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Orange County Islamic Foundation

Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return” – The Holy Quran 2:155-156

Orange County Muslim Burial Contact List:

  1. Pre-burial Washing facilities available on-site at Garden Grove Masjid, 9752 W. 13th St, Garden Grove, CA 92844; Tel (714) 531-1722.  A digital pre-burial washing demo is available at (Click on Islamic flashes, click on Educational flashes, go to and click on “washing and shrouding the deceased”)

  2. For 24 Hour Burial Services, please call Br. Goulad Farrah, Funeral Director at ISOC Mortuary at Tel (714) 531-5400 or Cell (562) 843-6797.  Please note that Cost of burial is est. $4,000.

  3. To Register Death & Obtain Certificate, please contact OC Clerk-Recorder’s office located at Laguna Hills Civic Center, 24031 El Toro Rd., Ste 150, Laguna Hills, CA 92653; Hours 9:00am – 4:00pm Mon-Fri; Tel (714) 834-2500; Website

  4. For Funeral Prayers & Grievance Couseling, call OCIF at 949-595-0480 or visit the Administration Office on 23581 Madero Drive, Suite 101, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Ghusl & Kafan Materials to Purchase (Garden Grove Masjid can provide these to you):

  • White unstitched sheets (7ft x 7ft): 3 for males, 5 for females

  • Warm water, soap and camphor sidr/attar

  • Washcloths and towels

  • Hygienic material: mask, gloves, disposable gowns, etc

  • Cardboard box to place the body in after Ghusl

Funeral Assistance Program

If you lost a loved one to COVID-19, FEMA Funeral Assistance Program will begin to implement COVID-19 funeral assistance

in April 2021.

In the meantime, people who have COVID-19 funeral expenses are encouraged to keep and gather documentation.

Click here for more information and how to apply:


Prayer Times Today in Garden Grove(CA), California United States are Fajar Prayer Time 05:47 AM, Dhuhur Prayer Time 12:39 PM, Asr Prayer Time 03:54 PM, Maghrib Prayer Time 06:23 PM & Isha Prayer Time 07:31 PM. Get the most accurate Garden Grove (CA)Azan and Namaz times with both; weekly Salat timings and monthly Salah timetable.

Offering daily prayer (Salat) is one of the most vital and essential duties that have to be performed as well as fulfilled by all Muslims worldwide. All your problems are going to be solved when you offer your prayers at the right salat time and Allah’s (SWT) blessings will always be on you. 

You can print the Islamic Calendar 2021 and namaz timetable of prayer times in Garden Grove(CA) for the whole year. The Prayer Timings schedule is updated automatically, so you can always find the most authentic and accurate prayer timings and Ramadan Calendar 2021 for the month of Ramadan 2021. You can also download the Athan App for prayer timings to view all namaz times anywhere, anytime. The Athan app also gives you a chance to log your PrayerBook and notifies you to view your prayer history with ease all the time.

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Islamic Center of Garden Grove

Thursday, September 30, 202105:3806:4612:4216:0418:3719:45Friday, October 1, 202105:3806:4712:4116:0318:3619:44Saturday, October 2, 202105:3906:4712:4116:0218:3419:43Sunday, October 3, 202105:4006:4812:4116:0118:3319:41Monday, October 4, 202105:4006:4912:4016:0118:3219:40Tuesday, October 5, 202105:4106:4912:4016:0018:3019:39Wednesday, October 6, 202105:4206:5012:4015:5918:2919:37Thursday, October 7, 202105:4306:5112:4015:5818:2819:36Friday, October 8, 202105:4306:5212:3915:5718:2619:35Saturday, October 9, 202105:4406:5212:3915:5618:2519:33Sunday, October 10, 202105:4506:5312:3915:5518:2419:32Monday, October 11, 202105:4606:5412:3815:5418:2219:31Tuesday, October 12, 202105:4606:5512:3815:5318:2119:30Wednesday, October 13, 202105:4706:5612:3815:5218:2019:28Thursday, October 14, 202105:4806:5612:3815:5118:1919:27Friday, October 15, 202105:4906:5712:3815:5018:1719:26Saturday, October 16, 202105:4906:5812:3715:4918:1619:25Sunday, October 17, 202105:5006:5912:3715:4918:1519:24Monday, October 18, 202105:5106:5912:3715:4818:1419:23Tuesday, October 19, 202105:5107:0012:3715:4718:1319:21Wednesday, October 20, 202105:5207:0112:3715:4618:1219:20Thursday, October 21, 202105:5307:0212:3615:4518:1019:19Friday, October 22, 202105:5407:0312:3615:4418:0919:18Saturday, October 23, 202105:5507:0412:3615:4318:0819:17Sunday, October 24, 202105:5507:0412:3615:4318:0719:16Monday, October 25, 202105:5607:0512:3615:4218:0619:15Tuesday, October 26, 202105:5707:0612:3615:4118:0519:14Wednesday, October 27, 202105:5807:0712:3615:4018:0419:13Thursday, October 28, 202105:5807:0812:3615:3918:0319:12Friday, October 29, 202105:5907:0912:3615:3918:0219:12Saturday, October 30, 202106:0007:1012:3615:3818:0119:11
Sours: //

Muslims will be bowing their heads in prayer tomorrow morning all across Orange County, joining global celebrations of Eid al-Adha – one of the holiest times of the year in the Islamic faith.

What Does Eid al-Adha Commemorate?

Eid al-Adha is one of the most holy times in the Islamic calendar, commemorating the Muslim prophet Ibrahim’s obedience to God.

Muslims believe God tested Ibrahim’s devotion by commanding Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael. As Ibrahim was about to do so, God provided a ram for him to sacrifice instead.

During this time, many Muslims will have an animal, usually a lamb, slaughtered by a butcher, and will distribute meat to those in need.

There are two Eids, or festivals, that Muslims celebrate: Eid al-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha celebrated on the third day of Hajj, the annual time for the holy pilgrimage to Mecca. 

Like fasting during the month of Ramadan, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam. All Muslims who are able to do so must make the pilgrimage at least once in their lifetimes.

“We, as a faith, try to base our moments of celebration around moments in worship,” said Azeem Syed, chair of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, an umbrella organization of mosques and Muslim organizations that operate in the region.

Syed said the number of Muslims in Southern California who make the pilgrimage varies between hundreds to thousands of people every year.

Last year, Hajj was limited to people already in Saudi Arabia due to the coronavirus. This year the pilgrimage has been limited to 60,000 vaccinated Saudi residents because of the pandemic, according to Al Jazeera.

Sacrifice – The Lesson of Eid al-Adha and COVID-19

Eid al-Adha translates to the “festival of sacrifice” and lasts three days. It commemorates the obedience of the prophet Ibrahim, who Muslims believe was willing to sacrifice his son, Ismael, for the sake of God. 

Before the prophet did so, God replaced Ismael with a ram.

Syed said the lessons Muslims can take from Ibrahim’s story are threefold: sacrifice, sincerity towards God and solidarity. 

These lessons, he said, can also be learned from the pandemic.

Owaiz Dadabhoy, president of the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda, said that during the last year and a half, Muslims have lost time together, making a sacrifice in order to quell the spread of the virus.

“We’re understanding the value of it much more,” he said about spending time together. “We’re getting back the very same thing that we had before but it feels that much sweeter because we know what loss looks like now.”

