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Trash Service


Q: Am I required to have curbside trash services at my residence?
A: Yes, upon adoption of Ordinance No. , all covered residences defined as single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes are required to have curbside services.

Q: How can the city require me to have residential solid waste services?  Isn’t this illegal?

Arizona State Statute allows for local regulation of solid waste collection. Specifically, it states:

“Each county, city or town may establish regulations for private collection of solid waste within its area of jurisdiction, including standards for equipment, hours of operation, license fees and insurance requirements as necessary and appropriate to operate a solid waste collection program If authorized by statute, each county, city or town may provide for criminal and civil penalties for violation of such ordinances or regulations provided that such penalties do not exceed the penalties authorized by this chapter.”

There is also a requirement per the Arizona Administrative Code Title 18, Chapter 13, Article 3, R, “where refuse collection service is available, the following refuse shall be required to be collected; Garbage, ashes, rubbish, and small dead animals which do not exceed 75 pounds in weight.”

The Maricopa County Health Code and the Pinal County Health Code both require solid waste to be collected as well.

Q: Can I choose who provides by curbside trash services?
A: Effective April 1st, , only Republic Services will provide curbside trash (and recycling if selected) for all covered residences. The city council awarded the contract to Republic Services on December 3, after the city completed a competitive Request for Proposals procurement process and conducted an evaluation of the three responses received.

You can view the December 3rd council meeting video and minutes at

Q: What is the cost of trash and recycle pickup?
A: There are two options to choose from depending on what fits your lifestyle and budget.
Option 1: 2 times a week trash pickup only - $ monthly / $ a quarter.
Option 2: 2 times a week trash pickup & once a week recycle pickup - $ / $ a quarter.

Q: Are there any additional or hidden fees in and above the $ and $ monthly rates?
 A: No, these monthly rates are inclusive of all fees.

Q: Is recycling required?
A: No, recycling is optional.

Q: Why is the rate to include recycling more?

Tougher restrictions on recyclables have made them more difficult to sell to foreign and domestic markets.  China and other Asian countries are no longer accepting recyclables which in turn causes the rates to process them to increase.  Many cities in the valley are considering rate increases to recycling services and some cities have ceased recycling altogether as it has become cost prohibitive to continue.

Q: How often can Republic Services raise rates?
A: Under the contract, Republic Services cannot arbitrarily raise rates at any time. They will be obligated to place in writing a request to raise rates to the city. This can only be done one time per year and the request to raise rates is required to be in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for Water, Sewer and Trash Collection (CPI-U). In the last ten years, the highest increase per the CPI-U was % in , although increases in recent years have trended around %. City council also negotiated a 5% cap on any annual rate increase. Most residents will most likely still being paying less in years of the contract than they do today.

Q: How often will I be billed?
A: Payment is due quarterly, however, there is an option to pay annually to receive a 2% discount. All payments are to be made directly to Republic Services, who can be reached at

Q: How long is the contract with Republic Services?
A: The contract is for an initial 8-year term with two 1-year renewal options for a total of 10 years.
The long term contract is what results in lower rates as it provides the contractor the ability to spread assets and fixed costs across the term of the contract such as the newer model collection trucks required plus the new receptacles for reach residence. The term of the proposed contract is among the best practices seen in other municipalities. A shorter term contract would result in higher rates.

Q: Can you provide more details on what bulk trash pick-up consists of and includes?
A: Typical bulk trash items may consist of items that do not fit inside the provided garbage container. Common examples are furniture, appliances, large plastic toys, old grills, brush/branches and refrigerators (Freon must be removed prior to service). There are restrictions on size which will be provided to residents when information about all of the services are published.

Q: How does one sign up for the curbside bulk trash pickup?
A: If a resident has a need for the curbside bulk trash pickup in any given month, they need to call Republic Services to schedule it, a week in advance. This once a month service available to residents is included in the monthly price. The phone number to schedule a bulk pickup is

Q: Will Republic Services work with seasonal visitors on a service hold?
A: Yes, seasonal residents can put their services on hold one time a year for up to six months. The service is free but limited to only one time a year. It is important to note that if at any time a residence is occupied, there must be curbside collection services to the home.

Q: What about the HOAs who have a contract with other providers?
A: The city will honor any contracts HOA’s have in place until the expiration date at which time they will need to transition to Republic Services.

Q: How will AJ make it work for residents who generate little to no weekly trash?
A: Residents are only obligated to put out their containers when there is material to be disposed of and they may choose to place their container out only one of the two days per week it is scheduled for pick up. It is important to note that all residential residents in the city share in the cost of these services under the contract which results in the low rates. According to staff research and feedback received from residents, the rates being proposed are lower than any current provider’s pricing.

Q: Can I share services with my neighbor?
A: City code prohibits sharing of services. The only shared services permitted are those covered residences defined as multifamily which may have a dumpsters instead of individual containers for each unit.

