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WoW Classic Mage Weapons Guide


Mage Weapon Skills in WoW Classic

Mages start their journey through Azeroth knowing how to use Staves and Wands. They can also learn Daggers and one-handed Swords from Weapon Masters around the world.

Weapon Master locationWeapon Skills available
Learned by defaultStaves, Wands
Darnassus (around 57,46)Daggers
Ironforge (around 62,89)Daggers
Stormwind (around 57,57)Daggers, Swords
Orgrimmar (around 81,19)Daggers
Undercity (57,32)Daggers, Swords

Being able to use Staves from the start will be quite useful, as it means your melee damage will be higher than that of most classes, allowing you to finish off enemies that you previously weakened with your spells easily, conserving Mana in the process.

Once you get your first Wand, start using it to finish off enemies, instead. Because you will not be using your weapon to melee hit once you get your Wand, it will only serve you as a stat stick, which makes it less impactful than that of physical damage dealing classes that rely on their auto-attacks for most of their damage.

You can still expect to upgrade your weapon a few times during your journey, and your weapon will typically represent your main source of spell damage and other important stats. Remember that no matter how good a weapon is at a given level, it will quickly be outclassed by common weapons of higher level, so don't bother chasing the perfect low level weapon unless you are making a twink character or enjoy doing so for the sake of it.

There are many weapons you could use during your journey in Azeroth. Because listing all of them would be confusing, we will focus on the most notable ones, for their power and ease of obtaining. Some notable weapons of each type you might want to be looking out for along the way are listed below.


Wands for WoW Classic Mages

Wands are very important for Mages who are leveling, before level 35 or so, at which point their damage starts to fall off greatly compared to your spells. They will always be useful when finishing targets off or while regenerating Mana / waiting for the tank to build up threat, regardless.


Staves for WoW Classic Mages

Staves are powerful two-handed weapons which you can use from your character's creation. This allows them to contribute from the get go towards you finishing melee hits. Later on, they have some of the best caster stats you can find on weapons, and do not require a compatible off-hand to be used, making them easy to use options.


Daggers for WoW Classic Mages

While good Mage daggers are relatively rare, there are a few notable ones, such as Hypnotic Blade IconHypnotic Blade, Witchblade IconWitchblade and Claw of Chromaggus IconClaw of Chromaggus.


Swords for WoW Classic Mages

While there are not many Swords Mages can use, as they mostly have physical damage stats, there are a few great Mage Swords, such as Azuresong Mageblade IconAzuresong Mageblade.


Off-Hands for WoW Classic Mages

Off-hands are not, technically, weapons, but they occupy a weapon slot, so we will be listing them anyway! There are quite a few off-hands in the game, and many sport high amounts of Spell Damage, such as Spirit of Aquementas IconSpirit of Aquementas and Tome of the Ice Lord IconTome of the Ice Lord, which is great for Mages!


Fist Weapons for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Fist Weapons.


Axes for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Axes.


Maces for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Maces.


Polearms for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Polearms.


Crossbows for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Crossbows.


Bows for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Bows.


Guns for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Guns.


Thrown Weapons for WoW Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Thrown Weapons.


Weapons for Leveling Mages in WoW Classic

You will want to search for of the eagle weapons while leveling, with spirit gear also being welcomed, as a swap-to whenever you leave combat, preferably. Eagle weapons have Intellect and Stamina, which are the most important stats while leveling because they allow you to stay in the fight longer, and you can always eat and drink to full between fights, if needed.

  • Try to get an early green Staff with Intellect on it as soon as you can.
  • Crescent Staff IconCrescent Staff (Horde) and Staff of Westfall IconStaff of Westfall (Alliance) are dungeon quest rewards, from Leaders of the Fang and The Defias Brotherhood respectively. Because they are quest rewards, you are guaranteed to get them from your first full dungeon run, and they can last you for a while.
  • Illusionary Rod IconIllusionary Rod or Hypnotic Blade IconHypnotic Blade (combined with Orb of the Forgotten Seer IconOrb of the Forgotten Seer from Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard) in Scarlet Monastery: Library are very strong options, and relatively easy to farm in Scarlet Monastery.
  • Zum'rah's Vexing Cane IconZum'rah's Vexing Cane, from Zul'Farrak is a great staff, having all the stats you need while leveling up, and it can be used while you are farming your pre-raid best in slot.
  • Spirit of Aquementas IconSpirit of Aquementas comes from the Linken Un'Goro quest chain. While it is a hard quest chain to do solo, even at 60, this item is the best off-hand available until raiding, so it will probably end up being worth the effort!
  • Finally, Glowing Brightwood Staff IconGlowing Brightwood Staff is a cheap bind on equip option that you can use from level 49 onwards and doubles as the best AoE farming weapon before raid / Rank 14 gear!

Leveling Wands for Mages in WoW Classic

Your wand, as a Mage, is the most impactful piece of your gear while leveling until around level 35, as you will often be using it to finish low-health enemies off, saving Mana in the process. As such, looking for wand upgrades is the main thing to look out for, gear-wise, in this bracket.

  • Enchanting Wands, such as Lesser Magic Wand IconLesser Magic Wand (crafted at Enchanting Level 10) and Greater Magic Wand IconGreater Magic Wand (crafted at Enchanting Level 70) are great for the level at which you can use them, but it can be hard to craft them yourself early on;
  • One of the first wands you can get as an alliance player, Elven Wand IconElven Wand, is a reward from the Bashal'Aran quest. Horde players can get an early wand, Flaring Baton IconFlaring Baton, from The Escape. Once you reach the endgame, one of the best easily-obtainable wands is Stormrager IconStormrager, from Order Must Be Restored (Alliance) or The Scarlet Oracle, Demetria (Horde);
  • White wands sold by NPCs range between the low-level Smoldering Wand IconSmoldering Wand, and the high-level Blackbone Wand IconBlackbone Wand. These can be purchased easily, if there are no better options for cheaper on the auction house;
  • Gravestone Scepter IconGravestone Scepter, from the Blackfathom Deeps dungeon quest Blackfathom Villainy, and Icefury Wand IconIcefury Wand, from the Mage Class quest Mage's Wand, are all guaranteed rewards from doing their respective quests, and quite strong for the level at which you can obtain them.

End-Game Weapons for Mages in WoW Classic

Mages have some end-game weapons at their disposal. The best ones come from raiding, but there are also good options in dungeons and the occasional quest reward.


PvP Weapons for Mages in WoW Classic

While Rank 14 weapons (High Warlord's Spellblade IconHigh Warlord's Spellblade) are among the best currently in game for Mages, as they are for most classes, there are also a few notable reputation rewards you can chase.

  • Crackling Staff IconCrackling Staff is obtained at Alterac Valley Revered and is one of the best Staves available for AoE farming outside of raiding;
  • Tome of the Ice Lord IconTome of the Ice Lord and the other Alterac Valley Exalted off-hands are some of the best options available, even when compared to raid items;
  • Finally, Wand of Biting Cold IconWand of Biting Cold is one of the best Frost Mage Wands in the game, and can easily be obtained by completing Hero of the Frostwolf or Hero of the Stormpike in Alterac Valley.

