of which leads through different laser-grabbed rooms, where four levers must be pressed to open the vault. Inside the vault, there are lockers, each of which has cash that can be looted by pressing "E". Each locker will provide the player with $ 400.

Jewerely store

  • Location: near the lake and hero base;
  • Reward: public robbery - $ 5,000 (10,000 VIP); additional robbery - 1 crystal = $ 2500. Total: $ 7,500 and 350 XP.

The Jewelry Store is one of the seven main heists available in Mad City. A jewelry store can be robbed every 14 minutes. While the Jewelry Store is open, you must climb the rope on the right side of the Jewelry Store. You will then climb to the top of the building and go behind the middle platform to find a rope. Once you find the rope, you must climb the rope and continue straight ahead to drill a hole and enter the Jewelry Store.

After the vent is open, you can go to the Jewelry Store. There will be various counters where gems will be sealed behind a glass lid. You will have to hit or shoot glass three times with a weapon to break it and get jewelry, which gives 3 diamonds worth $ 500 each. Cold steel will not break glass.

When you collect the money you want to return to the Criminal Base, you can wait until the store closes, fly out through the vent with a jetpack or flying abilities, or escape through two open doorways with a large exit sign.

A precious stone. There is also a gemstone covered with cone-shaped lasers. This gem can be "smashed and grabbed" for $ 2,500, which will not count towards the 30 diamond limit for criminals. Only one player can get it for robbery.

Ice Weapon Quest. In the February 1, 2020 update, a quest was added to get the Ice Weapon.

  • Use RPGs or grenades to blow up Kluck’s memorial tree. After a while, an Ice Crystal will drop out.
  • There are three rectangles inside the Jewelry Store on the left. The secret door is behind the middle rectangle.
  • Using the Crystal on the secret door will open it. There will be an Ice Weapon.

Night club

  • Location: near a hardware store;
  • Reward: Public robbery - $ 6,000 ($ 12,000 VIP); additional robbery - no. Total - $ 6,000 and 400 experience.

The nightclub has 3 floors, each of which must be walked through to access the storage on the top floor. To enter, go through one of the three doors on the outside of the nightclub. Then you need to go to two gray double doors near the DJ stand and wait for them to open, activating the robbery. Behind this door, a rope runs through a ventilation shaft, and there are rotating lasers in the middle of the shaft. They rotate randomly and can change directions from clockwise to counterclockwise.

After lifting, there will be a room with moving laser circles on the floor. You should go to the doorway in the far right corner. Inside this doorway there are two horizontal lasers that you need to jump over. This leads to a trapdoor room as well as a vending machine. After that, another set of six lasers awaits in a small hall.

At the end of the small room, you will be presented with lasers in a grid pattern with a set of 2 lasers moving back and forth across most of the room, as well as a few more lasers that are above. They will damage you if you touch them. After crouching or jumping to avoid these lasers, you will come across a staircase leading to the topmost floor. In this room, another set of moving laser circles will spread across the floor, which can be avoided simply by avoiding them or jumping on various pieces of furniture.

Boss Key Card. The DJ stand in the front heist room will have four random colors. When you enter these colors, firing the corresponding buttons on the vending machine on the second floor (using a pistol that fires real bullets like a pistol or an AK-47) will flash green, and if not done correctly, nothing will happen. If everything is done correctly, at the end of the topmost floor there will be a "secret vault" compartment, which, when searched, will give the Boss Key Card.


  • Location: in the desert near the lake;
  • Reward: Public robbery - $ 7,500 ($ 15,000 VIP); additional robbery - no. Total - $ 7,500 and 500 experience.

The first danger follows the vestibule at the very entrance to the Pyramid. Here you are greeted by a boiling pit with lava and several columns. Contact with lava will result in instant death. The second hazard immediately follows the first, which consists of a large platform with various pressure plates. When you step on them, they will fall on you with thorns. The pressure plates have a similarity to the ground, the only distinguishing feature is that they are not on the same level with it. Hitting the thorns results in instant death.

The third hazard is a narrow passageway with three swinging spikes attached to the ceiling with chains. Contact with the spiked ball deals heavy damage. The fourth hazard consists of a platform with two fire emitters on the right, which alternate on and off. Contact with the expelled flame will deal continuous, heavy damage based on how close you are to the emitter.

The fifth hazard consists of another lava pit with pillars similar to the first obstacle. Touching lava results in instant death. The sixth and final hazard is the large winding ramp that leads directly to the vault. Neon orange balls appear at the top of the ramp and roll randomly, and contact can do serious damage. After the last peril, a vault is available containing piles of gold, gems, chests, coffins and statues of Anubis. Can players collect a maximum of 15 treasures (30 with VIP)? Each treasure gives $ 500.

To the left of the Pyramid vault is a chest that can be interacted with to obtain the Golden Key. This key can be used in ClackDonald’s to obtain the Death Ray.

Cargo Ship

  • Location: arrives at the criminal base;
  • Reward: Public robbery - $ 100 - $ 2000 ($ 4000 with VIP).

