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3.14 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game




Start with Summon Raging Spirits... Transition into Summon Skeletons and Raise Zombies. Support those main skills with minion life, minion damage, feeding frenzy, melee physical damage, melee splash... (or any other minion gem you come across). Focus on gems in final build and start leveling them.

Levels 4-12Get 2B+1RStaff and 2B+1RChest/Boots/Helmet or (preferably)Wand 1R+2Band Shield, so that you can have:

A-Minion damage, Melee splash, Summon Raging spirit

B-Minion damage, Melee splash, Summon Skeletons

If you cannot get a 2B+1R and can get a 3Bitem somewhere...

Minion damage, Infernal Legion, Summon Raging spirit


Minion damage, Infernal Legion, Summon Skeletons

Meanwhile, level up Raise Zombie gem elsewhere.

Gear doesn't really matter as your minions do the damage and they are based on gem level. In saying that, do make sure that you continually upgrade your gear and links as you go. Use a chaos or two to buy a helping leveling unique if need be (see useful leveling uniques below).

When you reach Act 6 just make sure you are resistance capped. Goldrim is fantastic for helping with this.

More detail:

Alternate Setups (to mix things up and have some fun!)

Ranged Spectres Setup:

This setup is awesome and I often run with this.

Ranged Spectres just change up your game experience so much which spices things up greatly. They look awesome, and they are fantastic for clearing maps and we still take down all bosses with 1 or 2 seconds.

Gems (put them in a Hungry Loop ring): Raise Spectre, Spell Echo,GMP, Faster Projectiles,Empower

Some good ranged spectre options include:
- Frost Sentinel (act 8 Lunaris Concourse)
- Flame Sentinels (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Solar Guards (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Goatman Fire-Raiser (Act 6 Prisoner's Gate)

Video examples:
90sec T16 Minotaur Clear using combination of Flame Sentinals, Frost Sentinals, and Solar Guard. No need for single target gem swap at boss like all other spectre builds do!: https://youtu.be/ldZZ_FmDLCs

Examples of different ranged spectres: https://youtu.be/bp9VBV1FJpE

Golem Setup (Awesome DPS and Single Target Damage)

Check out this 60 second Minotaur clear and the super fast single target.. and check me just take that Minotaur slam like a badass!:


So what you gotta do?

Get these bad boys!

Then spec into some jewel sockets, and spec into Golem Commander (respec out of some life).

Swap in Carrion Golem instead of Minion Damage in Zombie setup so they both become 5 links.

You will have 15 Zombies, 4 Spectres, and 4 BIG AND BADASS GOLEMS kicking some butt... oh and don't forget the 50 or so Skellies that you can pop because they want in on the action too...

Here is my POB with Golems setup + ranged spectre setup (this setup is REALLLYY fun... High DPS, great clear, and looks epic... it does have a bit less life though). But you will instakill Shaper, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, and all end-game bosses with this setup. Note that if you use the normal melee spectres you will get even MORE dps because your zombies will have frenzy charges:

Instagib Bossing fun:

Swap in this belt that gives all your flasks to your minions:

Then load your flask bar with offensive flasks like these... and simply pop them on bosses to annihilate them! Note you will have to swap your Brutality gem in Zombie setup for Fortify otherwise you won't get the elemental damage benefits.

Video example:
1 second Conqueror Kills: https://youtu.be/u9REbV9jfh4
Minotaur and Shaper boss kill: https://youtu.be/r9k-W15E3ZA

Frequently Asked Questions



3.9 Build Setups for Reference

Setup 1) Balanced Setup using Saqawal's Nest

This setup provides the grestest balance of DPS and Defence. Your DPS will be fantastic (greater than with Geofri's) and your defence still solid (between 10,000 and 14,000 eHP).

We run 7 auras... yes... 7!! Note that Haste is not active while mapping though, we just pop Vaal Haste on bosses.

POB Link: https://pastebin.com/tqdhWSwm

Note that POB doesn't pickup Lethal Pride jewel (left hand side) and Thread of Hope allocations - you should use skill points on Ravenous Horde and Cruel Preparation.

Purity of Elements can be swapped for Discipline for more ES, or Skitterbots for more DPS.

Carrion Golem can be swapped to Chaos Golem for more defence.

Maim can be swapped for Vaal Molten Shell for more defence.

Lethal Pride can be swapped for Elegant Hubris for more offence (swap Elegant Hubris Jewel location with either Watcher's Eye, Efficient Training on right hand side, or Brawn Jewel. This is so it doesn't remove your other nodes in Lethal Pride's location.

NOTE:Watcher's Eye, Emperor's Mastery, and Lethal Pride are totally NOT needed. They are simply min-maxing for the rich folk.

Setup 2) Tanky Setup using Geofri's Sanctuary

This setup is very tanky and a great option for most players. It is the setup that this build was built from and what most players at end-game currently use. It is the most tanky of the setups, but has slightly weaker DPS and movement speed compared to the Speed Setup below.

You will have over 15,000 HP/ES for INSANE defence, and you can kill Uber Elder in 1min 34 seconds with the BIGGEST DPS in the game WHILE PRESSING NO BUTTONS.. (literally, see video below):


Note that in the video above I have lower ES purely because I decided to do the run without chest amour (for the lolz!)

