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Agilent Varian Portable (9V) Battery Powered Ion Pump High Voltage Power Supply

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Sours: https://www.idealvac.com/Agilent-Varian-Portable-(9V)-Battery-Powered-Ion-Pump-High-Voltage-Power-Supply/pp/P108427
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Universal lithium ion battery pack, industrial version with outputs 5V to 19V

This portable rechargeable battery pack consists of a 60 watt hour lithium ion battery assembly and two DC/DC converters. The first DC converter allows the pack to be charged with a wide range of voltage inputs. The second allows the pack to deliver a user settable voltage to run equipment requiring 5volts to 19+volts. All this is built into the sleek black battery case.

For example, this industrial model is used by OEMs to be their battery back-up to add UPS features to their equipment as well as portability. You can run the system from the included charger through the battery pack. When the AC power fails the battery takes over with no interruption in service. This is called a double conversion UPS with DC output.

Special Features :
  • 60 Watt-Hour battery pack with flexible output voltage (upgradeable to 120 watt-hours).
  • Automatic overcharge protection
  • Gas gauge feature tells how much battery power is remaining
  • Highly regulated voltage source, doesn't sag in voltage like batteries do.
  • The PST-MP3500-I is designed to charge while running your equipment, just plug the charger into the PST-MP3500-I and the battery pack into the laptop computer.
  • The charger section of the battery pack has a DC/DC converter with a wide input range. This means that the pack can be charged from a wide variety of sources. The input voltage for charging can be as low as 5 volts and as high as 24 volts. This makes the PST-MP3500-I perfect for energy harvesting type charging from (for example) unregulated solar panels as long as the input voltage doesn't go above 24 volts.
  • This can be used as a DC battery backup. If you run your instrument from the pack while the pack is being charged from the mains the battery will take over when the mains fail.
Model NumberPST-MP3500-I Battery Pack
AC ChargerThe included power supply for charging has an input of 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 19 volts output. It will charge the battery in about 1.5 hours
Charging voltageThe charging voltage can be between 9 volts and 24 volts. The current drawn from the charging source is limited to about 1 amp, so the pack will charge faster at the higher input voltages.
If you are also running a load then the input current raises to the power required by the charging plus the power required by the load.
Continuous Output Power4 amps or 60 Watts, see the output current a different voltages chart below
Output Voltage Steps5V , 5.5V , 6V , 6.5V , 7.5V , 8.4V , 9V , 10V , 11V , 12V , 13V , 14V , 15V , 16V , 18V , 19V
Output current

5 Volt 4 amp continuous, 20 watts
5.5 Volt, 4 amps continuous, 22 watts
6 Volts 4 amps continuous, 24 watts
6.5 Volts, 4 amps continuous, 26 watts
7.5 volts 4 amps continuous, 30 watts
8.4V 4 amps continous 33.6 watts
9V 4 amps continuous 36 watts
10 Volts, 4 amps continous, 40 watts
11 Volts, 4 amps continuous, 44 watts
12 volts 4 amps continuous, 48 watts
15 volts, 4 amps continuous, 60 watts
16 volts, 3.75 amps continuous, 60 watts
4 amps for 5 minutes, 64 watts
18 volts, 3.3 amps continuous, 60 watts
19 Volts, 3.16 amps continuous, 60 watts
Equivalent Capacity60 watt hours
Detailed Capacity
(double this capacity for the combination of MP3500-I plus MP3460)
When used as a 5V battery you can expect 8.6AH
As a 5.5V battery you can expect 8AH
As a 6V battery you can expect 7.2AH
As a 6.5V battery you can expect 6.AH
As a 7.5V battery you can expect 5.8AH
As an 8.4V battery you can expect 5AH
As a 9V battery you can expect 4.7AH
As a 10V battery you can expect 4.2AH
As an 11 volt battery you can expect 3.8AH
As a 12V lithium ion battery pack you can expect 3.6AH
As a 13V battery you can expect 3.3AH
As a 14V battery you can expect 3.1AH
As a 15V battery you can expect 2.9AH
As a 16V battery you can expect 2.75AH
As an 18V battery you can expect 2.5AH
As a 19V battery you can expect 2.4AH
Output DC/DC converter efficiency88% at 5V output, 93% at 19V output
Charging portCharge input is a 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel jack
Dimensions3.28 x 6.8 x 0.92 inches (85 x 173 x 23.4 mm)
Charging time3-4 hours using the 19V output AC charger included
USB Charge PortYes, it puts out 5V no matter what the main output voltage is set to, essentially turning the pack in to a 2-voltage source.
AlarmThere is an audio alarm that sounds when the battery is close to being empty. It sounds when the battery is 3% to 5% full and will sound until the battery shuts off.
Kit listBattery pack, charger, output cord, case, barrel adapters, barrel adapter storage
ChargerIncluded is a universal AC input (100-240 VAC 50/60Hz) 19 volt 3.16 amp power supply that is used for charging. It has a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector. Charger dimensions are 67x31x106 mm.
The power supply has CE, UL, CCC, TUV.
Weight440g, 1 Pound without the output cord
370 grams for the add-on pack
Connector kit 7 barrel style adapters match thousands of products2.35 Outside Diameter x 0.75mm Inside Diameter digital camera style
4.0 OD x 1.7mm ID
4.75 OD x 1.75mm ID
5.5 OD x 2.1 mm ID
5.5 OD x 2.5 mm ID
6.3 OD x 3 mm ID