The arrival or departure of a ship can be easily detected by its loud sound signaling whether it is leaving the ship or arriving at the pier. Once you reach the shipyard, you must climb the ramp to the deck of the ship. There are several obstacles, from jumping over boxes to lasers. After that, you will come across a yellow cargo box that you can cut open (just by touching it) and then go into it to start collecting gold. Each gold bar costs $ 100. You can get a maximum of 20 gold bars. The ship will stay in the port for no more than 3 minutes.

Cargo airplane

  • Location: flies from the volcano along the map to the lighthouse;
  • Reward: Public robbery - $ 500 - $ 5,000 ($ 10,000 with VIP).

The cargo plane is one of the seven main heists and moves around the map. Like the cargo ship, it appears periodically. The police can also raid this place.

  1. Room 1. Crates can be opened with a crowbar to get a weapon that gives a maximum of $ 5,000 (or $ 10,000 with VIP) and 300 experience upon completion. Scrap is automatically issued to players when interacting with the box.
  2. Room 2. Behind the broken door is a room filled with pipes, from where hot steam is sprayed, like the fire traps of the Pyramid.
  3. Room 3. There are several rotating lasers on the 2nd floor. They can be avoided by walking around the perimeter of the room over the seats or by jumping over them.
  4. Room 4. Past the lasers behind the wall is a locked door that can be hacked and opened by interacting with the keyboard next to it. Inside is the cockpit with a red button that can be pressed to open the hatch below. Players must return to Room 1 and exit through the open hatch. Any players left in the cargo plane will explode when it flies off the map.

The bombs inside the cargo plane are identical in appearance to the bombs dropped by the Falcon or Nightjar. The heroes can open the front door and leave the cargo plane, although they cannot open the crates.

Roblox Mad City: Mini Heist

Gas station. A gas station is a mini-robbery. There are two types of gas station - Gorodskaya and Okrannaya. Each of them contains petrol stations and a building that contains shelves and 3 cash registers for $ 600 each. The city’s gas station also has electric stations and a parked Tesla Roadster. There used to be an off-road motorcycle at the outskirts of the gas station, and even earlier there was a Mustang.

At the gas station, you can refuel the Nitro car, which speeds it up 2 times.

Convenience store. The convenience store is located next to the car dealership. Has two cash registers that can be robbed for $ 600 each. Outside, the building is green in color with a protruding roof and 5 large glass panels. The interior of the building consists mainly of shelves, blue lockers and two checkouts. This is one of the few places where the Crate drops. It used to be home to ATVs and 911s.

Electronics store. The electronics store contains a variety of electronics, such as phones and laptops, for $ 7,600. The real name of this building is "Fruit Shop". It is a medium sized two storey building with modern architecture. Outside, everything is white, except for the front, which is a glass window consisting of 11 vertical glass panels, in the middle of which there is a door below, which must be broken to enter the building.

The interior consists of two floors, the first of which contains 8 tables, and the second floor contains 4 tables, each of which has different phones and laptops that can be interacted with and stolen for $ 600 and $ 1000, respectively. Each floor has a static grid of lasers. All vehicles respawn after 5 minutes. The electronics store is the second most profitable $ for non-VIP players, with more $ than Pyramid.

ClackDonald’s. ClackDonald’s is a mini heist that can be found near the park. You can raid a maximum of $ 2700. The cafe also serves as the location of the Death Ray. Small orange high-tech building with windows and logo on top. It can be seen that the restaurant has a "KlakAvto" on the canopy and open window on the left. The interior consists of three rooms - an entrance hall, a back and a secret one. The hallway has a digital menu, self-service counters, the ClackDonald’s logo, cash desks (each giving $ 600) and a bank with money ($ 500).

In the back room there is a shelf with books, a safe (which gives $ 1000) and a keyhole that, when unlocked with the Golden Key, gives access to the secret room containing the Death Ray. The secret room contains a desk with a Death Ray in a glass case and the ClackDonald’s logo with red glowing eyes.

Airport. An airport is a place that houses several aircraft, as well as objects of robbery. On the Runway are Plane, Scout, Cobra, Falcon, Warhawk, and Nightjar. Jetpack is also located at the airport. The airport is located to the right of the prison, on the west side of the island. It can be found next to the testing lab. Consists of two terminals connected by a bridge. The terminals have high-tech architecture. Both buildings are glazed and have diamond-shaped columns with glass inside. The roofs of the buildings are curved.

Basically, the exterior of the main terminal resembles a checkpoint and baggage drop-off. The second terminal is the waiting room. Each terminal has an ATM, suitcases and stacks of money. All the objects of the robbery inside are worth $ 14,500. Each suitcase gives $ 500, ATM $ 1000, and stacks of money $ 500. At the airport, you can complete the jetpack quest:

  • Memorize the colors on the DJ counter at the Nightclub;
  • Shoot from the machine at the desired colors in the vending machine on the 2nd floor of the Nightclub;
  • Open the Boss Keycard box on the 3rd floor of the Nightclub;
  • In the main terminal of the Airport there will be a secret room on the right that opens with the Boss Keycard. Jetpack lies inside.

House. The Home is a mini heist that appears twice, namely in Sandy Suburbs and Paradise Pier. Each of them is identical except for their actual location. The cost of all objects in the house is $ 6700. The house is a small red building with 4 windows and a garage. The house has two entrances: an entrance door that can be broken open and a kitchen window that can be broken.

