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In the fairy-tale world of the


franchise, one of the most courageous characters is the Gingerbread Man -- aka Gingy, a fearless cookie with a squeaky voice.

He had his legs broken by the villain in the original "Shrek." He saved the castle while being doused with milk in "Shrek 2." In "Shrek the Third," he was menaced by Captain Hook and squared off against guards at knife-point.

The new installment of the animated series, "Shrek Forever After," features Gingy as a gladiator battling animal crackers.

The man behind the pastry is Conrad Vernon, a storyboard artist-turned-filmmaker whose mentor was cult hero Ralph Bakshi ("Fritz the Cat").

Vernon worked on TV projects, and was recruited by DreamWorks for "Antz," which led to a gig as a writer-animator on "Shrek." He illustrated the Gingerbread Man and elevated his voice several octaves to voice the cookie. We spoke with him via phone.

Q. The Gingerbread Man never has an easy time in these films. He's always suffering bodily cookie harm.

A. He's a little toughie.

Q. I was wondering if you developed a backstory for him in the first film.

A. There's a bit of a backstory. In "Shrek 3," he had his whole life flash before his eyes. We didn't explore it at all in "Shrek 1." He was there to introduce the villain and get his legs broken off.

Q. In the second "Shrek," you gave Gingy a larger role because you were directing?

A. It didn't hurt, but the writers had a great idea of making a giant Gingerbread Man, and I remember someone telling me the line, "We're gonna need flour. Lots and lots of flour." I was like, "Great. I get a bigger role."

Q. I was curious about your background. On IMDB. com, it lists you working on "Cool World" with Ralph Bakshi.

A. That was the first job I had in animation.

Q. Were you a fan of "Fritz the Cat?"

A. I was a huge fan.

Q. That's not for kids.

A. When I was 13 years old, the movie "Heavy Metal" came out, and I remember seeing these animated images with this hard-core heavy metal music, and I thought that was the most interesting combination. When I saw "Fritz the Cat" and "Heavy Traffic" and all those Bakshi movies, I was like, "This is amazing." I went over and applied at "Cool World," and Bakshi hired me.

Q. I was wondering about the bridge from that to "The Simpsons."

A. I shopped my portfolio around to every TV studio. A friend of mine, Dave Spafford, used to have a party at his house every Friday for six years. That's where a lot of the animators met.

Q. What's an animator party like?

A. They were crazy. That's how I got my career started. It's very inbred in the animation industry.

Q. I thought there was such a divide between Pixar and DreamWorks.

A. It's a huge misconception. There's no animosity. I know plenty of people at Pixar. We love their films.

Q. "The Simpsons" is a huge show for me. I wanted to check which episodes you worked on.

A. One of the episodes is when Apu moves in with the Simpsons.

Q. When he's singing "Who Needs the Kwik-E Mart?"

A. I boarded that scene.

Q. Apu can really hit those high notes. It's interesting to see how your career has gone from Bakshi to DreamWorks.

A. I tried to bring some of that subversiveness to DreamWorks. When I found out that the studio was doing a Woody Allen animated feature, I was like, "That's exactly what I want to do." That turned out to be "Antz."

Q. Was it a goal all along to direct your own films?

A. When I was working with Bakshi, he said, "What do you want to do in this business?" I said, "Direct." He looked at me, cigarette hanging out of his mouth and said, "You don't wanna direct" and walked away exhausted.


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Mongowas a giant gingerbread man that appeared in Shrek 2. He helped Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, and others to enter Far Far Away's castle to stop the Fairy Godmother.


Shrek 2

In Shrek 2, Gingy and Shrek had a plan and went to the Muffin Man, who made Mongo (the giant gingerbread man) in order to help Shrek, Donkey, Puss, and the others to enter the Far Far Away castle. Mongo is first seen crushing an ice cream cart under his foot. He then destroys a billboard sign that has a picture of fairy godmother. He quickly gets distracted by a giant Farbuck's Coffee cup for display on top of the Farbucks building before he realizes there is nothing in it, so he discards it. Donkey (as a horse) convinces Mongo to follow him to Far Far Away's castle. Mongo and the team begin to storm the castle. Mongo is angered when a catapult's flaming shot hits his upper gumdrop button, knocking it off of him, to which he kicks the burning gumdrop, destroying the catapult. When he tries to bring down the bridge, the guards attempt to break him and get rid of him for good by soaking him with hot foamy milk. Mongo is able to resist one soak, but his arms break on the second soak, causing him to fall in the moat. The second soak softens out his arms and they break off. Gingy --the regular sized gingerbread man-- (who was with Shrek on Mongo's shoulder) jumps down onto him, while Mongo's severed arms keep the bridge open long enough for Shrek to successfully enter the castle. The latter takes out the guards and lowers the bridge as Puss lifts Gingy with his sword and is caught by Pinocchio, who bawls over leaving Mongo to sink in the moat. Mongo's last words were (to Gingy) smiling, "Be good".