Note: Because we have 3 red and 3 blue sockets in chest, you can CHOOSE to either use the setup shown below (auras), or use a 6L Skeleton Setup dependingg on your preference. Auras provide smoother gameplay due to not having to raise skellies, but skellies do some great DPS.

Skeletons links would be: Vaal Summon Skeletons, Minion Damage, Feeding Frenzy,Melee Physical Damage, Multistrike, Melee Splash. Melee Splash can be swapped with Maim for bosses.

Impale in the weapon below can also be swapped for Minion Damage. The extra blue socket can provide more versatility - for example swapping in minion speed while mapping. If not using impale, war banner is better than dread banner.

If your Empower is not at least level 3, use Maim instead.

Clarity in the ring is only needed if you have the watchers eye that gives "x% if maximum mana is gained as extra maximum energy shield while affected by Clarify". Flame Dash is also good skill to put here or in another unset ring if you have one.

POB Link: https://pastebin.com/swGfbb2k

NOTE:Watcher's Eye, Emperor's Mastery, and Lethal Pride are totally NOT needed. They are simply min-maxing for the rich folk.

Setup 3) DPS and Speed Setup using Victario's Influence

This setup provides the fastest clear speed of any summoner in the game while doing amazing DPS. The sacrifice is you are not as tanky as Setup 1 above. You can still do all content in the game with this setup very easily, but you may die here or there.

Impale in the weapon below can also be swapped for Minion Damage. The extra blue socket can provide more versatility - for example swapping in minion speed while mapping. If not using impale, war banner is better than dread banner.

If your Empower is not at least level 3, use Maim instead.

Clarity in the ring is only needed if you have the watchers eye that gives "x% if maximum mana is gained as extra maximum energy shield while affected by Clarify". Flame Dash is also good skill to put here or in another unset ring if you have one.

POB Link: https://pastebin.com/PsKUKsxU
POB Link (old one using Blasphemy + Vulnerability): https://pastebin.com/WhVMRkw5

NOTE:Watcher's Eye, Emperor's Mastery, and Lethal Pride are totally NOT needed. They are simply min-maxing for the rich folk.

Setup 4) Budget and Newbies Setup

This setup is what most new players or players at the start of a league would start with before progressing to one of the 2 setups above. It's very budget friendly but obviously does not have the DPS and tankiness of the above two. This is where you should start this build, and as you make currency and get a feel for the build, you progress to your choice above.

If you need more defence, simply swap in discipline instead of flesh and stone and use chaos golem instead of carrion golem.

POB Link: https://pastebin.com/5F4Lh16T


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Sours: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2642810

Path Of Exile Witch guide: beginner build for Necromancer

There are a bunch of classes to choose from in Path Of Exile, but here’s the best Witch class to go for at the beginning. Of course, go for what you enjoy, but if you want a bit of guidance on the best Witch build to start with, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for an easy start in Path Of Exile, look no further than the Witch. She’s a spellcaster who deals lots of damage at range, letting you stay out of the firing line and dish out punishment from afar. The Necromancer route is a great path to go down for beginners, as it allows you to get minions to deal the bulk of your damage.

Here’s a great route you can go down to make a start as the Witch in Path Of Exile.

Necromancer Witch build

Despite her high individual damage potential, one of the best ways to play with the Witch is by raising minions to do all your dirty work for you!

Necromancy, with abilities like Raise Zombie and Summon Skeletons, is a very viable way to play, especially for new players who might want to rely a bit more on AI than their own mechanical skill. It worked for me.

For this build, you want to heavily rely on the Raise Zombie gem, a gem that’ll let you raise corpses from the dead to fight for you. Remember, you have to have available corpses near you to use this, or the spell won’t work.

Necromancer passive skills

For new players, the giant skill tree can seem overwhelming. It’s okay though, just start small. You want to be looking for skills that buff your minions. At the very beginning of the tree, select ‘Energy Shield and Mana Regeneration’, as this’ll both protect you and give you more mana to summon minions as they die on you. From there, go up and to the right to upgrade your minion health and damage.

Click the ‘search here’ bar at the top of the screen and type ‘minion’ to highlight the areas of the skill tree you’ll want to be targeting, and try not to waste your skills if you’re not going towards minion buffs. After this first bit, you’ll want to start unlocking skills to the left. The following skills should be the ones you aim for within the skill tree, unlocking in the most efficient way possible to reach them:

  • Redemption - increases damage and minion movement speed, attack speed, cast speed, and accuracy
  • Gravepact - increases minion damage, attack speed, accuracy, and gives minions a 5% double damage chance
  • Righteous Army - increases minion maximum life, life regen, minion damage, and minion life regen

When you eventually complete the Labyrinth, make sure you pick the Necromancer Ascendancy skill tree and seek to gain the following skills:

  • Unnatural Strength - +2 to all minion skill gems' level
  • Plaguebringer - consuming corpses increases you and your minions' area-of-effect damage, and with corpses nearby your damage given is raised while damage taken is decreased
  • Bone Barrier - offers physical damage reduction per minion, increased recovery rate of life and energy shield per minion, and minion max life