The actual interior of the house has a total of three burglar doors. The house has three rooms; living room, kitchen and bedroom. The living room has a $ 2000 safe, a $ 400 stack of cash and a $ 500 TV. There is another $ 1000 stack of cash in the kitchen while the bedroom has two $ 400 stacks of cash and a large $ 2000 gem.

With the update to the Electronics Store, revenue from all properties in the home doubled, except for cash in the bedroom and living room, which jumped from $ 250 to $ 400, while the cost of the TV remained the same.

Box. Boxes are interactive objects (sometimes mini-heists) that fall from the sky at random times in predetermined locations. Depending on their color, they will give either cash or exclusive weapons. The game has 3 variants of boxes: red, green and gold. When one of them first appears from the sky, there will be a loud hissing sound and red smoke will be in the air, signaling its location on the ground.

Cash cannot be received before the green / gold boxes have landed, and trying to pick up an item from the Red Box before it has landed will not result in the item being received and will instead prevent the player from interacting with it again. The boxes disappear two minutes after landing.

  • Red Box: will give out either a Beam Pistol, Minigun, or Uzi-S, and the top of the box will show its contents.
  • Green box: gives out $ 3500 (or $ 7000 with VIP) instantly, but in order to get money, you need to open the box, standing in a blue circle next to it for 15 - 20 seconds.
  • Gold Box: gives $ 5500 (or $ 11000 with VIP).

Green boxes have a green parachute, Gold boxes have a golden parachute, and Red boxes have a blue parachute. Weapon skins cannot be applied to all weapons related to the Red Box. Tear Gas and Shield-Shield used to only be in the Red Box until they were moved to the Police Station.

Roblox Mad City: How to Earn XP and Money?

XP. XP is a value that indicates a player’s rating. Each rank is assigned an amount of XP, which, when reached, allows the player to move on to the next rank. Ranks reset at the start of a new season, along with the introduction of new rank rewards.

Earning XP from prisoners:

  • 20 XP: Craft a Knife, Hammer, C4;
  • 15 XP: Disable air transport;
  • 10 XP: Murder;
  • 10 XP: Training;
  • 10 XP: Search (boxes, barrels, trash cans);
  • 10 XP: Stealing weapons from a police officer;
  • 5 XP: Stealing a Key Card from a Police Officer.

Earning XP from the police:

  • 25 - 600 XP: arrest of Criminals;
  • 400 XP: Completion of the Night Club Raid;
  • 300 XP: Completion of the raid on the Cargo Plane;
  • 100 XP: Salary (received at 6:10 PM game time);
  • 25 XP: Arrest of guilty prisoners;
  • 15 XP: Disable air transport;
  • 10 XP: Killing a Prisoner or Criminals;
  • 10 XP: Training;
  • 4 XP: Drive the Crime out of the car;
  • 1 XP: Burst a tire.

Earning XP from Crime / Villain:

  • 500 XP: Completion of the Pyramid heist;
  • 400 XP: Completion of the Nightclub robbery;
  • 350 XP: Completing the heist of the Jewelry Store;
  • 300 XP: Completion of the Cargo Plane heist;
  • 300 XP: Completed the Casino robbery;
  • 250 XP: Completion of the Bank robbery;
  • 150 XP: Completion of the heist of the Cargo Ship;
  • 15 XP: Disable air transport;
  • 10 XP: Murder;
  • 10 XP: Training;
  • 5 XP: Stealing a Key Card from a Police Officer;
  • 1 XP: Burst a tire.

Earning XP from the Hero:

  • 15 XP: Disable air transport;
  • 10 XP: Murder;
  • 10 XP: Training;
  • 1 XP: Burst a tire.

Money. $ (cash) is the main currency used in Mad City. The money can be used to buy new vehicles, vehicle skins, weapon skins, and the weapon itself. Vehicles purchased with cash are added to the player’s inventory and do not disappear upon exiting the game. In addition, money can also be bought through the phone menu. Money can be earned:

  1. Police officers: for the murder of a criminal or a guilty prisoner ($ 25), arrest of a criminal ($ 200 + crime bonus), arrest of a guilty prisoner ($ 200), salary ($ 2,000), completing a raid on a Nightclub ($ 300 - $ 6,000 ), completion of the cargo plane raid ($ 1000 - $ 5,000).
  2. For heroes: for the murder of a crime or a guilty prisoner ($ 25 + crime bonus);
  3. For criminals: for killing a police officer or a hero ($ 25), for completing a robbery;
  4. Prisoners: for killing a police officer or a hero ($ 25).

Roblox Mad City: Overview of Locations

Criminal base. Criminal Base is the base of a team of criminals in Mad City. She is on Paradise Pier. It is a large high-tech building. The base is colored white and red. She is on the beach, on the boardwalk near the Ferris wheel and the cargo ship’s arrival point.

Villain Base. The Villain Base is where the Villains appear. Here, Villains can equip one of three abilities: Raven, Ghost, and Roar. There are no weapons in this lair, and there is only one entry point: an elevator called only by team members. Villains killed by lasers or due to reset (Reset) will respawn in the den with only a pistol. The villains cannot hand over the money for the robbery and must go to the Crime Base. The lava surrounding the villains’ forces will kill anyone who touches it, making it the only base in which there is imminent danger.