Complete Weapon Listings for Mages in WoW Classic

You can find a complete weapon (and armor) list for Mages at, including filter options that allow you to restrict and / or order your search by phase, class, slot and other parameters.

For more end-game gearing information, please refer to our BiS gear guides for Mages:

  • 19 Feb. 2020: Added World Boss and Blackwing Lair weapons.
  • 02 Feb. 2020: Added Glowing Brightwood Staff to the leveling weapon list and a PvP and Reputation weapon section.
  • 22 Dec. 2019: Reworked the complete BiS weapon listing at the end of the guide.
  • 25 Sep. 2019: Page added.

WoW Classic Mage Starter Build and Leveling Guide


WoW Classic Mage Starter Build and Leveling Guide

Check out the best Leveling/Starter build for the Mage class in World of Warcraft Classic

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Mage Class Overview

Mages utilize a wide range of very powerful Frost, Fire, and Arcane Spells in combat and their utility kit is more than impressive. These spellcasters specialize in Crowd Control, AoE Damage dealing and Bursting down their enemies with powerful ability combinations. They can also conjure Food and Drinks, which saves them some valuable Gold in the long run but also turns them into Vending Machines in Raids (Just imagine 39 People asking you for some free Food and Drinks...). 

A mage can pull and kite multiple mobs at a time for a very long time (as long as he has mana pretty much) and finish them off very efficiently with his potent AoE Spells. This ability makes him the best Class for mass mob grinding in both Open World and Dungeons. However, any interference during the Open World kiting or during the mob execution phase, from a hostile Player, will lead to a very swift and premature mage's death.

In PvP, Skilled Mage is a true nightmare for any opponent. The best Frost Mages can make even the most experienced PvPers look very silly. This coin has the other side as well, however. Mage players who do not have the full knowledge about their Class and are not able to capitalize on their abilities and PvP advantages will get obliterated in seconds.

This guide will aid you and your Mage on your journey to level 60; it will help you choose a Race, present you with an optimal leveling Talent build, point you towards Dungeons and Quests that award worthwhile Wands, provide some tips & tricks, and more.

Mage's Strengths and Weaknesses

Statistics Priority

  1. Intellect - Increases total mana pool and raises Spell Critical Hit chance. It also increases the rate at which a character learns Weapon Skills. Intellect is the most valuable stat for a Mage as he needs a lot of Mana to fuel his spells and ensure that he has enough resources to Sustain himself during combat.
  1. Stamina - Improves survivability by increasing the character's total Health pool. High Stamina enables Mage to survive after making a mistake during the AoE mob grind and allows him to shrug off at least some of the incoming Damage. Moreover, you will want to capitalize on the 5-second rule and Wand mobs to death from time to time. This means that you will trade hits with them, and higher Health pool will allow you to do that for longer which will translate to higher Mana gains and lower Downtime.
  1. Spirit - Increases Mana and Health regeneration in and out of Combat. Stacking Spirit allows Mage to benefit from the 5-second rule more and reduces his Downtime. While Spirit does not affect Mage's Damage output or total Mana Pool, the additional Mana Regen that it provides cannot be overlooked as it adds up to great time savings in the long run.
  1. Agility -  Increases Armor, provides additional Dodge chance and a Weapon Critical Strike chance. Agility will improve your defenses by a little bit, which means that it is not as useless as Strength, but it should be avoided if possible, nevertheless. 
  1. Strength - Increases Melee Attack Power and the amount of Damage that an Off-Hand Shield can block. Mages can't use Off-Hand Shields and they do not rely on bashing mob's heads with their Staves or slicing them with their Swords or Daggers (outside very early levels), so this statistic is literally useless to them. 

Leveling stat priority:

Intellect ⇒ Stamina = Spirit ⇒ ⇒ Agility ⇒ ⇒ Strength

Note1:  Items with "Of the Eagle" Suffix are ideal for Mages, as they provide both Stamina and Intellect. "Of the Whale" (Stamina and Spirit)  and "Of the Owl" (Intellect and Spirit) items are strong second choices and you should Need on those, while in a group, as well.

Note2: If you have survivability problems caused by too low Stamina or sustain problems caused by too low Spirit, you should consider carrying 2 separate Gear Sets with you. One that you will wear during Combat (Stacked with Intellect and Stamina) and the second one that you will switch into during Downtime (Stacked with Spirit and Intellect) in order to maximize your out of combat mana regeneration. Doing this will reduce your Downtimes substantially at the cost of lowered inventory space (an Outfitter Addon or something similar will be essential if you want to do this).


The Best Mage Races for Both Factions

Each Race has unique traits and abilities, some of which greatly benefit a Mage, other - not so much. More competitive Players might even want to choose their Faction based on Racial traits of one of its member Races. We will take a closer look at all Races that can choose the path of a Mage and determine which are the best for PvP and PvE.

Note: Please remember that a good Player will make all races work well, and a bad player will not get any better thanks to a Race choice. In other words - pick your Race and your Faction as you please, because after all, Fun is the most important aspect of the Game.

Alliance Races

Gnome's Escape Artist Racial lets Mage keep his distance from enemies more easily while kiting them, which can be game changing against some Classes. This, combined with the Intellect bonus makes Gnome a top choice for PvP. Human's Perception is situationally useful and makes him better against Feral Druids and Rogues, while His Spirit bonus is not enough to eliminate Mage's Sustain problems, which makes it quite redundant.

Recommended choice: Gnome

Second choice: Human


Gnome comes out on top for PvE as well. His Intellect Racial is very strong as it provides additional Mana and Spell Critical Strike Chance. Escape Artist finds surprisingly many uses in PvE and can be a potential life-saver (just imagine being caught in a fire while slowed/rooted without this Talent...). Human's Racials do not boost Mage's PvE capabilities at all, making the choice even simpler than in the PvP section.

Recommended choice: Gnome

Second choice: Human

Horde Races

What would you rather have, an additional PvP Trinket-like effect that removes Fears and Charms or a Haste buff that is the strongest when you are about to die? The answer is not that simple actually, because Berserking gains additional value when there is a friendly Healer around, but for 1v1 and random open world skirmishes, Undead's Will of the Forsaken comes out on top very easily. Also, Undead gets bonus points for his ability to taunt beaten enemies with Cannibalize before they Release Spirit.

Recommended choice: Undead

Second choice: Troll


Out of two Horde Races that can choose the path of a Mage, Troll is the only one that has a magic DPS boosting Racial. His Berserking gives him a Haste buff that directly increases DPS for a short time, but if truth be told, it is not that great, and Undead's Racial abilities and the utility that they provide might turn out to be more useful overall. Will of the Forsaken can prove to be a higher DPS boost than Berserking in fights like Onyxia and Cannibalize can save your life in some situations.

Recommended choice: Troll

(Close) Second choice: Undead

Talent Build and Talent Allocation Order

Optimal Talent allocation is essential for smooth leveling. Here, we will describe the most optimal leveling spec and lead you through the Talent Trees level-by-level.