Raise Zombie Support Gems

Here’s the gems you want to be using and levelling up throughout your build, ideally with 6-link equipment (meaning 6 gems are used and working together). If you don’t have enough gem sockets, make sure you’re keeping hold of the top ones on this list:

  • Raise Zombie - raises a zombie from a nearby corpse. Needs corpses to function
  • Deathmark Support - allows your minions to target specific enemies and deal extra damage to marked target
  • Feeding Frenzy Support - makes minions more aggressive, also giving chance to get damage and speed buffs on hit
  • Minion Damage Support - increases damage dealt by minions, obviously
  • Melee Physical Damage Support - increases physical damage from attacks made by the supported melee skill
  • Added Fire Damage Support - adds extra fire damage to supported skills (zombie attacks)

Of course, there are all kinds of gems you can use to change your Raise Zombie ability for the better, so this list isn’t the be all and end all. The most important thing is your zombies doing all your work for you, and anything past that is a bonus.

For a beginner especially, don’t sweat it! You can always change your gems, whilst passive skills are harder to tweak later on.

Other skills to use

As well as Raise Zombie, you should be looking to build out a few other spells on your Necromancer. Here are a few to try and use to maximise the benefit of your minion-summoning upgrades:

  • Summon Skeletons - creates skeletons for a short period of time to fight for you, no corpses needed
  • Carrion Golem - summons a golem that strikes with strong melee attacks and is strengthened by other minions
  • Raise Spectre - summons a defeated enemy as an allied minion
  • Desecrate - summons corpses and a patch of desecrated ground, dealing chaos damage to all enemies
  • Ball Lightning (with Curse On Hit Support) - creates a slow-moving ball of lightning damage, which curses enemy minions hit by it
Sours: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/path-of-exile-witch-guide-beginner-build-for-necromancer
  1. Micke desk white
  2. Chords to without you
  3. Is comet on directv
  4. Nhl starting lineups
  5. Whispering pines topeka
Necromancer ascendancy class.png
Embrace the serene power that is undeath.

The Necromancer is an Ascendancy class for the Witch.


The Necromancer is an Ascendancy class themed around the dead and the undead. They are an excellent choice for minion-based builds, having access to minion-enhancing skills, as well as bonuses related to auras and Offering skills. They also have skills based around corpses, gaining powerful bonuses from spawning and consuming corpses, which makes them pair well with corpse-based skills like UnearthSpell, Projectile, AoE, Physical
Level: (1-20)
Cost: (4-10) Mana
Cast Time: 0.30 sec
Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
Effectiveness of Added Damage: 90%Requires Level 10Fires a projectile that will pierce through enemies to impact the ground at the targeted location, creating a Bone Archer corpse where it lands.0.5% increased Cast Speed1% increased Physical DamageMaximum of 0.1 corpses allowedCorpses Spawned have 2% increased Maximum LifeDeals (15-407) to (22-611) Physical Damage
Spawns corpses with Level (12-80)
Maximum of 10 corpses allowed
Projectiles Pierce all TargetsPlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.Unearth skill icon.png and Detonate DeadSpell, AoE, Fire
Level: (1-20)
Cost: (5-20) Mana
Cast Time: 0.60 sec
Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
Effectiveness of Added Damage: 160%
Radius: 22Targets a corpse, and deals spell damage to enemies around the corpse, as well as causing the corpse to explode, dealing fire damage. The explosion is not affected by modifiers to spell damage and cannot be reflected.0.5% increased Cast SpeedExplosion deals base Fire Damage equal to 6% of the corpse's Maximum Life
Deals (15-798) to (22-1197) Fire Damage
+(0-4) to radiusPlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.Detonate Dead skill icon.png.

Passive skills

Minor skills

The Necromancer has the following minor passive skills:

Notable skills

The Necromancer has the following notable passive skills:

SkillModifiersPrerequisitePreceding Passive
GiftsOfTheDamned (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngMistress of SacrificeYour Offering Skills also affect you
Your Offerings have 50% reduced Effect on you
40% increased Skill Effect Duration
Minion Damage, Skill Duration
PlagueBringer (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngPlaguebringerIf you've Consumed a corpse Recently, you and your Minions have 30% increased Area of Effect
With at least one nearby corpse, you and nearby Allies deal 10% more Damage
With at least one nearby corpse, nearby Enemies deal 10% reduced Damage
Minion Damage, Cast Speed
CorpseConsumptionNotable2 (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngCorpse Pact2% increased Attack and Cast Speed for each corpse Consumed Recently, up to a maximum of 200%
Enemies near corpses you Spawned Recently are Chilled and Shocked
Corpses you Spawn have 50% increased Maximum Life
PlaguebringerMinion Damage, Cast Speed
GenericMinionNotable (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngMindless AggressionMinions have 10% increased Movement Speed
Minions deal 30% increased Damage
Minions have 10% increased Attack Speed
Minions have 10% increased Cast Speed
Minion Damage and Life
DefensiveMinionNotable (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngBone BarrierGrants Level 20 Bone Armour Skill
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Minion, up to 10%
2% increased Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield per Minion, up to 20%
Minions have 20% more Maximum Life
Mindless AggressionMinion Damage and Life
OffensiveMinionNotable (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngUnnatural Strength+2 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems Mindless AggressionMinion Damage and Life
EssenceGlutton (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngEssence GluttonFor each nearby corpse, you and nearby Allies Regenerate 0.2% of Energy Shield per second, up to 2.0% per second
For each nearby corpse, you and nearby Allies Regenerate 5 Mana
per second, up to 50 per second
Regenerate 8% of Energy Shield over 2 seconds when you Consume a corpse
Regenerate 8% of Mana over 2 seconds when you Consume a corpse
Minion Damage, Mana
CommandingTheDarkness (Necromancer) passive skill icon.pngCommander of DarknessAuras from your Skills grant 3% increased Attack and Cast
Speed to you and Allies
You and nearby Allies deal 30% increased Damage
You and nearby Allies have +30% to Elemental Resistances
Minion Damage, Aura Effect