Hero Base. Hero Base is the spawn point of Heroes located opposite the Villains Lair. The Heroes’ Base is a tall tower with a large opening at the top, supported by a sandy bottom in the ocean. There is an elevator at the back that allows you to reach the top of the base where the 7 heroes are located, as well as a helicopter mounted on top of the rooftop helipad. Also on the base are simulators that XP gives.

Car showroom. Dealership Auto Show is where Nero, the Avenger and Fury are located. Also in the parking lot there is a Firestorm car. It is a white building made of Art Nouveau concrete slabs with a red sign on top of the entrance. The front and left parts are glazed. There is a parking lot in front of the entrance, which is the place where the box with money appears. There are three cars inside - Nero, Avenger and Fury. There is also a small room to the left of them. It has no functionality.

Gun shop. The Weapon Shop is a place in Mad City that players can visit to get various weapons or buy skins for them. Although it is a modern building, the exterior is almost entirely made of wood. The building has tall, factory-like windows, two automatic glass doors (with one small glass bay window above them) and a large AK-47 on the roof.

Inside the gun store, there is one shelf covered with eight weapons on each side, for a total of sixteen: eleven guns, an RPG, a grenade, and three melee weapons. Directly in front of the door is the ticket office where Timemaster works. Behind the weapon stand there is a small shooting range with targets of different distances from the player.

Players can customize weapon skins by talking to the cashier behind the counter. All customizable weapons will appear in a list, which allows players to purchase and apply skins to their weapons. The Gunshop is the only place with Bita.

Garage. The garage is a place where players can customize their cars with skins, engines, spoilers, and other gimmicks. The game currently has 3 garage sections and 1 helipad where the player can customize their vehicle. There are two icons in the game marked with a wrench. One stands for the garage, the other for the City Docks.

The garage has 3 sections that allow you to edit 3 cars at the same time. Inside the garage, the player can edit their vehicle as they see fit. The garage can be accessed by any team except the prisoners. When a vehicle enters the garage, a menu appears and players can choose what they want to change. As long as the car takes up space in the garage, the garage door will be closed behind their vehicle.

The garage is built into the building of the Dealership Motor Show. If in any way the car climbs onto the helipad on top of the garage, then the player can edit it.

City docks. The City Docks are where the player can customize their Boat, Jet Ski, Hydro, Petrel (hovering) and Hoverboard. Only vehicle skin can be configured. The docks are located on the lake near the Jewelry Store. There is only one compartment for sea transport. To the right and to the left of it there is a wooden flooring, on the sides of which are the Jet Ski and Hydro.

The docks do not have a bottom layer of water under them, so if a player on the Petrel enters the docks and then turns off the hover ability, he and the car will fall under the map and die.

Roblox Mad City: Weapons Guide

Weapons are a type of item in Mad City used to fight and defend against members of enemy teams. Most weapons can be equipped by members of any team, with the exception of certain tools from the police kit, as well as items specific to the game pass that the player does not possess. All weapons are readily available in the gun shop (except for the Beam Pistol, Death Ray, Pistol-S, UZI-S, Tear Gas and Minigun). Many of them can also be found in command bases, albeit to a lesser extent.

Melee weapons work the same way, while ranged weapons tend to vary and occupy different slots. Each weapon has a clip size (minigun excluded), although the weapon’s ammo is infinite. Players can only have one weapon of each type, for example a pistol and TEC-9 are pistols, meaning a player cannot have both at the same time.

When left-clicking or right-clicking with a ranged weapon that does not have a scope, the player will be slowed down, his perspective will increase over his right shoulder, a white cross will appear, behind which the player’s avatar will rotate. After a few seconds without firing the player will come out of this state, although he can forcibly leave it by starting to run. If you right-click and then instantly left-click before the player fully enters the firing state, they can shoot from the center of their screen.

Ranged weapon

NameDamage / Clip Size / SpeedNote
AK-4710/30 / Fast
MP58/40 / Very fast
Famas10/30 / AverageShoots 3 bullets at a time
Minigun10 / Overheats after 100 bullets / Very fastObtainable from Red Crates
Death ray20/20 / FastObtainable with the Golden Key at ClackDonald’s
M4A110/30 / Very fastObtainable using SWAT game pass
SCAR15/30 / FastObtainable by using the SCAR game pass
Sniper rifle40/1 / Very slowHas a strong scope
AWP80/2 / Very slowYou can get it using the "Heavy Weapon" game passage. Has a strong scope
Shotgun4-70 / 6 / SlowOn headshot, maximum damage - 144
SPAS2-32 / 4 / AverageHeadshot, maximum damage - 70
Ice weapon4/100 / SuperfastObtained with a crystal in the Jewelry Store
Pistol12/14 / Average
Pistol-S12/14 / AverageShot sound muted when firing
Deagle25/7 / Average
TEC-98/20 / Fast
Beam pistol35/8 / AverageObtainable from Red Crates
Ultrasound-S6/32 / Very fastObtainable from Red Crates
Taser0/1 / Very slowPolice weapons. Paralyzes Criminals and Villains

Melee weapon

It has an average speed. Deals 40 damage. Kinds:

  • Knife;
  • Club;
  • Bit. Can repel grenades flying at the player;
  • Scrap. Obtainable from Cargo Plane;
  • Machete. Exclusive for Criminals and Villains.