Like other Muslims in the county, Sean-Habib Tu, president of the Islamic Center of Santa Ana, also noted the small sacrifice of isolation this past year and a half for the common good.

“The thing that we can learn from it is that we revert from the essence of community back to the family rejuvenation,” he said. “We sacrificed going to the mosque, but at the same time we gained by praying together in the family circles.”

He also said the lesson of Eid al-Adha is also one of sacrifice.

“Our prophet Ibrahim – he is willing to sacrifice his son. That is the ultimate sacrifice,” Tu said. “If we can sacrifice a little bit of time helping out each other, that will really, really ease the burden from everyone around us. That’s the most important thing for me to take in.”

Amina Sen-Matthew, who is part of a volunteer women’s group at the mosque, agreed.

“That kind of reminds you sometimes you have to make sacrifices and those sacrifices can bring good and betterment to the community,” she said.

Orange County Mosques Prepare For Morning Eid Prayers

Like Eid al-Fitr, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha with morning prayers at the mosque and sharing space together as a community. 

 “For Muslims, any day of celebrations starts off with prayer,” Dadabhoy said.

Eid prayers will kick off Tuesday, July 20 and will once again be held in person after being disrupted last year because of the pandemic. Some places will do multiple rounds of prayer, while others will hold only one prayer.

But this year still won’t be like Eid prior to the coronavirus. Those who go for prayer will have to wear masks and some prayers will be held outside. Some Muslims are still hesitant to congregate.

The Islamic Center of Yorba Linda will be holding its Eid al-Adha prayer at Nathan Shapell Stadium at Yorba Linda High School. Those who attend are encouraged to bring their own prayer rugs.

Because of the pandemic, the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda did not hold Eid al-Adha prayers last year.

On July 23, a carnival will be held with food vendors, a photo booth, face painting and other activities at the mosque from 4-8 p.m.

Garden Grove’s Islamic Society of Orange County, one of the largest mosques in Southern California, will be holding two rounds of Eid prayer tomorrow.

The mosque will then hold a carnival on Friday, July 23 from 5-9 p.m. and ticket information can be found online.

The Islamic Center of Irvine will be holding its two rounds of Eid prayers at the Great Park in Irvine.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Center of Fullerton will be holding its prayer at St. Philip Benizi Church. During Eid al-Fitr, the church also allowed the mosque to pray at its campus in the parking lot.

“Our mosque is very small so we don’t have enough room to accommodate a lot of people in there,” said Mohammad Raghib, president of the center. “I reached out again to (Father Dennis Kriz)  and he again opened up his door and he said, ‘if you guys ever have a problem accommodating your prayers, you’re most welcome to come over here.”

Raghib said they’re asking attendees to bring their own prayer mats, not to embrace people physically and wear their masks.

Fullerton’s Islamic Center will also be holding an Eid potluck style picnic at Craig Regional Park on July 24 from 11 a.m to 4 p.m.

In Santa Ana, Eid prayers will be held at the local Islamic Center started by the Cham community with those praying inside having to wear masks, while for those praying outside wearing a mask is optional.

Tu said the Cham community in the area usually get together for Eid al-Adha, but because of the pandemic, it couldn’t last year.

“When you couldn’t get together for the community prayer, it changes the whole dynamic of Eid because for me Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr (are) about that communal prayer to celebrate together,” Sen-Matthews said.

Celebrating Eid is more than just morning prayers and a good meal. Kids receive gifts and get money. But it is also about sharing space as a community and spending time together, which people couldn’t do last year.

On July 25, the mosque will be holding a community potluck style picnic at Irvine Park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

“Kids are looking forward to celebrating Eid. The toys bring excitement. We’re going to have toys and we’re going to have games and we’re going to have food and socialize,” Tu said.

Uplift Charity’s Meat Distributions

Uplift Charity, a Muslim nonprofit, usually hosts an Eid al-Adha carnival offering free food and toys, games, henna tattoos and a petting zoo, as well as free health screenings and dental hygiene classes.

Last year, the charity held a drive-through carnival instead because of the pandemic. This year no carnival will take place, and instead the charity will distribute toys and food at Al-Ansar mosque in Anaheim.

Along with the carnival, the nonprofit also distributes meat for people in need. 

Part of Eid traditions is for those able to donate money for an animal to be butchered so families who typically cannot afford to eat meat get a chance to have meat as part of their celebrations.

“Some of them donate the entire animal,” said Ahmed Almukhtar, Uplift Charity’s director of operations. “Some will pay so a third goes to their family, a third for their neighbors and ties and a third to be distributed to people less fortunate than themselves.”

Almukhtar said the nonprofit plans to donate 5,000 pounds worth of meat to applicants and have prepared freezers at its offices for the task. The group distributes the meat as it receives it.

It’s not just for Eid. Uplift Charity also distributes the meat of two to four lambs on a monthly basis.

Where to Attend OC Eid al-Adha Prayers and Festivities

Both takbeerat and prayer times are listed. Takbeerat is a declaration that “God is great,” recited out loud numerous times as a group before the Eid prayer. It is one of the biggest traditional practices of Eid al-Adha.

Islamic Center of Fullerton

Prayers on July 20
Where: St. Philip Benizi Church, 235 S Pine Drive, Fullerton
Takbeerat: 7:15 a.m.
Prayers: 7:30 a.m.

Eid Potluck on July 24
Where: Craig Regional Park, 3300 N State College Blvd, Fullerton
When: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Islamic Center of Irvine

Prayers on July 20
Where: OC Great Park, 8000 Great Park Blvd., Irvine
Takbeerat: 7:00 a.m and 8:30 a.m.
Prayers: 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Islamic Center of Santa Ana

Prayers on July 20
Where: 1610 E First St., Santa Ana
Takbeerat: 7:30 a.m.
Prayers: 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Eid Potluck on July 25
Where: Irvine Regional Park, 1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange
When: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Islamic Center of Yorba Linda

Prayers on July 20
Where: Nathan Shapell Stadium at Yorba Linda High School, 19900 Bastanchury Road, Yorba Linda
Takbeerat: 7:00 a.m.
Prayers: 7:30 a.m.

Eid Carnival on July 23
Where: Islamic Center of Yorba Linda, 4382 Eureka Ave, Yorba Linda
When: 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Islamic Society of Orange County

Prayers on July 20
Where: 1 Al-Rahman Plaza, Garden Grove
Takbeerat: 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
Prayers: 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Eid Carnival on July 23
Where: 1 Al-Rahman Plaza, Garden Grove
When: 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Orange County Islamic Foundation

Prayers on July 20, pre-registration required
Where: 23581 Madero Mission Viejo
Takbeerat: 6:15 a.m., 7:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.
Prayers: 6:30 a.m., 7:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Hosam Elattar is a Voice of OC Reporting Fellow. Contact him [email protected] or on Twitter @ElattarHosam.



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Updated July 2020

This is a list of Jamatkhanas and Masjids in Southern California. We created this list to help you plan your wedding weekend and to help you find wedding officiants. 

Note: ShaadiShop has no affiliation with any of these organizations. This list is provided as a convenience since South Asian weddings are often accompanied by religious ceremonies. Please let us know if we’re missing any organizations and if you found this helpful!

{Masjids and Jamatkhanas Southern California}

Listed in alphabetical order. To see by region, scroll down.