Single-Target focused Mage Leveling Build (10-59)
Single-Target Mage Build

  1. Levels 10-12 ⇒ 3/3 Elemental Precision - This provides you with a Spell Hit Cap for Frost and Fire Spells against enemies 2 Levels higher than you.
  2. Levels 13-14 ⇒ 2/5 Improved Frost Bolt.
  3. Levels 15-17 ⇒ 3/3 Frostbite - This makes your Frosst Spells randomly freeze enemies in place for 5 seconds, which can save you a lot of Health. This is also First of your Critical Strike-Freeze synergy Talents.
  4. Levels 18-19 ⇒ 2/2 Improved Frost Nova.
  5. Levels 20-24 ⇒ 5/5 Ice Shards - Second of your Critical Strike-Freeze synergy Talents.
  6. Levels 25-29 ⇒ 5/5 Shatter - Final piece of your Critical Strike-Freeze synergy. This will let you burst down frozen Targets very quickly.
  7. Level 30 ⇒ 1/1 Ice Block - Very powerful defensive tool. Remember to run away from mob spawn points before using it in PvE, or mobs will attack you immediately after your Ice Block ends (you can also Blink away and escape, of course).
  8. Level 31 ⇒ 1/1 Cold Snap - A Second Ice Block/Frost Nova on demand - very powerful in all kinds of situations, especially in Open World PvP.
  9. Levels 32-34 ⇒ 5/5 Improved Frost Bolt.
  10. Levels 35-37 ⇒ 3/3 Frost Channeling.
  11. Levels 38-39 ⇒ 2/2 Arctic Reach - This makes your Frost Spells more reliable.
  12. Level 40 ⇒ 1/1 Ice Barrier - Very solid defensive Tool that effectively lets you convert some of your Mana into Health. It can be used after a fight, before Drinking, which negates its quite high mana cost.
  13. Levels 41-43 ⇒ 3/3 Piercing Ice.
  14. Levels 44-48 ⇒ 5/5 Winter's Chill.

At this point, you will want to switch to the Arcane Tree:

  1. Levels 49-50 ⇒ 2/2 Arcane Subtlety.
  2. Levels 51-53 ⇒ 3/5 Arcane Focus - A rather underwhelming Talent for a Leveling Frost Mage, but there is no other choice, really.
  3. Levels 54-58 ⇒ 5/5 Arcane Concentration - A very solid effect that lets you save massive amounts of Mana (however, this comes online less often than Private Servers have led you to believe).
  4. Level 59 ⇒ 1/2 Wand Specialization.

Note: At this point, you pretty much are done leveling; you can allocate your last Talent Point into the Wand Specialization Talent or just switch to the Raiding Spec immediately.

If you prefer mob grinding more than Questing and/or are an experienced Mage player, you might choose the following, AoE-focused, leveling build instead.

Note: AoE Grinding is less viable on Classic than it is on Private Vanilla Servers, because of the Leeway mechanic that increases mob's effective melee attack range, and because of the fact that Mage's Slow effects are less powerful (mobs do not get Slowed on Classic by as much as they do on Private Servers). However, AoE grinding is still possible to some extent, but more difficult and less efficient.

AoE Grinding-focused Mage Leveling Build
AoE Mage Build

  1. Levels 10-12 ⇒ 3/3 Elemental Precision.
  2. Levels 13-14 ⇒ 2/5 Improved Frost Bolt.
  3. Levels 15-17 ⇒ 3/3 Permafrost - This Talent is essential for AoE Grinding as it allows you to keep your distance from slowed enemies much more easily.
  4. Levels 18-19 ⇒ 2/2 Improved Frost Nova.
  5. Levels 20-21 ⇒ 2/3 Improved Blizzard - This allows you to Blizzard Targets as they slowly crawl towards you.
  6. Level 22 ⇒ 1/1 Cold Snap - Even more powerful for AoE Grinding, as second Frost Nova can save your life after you make a mistake.
  7. Levels 23-24 ⇒ 2/3 Piercing Ice.
  8. Levels 25-26 ⇒ 2/2 Arctic Reach - This allows you to Blizzard Targets from a further distance, making grind much more effective.
  9. Levels 27-29 ⇒ 3/3 Frost Channeling - AoE grinding is very mana-costly, this will make the whole process more cost-effective.
  10. Level 30 ⇒ 3/3 Ice Block.
  11. Levels 31-33 ⇒ 3/3 Improved Cone of Cold.
  12. Level 34 ⇒ 3/3 Piercing Ice.
  13. Levels 35-39 ⇒ 5/5 Shatter.
  14. Level 40 ⇒ 1/1 Ice Barrier.

At this point, you will want to switch to the Arcane Tree:

  1. Levels 41-42 ⇒ 2/2 Arcane Subtlety.
  2. Levels 43-45 ⇒ 3/5 Arcane Focus.
  3. Levels 46-50 ⇒ 5/5 Arcane Concentration.
  4. Level 51 ⇒ 1/1 Arcane Resilience.
  5. Levels 52-54 ⇒ 5/5 Improved Arcane Explosion.
  6. Level 55 ⇒ 4/5 Arcane Focus.
  7. Levels 56-58 ⇒ 3/5 Arcane Meditation.

Note: At this point, the build is pretty much complete, the last two points can be allocated into Ice Shards.

After reaching Level 60, you should visit a Class Trainer, reset your Talent Points and spec into an End-Game Build.

Wand Progression

Wands are just as important for a Mage as they are important for every other Caster Class that can use them. They enable him to deal consistent Damage, essentially for free, while his mana regenerates in Combat (the 5-second rule and its importance yet again; front-loading your Spells and then finishing a mob with your Wand is a viable tactic at all level ranges and it allows you to preserve your mana and last longer without drinking).

It goes without saying that you should aim to upgrade your Wand as often as possible because it will speed up your leveling process and make experience grinds much more enjoyable (at least for the next few levels after getting an upgrade). Below, we present you a short list of Wands that you should try and get during your leveling journey. 

Note1: Listed Wands are not organized in a strict order and you don't have to go for every single one of them. The list is meant to be a raw guideline for Mage's Wand progression.

Note2: There are a lot more Wands than those described. We have mentioned just the easy-to-get and quite essential upgrades. BoE Wands were excluded from the list, as there is a lot of RNG involved in getting them.

