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  • Able-1: Airborne Law Enforcement

  • Adam: One Officer District Car

  • Alpha: Auto Theft Detective

  • Baker: Two Officer District Car

  • Beat: One or Two Officers Beat Patrol Car 

  • Bravo: Burglary Detective

  • Charles: Crime Lab

  • Delta: Gang Unit

  • Edward: Emergency Response Team

    • SWAT​

    • Bomb Squad

    • Negotiators

  • Frank: Crisis Response Co-Responders.  All are non-sworn trained mental health therapists.

  • George: OPD Detective

  • Henry: Homicide Detective

  • Ida: Intelligence/Vice Detective

  • John: Headquarters Front Desk

  • King: Pupper Patrol

  • Mounted: Horse Patrol

  • Nora: Narcotics Detective

  • Ocean: School Resource Officer (SRO)

  • Paul: Proactive Street Patrol

    • Generally does not respond to radio calls

  • Precinct: Precinct Captain

  • Robert: Robbery Detective 

  • Solo: Motorcycle Patrol Officer

  • Tom: Traffic Enforcement and Investigators 

  • Union: Internal Affairs

  • Zebra: Off-Duty Officer

    • Zebra1000 = 1000 would be their unique badge number

  • Sours:

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    There are a lot of scanners and websites available for Omaha police feeds, and you can choose from web-based, apps, desktop, and handheld scanners. The good news is that not only do you have many options, but they are also full of features and have guides for Omaha police codes so you’ll have an easier time understanding the conversations. If you don’t how to stream the feed live, here’s how it’s done.

    How to Stream Scanner Feeds Live

    The first thing you need to do is find a service that provides live feeds from Omaha police departments and other agencies that you want to listen to such as  Any search engine can do this, so it should not be too hard.

    • Just choose one from the results that are returned and proceed to the next step.
    • You should see a list of the available feeds like sheriff, State Police, fire, and so on.
    • Next, choose from one of the players listed and click “play”. Once you’ve done that you can sit back and listen to the live feed. The same process is basically followed by mobile scanner apps for your smartphone and tablet.

    How to Stream Scanner Feeds on Mobile

    The process is just as easy if you’re using a mobile device, with the added benefit of being able to listen anywhere you go with your smartphone or tablet. You just need to download and install the app and once it is launched, will connect to the Omaha live feed. While that’s similar to what you would get from an online scanner, apps have special features that make them convenient to use.

    Features of Mobile Scanner Apps

    These apps work differently so you should follow the instructions carefully. This way you can listen to Omaha police scanner online feeds. One of the nice things about these apps is you can listen to them in the background while engaged in other activities. In addition, they will automatically attempt to reconnect a lost connection, a very convenient feature.

    The majority of mobile apps are either free or offer free trials so you can test their services first without paying anything. In addition, there are several reviews available that can serve as your guide if you can’t make up your mind on what to download.

    If you have a mobile scanner app you can add feeds to it, and some of them even have web browsers so you can browse as the feed keeps streaming in the background. A portable, handheld scanner is just as easy to use and offers plenty of options as well.

    If you’re going to buy a live police scanner for Omaha and Nebraska feeds, you need to decide if you’re going with a handheld, desktop, base or just go online or use an app. The good news is that all of these options are very much capable of providing you what you need.

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    Omaha Fire Department

    press to zoom

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    The Omaha Fire Department (OFD) is made up of 24 fire stations overseen by 7 battalion chiefs. OFD has 24 engine companies, 9 truck companies, 15 ALS (advanced life support) ambulances, 2 heavy rescue/hazmat, and 2 water tenders. OFD also has several various support apparatus such as SCBA air bottle truck (LA30), rescue boats, jet skis, mobile command post, etc. 

    Battalion 1

    Station 1: 1516 Jackson Street (HQ with administrative offices)

    • Battalion Chief 1

    • Engine 1 

    • Truck 1

    • Medic 1 

    • Engine 201-Brush Truck

    • Fire Boat 1 


    Station 3: 3126 S 16th Street


    Station 5: 2209 Florence Blvd.

    • Engine 5

    • Medic 5

    • Rescue 5

    OFD Transport Codes

    Code 1

    "Fair Condition" 

    Minimal injury/disease

    patient transported for exam

    Code 3 STEMI

    "Critical Condition"

    Patient has been identified as having ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI alert).  STEMI patients will be transported with lights and sirens to a hospital with cardiac catheterization lab capabilities.

    Code 99 TCC

    Cardiopulmonary arrest with resuscitation in progress from traumatic injuries.

    *Lights and Sirens*

    Code 2

    "Serious Condition"

    Obvious injury but not a serious injury; needs medical attention

    Code 3 TCC

    TCC = "Trauma Center Candidate"

    Patient has actual or potential life threatening injuries

    *Lights and Sirens*

    Code 4

    Patient is deceased

    Code 2 TCC

    TCC = "Trauma Center Candidate"

    Patient has obvious trauma but isn't life threatening; enough signs, symptoms or mechanism of injury (MOI) to warrant a trauma center

    Code 3 Stroke

    "Critical Condition"

    Patient has been identified as having a stroke (stroke alert).  All stroke patients will be transported with lights and sirens to a hospital with stroke care capabilities.

    Code 5

    Used for "Sudden Infant Death" but to transport the patient for the family. Has been used when language barriers exist.


    *Lights and Sirens*

    Code 3

    "Critical Condition"

    Serious and/or life threatening injury/illness; needs immediate medical attention.

    *Lights and Sirens*

    Code 99

    Cardiopulmonary arrest with resuscitation in progress.  

    *Lights and Sirens*


    Could Omaha Police scanners go silent to the listening public?

    OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — People who see Omaha police cruisers dart by with sirens blaring might soon have to wait a little longer to figure out what’s going on.