Version history

Version Changes
  • Small passives now cause your Minions to deal 10% increased Damage (from 15%).
  • Corpse Pact now has an upper limit on increases to cast speed per corpse consumed recently of 200%.
  • Bone Barrier no longer grants Elemental Resistances per minion. Increased Life and Energy Shield Recovery per minion is now 2% (from 3%), capping out at 20% (from 30%).
  • Commander of Darkness now grants You and nearby allies +30% to all Elemental Resistances (from 20%).
  • Removed Invoker, Flesh Binder, Bone Sculptor, Soul Weaver, and Puppet Master.
  • Added Plaguebringer, Corpse Pact, Mindless Aggression, Unnatural Strength, Bone Barrier, and Essence Glutton.
  • Removed Beacon of Corruption and Spirit Eater.
  • Added Invoker and Puppet Master.
  • Soul Weaver now requires Invoker instead of Flesh Binder.
  • Flesh Binder now requires Invoker.
Sours: https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Necromancer

Reaper Summoner Necromancer Build


Reaper Summoner Necromancer Build

One of the most unique Minion/Summoner build that utilizes a single powerful Minion that feeds on other Minions to boost its stats

Updated for Patch 3.15

The Best Crafty Guides by Odealo

Estimated budget: low to medium
Buy PoE Currency

Guide notes
July 22, 2021
-Concept build initiated
July 29, 2021
-Updated for Patch 3.15
July 30, 2021
-Added gameplay video


Patch 3.15 introduced a new Skill Gem that's supposed to have a heavy impact on the Necromancers meta. Summon Reaper is a Minion that deals Physical Damage, you can command him to perform a Dash-Attack. Another special aspect of it is that you can have only one Reaper at all times, the Reaper weakens your other Minions and can consume them to heal and empower himself, making it obvious that you should center your build around him rather than using him as an addition to a casual Minion Build. Reaper offers one of the most unusual Minion playstyles, which till now was based on leading an army of other Minions that did crazy stuff all around your screen, making it harder to control. With Reaper, it is the complete opposite, you are going to focus on boosting a single Minion that should deal massive damage and clear all the content on its own. Because of its characteristics, you are still going to summon other Minions, but most likely in order to boost your powerful Reaper or provide other utility bonuses. 

This build is a pure Physical Version - your Minions, empowered by Brutality and Impale, with already increased chance to Bleed and increased its effectiveness is the most obvious way to play this build. The version presented here also uses Aspect of the Avian and Saqawal's Nest for more damage. A lot of damage comes from Cluster Jewels - the build will benefit a lot from Notables such as Rotten Claws or Renewal. These Jewels can get ridiculously expensive so the guide will consist of two Final Skill Trees - one version with no place for Cluster Jewels, and one with Cluster Jewels socketed in. Your main line of defense separating you from dying is your Life Pool - seek to increase your Maximum Life to a point of 6k. With Steelskin, Fortify, High Block Chance, Armour, instant Enduring Cry, and Minions taking the hits for you, the character is really hard to kill.

You can also check our other Path of Exile builds right over here Odealo's Crafty Guides - Full List


1. Gameplay

This build can be compared to a standard Life Minion build, but instead of summoning plenty of Minions, you will be using one powerful Reaper that will deal significantly more damage. You will be required to constantly resummon other types of Minions, but for the purpose of utility buffs and feeding your Reaper to boost his stats and heal him. Your main role is still going to be boosting your Reaper via Auras, Curses, Offering Spells, and increasing your own defenses to stay alive for example by having instantly cast Enduring Cry while Reaper reaps through the content. A single Reaper is not that good in dealing with a lot of enemies at once, it's good with killing Bosses and Rare opponents in a single hit of his manually casted skill. To deal with trash enemies you should use Skeletons - link them with Feeding Frenzy Support to make them aggressive. Skeletons will serve additionally as an empowerment source for your Reaper.

