Schd top 25 holdings

Schd top 25 holdings DEFAULT
MRKMerck & Co Inc4.28%79.19 0.30% HDThe Home Depot Inc4.12%342.40 1.22% IBMInternational Business Machines Corp4.10%142.81 1.46% PEPPepsiCo Inc4.05%159.12 0.72% TXNTexas Instruments Inc4.04%190.70 1.92% AVGOBroadcom Inc3.97%495.99 2.26% KOCoca-Cola Co3.89%54.65 0.76% VZVerizon Communications Inc3.78%51.49 0.27% CSCOCisco Systems Inc3.75%55.45 1.52% AMGNAmgen Inc3.70%206.51 1.42% BLKBlackRock Inc3.66%873.50 0.66% PFEPfizer Inc3.64%41.83 0.99% MMM3M Co3.48%178.58 0.80% LMTLockheed Martin Corp3.00%363.34 0.44% MOAltria Group Inc2.98%48.53 1.27% ADPAutomatic Data Processing Inc2.97%207.11 0.94% USBU.S. Bancorp2.86%59.55 -3.11% ITWIllinois Tool Works Inc2.10%218.06 1.53% EMREmerson Electric Co1.89%93.88 2.19% KMBKimberly-Clark Corp1.53%133.03 0.36% NEMNewmont Corp1.50%57.68 2.32% PRUPrudential Financial Inc1.47%109.59 1.99% TROWT. Rowe Price Group Inc1.46%194.20 1.49% ALLAllstate Corp1.30%126.02 0.25% PAYXPaychex Inc1.29%118.52 0.90%

Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF (SCHD)

1MRKMerck4.27%15,219,6272IBMInternational Business Machines4.14%8,271,0073TXNTexas Instruments4.13%6,074,8694HDHome Depot4.10%3,459,0295PEPPepsiCo4.02%7,318,4846AVGOBroadcom4.01%2,319,9707KOCoca-Cola3.87%20,328,9128VZVerizon3.83%20,887,8529CSCOCisco Systems3.77%19,545,82510AMGNAmgen3.77%5,192,87111BLKBlackRock3.66%1,240,83512PFEPfizer3.64%24,660,16913MMM3M Company3.48%5,617,10414LMTLockheed Martin2.97%2,370,11515ADPAutomatic Data Processing2.95%4,123,38316MOAltria2.94%17,933,23417USBU.S. Bancorp2.86%13,136,25118ITWIllinois Tool Works2.09%2,785,56119EMREmerson Electric1.92%5,811,31520KMBKimberly-Clark1.52%3,269,62521TROWT. Rowe Price Group1.51%2,198,29922NEMNewmont Goldcorp1.48%7,763,20523PRUPrudential Financial1.48%3,817,89424ALLAllstate1.30%2,900,62525PAYXPaychex1.28%3,107,84826CMICummins1.16%1,416,68427VLOValero Energy1.08%3,960,98328FITBFifth Third Bancorp1.04%6,821,33829FASTFastenal1.02%5,565,74130OKEONEOK0.94%4,317,33231HIGHartford Financial Services0.88%3,461,11432BBYBest Buy0.83%2,160,10733NTRSNorthern Trust0.82%2,016,88434HBANHuntington Bancshares0.79%14,296,83435TSNTyson Foods0.79%2,856,38636KEYKeyCorp0.76%9,403,88237IPInternational Paper0.74%3,795,87838RFRegions Financial0.72%9,314,35539MTBM&T Bank0.66%1,246,56740GPCGenuine Parts0.62%1,399,83641AMCRAmcor0.61%14,940,04842CINFCincinnati Financial0.61%1,451,73643PFGPrincipal Financial Group0.59%2,451,38344OMCOmnicom Group0.55%2,084,21745KKellogg0.54%2,442,10846IPGInterpublic Group of Companies0.50%3,812,32847APOApollo Global Management0.47%2,049,08848FNFFidelity National Financial0.46%2,801,50249WHRWhirlpool0.42%606,88550STLDSteel Dynamics0.42%1,945,05151CMAComerica0.40%1,353,30652SNASnap-on0.39%524,20653HASHasbro0.39%1,240,06354ZIONZions Bancorporation0.35%1,588,14355FHNFirst Horizon National0.31%5,347,71556WSOWatsco0.31%318,64957WUWestern Union0.29%3,968,89658OGNOrganon0.29%2,449,77759BENFranklin Resources0.28%2,641,36360JHGJanus Henderson Group0.26%1,652,39261SNVSynovus Financial0.23%1,439,66362SONSonoco Products0.21%974,78963LEGLeggett & Platt0.21%1,290,75564EVREvercore0.20%396,68465UNMUnum Group0.20%1,979,44566LAZLazard0.19%1,092,83767OZKBank OZK0.18%1,171,77868WBSWebster Financial0.17%876,53369FLOFlowers Foods0.17%1,909,13570MSMMSC Industrial Direct0.13%455,90471n/aS+p500 Emini Fut Dec21 Xcme 202112170.13%8,70072BOHBank of Hawaii0.11%392,17773CATYCathay General Bancorp0.11%724,18674FHIFederated Hermes0.10%908,54275CVBFCVB Financial0.09%1,235,41976n/aS+P Mid 400 Emini Dec21 Xcme 202112170.08%9,00077IBOCInternational Bancshares0.08%538,95678NUSNu Skin Enterprises0.07%483,59379CNSCohen & Steers0.07%228,28280BANRBanner Corporation0.07%335,80681BGSB&G Foods0.06%625,38782MGRCMcGrath RentCorp0.06%233,65983NWBINorthwest Bancshares0.06%1,227,16884HNIHNI Corporation0.06%423,59185MCYMercury General0.05%256,15586FCFFirst Commonwealth Financial0.05%935,45387RGRSturm, Ruger & Company0.05%170,96988SYBTStock Yards Bancorp0.04%205,84089CHCOCity Holding Company0.04%152,46590STBAS&T Bancorp0.04%382,81091PFCPremier Financial0.04%362,64092BANFBancFirst Corporation0.04%181,57193EIGEmployers Holdings0.04%277,32294SAFTSafety Insurance Group0.04%138,40195SWMSchweitzer-Mauduit International0.04%305,50796AGMFederal Agricultural Mortgage0.03%79,80297HFWAHeritage Financial0.03%349,98598SRCE1st Source0.03%169,52699NPNeenah0.03%163,723100n/aSsc Government Mm Gvmxx0.02%6,459,614101n/aUs Dollar0.02%5,326,208102PETSPetMed Express0.02%197,179103CASSCass Information Systems0.02%116,160104EBFEnnis, Inc.0.02%253,824105SLVMSylvamo0.00%0
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Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF: (SCHD)

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SCHD vs QYLD: Which Dividend ETF is Best (Ep. 10)

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