Explosive weapons

The direction of explosive weapons (also RPG) depends on gravity. For example, due to low gravity on VIP servers, projectiles can fly unevenly or upward. Kinds:

  • Grenade. Damage - 80. Deals 80 damage to players within the radius of destruction;
  • Tear gas. Damage - 5. Creates a green cloud of gas, dealing 5 damage per second. Available at the Police Base for $ 4000;
  • M32. Damage - 40. Available at the Police Base for $ 5,000;
  • RPG. Damage - 60. Can be obtained using the "Heavy Weapon" of the Game Pass;
  • Egg grenade launcher. Damage - 40. Available on the Flying Islands near the mill.

Roblox Mad City: Heroes Game

Heroes are a Mad City team that can be selected by up to 6 people on the server to gain powerful abilities to defeat Criminals. Players who have a VIP pass can join the hero squad even if it is full (has 6 or more players). Players on a team of heroes can choose between 7 different heroes, each with different abilities.

All heroes have a chance to drop a crystal on kill, which can be raised by criminals. If the criminal picks up the hero crystal, the criminal who picks it up will have the same powers as the hero from which the crystal was dropped. Only one criminal can pick up the crystal, one day it will disappear. The heroes appear at the hero base, which is located in the lake near the Jewelry store.

Hot Rod.Hot Rod is one of the seven heroes in Mad City. Its strength is super speed with increased impact speed. His super speed is triggered while running, leaving behind red particles and making a loud noise, allowing him to run directly over the water if he comes in contact with it. The Hot Rod can outrun slower cars like Plane and Rhino.

Hot Rod’s running speed is proportional to his health, which means that the lower his health, the slower he runs. In very poor health, sprinting may be slower than walking.

Voltron. Voltron is an electric hero who can quickly throw lightning bolts, dealing 4 damage per hit. The Voltron will be able to fire 50 Electric Bolts, which is approximately 5 seconds from starting Electric Bolts until the ability is recharged.

Running will turn Voltron into a ball of electricity, increasing its speed and jump height, but the sprint can only be done for a short time until it recharges over a period of time. The downside is that Voltron cannot run indefinitely, and short projectiles have a relatively low DPS value compared to other weapons that are used in close combat.

Guy. Wanta is a hero who can quickly shoot dark energy that deals 8 damage. At the same time, Vanta can become invisible when sprinting and receive a small increase in speed. This ability is not infinite and requires a recharge. Aiming with a weapon will also make the user visible.

Inferno. Inferno is a hero with the power of fire. Inferno can fly and use its power at the same time, using fireballs as a method of attack. These fireballs move about as fast as RPGs. On hitting the surface, the fireballs explode and deal 12 damage to enemies. The explosion itself deals area damage, which is of medium size. Inferno Hero Power - 6 fireballs with a 0.5 second recharge between shots.

Proton. Proton is one of the eight heroes. Proton’s ability allows the player to fire laser beams, each dealing 12 damage, and Proton is able to fire ten laser beams before reloading. Proton can also run faster than a normal player. Along with a higher running speed, Proton has the ability to double jump, which can be activated by pressing the space bar twice in the air.

Snowflake. Snowflake is a medium-range hero who can shoot ice shards at high speed that do 8 damage per hit. She has a high rate of fire and can fire twenty times before reloading. Unlike all other projectile-based heroes, she can puncture tires and break aircraft using her power.

The snowflake will have an increased speed (when running on the ground) and will be able to create an icy path underfoot while running, and can also use the ice path indefinitely. Aiming the weapon immediately stops the creation of icy paths, so the ability cannot be used as a platform for shooting. Snowflake is the only hero who does not wear the Roblox face by default on his pedestal.

Titanium. Titan is a mechanical and futuristic superhero that was added in the June 9, 2019 update. Titan’s Force is a beam projectile that emits a charging sound when fired, then attacks and instantly detonates on the surface in a range of force.

The explosion deals 25 area damage and can fire 4 times before reloading. As long as the Titan’s power is equipped, the player will be able to fly. Equipping something else in the player’s inventory or jumping while flying will stop the flight. Titan is one of two flying heroes, along with Inferno. As a Titan, you will remove all of the player’s avatar accessories.

Archer. The Archer is a Hero added in the March 20, 2020 Patch. He owns a bow and arrow and is much more agile than the average player. The Archer’s main weapon is his bow. He shoots an arrow that flies at about the speed of Vanta’s dark energy, and explodes on contact with an enemy or obstacle, dealing 30 damage in a small radius.

Ten arrows can be launched before reloading. He also runs much faster than the average player and has the ability to super jump by pressing the jump button twice quickly. During the sprint, the hero leaves a green trail like the Ghost. Although the character is depicted wearing a mask with a hood and cloak, such accessories are not added when equipping his power.