(6.0 to 6.5)OD x 4.25 ID with 1.5mm center pin
Output socket information for engineersThe output socket is a special 3-pin mini-din made by Kycon. If you need some mating connectors because you want to make your own cables the data sheet is here . They are readily available from Mouser.
Pin 1 positive
Pin 2 negative
Pin 3 switch--must be connected to Pin 2 to turn the power on
16 connector set available extra, click here.
If the connectors that are included don't have the one you need you can order this kit which has the 16 most popular connectors in it.

It also works with any of the connector adapters with 4 mm pin spacing such as this one that might be available to you locally.
Extra connectors
A picture of how the auxiliary battery attaches to double the capacity.The MP3500 with optional battery pack attached to  double its capacity
There is a 6-pin connector to link two batteries together with, such as the picture above. Here is the pinout. Normally you won't need this information.6 pin connector for linking batteries together

dip switch settings for the MP3500I
Accessory Table
Typical run time calculations
Power Drawn from Battery(Watts = Amps*Volts)Continuous Running TimeTime with MP3460
1 watt60 Hours120 hours
5 watts12 Hours24 hours
10 watts6 Hours12 hours
15 watts4 Hours8 hours
20 watts3 Hours6 hours
30 watts2 Hours4 hours
60 watts1 Hour2 hours

Voltage versus time discharge curves. You can see that, unlike plain batteries, the output voltage is precisely regulated until the battery runs out of stored energy.Chart showing that voltage output is very stable for all the voltages and the amp hours varies linearly with output voltage from 2.4 to 8.6 AH equivalent
You can see that unlike plain batteries this pack delivers exact regulated voltage until the pack runs out of juice. This is very helpful for instruments, cameras, thermal cameras, lights, and other applications that work best with regulated power. For comparison, most laptop batteries use 14.4 volts and 2.2 AH, so this can run a laptop longer than the built-in battery.

Many laptops can be run at lower voltage than the manufacturer's power pack would indicate, they just can't charge the battery at lower voltages. In this case it is a good idea to run the battery pack at 12 to 14 volts so no power is wasted charging the laptop's internal battery. However, you can't always use this trick, my ACER won't run at all unless I give it the full rated voltage.

Q: Is it legal to take these spare batteries on airplanes?

A: The PST-MP3500-I has about 3.2 grams of equivalent lithium, and the combination of the PST-MP3500-I and PST-MP3460 contain about 6.4 grams of equivalent lithium, so they are OK to take in carry-on luggage. See the governement web page http://safetravel.dot.gov/whats_new_batteries.html for more details.

Q: I have a 60 watt laptop, will this 50 watt battery pack work with it?

A: Yes, the 60 watts is the maximum that the computer can use, including charging the internal battery. It is recommended that the PST-MP3500-I be used when the laptop's internal battery is full or removed. Some computers will also run fine on lower voltage (12V, 14, or 16V) which will prevent the internal battery from being charged, if you don't waste energy charging the internal battery you will get you even more run time from the external lithium ion battery pack. In addition the PST-MP3500-I can supply up to 60 watts when the laptop needs peak power.

