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Idol Producer

2018 Chinese reality boy group survival show

Idol Producer (simplified Chinese: 偶像练习生; traditional Chinese: 偶像練習生; pinyin: Ǒuxiàng Liànxíshēng), is a 2018 Chinese reality boy group survival show, which premiered on January 19, 2018 on iQIYI. It is presented by Lay Zhang with Li Ronghao, Jackson Wang, MC Jin, Cheng Xiao and Zhou Jieqiong serving as mentors. On April 6, 2018, the nine highest ranked contestants debuted as Nine Percent.[1]


In 2017, Idol Producer took 100 out of 1908 trainees from 87 entertainment agencies all over Asia, which represented their companies and 8 of whom were independent trainees. The trainees were evaluated multiple times throughout the show by the audience's votes with trainees being eliminated. In the final episode, the nine most-voted-on trainees got to debut as a boy group and were set to promote for 18 months; The voting system is similar to those of South Korean reality television shows Produce 101 and Mix Nine.[2][3]



Series Overview
Season Episodes Originally aired
Premiere Finale
Season 1 12 January 19, 2018 April 6, 2018

Episode 1 (January 19)[edit]

Contestants choose stickers from A to F as a self-assessment to grade themselves. The contestants enter the studio, where 100 seats are arranged in a pyramid with a chair for the #1 trainee at the top. They are introduced by their label and choose seats from 1 to 100. The contestants then give performances for the judges, grouped by agency. The judges then re-assign the trainees a grade based on their overall performance, with A being the highest and F the lowest.[citation needed]

Episode 2 (January 26)[edit]

The eating for the first round is unveiled while the grading sessions for trainees continue. After receiving their initial grade, Zhang Yixing (Lay) announces that the trainees must together perform the show's titular single "Ei Ei" with only three days for preparation. Trainees will have a stand-alone performance that is filmed only once. The coaches give a re-evaluation prior to the filming of the performance to reassign the trainees to another A-F grade. The trainees are then rearranged according to their newly reassigned grade.

Company Performance Original Singer Contestant Grade
Yuehua EntertainmentEOEOUNIQZhu Zhengting (朱正廷) A
Justin A
Li Quanzhe (李权哲) F
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) A
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) D
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺) D
Huang Xinchun (黄新淳) F
Young Culture City of Stars (First pure vocalist) Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneQian Zhenghao (钱正昊) B
OACA "Eating Fried Chicken in the square"


A Si Qin Fen (秦奋) B
Han Mubo (韩沐伯) C
Jing Peiyao () C
Qin Zimo (秦子墨) D
Zuo Ye (左叶) F
Gramarie Entertainment "Young and Dangerous" (Only Cantonese Performance)


Xiao Gui'sSolo Dance performance

Zhu Xingjie's solo Rap performance

Jordan ChanXiao Gui (小鬼) B
Zhang Yankai (张晏恺) C
Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰) B
Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) B
Hua Ying Yi Xing Kon Jai Ngai (My Girl)
(CHN Ver., ENG Ver., JPN Ver., THA Ver.)
Saranyu WinaipanitHuang Shuhao (黄书豪) D
Banana Entertainment "Let the world be destroyed"


Bei Honglin's Solo Rap Performance: "Lose Yourself"

Yoga Lin


Lin Chaoze (林超泽) A
Lin Yanjun (林彦俊) C
Li Ruotian (李若天) C
Lu Dinghao (陸定昊) C
Jiang Jingzuo (姜京佐) C
Qiu Zhixie (邱治谐) C
You Zhangjing (尤长靖) B
Gao Maotong (高茂桐) C
Bei Honglin (贝汯璘) C
Emperor Entertainment GroupCotton Candy


Top CombineMing Peng (明鵬) F
Dimensions Multimedia I Don't Know Chen Siqi (陈斯琪) D
Xu Heni (徐鶴尼) C
SSTAR"A Trainee's Confession"


Zhang Yuchen (张宇晨) F
Luo Jie (罗杰) D
Li Xinyan (李鑫岩) F
He Jiageng (何嘉庚) F
Qin's Entertainment Antidote


Yue Yue (岳岳) C
Mu Ziyang (木子洋) C
Bu Fan (卜凡) C
Ling Chao (灵超) C
Culture Broadcasting 龙拳

(Long Quan)

Jay ChouZhu Yiwen (朱一文) F
IndividualUptown Funk (Dance and singing version) Mark Ronson ft. Bruno MarsGan Jun (甘俊) B
Simply Joy Music Mr. Lee BBT Sun Haoran (孙浩然) B
Lin Haokai (林浩楷) B
Wang Ziyi (王子异) A
Li Zhijie (李志杰) B
Jing Yihan (金逸涵) B
Huayi Brothers头发乱了

(Honey CHN ver.)

張學友 / Jacky Cheung

(Park Jin Young)

Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) B
Unaired Performances and Grades


Cyndi WangRapen C
Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) C
Gigel C
Wang Youchen (王宥辰) C
Gary C

Episode 3 (February 2)[edit]

Training to perform the show's title song "Ei Ei" begins. After three days, the trainees are filmed performing the title song and are reevaluated by the judges. The B, C, D, and F grade trainees vote to select the center of the entire group, settling on individual trainee Cai Xukun, who narrowly defeats trainee Zhu Zhengting by two votes.[citation needed] Trainees with an F grade after the reevaluation are denied the right to perform and must watch the performance as spectators. However, before the performance begins, the judges decide to let some of the particularly hard-working F grade trainees perform.

After recording "Ei Ei", it is revealed that for the second challenge, the trainees will be put into 16 teams to perform 8 songs. Two teams will be performing and competing against each other for each of the 8 songs: Jay Chou's "半兽人 (The Orcs)", "PPAP", Jolin Tsai's "大艺术家 (The Great Artist)", "Dance to the Music", "代号魂斗罗", Zhang Yixing's "Shake", CNBLUE's "Can't Stop", and "Get Ugly". Cai Xukun, because he was the center for the title song "Ei Ei", is allowed to choose his team's members and song first. The members of the winning team for each song will automatically receive 10,000 votes. The judges also announce that half of the trainees will be eliminated from the show following the second challenge. The two "半兽人 (The Orcs)" teams' performance, with the B team beating the A team.

