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4 Advantages of Having a Car with Captain Seats

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15 November,

Image 4 Advantages of Having a Car with Captain Seats

Cars with three-line seats that are able to carry seven passengers are becoming more and more popular these days, especially in Indonesia. Why this type of cars catch Indonesian people’s attention is because indeed, it has the capacity to transport more people and/or goods.

Despite the popularity, however, cars with three-row chairs and 7 passenger capacity might have different seating configurations. Some car manufacturers offer second-row captain seats to ensure more comfort. Below we will discuss why cars with captain seats are argued to be one of the best in the market.

Spacious cabin

Spacious Cabin

One of the advantages of having a car with captain seats is a spacious cabin. Cars with second-row captain seats provide more empty room in the middle. This is a distinct advantage for the driver and passengers to access the third-row seats.

Passengers who want to sit in the third-row now don’t have to bother folding the second-row seats, thanks to the captain seat configuration. You can easily walk to the end of the car through an empty space in the middle part.

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Easy to move

Easy to Move

The captain seats are also easier to move. In this case, the passengers who sit in the second-row will get more room as desired. This is indeed very convenient, especially when you travel long-distance.

Convenience for children and the elderly

Convenience for children and the elderly

Third, captain seats are also suitable for all ages. If you bring your child, you don’t need to worry since you have more room in the car so that they are free to move around. Captain seats are also suitable to install a child’s seat on and are considered to be safer for this purpose. The spacious cabin due to captain seat arrangement would also be beneficial for the elderly since you can move them backward to provide more leg rooms and increase comfort.

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More comfort for your body and hand

More comfort for your body and hand

The armrest installed on the captain seats could add even more comfort for the passengers. Unlike the usual seats in a typical car, captain seats offer comfort for your hand to lean on the armrest without dangling. The seats could also be adjusted into a reclining position that is indeed more comfortable for the passengers.


Captain Seats vs Bench Seats in Indian SUVs/MUVs

What would you prefer - the comfort of captain seats or the bench seat, which can accommodate one more passenger? There are many more advantages and disadvantages of both types of seats.

MUVs and SUVs offering a third row of seats come with either two captain seats or a bench seat for the second row. Customers can often choose between the two and some are offered on certain variants only.

BHPians, what would you prefer - the comfort of captain seats or the bench seat, which can accommodate one more passenger? There are many more advantages and disadvantages of both types of seats. Here's a look at some of them.

Captain seats


  • Offer better all-round support and are more comfortable than bench seats
  • Can be individually reclined and adjusted according to occupants' preferences
  • Some captain seats get lumbar adjustment
  • Looks more premium than bench seats
  • The passengers of the third row can stretch their legs between the captain seats
  • The seatbacks of the captain seats are usually scooped out to liberate more knee room for third row passengers
  • In most cases, all passengers of the car get 3-point seatbelts


  • Can seat only two in the middle row. Fifth occupant would have to unhappily go to the third row
  • Some captain seats cannot be tumbled forward limiting space for ingress/egress and making the access to the third row difficult
  • With no center armrest, there is a lack of space to provide a cup holder
  • Captain seats are expensive and therefore, usually found only on top variants
  • Space between the two seats can't be used to seat another passenger or to store luggage and is therefore wasted
  • Individual armrests are usually on the thinner side, which can make them uncomfortable to use
  • In many cases, you cannot fold down the captain chairs to increase luggage space

Bench seats


  • Can seat one more person compared to captain chairs
  • Bench seats tumble forward to give more room for ingress/egress into the third row
  • Offer the flexibility of split in many cars. You can seat four and still use a part of the second row for luggage
  • Easier for healthier people to use as its bolsterings are not as pronounced as those on captain seats
  • Center armrest provides some storages spaces, including cupholders
  • Seats can fold flat giving you a flat loading bay which makes it much easier to slide luggage inside
  • You get a lot of luggage space when the third row + second row seats are folded


  • Offers lesser support & is nowhere as comfortable as a captain seat
  • Seating three abreast in many cars may make occupants uncomfortable, especially over long distances
  • The fifth passenger usually has a hard backrest due to the presence of the arm rest, which is uncomfortable
  • The middle passenger usually gets a lap belt. Only a few cars offer 3-point seatbelts for all 3 passengers in the second row
  • The middle occupant shares the backrest and seatbase with one of the side occupants
  • Central floor hump reduces leg room for the fifth passenger
  • Third row passengers will feel boxed in with the second row bench in place

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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Bucket seat

Contoured car seat, as opposed to flat and bench automotive seating

A bucket seat is a car seat contoured[1] to hold one person,[2] distinct from a flat bench seat designed to fit multiple people. In its simplest form it is a rounded seat for one person with high sides, but may have curved sides that partially enclose and support the body in high-performance automobiles.