Afghan Community Islamic Center (San Diego)
Al Noor Foundation (Westminster)
Darul Falah Islamic Center (Tustin)
Jafaria Islamic Society (Anaheim)
Islamic Center of Anaheim (Anaheim)
Islamic Center of Irvine (Irvine)
Islamic Center of North County(Poway)
Islamic Center of Santa Ana (Santa Ana)
Islamic Center of Yorba Linda (Yorba Linda)
Islamic Circle of North America (Corona)
Islamic Society of Corona (Corona)
Islamic Society of Orange County(Garden Grove)
Islamic Institute of Orange County (Anaheim)
Islamic Center of San Diego (San Diego)
Islamic Community of San Diego (San Diego)
Islamic Education Center (San Diego)
Islamic Education Center of Orange County (Costa Mesa)
King Fahad Mosque, (Culver City)
La Mirada Masjid (La Mirada)
Masjid Al-Ansar (San Diego; (619) 282-4407)
Masjid Al Hedayah (Santa Ana)
Masjid Al Huda (San Diego)
Masjid Al-Rribat Al-Islami (San Diego)
Masjid An-Nur (San Diego)
Masjid As-Sunnah (San Diego)
Masjid Hamza (Mira Mesa)
Masjidul Taqwa (San Diego)
Muslim American Society San Diego Chapter(San Diego)
Muslim Community Center of Greater San Diego (San Diego)
Orange County Islamic Foundation (Mission Viejo)
West Coast Islamic Society (Anaheim)

{Masjids Orange County, California}

North Orange County

Al Noor Foundation (Westminster)
Jafaria Islamic Society (Anaheim)
Islamic Center of Anaheim (Anaheim)
Islamic Center of Yorba Linda (Yorba Linda)
Islamic Society of Orange County (Garden Grove)
Islamic Institute of Orange County (Anaheim)
La Mirada Masjid (La Mirada)
West Coast Islamic Society (Anaheim)

Central and South Orange County

Darul Falah Islamic Center (Tustin)
Islamic Center of Irvine (Irvine)
Islamic Education Center of Orange County (Costa Mesa)
Masjid Al Hedayah (Santa Ana)
Orange County Islamic Foundation (Mission Viejo)

{Masjids San Diego County}

Afghan Community Islamic Center (San Diego)
Islamic Center of North County (Poway)
Islamic Center of San Diego (San Diego)
Islamic Community of San Diego (San Diego)
Islamic Education Center (San Diego)
Masjid Al-Ansar (San Diego; (619) 282-4407)
Masjid Al Huda (San Diego)
Masjid Al-Rribat Al-Islami (San Diego)
Masjid An-Nur (San Diego)
Masjid As-Sunnah (San Diego)
Masjid Hamza (Mira Mesa)
Masjidul Taqwa (San Diego)
Muslim American Society San Diego Chapter (San Diego)
Muslim Community Center of Greater San Diego (San Diego)

{Jamatkhanas Southern California}

Aga Khan Jamatkhana (San Diego, CA; (858) 271-9868)
Jamatkhana Irvine: 17965 Sky Park Circle, Irvine, CA 92614
Jamatkhana Northridge: 18919 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91324; (818) 349-3189
Jamatkhana  Santa Monica: 3350 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405; (310) 399-6660
Jamatkhana Torrance: 3625 Del Amo Bl, Torrance, CA 90500; (310) 214-7273


This is a list of Jamatkhanas and Masjids in Southern California. We published this to help couples plan their Indian wedding weekend, often which revolve around religious ceremonies. And we hope this list helps direct you to finding a wedding officiant.

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Masjid Addresses in the United States

The following directory contains Masjids and Islamic Centers in the United States, believed to be orginally compiled by ISNA, and since has been extensively updated by MSA of the USA and Canada. (Note that the contact info for over 600 masajid were updated in first nine months of 1996, alhamdulillah). The Directory has been prepared in alphabetical order according to state, and in order of zip codes. This directory is about 7000 lines long and 138000 characters. Just Islamic Organizations based in the U.S., are listed here. The values (2/94) to the right on the first line indicate last update time in (month/year). Information in []'s indicates outdated information, check if irrelevant.

Updates/corrections/additions to this list can be sent to [email protected] or by using this Submission FORM.

This directory is now searchable with the Resources Search Engine.

To determine the prayer times for any of the locations below, use the Prayer Times Scheduler (mirror site).

Copyright: © MSA of the USA and Canada, 1996-1998. Unauthorized copying, except for personal use only, is not permitted.


  • US East Zone: including the states of Alabama, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hamphire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • US Central Zone: including the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, MississippiMissouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South DakotaTennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.
  • US West Zone: including the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Also some Tourist Destinations:Bermuda, The Virgin Islands, and The West Indies.


 --- EAST ZONE --


 --- Massachusetts --- East Zone --

   Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts Masjid                      (12/95)        ?????377 Amostown Rd.        West Springfield, MA        01105        Phone: 413-788-7546 (Dr. Mohammad Ali Hazratji)        Notes: Postal Address: P.O.Box 784, Holyoke, MA 01040        Notes: Out of date?Islamic Center of West Massachusetts        ?????57 Chaplin Terrace        Springfield, MA        01107                          Phone:         Notes: Moved?Masjid At-Tawhid                                              (9/96)        111 Oak St        Springfield, MA         01109        Phone:Masjid Al-Baqi                                               (9/96)        495 Union St        Springfield, MA         01109        Phone: (413) 732-9288Islam Society of Greater Worchester        57 Laurel St        Worchester, MA        01604        Phone: 508-842-8242        Phone: 508-752-3437    Islamic Center of Boston        126 Boston Post Rd        Wayland, MA        01778        Phone: 508-358-5885            Selimiye Jamii (Masjid)                                              (10/96)        105 Oakland Ave        Methuen, MA         01844        Phone:Islamic Center of New England                                (9/96)        74 Chase Drive        Sharon, MA         02067        Phone: 617-784-0434Masjid AlHamidulillah                                        (10/96)        724 Shawmut Ave        Boston, MA        02119                          Phone: 617-442-2805        Phone: 617-562-1433Masjid Al-Noor                                               (10/96)        28 Circuit St        Boston, MA         02119        Phone: 617-427-1542Masjid Al-Quran                                              (11/96)        35 Intevale St        Boston, MA        02121        Phone: 617-445-8070    The Islamic Multi Service Organization                               (10/96)        7 Long Ave        Allston, MA         02134        Phone: 617-562-1433Islamic Society Of Boston                                    (7/96)        204 Prospect St        Cambridge, MA         02139        Phone: 617-876-3546        Phone: 617-776-5769        Fax: 617-576-6268        Email: [email protected] (Sameh Ahmed)        Notes: Postal Address: P.O.Box 131, Cambridge, MA 02142        Notes: Different activities in ISB include, daily 5 prayers, Friday         Notes: prayer, Daily Iftar in Ramadan, Organizing Eid Prayers,         Notes: Weekend Islamic School (Al-Bashaar), Muslim News (Weekly         Notes: news letter), Friday night lesson, Differnt halaqas and        Notes: lessons through the whole week for Arabic/English speakers         Notes: on Fiqh, Sierah, Tajweed, islamic manners and so on.        Notes: There is also a bookshop on premises. ISB relief committee         Notes: also collects Zakah and spend it on the needy Muslims locally         Notes: and abroad. Inshaa Allah The Full time Islamic school will         Notes: start on 1996/1997 school year.  ISB is affiliated with ISNA,         Notes: MAYA and ICNE (The Islamic Council of New England).        Notes: Imam's address: 142 Prospect St.Muslim Prayer Room                                           (10/96)        MIT, Religious Activities Center, Building W11, Room W11-110, 40 Massachusetts Ave        Cambridge, MA         02139        Phone: (617) 258-9285Islamic Association of Massachusetts (I.A.M.)                (12/95)        P.O. Box 535        Everett, MA        02149        Phone: 617-381 6666/ 617-381 9555        Fax: 617-381 0002        Email: [email protected] (Imam Sheikh Ahmad)        Notes: Physical Address: 536-538 Broadway Ave (Route99)        Notes: The Building is under remodeling. Friday Prayer starts        Notes: at 1:00 P.M.Islamic Center of New England                                (3/96)        470 South Street        Quincy, MA         02169        Phone: 617-479-8341        Phone: 617-784-0434        Fax: 617-471-9526        WWW URL: Islamic Society                                    (9/96)        131 Coolidge Ave #526,        Watertown, MA         02172        Phone: 617-581-3193Jamaa Masjid of Boston                                       (10/96)        1380 Soldiers Field Road        Boston, MA         02215        Phone: (617) 961-4563Mosque of New England                                        (9/96)        P.O.Box 222,        Seekonk, MA         02771        Phone: 508-336-9040Islamic Society of Greater Lowell                            (2/99)        131 Steadman Street         Chemsford, MA         ?????        Phone: 978-970-5552        Notes: From 495 North Take Exit 34. Bear right. At the first light         Notes: (Steadmen Street) make Left.  (There will be a Best Western         Notes: on your right).  Stay on Steadmen Street for about 1-2 miles.        Notes: After you pass a highway over pass you will the entrance to        Notes: 131 Steadmen Street.  