Color key

  •   Center
  •   Winning Team
Original singer Performance song Group Group Member Newest Grade Responsible part Number of Personal Votes Number of Group Votes
Jay Chou Half-beast Human Group A


Dong Yanlei (董岩磊) F Vocal 9 169
Li Quanzhe (李权哲) B Vocal 19
Xiao Gui (小鬼) B Vocal 35
Li Junyi (李俊毅) A Vocal 11
Jin Yihan (金逸涵) F Vocal 19
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) B Dance 43
Bu Fan (卜凡) F Rap 33
Group B


Ming Peng (明鹏) D Vocal 23 249
Jiang Dahe (姜达赫) F Vocal 6
Zhu Yuntian (朱匀天) D Vocal 42
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺) D Vocal 44
Li Xikan (李希侃) C Vocal 80
Zhou Tengyang (周腾阳) F Dance 12
Liang Hui (梁辉) F Rap 42

Episode 4 (February 9)[edit]

The remaining 14 teams' performances are shown. Footage of each team practicing was shown before their respective performances. After the performance of each pair of groups, the live audience is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite member out of both of the competing teams. Individual votes were added up for an overall team score, and 10,000 votes were given to each member of the winning team for each song. Taiwanese trainee Chen Linong of "The Great Artist" team A won the most votes overall, with 10,000 bonus votes added to his 210 live audience votes. Zhang Yixing announces that the 39 trainees with the fewest votes (ranking 61-96[4]) will be eliminated next week. The votes from this week's live performance will be added to the online votes to determine the top 60 trainees.

Original singer Performance song Group Group Member Newest Grade Responsible part Number of Personal Votes Number of Group Votes
Li Yuchun Dance to the music Group A


Luo Jie (罗杰) C Vocal 21 249
Yu Mingjun (余明君) D Vocal 39
Jiang Jingzuo (姜京佐) C Vocal 54
Zhu Yunyi (朱匀一) D Dance 47
Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) B Rap 87
Zhang Yifan (张艺凡) A Rap 1
Group B


Chen Siqi (陈斯琪) C Vocal 37 154
Hu Zhibang (胡致邦) D Vocal 32
Yu Hao (于浩) F Vocal 8
Zuo Ye (左叶) D Dance 19
Mu Ziyang (木子洋) F Rap 28
Jing Peiyao (靖佩瑶) F Rap 30
Jolin Tsai The Great Artist Group A


Hou Haoran (侯浩然) F Vocal 2 288
Sun Haoran (孙浩然) F Vocal 17
Chen Linong (陈立农) C Vocal 210
Bei Honglin (贝汯璘) B Vocal 39
Zhang Yixuan (张奕轩) B Dance 16
J-ONE F Rap 4
Group B


GIGEL D Vocal 10 139
Zhao Yuche (赵俞澈) D Vocal 34
Zhao Lingfeng (赵凌峰) D Vocal 10
Huang Xinchun (黃新淳) F Vocal 60
Rapen F Dance 10
Qin Junyi (覃俊毅) F Rap 15
Hua Chenyu Codename Contra Group A


Li Changgeng (李长庚) D Vocal 13 171
Yu Bin (于斌) D Vocal 13
Ye Hongxi (叶泓希) C Vocal 12
Qiu Zhixie (邱治谐) C Vocal 12
Xu Kaihao (许凯皓) C Dance 14
Lin Yanjun (林彦俊) D Rap 101
Yang Yi (杨羿) C Rap 6
Group B


Yang Feitong (杨非同) D Vocal 124 236
Zhu Yiwen (朱一文) F Vocal 10
Lin Haokai (林浩楷) F Vocal 12
He Jiageng (何嘉庚) D Vocal 17
Xu Heni (徐鹤尼) F Vocal 25
Zhang Yuchen (张宇晨) D Rap 25
Han Yongjie (韩雍杰) D Rap 23
Lay Zhang Shake Group A


Gan Jun (甘俊) D Vocal 15 87
Lou Zibo (娄滋博) C Dance 33
Yue Yue (岳岳) D Rap 15
Zhang Xin (张昕) C Rap 10
Ling Qi (凌崎) D Rap 14
Group B

five fire fly wow visual

Luo Zheng (罗正) F Vocal 103 315
Min Zhexiang (闵喆祥) C Dance 54
Zhang Dayuan (张达源) F Rap 62
Wang Yilong (王艺龙) C Rap 49
He Dongdong (何东东) F Rap 47
PICO Taro PPAP Group A


Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷) A Vocal 131 285
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) A Vocal 85
Zhou Rui (周锐) B Vocal 7
Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰) B Dance 32
Wang Ziyi (王子异) B Rap 30
Group B


Chen Minghao (陈名豪) F Vocal 37 146
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊) F Vocal 32
Li Ruotian (李若天) F Vocal 42
Wang Youchen (王宥辰) F Dance 13
Chen Yifu (陈义夫) F Rap 22
Jason Derulo Get Ugly Group A


Wan Yuxian (万宇贤) C Vocal 29 242
Li Zhijie (李志杰) D Vocal 22
Gao Maotong (高茂桐) D Vocal 35
Qin Zimo (秦子墨) F Vocal 27
Wu Lianjie (武連杰) C Dance 32
Lu Dinghao (陸定昊) C Rap 85
Li Rang (李让) D Rap 12
Group B


Ying Zhiyue (应智越) C Vocal 32 144
Huang Ruohan (黃若涵) F Vocal 8
Huang Shuhao (黄书豪) F Vocal 33
Li Xinyan (李鑫岩) F Vocal 14
Sun Fanjie (孙凡杰) D Dance 16
Zhang Yankai (张晏恺) F Rap 41
CNBLUE Can't Stop Group A

Snow Prince (雪花王子)

Lü Chenyu (呂晨瑜) F Vocal 11 258
You Zhangjing (尤长靖) A Vocal 21
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) D Vocal 99
Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) A Vocal 14
Deng Langyi (邓烺怡) C Dance 8
Lin Chaoze (林超泽) A Rap 19
Justin B Rap 86
Group B