This video was recorded on a level 94 Necromancer on Standard League. We had a total of +3 Minion/Physical Spell Skill Gem upgrades on the Rare equipment and a very few Minion DPS/Speed/Movement Speed bonuses, which puts this build halfway through to its final form. Either way, it allows you to kill most of the Bosses in the game while having a lot of space for potential improvements. Just do understand, it's a good Boss killer build, but the clear speed will be lacking regardless of your investments

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • very high Single-Target Damage
  • decent clear speed
  • reliable defenses
  • Cluster Jewels are expensive
  • there's a lot of active Skills, gameplay includes pressing more than four buttons


3. Leveling tips

You can start leveling using your Summon Skeletons, you'll put your points in generic Minion nodes on the Skill Tree anyway. Your Defense will consist of Maximum Life so don't ignore this stat. There are Unique Items that will help you during the leveling process, most of them are listed below. Summon Reaper can be equipped at level 26, before that you have to really on Skeletons. Use Essences of Fear to quickly craft an Item with Minion-boosting mods.

Suggested leveling Gem setups:

Curse setup
VulnerabilityVulnerability -  Cursed enemies will receive more Physical Damage with an increased chance to Bleed


Kill all three Bandits for two additional Skill Points

Leveling Skill Trees:

26 Points Skill Tree
Take Enduring Bond, Lord of the Dead, and Death Attunement

60 Points Skill Tree
Allocate Righteous Army, Gravepact, Constitution, and Devotion


Recommended leveling items:

SidhebreathSidhebreath - Really cheap and common Amulet that's beneficial for Minion builds
(20-30)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
+25% to Cold Resistance
Minions have (10-15)% increased maximum Life
Minions have (10-15)% increased Movement Speed
Minions deal (5-9) to (11-15) additional Cold Damage
(15-10)% reduced Mana Cost of Minion Skills
SkullheadSkullhead - another cheap item, this Helmet offers all the stats that you need during leveling phase
(60-80)% increased Armour and Evasion
+(50-70) to maximum Life
+(50-70) to maximum Mana
+(10-20)% to all Elemental Resistances
Minions have +10% Chance to Block Attack Damage
Minions have +(300-350) to Armour
Minions Regenerate 2% of Life per second
Tabula RasaTabula Rasa - Tabula is a Body Armour that allows you to link any 6 Gems as soon as level 1
Item has no level requirement and Energy Shield (Hidden)
Item has 6 White Sockets and is fully linked (Hidden)

4. Final Skill Tree, Ascendancy Points, and Pantheon

Final Skill Tree:

110 Points Final Skill Tree (Final Skill Tree without Cluster Jewels)
86 Points Final Skill Tree (after you Obtain Cluster Jewels and refund some of the Passive)
117 Points Path of Building (PoB) link

Ascendancy points:

Preferably in that order:

  1. Mindless Aggression
  2. Unnatural Strenght
  3. Mistress of Sacrifice
  4. Plaugebringer


Major God: Soul of Lunaris: 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%; 1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%

Minor God: Soul of Garukhan: +5% chance to Evade Attack Hits if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently


5. Final Gems links

[UTILITY] Flesh offering, Desecrate and Carrion Golem setup
(in "Trigger" Wand)
Bone OfferingBone Offering - More Block Chance against Attack and Spell Hits for you and your Minions. If you need more damage, swap it with Flesh or Spirit Offering.
DesecrateDesecrate - Use Desecrate to create a pile of corpses that can be used to cast the Offering Spell, and to activate Plaguebringer Keystone from your Ascendancy Skill Tree
Summon Carrion GolemSummon Carrion Golem - This Golem grants your other Minions additional flat Physical Damage, be sure to keep him alive
[UTILITY] Auras setup
PridePride - an Aura that makes the enemies in range take more Physical Damage, and after staying for more than 4 seconds in the Aura's Area of Effect, they will take even more damage
Summon SkitterbotsSummon Skitterbots - Skitterbots Chill and Shock nearby enemies which increases your damage against them and decreases their mobility
EnlightenEnlighten Support - linked Spells reserve less Mana

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6. Gear Setup

As with most of the Minion builds - your focus will lie on increasing your Minion Damage. Reaper doesn't use Spells, just Attacks, so increasing Minion Spell Damage is pointless. To stay alive seek Maximum Life and Elemental Resistance mods, your Body Armour, Boots, Gloves, and Jewelry are the primary source of these stats. The Helmet is an important part of the Necromancer's gear - you can find useful mods there that will increase the damage of socketed Minion skills. This build requires around 240 Intelligence and 110 Dexterity - look for these Attributes on your gear. There are no Unique Gear parts that are necessary for the build to run - it makes the build cheap to assemble, but expensive to min-max.

Our recommended items will:

  1. Cap your resistances at 75%
  2. Provide you with enough DPS and Life to start mapping

Stat priorities on items:

  1. Maximum Life
  2. Elemental Resistances
  3. Minion Damage
  4. Dexterity and Intelligence
  5. Chaos Resistance
rare helmet(Helmet) Rare Bone Helmet - It's not that important as in other Necromancer's builds to have +3 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems, your main source of damage will be the Reaper, which is set up in the Body Armour. Nonetheless, it's a nice addition to your Skeleton's Damage, but your focus should be Maximum Life and Elemental Resistances.