Later Life

While Donkey and Puss are singing (after Shrek and Fiona turn back into ogres and after Fairy Godmother died), Mongo also sang along (while in the moat). He sung "Livin La Vida Loca" along with the rest of the gang. It is unknown what happened to him after this, but it is likely that he is dissolved by the water in the moat, leading to his death.

Thriller Night

Mongo reappears in Thriller Night rising from the graveyard as a zombie during Shrek's dream. He begins to dance with the other zombies in the film until Shrek wakes up.


Unlike his much smaller counterpart Gingy, Mongo is shown to be childish, slow-witted and unintelligent, thinking that he can drink from the giant Farbucks Coffee cup replica. This is due to the fact that he had just been created and acts like a newborn because of that. Ultimately, he is good-hearted, sacrificing himself to help Shrek and his friends enter the castle and save Fiona.

Skills and Abilities

  • Enormous size and strength - Mongo's tremendous size easily makes him one of the biggest characters in the series, on par with Dragon, making him a powerful ally to Shrek like her. Because of his size, he is strong enough to destroy a Fairy Godmother billboard, lift a giant cup, kick his burnt gumdrop button towards the catapult and force open the castle gate.

Video Game Appearances

Mongo appears in Shrek Super Slam as a stage. Battles are fought on a giant birthday cake he carries. Mongo makes a cameo on the Suburbs of Far Far Away track from Shrek Smash and Crash Racing. He walks around the track and if any careless racer makes contact with him, their kart will spin out. Mongo also appeared in Shrek pinball in the Shrek plug and play TV game.


  • When Mongo awakens, Gingy screams "It's alive!", referencing the famous line from the horror film Frankenstein. This may imply that Mongo was created through meteorology and alchemy rather than simple magic.
  • The roar Mongo makes when he loses his gumdrop button is similar to that of Godzilla. Mongo seems to be a reference to classical Godzilla movies, due to his size and the way in which he acts, the citizens also seem to mirror this.
  • Mongo's name and personality (dim-witted and childish) seems to be a homage to Mongo in the Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles from Where Mongo in that movie portrays the same purpose as a character (being dumb muscle to help the main protagonist), and has the same type of voice and personality.


Shrek, Donkey and Gingy travel to the Far Far Away castle up ahead.

Mongo loses a gum drop with the fire rock thrown by the darknuts to protect the castle.


Mongo's getting angry after he losed one of his gumball buttons.

Mongo kicks the flame gumdrop to attack the darknut guards.

A darknut alerts the other darknuts to dump the milk on Mongo after their powers weren't strong enough. The foam cloud is shaped like womens hair.

The darknuts dump a bucket of milk on Mongo which causes his arms to break apart.

Mongo sinks in the water after the body fell due to the arms that broke off from the gate.


Mongo singing during "Livin' La Vida Loca".



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(In alternative: Deceased)


Bounty hunter (alternate reality)
none (main reality)


Muffin Man (creator, "father")
Mongo (brother)
Unnamed redhead gingerbread girl (wife, divorced)
Suzy (girlfriend, deceased)
Sugar (girlfriend, most likely made up)

Not my gumdrop buttons!

&#;Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man (also known as Gingy) is a gingerbread cookie that was baked by the Muffin Man. He is a supporting character in the Shrek series.


Gingy is a Brownish Gingerbread man with White eyes, hands, and waist, he has light blue eyebrows, a red mouth and Purple Gumdrop Buttons (which is his favourite part of him).

Early Life

Gingy in school shrek 3 jpg

Gingy was created by the Muffin Man, along with the rest of the Gingerbread people. Some years later, he attended Cookie Academy in Home Economics.

Sometime later, he got married to a red-head gingerbread woman, but the relationship did not last.


Gingy is first seen being interrogated about the whereabouts of other fairytale creatures in Lord Farquaad's dungeon. Farquaad has ordered his henchman Thelonious to torture Gingy by: Ripping off his legs, and dunking him in a glass of milk. Farquaad also taunts him by making his legs run around while saying, "Run, run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!", and then throws one of his legs at him and crumbles his other leg to pieces in front of him. Gingy resists and spits in Farquaad's eyes, causing him to threaten to take off one of Gingy's gumdrop buttons. This gets Gingy to start talking about the Muffin Man rhyme (Fooling Farquaad for the moment). However, the interrogation is interrupted by Farquaad's captain, who informs Farquaad that they have found the Magic Mirror. When the Magic Mirror awakens, Gingy yells at him to not say give up any fairytale locations, and he is quickly thrown into a trash can by Farquaad.

At Shrek and Fiona's wedding, Gingy is seen attending with one of his legs attached back with white glaze and walking with a candy cane.

Shrek 2

Gingy finally gets his other leg replaced. While Shrek, Princess Fiona, and Donkey go to Far Far Away, Gingy and the other fairy tale creatures watch over the swamp.