Jia Li (伽里) D Vocal 11 181
Han Mubo (韩沐伯) C Vocal 28
Jeffrey D Vocal 30
Ling Chao (灵超) D Vocal 34
Wang Zihao (王梓豪) D Dance 26
Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) D Rap 17
Qin Fen (秦奋) F Rap 35
Ranking of Combination confrontation evaluation
Name Number of votes
1 Chen Linong (陈立农) 10210
2 Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷) 10131
3 Yang Feitong (杨非同) 10124
4 Luo Zheng (罗正) 10103
5 Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) 10099
6 Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) 10087
7 Justin 10086
8 Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) 10085
9 Lu Dinghao (陸定昊) 10085
10 Li Xikan (李希侃) 10080
11 Zhang Dayuan (张达源) 10062
12 Jiang Jingzuo (姜京佐) 10054
13 Min Zhexiang (闵喆祥) 10054
14 Wang Yilong (王艺龙) 10049
15 He Dongdong (何东东) 10047
16 Zhu Yunyi (朱匀一) 10047
17 Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺) 10044
18 Liang Hui (梁辉) 10042
19 Zhu Yuntian (朱匀天) 10042
20 Bei Honglin (贝汯璘) 10039
21 Yu Mingjun (余明君) 10039
22 Gao Maotong (高茂桐) 10035
23 Wu Lianjie (武連杰) 10032
24 Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰) 10032
25 Wang Ziyi (王子异) 10030
26 Wan Yuxian (万宇贤) 10029
27 Qin Zimo (秦子墨) 10027
28 Xu Heni (徐鶴尼) 10025
29 Zhang Yuchen (张宇晨) 10025
30 Han Yongjie (韩雍杰) 10023
31 Ming Peng (明鵬) 10023
32 Li Zhijie (李志杰) 10022
33 Luo Jie (罗杰) 10021
34 You Zhangjing (尤长靖) 10021
35 Lin Chaoze (林超泽) 10019
36 He Jiageng (何嘉庚) 10017
37 Sun Haoran (孙浩然) 10017
38 Zhang Yixuan (张奕轩) 10016
39 Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) 10014
40 Li Rang (李让) 10012
41 Lin Haokai (林浩楷) 10012
42 Zhou Tengyang (周腾阳) 10012
43 Lü Chenyu (呂晨瑜) 10011
44 Zhu Yiwen (朱一文) 10010
45 Deng Langyi (邓烺怡) 10008
46 Zhou Rui (周锐) 10007
47 Jiang Dahe (姜达赫) 10006
48 J-ONE 10004
49 Hou Haoran (侯浩然) 10002
50 Zhang Yifan (张艺凡) 10001
51 Lin Yanjun (林彦俊) 101
52 Huang Xinchun (黃新淳) 60
53 Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) 43
54 Li Ruotian (李若天) 42
55 Zhang Yankai (张晏恺) 41
56 Chen Minghao (陈名豪) 37
57 Chen Siqi (陈斯琪) 37
58 Qin Fen (秦奋) 35
59 Xiao Gui (小鬼) 35
60 Ling Chao (灵超) 34
61 Zhao Yuche (赵俞澈) 34
62 Bu Fan (卜凡) 33
63 Huang Shuhao (黄书豪) 33
64 Lou Zibo (娄滋博) 33
65 Hu Zhibang (胡致邦) 32
66 Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊) 32
67 Ying Zhiyue (应智越) 32
68 Jeffrey 30
69 Jing Peiyao (靖佩瑶) 30
70 Han Mubo (韩沐伯) 28
71 Mu Ziyang (木子洋) 28
72 Wang Zihao (王梓豪) 26
73 Chen Yifu (陈义夫) 22
74 Jin Yihan (金逸涵) 19
75 Li Quanzhe (李权哲) 19
76 Zuo Ye (左叶) 19
77 Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) 17
78 Sun Fanjie (孙凡杰) 16
79 Gan Jun (甘俊) 15
80 Qin Junyi (覃俊毅) 15
81 Yue Yue (岳岳) 15
82 Xu Kaihao (许凯皓) 14
83 Li Xinyan (李鑫岩) 14
84 Ling Qi (凌崎) 14
85 Li Changgeng (李长庚) 13
86 Wang Youchen (王宥辰) 13
87 Yu Bin (于斌) 13
88 Qiu Zhixie (邱治谐) 12
89 Ye Hongxi (叶泓希) 12
90 Jia Li (伽里) 11
91 Li Junyi (李俊毅) 11
92 GIGEL 10
93 Rapen 10
94 Zhang Xin (张昕) 10
95 Zhao Lingfeng (赵凌峰) 10
96 Dong Yanlei (董岩磊) 9
97 Huang Ruohan (黃若涵) 8
98 Yu Hao (于浩) 8
99 Yang Yi (杨羿) 6

Episode 5 (February 16)[edit]

The top 60 trainees with the most votes are announced, starting from rank 59 and announced in groups of ten. After every group of ten, clips of the trainees participating in various activities are shown. Polls among the trainees for the "best visual" and "the person I would most want to introduce to my little sister" were conducted. Taiwanese trainee Lin Yanjun is voted as "best visual" by his fellow trainees.[5] The trainees race against each other to claim presents for the Chinese New Year. The trainees also do a dance battle, dancing to "Ei Ei" at various speeds. Judges Cheng Xiao and Zhou Jieqiong select the winners of the dance battle, who ask that their reward be to let the entire group of trainees go eat Haidilao Hot Pot, a request which the director grants.

Out of the top 9 trainees from voting, ranks 1-7 remain in the same position as last week's episode. Cai Xukun remains as rank 1 with a landslide victory of around 4 million votes against Chen Linong. Liang Hui is revealed to be rank 60, saving himself from elimination by a few thousand votes, demonstrating the importance of the 10,000 bonus votes that were awarded to the winning teams in last week's episode. The eliminated trainees leave quietly after saying goodbye early the next morning.

1Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤)
2Chen Linong (陈立农)
3Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)
5Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)
6Xiao Gui (小鬼)
7Bu Fan (卜凡)
8Li Quanzhe (李权哲)
9He Dongdong (何东东)
10You Zhangjing (尤长靖)
11Wang Ziyi (王子异)
13Qin Fen (秦奋)
14Lin Chaoze (林超泽)
15Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰)
16Ling Chao (灵超)
17Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊)
18Dong Yanlei (董岩磊)
19Han Mubo (韩木伯)
20Ding Zeren (丁泽仁)
21Yue Yue (岳岳)
22Zuo Ye (左叶)
23Xu Kaihao (许凯皓)
24Mu Ziyang (木子样)
25Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬)
26Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)
27Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰)
28Lin Yanjun (林彦俊)
29Li Xikan (李希侃)
30Lu Dinghao (陆定昊)
31Zhou Rui (周锐)
32Huang Shuhao (黄书豪)
33Huang Xinchun (黄新淳)
34Luo Zheng (罗正)
35Zhang Dayuan (张大源)
36Li Rang (李让)
37Bei Honglin (贝汯璘)
38Li Changgeng (李长庚)
39Chen Siqi (陈斯琪)
40Han Yongjie (韩雍杰)
41Qin Zimo (秦子墨)
42Wu Lianjie (武連杰)
43Qin Junyi (覃俊毅)
44Lou Zibo (娄滋博)
45Jing Peiyao (靖佩瑶)
46Yu Mingjun (余明君)
47Chen Minghao (陈明豪)
48Ming Peng (明鹏)
49Yang Feitong (杨非同)
50Zhu Yunyi (朱匀一)
51Jia Li (伽里)
52Ling Qi (凌崎)
53Zhu Yuntian (朱匀天)
54Xu Shengen (徐圣恩)
55Li Junyi (李俊毅)
56Zhang Yixuan (张奕轩)
57Wang Yilong (王艺龙)
58Jiang Dahe (姜达赫)
59Hu Zhibang (胡致邦)
60Liang Hui (梁辉)

Episode 6 (February 23)[edit]

The trainees begin their position evaluation group performances, with trainees selecting songs that can showcase their specialties in the vocal, dance, or rap categories. There are five songs for the vocal category: (Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You", Stefanie Sun's《我怀念的》(What I Miss), Chen Li's 《小半》(Little Half), Kimberley Chen's 《爱你》 (Love You), and "Always Online" by JJ Lin); four songs for the dance category ("Me Too", "Sheep" by Zhang Yixing, "Flow" by Khalil Fong ft. Wang Leehom, and Jay Chou's《双节棍》(Nunchuks)); and four songs for the rap category ("Very Good", "Turn Down for What", "Artist" by Zico and Papillon by Jackson Wang). The trainees with higher rankings pick their songs first, and once the chosen song reaches its member limit, the later trainees can no longer pick that song. The trainees' accumulated votes are reset to zero for this third challenge. The most possible votes that a trainee could earn from this challenge is 150,000, with the winning members of each winning group gaining 50,000 votes, and an extra 100,000 votes to the winning trainee in each category. The trainees from rank 36-60 after the second round of online voting at the end of this challenge will be eliminated.