Min. requirements:
+1 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems
+70 to Maximum Life
Optional affixes:
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Minion Life
Elemental Resistances
Chance to Block Spell Damage
Chaos Resistance

Helmet enchantments:
Reaper Damage/Vulnerability Curse effect
wand(Weapon) Rare Wand - +1 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems is one of the best mods you can find on a Wand, try to get one that also increases your MInions Damage. Automatically Triggered Skills are very useful particularly on a build where you already have other buttons to press - you control your Repaer's Attacks.
Min. requirements:
+1 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems
Minions deal 50% increased Damage
Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill, with a 8 second Cooldown (crafted)
Optional affixes:
+1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
Minions have 15% increased Attack Speed
Minions have 15% increased Cast Speed
Quiver(Shield) Rare Shield - The Shield is used only to provide you with more Life and Resistances and Block Chance for Spell and Attack Hits. You can additionally craft some Attributes you need such as Dexterity or Intelligence.
Min. requirements:
+100 to maximum Life
+100% to Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
Chance to Block
increased maximum Life
increased Effect of your Curses
additional Physical Damage Reduction
Victario's Charity(Shield) Victario's Charity - It's a decent option for a Shield, you can increase the Damage of your Reaper by providing him with Power and Frenzy Charges. The Defensive Stats are not that bad, definitely a shield worth keeping.
+8% to all Elemental Resistances
+(50-70) to maximum Life
+(20-30)% to Lightning Resistance
+11% to Chaos Resistance
20% increased Area of Effect of Aura Skills
10% chance to grant a Power Charge to nearby Allies on Kill
5% chance to grant a Frenzy Charge to nearby Allies on Hit
Body Armour(Body Armour) Rare Body Armour - Seek a Strenght-based Armour - most of you Support Skill Gems there are Red and 2 or 3 are Blue. It's your Main Source of Armour and Life, but other mods also can be useful, for example, Additional Curse, Quality, Elemental Resistances, or Minion Life.
Min. requirements:
+100 to maximum Life
+60% to Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
You can apply an additional Curse
Minions have increased maximum Life
additional Physical Damage Reduction
reduced Attribute Requirements
Saqawal's Nest(Body Armour) Saqawal's Nest - The recommended Body Armour, the condition to use it is that you need to have a source of Aspect of the Avian. You can find it on Saqawal's Talons - the boots from this set, or as a Ring Suffix. This choice for a Body Amour is for a more offensive playstyle - it gives little to no Maximum Life. The aspect of Avian grants either a chance to deal Double Damage or more Movement Speed, these two buffs are alternating in 4 seconds intervals.
+(25-75) to all Attributes
+(30-40)% to Lightning Resistance
(10-6)% reduced Mana Reserved
100% increased Aspect of the Avian Buff Effect
Aspect of the Avian also grants Avian's Might and Avian's Flight to nearby Allies
+(120-150) to Evasion Rating and Energy Shield
Rare Boots(Boots) Rare Boots - a generic Life and Resistances are enough to consider a pair decent enough, but if you have some spare currency, there are some mods that will definitely increase your survivability
Min. requirements:
+60 to maximum Life
+60% to Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
Cannot be Frozen (crafted)
Mana Regeneration while moving
Unaffected by Burning/Chilled/Shocked/Desecrated Ground
Rare Gloves(Gloves) Rare Gloves - There is one Redemer's Prefix that increases your Minion's Damage, but other than that, Gloves doesn't offer many mods that could be of use. Prioritize Maximum Life and Elemental Resistances.
Min. requirements:
+60 to maximum Life
+60% to Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
Minions deal increased Damage
Stygian Vise(Belt) Stygian Vise - Stygian Vise is probably the best choice for a belt, no Unique seems to fit this build better. Look for Maximum Life and  Resistances. With Hunter's influence, you can score a mod granting you more Life.
Min. requirements:
+70 to Maximum Life
+50% to Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
increased maximum Life
Minions have increased maximum Life
Chaos Resistance
Darkness Enthroned(Belt) Darkness Enthroned - it is really easy to find some good mods on Ghastly Eye Jewels - these Abyss Jewels are specifically made for Minon builds so you might as well put this belt on after you find a pair
Has 2 Abyssal Sockets
75% increased Effect of Socketed Jewels
Amulet(Amulet) Rare Amulet - Maximum Life, Elemental Resistances, and Attributes are the mods you should seek on your Amulet. Additionally, +1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems can be used to further increase your Reaper Gem level.
Min. requirements:
+60 to Maximum Life
+40% to Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
+1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems
Minions have increased Movement Speed
Chaos Resistance
Recommended Anointments:
Ravenous Horde
Ring(Ring) Rare Ring - Again, strive for Life and Resistances for these are the most valuable stats in this build. Vulnerability on Hit mod in one of the Rings is important since that's the only way to apply the Curse. It can be done with Flame Dash or Shield Dash. 
Min. requirements:
+40 to Maximum Life
+20 to Dexterity or intelligence
+30% to Elemental Resistances
Curse Enemies with Vulnerability on Hit, with increased Effect
Optional affixes:
Grants Level 20 Aspect of the Avian Skill (if you have Saqawal's Nest)
Chaos Resistance
Minions have increased Movement Speed
Minions deal increased Damage
Cobalt Jewel(Jewel) Rare Jewels - They should provide extra Life, Elemental Resistances, Minon Damage, and Attributes - especially Intelligence and Dexterity. Cobalt Jewel is the best base to look for Minion mods.
Min. requirements:
7% increased Maximum Life
Optional affixes:
Minions deal increased Damage
Elemental Resistances
Minion's Attack speed
Abyss Jewel(Jewel) Abyss Jewels - As with other Rare Jewels - focus on Life, Resistances, and Attributes. "Minions deal increased Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently" is a highly recommended mod. Look for Ghastly type of it.
Min. requirements:
+30 to Maximum Life
Minions deal #% increased Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently
Optional affixes:
Elemental Resistances
Fortress Covenant(Jewel) Fortress Covenant - There is a spot Between Elemental Equilibrium and Quick Recovery where you can put this with no penalty, it increases your Minion's Damage and Chance to Block.
Minions deal (35-45)% increased Damage
Minions have +(10-12)% Chance to Block Attack Damage
Minions have +(10-12)% Chance to Block Spell Damage
Notable Passive Skills in Radius are Transformed to
instead grant: Minions take 20% increased Damage
Quickening Covenant(Jewel) Quickening Covenant - Increases your Minions Mobility, Attack Speed, and Chance to Dodge bot Attack and Spell Hits.
Minions have (12-16)% increased Attack Speed
Minions have (12-16)% increased Cast Speed
Minions have (10-12)% chance to Dodge Attack Hits
Minions have (10-12)% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
Notable Passive Skills in Radius are Transformed to
instead grant: Minions have 25% reduced Movement Speed
Large Cluster Jewels(Jewel) Large Cluster Jewels - These can get extremely expensive, but if you manage to get all three of the Notables listed below, your damage will skyrocket
Recommended affixes:
1 Added Passive Skill is Renewal
1 Added Passive Skill is Rotten Claws
1 Added Passive Skill is Vicious Bite
Medium Cluster Jewels(Jewel) Medium Cluster Jewels - Renewal increases Minion's chance to deal Double Damage, with combined with the rest of the gear is now around 40%. Feasting Fiends increases the Life and Damage of your Minions while also granting them Life Leech.
Recommended affixes:
1 Added Passive Skill is Feasting Fiends
1 Added Passive Skill is Renewal
 Rumi's Concoction(Flask) Rumi's Concoction - It's an optional Flask, use it or a Magic Granite Flask with increased Armour during Flask effect for more Armour
+1500 to Armour
+(8-12)% Chance to Block Attack Damage during Flask effect
+(4-6)% Chance to Block Spell Damage during Flask effect

