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Contact Hour Activities


There's more than one way to earn contact hours. 90 contact hours are required for recertification with at least 68 of those being medical-surgical.

AMSN members can earn up to 30 FREE CNEs per year through the AMSN Online Library and the AMSN Annual Convention. Learn more about AMSN membership.

The chart below lists 11 accepted methods and a sample self-reporting entry for each. You might be surprised that some of the things you are already doing may be used toward recertification!

Download the Acceptable Contact Hour Activities list.

Contact Hour Terminology

Medical-Surgical contact hours

These hours include content related to direct patient care in a medical-surgical setting. A helpful tip is if the content of the activity is included in the CMSRN exam blueprint, then the contact hours will be considered medical-surgical nursing.

A minimum of 68 contact hours in this category is required; however, it is permissible to have all 90 med-surg contact hours with no professional development.

Professional Development contact hours

These contact hours include the broad area of health care, general nursing, and professional development. Topics include leadership, how to conduct research, nursing theory, informatics, pediatrics, ethics, blood matching, and more. A maximum of 22 contact hours in this category is permitted.

CNE (Continuing Nursing Education)

Contact hours awarded by an accredited organization for attendance at an educational activity or independent study such as a journal article or internet-based education.

non-CNE (non-Continuing Nursing Education)

Contact hours we award for professional activities.

Contact hour activityContact hours accepted per recertification periodType of Contact HoursReporting

1. Courses, Workshops, Conventions, Articles, Internet-based Education

Many CNE activities are FREE for AMSN members.

Maximum of 90MEDSURG or PROFDEVCNE Example
Contact hour activityContact hours accepted per recertification periodType of Contact HoursReporting

2. Preceptorship/Mentoring
Providing clinical supervision to students and/or newly hired nurses in educational and professional settings.

Courses taken about preceptorship or mentoring should be reported as CNE activities.

Maximum of 20

30 hours = 5 CH


Preceptorship Example

The Preceptor Form must be submitted to be considered.

Download Preceptor Form

3. Academic Courses
College courses related to nursing in baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral programs.

Maximum of 75

1 academic hour (credit) = 15 CH


Academic Course Example

An unofficial copy of a transcript must be submitted via mail, fax, or scanned and emailed in order to be considered. (photographed documents not accepted by email)

4. Presentation
Preparation and presentation of content for academic courses and CNE programs.

Maximum of 45

1 hour of presentation = 3 CH

MEDSURG or PROFDEVPresentation Example

5. Professional Publications
Writing a manuscript, research paper, book, or book chapter published by a recognized publisher or professional journal.

Maximum of 25

Authors, co-authors, or editors of a book = 25 CH

Authors or co-authors of a book chapter = 10 CH

Authors or co-authors of a published article = 5 CH

MEDSURG or PROFDEVProfessional Publication Example

6. Conference Poster Presentation
Presenting a poster relevant to medical-surgical nursing at a regional or national meeting.

Maximum of 20

1 poster = 5 CH

MEDSURG or PROFDEVConference Poster Presentation Example

7. Multimedia Program Development
Developing modules, program content, or scripts for videotapes, audiotapes, and other electronic media.

Maximum of 20

60 minute program = 5 CH

MEDSURG or PROFDEVMultimedia Program Development Example

8. Research Projects
Research projects where you are the primary investigator and is approved by the Investigational Review Board (IRB) in your facility.

Evidence-Based Practice Projects
Evidence -based practice projects where you are the leader of the EBP initiative.

Maximum of 30

1 research project = 30 CH

Maximum of 15

1 EBP project = 15 CH

MEDSURG or PROFDEVResearch/Evidence-Based Practice Project Example

9. Membership on a National Nursing Organization Board or National Committee Chair
Serving on a nursing board or chairing a national committee.