Judges Jackson Wang and MC Jin provide mentorship to the trainees in an informal Q&A session. The trainees pick their songs in order of rank. Grouped by songs, the trainees in each group choose a center and a leader. Judges Cheng Xiao and Zhou Jieqiong provide dance advice. Trainee and Leader of "Nunchucks" Zhou Yanchen, who has been practicing late into the night, collapses at the end of the dress rehearsal due to hypoglycemia.[6] The "《双节棍》(Nunchucks)", "Artist", "《我怀念的》(What I Miss)", and "Turn Down for What" groups perform, and their rehearsal experiences are shown. The "Papillon" group prepares to perform.

Color key

  •   Center
  •   Leader
  •   Leader and Center
  •   Top of the Category
Type Performance Song Original singer Group Name Name Rank within the group Number of Votes
Dance Nunchucks Jay Chou The Shadows


Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) 1 339
Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰) 2 146
Hu Zhibang (胡致邦) 3 95
Zhang Yixuan (张奕轩) 4 70
Yu Mingjun (余明君) 5 59
Ling Qi (凌崎) 6 34
Jiang Dahe (姜达赫) 7 26
Rap Artist ZICO Auto-tune


Xiao Gui (小鬼) 1 328
Yue Yue (岳岳) 2 174
Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) 3 166
Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) 4 113
Vocal 我怀念的 Stefanie Sun 下雨天


You Zhangjing (尤长靖) 1 300
Li Quanzhe (李权哲) 2 295
Han Mubo (韩木伯) 3 176
Chen Linong (陈立农) 4 115
Rap Turn down for what DJ Snake 真不容易队


Qin Fen (秦奋) 1 248
Dong Yanlei (董岩磊) 3 95
Li Rang (李让) 4 59
Jing Peiyao (靖佩瑶) 2 163

Episode 7 (March 2)[edit]

The trainees continue the position evaluation group performances with "Sheep" (Dance, Lay), "Loving You" (Vocal, Kimberley Chen), "Very Good" (Rap), and "Flow" (Dance), in which Center Zhu Yunyi suffered an eye injury during dance rehearsal at midnight of the live performance when his belt hit his right contact lens and temporarily blinded him due to hyphema. He had to stay in the green room during the performance, while his twin brother Zhu Yuntian and his teammates performed without him. Zhu Yuntian ended up getting first. "Little Half/Xiao Ban" (Vocal, Chen Li) Team, "Me Too" (Dance, Meaghan Trainor, composed of lower-ranked vocalists) also performed. The winners of each performance and the winners of each category are revealed.

Type Performance Song Original singer Group Name Name Rank within group Number of Votes
Dance Sheep Lay Zhang 小绵羊


Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷) 1 351
Lin Chaoze (林超泽) 3 112
Li Xikan (李希侃) 2 136
Zuo Ye (左叶) 4 53
Xu Kaihao (许凯皓) 5 49
Wu Lianjie (武連杰) 6 38
Vocal 爱你 Kimberley Chen 每天都是情人节


Huang Xinchun (黄新淳) 1 231
Lin Yanjun (林彦俊) 2 219
Jeffrey 3 160
Lu Dinghao (陆定昊) 4 107
Rap Very good Block B Very good team


Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) 1 368
Li Junyi (李俊毅) 2 98
Qin Junyi (覃俊毅) 3 69
Bei Honglin (贝汯璘) 4 60
Dance Flow Khalil Fong ft. Wang Leehom 红红火火


Zhu Yuntian (朱匀天) 1 227
Wang Yilong (王艺龙) 2 128
Liang Hui (梁辉) 3 106
Zhu Yunyi (朱匀一) Due to injury can not participate in performances
Vocal 小半 Chen Li 冻坏你们


Zhou Rui (周锐) 1 293
Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) 2 250
Ling Chao (灵超) 3 248
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊) 4 229
Dance Me too Meghan Trainor 如果我是你,我也想成为自己队


Lou Zibo (娄滋博) 1 197
Qin Zimo (秦子墨) 2 142
Yang Feitong (杨非同) 3 110
Zhang Dayuan (张达源) 4 54
Jia Li (伽里) 5 46
Vocal Shape of you Ed Sheeran I want you


Chen Minghao (陈明豪) 1 127
Li Changgeng (李长庚) 2 119
Han Yongjie (韩雍杰) 3 94
Ming Peng (明鹏) 4 86
Chen Siqi (陈斯琪) 5 76
Vocal Always Online JJ Lin High fashion


Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺) 1 300
Mu Ziyang 2 199
Luo Zheng (罗正) 3 124
Huang Shuhao (黄书豪) 4 97
He Dongdong (何东东) 5 47
Rap Papillon Jackson Wang 台下Baby龙 台上巴比龙


Justin 1 285
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) 2 271
Bu Fan (卜凡) 3 186
Wang Ziyi (王子异) 4 143