Horde Alliance
Horde and Alliance Wand Progression
Lesser Magic Wand
Lesser Magic Wand
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: Enchanting (Requires Skill-Level 10 to create). 
  • Level Required: 5
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.50, 12-22 Damage, 11.3 DPS
  • Damage Type: Arcane. 
Spark of the People's Militia
Spark of the People's Militia
  • Factions: Alliance
  • Source: "The People's Militia" Quest available from level 9 from NPC Gryan Stoutmantle, Sentinel Hill, Westfall.
  • Level Required: It is a level 17 Quest reward that can be acquired earlier easily, when in a group.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.80, 16-30 Damage, 12.8 DPS
  • Damage Type: Arcane. 
Greater Magic Wand
Greater Magic Wand
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: Enchanting (Requires Skill-Level 70 to create). 
  • Level Required: 13
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.80, 22-41 Damage, 17.5 DPS
  • Damage Type: Arcane. 
Smoldering Wand
Smoldering Wand
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: Wand Vendors in Capital Cities of both Factions. 
  • Level Required: 15.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.60, 15-28 Damage, 13.4 DPS
  • Damage Type: Fire. 
Sizzle Stick
Sizzle Stick
  • Factions: Horde
  • Source: Dungeon Quest "Deviate Eradication", Wailing Caverns. NPC Ebru, Above the Wailing Caverns entrance. 
  • Level Required: This is a reward from Level 21 Dungeon Quest that can be completed around Level 18.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.70, 21-39 Damage, 17.6 DPS
  • Damage Type: Fire. 
Dusk Wand
Dusk Wand
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: Wand Vendors in Capital Cities of both Factions. 
  • Level Required: 20.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.70, 21-39 Damage, 17.6 DPS
  • Damage Type: Shadow. 
Excavation Rod
Excavation Rod
  • Factions: Alliance
  • Source: "Omer's Revenge" Quest available from level 22 from NPC Omer Ironbraid, above the Whelgar's Excavation Site, Wetlands.
  • Level Required: This is a Level 29 Quest Reward that can be acquired around level 25, or earlier when in a group.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.90, 32-60 Damage, 24.2 DPS
  • Damage Type: Fire. 
Gravestone Scepter
Gravestone Scepter
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: Dungeon Quest "Blackfathom Villainy", Wailing Caverns. NPC Argent Guard Thaelrid, near the Blackfathom Deeps entrance. 
  • Level Required: It is a level 27 Dungeon Quest reward that can be acquired around level 23.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.50, 30-57 Damage, 29.0 DPS
  • Damage Type: Shadow.
Blackbone Wand
Blackbone Wand
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: Wand Vendors in Capital Cities of both Factions. 
  • Level Required: 41.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.60, 39-74 Damage, 35.3 DPS
  • Damage Type: Shadow. 
Cairnstone Sliver
Cairnstone Silver

  • Factions: Alliance
  • Source: "The Morrow Stone" Quest available from level 42 from NPC Equinex Monolith, located in the north-western part of Feralas.
  • Level Required: This is a Level 50 Quest Reward that can be acquired quite easily around level 46.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.80, 52-97 Damage, 41.4 DPS
  • Damage Type: Arcane. 
Nature's Breath
Nature's Breath
  • Factions: Horde
  • Source: "Dark Vessels"  Group Quest available from level 46 from NPC Primal Torntusk, located in the south-eastern part of the Hinterlands - Revantusk Village.
  • Level Required: This is a Level 50 Group Quest Reward that can be acquired quite easily at level 46 when in a strong group.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.40, 40-75 Damage, 41.1 DPS
  • Damage Type: Nature. 
Smokey's Fireshooter
Smokey's Fireshooter
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: "When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent" Group Quest available from level 54 from NPC Smokey LaRue, Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands.
  • Level Required: This is a Level 58 Group Quest Reward that can be acquired around level 55 with the help of a group. It is also soloable around level 58 with clever use of your Pet.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.90, 70-132 Damage, 53.2 DPS
  • Damage Type: Fire. 
Rod of Corrosion
Rod of Corrosion
  • Factions: Horde Alliance
  • Source: Shade of Eranikus Boss in the Sunken Temple. Entrance: Lake in the middle of Swamp of Sorrows. Drop Chance: ~31%.
  • Level Required: Weapon requires level 51 to wield and the Boss is a level 55 Elite.
  • Wand Stats: Speed 1.30, 50-93 Damage, 55.0 DPS
  • Damage Type: Nature. 



Mage's single Target rotation is incredibly simple and it revolves around not letting your Target get close to you. Moreover, it focuses on maximizing in-combat mana regeneration by implementing Wand Attacks. AoE Grinding does not follow any strict rotation and is more of an action and reaction type of deal instead.

Single Target Rotation

Pre-cast Ice Barrier (applicable from level 40 onwards)

The Rotation:

SpamFrostbolt  until the enemy gets close to you  Wand Attack if there is a room for it (mob is too close for a hard Frostbolt Cast, but far enough for a single Wand Shot) ⇒ Frost Nova ⇒ Create some Distance ⇒ Frostbolt  ⇒ Wand Attack until the Target is dead (finishing enemies with your Wand will allow you to take advantage of the 5-second rule and regenerate at least some of your man in combat)

AoE Grinding

As you can imagine, there is no concrete "Rotation" when it comes to AoE Grinding, because there are many factors that you have to react to. We will cover the basics of AoE Grinding, but we advise you to watch experienced Mages at work and practice it yourself (a lot).

  • Remember that AoE grinding will work only in places that have melee enemies exclusively (pulling multiple Casters will quickly result in a sad, dead Mage).
  • Pull mobs with your Wand and/or instant cast Spells (Rank 1 Fire Blast is a great pulling tool). From level 40, you can use your mount to pull multiple mobs, just remember to cast Ice Barrier first.
  • Manoueur in a way that will make pulled Targets gather close to each other (this will make AoE slowing possible).
  • Cone of Cold is your main AoE Slowing tool - Frost Nova should be kept as a backup in case of emergency and for the execution phase.
  • Create distance between yourself and pulled enemies; use Blink only if necessary, as it is very expensive and you may run out of mana if you use it too frequently.
  • Cast Blizzard on the path of your enemies in a way that will maximize the time Targets are affected by it (Place marker just before the mob pack).
  • Slow enemies with Cone of Cold or Frost Nova when they get too close.
  • Create distance and cast Blizzard again; repeat the whole process until all enemies are dead; you can also finish them off with Arcane Explosion.

Note: Do not, under any circumstances, put Talent Points into Frostbite if you plan on AoE Grinding. Random freezes will result in a large spread of pulled mobs and make AoE grind very annoying and inefficient.


Enchanting + Tailoring
Enchanting + Tailoring

As previously mentioned, Wands are essential for smooth level grinding experience and getting your first Wand early will enable you to take your leveling speed to the next level, by reducing your downtime. Without a Wand, you will be forced to spend more Mana per mob kill which will result in more time spent sitting down and drinking. This is why we recommend the above-mentioned Profession combination.

Tailoring enables you to get some Uncommon Items for Disenchanting, and Enchanting provides you with your first Wand at level 10 Enchanting skill (the Lesser Magic Wand). You should save all dropped Linen Cloths, craft some White/Brown Linen Robes and then Dust them. There is a ~20% chance for a Lesser Cosmic Essence, per robe, so ~5 robes should be enough to get you mats for your first Wand (Essences can also be bought from a Vendor, but they are in limited supply, so don't count on it). Craft it, use it, and try to level Enchanting up to 70 to get stronger Greater Magic Wand. After that point, feel free to respec into your desired professions or stick to this combination for some future Cloth Armor/Wand/Enchanting-related benefits.

First Aid
First Aid
Although First Aid competes for Cloths with our recommended Primary Professions, we still strongly advise you to get it, as it provides Mage with a very efficient combat Heal. One of Mage's CC effects chained into a Bandage is real life-saver in close call situations. Picking up First Aid early will allow you to level up more efficiently as it will enable you to pull mobs more aggressively and heal mid-combat if needed.

If you want to know more about all professions available in WoW Classic, please check out our WoW Classic Professions Guide.