Q: The AC charger that is included, is it a peak charger? So that it switches off the charging process when the battery is fully charged?
A: The charging circuit is actually built into the battery case. So the charger that comes with it is just a power supply. In fact any voltage between 12VDC and 24VDC can be used to charge it. The internal charger is a smart charger, it will not overcharge the battery. In fact when I am in China I leave the battery connected to the computer and run the "charger" into the battery. That way I only have to bring one power supply with me.

December 2006. I have been using one of these packs since July of 2006, first on a trip to China and then on several smaller trips and also in the lab to create the curves shown above. It was very nice to be able to run my 60 watt Acer laptop as long as I could stand to work on the bus and the plane rides. You can also see the impressive voltage regulation and runtime from the curves.

I have also been impressed that it will recharge from voltage sources as low as 5 volts*, I have recharged mine at 5 volts, 9 volts, 12-14 volts (car cigarette lighter), at 14, at 16, 19, and even 24 volts. The data sheet now says 9V, because at 5 volts the charge rate is too slow for practical applications. I am sure that it will charge at any voltage above 9V and less than 24V. I have a little solar charger that I would like to try, but my office window faces north toward the mountains and I don't get any direct sun.

August 2007

I wrote a WordPerfect macro to time how long it took for the computer to shut down due to running low on battery power. Then I ran my Acer a couple of ways to measure how much more time the MP3500-I gives me.
ConfigurationMinutes Hours and minutes
Internal Battery alone84 minutes1 hour 24 minutes 
Intermal Battery + MP3500-I155 minutes2 hours 35 minutes 
Internal Battery + MP3500-I + MP3460226 minutes3 hours 46 minutes 
Sours: https://www.powerstream.com/PST-MP3500-I.htm

Mike Bland

Here’s how you can create a rechargeable 9V power supply for your guitar pedals, so you don’t have to juggle individual 9V batteries, bother with having to unscrew the back off of pedals without battery hatches, or hunt for another electrical outlet and deal with an extension cord when playing out, especially if your pedals are conventional 9V pedals drawing modest current from a typical 5.5mm x 2.1mm, center-negative AC adapter. Or, as in the case of my mod to convert the MXR Micro Amp to true bypass switching, if a mod to one of your pedals makes it so that you can’t fit a 9V battery in the pedal anymore, and hauling a wall-powered power supply, even one as small as the T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr., would be a PITA when you only want to take it and your Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner to a blues jam. Or if you have a modest number of pedals, but you’re haunted by ground loop hum, a problem completely eliminated by battery power.

This idea is shamelessly stolen from Charles#5’s post in The Gear Page thread "Building a battery powered pedalboard", but I thought I’d provide the service of listing out all the parts and steps in one self-contained article. Again, the usual disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the success or failure of anyone else’s attempt to replicate the process below! This is especially true if you end up plugging something in the wrong way and bricking any pedals, or making the batteries explode, or burning your house down with a misplaced soldering iron, etc.

Components and Ratings

The housing is an 8 x AA cell holder with an on/off switch available from Adafruit in the US.1 The cells are Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries which I ordered from Amazon.

Rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals containing 8 x 1.2V Sanyo Eneloop AA cells
Click for a larger image.

Rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals with the cover on
Click for a larger image.

On/off switch for the rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals
Click for a larger image.

Something to note is that normal AA cells are 1.5V a piece, which would render this a 12V supply. However, the Eneloop cells are only 1.2V a piece, for a total of 9.6V. Though most effects are explicitly rated for 9V rather than 9.6V, supplies on the order of 10V are no problem for 9V guitar effects.

It’s also worth noting that this supply will provide ~2k mA, which is way more than enough for most pedals. The mA rating is published in the manual for most pedals, with fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedals drawing very little current, and modulation and delay pedals drawing significantly more, but only on the order of the low hundreds of milliamps, generally. So using the formula from the Street Musician battery calculation page, how long can I expect this supply to power my Boss TU-3 (30mA) and Micro Amp (guessing 10mA)2? Using Python as our calculator:

Bear in mind that most pedals won’t draw their full current, if any, when bypassed, and many current ratings are overcompensated to represent the peak draw, rather than the average. Also, as the Street Musician page goes on to illustrate, there are other factors affecting battery life, but given the relatively low-power requirements of guitar effects, the high-level calculation above likely does well enough. So 50 hours may be considered a lower bound, more or less. That’s many a blues jam right there!