Color Key

  •   Top of Each Category
  •   Top of Each Group
Ranking of Position evaluation (Only Dance)
Name Ranking Number of Votes
Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)1 150,351
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) 2 50,339
Zhu Yuntian (朱勻天) 3 50,227
Lou Zibo (娄滋博) 4 50,191
Zhou Yanchen (周彥辰) 5 146
Qin Zimo (秦子墨) 6 142
Li Xikan (李希侃) 7 136
Wang Yilong (王艺龙) 8 128
Lin Chaoze (林超泽) 9 112
Yang Feitong (杨非同) 10 110
Liang Hui (梁辉) 11 106
Hu Zhibang (胡致邦) 12 95
Zhang Yixuan (张奕轩) 13 70
Yu Mingjun (余明君) 14 59
Zhang Dayuan (张达源) 15 54
Zuo Ye (左叶) 16 53
Xu Kaihao (许凯皓) 17 49
Jia Li (伽里) 18 46
Wu Lianjie (武連杰) 19 38
Ling Qi (凌崎) 20 34
Jiang Dahe (姜达赫) 21 26
Zhu Yunyi (朱勻一) 22 0
Ranking of Position evaluation (Only Vocal)
Name Ranking Number of Votes
You Zhangjing (尤长靖)1 150,300
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)1 150,300
Zhou Rui (周锐) 3 50,293
Huang Xinchun (黄新淳) 4 50,231
Chen Minghao (陈名豪) 5 50,127
Li Quanzhe (李权哲) 6 295
Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) 7 250
Ling Chao (灵超) 8 248
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊) 9 229
Lin Yanjun (林彥俊) 10 219
Mu Ziyang (木子洋) 11 199
Han Mubo (韩沐伯) 12 176
Jeffrey 13 160
Luo Zheng (罗正) 14 124
Li Chenggeng (李长庚) 15 119
Chen Linong (陈立农) 16 115
Lu Dinghao (陆定昊) 17 107
Huang Shuhao (黄书豪) 18 97
Han Yongjie (韩雍杰) 19 94
Ming Peng (明鹏) 20 86
Chen Siqi (陈斯琪) 21 76
He Dongdong (何东东) 22 47
Ranking of Position evaluation(Only Rap)
Name Ranking Number of Votes
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)1 150,368
Xiao Gui (小鬼) 2 50,328
Justin 3 50,285
Qin Fen (秦奋) 4 50,248
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) 5 271
Bu Fan (卜凡) 6 186
Yue Yue (岳岳) 7 174
Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) 8 166
Jing Peiyao (靖佩瑶) 9 163
Wang Ziyi (王子异) 10 143
Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) 11 113
Lu Junyi (李俊毅) 12 98
Dong Yanlei (董岩磊) 13 95
Qin Junyi (覃俊毅) 14 69
Bei Honglin (贝汯璘) 15 60
Li Rang (李让) 16 59
Ranking of Position evaluation
Name Ranking Number of Votes
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)1 150,368
Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)2 150,351
You Zhangjing (尤长靖)3 150,300
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)3 150,300
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) 5 50,339
Xiao Gui (小鬼) 6 50,328
Zhou Rui (周锐) 7 50,293
Justin 8 50,285
Qin Fen (秦奋) 9 50,248
Huang Xinchun (黄新淳) 10 50,231
Zhu Yuntian (朱勻天) 11 50,227
Lou Zibo (娄滋博) 12 50,191
Chen Minghao (陈名豪) 13 50,127
Li Quanzhe (李权哲) 14 295
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) 15 271
Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) 16 250
Ling Chao (灵超) 17 248
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊) 18 229
Lin Yanjun (林彥俊) 19 219
Mu Ziyang (木子洋) 20 199
Bu Fan (卜凡) 21 186
Han Mubo (韩沐伯) 22 176
Yue Yue (岳岳) 23 174
Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) 24 166
Jing Peiyao (靖佩瑶) 25 163
Jeffrey 26 160
Zhou Yanchen (周彥辰) 27 146
Wang Ziyi (王子异) 28 143
Qin Zimo (秦子墨) 29 142
Li Xikan (李希侃) 30 136
Wang Yilong (王艺龙) 31 128
Luo Zheng (罗正) 32 124
Li Changgeng (李长庚) 33 119
Chen Linong (陈立农) 34 115
Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) 35 113
Lin Chaoze (林超泽) 36 112
Yang Feitong (杨非同) 37 110
Lu Dinghao (陆定昊) 38 107
Liang Hui (梁辉) 39 106
Li Junyi (李俊毅) 40 98
Huang Shuhao (黄书豪) 41 97
Dong Yanlei (董岩磊) 42 95
Hu Zhibang (胡致邦) 42 95
Han Yongjie (韩雍杰) 44 94
Ming Peng (明鹏) 45 86
Chen Siqi (陈斯琪) 46 76
Zhang Yixuan (张奕轩) 47 70
Qin Junyi (覃俊毅) 48 69
Bei Honglin (贝汯璘) 49 60
Li Rang (李让) 50 59
Yu Mingjun (余明君) 50 59
Zhang Dayuan (张达源) 52 54
Zuo Ye (左叶) 53 53
Xu Kaihao (许凯皓) 54 49
He Dongdong (何东东) 55 47
Jia Li (伽里) 56 46
Wu Lianjie (武連杰) 57 38
Ling Qi (凌崎) 58 34
Jiang Dahe (姜达赫) 59 26
Zhu Yunyi (朱勻一) 60 0

Episode 8 (March 9)[edit]

The day after the Position Evaluations, Zhang Yixing provides his own Q&A session and shared his own experiences as a trainee, and how his agency's system differs from Idol Producer's system, like a 3-hour-only hire on practice rooms where you must sign for time slots, and the meals must be pre-ordered in the SM cafeteria. He also shared a change in mentality after debut. A day later, he revealed via video conference call that the next mission is the Concept Evaluation, where the trainees, as chosen by Idol Producers, will become the original singers to 5 original songs of different styles and concepts. However, the elimination to top 35 will occur midway through the preparation, meaning the final number of each group will be 5 groups of 7 (from 12). If a team is somehow wiped out after the midpoint cuts, the team will be rearranged in later episodes. The voting system also changes. First, the live audience pick the team that performs the best, then from that winning team, the trainee who performs the best will be picked. Each member of the winning team gains a pool of 500,000 votes, of which, the trainee that is the best of the best gets an extra 200000 votes, while the rest gain 50000 each. The five songs are "Firewalking" (Tropical House with chair dances), "Boom Boom Boom" (R&B), "Listen to What I Say (听听我说的吧)" (Hip hop), "I Will Always Remember (我永远记得)" (Pop ballad with soul), and Dream (Hip hop with dance points). In the initial stage, the group of 12 is split into 2 groups of 6, with 2 temporary centers and a temporary leader. Zhu Yunyi has recovered from hyphema, and Zhou Yanchen has recovered from fainting from hypoglycemia for the practices for the new missions. On the morning of the reveal of the top 35, they write their final diary entries, which also serve as letters of gratitude to the mentors. Due to the longer voting periods including bonus votes added, over 255 million votes were received. He Dongdong plummets from 9th to 33rd over the last 3 weeks of voting, but still gained over 1.7 million votes. Cai Xukun retained his no.1 spot, while Li Junyi unofficially released his self-written song "The Greatest Dream" before he was eliminated.

