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Whilst Among Us isn't exactly a new game, summer has seen the massive influx of players hoping onto this PC and mobile game, as the result of growing attention on it due to streamers on platforms like Twich.

The game is fun to play with a number of friends, or with strangers online (if you can see past the fact they accuse you of being 'sus' every time a body is found). For a free game, this multiplayer has a lot of playability - even after you rage quit for being killed in the first turn no less than eight times

Whether you're completing tasks or being the imposter, there is always something rather enjoyable about this 2-D Sherlock murder mystery.

While a sequel to the game has just been cancelled, it isn't too big a disappointment, as InnerSloth has promised instead to work upon the current iteration of the game, no doubt providing us with countless more hours of entertainment as colourful space station workers (and occasionally monsters disguised as space station workers).

But whilst we wait for the next game update, can you complete this Among Us quiz?

1. Which Room Would You Swipe A Card In?

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% Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You?

Among Us Quiz

This Among Us quiz reveals your role, skin, color, pet, and even hat based on your personality! Start the test to know which character suits you in the game.

The Among Us Quiz (Based on the Update)

Innersloth announced a new update that includes two new roles, several colors, cosmetic items, and a map. The Among Us quiz on this page include all the new features. So, you might match the Sheriff or Scientist role or have a banana color.

Is This an Among Us Color Quiz?

Yes and no. The test’s primary goal is to find the answer to, “Which Among Us character are you?” But it also provides you with information about color, pet, hat, and skin.

How Does the Test Work?

Among Us quiz analyzes your personality by giving you various tasks. You will be in an imaginary Airship, responding to the captain’s requests and fixing the possible problems. Our spies will then determine what kind of character you are in the Innersloth’s universe. Here is everything you learn about yourself by taking the test.

Determining Your Among Us Role

There are currently five official roles in the game, Imposter, Crewmate, Ghost, Sheriff, and Scientist. The roles are also known as the Among Us Characters. Here is what each of them means in the video game.

CrewmateYou should do tasks and help find the Imposter(s)
ImposterYou should fake being a crewmate and secretly kill them all to win
GhostYou should do tasks to help the crewmates win
SheriffYou can shoot the person you think is the Imposter
ScientistYou can inspect dead bodies to find clues


Revealing Your Skin

Our Among Us quiz can discover what skin works best for you. Here are some of the most popular skins that we might suggest to your character.







Choosing the Best Color for Your Personality

Want to find out which Among Us! color suits your personality? Taking our quiz allows us to offer the best hue for your character according to your persona.

Giving You a Pet!

Our Among Us test is also able to identify which pet you would resonate with the most. Here are some of the possibilities.





mini crewmate




What Do Among Us Colors Mean? (Analytical Review)

The game has more than 12 colors. However, most players believe your character’s hue reveals some information about your persona. So, before taking the Among Us quiz, here is what you need to know about the science of colors.


A red Among Us character is known as a blood-thirsty psychopath. Players who choose this color are usually bored when they are not the Imposter.


Some say, “blues are too sad to kill anyone.” That might be true. But since blue is the color of trust, Imposter-ish activities are easier on their side.


Among Us players who choose green tend to follow others like insecure individuals. That is why they are accused of being the Imposter most of the time.


If you got pink in the Among Us quiz results, you are an innocent-looking murderer.


If your Among Us character is yellow, you do not like killing. That is why you suck as an Imposter—while you rock as a crewmate.


You are the shady one. The Among Us quiz participants who get black in the results are usually the coldblooded murderers who do not get ejected quickly.


You are always on time—especially when it comes to finishing your tasks.

Your character is also known as the super-sus! Cyan is always the go-to Imposter candidate.

Other Colors

Take the Among Us! Quiz to get a comprehensive color analysis for other hues in the game.

Let’s Find Out Which Among Us Character You Are

You are ready to enter the Skeld, do your tasks, and discover your true character. Keep in mind that we are looking for any cheezy and fishy activity that might make you a sus. So, do your best to look like a crewmate, or else you are going to be ejected.



QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the Among Us Quiz. Innersloth owns all the said pictures. Please, contact us if you own any and you want them to be removed.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    You find a dead body in the MedBay. And you see two other people running away from the room. What do you do?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 1
    • Call for an emergency meeting

    • Follow them

    • Check the body

    • Eject both of them

    • Ignore them

  • Question 2

    What is the most sus act?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 2
    • Lying

    • Talking too much

    • Being quiet

    • Changing sides

    • Being too honest!

  • Question 3

    What is your favorite task?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 3
    • Calibrate Distributor

    • Buy Beverage

    • Fix Wiring

    • Fuel Engines

    • None

  • Question 4

    Which of the following players is telling the truth?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 4
    • I was not there

    • I did not see anything

    • I did not do it

    • I think it was Cyan

    • It was me

  • Question 5

    What is your go-to color?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 5
    • White

    • Blue

    • Green

    • Orange

    • Red or Black

  • Question 6

    Do you like to do your tasks all alone?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 6
    • No

    • Sometimes

    • Rarely

    • Maybe

    • Yes

  • Question 7

    Fill in the blank. In an Among Us room, I am always the _______ one.