Maximum of 5

1 hour of participation = 1 CH

PROFDEVBoard Member Example

10. Test Development/Item Writing for MSNCB
Members serving on the CMSRN Test Development/Item Writer Committee.

Maximum of 20

1 weekend session = 5 CH

MEDSURGTest Development Example

11. CMSRN Recertification Committee
Members serving on the CMSRN Recertification Committee.

Maximum of 10

2 CH/year




Mailing Address
Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB)
PO Box 56
Pitman, NJ 08071

Delivery Service
Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB)
200 East Holly Avenue
Sewell, NJ 08080


Fax 856-589-7463

Email[email protected]


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- Engage in Scholarship, Service and Leadership
- Facilitate Learner Development and Socialization
- Facilitate Learning
- Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes
- Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Academic Nurse Educator Role
- Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies

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QuestionAnswerKnowledge leveldefine, identify, listComprehension levelDescribe, explain, summarizeApplication levelapply, demonstrate, useAnalysis levelCompare, contrast, differentiateSynthesis levelConstruct, develop, formulateEvaluation levelcritique, evaluate, judgeCognitive DomainLearner focuses on aquisition and recall of specific facts, concepts and principles. Simple(knowledge) to complex (synthesis/evaluation)Affective DomainLearning encompasses attitudes, beliefs,values, feelings and emotionsPsychomotor DomainEncompasses fine motor, gross motor and manual skills. Commonly used in clinical techniquesFormative evaluationoccurs while learning process is unfoldingSummative evaluationCompleted at the end of a course/program - The final outcome.Behavioral Learning TheoryAll behavior is learned and can be shaped/rewarded to attain desired ends.Cognitive Learning TheoryConditions of learning influence acquisition/retention by modifying existing cognitive structures. Assimilation, accommodation and construction of knowledge are the basic processes of learningCognitive Development Learning TheoryDevelopment is sequential and progresses in an uneven/interrupted manner through several phases.Cognitive development: Sociocultural historical influences Learning TheoryLearning is interactive and occurs in a social/historical context. Knowledge, ideas, attitudes and values are developed as a result of relationships with people.Multiple Intelligences Learning TheoryHuman beings have unique profiles composed of varying degrees of eight and one half research-based intelligencesAdult Education PhilosophyAdults are self-directed and problem centered and need to learn useful informationCaring PhilosophyEducation consists of an integration of humanistic-existential, phenomenological, feminist and caring ideologiesCritical PhilosophyThe liberation fo thought occurs through analysis of power and realtionships within social structure informationFeminist PhilosophyIntellectual growth, activism, and empowerment can change injustice and inequity for all persons.HumanismEducation Motivates the development of human potentialNarrative PedagogyA practical discourse using nine themes allows education to be gained thru experiences of teachers, students and clinicians to direct nursing education.PhenomenologyUnderstanding the hows and whys of humans expereince. Perception of events results in learning.Postmodern DiscourseTruth is related to specific context and is constantly being constructedNursing's MetaparadigmIncludes statements on: Person/client, Nursing, Environement, Health, and sometimes Nursing EducationMetaphysicsstudy of reality vs. what is fantasy/illusion (post-modern in nature)EpistemologyFocus is on: What is truth?AxiologyFocus is on: What is good?Essentialism Ed. TheoryStudent encouraged to expand mind by inquiry, discovery, aesthetics, synthesis and application of knowledge to life. Belief in strong liberal arts foundation.(Idealism Philosphy)Behaviorism Ed. TheoryStudent subject to natural law; motivated to learn through positive reinforcement; rewareded for scientific objectivity and objective analysis.(Realism Philosophy)Reconstructionism Ed. TheoryStudent to expeirence inquiry thru active learning and exploration; involvement in social and community activites (Pragmatist Philosophy)Progressivism Ed. TheoryStudents assisted to develop the self through filed trips, lab work, simulation; apply learning to daily life and society (Pragmastist Philosophy)Humanism Ed. TheoryEncouraged to freely choose own path to learning; assume responsibility for life (Existential Philosophy)Scholarship of DiscoveryGeneration of new knowledge for application and integration into the discipline and teaching; developing knowledge base of NursingScholarship of IntegrationInterpretation and synthesis of knowledge across discipline boundaries; requires communication and interdisciplinary collaborationScholarship of ApplicationConnects theory to practice; "How can knowledge be responsibly applied to consequential problems?" - Service to boards and organizations, policy developmentScholarship of TeachingRequires evidence of effective teaching and dissemination of the knowledge that is aquired as a result of teaching; curriculum development, use of innovative teaching/learning strategies; dissemination of teaching knowledge/expertise

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