For kicks, let’s throw on a couple of digital pedals drawing 300mA a piece (like the TC Electronic Nova Modulator and Nova Delay):

Plenty to get through a single blues jam or other typical gig. But there’s not too much need for modulation and delay in a blues jam, for me, anyway.

If you’re intrigued to learn more about pedal current draw and related issues, check out the “Current Draw on pedals??” thread on the Seymour Duncan forum.

Flip It For Real

Now if all there was to this project was ordering a case and batteries and plugging ’em in, that’d make life easy—and boring. Turns out this housing, as with most battery housings, is wired such that the DC plug is center-positive—and most guitar pedals require center-negative power supplies.3 So before we can actually move forward with using this battery pack, we need to rewire the contacts in the opposite order.

But don’t take my word for it; first use a multimeter to determine the polarity of the DC plug with the batteries installed in the pack. A picture of such a measurement confirming the end result is below, but the rule is, if the voltage reading is positive, the red/positive meter probe is touching the positive contact; otherwise it’s touching the negative contact. And when you first do this to this particular plug, you should confirm that the center of the plug is indeed positive.

Now on to the show! Though you should take utmost care with every step, the process is super-easy. Carefully pop off the strip covering the switch and wire contact with a small screwdriver. Then, just as carefully, use needle-nose pliers to pull out the battery contact connected to the power cable, as well the on/off switch.

Rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals with the strip covering the switch and wire contact removed
Click for a larger image.

Battery contact for the rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals
Click for a larger image.

Switch for the rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals
Click for a larger image.

Use your soldering iron and desoldering braid to free the wire from the existing contacts, and rewire each half of the wire back to the other piece. Fastest, easiest resoldering job ever! Now recheck the polarity of the finished product:

Checking the polarity of the rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals with a multimeter, showing that the DC plug is center-negative
When finished, you want to see a positive voltage when the red/positive probe is touching the outside of the plug and the black/negative probe is touching the inside. Click for a larger image.

The reading here is 10.65V, but bear in mind the batteries are brand new and fully-charged, and there’s no load attached to the power supply. Regardless, 10.65V poses no threat to any effect pedal.

Fire It Up!

The time has come! Plug in one of your pedals and confirm that it’s getting ample juice:

Successfully powering a Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner pedal using the rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals
Here I chose the TU-3, since it has lots of pretty blinkenlights fur das foto. Click for a larger image.

Of course, such a juicy supply would be wasted on a single pedal; you’ll want a daisy chain cable such as the Godlyke 5-point daisy chain, or the One Spot 8-point daisy chain.

Rechargeable 9V power supply for guitar pedals with a Godlyke 5-point daisy chain cable attached
Our power supply with a Godlyke 5-point daisy chain cable attached. Click for a larger image.

I find the 5-point Godlyke daisy chain is perfect for my Pedaltrain Nano, on which I can fit about four pedals, with my FrakenBaby wah pedal on the side.


Aside from being mindful of the total current draw and expected battery life, the number one thing to watch out for is this:

Don’t power center-positive pedals with this—unless you use a reverse polarity adapter!

That means most of your Germanium-based fuzz pedals are right out, unless you use the adapter. Otherwise, none of the pedals will power, and you could do some damage to some of them, especially the center-positive ones.

You may have noticed that, well, yes, you could probably get the adapter and plug that into the battery pack’s cable to reverse the polarity rather than bothering with soldering in the first place, but where’s the fun in that?

A related caveat:

Don’t power positive-ground pedals with this—unless your pedals are all positive-ground (which is very unlikely)!

I was reminded of this when I tried to power my Foxrox CC Hybrid Fuzz using the daisy chain. As stated in the CC Hybrid manual, you can use power supplies with isolated outputs such as Voodoo Lab power supplies (which I use on my Pedaltrain PT-2), or the T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr. (which I use in my Pedaltrain Mini and Nano), and it’ll play just fine with all your other pedals hooked up to the same unit, without the need for any adapters. But daisy chains are right out.

Now, the battery pack will power the CC Hybrid by itself just fine. No, I don’t understand all the reasons why just yet. But daisy chaining it along with the rest of my pedals left them all powerless. Fortunately, none of them appear to have cooked themselves silly; won’t be making that mistake again!