Roblox Mad City: Villains, Police & Crime

Villains. To become a Villain, you need to kill a superhero. With a 25% chance, it will drop a crystal with its power. Villains are the opposite of superheroes. At the base of villains, you can become one of three types of villains - Raven, Phantom or Roar. Villains can be any form of superhero by killing the superhero with the right strength. There are also additional unique shapes. Villains can use all types of weapons except handcuffs and a taser. Villains can use cars (open), get turbo on them and use it. Villains when dropped or dying from something (other than being killed by a hero or being arrested by a police officer) appear on the villain base.

Police. The police are a crime fighting team whose goal is to arrest criminals, prevent thefts and prisoners from escaping. The policeman’s arsenal contains a shocker (taser), handcuffs, a pistol-S and a wide range of other weapons to choose from. The police team can be selected by a maximum of 10 players on the server. After 2 nights, the police officer will receive their salary at 6:10 pm (or sunset) depending on their performance.

The police team can also deploy the spikes on their vehicles by pressing "Q". This function is only available to the police. The police team can take the dog with them by going to the booth and pressing "E". The dog will only chase the criminal if the policeman uses the whistle. Then the dog will catch up with the criminal and bite him, which will significantly slow down the speed of the criminal’s movement.

The Police Officer can raid the Nightclub and the Cargo Plane. The 10-player limit was added after the Police Dogs update.

Crime. Crime is a team whose goal is to rob and create chaos on the city streets. You can only become a crime by escaping from prison for prisoners. They are opponents of the police and heroes. Criminals can use weapons, but unlike police, criminals cannot use tasers and handcuffs. Criminals, like villains, can knock out a card from the police, and a crystal from the heroes (a crystal of the kind that the hero was killed). Criminals can loot many buildings in MadCity. For example: Bank, casino, gas station, airport, diner, hardware store and so on. Also, criminals can become villains by killing a superhero.

Roblox Mad City: Apartment

Apartments are a series of locations that players can use as a form of housing. Players can customize the interior of their apartments with a variety of wallpapers and furnishings that will remain when they log out of the server. Likewise, apartments are a one-time purchase.

Several apartments can be placed in the same building, allowing players to visit other people’s apartments. The Home app on the phone gives players 3 customization options. The player can lock their apartment, change their spawn point to their apartment, and turn off all radio stations playing there.

Types of apartments. There are currently 5 types of apartments in Mad City:

  1. Penthouse Tower of Utopia. Elite apartments located next to the bank. It can be bought for $ 5,000,000. These are the largest and most expensive suites in the game with 13 rooms, all of different shapes and sizes. Basically it is a series of halls and rooms, some of which branch out into other rooms.
  2. House of the Sea Breeze. House of Sea Breeze is located next to the mini-robbery "House". To get there directly from the prison, you need to drive along the left road and turn left at the first turn. Cost: $ 2,000,000.
  3. Grand Park Apartments. Cost: $ 750,000.
  4. Casino Park Home. Cost: $ 100,000.
  5. An ordinary house. An ordinary house is located next to the Grand Park Apartments. Consists of 2 rooms. The main room has an elevation that can be counted as room 3.

Map markers are automatically turned off when they are inside the apartment, but they can be turned on again using the settings in the phone. Players can use weapons in their inventory, trying to summon a car in the apartment, and the inventory will appear again.

Roblox Mad City: Mini Games

Mini-games can be accessed through the "Mini game" application on your phone. Here players can purchase and exchange game tokens. Game tokens cost 20,000 each and can be exchanged to start a game mode. When a player selects a mode, all other players will be prompted to choose if they will participate. If none of the players has signed up, the game mode will not start and the token will not be used up. On VIP servers, game modes do not require game tokens to activate.

Game with weapons. The participants are teleported to the prison. Each player starts with a random weapon and gets a random weapon when they kill another player, replacing the one they used previously. The first to get 22 kills wins. During the mini-game, participants are placed in a neutral team. Players can obtain weapons to pass the game whether or not they own the corresponding pass, as well as a laser blade.

Team battle. The participants are divided into two teams and fight in the prison. The first team to score 50 kills wins. Players receive a random outfit consisting of any primary weapon, shotgun, pistol, melee weapon, and grenade at the start of the game and when they respawn after death. If this game mode lasts long enough, it will automatically end and the player who spent his token will return it back. For the duration of the mini-game, the participants are divided equally into red and blue teams.

Hide and seek. Players are teleported to a construction site, downtown park or Paradise Pier and are surrounded by invisible walls. One random player is selected, and all the rest are hidden. After a minute has passed, the seeker has five minutes to fire and kill each jumper with the seeker pistol. If the finder fails, all survivors are hidden by default. During the mini-game, participants are placed in a neutral team.

Roblox Mad City: Game Passages

Game Passes or Game Passes are permanent benefits that can be purchased in-game via your phone or directly from the Mad City Store tab on the Roblox website.

Types of play passes. There are currently 10 general play passes available in the game, with a total cost of 3300 Robux.