Q: Are residential rental properties considered commercial or residential?
A: For the purposes of this contract, single-family, duplex, triplex, and four-plex residential units (rental or owner-occupied) are considered residential and fall under the provisions of the solid waste contract. Only mobile home parks with contracts for solid waste services in place and residential dwellings over 4 units are considered commercial.

Q: If I rent a home or a unit in a duplex, triplex, or four-plex, is it my responsibility or the owner’s responsibility to pay for the cost of trash services?
A: All renters should refer to their lease or rental contract to determine if they are liable for the cost of trash services; whether it is included in their monthly rent or not. Any discussion or negotiation on this should take place between the tenant and the homeowner or landlord.

Q: If I own a 4-plex and only have 4 tenants do I still have to pay for 4 trash containers or can we combine trash?
A: The low rates offered through the contract are based on the assumption that all residential units share in the cost equally. The cost is based on residential units, not the number of tenants within each unit. The number of refuse and recycling containers is negotiable with Republic Services. In addition, Republic Services also offers a 2-yard dumpster available for these multi-unit types of residential properties in lieu of individual refuse containers. A 2-yard dumpster is the equivalent of 4 refuse containers.

Rates for 1x a week dumpster service is based on size and are as follows:

•     2-yard dumpster                               $ per month

•     4-yard dumpster                               $ per month

•     6-yard dumpster                               $ per month

 Q: How will the city verify that residents continue their services?

A: On a routine basis, the city in conjunction with Republic Services will conduct an audit to determine which residential dwellings (single-family residences, duplex, triplex, and four-plex) are not subscribed to trash services.

Q: What will the 8% administrative fee included in the monthly rate be used for?
A: The revenue is used to cover costs associated with the two annual household hazardous waste events the city hosts each year and for contract oversight by city staff.

Q: Will the Republic Landfill still offer free quarterly dump weeks after these services go into effect?
A: Yes, the city will continue to have free quarterly dump weeks.

Q: Since Republic will have more properties to pick garbage up from, will they need to hire more people?
A: Republic Services is always hiring qualified individuals with a passion for customer service and safety. They anticipate the need to add to their workforce to service the entire city. Anyone interested can apply online at

Q: Will manure disposal be a part of the service provided by Republic Services?
A: While manure disposal was not part of the RFP or contract, Republic Services will provide the service to residents upon request for an additional fee. The options are a gallon container for $ per month, or a 2-yard manure dumpster would be available for $ per month. Either option would be serviced weekly.

Q: What is the information for the landfill?
A: The landfill is located at S Tomahawk Rd., Apache Junction AZ
They do not have a direct telephone line, but can be reached by calling the Republic Services customer service line, at
Republic Services requires hard hats and vests while at the landfill. Residents can wear their own, borrow a set, or purchase a set for $9.

Their rates are as follows:

Apache Junction Resident Rate - $XX for up to pounds
• Apache Junction Resident Rate for over pounds- prorated up to $XX per ton
• Gate Rate - $XX per ton (applicable to businesses and non-city residents)

The landfill accepts cash, debit and credit cards. Proof of residency is required, using a government issued ID that shows an Apache Junction residence, OR a government issued ID and a bill from a local address with a matching name. 



Waste Management of San Diego provides automated and semi-automated residential solid waste, recycling and green waste services to approximately 10 cities and portions of the county.

What is automated service?

Grey Trash bin

Automated service utilizes a truck equipped with a mechanical arm that lifts your trash and recycling containers from the street and empties the containers' contents into the truck - without the driver ever leaving the cab. This type of service is successfully used in more than 2, communities in the United States.

Automated trash service offers many benefits.

It provides greater flexibility to our customers. You may select the size of trash and recycling containers that best fit your needs, whether 35 gallons ( lbs max), 64 gallons ( lbs max) or 96 gallons ( lbs max). Separate containers are utilized for trash, mixed recyclables and green waste.

It is also more convenient. You can also fill your containers without having to worry about how heavy the contents are - simply wheel the containers to the curb on your service day and the truck's mechanical arm will do the rest.

The automated containers are more durable, and reduce the likelihood of tipping or spilling. Because they are uniform in appearance, they also help neighborhoods look neater and cleaner.

Utilizing an automated system also allows us to offer green waste collection in most service areas, dedicating one container for weekly green waste recycling.

For additional information about your service and what types of materials you may place in each of your containers, call ()

Become a Recycling Ambassador! Recycle Right by keeping these three things in mind:

  • Recycle all bottles, cans and paper.
  • Keep items clean and dry.
  • No plastic bags in the recycling.

Visit to learn more.