Bucket seats first appeared after World War II,[citation needed] making their debut in small European cars with floor-mounted shifter and parking brake lever.[citation needed] They are typically standard in front in fast cars to keep drivers and other passengers in place when turning at speed. Rear "bucket seats" are typically hybrids of bench and true bucket seats, being contoured generally like the latter but fixed in place, even when divided by a center console, and thus lacking a free-standing bucket seat's front-rear and backrest angle adjustability.

In American cars[edit]

Ford Model T race-car with minimal bodywork to save weight. Early bucket seats wrapping around rider's hips kept them in / on the car.

Since their inception, American cars were equipped with bench seats, like in carriages, which permitted multi-passenger seating. As European cars became more accessible to Americans following World War II, bucket seats became associated with sports performance and luxury. Bucket seats then spread to American manufacturers, beginning as "sporty trim packages" in the late s and later appearing as a standard feature.[3]

The popularity of front bucket seats began to explode with the advent of sporty compact cars, pioneered by General Motors in when it produced its Chevrolet Corvair series Monza Club Coupe with standard front bucket seats. By , more than one million U.S. built cars were factory equipped with bucket seats;[citation needed] often, these were fitted with a center console containing a gear shifter and other features such as ash trays, cigarette lighter, storage compartment, and power window controls between the seats. Large luxurious front bucket seats (and contoured "bucket-style" rears) made their debut in American personal luxury cars with the debut of the Buick Riviera in late as a model.[citation needed] In , Ford introduced the Mustang “pony car”, following the success of the sporty Corvair Monza further popularized the idea of standard front bucket seats - although a front bench seat was an available option. With the introduction of subcompact automobiles in the U.S. in the early s, such as the Chevrolet Vega and Ford Pinto, bucket seats were used for the same reasons they had originally appeared: lack of seating room and floor-mounted levers for the gear shifter and parking brake.

While bucket seats continued to gain popularity among compact and sporty cars, the bench seat remained the preferred front seating arrangement in larger cars and trucks until the late s.[citation needed] Increasingly, mid- and full-size domestic cars, as well as trucks, offered front bucket seating options for customers who wanted a sporty image or more personalized car. In the following decades this trend spread, with the last sedan to come with a standard front bench seat being the Lincoln Town Car, and the last to offer it as an option the Chevrolet Impala. SUVs spread widely during this time, universally with bucket seats in front. As of , only some pickup trucks and SUVs retain the front bench seat.

Rear seating[edit]

Although rear seating in automobiles largely utilizes bench seats, some 2+2 cars have bucket-style seats in the rear. The first usage of rear bucket seats was in the Chrysler F,G & H coupes and convertibles inspired by the Chrysler Norseman concept car. Long-wheelbase variants of full-size luxury cars, such as the Lexus LS L have an "executive seating package" option that reduces the rear to two passengers but provides them with more amenities.[4] The Porsche Panamera offers only bucket seats as the rear configuration despite its large size.[5][6]

Third row seating[edit]

Individual bucket-style seats are also used in passenger vans and minivans, although they are not always referred to as such. Unlike those in cars, bucket seats in vans can be configured in different ways or even removed for more cargo storage.[7] In the typical minivan configuration, the front and middle rows have two bucket seats each, while the third-row seat has a three-person bench, for a total of seven passengers. Honda Odyssey models (except for the base trim) adds a stowable "PlusOneSeat" between the middle row bucket seats. The Australian Mazda MPV has three seats in the middle and two in the last row.

The Chrysler Pacifica was a luxury crossover SUV where all three rows were bucket seats.[citation needed]

Sport seats[edit]

Extreme racing seats sacrifice being adjustable, instead enveloping the rider in a single shell design

A sport seat is an improved version of a bucket seat with advanced lateral support and ability to accommodate racing harnesses. Sport seats are designed according to the shape of a human body to provide advanced lateral support and weight distribution, which helps the driver withstand g-force while cornering. Sport seats come with special openings for 3-point, 4-point, or 5-point racing harnesses to increase safety in extreme driving conditions. These seats often are lighter in weight compared to stock bucket seats, which is vital for any sport car. They are universal and technically can be installed in any vehicle using model specific or universal bolt-on seat mounting brackets.[citation needed]

Suspension seats[edit]

A suspension seat is a variation of a sport bucket seat designed for off-road vehicles. Unlike seats for sports cars, it is equipped with additional springs or suspension components that give extra shock absorption for bumps and jumps, making it softer and relatively more comfortable for the driver. While suspension seats provide more comfort for passengers, they are not considered safer than the static bucket seats used in motorsports.[8]



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