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10 Die Hard Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

It’s that time of the year again! While some people are diving headfirst into the classic Christmas or holiday movie regime, others are pulling out their copies of Die Hard for another round of viewing. And we don’t blame them about that in the least!

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Die Hard has held fans' attention for decades, and with good reason. Because of all the attention it’s been getting, there have been a ton of memes created to praise or tease the franchise. Now, if you’ve spent anytime online around the holidays the odds are good that you’ve seen a particular variant of one of these memes (you know the one we’re talking about). But it’s one of those memes that keeps on getting funnier, so we’re okay with that.

10 An Angel Gets Its Wings

If every time Hans Gruber falls and angel gets its wings, then that means there are a whole lot of happy angels somewhere because Die Hard fans seriously binge this movie around the holiday season. We're not even going to try and guess how many times we've watched this movie, as an individual or as a group.

And that's part of the reason that this meme is making us laugh so hard. The image of Hans Gruber falling is also a plus – that never gets old. And seeing people agree with us on that is always appreciated.

9 The Combination of Memes!

There's nothing better than seeing a meme merged together with our favorite fandom. In this case, it's the classic snarky cat meme, and he's saying something that most of us can both sympathize and agree with.

We've all been there; getting stuck in an argument about Die Hard being a Christmas movie. But we think this cat summed up the perfect response against those that don't agree with us (read: those that don't think it's a Christmas movie).

Yippee Ki Yay, motherf*cker, indeed.

8 I Don't Always Die...

We love this meme! First, it's very accurate for the whole franchise (dramatic and tough, just the way we like it). For another, it's just plain funny. There's something about this combination that is just really working for us. Don't you think so too?

Also, it's fun picturing this line being said by Hans Gruber. We know he wouldn't actually be the character getting to say it, but it's so much funnier this way!

7 Die Hard Is (Not) A Christmas Movie

La la la. Can't hear you! But seriously, this whole scene is priceless. There's the reference itself, obviously. But it also perfectly encompasses how we feel any time this age-old argument rises to the surface once again. And it always does. Without fail this is an argument to be had each Christmas.

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At a certain point you just have to pick a way of dealing with those arguments. Do you cover your ears (or eyes, if you're online) and pretend it isn't happening? Or do you dive right in and give it your all? You decide!

6 That Time Of Year

This is a meme that has been circulating for years, and yet it still feels so right. Every year we see it, and every year we agree with it. And then immediately sit down and watch Die Hard once again. Because this meme circulating means it is that time of year.

But in all seriousness, while this is the most common Die Hard meme, it is still one of our favorites. And not just because we love that face Hans Gruber is making. This meme is the embodiment of a sentiment most fans feel.

5 Old Habits & All That

You know that saying, old habits die hard? Yeah, it's true.

And that's a painful fact of life. But at least this meme managed to make that fact a little less painful, and a whole lot funnier. It's so much more fun to think of our habits as stubborn police officers who don't know when to quit.

Okay, that's probably not the best mindset to have. But it sure is a funny one! And thus this meme will forever make us chuckle whenever we see it.

4 Spare Some Change for the Next Die Hard Sequel?

Okay, this meme might be just a wee bit harsh. But any franchise that has gone on beyond the realm of reason deserves a reality slap such as this one. That's the reason why we're finding this meme so funny.

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Because really; we can all agree that the first Die Hard movie was and still is amazing. All of its sequels, on the other hand, are up for debate – though starting that argument is likely to get you caught up in a multi-day event. So do be careful.

3 John McClane Vs. Male Pattern Baldness

Ouch. But also, not wrong.

We love Bruce Willis, but you've got to admit that each time the franchise came out with another movie, our leading hero had less hair to work with. There's nothing wrong with that, but it is an unavoidable fact. And it's pretty funny too, especially if you binge the series and watch it happen in rapid time.

2 There Are Two Types of People In the World...

There are those who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and those who are wrong. We know, yet another meme talking about the eternal debate of Die Hard. While it happens to be a debate with an obvious conclusion (in our opinion), it's still a debate that happens.

Every. Single. Year.

And so this meme is still relevant. And it will still make us chuckle and cheer. So it's perfect for this time of year.

1 Do You Really Think You Have A Chance?

So this is a meme that we never realized we needed, but man did we ever need this one!

Alan Rickman really made Hans Gruber's character, so we probably should have expected a comparison like this. After all, Snape was another iconic character brought to life by Rickman.

And yet this meme caught us by surprise, and we burst out laughing because of it. This meme is absolutely perfect for Die Hard and Harry Potter fans alike. This is especially true if you're a fan of both. If you aren't already... why?!

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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Meme


Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? is a viral debate about whether or not the 1988 action film Die Hard is a Christmas movie because it is set during the holiday. The question and classification have been refuted by some who believe those insisting that Die Hard is a Christmas movie only do so to elicit a response (similar Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?).


On July 15th, 1988, Die Hard was released in the United States (trailer below).

While the film, which follows police officer John McClain (portrayed by Bruce Willis) as he attempts to reclaim an office building seized by terrorists, is set on Christmas Eve, the holiday plays a minimal role in the plot. However, in the earliest mentions of the film as a Christmas movie, on December 13th, 2007, the media outlet Slate included the film on their "guide to overlooked Christmas movies." They wrote:

"Die Hard's most elegant Christmas sneer occurs early in the movie, when McClane sends a dead German down the elevator, strapped to a chair, wearing a Santa hat, with the following written on his gray sweatshirt: 'NOW I HAVE A MACHINE GUN. HO HO HO.' Rickman's line reading is exquisite. With three punctuated Hos, he deftly inverts the joy of those words, expressing all the contempt that the manufactured cheer of Christmas can inspire."