Color Key

  •   Center
  •   Leader
  •   Leader and Center
Lists of Concept Evaluation (before unadjusted)
Room Type Song Group Name
1 R&B 《Boom Boom Boom》 1 He Dongdong (何东东)
Chen Siqi (陈斯琪)
Zhang Yixuan (张奕轩)
Lu Dinghao (陆定昊)
Wang Yilong (王艺龙)
Luo Zheng (罗正)
2 Lou Zibo (娄滋博)
Ling Qi (凌崎)
Qin Junyi (覃俊毅)
Huang Xinchun (黄新淳)
Huang Shuhao (黄书豪)
Dong Yanlei (董岩磊)
2 Hip Hop 《Dream》 1 Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰)
Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)
Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰)
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁)
2 Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬)
Li Rang (李让)
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊)
Wang Ziyi (王子异)
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤)
Chen Minghao (陈明豪)
3 Tropical House 《Firewalking》 1 Chen Linong (陈立农)
Lin Yanjun (林彦俊)
Lin Chaoze (林超泽)
Zuo Ye (左叶)
Xu Kaihao (许凯皓)
Ling Chao (灵超)
2 Li Quanzhe (李权哲)
Yue Yue (岳岳)
Qin Fen (秦奋)
Li Xikan (李希侃)
Mu Ziyang (木子样)
Yu Mingjun (余明君)
4 Hip Hop Listen To What I Say 《听听我说的吧》 1 Bei Honglin (贝汯璘)
Zhu Yunyi (朱匀一)
Zhu Yuntian (朱匀天)
Ming Peng (明鹏)
Wu Lianjie (武連杰)
2 Xu Shengen (徐圣恩)
Bu Fan (卜凡)
Xiao Gui (小鬼)
Qin Zimo (秦子墨)
Jia Li (伽里)
5 POP I Will Always Remember《我永远记得》 1 Jeffrey
Han Mubo (韩木伯)
You Zhangjing (尤长靖)
Jing Peiyao (靖佩瑶)
Han Yongjie (韩雍杰)
Li Changgeng (李长庚)
2 Li Junyi (李俊毅)
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)
Yang Feitong (杨非同)
Zhou Rui (周锐)
Hu Zhibang (胡致邦)
Zhang Dayuan (张达源)

Episode 9 (March 16)[edit]

After the top 35 were revealed, the teams within each song are readjusted. At the end of this evaluation, the top 20 trainees will enter the final evaluation to determine the Final 9 members that would debut. The team members for the Concept evaluations are being readjusted. Conversely, The "Firewalking" group had to drop 3 people (from 10 people remaining), the "Dream" team must drop 4 members (from 11), "Boom Boom Boom" group will add 2 people (from the 5 remaining). I Will Always Remember group has to add one person (from the 6 remaining members) from the pool of eliminated members from the 'excess' group. The group with excess members must conduct internal voting to determine the members that would be waived off. The members least suitable to perform the original song would be released, then would be picked as free agents from the team needing to add members. Since "Listen to What I Have to Say" Group was decimated by the latest round of eliminations, with only three of the original 12 members left in the group, it added extra burden and frustration on leader Bu Fan because the original members' choreography and singing parts also needed to change with the adjustments. In the Firewalking group, Yue Yue and Qin Fen, being the oldest members in the original group, have suffered lower back issues, and are at risk of being waived, which they did. The risk of being in free agency is the same as the group with few original members, they must completely relearn a different song from scratch with less time.

For the team that needs to gain free agents, the team member with the highest individual rankings get higher picks to pick all members from the pool, which would be Xiao Gui (6th as of week 7) picking 4 members, You Zhangjing (8th) would pick a member, with the rest moving to "Boom Boom Boom" group by default.

The live voting system: Each audience has two votes. After all of the songs are performed, One for the team that performs the best, the other is for the team member from that group that is 'best of the best'. with both votes must be towards the same team. The team members of the best team will add a pool of 500,000 votes, and the best member will get 200,000 of the 500,000 votes, with the rest get an equal share of 50,000 votes. After all of the performances were complete, the top two trainees from the top 2 group are left unrevealed, which were Justin vs. Cai Xukun again. Their result won't be revealed until the 3rd ranking announcement, which would also be the elimination to the Top 20.

Color Key

  •   Center
  •   Leader
  •   Leader and Center
  •   Moved Into the Group
Lists of Concept Evaluation (adjusted)
Type Song Group Name Name Number of Personal Votes Number of Group Votes
Tropical House 《Firewalking》 十二分之七 Chen Linong (陈立农) 54 151
Lin Yanjun (林彦俊) 31
Lin Chaoze (林超泽) 4
Ling Chao (灵超) 22
Li Quanzhe (李权哲) 9
Mu Ziyang (木子样) 27
Yu Mingjun (余明君) 4
Hip Hop 《Dream》 果然扭秧歌的乐华 Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) 19 234
Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷) 64
Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰) 10
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) 35
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) 19
Justin 79
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊) 8
POP 《我永远记得》(I will always remember) Never Forget Jeffrey 14 107
Han Mubo (韩木伯) 8
You Zhangjing (尤长靖) 23
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺) 16
Yang Feitong (杨非同) 7
Zhou Rui (周锐) 12
Wang Ziyi (王子异) 27
R&B 《Boom Boom Boom》 心跳猎手 He Dongdong (何东东) 1 47
Lu Dinghao (陆定昊) 7
Luo Zheng (罗正) 6
Lou Zibo (娄滋博) 6
Huang Xinchun (黄新淳) 5
Yue Yue (岳岳) 14
Li Rang (李让) 8
Hip Hop 《听听我说的吧》(Listen to what I say) 七龙珠' Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) 4 256
Bu Fan (卜凡) 19
Xiao Gui (小鬼) 24
Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) 16
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) 157
Qin Fen (秦奋) 13
Li Xikan (李希侃) 23
Ranking of Concept Evaluation
Name Number of Personal Votes Number of Personal Votes(Final)
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) 157 200,157
Justin 79 79
Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷) 64 64
Chen Linong (陈立农) 54 54
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) 35 35
Lin Yanjun (林彦俊) 31 31
Mu Ziyang (木子样) 27 27
Wang Ziyi (王子异) 27 27
Xiao Gui (小鬼) 24 50,024
You Zhangjing (尤长靖) 23 23
Li Xikan (李希侃) 23 50,023
Ling Chao (灵超) 22 22
Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰) 19 19
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁) 19 19
Bu Fan (卜凡) 19 50,019
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺) 16 16
Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬) 16 50,016
Yue Yue (岳岳) 14 14
Jeffrey 14 14
Qin Fen (秦奋) 13 50,013
Zhou Rui (周锐) 12 12
Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰) 10 10
Li Quanzhe (李权哲) 9 9
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊) 8 8
Li Rang (李让) 8 8
Han Mubo (韩木伯) 8 8
Lu Dinghao (陆定昊) 7 7
Yang Feitong (杨非同) 7 7
Lou Zibo (娄滋博) 6 6
Luo Zheng (罗正) 6 6
Huang Xinchun (黄新淳) 5 5
Lin Chaoze (林超泽) 4 4
Yu Mingjun (余明君) 4 4
Xu Shengen (徐圣恩) 4 50,004
He Dongdong (何东东) 1 1

Episode 10 (March 23)[edit]

Before the Top 20 announcements, the mentors all wrote a letter to the trainees, expressing their thoughts. This is the third and final ranking announcement, with the top 5 spots remaining the same from the previous elimination round.