He isn't seen again until later on when he sees Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots getting arrested. The group then goes to the prison and helps the trio escape. Afterwards, Shrek and Gingerbread Man go to the Muffin Man's house and make a giant gingerbread man named Mongo. Using Mongo, Shrek breaks into the castle. Mongo holds open the door but his arms become severed due to multiple hot milk attacks. Mongo's gingerbread body is not durable enough to tank two head on waves of the hot liquid (this is a questionable feat as his body should be able to survive this attack-only a minute earlier he survived a fire ball to the upper gum drop button). The arms stay in position however long enough for Shrek to get into the castle. But Mongo remains in the moat, after he has hot milk poured onto him by the guards. The hot milk smooths out his arms so they break off. Gingy (the regular sized gingerbread man) was grieved and almost got stuck in the moat himself but got lifted off Mongo by Puss, leaving Mongo to slowly drown in the moat.

The Gingerbread Man also helps Shrek defeat the Fairy Godmother at the end of the film.

Shrek the Third

Gingy gave a present to Fiona, where he and Pinocchio give her a baby carrier.

When Prince Charming and Captain Hook broke in, they demanded to know where Shrek was. Gingy refused to tell, and when confronted by Hook, his life flashed before his own eyes. He was placed in a deserted bakery, but was rescued by Donkey and Puss in Boots.

Gingy was also at the big rescue seen in the end, where he slid down Rapunzel's hair, revealing that it was really a wig.

Shrek the Halls

Gingy reveals that he's afraid of Santa Claus because he ate his girlfriend&#;Suzy; though no one believes him.

At the climax, when Shrek and the gang go outside and see Santa riding in his sleigh, Gingy runs back inside screaming.

Shrek Forever After

When Shrek enters the alternate reality, Gingy is seen fighting animal crackers as a gladiator, using a lollipop as a weapon.

Later, he is seen approaching Shrek, offering information on Rumpelstiltskin. Unfortunately, a fat and lazy Puss eats him before he's able to convey any information to Shrek. However, when Shrek returns to the real world at the end, the real Gingy is still alive and well.

In a deleted scene, Gingy fights alongside Pinocchio, The Big Bad Wolf , The Three Little Pigs and The Three Blind Mice against Shrek. He also uses his Animal Crackers to attack Shrek.

Scared Shrekless

Gingy tags along with Shrek and the gang to tell scary stories at an abandoned Duloc. He recalls his experience in a rather deadly relationship in the story, "The Bride of Gingy". Starting by telling the Muffin Man how his latest girlfriend kicked him out, leading to force the creation of a woman who would "love him forever". He gets his wish, and his new girlfriend Sugar is created. Realizing her clingy nature, causing his personal life to come to a halt, he tries to run from her. This backfires as Sugar tries to convince him to come back, only to fall in the cookie dough to her death (supposedly). Little to Gingy's knowledge, the baking machine caused zombie versions of Sugar to break in his home and eat him. Scaring the three pigs and boring the Big Bad Wolf, he is called out for still being alive despite the story's ending. He then leaves out of embarrassment, claiming to see Farquaad's ghost.

Swamp Talk

His only appearance in the series was "Gingerbread Man vs. Humpty Dumpty". Shrek and Donkey debate on who'd win in a fight, with Shrek ending with a dark joke about how his stomach would be the winner.

Video Game Appearances

Gingy is one of the playable characters in Shrek 2 (video game). He is playable in "Shrek's Swamp", "Ogre Killer", "Walking The Path", "Jack and Jill's Farm", "Prison Break", "The Mines" and "Cookie, Cookie". His special ability allows him to throw sweet-smelling cookies which have the ability to distract enemies and animals.

Gingy appeared in Shrek Super Slam as one of the 10 starting characters. His Super Slam has him spin around while throwing candy.

He also appeared in Shrek Smash and Crash Racing as one of the four racers that are unlocked from the start. Gingy's kart is the Cupcake Horse that Donkey created from a picnic basket with the Fairy Godmother's magic wand. Gingy's personal item is a candy cane.


  • In the Scared Shrekless segment, "The Bride of Gingy", the Muffin Man's process in creating sentient sweets is fully revealed. This could hint that Gingy is not a creation of magic, but of science. It can also be assumed in Shrek 2 with the creation of his brother Mongo, and him yelling "It's alive!", a line from the horror classic Frankenstein.
  • He seems to be best friends with Pinocchio, whom he has a similar voice to (although Gingy’s is more high pitched).
  • In the Spanish version of the movie, the scene where Gingy said “Eat Me” right before spitting in Farquaad’s face, he called Farquaad a pig.
  • It is unknown how he got his other leg replaced by the events of the second movie due to the other leg being grinded up into pieces.
    • It is implied that the Muffin Man patched him a new left leg some time after Shrek and Fiona's honeymoon.
    • He was consumed by Puss in boots in the alternate timeline.


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