 --- Rhode Island --- East Zone --

   Masjid Al-Islam Inc.                                         (11/96)        40 Sayles Hill Road        North Smithfield, RI         02896        Phone: (401) 762-0107Masjid Muhammad        234 Pavillion Ave        Providence, RI        02907                                  Phone: Islamic Center of Rhode Island                               (11/96)        582 Cranston St        Providence, RI        02907        Phone: 401-274-3986        Fax: 401-621-7660  

 --- New Hampshire --- East Zone --

   Islamic Society of Merrimack Valley                          (9/96)        230 Main St        Salem, NH        03079        Phone: (603) 893-1112/ 898-4159        Phone: 603-898-6262                   Islamic Society of Greater Manchester                        (8/98)        PO BOX 1693        Manchester, NH         03103-1693        Phone:        Fax: (603) 666-0665Islamic Society of Seacoast Area (ISSA)                              (4/98)        P.O. 52        Durham, NH         03824        Phone: 603-868-5937        Fax: 603-749-2511 (Fax Machine not at ISSA Center)        Email: mailto:[email protected]        Notes: Fundraising to build the first masjid in New Hampshire.        Notes: Tax-Exempt donations to: Acct. # 211672722: 0929 002393,         Notes: First Savings of New Hampshire. Tax Exempt ID#: 02-0480727  

 --- Maine --- East Zone --

   Islamic Society of Portland, Maine                           (6/99)        P.O. Box 10294, 155 Bracket St.        Portland, ME        04104        Phone: The Islamic Center of Maine                                  (3/97)        P.O. Box 267        Orono, ME         04473        Phone: 207-942-1931        Fax: 207-942-0597        Email: [email protected] (Ibrahim H. Al-Khuwaiter)        Notes: Physical Address: 149 Park Street        Notes; The center is under construction.  

 --- Vermont --- East Zone --

   Islamic Society of Vermont Inc. (ISVI)                               (3/97)        P.O. Box 476        Essex Junction, VT         05453        Phone: (802) 388-3227, (802) 865-4525        Fax: (802) 388-9639        Email: [email protected] (Temporary)        URL:        Notes: Islamic Society of Vermont unites a community of Muslims        Notes: who live in central Vermont, and strives to collect donations         Notes: to build the first Masjid in the State of Vermont. If you         Notes: would like to help us, please send your tax exempt donations         Notes: to the above address. Plase, make your checks and money orders         Notes: payable to Islamic Society of Vermont.  Our Tax ID number         Notes: is 03-0346526. Thank you!  

 --- Connecticut --- East Zone --

   Daar-ul-Ehsaan                                               (9/96)        980 Hill St        Bristol, CT         06010        Phone: (203) 589-4512The Islamic Association of Greater Hartford                  (6/96)        1781 Wilbur Cross Highway        Berlin, CT         06037        Phone: (203) 829-6411        Phone: (203) 582-1002        Notes: Classes are on Sundays at 10:30 amIslamic Center of Connecticut/ Masjid Madina                 (7/99)        1 Madina Drive (68 White Rock Drive), P.O. Box 624        Windsor, CT        06095-0624        Phone: 860-728-9637 (Mohammed Haidra, Imam)        Phone: 860-249-0112        Notes: Madina Academy (Full time Islamic school k-8)        Email: [email protected]        URL: Muhammad                                              (9/96)        PO Box 20130, 155 Hungerford St        Hartford, CT        06120        Phone: 203-728-9637        Phone: 203-525-2236                           Notes: Was at 3284 Main StIslamic Center of New London                                 (4/04)        16 Fort St.        Groton, CT         06340        Phone: (860) 405-8006        Notes:         Email: [email protected]        URL: Community of Fairfield County (ICRC) Masjid (Jamia Karam)  (9/96)        57 Pepper St.        Monroe, CT        06468        Phone: 203-261-6222        Phone: 203-261-0392        Notes: Postal Address: P.O. Box 115, Monroe, CT 06468Masjid Muhammad - New Haven                                  (9/96)        64 Carmel St        New Haven, CT        06511        Phone: 203-562-0594            Masjid Al-Islam                                              (12/95)        624 George St.        New Haven, CT        06511        Phone: 203-777-8004 (Seraj Mohammed, Imam)Masjid Al-Islam        840 Dixwell Ave        Hamden, CT        06514        Phone: 203-772-0417            New Haven Islamic Center        2 Prudden St        West Haven, CT        06516        Phone: 203-933-5799        Phone: 203-933-4959    Bridgeport Islamic Society        PO Box 5171        Bridgeport, CT        06601                          Phone: Masjid Al-Aziz                                               (9/96)        PO Box 9041, 679 Fairfield Ave        Bridgeport, CT        06601                                  Phone: (203) 368-3766Masjid An-Noor                                               (11/96)        1300 Fairfield Ave.        Bridgeport, CT        06605        Phone: 203-579-2211        Notes: Postal Address: P.O.Box 1072, Bridgeport, CT 06601University of Bridgeport Masjid                                      (10/96)        P.O.Box 1106        Briidgeport, CT         06606        Phone: 203-576-4531Albanian American Muslim Community                           (9/96)        38 Raymond St        Waterbury, CT         06706        Phone: (203) 879-3680Albanian Community Center                                    (9/96)        21 Long Meadow Dr        Wolcott, CT         06716        Phone:United Muslim Masjid (Masjid Rahman)                         (10/96)        219 W. Main St.        Waterbury, CT        06722        Phone: 203-756-6365 (Br. Mahfuzul Amin)Islamic Society of Western Connecticut                               (3/96)        388 Main Street        Danbury, CT         06810        Phone: 203-744-1328Qadri Masjid                                                 (12/95)        4 Elton Court        Norwalk, CT        06851        Phone: 203-852-0847 (Mahmoud Ibne Isa. Hussain Qadri)Islamic Community of Fairfield County                        (7/94)        P.O. Box 106        Norwalk, CT        06852-0106        Phone: (203) 261-6222          Phone: Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed (Chairman) 866-5274    Islamic Community of Fairfield County        2 Tierney St        Norwalk, CT        06852        Phone: 203-866-5274        Phone: 203-866-5692Muslim Center        109 Tresser Blvd 3D        Stanford, CT        06902        Phone: 302-324-4105    Stamford Musallah (Jumah Only)                               (9/96)        77 Judy Lane        Stamford, CT         06906        Phone: 203-327-5878Farmington Masjid                                            (12/95)        UCONN Health Cntr.        Farmington, CT        ?????        Phone: 203-742-9464  

