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SunVision Tanning Beds

Wolff SunVision commercial tanning beds and SunVision home tanning beds are the ideal tanning beds for both the salon and the serious home tanning enthusiast alike. With nine models to pick from, the SunVision tanning bed line is the most durable, versatile tanning bed line available today.

The Bio-Tech™ tunnel design surrounds you for fast, consistently dark, full-body tanning, and the DuraMax™ 2000 exterior housing and Quick Clip™ acrylic removal system ensures easy maintenance and a long life.

Advanced engineering and construction have earned the SunVision line the well-deserved reputation as a workhorse in the indoor tanning industry. But don't let that fool you.

Workhorse or no, SunVision tanning beds offer a sleek array of features and benefits second to none, including among others, staggered-lamp design, seven- and eight-foot lengths, advanced after-tan cooling system, SolarMax™ IFT or Advanced SolarMax IFT™ face tanners—the SunVision Pro 28LE 2F even lets you tan three ways: with the face tanners off, with the face tanners on low, and with the face tanners on the maximum setting.

And of course, all SunVision indoor tanning beds come with Wolff's lifetime warranty.



serial-label.gifThe silver identification tag on the back of your tanning unit gives the complete model name of the unit. Use the label located on the canopy, or hood section. When in doubt, the serial label is always located near the power cord.

modelex-r.gifETS tanning beds generally follow the same naming structure. The first letter, followed by a dash (E-, F-, G-, etc.), is the design series as shown at right. In more recent models this changed slightly to include a modification scheme, but the concept is the same. The first letter is the design series (VA0-, WA1-, etc.).

Once you determine your design series click on it below to see the list of tanning bed models from that year. Then just click on your bed model.

If you don't find your model, feel free to call 770-505-4006.


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Sunvision 28LE

Size - 28LE

  • 87.75"L x 35"W x 48"H
  • Recommended room size: 9' X 7'

Size - 28LE

  • 87.75"L x 35"W x 48"H
  • Recommended room size: 9' X 7'


  • 24 month Silver Medal warranty


The Sunvision 28LE 2F tanning bed provides unmatched tanning versatility. The Sunvision 28LE 2F is one of our most versatile tanning beds because it offers you two ways to tan; SolarMax™ IFT face tanners on or face tanners off, but with low intensity, 100-watt lamps on, showering the facial area with low pressure UV. The Sunvision 24S adds to that versatility with a shorter tanning bed, allowing installation into a smaller tanning salon room. Either tanning bed would make a great revenue addition to your hair or nail salon.


  • Canopy: 14 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps

  • Bench: 14 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps

  • Optional Facials: 2 x 400 watt Heraeus lapms with SolarMax™ IFT facial glass


  • Canopy: 12 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps

  • Bench: 12 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps

  • Optional Facials: 2 x 400 watt Heraeus lapms with SolarMax™ IFT facial glass


  • Single Phase, 220 VOLT 3 wire dedicated circuit

  • Single Phase-30 AMP circuit breaker (30)

  • Single Phase-35 AMP circuit breaker (32 3F)

Does NOT come with a plug - must be hard wired directly to junction box.

IMPORTANT: Voltage must be less than 230 VAC or may require Buck Booster. Circuit breaker size is approximate. Consult an electrician.

Protective eyewear is required for indoor tanning and must be worn at all times by everyone in the room with a tanning bed in operation.



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