The Top 20 would have 18 days (on April 6, 2018) to prepare the live broadcast, which is the final episode to determine the 9 members of the new boy group. The voting will include internet votes before voting plus the live voting on the night of the live broadcast. There would be two songs: "It's OK" (Pop) and Mack Daddy (Hip Hop). Unlike other "drafts", the trainees with the lowest rankings get first pick to choose the song AND their preferred role, but the trainees in the higher ranks can knock the member occupying the preferred role off the spot, but can only be done once.

The third and final round of elimination occurs, with the trainees ranked 21-35 leaving the show, but only after the collaboration stages with the mentors, which is screened in episode 11. Cai Xukun retains his top position, with Zheng Ruibin being ranked as 20th. Zhou Yanchen, as 21st, is unfortunately eliminated.

Clips of trainees participating in various activities are also screened in this episode, such as playing musical chairs wearing inflatable suits. They also devise a ghost prank behind a two-way mirror, which frightens several trainees but fails at some. Another segment involves them being given the opportunity to 吐槽,or to expose other trainees in their daily life, such as Wang Ziyi's "Hey bro."

1Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤)
2Chen Linong (陈立农)
3Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)
5Wang Ziyi (王子异)
6Xiao Gui (小鬼)
7Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)
8You Zhangjing (尤长靖)
9Bu Fan (卜凡)
10Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊)
11Lin Yanjun (林彦俊)
12Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)
13Ling Chao (灵超)
14Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰)
15Lin Chaoze (林超泽)
17Qin Fen (秦奋)
18Li Xikan (李希侃)
19Xu Shengen (徐圣恩)
20Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬)
21Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰)
22Mu Ziyang (木子样)
23Li Quanzhe (李权哲)
24Han Mubo (韩木伯)
25Zhou Rui (周锐)
26Ding Zeren (丁泽仁)
27Yue Yue (岳岳)
28Yang Feitong (杨非同)
29Lou Zibo (娄滋博)
30Luo Zheng (罗正)
31Lu Dinghao (陆定昊)
32Huang Xinchun (黄新淳)
33He Dongdong (何东东)
34Li Rang (李让)
35Yu Mingjun (余明君)

Episode 11 (March 30)[edit]

Before the new set of evaluation, special guest instructor Jolin Tsai gave the remaining contestants some advice on facing criticisms and comments, especially from social media (primarily Weibo), and self evaluation and reflection.

This episode showcases the collaboration stage of the trainees with the mentors. The top 9 of the previous eliminations get to pick the song of the choice in order, and the remaining trainees have to draw lots for their order to pick the songs of their choice. The mentors then play a prank on the trainees in which they go into classrooms meant for other mentors, and causes a lot of excitement and confusion amongst the trainees. Eventually they get started on practising the songs with the mentors, which culminates in a showcase.

Each group is shown with their self introduction, then their behind-the-scenes practices, followed by their actual on-stage performance.

Zhang Yixing
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤)
Wang Ziyi (王子异)
Lou Zibo (娄滋博)
Lin Chaoze (林超泽)
Li Quanzhe (李权哲)
Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬)
Han Mubo (韩木伯)
Quit Smoking
Li Ronghao
You Zhangjing (尤长靖)
Chen Linong (陈立农)
Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)
Ling Chao (灵超)
Mu Ziyang (木子样)
Yang Feitong (杨非同)
Lu Dinghao (陆定昊)
MC Jin
Lin Yanjun (林彦俊)
Li Rang (李让)
Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊)
Huang Xinchun (黄新淳)
Xiao Gui (小鬼)
Zhou Rui (周锐)
Bu Fan (卜凡)
Agent J
Zhou Jieqiong
Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)
Xu Shengen (徐圣恩)
Yu Mingjun (余明君)
Li Xikan (李希侃)
Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)
Yue Yue (岳岳)
24K Magic Remix Havana
Cheng Xiao
Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰)
Qin Fen (秦奋)
He Dongdong (何东东)
Luo Zheng (罗正)
Zhou Yanchen (周彦辰)
Ding Zeren (丁泽仁)

The 20 trainees are then given their last evaluation songs, "It's Ok" and "Mack Daddy", and they make their choices of song and position.

Episode 12 (April 6)[edit]

The final episode is also a live broadcast, in which clips of the trainees picking out their songs, center position, and practices are interspersed with the events happening at the live showcase. The episode starts with the trainees at individual interviews, which they're given the plastic chairs with the ranking labels they each chosen to sit on in the first episode, and it triggers nostalgic memories within the trainees. They're also asked about what if they don't manage to debut.

The live broadcast is now shown, with all 99 trainees returning to perform "Ei Ei" live. Individual trainee Zhou Rui, invited by Zhang Yixing, introduces each company and their representatives. The group name of the debuting group is announced to be "Nine Percent", which represents the top 9 out of 100 trainees carrying forward the dreams of all the trainees with 100% of their effort, hence the name 9%.

After the mentors' introductions, the broadcast cuts to the selection of "It's Ok"'s center position. The selection process is done by the group performing the chorus, with each trainee taking the role of center once, then a closed voting process within the members of that group. The top 2 choices for "It's Ok" were Lin Chaoze and Lin Yanjun. As the center is due to be announced, the video cuts back to the broadcast, where "It's Ok"'s performers appear onstage, and Lin Yanjun is revealed as the center of the song.

"Mack Daddy" goes through the same process, where the top 2 choices were Cai Xukun and Fan Chengcheng. Cai Xukun is revealed to be the center.

Color Key

  •   Final Members of 9 Percent
It's Ok
Lead VocalYou Zhangjing (尤长靖)
Subvocal 1Ling Chao (灵超)
Subvocal 2Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)
Subvocal 3Li Xikan (李希侃)
Subvocal 4Jeffrey
Subvocal 5Lin Chaoze (林超泽)
Subvocal 6Lin Yanjun (林彦俊) (center)
Subvocal 7Zheng Ruibin (郑锐彬)
Rap 1Xiao Gui (小鬼)
Rap 2Justin
Mack Daddy
Lead VocalCai Xukun (蔡徐坤) (center)
Subvocal 1Qin Fen (秦奋)
Subvocal 2Xu Shengen (徐圣恩)
Subvocal 3Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)
Subvocal 4Qian Zhenghao (钱正昊)
Subvocal 5Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)
Subvocal 6Zhu Xingjie (朱星杰)
Rap 1Bu Fan (卜凡)
Rap 2Chen Linong (陈立农)
Rap 3Wang Ziyi (王子异)

In another clip, the 20 trainees also dress in the clothes they've worn for their first self-introduction, and speak in reminiscence of what they've said during that introduction, and express their thoughts.