Other suggested Flasks:

  1. Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Heat (Freeze immunity)
  2. Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline (increased Mobility)
  3. Perpetual Quartz Flask of Warding (Immune to Curses)
  4. Silver Flask of Staunching (Immune to Bleeding)
Rumi's ConcoctionLife FlaskSilver Flaskquicksilver flaskquartz flask

Odealo is one of the biggest Path of Exile marketplaces. It allows regular players to buy, sell, and trade PoE Currency with the use of real cash


If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below. We are always open to suggestions and constructive feedback.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Grinding Gear Games.

PoE Currency and Orbs for Sale

Sours: https://odealo.com/articles/reaper-summoner-necromancer-build

Build poe necromancer

[3.14] Odif's Newbie Necro Skeleton Mage Build Guide: League Starter, Very Low Cost

How to Level with this build (for Newbies)


This build dominates from act 5 onward. If it seems a bit pedestrian before that, stick with it. It gets stronger in act 4, and starts to dominate in act 5, and dominates for the rest of the campaign and in maps.

I recommend doing all quests as you level, along with league mechanics, if it is your first toon in a league. This will cause you to be over leveled, which helps a lot prior to act 5. This is NOT necessary, if you want to rush, you can, just be aware that in act 2 and 3 its like a regular build, not like the insanely OP, I can't believe how strong this is, build that it is from acts 5 on.

When you get to town at level 2, check the wand vendor for linked BBR and BBB wands.
Do this EVERY time you go to town, until you get one of each.
(BBB wand is for zombies, BBR for summon raging spirits/summon skeletons.)
I cannot stress this enough, DO THIS EVERY TIME YOU GO TO TOWN, until you have both wands.

(This assumes you are league starting. If you already have a Tabula Rasa, you don't need 3 link wands.)

This leveling section assumes Melee Skeletons, as I don't think you will get the Dead Reckoning jewel early.
If you do, the only thing that changes is the colors of the sockets on your chest, and the support gems you put in it.

You just killed Hillock and made it to the first town.

How do I buy gems?

Act 1


Rush to Mud Flats, find the 3 quest items on the ground, go to underground passage and waypoint back to town.
Quest reward is Summon Raging Spirits (usable at level 4)
Buy Holy Flame Totem from vendor.

Then go get Nessa's Medicine Chest.(Take the Quicksilver Flask as reward.)
Take Summon Phantasm support as the reward. Link to zombies.

For early leveling you will have two minion links, one with SRS/Skeletons and one with Zombies
Support each with Minion Damage (quest reward on reaching prison, buy second one from vendor) and SRS/Skeletons with Melee Splash (buy from vendor after reaching prison)

Note: Zombies are very squishy at low level. You will be depending on SRS (and skeletons) to kill hard stuff.
Later, zombies get very tanky.