Christmas Tree Recycling

If you live in an HOA community serviced by Waste Management that has green waste services, Waste Management will collect and recycle Christmas trees for the first two weeks following Christmas on your scheduled collection day. Trees taller than six feet must be cut in half and placed inside your green waste cart. If your tree is too big for the green waste cart, please cut into 4’ lengths and place next to the green waste cart.  Please remove all decoration including tinsel, lights, ornaments and tree stands. Flocked trees cannot be recycled, so please cut them to fit into your trash cart and they will be collected by your trash collector.

If you do not have green waste services, please contact Customer Service at () to schedule the pick-up of your Christmas tree for a nominal fee.  You may also take advantage of our free drop off location at the El Cajon Recycle Buy Back Center (see address below).

El Cajon Transfer Station – Christmas Tree Drop Off

The El Cajon Transfer Station will accept Christmas trees from December 26to January 12 during the hours of 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday and 7am to 12pm on Saturdays. There is no cost when dropping off. Please drop off your trees at the El Cajon Recycle Buy Back Center located at: O’Conner Ave in El Cajon, just southwest of the intersection of Bradley Ave and Johnson Ave.

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A Message Regarding Coronavirus (COVID)

Guidelines and Procedures for Proper Curbside Bulk Pickup

Please read the following information to ensure collection of your bulk trash items. This service provides an easy and convenient way for disposal of items too big to fit within your curbside trash cart.

Schedule Bulk Online Below or on our RAD Mobile App

  • First, look up your address in the app
  • Then click Schedule a Collection
  • If you are elegible for bulk pickup service, it will show options of what you can put curbside, and what dates are available to schedule
  • Confirm your contact information and submit the request
  • The pickup will be scheduled and you will receive an email confirmation with all the details

Call-in scheduling is not available.

Your RAD account must be in good standing order (current quarter is required to be paid in full if applicable). Depending on your community or location, some fees may apply.

Once you have scheduled your bulk pick-up, and have received a confirmation, please make sure all materials are set out properly. Neatly stack items on the street parallel to your front property line, where your trash and recycling collection typically takes place. Do not block any sidewalks, keep in mind that bulk items are hand-collected by a two-man crew. The allowed amount for bulk is four (4) cubic yards of material (please review the handy outline below to better understand what four cubic yards looks like).

To get the most out of this service, please put out the right stuff, at the right time in the right way.

Holiday Bulk Schedule

Right Away Disposal observes four (4) Holidays throughout the year and will not be providing collection service on these Holidays:

Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day

Acceptable materials for bulk collection include:

Appliances - Washer, dryer, microwaves, dish washers, Barbecue Grills (no propane tanks) electronics and related items
Excluding freezers, wine coolers and refrigerators

Furniture - Sofas, chairs, tables, and mattresses
Due to the safety and health of our service crews, items with bed bug activity will not be permitted or accepted.

Yard Debris - Bagged grass and leafs, branches, cacti and palm fronds
Including items that don’t easily fit into the trash cart; the lid should close completely for standard collection; see additional requirements for preparing yard debris below

When preparing yard debris for bulk collection, remember the three B’s:
Bagged, Bundled or Boxed!

  • Grass, leaves and other small yard debris items should be bagged and ARE not to exceed 50 pounds per bag.
  • Tree limbs and cuttings cannot be longer than 4 feet and must be bundled and tied with twine, string, duct tape or similar cord so one person can handle them. Logs and limbs 12 inches in diameter or less are acceptable.
  • Century plants, all cacti and similar plants that are hazardous to our collection employees must be boxed to avoid injury.

Unacceptable materials for bulk collection include:

Tires, refrigerators, freezers, hazardous materials (HHW), medical waste, paint, automotive parts, motor oil, batteries, light bulbs, propane or compressed style tanks and construction materials such as carpet, concrete, blocks, pavers and brick.

Understanding What Four (4) Cubic Yards Looks Like

View the Do's and Don'ts of Bulk Pickup

Please review the following municipalities direct to schedule bulk services - RAD CAN NOT schedule these services direct:

Town of Queen Creek Residents -

Town of Florence Residents -

City of Eloy Residents -

City of Tolleson -

City of Goodyear -

Municipalities RAD CAN schedule services direct:




Customer Service


South Royal Palm Road, Apache Junction

Office Hours - Monday-Friday
Commercial: ampm
Residential: ampm
Toilets: ampm

Residential: Press Option One
Commercial Press Option Two


South Del Moral Blvd, Tucson

Office Hours - Monday-Friday
Commercial: ampm
Residential: ampm

Residential: Press Option One
Commercial: Press Option Two

Watch our video

Watch our Recycling Video on Youtube or join us on Facebook and watch it there.

Right Away Disposal has now diverted well over 40, tons of recyclable trash from our Arizona Landfill thanks to people like you! Our team continues to expand our Eco-Friendly foot-print with every step we take, thanks to our community for disposing of your trash and debris for a cleaner state for generations to come.


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