That year, other blogs and publications, including The Guardian, also published arguments for Die Hard as a Christmas movie.

In 2009, Cracked published the listicle "5 Reasons Die Hard Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever Made." In 2011, Forbes named the film the "Best Christmas Movie of All Time."

Since 2007, stating that Die Hard is a Christmas movie became a popular talking point on social media websites, such as Twitter (example below, left)

And, yes. Die Hard *is* a Christmas movie. text black black and white fontSomeone tell my Mom that the first Die Hard IS a Christmas movie. text black font black and whiteI think we would be a lot closer to world peace if we could all just agree that DIIE HARD is the greatest Christmas movie ever. text font black black and white line number

In 2013, others began refuting the assertion. BuzzFeed published the article "Stop Saying Die Hard Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie." In the article, they wrote, "I suspect that people think this opinion is unique. It's the betcha didn't see this answer coming that gives it it's oomph. You'll see this opinion trotted out by people who normally claim a psychical inability to pick a favorite film or album or artist."

On November 27th, 2017, in a since-deleted tweet,Twitter user @_ElizabethMay tweeted a mock conversation with someone who considers Die Hard to be their favorite Christmas movie. Within one month, the tweet received more than 12,000 retweets and 57,000 likes (shown below).

On July 29th, 2018, at the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis, in his closing address, the actor said, "Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It's a Bruce Willis movie." Uploaded to YouTube that day, the clip received more than 492,000 views in less than one year (shown below, left).

Later that year, on December 18th, 20th Century Fox, the studio that produced Die Hard, released a recut movie trailer for the film, reframing it as an explicit holiday movie. Within two days, the video received more than 265,000 views (shown below, right).

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It’s December, everyone! While Hallmark has been beating us over the head with Christmas movies since September, the rest of the channels out there have now gotten in on the act. Meaning we’re being hit with Christmas movies and specials until December 31 at least. Of course, with the barrage of Christmas content out there, the question arises: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

The internet has been fighting to the death over answering the topic of whether or not this 1988 action classic truly counts as a Christmas film. And the debate will rage on and on for years to come. Naturally, there’s a lot of memes about this topic. Surprisingly, most of them are pro-Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Maybe the tide of the debate is turning elsewhere? 

Either way, people say Christmas isn’t complete without seeing Bruce Willis fight a bunch of terrorists to a soundtrack of Christmas music. Here are some memes about that. 

1. Two people in the world…

Ah yes, the true divide of the world. People believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie of the highest degree and those who believe otherwise. Two households alike in dignity but with a fundamental difference. 

2. Off the tower! 

RIP to the great Alan Rickman, but it’s not Christmas until we see Hans Gruber fall off the tower to his death. Rickman was so great in that role too. Ah memories. Anyone else miss him, like, so much? All the time? 

3. The sides of the debate

I mean, the cat isn’t wrong here. That’s the best line possible, isn’t it? But, again, this is how many of the debates online usually go for time immemorial forever and ever. You just got to go with the flow at some point, you know? 

4. Gingerbread tower

Honestly? The artistry and skill for the gingerbread tower is straight up impressive. Look at it! Good job whoever made that. Then your kids will have to ask about Die Hard and that’s a whole other can of worms. Still killer gingerbread house though. A+++ job.

5. Feel the judgement! 

That is the Bruce Willis stage of judgement. Do you want that star directed onto you? Definitely not. It’s a terrifying sort of judgmental stare to be placed on another person. Look at him, he’s judging all of your life choices.

6. The endless argument 

Anyone who has ever tried to argue about Die Hard being a Christmas movie to someone that doesn’t want to change their mind is feeling this frustrating in their very soul right now. People are just set in their ways like that. Man, Spongebob really does have a meme for everything.

7. Isn’t it though? Isn’t it? 

For something that is not a Christmas movie, there’s certainly a lot of Christmas-y things happening in Die Hard. Do you dig it, dude? There’s a lot going on here. 

8. The metaphorical nature of Die Hard

Die Hard is truly a metaphor for everyone who has to do socially obligated family holidays and then has to deal with the obstacles that continue to pop up while in the midst of said social obligation. Anyone willing to be some film student wrote an analysis like that? 

9. They may have something here 

Home Alone is Die Hard children’s edition. Change our minds! 

10. The most valid argument ever

At its simplest plot, Die Hard is about a man trying to get home to his family for Christmas. There are a lot of Christmas movies with that same premise. Wow. That’s…that’s probably the most valid argument yet.

11. Plot twist!

Instead of arguing Die Hard’s validity as a Christmas movie, argue it’s validity as a proto-Harry Potter and watch minds explode.

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Die Hard Meme

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Hard memes die

Oksana imagined how this could be done in the compartment of a moving train and got excited. It was a good time to retire and take care of your itchy bottom. Of course, it would be better to feel the attention of her husband, but he was busy with an urgent project and at this time it.

Is better not to touch him. Standing under the shower, Oksana stroked her breasts, imagining how Sergei would do it.

Meme That Make Me Cry Laughing

I have begun to apologize. We will talk about this later, - Olga looked me in the eye and smiled kindly. - Have a better drink of something, Saveliev.

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