Tips and Tricks for Mage leveling

  1. Always have a Rank 1 Frostbolt, as a handy Slow effect, on your Cast bar. Rank 1 Frostbolt has the lowest Casting time, its slow effect is on par with its higher Spell ranks, and if you just need a fast slow, the Damage does not matter.
  1. Rank 1 Fireball can be useful as a fast DoT applier. It is especially useful against Rogues in world PvP as it will counter their Vanish. It will also prevent opponents from fully Bandaging in duels/Open World skirmishes and so on. Having a handy DoT as an additional PvP tool is just great.
  1. Preserve your Gold. Ideally, you should be able to progress through levels without any Auction House purchases (if you spot a great Gear upgrade, do not hesitate if it is cheap, however). When it comes to Skills - you should learn just the essentials from Class Trainers, for example, spells used for their effect can be generally kept at Rank 1 (like the Frost Nova).
  1. Learn how to kite and kill multiple mobs at a time. AoE grinding can be very dangerous for inexperienced Mages (even more so on official Classic servers because of the Leeway mechanic), but learning it is the key for unlocking the real potential of the Class.
  1. Keep your Wand up to Date. Try to follow the Wand Progression route and remember that a lot of your Damage comes directly from your Wand (better Wand = faster kill times = faster leveling).

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Leveling process in the Classic World of Warcraft is different from leveling in the current game versions. This Guide should help you to prepare yourself for that legendary Vanilla Experience and allow you to progress through levels efficiently and with a good amount of fun.

We hope that you have found this Guide useful and informative.  If we have missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know! 

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

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Should you play a mage in WoW?
World of Warcraft has been around for so long that it can be a bit daunting to get started. What server do you roll on? What faction should you pick? What class should you choose -- and how will you know if the choice you make, on a whim, during character creation will result in something you'll want to play at level 90? While server and faction are mostly a matter of where your friends are playing, class is a question we can help you figure out.

Experienced WoW players, this guide is probably not for you -- but for newbies, we'll try to help point you towards the class that's the best fit for your playstyle by giving you a detailed overview of what classes are like. Today, we're talking about mages, who unleash elemental and arcane magics on their foes. These powerful abilities come at a cost: mages can only wear light cloth armor, which can leave them vulnerable to physical attack. But if you're interested in wielding the powers of magic to devastate your enemies -- from a safe distance -- the mage may be just the class for you.

Just what is a mage?
Mages do only one thing, but they do it very well: ranged magical damage. Like most of WoW's classes, mages use mana to fuel their abilities. Without mana, a mage has little in the way of offensive or defensive capabilities, so prospective mass should be prepared to keep a careful eye on their mana pool. Beyond straight-up, single-target damage -- in fire, frost, and arcane forms -- mages also have access to a lot of handy abilities, like:
  • Area of effect spells, which cause damage to multiple monsters in a specific area
  • Crowd control using Polymorph to turn humanoids and beasts into harmless sheep as well as frost spells to slow and freeze enemies
  • Teleportation and portals to transport themselves or groups to major cities
  • Conjuring food and drink, either for themselves or for an entire group
As we mentioned before, mages can be vulnerable to attack because of the light armor they wear, meaning that they rely on their high damage output and their abilities to control and slow their enemies in order to bring them down before they can score a single hit. Mages are experts at kiting monsters -- drawing them out like a kite on a string, but never letting them get close enough to attack -- using frost spells to slow or freeze an opponent, Blink to quickly gain distance, and Polymorph to render their target harmless while they get away (or kill another target).

These abilities don't, however, make mages invulnerable. If an enemy gets in close, Frost Armor and Frost Nova can help give a mage time to get away while Blink lets them cover distance fast. But it's not a playstyle for everyone: juggling all of a mage's abilities (and vulnerabilities) can definitely prove a challenge. Whether that challenge sounds like fun or frustration, though, is up to you.

Because they specialize in magic, mages can wield few weapons: only wands, daggers, one-handed swords, staves, and off-hand items (no off-hand weapons of any kind). A mage will primarily want to use these to supplement their stats rather than increase their damage, though low level mages may find a wand invaluable to supplement their damage when they're low on mana.

Would-be mages have a lot of race options, as the class is available to every race save tauren. So your choice is between human, dwarf, night elf, gnome, draenei, worgen, pandaren, orc, undead, troll, blood elf, and goblin. If you're dead set on playing a tauren, then you might consider an elemental shaman or balance druid instead. For everyone else, pick the race that most appeals to you -- though the gnome's racial bonus of +5% intellect can come in handy for shoring up your mana pool.

A world of magical options
Most classes we've talked about can fill several different roles in combat, with talent specializations focused on different roles. Mages, who can only fill the role of DPS, have three talent specializations that tweak the way they dish out hurt on their targets. Here are your specialization options, as described by Blizzard:
  • Arcane: Manipulate the arcane, destroying enemies with overwhelming power.
  • Fire: Ignite enemies with balls of fire and combustive flames.
  • Frost: Freezes enemies in their tracks and shatters them with Frost magic.
Whichever spec you choose has a major impact on your playstyle -- perhaps more than any other class due to mage's heavy reliance on their spellbook. Arcane mages will be casting Arcane Blast and Arcane Missiles; fire mages will be using Pyroblast and Fireball; and frost mages will be using Frostbolt and their Water Elemental. Each of these specs has their benefits and all can be used by a leveling mage -- though anyone with a fondness for kiting will particularly appreciate frost's abilities to freeze and slow enemies. But in short: pick a specialization that seems interesting to you and go for it.

Who should (and shouldn't) play a mage?
We're fans of mages, but we have to admit the class isn't for everyone.You might want to play a mage if:
  • You're a fan of the traditional magical caster class, WoW's mage fits the archetype.
  • You like dishing out tons of damage, whether arcane, fire, or frost.
  • You like kiting, mages do it as well or better than any class in the game.
And you might not like mages if:
  • You don't like playing a fragile, glass-canon style character. Unfortunately, that's exactly what WoW mages are. If you want a caster that's more durable, consider warlock, elemental shaman, or balance druid.
  • You want to do something beyond magic or beyond DPS. Sorry, but mages are a single-role class.
  • You hate being asked to conjure things or open portals for players. If you're a mage, you can get these requests frequently and not everyone is polite about making them.

Want to know more about mages?
If we've piqued your curiosity and you want to learn more, here are some great resources: If you've decided mage just isn't the class for you, don't fret: there are plenty of other options! Be sure to check out our guide to druids, hunters, monks, paladins, priests, rogues, and warlocks -- and look for more newbie class coverage showing up soon!

Just because you're a newbie doesn't mean you can't bring your A-game to World of Warcraft! Visit the WoW Rookie Guide for links to everything you need to get started as a new player, from the seven things every newbie ought to know to how to get started as a healer or as a tank.
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TBC Classic Mage Weapons Guide

Mages can use Daggers, One-Handed Swords, Staves, Wands, and Off-Hands. Contrary to other classes who use their weapons to attack, Mages use their weapons mostly as "stat sticks", with the exception of Wands, which are used to attack with during leveling, and in some rare exceptions such as Blade of Eternal Darkness IconBlade of Eternal Darkness.