So how much did the whole package cost? $5.95 for the battery holder + $4.04 shipping, $18.32 x 2 for the Eneloop batteries with chargers, and $7.50 for the Godlyke daisy chain (the batteries and daisy chain meeting the Amazon free shipping minimum). So in total: $54.13. Much less than the existing Sanyo Pedal Juice, and possibly less than the upcoming Pedaltrain Volto. If you don’t yet have a multimeter, soldering iron, and other tools and supplies, there’s a little more up-front investment for those things. But if you plan to keep hacking, those costs are amortized across however many projects you care to undertake, of course.

You should now have in your possession a handy, powerful, portable, rechargeable 9V power supply to carry with you on small—hell, maybe even large—gigs, without being encumbered by either a horde of individual 9V batteries or the need to scurry about and discover AC power and route a power cable to the wall. Ground loop hum will be a non-issue. When it comes time to tear down and avoid keeping the power engaged, you won’t need to deal with unplugging the daisy chain or the plugs from the effect input jacks, either—just flick the on/off switch. Just don’t forget to use the multimeter periodically to check the charge, or for extra credit, find a way to wire in a LED voltage meter to keep an eye on the charge at all times.

So hope all that’s proved fun and useful. Now pack up your new power supply, your favorite pedals, go forth, and rock!

Copyright 2013Mike Bland.

Except as noted, by Mike Bland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://mike-bland.com/policies.html.

Sours: https://mike-bland.com/2013/01/11/rechargeable-9v-power-supply.html

Supply power portable 9v

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minaj later went live on her instagram on wednesday to defend her position, saying "do y'all think i would go on the internet and lie about being invited to the f---  white house?" 

minaj and her team did not respond to insider's request to comment about her claims she was asked to the white house.

celebrities like minaj often wield a lot of power on the internet because of their large fanbase. minaj's dedicated fanbase, also known as "barbz," often comes to her defense when she is openly criticized by the public. in 2018, a critic who posted a tweet about minaj's artistic direction received harassment from barbz online. when the critic later posted about the harassment, it only made minaj's fans more upset and further incited hateful messages, insider reported.

dr. anthony fauci, the country's top infectious disease expert, responded to minaj's claims on cnbc, warning the artist that she needs to "think twice" about what she posts about covid-19 because of her large platform even if her tweets were "innocent."

Sours: https://www.babyliveadvice.com/JOYO-Jmp01-Portable-Rechargeable-Guitar-Effects-Pedal-Power-Supply-9v-DC-1830094.html
Voltage booster SX1308 -- Portable Mini Power Supply


Power your pedals without the restrictions on a mains power source.  Ideal for buskers !  No more mains buzzing and noise!


•Battery type: Rechargeable lithium polymer.

•Cycle life:500 changes

•Working temperature: - 10℃ to 50℃

•Storage Temperature: - 20℃ to 60℃

•Rated input:charger input

•The Rated input/charger input:(100-240V/50-60Hz)
•The charger output:DC(5V,4000mA)

Output power as follows

•Insert the charger: Multiplex rated output DC(9V,100mA)

•Insert the charger: the single eighth rated output DC(9V500mA)

•Without the charge: Multiplex rated output DC(8.9~9.1V,100mA)

•Without the charge: the single eighth rated output DC(8.9~9.1V,500mA)

•Battery Operating Time:16 hours

•The biggest ripple output power: 100mV.

•Capacity: 8000mAh(26Wh)

•Charging time:4hours

With eight isolated outputs, can power eight 9V pedals simultaneously -
7 X @ 100mA, 1 X @  500mA.
With built-in rechargeable battery, up to 8000mAh capacity.
Compact and portable design, easy to carry along.
Rugged steel casing,durable and sturdy.
Comes with an adapter and six connecting cables.
Easy operation, no need of complicated installation.

Power adapter: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Capacity: 8000mAh
Charging time: 5 hours
Working time: 16 hours (After getting a full charge)
Product size: 15 * 5 * 3.5cm / 5.9 * 2 * 1.4in
Product weight: 303g / 10.7oz
Package size: 16.5 * 15.5 * 6cm / 6.5 * 6.1 * 2.4in
Package weight: 756g / 1.67Lb
Package Contents:

1 * Power Supply
1 * Power Adapter (US plug)
8 * DC Power Cables
1 * Reversal Cable
1 * User Manual(English & Chinese)

1* Warranty Card

Sours: https://reverb.com/item/347763-caline-cp-06-portable-rechargeable-9v-power-supply-4-effects-stomp-pedals-free-shipping

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