 --- New Jersey --- East Zone --

   Muslim Foundation Inc        22 Tomar Ct, PO Box 390        Bloomfield, NJ        07003        Phone: 201-338-7710        Phone: 201-338-7710Jami Masjid of Boonton                                       (7/96)        604 Birch St        Boonton, NJ         07005        Phone: 201-334-9334Islamic Center of East Orange at Masjid Ahlis Sunnah         (3/98)        215 North Oraton Parkway        East Orange, NJ        07017        Phone: 201-672-6690            Notes: At same address: Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah (973-672-4124),        Notes: and Maktabatu Ahlis Sunnah        Notes: Was at: 61 Lincoln St.Albanian American Muslim Society                             (7/96)        43 Monroe St        Garfield, NJ         07026        Phone: Masjid Al-Wadud                                              (7/96)        698 Bloomfield Ave        Monclair, NJ         07042        Phone: 201-678-3632Islamic Educational Center of North Hudson                   (7/96)        4613 Cottage Place Union City, P.O.Box 5548        N. Bergen, NJ         07047        Phone: 201-330-0066        Phone: 201-348-3909Masjid Mohammed - Orange                                     (7/96)        112 Park St        Orange, NJ        07050        Phone: 201-674-9882United Islamic Center        408 Knickerbocker St        Paterson, NJ        07051                  Phone: Masjid-ullah Muhammad                                        (7/96)        321 Grant Ave        Plainfield, NJ        07060                  Phone: 201-561-6797Muslim Community Masjid, Newark        PO Box 721        Lyndhurst, NJ        07071                  Phone: Muslim Community of New Jersey - Woodbridge                  (7/96)        P.O.Box 865        Woodbridge, NJ         07095        Phone: 908-634-8968Masjid Al-Haqq                                               (7/96)        685 Springfield Ave.        Newark, NJ         07101        Phone: (201) 621-9228        Phone: (201) 373-0344Islamic Cultural Center        PO Box 1064, 24 Branford Pl        Newark, NJ        07101        Phone: 201-748-8153        Phone: 201-623-2991Daar Al-Hadeeth        PO Box I 561        Newark, NJ        07102                  Phone: Irvington Islamic Center                                     (10/98)        656 Sandford Ave        Newark, NJ         07102        Phone: 973-373-3141Masjid Mohammad                                              (7/96)        257 S. Orange Ave        Newark, NJ        07103                  Phone: 201-623-3500        Phone: 201-623-4742Turkish Mosque of America                                    (7/96)        103 Elmwood Ave        Newark, NJ         07104        Phone: 201-482-6333Denullah Masjid Inc        69 Van Ness Pl        Newark, NJ        07108                  Phone: Baith Quraish        69 Custer Ave        Newark, NJ        07112                  Phone: Islamic Center Newark                                        (7/96)        210-216 Clinton Pl        Newark, NJ         07112        Phone: 201-824-3764Masjid Newark        I 324 Clinton Place        Newark, NJ        07112                  Phone: Newark Community Masjid (Masjid Bayt-ul-Khaliq)                      (7/96)        214 Chancellor Ave        Newark, NJ        07112                  Phone: 201-926-8927Masjid Al Hadi                                               (7/96)        9 Broad St        Elizabeth, NJ        07114           Phone: 908-351-7238Muslim American and Dawah Center                             (7/96)        P.O.Box 269        Elizabeth, NJ        ?????        Phone:An Juman-e-Islamia        146 Jewett Ave        Jersey City, NJ        07302                  Phone: Muslim Federation of New Jersey                                      (7/96)        2 Chopin Court        Jersey City, NJ        07302                  Phone: 201-433-0057Jamaat Ibad Er Rahman        26 Gifford Ave        Jersey City, NJ        07304                  Phone: Jersey City Mosque                                           (3/96)        539 Bergen Avenue        Jersey City, NJ        07304        Phone: 201-433-8304; (201) 435-1075Masjid Al-Iman                                               (7/96)        360 Woodward St, P.O.Box 3236        Jersey City, NJ         07304        Phone: 201-491-5575ElTaweed Center                                              (4/97)        984 West Side Avenue        Jersey City, NJ        07306        Phone: 2014321773        Fax: 2014329197        URL: Center of Jersey City        17 Park St        Jersey City, NJ        07306        Phone: 201-451-8030        Phone: 201-433-5000 Islamic Center of New Jersey        PO Box 6607        Jersey City, NJ        07306                  Phone: Masjid Al-Salaam                                             (7/96)        2824 Kennedy Blvd        Jersey City, NJ        07306                  Phone: Masjid As-Salaam/At-Tawheed Center                           (7/96)        984 West Side Ave        Jersey City, NJ         07306        Phone: 201-332-9588        Notes: Same as above?Masjid Muhammad                                              (7/96)        297 Martin Luther King Dr        Jersey City, NJ        07306                  Phone: (201) 435-6845        Phone: (201) 434-1939Masjid Al-Nas'r                                              (5/97)        383 Oldham Road        Wayne, NJ         07470        Phone:Turkish Muslim Mosque (The Muslim Mosque, Inc.)                      (7/96)        32 Chestnut St        Paterson, NJ        07501                  Phone: 201-345-1083Islamic Center of Passaic and Patterson                              (7/96)        245 Broadway        Paterson, NJ         07501        Phone: 201-279-4151Paterson Islamic Mission, Inc/ Masjid Al-Ferdous,            (10/98)        438 Union Ave        Paterson, NJ         07302        Phone: 973-389-7987United Islamic Center                                        (7/96)        408 Knickerbocker Ave        Paterson, NJ         07503        Phone: 201-345-6584        Phone: 201-278-3666American Muslim Association (New World Masjid)                       (7/96)        501 Getty Ave        Paterson, NJ         07503        Phone: 201-278-3666        Phone: 201-278-1939Islamic Educational Society of NJ        PO Box 1043        Paterson, NJ        07503        Phone: 201-239-9391Islamic Foundation (Masjid Jalalabad)                        (7/96)        61 Van Housten St        Paterson, NJ         07505        Phone: 201-279-6408Masjid An-Nur                                                (5/97)        18 Fair St        Paterson, NJ         07505        Phone: 201-357-0122Jamaet Ibad El-Rahman Mosque        272 N 8th St        Prospect Park, NJ        07508        Phone: 201-956-6969    Masjid MSA-Passaic Community College                         (7/96)        ?????        