Mages know how to use Staves and Wands by default. The Dagger and One-Handed Sword skills can be learned from the Weapon Masters in each faction's major cities.


Weapon Master Locations

Weapon Master locationWeapon Skills available
Darnassus (around 57,46)Daggers
Ironforge (around 62,89)Daggers
Stormwind (around 57,57)Daggers, Swords
Exodar (around 53,86)Daggers, Swords
Orgrimmar (around 81,19)Daggers
Undercity (57,32)Daggers, Swords
Silvermoon City (90,38)Daggers, Swords

Wands for TBC Classic Mages

Wands are very important for Mages who are leveling, as they can always be used to deal damage to enemies when out of Mana, or simply to finish them off and save some Mana. In the early levels, before roughly level 35, Wands also provide good damage compared to your spells and can be a main part of your rotation.


Staves for TBC Classic Mages

Staves are powerful Two-Handed weapons which you can use from your character's creation. Staves are usually preferred for leveling, as finding a good Off-Hand for a Dagger or a Sword is usually more time-consuming. Later on, they have some of the best caster stats you can find on weapons, and do not require a compatible Off-Hand to be used, making them easy to use options.


Daggers for TBC Classic Mages

Contrary to World of Warcraft Classic, TBC offers a broader variety of useful daggers for Mages, ranging from pre-BiS level Daggers like Runesong Dagger IconRunesong Dagger, to BiS weapons, such as Nathrezim Mindblade IconNathrezim Mindblade.


Maces for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Maces.


Off-Hands for TBC Classic Mages

There are several great DPS (Talisman of Kalecgos IconTalisman of Kalecgos) Off-Hands available for Mages.


Swords for TBC Classic Mages

Throughout all of TBC, Swords are usually the best weapons Mages can get, if combined with a proper Off-Hand. They can be pre-raid BiS, such as Greatsword of Horrid Dreams IconGreatsword of Horrid Dreams and raid BiS, such as Bloodmaw Magus-Blade IconBloodmaw Magus-Blade.


Fist Weapons for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Fist Weapons.


Idols for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Idols.


Axes for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Axes.


Polearms for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Polearms.


Crossbows for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Crossbows.


Bows for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Bows.


Guns for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Guns.


Thrown Weapons for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Thrown Weapons.


Shields for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Shields.


Leveling Weapons for Mages in TBC Classic

Look for weapons that have good stats for your specialization: Intellect and Stamina (later also Spirit) for Frost AoE leveling, Spell/Frost/Fire/Arcane damage and Intellect/Stamina/Spirit for the single-target leveling builds. You can often find decent weapons in the auction house, however, you do not want to spend too much gold on a weapon you will replace only a few levels later. Training skills from your Mage trainer or saving gold for your Riding Skill speeds up your leveling by a far greater amount than having a small stat increase.

Below, we will list a few of the most notable weapons you can get while leveling. This list will not contain One-Handed weapons, as for every weapon you get, you need an Off-Hand. Staves are either better or only marginally worse, but often easier to obtain.


Azeroth Leveling Weapons


Outland Leveling Weapons

For more leveling information, please refer to our leveling guide for Mages.


End-Game Weapons for Mages in TBC Classic

The ideal end game weapons for Mages depend on your specialization and the current phase of TBC Classic. We keep this information updated on our gearing guides listed down below:

  • 05 Jun. 2021: Page added.

Classic wow mage weapons

I probably should have done it before but after working on this document for about a year and a half now (April 28th 2018) I finally brought myself
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PaypalClick here to donateFrequently Asked Questions - Please READ before asking me anythingCHANGELOGWhat's the best race for Mages?July 11th 2020Before answering the question, here is the breakdown of each race's stats at level 60:Gnome:Human:Undead:Troll:

1630 HP

1640 HP1650 HP1650 HP

2949 Mana

2808 Mana2778 Mana2748 ManaMarch 15th 2020

134 Intellect

125 Intellect123 Intellect121 Intellect

44 Stamina

45 Stamina46 Stamina46 Stamina- Changed the "Hover the cell" to "Use Wowhead URL for infos" in the Pre Raid BiS and Raid BiS lists because nothing appears when using the