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 7
    • Helping

    • Cute or funny

    • Analytical

    • Leading

    • Calm and relaxed

  • Question 8

    The captain calls for an emergency meeting. Are you nervous?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 8
    • Yes

    • Slightly nervous

    • Not really

    • It depends

    • No

  • Question 9

    Would you feel bad if you unintentionally helped to eject an innocent crewmate?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 9
    • Yes

    • Slightly

    • Not really

    • It depends

    • No

  • Question 10

    Blue says he/she saw Orange venting. But Orange denies it. What do you do?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 10
    • Skip voting

    • Skip and follow them around

    • Try to find more information

    • Ask Blue more questions

    • Eject both

  • Question 11

    Who do you believe the most during an emergency meeting?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 11
    • My friends

    • It depends

    • Most informative ones

    • No one

    • Everyone

  • Question 12

    Do you enjoy killing? (Give an honest answer!).

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 12
    • No

    • Not really

    • Maybe

    • It depends

    • Yes

  • Question 13

    What type of Among Us player do you hate the most?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 13
    • Cruel

    • Talkative

    • Cheating

    • Amateur

    • All of them

  • Question 14

    Would you skip voting if there was no enough evidence?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 14
    • Yes

    • Maybe

    • Not sure

    • It depends

    • No

  • Question 15

    What do you think about Ghosts in the game?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 15
    • They are helpful

    • I miss them

    • They are cool

    • Wish they could talk

    • They are useless

  • Question 16

    What is the most cringey thing a player can do in the game?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 16
    • Cheat

    • Trash talk

    • Text others as a ghost

    • Act funny

    • Take the game seriously

  • Question 17

    On a scale of 0 to 10, how good of a liar are you?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 17
  • Question 18

    If you had to eject a player just because of their color, who would you eject?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 18
  • Question 19

    Choose the pet type you dislike the most.

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 19
    • UFO

    • Brainslug

    • Henry

    • SQUIG

    • Dog

  • Question 20

    Final question; what would you like to change about Among Us?

    % Fun Among Us Quiz. Which Character Are You? 20
    • Rules

    • Characters

    • Gameplay

    • Guns

    • Everything


Which Among Us Color Are You? Among Us Quiz

Start Quiz

Take this Which Among Us color are you to find out your Among Us color. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A new big update will be released soon, and while all the information has yet to be published, Innersloth independent developer will slowly reveal what will come soon. This is most often the case with new color disclosures, extending the breadth of the range among us and providing gamers with more possibilities. Here is every new color disclosed thus far for us.

Although a release date was not yet disclosed, the next big upgrade included 15 player lobbying, Airship&#;s ability to tune in, and new colors to players. Up to now, there have been four new colors online &#; and they&#;re usually already in the game lighter or darker tones.

Editor&#;s Picks

Nevertheless, many people that have played with us since its debut in have still found new color possibilities thrilling and that will be the most color added in the game since it was launched. Innersloth&#;s first hue was Rose, which actually is only a light pink tone. And this is only the first of several new colors with more pastel-like colors. It turns out.

Which Among Us color are you

The second color, which has been disclosed for the update, is Gray, which once again gives the players a lighter color in the game. Gray should still be fantastic for melting maps like Polus or The Skeld into the surroundings. The third hue that was shown in the Innersloth is Tan, which was already in the game for Lime. Tan has been created with blind color players in mind, and this is just one way that the studio attempts to increase the accessibility and usability of their social deduction game.

Why do we write about the color that anyone could ask about us? Stay and listen for a while… Among us is a game which has become quite famous around the world in The game was downloaded in millions and why did you play a game is easy to grasp. Its mechanisms of deduction and perception make the game interesting, no matter how often you played it.

But the game always has more than the eye encounters. Each player can create their character. But really is Red sus? Learn more about the colors between us and what they imply below!

Red is not always the impostor, unlike popular perception. A lot was spoken about the Red being the major impostor, but it&#;s not actually. Furthermore, there are a lot of posters and memoirs. Also, Each color has the same possibility to be the good man (or the bad guy, depends on how you see it).

About the quiz

The entire list of colors available in Among Us is as follows:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Cyan
  • Brown
  • Lime
  • Fortegreen (Named after developer ForteBass)
  • Tan (removed from the game due to close resemblance with Brown/Orange/White)

Red is commonly supposed to be the pretender to oppose Green, which is often depicted as the principal crewmate &#; something that, once again, doesn&#;t always happen.

One of the main colors in Among Us, Blue makes very rare appearances in official Among Us art. Blue has so far appeared in only two promotional photos from the official source.

Although the platform is a multiplayer, the hue of the platform between us varies.

All colors and outfits are free of charge for the players in the PC version. Unlike the free mobile edition, the game&#;s PC edition in the Steam Store costs $ But pets on both platforms, which cost $ for each, are a paid add-on.

Among us, Blue appears relatively rarely in the official art of Among Us. Blue has emerged from the official source thus far in just two promotional pictures.

For more personality quizzes check this: Fantasia Quiz.

Start Quiz


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Among Us Quiz #1: How SUS are you?

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