Following that in the live broadcast, is a performance of a special song, titled "Forever", depicting the wishes of the trainees to stay like they once were, and as a thank-you to the fans for their support.

The trainees are shown invited individually into a dark room standing in front of a mirror, where they're asked to talk to their reflections in the mirror about their feelings. The lights are then turned off, which throws the scene into a humorous one as the trainees get paranoid about the situation being another ghost prank, with varied amusing reactions. However, this time video messages are screened on the surface of the mirror from the trainees' families to them, which causes a few to break down in tears.

The announcement of the top 9 takes up about 1 hour and 15 mins of the 3-hour long broadcast. As usual, the rankings are announced from the top 8 to 1, and each trainee walks from one end of the long stage to the main stage to take their seat, and present a short speech of thanks. The top 4 positions remained unchanged from the previous week, with You Zhangjing coming in as 9th place, taking the last position of the debuting group, Nine Percent.

The trainees then visit places in their dorm they've been to for the last time, including the dorm rooms, laundry room, makeup room, and more hilariously, the toilets. They talk about the memories they've had in the past four months of training, and finally clap the slate a final time. Memories of the past 12 episodes are shown, and the episode returns to the broadcast, where Zhang Yixing thanks everyone and wraps up Idol Producer.

1蔡徐坤 Cai Xukun
2陈立农 Chen Linong
3范丞丞 Fan Chengcheng
5林彦俊 Lin Yanjun
6朱正廷 Zhu Zhengting
7王子异 Wang Ziyi
8小鬼 Xiao Gui
9尤长靖 You Zhangjing
10毕雯珺 Bi Wenjun
11钱正昊 Qian Zhenghao
12卜凡 Bu Fan
13李希侃 Li Xikan
14朱星杰 Zhu Xingjie
15灵超 Ling Chao
16郑锐彬 Zheng Ruibin
18秦奋 Qin Fen
19林超泽 Lin Chaoze
20徐圣恩 Xu Shengen


Color key

  •   Top 9 of the week
  •   Top 9 of the week [Live only]
  •   Eliminated in Episode 5
  •   Eliminated in Episode 8
  •   Eliminated in Episode 10
  •   Eliminated in Episode 12
  •   Final members of Nine Percent

Idol Producer: Season 1 Episode 10

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Idol Producer: Season 1 Episode 10

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Idol Producer: Season 2 Episode 10 | Dramacool

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Producer ep 10 idol

Sidebar: Thank You - GOT7 (studio: live) [I love them. And their voices are orgasms to my ears. Eargasms]

Binge watching like fuck but whatever. Guys I'm not prepared bLLljabs.

I'm trying to be nervous but Qin Fen changed his hair and he looks like a cute motherfucking squirrel I cannot focus. Yanjun's hair is a friggin blob of blue and white and honestly all of their hair will probably fall out except for Xiao Gui's lmao.

 Yanjun's hair is a friggin blob of blue and white and honestly all of their hair will probably fall out except for Xiao Gui's lmao


If Han Mubo will be eliminated then I will scoop my eyeballs out of their sockets and eat them.

Did I sign up for fat suits, nostalgia, and bad pranks? Yes I definitely did.

Wtf Yanjun hide your fuckboy-self😂😂😂

I think Xukun & Zhenghao are such cute friends w/ each other. Does that make sense? Idk.

"When you feel full you feel safe." Bitch, write this on my grave. "He always eats a lot." Good. When you're active, you need food to give you energy, so go ahead and eat.

Xukun is so worried about everyone and idk how to feel? I relate to him a lot and I think that's also a reason as to why he's so popular.

Team concept results:
1. Listen To What I Say
2. Dream
A/N: I was right lol

Full amount of votes: 78,508,110

1. Cai Xukun (17.400.495)
2. Chen Linong (6.651.023)
3. Fan Chengcheng (6.243.396 STAPH IT HE'S NOT FAT)
4. Justin (6.085.851 real friends are the ones you wipe your sweat on)
5. Wang Ziyi (3.525.667)
6. Xiao Gui (3.338.168 this boi)
7. Zhu Zhengting (3.194.539 stop making Chengcheng cry u sanshhsiana squirrel)
8. You Zhangjing (2.787.412)
9. Bu Fan (2.655.890)
10. Qian Zhenghao (2.575.146 I'm literally gonna cry I'm so proud of this tiny, little, CUTE, taLENTED, bOY)
11. Lin Yanjun (2.410.729 I'M SO HAPPY)
12. Bi Wenjun (2.187.524 OH MY GOD YES YES I AGREE.)
13. Ling Chao (1.685.787 what the fuck.)
14. Zhu Xingjie (1.455.532)
15. Lin Chaoze (1.366.589)
16. Jeffrey (1.132.198 Yixing is such a sneaky little shit I love him)
18. Li Xikan (1.128.032)
19. Xu Shengen (1.115.051)
20. Zheng Ruibin (1.068.909 "Every one of you is too exceptional")

21. Zhou Yanchen (980.820 "treat the stage well" FUCK YOU NOW I'M A FUCKING FOUNTAIN)
22. My Ziyang (962.908 how much more do you want to me to cry??? I'm getting dehydrated over here)
23. Li Quanzhe (958.889 no Quanzhe you're perfect the way you are and I want fucking death.)


24. Han Mubo (952.083 if you're wondering when I started crying, it was around here when his rank was received and he started crying and smiling at the same time)

083 if you're wondering when I started crying, it was around here when his rank was received and he started crying and smiling at the same time)

He deserved better don't touch me I'm a soft ball of sadness atm
25.  Zhou Rui (647.198 China, no offense but you don't know what the fuck you're missing out on)
26. Ding Zeren (589.433 he deserves way better you bunch of — havabus ok I'm fine. Fuck you Quanzhe, that hand holding made me cry even more- rude)
27. Yue Yue (575.906 *sighs deeply*)

28. Yang Feitong (277.451)
29. Lou Zibo (238.309 There goes my sexy dad. I feel like the lower the member of contestants gets the higher the number of my tears gets)
30. Luo Zheng (236.913 I hate this show sometimes)
31. Lu Dinghao (227.196 what's the saddest smiley? My face atm)

32. Huang Xinchun (219.900 that hurt a bit)
33. He Dongdong (217.271)
34. Li Rang (35.362)
35. Yu Mingjun (28.792)

Alright, so we can all agree that the goal of this episode was to make dehydrated?

[ENG] Idol Producer EP10 Behind the Scenes: Trainees revisit their childhood, play Musical Chairs

And you. For a whole week later, Marie and Jeanne did not meet, did not call back. What happened in the bar seemed like a crazy dream. But they knew that all this was not in a dream, but in reality.

Now discussing:

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