6.92% Spell Crit

6.76% Spell Crit6.73% Spell Crit6.70% Spell Crit HTML document as mentionned in the FAQ (at the bottom of this page).First and foremost, the Mage isn't a class that "requires" you to play a certain race to be viable in any aspect of the game (like Priests does for- Added the "Why is X trinket listed above the Y and Z trinkets in the Raid BiS lists?" question to the FAQ, also at the bottom of the page.example, well.. kind of), you can chose any race you want and still perform well enough in PvE, PvP, leveling, etc.January 28th 2020That being said if you are reading this guide, chances are you want to know what's the best race you can pick, here is the list:- Added Claw of Chromaggus and the AV Offhands as Alternative Weapons in the Phase 3 BiS list on the Raid BiS tab.Alliance:PvP: Gnome (Escape Artist)January 10th 2020PvE: Gnome (Expansive Mind)Updated the Phase 3 and 4 Alternative BiS lists of the Pre Raid BiS tab (Hover the cell to get redirected to the Wowhead article about it).Horde- Arcane Crystal Pendant confirmed to be available in Phase 3 on February 12th.PvP: Undead (Will of the Forsaken)PvE: Troll (Berserking)November 13th 2019PSA to all Alliance players:Finally came out of hibernation and replaced the Arcane Crystal Pendant neck with the Star of Mystaria on the Pre Raid BiS lists for Phase 2.I'm totally aware that most of you don't want to look like a Gnome and prefer playing Human instead despite not having any racials (let's be honest,as a Mage, Humans don't give you anything). This is not a reason to spam the Discord with "I cAn'T sTaNd pLaYiNg a gNoMe bUt hUmAnS hAsAs mentionned in the FAQ, the Class Quest for the neck is NOT in game right now and most likely isn't gonna be until sometime around the ZG patch.bAd rAcIalS, wHaT sHoUlD I dO gUyS?" messages, nobody can't make this decision for you. I know it's hard to decide but please avoid floodingPlease stop asking. :D - Update: Confirmed to be available in P3.. oh well.the Discord with it.November 7th 2019Added a Paypal donation link.- Donations are entirely optional. And extremely appreciated.- There is no "gated" content beind donation, you're getting the full document whether you donate or not.What's the best stats while leveling?
Hover the cell for a donation linkSpirit: - Increases the amount of mana you receive per tickIntellect: - Increases your max mana (1 int = 15 mana point) - Slightly increases your spell crit chance (59 int = 1% crit)October 9th 2019Stamina:Added a LOT of questions in the FAQ, also "revamped" the old ones, seriously please read them. - Increases your max HP (1 stam = 10 HP)September 19th 2019Spellpower: - Increases your spell's damage (The damage bonus depends on the spell's coefficient, the shorter the cast time the less it'll benefit from spell power)- Updated the FAQ, adressed the Magequest question.- Updated the Pre Raid BiS tab.__- Removed the "Trash Fight Set" lists in the Raid BiS tab. The reason for this is because there could be a lot of confusion about those lists,that being said those lists are gonna come back when it's all figured out.Four major points about the Spellpower stat:Overall I'm transitioning the document from what we've seen on private servers to the actual correct Classic data, might gonna take a while.1) SP gear is only "relevant" while ST leveling which is only happening when a server launches, at that point of the game the damage "gain" isn't worth the time wasted gathering this type of gear (Tailoring patterns, being lucky with blue drops).August 22th 2019- Updated the AoE Leveling Build in the "Talents" tab.2) "But I can just buy this gear off the AH at some point when I'm training my spells in Ironforge / Orgrimmar anyway": If you can find this type of gear at the AH then the server is established enough that you can AoE level instead of going ST.August 20th 2019- Updated the Pre Raid BiS, Raid BiS, and Phases tabs after reading this post.3) Having SP while leveling will do two things: - Hitting harder will allow you to shave off wand shots, while killing a mob faster is good you'll also sacrifice some mana regen via the 5 second rule.August 18th 2019 - Shave off an entire Frostbolt cast but only if you reach a certain SP threshold, which requires a lot of it.Massively updated the FAQ section (PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS BEFORE ASKING ME ANYTHING) As mentionned earlier, this is never worth going after.August 16th 20194) Spirit is the ultimate stat for ST leveling speed as you'll regen more mana per tick. Period.Updated the "FOOD BUFFS" section of the Buffs&Consumables tab: - More intellect means a larger mana pool, the more maximum mana you have the more mobs you can kill without drinking,- Monster Omelet added that being said once you reach OOM you're gonna have to drink for longer. Also you gain a little spell crit as a bonus.- Spiced Chili Crab added - More Stamina means you can take more hit before dying, this stat is never needed against mobs as you'll only die if you're not careful,- Tender Wolf Steak added and Stamina is not the fix here. It's more of a PvP stat than anything.- Heavy Kodo Stew added- Spider Sausage addedConclusion:- Mightfish Steak added- Cooked Glossy Mightfish addedSpirit > Intellect > Stamina - Keep in mind that PvP is not taken into account.- Hot Smoked Bass added- Sagefish Delight added2/3 VS 3/3 Improved Blizzard- Poached Sunscale Salmon added1) The 3/3 Improved Blizzard (65%):August 15th 2019 + Stronger slow effect than the Cone of Cold (50%) one.Raid BiS tab: Separated the lists into 3 different categories: Frozen Wrath Set, Zero Frost/Fire SP set, and Trash Mob Set. Just like on the Pre Raid BiS - Because of the above, if a 3/3 Blizzard slow (65%) is applied to a mob you cannot use a CoC slow (50%).August 12th 20192) The 2/3 Improved Blizzard (50%):- Revamped the entire "Buffs&Consumables" tab. - The slow effect is as strong as the Cone of Cold (50%) one.- Revamped the entire "Enchants" tab. + Because of the above, both slows can be applied. - Having two slows on a target will only make it last longer, the two effects doesn't "stack".August 6th 2019- Updated the "Stages" tab, items gated via later patches are now mentionned in the items' names.The TLDR is that people tend to run 2/3 Improved Blizzard because you're able to use CoC whenever you want. This is not a good idea for two reasons:August 5th 20191) This issue can be countered very easily by learning to time your CoC properly, right after the Blizzard slow drops.Reworked the Pre Raid BiS tab:- Separated the lists into 3 different categories: Frozen Wrath Set, Zero Frost SP set, and Alternative items.2) Because the 3/3 Imp Blizzard slow is stronger, the mobs will stay inside the AoE for longer meaning that picking up this talent is a damage gain.- Added notes on the Total SP cells for each Frozen Wrath Set list with more Frost SP / SP infos.
Classic WoW: How to gear a Mage for Raiding: Fresh 60 to Now!

Mages don’t directly use their weapons to attack enemies, as they’re not dependant on them for dealing damage. These weapons just act as a stat stick for them, so that they can alter the high amount of natural energy in them to cast spells. Their spells can vary depending on their offensive or defensive combat class.

It is recommended that a player with mage class should stick with whatever weapon grants him the greatest number of stats.

A mage class can equip Staves, One-handed swords, Daggers, and Wands. While staves and wand skills are already learned as a beginner, you’ll have to learn how to equip Daggers and One-handed sword as you make progress in-game.

Every mage class starts off with one weapon skill learned by default.

At level 10, Classic Mages unlock the access to learn additional weapon skills from weapon trainers in capital cities, with a cost of 10 silver pieces. Not all cities have trainers for all weapon skills.

These are the locations of Weapon Masters in capital cities.

· Ilyenia Moonfire (57.6, 46.6), Warrior's Terrace, Darnassus

Weapon Skill – Daggers

· Bixi Wobblebonk (62.0, 89.6), Military Ward, Ironforge

Weapon Skill – Daggers

· Woo Ping (57.0, 57.6), Trade District, Stormwind

Weapon Skill – Dagger & One-handed swords

· Sayoc (81.6, 19.4), Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar

Weapon Skill – Daggers

· Archibald (57.8, 31.6), War Quarter, Undercity

Weapon Skill – Daggers & One-handed swords

While levelling up as a mage, you will want to look for weapons that give you the most stats. Yes, staves are generally more recommended while levelling, as you won’t be needing an off-hand weapon to fully benefit or support your weapon slots. On the other hand, Wands are extremely important for a levelling mage, because they are a source to deal constant damage without the use of any mana. Also, it is definitely a slot one should want to keep updated as much as you can.

There are quite a few notable wands you can find from vendors, outdoor quests, dungeon quests, and are listed as follows –

· Level 5:  Lesser Magic Wand crafted by Enchanters

· Level 13:  Greater Magic Wand crafted by Enchanters

· Level 15:  Firebelcher from Deviate Faerie Dragon in the dungeon Wailing Caverns

· Level 18:  Gravestone Scepter from Blackfathom Villainy / Blackfathom Villainy

· Level 26:  Lesser Mystic Wand crafted by Enchanters

· Level 30:  Nether Force Wand, Icefury Wand or Ragefire Wand from Mage's Wand

· Level 46:  Noxious Shooter from Noxxion in Maraudon

· Level 51:  Rod of Corrosion from Shade of Eranikus in The Temple of Atal'Hakkar

· Level 58:  Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo from Baron Rivendare in Undead Stratholme

We do know that weapons are not as important for Classic Mages during levelling, but there are still weapons that can help you in your journey. The rewards that I’ve listed below have one common link between them and that is ‘Spell Power’ – which is by far the best stat for levelling mages.

· Level 32:  Orb of the Forgotten Seer, Off-Hand from Bloodmage Thalnos in Scarlet Monastery Graveyard

· Level 34:  Hypnotic Blade, Dagger from Arcanist Doan in Scarlet Monastery Library

· Level 35:  Celestial Stave, Staff from quest Celestial Power

· Level 35:  Celestial Orb, Off-Hand from quest Celestial Power

· Level 42:  Zum'rah's Vexing Cane, Staff from the Witch Doctor Zum'rah in Zul'Farrak

· Level 47:  Spirit of Aquementas, Off-Hand from It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

· Level 48:  Spire of Hakkar, Staff from Shade of Hakkar in The Temple of Atal'Hakkar

· Level 49:  Drakestone, Off-Hand from Several Bosses in The Temple of Atal'Hakkar

At level 60, you can purchase several powerful upgrades for your weapon.