Use Holy Flame Totem unlinked, or if you have the links, you can link to Summon Phantasm and/or Infused Channeling (purchase from vendor). HFT will heal zombies that are near it. Place it in a pack of zombies to get their health up. It will also do a bit of damage. (With links it will do a significant amount of damage, but cost more mana.)
Once you get Vitality aura, your zombies will stop dying.
You can stop using Holy Flame Totem at that point, or keep using for more dps.

After you kill Brutus you get Summon Skeleton gem.
Swap out SRS and put Summon Skeleton in its place.

NOTE:BUY a Vaal Summon Skeleton gem asap. (Usable at level 10)
Vaal Summon Skeleton is crazy OP... no really... it is... I can't believe it has not been nerfed.

After you kill Brutus buy Vitality gem.
It will be HUGE in keeping your zombies and yourself alive.
Vitality is pretty OP at low level.

Use FLAME DASH as your movement skill at low level.

Get Flesh Offering AND Bone Offering after you get to Cavern of Wrath.
Use Flesh Offering. Level Bone Offering in an weapon swap.
You start using Bone Offering when you get Mistress of Sacrifice after doing Merciless Lab.
Before you leave Act 1, buy an Infernal Legion gem and start leveling in your weapon swap. We use it in Act 2, when we get Skitterbots.

Act 2:

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5 and beyond


After Act 4, just get gear with sockets linked with the right colors, life and resists and any stats you may be lacking.
Try to get your elemental resists capped.
Remember, you lose 30% to all your resists after killing Kitava in Act 5, and it happens AGAIN after killing Kitava in Act 10.

You will need some dexterity on gear.
You can annoint an ammulet with 3 clear oils for 30 dex. (very cheap)
You can bench craft dex on gear.

Once you get Skeletons in 4 a link, you will steamroll the rest of the campaign.
You will be shocked at how easy it becomes.

To run Skeleton Mages, just buy the Dead Reckoning jewel, and find a chest with the proper colors for it, and you are good to go.

I recommend not using Zealotry until you get a level 2 Enlighten Support gem.
Vitality and Skitterbots linked to minion damage, Infernal Legion, Burning Damage, will take you a LONG ways.


Bonus Vendor Recipie to Craft a helmet with +1 to socketed Minion gems:

As you get more currency, what to upgrade.



First off, I would not invest more than 20 or so exaulteds in this build.
Other minion builds do better with huge investments, like Kay's Necro Build.

Some of the below upgrades are much less than 20 ex, I also include super expensive ones, just in case you want to go for it.

Buy a level 21 Vaal Summon Skeleton gem. Get one with 20% quality of you can afford it.

A rare ammy with +1 to all intelligence gems.

Breathsealer unique gloves
They leave pods on the ground that buff you and your minions.
Note the spores ONLY come out on the deaths of rare mobs, so uptime will be limited. BUT you can annoint them, so they are good even with no rares in a fight.

I highly recommend these gloves.

You have several options:
Corrupted +2 socketed duration gems.
Corrupted +1 socketed gems.
(Note: If you get a +1 gems chest, and you can afford a corrupted level 4 empower, then Empower becomes your best support gem.)
Or a Lioneye's Vision unique.
This gives Pierce level 15 for free, so its a pseudo 7 link, but its a evasion chest, effectively impossible to get 6 blue sockets with chrom orbs. You would have to get the socket colors with Harvest crafting, very tedious. If you plan on corrupting it, get at least one white socket, because if you get +1 socketed gems as a corruption, you will want to use a level 4 empower as a support.

You can dump a LOT of currency into wands. +1 all skill gems, +1 all minion skill gems, bonus to minion damage, bonus to minion attack/cast speed.
On the wand with desecrate and bone offering, getting crafted "trigger socketed spells when you use a skill", is a HUGE quality of life bonus.
Ghazzy made a video on how to craft the wands

If you use a shield, you can get one with 12% spell block, life gained on block, life % gained on block, life and resists.

If you want to do elemental reflect maps, 2x rings with the mod "you and your minions take x% reduced reflected elemental damage"

Cannot be frozen craft

+3 socketed minion gems, socketed gems are supported by level 20 minion damage, nearby enemies take #% increased elemental damage. Crafted +1 skels/zombies

Rare abyss jewels with life and minion mods: minions hinder on spell hit, % increased minion damage, flat added minion damage (Fire and Cold are best), minion attack and cast speed.

Awakened Gems:
These are crazy expensive for the bonus they give, but if you want to take this build to the "spend more than 100ex" limit, you can use awakened gems.
Awakened Hextouch lets you curse hexproof enemies, and you can put on a second curse. (Corrupted triad gloves with "curse enemies with <your favorite curse> on hit".
Personally, I don't think awakened gems are worth the cost, unless you are insanely rich.

What order should I do the above upgrades?

Why no Spectres?

Why is there no Animate Guardian?

What to buy for leveling if you are not league starting

RealToothMan's MoM Version of this build (Very Defensive, but Expensive)

Global Chat Channel to Discus this Build

If you use this guide, please leave feedback.

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