Prospect Park, NJ         07508        Phone: Karacay Turkish Mosque and Cultural Center                   (7/96)        92 Ballentine Dr        North Haledon, NJ         07508        Phone:Islamic Center of Passaic County                             (7/96)        152 Derrom Ave        P.O.Box 2697        Paterson, NJ         07509        Phone: 201-278-7070        Phone: 201-278-0102Masjid An-Nur Ahlus-Sunnah                                   (3/97)        18 Fair Street        Paterson, NJ        07524        Phone:        Fax: 201-357-0122Mosque Foundation                                            (9/96)        80 Grandview Ave        North Caldwell, NJ         07647        Phone:Masjid MSA-Bergen Community College                          (7/96)        75 Azalea St        Paramus, NJ         07652        Phone: Islamic Teaching Center        90 Cedar St        Ridgefield Park, NJ        07660                  Phone: Darul-Islam Masjid (Muslim Community of Bergen)                      (7/96)        320 Febry Terrace        Teaneck, NJ        07666                  Phone: 201-692-7730Admiral Family Circle Islamic Community                              (7/96)        509 Cedar Lane 2nd Floor        Teaneck, NJ         07666        Phone: ECI                                                          (3/96)        1465 Palisade Ave.        Teaneck, NJ        07666        Phone: 201-837-9765        Fax: 1-800-641-2ECI        Notes: A Muslim owned/operated Long Distance Telephone Company.Islamic Center of Fairleigh Dicks        1000 River Rd        Teaneck, NJ        07666        Phone: 201-836-6382    Islamic Center of Asbury Park                                (9/96)        209 Bond St, 401 Sewall Ave        Asbury Park, NJ        07712        Phone: 908-988-8406        Fax: 908-988-0081Islamic Society of Monmouth County/ Masjid Al-Amaan          (2/99)        P.O.Box 89, 496 Red Hill Road        Middletown, NJ         07748        Phone: 732-671-3321        Fax: 732-671-3321        Email: [email protected]        URL:        Notes: Provides Islamic and Arabic Education to the local community in         Notes: Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Web Site offers youth page,         Notes: sisters corner, hajj and ramadan pages.Oakhurst Masjid                                              (7/96)        1 Klein St        Oakhurst, NJ         07755        Phone: 908-531-8606International Institute of Islamic Research                  (4/94)        P.O. Box 1653        Burlington, NJ        08016        Phone: 609-387-5070 or 609-265-9370        Notes: Obtained off the Internet. Posted by [email protected] ul Islam        PO Box 1653        Burlington, NJ        08016                  Phone: Masjid Al-Mubeen                                             (7/96)        21 E. High St        Glasboro, NJ         08028        Phone: 609-881-5427Masjid Al-Muhajireen        Rt 2, Box 118, Cedar Ave        Hammonton, NJ        08037        Phone: 609-561-6759    Masjid Free Haven                                            (7/96)        280 Ashland Ave        Lawnside, NJ         08042        Phone: 609-546-2995Masjid Shahada                                               (7/96)        1504 Route 206,        Mount Holly, NJ         08060        Phone: 609-265-9370Quba School & Islamic Center                                 (11/95)        1311 Haddon Ave.        Camden, NJ         08103                Phone: 609-541-6782Admiral Family Community Center                                      (7/96)        1268 Park Blvd        Camden, NJ         08103        Phone: 609-541-0301Masjidun-Nur Islamic Learning Center                         (5/97)        1231 Mechanic St        Camden, NJ         08104        Phone: 609-365-2428        Phone: 609-365-1551Masjid Al-Haqq                                               (10/98)        3913 Marlton Pike        Pennsauken, NJ        08110        Phone:Masjid Muhammad        1071 S Cole Plaza        Atlantic City, NJ        08401        Phone: 609-347-0788    Masjid Muhammad        107 N Center St        Atlantic City, NJ        08401                  Phone: Masjid Muhammad of Al-Islam        500 Ward Ave        Bordentown, NJ        08505        Phone: 609-298-0500    Islamic Society of Central Jersey                            (5/97)        P.O.Box 2039        Princeton, NJ         08543        Phone: 908-329-8126        Phone: 908-329-8928        Fax: 908-329-1988        Notes: Physical Address: US Route 1 South (at Stouts Lane), South Brunswick, NJMasjidul Taqwa        1001 E State St        Trenton, NJ        08609        Phone: 609-541-3482Masjid An-Nur                                                (9/96)        311 Bellevue Ave        Trenton, NJ         08618        Phone:Masjid As-Saffat                                             (7/96)        25 Oxford St, 541 W. State St        Trenton, NJ         08618        Phone: 609-392-9141Masjid Ul-Jihad                                              (4/96)        10 Sanhican Drive        Trenton, NJ         08618        Phone:Islamic Center of South Jersey (ICSJ)                        (4/97)        612 Garfield Avenue        Palmyra, NJ        ?????        Phone: 609-786-7440 (Miftah-ul-Ain Khan;Ismail Badat;Zia-ur-rahman)Majid BILAL - Muslim Society of Jersey Shore, Inc.           (2/99)        1733 US Hiway # 9        Toms River, NJ         08753        Phone: (732) 286-0300        Fax: (732) 341-2028        Email: [email protected]        Notes: Daily Arabic Class ( After FAJR ) for non-Arabic speaking males.        Notes: Weekly Quran memoriazation (Fridays). Weekly Fiqh class (Halqa).        Notes: Monthly Lecture by invited prominent guest speaker (3rd Saturday        Notes: of the month, Please call to verfy the speaker's name).Islamic Society of Ocean County                                      (7/96)        P.O.Box 4684        Toms River, NJ         08754        Phone: 908-363-1940        Phone: 908-341-2028Muslim Center of Middlesex County (Masjid An-Noor)           (10/98)        1000 Hoes Lane        Piscataway, NJ          08854        Phone: 732-463-2004        Notes: Postal Address: PO Box 505, Piscataway, NJ 08855-9949        Notes: Used to be at: 142 School St, PO Box 306Council of Masajid        99 Woodview Dr        Old Bridge, NJ        08857        Phone: 908-679-8617    Islamic Society                                              (10/98)        ?????        Old Bridge, NJ         08857        Phone:Muslim Center of Somerset County                             (2/97)        P.O. Box 852         Somerville, NJ         08876-0852        Phone: (908)526-1837, (908)722-1940, (908)725-4544        Email: [email protected] (Zaheer Hussain)        Notes: Jumuah prayers are now held at Days Inn, Route 206 South,        Notes: Hillsborough. Efforts are being made to establish a formal        Notes: Masjid. A monthly religious lecture program is also held.Kafala Community Services                                    (1/97)        P.O. Box 1067        New Brunswick, NJ         08901        Phone: (908) 214-1547 mailbox # 4        Email: [email protected]        Notes: The organization presently develops and implements food         Notes: and clothing assistance programs; educational programs;         Notes: da'wa initiatives and community development and        Notes: revitalization activities (i.e. Community cleanups,         Notes: community garden development, housing rehab etc).Noor-ul-Islam                                                (9/96)        949 Patton St        New Brunswick, NJ         08902        Phone:New Brunswick Islamic Center (Masjid-ul Huda)                (9/96)        167 Remsen Ave, P.O.Box 481        New Brunswick, NJ         08903        Phone: 908-214-1547        Phone: 908-214-9810        Fax: 908-422-9781        Email: [email protected]  