After the release of a level 60 horde raid called ‘Ahn'Qiraj’. It is recommended that you switch to One-hand and Off-hand weapons, rather than staves. Now, before you ask why? The reason is because this zone depends heavily on what you have, so it’s better to use whatever give you more stats.

Phase 5 Mage Weapons: -

Mage Main Hand Weapons

Mage Off-Hand Weapons

Mage Ranged Weapons

It’s time that we switch to fire, so we have to say adios to Cold Snap and Wand of Biting Cold.

Talking about weapons, mages can equip one legendary weapon in Wow Classic; Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, which is only available in Phase 6. This staff contains heavy amount of spell power and a special effect that increases the Spell Critical Strike Chance for members of your party.

There are thousands of weapons that can be equipped by a mage class in WoW Classic, and is browsable in Wowhead’s Classic Item Database. You can narrow down your search results thanks to the filters, this can help you find specific weapons that you’re after.

· Type and Level: Search for a certain type of item, like all Cloth Helms + Gloves or all rare staves. You can further narrow things by their required level if you're interested in twinking or levelling upgrades.

· Phase Availability: There are six content phases in Classic WoW(here wow classic gold so cheap & fast), with many pieces of gear coming from PvP, dungeons, or raids in later phases, so we've organized all items by their phases.

· Stats: You can filter gear by every statistic in Classic WoW, ranging from Primary stats like Intellect to defensive ones like Fire Resistance.

· Source: There are filters for all types of sources, including drops, crafted items, and quests.

We hope that helped you pick the best Mage weapons for WoW Classic, good luck!


Similar news:

Gnome mage.jpg

Mages (or Magi) wield the elements of fire, frost, and the arcane to destroy or neutralize their enemies. They are a robed class that excels at dealing massive damage from afar, casting elemental bolts at a single target, or raining destruction down upon their enemies in a wide area of effect. Mages can also augment their allies' spell-casting powers, summon food or drink to restore their friends, and even travel across the world in an instant by opening arcane portals to distant lands.

  • Races: Human, Gnome, Forsaken, Troll
  • Type: Primary Ranged Magic Damage Dealer
  • Bars: Health/Mana
  • Armor: Cloth
  • Weapons: Staves, Wands, Daggers (with training), Swords (with training)

When seeking someone to introduce monsters to a world of pain, the Mage is a good choice. With their elemental and arcane attacks, it's a safe bet something they can do won't be resisted by your chosen enemy. Damage is the name of the Mage game, and they do it well. Their arsenal includes some powerful crowd control spells, also, giving them the ability to keep hordes at bay -- in fact, these abilities can be used on the most common creatures in the game, thus making them extremely valuable for this purpose.

Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana


  • Very effective in damaging multiple targets at once with powerful Area of Effect Damage Spells
  • Effective at escaping enemies with Blink, Frost Nova, and Ice Armor spells
  • Excellent long range damage capability
  • Can transport self and others to major cities using portals
  • Great at crowd control


  • Restricted to wearing cloth armor
  • Poor melee capability and low hit points
  • Has no healing ability



Ability Ranks Levels
Arcane Intellect61 / 14 / 28 / 42 / 56
Conjure Water74 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
Conjure Food76 / 12 / 22 / 32 / 42 / 52 / 60
Arcane Missiles88 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 48 / 56 / 56
Polymorph48 / 20 / 40 / 60
Dampen Magic512 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 60
Slow FallNA12
Arcane Explosion614 / 22 / 30 / 38 / 46 / 54
Remove Lesser CurseNA18
Amplify Magic418 / 30 / 42 / 54
Teleport: IronforgeNA20
Teleport: OrgrimmarNA20
Teleport: StormwindNA20
Teleport: UndercityNA20
Mana Shield620 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52 / 60
Ability Ranks Levels
Conjure Mana AgateNA28
Teleport: DarnassusNA30
Teleport: Thunder BluffNA30
Mage Armor334 / 46 / 58
Conjure Mana JadeNA38
Portal: IronforgeNA40
Portal: OrgrimmarNA40
Portal: StormwindNA40
Portal: UndercityNA40
Conjure Mana CitrineNA48
Portal: DarnassusNA50
Portal: Thunder BluffNA50
Arcane BrillianceNA56
Conjure Mana RubyNA58
Polymorph: TurtleNA60
Polymorph: PigNA60


Ability Ranks Levels
Fireball111 / 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 / 54 / 60
Fire Blast76 / 14 / 22 / 30 / 38 / 46 / 54
Flamestrike616 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 48 / 56
Fire Ward520 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
Ability Ranks Levels
Pyroblast820 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 / 54 / 60
Scorch722 / 28 / 34 / 40 / 46 / 52 / 58
Blast Wave530 / 36 / 44 / 52 / 60


Ability Ranks Levels
Frost Armor31 / 10 / 20
Cold SnapNA1
Chilled21 / 10
Frostbolt114 / 8 / 14 / 20 / 26 / 32 / 38 / 44 / 50 / 56 / 60
Ice BlockNA4
Frost Nova410 / 26 / 40 / 54
Ability Ranks Levels
Blizzard620 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52 / 60
Frost Ward522 / 32 / 42 / 52 / 60
Cone of Cold526 / 34 / 42 / 50 / 58
Ice Armor430 / 40 / 50 / 60
Ice Barrier440 / 46 / 52 / 58


Arcane tree

  • Row 1: Arcane Subtlety (2), Arcane Focus (5), Improved Arcane Missiles (5)
  • Row 2: Wand Specialization (2), Magic Absorption (5), Arcane Concentration (5)
  • Row 3: Magic Attunement (2), Improved Arcane Explosion (3), Arcane Resilience
  • Row 4: Improved Mana Shield (2), Improved Counterspell (2), Arcane Meditation (3)
  • Row 5: Presence of Mind, Arcane Mind (5)
  • Row 6: Arcane Instability (3)
  • Row 7: Arcane Power

Fire tree

  • Row 1: Improved Fireball (5), Impact (5)
  • Row 2: Ignite (5), Flame Throwing (2), Improved Fire Blast (3)
  • Row 3: Incinerate (2), Improved Flamestrike (3), Pyroblast, Burning Soul (2)
  • Row 4: Improved Scorch (3), Improved Fire Ward (2), Master of Elements (3)
  • Row 5: Critical Mass (3), Blast Wave
  • Row 6: Fire Power (5)
  • Row 7: Combustion

Frost tree

  • Row 1: Frost Warding (2), Improved Frostbolt (5), Elemental Precision (3)
  • Row 2: Ice Shards (5), Frostbite (3), Improved Frost Nova (2), Permafrost (3)
  • Row 3: Piercing Ice (3), Cold Snap, Improved Blizzard (3)
  • Row 4: Arctic Reach (2), Frost Channeling (3), Shatter (5)
  • Row 5: Ice Block, Improved Cone of Cold (3)
  • Row 6: Winter's Chill (5)
  • Row 7: Ice Barrier

5597 5598 5599 5600 5601