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Heavy Duty

The toughest jobs in the world require the toughest boots in the world, and Red Wing’s Heavy Duty boots are up to any task. These boots have the highest levels of protection against all hazards and work conditions out of all of our boots. These are no-fluff, no-joke, the best work boots in the world.

The Ultimate Fit Experience (UFX)

When your job is dangerous, picking out a pair of boots that will keep you safe is paramount. However, unless you’re a boot expert, you’ll need some guidance – and that’s where the Ultimate Fit Experience from Red Wing Richmond comes in. 

First things first – we want to know why you came into one of our 3 stores. For you, the hard worker with the tough job? We’ll ask what industry and challenges you face so that we can narrow down your selection to boots that fit the bill (including safety regulations and certifications). 

Second, we’ll need some measurements – and not just your shoe size. All boots fit a little bit differently, and we’ll measure your step, your pressure points, and your arch height. We then take this data and marry it with our combined centuries of experience to narrow down your selection even further.

Once we know the type of boots you need and the size you need, we’ll make place you into one of our boot families… in this case, the Heavy Duty family. From there, pick out the pair you like the best that fits into your budget. You got this!

Heavy Duty Boots from Red Wing Shoes

Hardcore workers need hard core boots. If, once you’ve completed the UFX, we recommend the Heavy Duty family – we have a huge selection of boots to choose from. See below for some of the most popular!

Super Sole 2.0


Traction Tred

And that’s just a few of them. Inventory varies by store, but no matter which one of our 3 Richmond locations you visit, you’ll find a great selection of Heavy Duty boots.

Get In Touch To Learn More about our Heavy Duty Boots!

Questions? Let us know! Head up to your closest store, send in a message to our Facebook page, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!


Philadelphia - Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection

At the 1505 Walnut Street Red Wing store, we’re proud to offer an expansive selection of boots and shoes from the Red Wing Heritage collection. The Heritage collection showcases American-made, lifestyle footwear inspired by Red Wing’s archives.

Philadelphia - Expert Fitting

Expert Fitting

Our Certified Fit Specialists at the 1505 Walnut Street Red Wing store are here to assess your needs, guide selection and fitting, and equip you with the right footbeds, socks, and aftercare products to optimize comfort in your Heritage footwear. Stop by the Philly store anytime, and we’ll see to it that your fit endures for years.

Philadelphia - Footwear Maintenance

Stop by the Philly store’s Red Wing Care Bar to learn how to care for Heritage leathers and protect your investment using Red Wing’s Clean-Condition-Protect care regimen.

Philadelphia - Special Orders

Special Orders

If we don’t already stock a model, we’ll special order it for you. Red Wing Heritage, Red Wing Work, Irish Setter, or Vasque: Name your size, and we’ll do our best to bring it to Philly.

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If you're looking for comfortable, high quality, durable footwear that will keep you on your feet and moving all day without pain or fatigue and that lasts and lasts you have to check out Red Wing Shoes in Lawton, OK. located at3403 N.W. Cache Road. They're a lot more than just work boots, they've got it all.

Why not be comfortable in your career? No matter what you do for a living Red WIng Shoes has the perfect fit and style for you. So if you're on the job at a factory, shop, warehouse, farm/ranch, construction, food service industry, retail, office, radio station or anywhere and everywhere else that pays you to show up to earn a paycheck Red WIng Shoes can help you through the workday with a pair of comfortable shoes or boots.

Not just work they've got a great selection of hiking, hunting and outdoor footwear too. So at work or at play Red WIng Shoes with help keep you on your feet. Right now they have their Ultimate Fit Event going on. Stop by and have one of their staff get your exact measurement and support needs. It's like a foot analysis that will tell you exactly where the pressure points are in your feet and the suggested insoles and footwear you should consider to improve your comfort and any fatigue issues you may be facing.

This isn't a grab it off the rack type place. They take the time to properly measure and fit you. They know their business and believe me can help you in getting the perfect shoe or boot for your needs. The customer service is top notch and the entire staff is incredibly knowledgeable. We worked with Richard and he took really good care of us, answered all our questions and got us matched up with the perfect combination of fit and function. He's a true custom fit specialist. We walked out the door in style and with happy feet.

Red Wing Shoes 3403 N.W. Cache Road Lawton, OK.

Red WIng Shoes stands behind all their products with no hassle warranties and go above and beyond for all their customers. A lot of their products include lifetime guaranties and they offer cleaning, oiling and repairs, a lot of which they do in store. That's unheard of in this day and age.

Red WIng Shoes are built to last and if for some reason something does need repaired or fixed up. Even if it's to pretty them up, they're there to make it happen.

So if you're tired of wasting your time and money on footwear that doesn't fit properly, isn't comfortable or doesn't last you need to check them out. With the Red Wing 30 Day Comfort Guarantee you can buy with absolute confidence. PRO TIP: They've got a great line up of all kinds of shoes, boots, belts, gloves, wallets, insoles and all that. But you have to try out the Merino wool socks they're a game changer. They told us there's a WOW factor with these socks and they weren't kidding. They're the most comfortable socks around. They keep your feet dry and have the perfect amount of padding and support.

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Red Wing Heritage Fit Specialists

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