 --- New York --- East Zone --

   International Community Center        145 W 27th St #6E        New York, NY        10001                  Phone: Masjid Manhattan                                             (11/96)        12 Washington Place        New York, NY         10003        Phone:Muslim World League                                          (11/96)        134 W. 26th st        New York, NY         10001        Phone: (212) 627-4033BMOC Muslim Society        199 Chambers St        New York, NY        10007                  Phone: Masjid Manhattan        12 Warren St, 2nd Fl        New York, NY        10007        Phone: 914-471-2978    Madina Masjid                                                (7/96)        401 E. 11th St        New York, NY         10009        Phone: 212-533-5060Masjid Al-Farah                                              (7/96)        245 W Broadway        New York, NY        10013                  Phone: 212-431-4882        Notes: Formerly at 155 Mercer St.Masjid Ar-Rahman                                             (7/96)        80 Madison Ave        New York, NY         10016        Phone: 212-868-6666Islamic Conference        130 E 40th St, 5th Fl        New York, NY        10016        Phone: 212-883-0140    International Islamic Community                                      (7/96)        Room# S-1767 U.N. Secretariat        New York, NY        10017                  Phone: Islamic Fellowship of Hunter Center                          (7/96)        695 Park Ave #121 N 320        New York, NY        10021                  Phone: 212-772-5083        Notes: Also the MSA - Hunter College (CUNY)Islamic Center of New York        ????1 Riverside Dr        New York, NY        10023                  Phone:         Notes: Moved?Masjid Malcolm Shabazz                                       (7/96)        102 W 116th St        New York, NY        10026                  Phone: 212-662-2200Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood                                (7/96)        130 W 113th St        New York, NY        10026                  Phone: 212-662-4100International Muslim Society        110 W 130 St        New York, NY        10027                  Phone: Alianza Islamica (for spanish speakers)                              (11/96)        1708 Lexington Ave        New York, NY        10029        Phone: 212-427-1142        Fax: (212) 427-0457Islamic Center (Jumah Only)                                  (8/96)        1 Riverside Dr        New York, NY         10029        Phone:         Notes: Postal Address: 1711 3rd AveThe Islamic Center of New York                               (9/96)        1711 3rd Ave        New York, NY         10029        Phone: Jihad Society        2130 1st Ave #812        New York, NY        10029                  Phone: Al Islam America        PO Box 362        New York, NY        10039                  Phone: Mostazafan Foundation of New York        500 5th Ave, 34th Fl        New York, NY        10110                  Phone: Islamic Society of Mid-Manhattan                             (8/96)        P.O.Box 1107 FDR Station        New York, NY         10150        Phone:Masjid Ar-Rahman                                             (9/96)        29 East 29th St. Apt. 1,        New York, NY         ?????        Phone: (212) 213-4430The Islamic Center - Green Point                             (11/96)        602 Leonard St        Green Point, NY         ?????        Phone: (718) 383-6344        Phone: (718) 383-3786Staten Island Islamic Masjid        117 Venduzer St        Staten Island, NY        10301                  Phone:         Notes: Out of date?Staten Island Masjid        230 Benzigen Ave        Staten Island, NY        10301                  Phone:         Notes: Out of date?Staten Island Islamic Masjid                                 (8/96)        100 Grand View Terrace        Staten Island, NY         10308        Phone: 718-984-6806Islamic Society of Staten Island                             (5/98)        P.O. Box 140276        Staten Island, NY         10314        Phone: 718-447-3914        Fax: 718-447-3914Muslim Majlis of Staten Island/ Masjid An-Noor                       (8/96)        104 Rhine Ave, PO Box 209        Staten Island, NY        10314        Phone: 718-442-6674        Phone: 718-816-8866    Jihad Society of New York        635 River Ave        Bronx, NY        10451                  Phone: Islamic Senior Citizen Club        936 Woodycrest Ave        Bronx, NY        10452        Phone: 212-585-1564Makky Jamme Masjid/ Islamic Federation of America            (8/96)        115 E. 168th St        Bronx, NY         10452        Phone: 212-681-5943        Phone: 212-538-6515Masjid Taqwa wa-Jihad                                        (8/96)        901 Anderson Ave.        Bronx, NY         10452        Phone: 718-538-2474Sunna wa Jamaat        2058 Ryer Ave        Bronx, NY        10452                  Phone: Baitus Salaam Jame Masjid Inc.,                                      (8/96)        2703 Decatour Ave        Bronx, NY         10458        Phone: 212-733-0991Baitul Aman Islamic Center                                   (6/96)        2351 New Bold Ave         Bronx, NY        10462        Phone: (718) 904-8828        Notes: At Belt Mavemeyer & Zerega Ave.        Notes: Classes are on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am to        Notes: 12:00 pm as well as everyday between Maghrib and Isha.Masjid Quba                                                  (8/96)        3520 Dekalb Ave #1F,        Bronx, NY         10467        Phone: 718-515-9071Parkchester Jame Masjid                                              (1/97)        1203 Virginia Ave        Bronx, NY        10472        Phone: 718-828-4194    Islamic Society of Westchester & Rockland        22 Brookefield Rd        Mt Vernon, NY        10552        Phone: 914-668-8786        Phone: 914-591-4969    Masjid Yusuf Shah                                            (8/96)        10 S. 2nd Ave        Mt. Vernon, NY         10552        Phone: 914-699-8677Sunnatullah Masjid                                           (9/96)        354 Hunter St        Ossining, NY        10562                          Phone: Masjid Tawheed                                               (8/96)        1000 Main St, P.O.Box 2561        Peekskill, NY         10566        Phone: 914-734-2304Islamic Cultural Center                                              (8/96)        10 Hutchinson Purchase St        Purchase, NY        10577                          Phone: 914-253-9400Islamic Science Foundation        PO Box 250        Purchase, NY        10580                          Phone: Westchester Medical Center Masjid                            (11/98)        Eastview Hall, Room 218, Grassland Road        Valhalla, NY         10595        Phone:         Email: [email protected]        Notes: The Masjid is on the premises of Westchester Medical Center in         Notes: Valhalla, New York, in Westchester County. 5 minutes from White         Notes: Plains. Jumaa prayers are held. Masjid is always open.Masjid Darul Ehsan                                              (5/98)        6 Suffern Place        Suffern, NY        10901        Phone: (914) 369-7330,3261,9707,8627        Fax: (914) 364-3264 or (718) 295-0636        Email: [email protected]        Notes: Masjid Darul Ehsan offers a wide Variety of Islamic programs:        Notes: 1. Full time and Part-time Hifz school        Notes: 2. Sunday school        Notes: 3. Juma Prayer        Notes: 4. Five time daily prayer lead by an Hafiz Sahib        Notes: 5. Monthly Newsletter        Notes: 6. Evening classes for learning recitation of Quran        Notes: 7. Monthly Ijtema(held on the last Saturday of every month.Masjidul Jihadul Akbar        PO Box 364        Middletown, NY        10940        Phone: 914-342-0663        Phone: 914-564-9536    Muslim Peace Fellowship        (Ansar as-Salam)                      (4/95)        PO Box 271, 521 North Broadway        Nyack, NY         10960        Phone: (914) 358-4601 Contact: Rabia Harris        Fax: (914) 358-3924        Email: [email protected]        Notes: Publish As-Salamu `Alaykum newsletter. Annual dues are $15.Islamic Center of Rockland                                   (8/98)        P.O.Box 562        Valley Cottage, NY         10989        Phone: 914-425-2099        Phone: 914-634-5617        Email: [email protected]        Notes: Physical Address: 81 Mountainview RdIslamic Congress Inc/ Islamic Centr of Astoria                       (8/96)        21-23 30th Dr        Astoria, NY        11102                          Phone: 718-699-5083Masjid Al-Birr                                               (3/96)        36-05 30 St        Astoria, NY        11102        Phone: 718-784-0336Masjid El-Eman                                               (5/99)        ?? Steinway St.        