  1. SWAT. Price: 3000 Robux. Provides access to M4A1, SWAT Van and SWAT uniform.
  2. Radio. Price: 200 Robux. Allows you to play sound from the Roblox library from vehicles.
  3. VIP. Price: 1000 Robux. Allows you to bypass team limits, doubles your money from robberies and bonuses, and provides a "VIP" chat tag.
  4. Heavy weapons. Price: 400 Robux. Provides access to RPG and AWP.
  5. Pet +. Price: 100 Robux. Unlocks more customization and dog toys.
  6. Pack of emotions # 1. Price: 200 Robux. Unlocks eight emotes that can be used from your phone.
  7. Pack of emotions # 2. Price: 200 Robux. Unlocks the other eight emotes that can be used from the phone.
  8. Mobile customization. Price: 100 Robux. Allows you to customize vehicles and weapons on the go.
  9. SCAR. Price: 300 Robux. Provides access to SCAR.
  10. Double XP. Price: 500 Robux. Doubles XP gained from any action that gives XP.

Article author: Nadezhda D.


Roblox - Mad City GUIDE

So the next thing would be
What I Did Being New To The Game
WELL everybody is a "NOOB" at first time playing the game. For me I would use to forget the MAP and used to end up swimming in the RIVER, after all I was new to the game.
I would use to walk about a 100 of miles as I didn't knew that we could spawn a VEHICLE
The Other thing I would use to do was to ROLEPLAY in the prison as I thought it was like a ROLEPLAY game but when I discovered that there is more outside and how you could escape by searching "Dustbins" or" Boxes".
It was hard to learn the MAP , but if you keep playing the game continuously or a whole day {Joking don't play the whole day}.

From the day I knew everything about Mad City began the journey of me becoming a "MILLIONARE" In Mad City from a "noob"who used to roleplay in the prison.
GUYS now you know everything you should know before playing Mad City
What are u waiting for there is a whole adventure in front of u. So guys see u in Roblox . If u want to play with me then ADD me as your friend . MY ROBLOX ACCOUNT- Deevya_YT


On mad roblox city

Last Updated on 2 October, 2021

Here you will find all the active Roblox Mad City Codes. Use them in the phone to earn free rewards, coins and also skins


Roblox Mad City Codes – Full List

We provide you below all the active codes in Roblox Mad City. Use them to earn free coins, skins and more:

Latest New Codes

Hyper Glider Update = No new codes yet

  • BILLYBOUNCE: Use this code to redeem a Billy Bounce emote
  • 0MGC0D3: Use this code to redeem a Green dots vehicle Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • datbrian: Use this code to redeem a DatBrian Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • Ryguy: Use this code to redeem a Ryguy Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • D1$C0: Use this code to redeem a Disco Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • Bandites: Use this code to redeem a Bandites Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • uNiQueEe BACON: Use this code to redeem a MyUsernamesThisSkin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • 5K37CH: Use this code to redeem a Sk3tchYT Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • Napkin: Use this code to redeem a NapkinNate Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • RealKreek: Use this code to redeem a KreekCraft Skin. It´s a car or vehicle skin
  • 0N3Y34R: Use this code to redeem a Birthday Fireworks. It´s a car or vehicle skin

More Working Codes

  • S34Z4N4: Use this code to redeem a Purple Zebra. It´s a car skin, the first season 4 code
  • TH1NKP1NK: Use this code to redeem Pinky, a new skin for your car
  • S34Z4N3: Use this code to redeem a Plasma Skin. It´s a car skin, the first season 3 code.
  • M4DC1TY: Use this code to redeem a Black Hex AK47 Skin
  • T4L3N: Use this code to redeem a Talon Vehicle Skin
  • B34M3R: Use this code to redeem a Sunbeam Vehicle Skin
  • STR33TL1N3: Use this code to redeem a Streetline Vehicle Skin
  • S33Z4N2: Use this code to redeem a Frosty Vehicle Skin
  • B3M1N3: Use this code to redeem a Hearts SPAS Skin
  • W33K3NDHYP3: Use this code to redeem a Monochrome Vehicle Skin

Expired Codes

  • 100KCash: Use this code to redeem a 100,000 cash

If you want to be the first to find new Codes check the following twitter accounts:

  • Taymasters
  • Famed Chris
  • and also Nic10telf

All of the previous codes are from these three twitters

Other Mad City guides you should also visit:

Roblox Mad City Codes – How to Redeem?

Just type one of the codes provided in the codes tab, found in the phone, and redeem de corresponding rewards.

To activate the phone you can tap the M key in the keyboard or also the menu icon in the botton right corner.


  • You cant use the phone inside a vehicle unless you stickyour head out the window
  • If you are using the phone and you enter a vehicle it will automatically close

Video – How to Redeem Codes?

Finally check this Gaming Dan´s video, where the youtuber shows you how to redeem the codes in Mad City

More Roblox Codes – Other Games

If you play or want to play other Roblox games, a lot of them have also codes to redeem, so find it in the full list of Roblox Games, here

MAD CITY ADMIN Gives LEVEL 1000.. (Season 7)

All New Roblox Mad City Codes (August 2021)

Mad City is filled with millions of unique users who had crafted out a unique world. You can choose to be good or bad in Roblox Mad City. You will need a lot of items to build the city, and for this, here are some of the latest active Mad City Codes for August 2021.

I am going to list all the codes one by one below along with what item you can unlock using it. So let’s begin with the latest Mad City codes.