Astoria, NY        ?????        Phone: 718-626-6633Ghousia Jama Masjid                                          (8/96)        25-86 31st St        Astoria, NY         11102        Phone: 718-728-2601Shah Jalal Masjid/ Astoria Islamic Foundation                (8/96)        25-67 31st St        Astoria, NY         11102        Phone: 718-204-2337        Phone: 718-721-9127Islamic Cultural Center (Indonesian Muslim Community, Inc)   (11/97)        48-01 31st Avenue        Long Island City, NY         11103        Phone: 718-721-8881        Fax: 718-721-8851        Email: [email protected] Islamic Center, Inc./ Masjid Baitul Mukarram         (11/96)        21-27 27th St        Astoria, NY         11105        Phone: (718) 278-6677        Phone: (718) 204-7562Islamic Community Schools & Social Services        100 Smith St         Brooklyn, NY        11201                          Phone: Masjid Dawudi/ Islamic Mission of America                    (8/96)        143 State St        Brooklyn, NY        11201                          Phone: 718-875-6607Al-Kalima        191 Atlantic Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11201                          Phone: Masjid Nur Al-islam        3324 Church Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11203                          Phone: Islamic Center of Brooklyn                                   (8/98)        2015 64th Street        Brooklyn, NY        11204        Phone: 718- 331-2843        Fax: 718-777-8883        Email: [email protected] An-Nur                                                (8/96)        1071 New Lots Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11208                          Phone: 718-827-4879Masjid Ikhwa                                                 (8/96)        1135 Eastern Pkwy         Brooklyn, NY        11213                          Phone: 718-493-0461African Islamic Mission                                              (11/98)        1390 Bedford Avenue        Brooklyn, NY        11216        Phone: 718-638-4588        Fax: 718-789-2037        Email: [email protected]        URL: of Islam Inc        676 St Mark Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11216                          Phone: Majlis Ashura of NYC and Metro        1221 Atlantic Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11216        Phone: (718) 638-2169          Phone: Al-Amin Abdul LatifMasjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah                                  (8/96)        120 Madison St        Brooklyn, NY        11216           Phone: 718-783-1279        Phone: 718-636-1900Masjid Al-Muminin                                            (8/96)        1221 Atlantic Ave         Brooklyn, NY        11216           Phone: 718-789-0291Al-Masjid Al-Jamia                                           (11/96)        806 St. Johns Place        Brooklyn, NY        11216        Phone: (718) 875-6607Al Masjid Al Jaamina/ African Islamic Mission                (8/96)        1390 Bedford Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11216        Phone: 718-638-4607         Notes: Was located at 806 St Johns Pl.Masjid Al Taqwa                                              (11/96)        1266 Bedford Ave         Brooklyn, NY        11216        Phone: 718-622-0800        Fax: 718-857-8984        Notes: Imam: Br. Siraj WahajMasjid-e-Khalifa                                             (9/96)        1174 Bedford Ave        Brooklyn, NY        ?????        Phone:Al-Farouq Masjid                                             (8/96)        552-4 Atlantic Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11217        Phone: 718-488-8711        Phone: 718-797-0514        Phone: 718-624-8912Dar Al Quran Association        PO Box 330, Atlantic Ave Station        Brooklyn, NY        11217           Phone: Bangladesh Muslim Center                                     (8/96)        1013 Church Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11218        Phone: 718-282-9230Masjid Nur Al-Islam                                          (8/96)        21 Church Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11218        Phone: 718-435-3237Masjid of The Crimean Turks                                  (11/96)        4509 New Utrecht Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11219           Phone: Masjid Musab bin Umayr/ Islamic Society of Bay ridge        (11/96)        68-07 5 Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11220        Phone: 718-439-4992        Phone: 718-680-0121        Fax: 718-680-0121Masjid Fatih/ United American Muslim Association NY, Inc.,   (7/98)        59-11 8th Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11220        Phone: 718-438-6919        Fax: 718-438-5187        Email: [email protected]        URL: Allah Community         719 Bushwick Ave         Brooklyn, NY        11221           Phone: Islamic Hall of Knowledge         548 Hart St         Brooklyn, NY        11221           Phone: Universal Order of Love         544 Hart St         Brooklyn, NY        11221           Phone: Masjid Ar-Rahman (Greenpoint Islamic Center, Inc.)           (10/98)        68 Nassau Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11222        Phone: 718-383-6344Masjid As-Salaam                                             (11/96)        85 Nassau Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11222        Phone: (718) 383-1238Albanian American Islamic Community        1325 Albemarie Rd         Brooklyn, NY        11226           Phone: Makki Masjid/ Muslim Community Center                        (8/96)        1089 Coney Island Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11230        Phone: 718-859-4485Masjid Abu Bakr As-Siddiq                                    (8/96)        115 Foster Ave         Brooklyn, NY        11230           Phone: 718-833-0011Umar Masjid/ Islamic Center of Brighton Beach                (8/96)        230 Neptune Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11230        Phone: 718-648-0887Saut ul Islam        PO Box 167         Brooklyn, NY        11230           Phone: Masjid Ammar Ben Yaser                                       (8/96)        4315 8th Ave        Brooklyn, NY         11232        Phone: 718-972-8858Hadhramaut Community Development Corp         507 Ralph Ave        Brooklyn, NY        11233           Phone: Masjid Al-Muslimeen (Strictly Sunnah Bookstore)                      (10/98)        1928 Fulton Street (near Ralph Ave.)        Brooklyn, NY         11233        Phone: 718-771-1506        Fax: 718-771-1519        Notes: Masjid Al-Muslimeen's mission is to enrich the Ummah with our         Notes: Strictly Sunnah Bookstore.  That of which you may locate Qur'an         Notes: and Sunnah based books.  We also have an authentically unique         Notes: and wide ranged selection of audio tapes by well respected         Notes: Scholars of Salafi Dawah.  Most, only available at Strictly         Notes: Sunnah's Bookstore.Community Office Services        1171 Eastern Parkway        New York, NY        11234                  Phone: Hereafter People Inc         2185 Flatbush Ave         Brooklyn, NY        11234                  Phone: Masjid Alarqam                                               (11/96)        651 Banner Ave         Brooklyn, NY        11235        Phone: 718-646-0960    Masjid Al-Muslimeen                                          (10/96)        1928 Fulton St (near Ralph Ave)        Brooklyn, NY        ????        Phone: 718-771-1506Masjid Ar-Rahman                                             (11/96)        330 86th Street        Brooklyn, NY        ?????        Phone:Masjid Hazrat-i-Abu Bakr                                     (9/96)        141-49 33rd Ave        Flushing, NY         11354        Phone: 718-358-6905Masjid Jamal Uddin Afghani                                   (8/96)        149 Cherry Ave        Flushing, NY         11355        Phone: 718-463-8007Muslim Center of New York - Flushing                         (9/96)        137-58 Geranium Ave.        Flushing, NY        11355        Phone: 718-445-2642

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