List Of All The Latest Roblox Mad City Codes – August 2021

Roblox Mad City Vehicle Skin Codes

Below are some free Mad City codes. Codes are case sensitive so type them as they are listed below. I am also adding an expired Mad City code. You can try them some codes may be still active.

Emotes Mad City Codes

  1. BILLYBOUNCE: Unlock Billy Bounce Emote

Weapon Mad City Codes:

  1. Black Hex AK47 Skin: M4DC1TY

Vehicles Mad City Codes:

  • 0MGC0D3
  • B34M3R
  • Bandites
  • D1$C0.
  • K537CH
  • KraoESP
  • Napkin
  • ON3Y34R
  • RealKreek.
  • Ryguy
  • S33Z4N2
  • uNiQueEe BACON
  • W33K3NDHYP3

Expired Codes

  • 100KCash: Get 100,000 cash for free
  • Datbrain: Unlock a vehicle skin.

How to redeem Mad City Codes?

Want to know how to redeem free Mad City codes? Then check this section, here I will share an update on how to use these codes and unlock the items for free.

  1. Launch the game and look for the Twitter bird icon on the screen.
  2. Tap on it and then type the code and then tap on submit.

A simple two-way process to redeem free codes in Mad City. Make sure the codes are case sensitive and also verify the spell errors. Many codes of the Mad City game reward you with free vehicle skins. There is a different way to use the skins, if you got one then refer to the steps below to apply it.

How to Use Vehicle Skins in Mad City?

Ability to change vehicle skin cost 100 Robux in Mad City. You have to go to the shop and buy this ability first. Otherwise, you cannot use any vehicle skin the game. The second way to change vehicle skin is by driving the car over the wrench icon in the game. This is where you get an option to modify the vehicle skin in Mad City.

Stay tuned for more free Mad City codes coming up in 2021. This article will be regularly updated do not forget to save the link. Till then enjoy free Mad City codes for August this year.


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How to become a villain in mad city roblox 2021? complete guide

The mad city is a top-action video game created by Schwifty Studios on 3 December 2017, and it achieved the main page two years later, on 28 January 2019. In this game, like police or hero, you need to bring peace and honesty, and as a Criminal, you need to enhance the crime rate in the game and avoid the police. The mad city is one of the famous video games.

Like Jailbreak, the extremely famous game on the platform, many unique features make Mad City more remarkable and interesting. In this year, the mad city video game becomes the 12th game to achieve 2 billion users. Here, you will get the complete guide on how to become a villain in mad city and the game’s main characters.

villain in mad city roblox

About Mad City Villain: 

Criminals and prisoners may join the group

A villain is a group or team that has been added in Season 4. Criminals and prisoners may join the group by choosing the power crystal. After they are killed, they will respond with handguns at their base while still accessing the Warehouse Criminal Base and criminal base.

The Villain home is situated inside the volcano and may be used via a door on its foundation. If a Villain is killed, arrested, or murdered by a Hero or Police within a particular time duration or dies within a particular vicinity of the prison, they will respond as a prisoner.

Mad City Game – Main Characters & Gameplay


Mad City Game

Police havevarious items such as Taser, Pistol, and Handcuffs. The main aim of the police is to arrest or kill the criminal or the culprit who run-away from the jail. Police officers have to stay at the police station and take action if required.


Mad City Game

The prisoners can live in jail; their vital objective is to get out of jail and commit a crime again. Using the cans, containers, boxes, or hammers, they can escape from jail, and they open the bars and run away from jail and begin the crime again.


Mad City Game

The heroes are dissimilar from the police, the main difference is that police arrest the culprits, and they straight murder them and send them behind bars again. Heroes have extra power like Inferno, Hotrod, Proton, Hotrod, Voltron, Titan, and Archer to curb the crime rate in the state or city. If a culprit murders a hero, then extra-power will emerge from him and become a Villain.


Mad City Game

Villains are not added via the menu; they come to power when a culprit murders a hero and gains a superpower. Only they may enter under the volcano. From there, they may become Phantom, Raven, or Rykou. Villains under the volcano can reach the base and select three villains – Ryuk, Phantom, or Raven.


Mad City Game

After escaping from prison or jail, your character will be a criminal or culprit, and crime will enhance in the mad city. You may begin the robbery at various places and states, and after the stealing or robbery, you need to submit the money on the criminal base. If you are accidentally killed or murdered by the police or hero, you will be returned to prison or jail again.

Follow Simple Steps To Become a Villain in Mad City:

  • First of all, you have to visit a gun shop or criminal ground as early as possible and take armaments, grenades, and knives.
  • After that, go to the menu option and press on the “Spawn” tab, and then choose the “Mini” option where you will find a vehicle there.
  • Afterward, go to the hero’s base as early as possible and wait for the hero to kill.
  • Now, you have to kill the heroes as early as possible.
  • After killing the hero, you can take his superpowers.
  • At last, now you are the villain of this top and best mad city game and have some more additional powers than a criminal.

Final Conclusion:

The mad city has become very famous in the international gaming world, where lakhs of Roblox applicants log in and spend many hours murdering heroes to become a part of the Villain team or club. The Mad city game is extremely suggested for open-world online game lovers. Please let us know which character you like the most in the mad city game. 


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