    The Omaha Police Department, after weeks of public records requests from 3 News Now Investigators, confirmed that it is considering making its main public police radio channels private. Department spokesman Lt. Neal Bonacci called the discussions preliminary.

    "What we’re exploring right now is encrypting those (public channels), so what that would mean is that would take that open or public access away,” Bonacci said.

    But 3 News Now spoke with officers off-camera who said the process was farther along than we were told. They said changes to the radio system could be implemented as early as a matter of months, and that they might not cost enough to require approval by the Omaha City Council.

    Advocates expressed concern about the uncertainty, including ACLU Nebraska executive director Danielle Conrad, who said, “I think any time that any entity of government moves toward less transparency, that’s got to be a red flag.”

    Today, people listen on police radio scanners and cell phone apps. Some check Twitter and Facebook feeds for the latest local news. Others watch the news.

    But what happens if the public can’t follow these feeds in real-time? What might be lost if the public’s police feed goes dark?

    Omaha Police say they do not yet know what such a change would mean. Police elsewhere have cut public feeds altogether. Some share info only with newsrooms. Many still offer public feeds by cell phone app but delay those feeds up to 30 minutes.

    Adding a delay would address a key concern of police officers and their union — that some suspects know when they’re coming before officers arrive.

    “We do see this happening very often that folks, the criminal element, are utilizing these scanner apps,” Bonacci said. “That’s happened a handful of times. … I’ve made an arrest where the arrestee actually had the scanner app open when we made the arrest.”

    OPD wouldn’t say how long it has been exploring whether to encrypt its main public radio channels. The department currently operates five public radio channels, one for each of the city’s five police precincts. Officers also have access to encrypted channels for tactical use.

    Police Chief Todd Schmaderer declined to be interviewed for this story, saying he’d likely have the final say and that he plans to meet with stakeholders before deciding.

    Omaha wouldn’t be the first large police department in Nebraska to go fully encrypted. That distinction belongs to the Lincoln Police Department, which did it first.

    They finished the switch in 2019. Acting Police Chief Brian Jackson remembers hearing concerns very similar to Omaha’s, suspects leaving before officers arrived and worries about ambushes.

    Since the switch, he said his officers have made arrests where suspects have a police scanner app open when the police arrive and don’t realize that their feed is behind.

    “We certainly have to remember that the purpose of the radio system is the communication capabilities of our first responders, and that’s our primary focus,” he said.

    But he said Lincoln Police have tried to find “a balance between that function and the desire for the public to be aware of what we’re doing.” Lincoln does that, he said, by offering media access to police radios that can follow its encrypted main channels in real-time.

    The public can listen by scanner app, but the feed is delayed up to 25 minutes. Police supervisors can cut it temporarily if needed for officer safety.

    Still, the people behind a local scanner social media account say they’ve had to call Lincoln police to get them to turn the feed on again days later. They worry what people are missing.

    Bonacci says Omaha Police welcome public input on possibly encrypting the public radio channels. He suggested people call the police department’s public information office.

    However, he says he didn’t know when police would’ve sought that public input if 3 News Now and social media’s Omaha Scanner hadn’t told the police we were both running stories.

    “There’s nothing that we’re trying to hide,” he said. “I get that the public’s going to ask when was our turn to have a say.”

    Precious McKesson, who leads the North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance, just wants to be sure she can check the web when she sees police drive by. It helps her decide if her family is safe.

    “We want the citizens safe,” she said. “We want the police safe. We want to make sure everybody is safe, but we also need to know what’s going on, and not 30 minutes after it happens.”

    Omaha police say they don’t yet know what the switch would cost or how they would pay for it. They say their current radios would work.

    Each would need to be reprogrammed by hand, which is why leaders say the change would take some time. They also say they might not make a change.

    Said Conrad, “It’s important we press pause, we learn more, we see what the options are and we have a robust community conversation about whether this is right for Omaha.”

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    Omaha Metro Area Live Audio Feeds

    ListenFeedGenreListenersPlayer SelectionLinksStatusCass County Fire/EMSPublic Safety
    5  Online Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County Fire and EMS

    Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County Fire Ops, Talk, and Paging plus Ground Channels and Helo Ground Control with alphatags.Public Safety
     4    Online Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County Public Safety

    Council Bluffs Police and Fire, Pottawattamie County Sheriff and Fire, Carter Lake Police, Avoca Police, Iowa State Mutual AidPublic Safety
    66  OnlineDunlap FirePublic Safety
    0    OnlineK0SWI 146.8200 MHz Southwest ARC RepeaterAmateur Radio
    0    OnlineKC0YUR 442.9500 MHz Heartland REACT RepeaterAmateur Radio
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    NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) broadcasts official Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Other
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    5  Online Montgomery and Mills Counties Fire and EMS

    Mont Co Iowa TGs: Fire Ops, Fire 1-2, ROPD, MCSO, Law 1-2, MCMH, EMA Ops, MWRDT, Statewide Roam. Mills Co, Iowa TGs: Fire Ops, Fire/EMS1, FG 2-4, FE1, Law Ops, Law 1-3, LE1, EMA1-2, Reg4/Statewide Interop, SWI4, IDPH, IDNR4, Air Methods.Public Safety
    2  OnlineN0NHB 146.6550 MHz Repeater

    This is the Red Oak, Iowa Amateur repeater covering Southwest Iowa.Amateur Radio
    0  OnlineOmaha Area NOAA Weather Radio KIH61Other
    1    Online Omaha Fire Department Dispatch

    OFD Fire, OFD Disp, DCF Disp, TAC 3 (Med Disp)Public Safety
     11  OnlineOmaha Police Dispatch - NortheastPublic Safety
     17  OnlineOmaha Police Dispatch - NorthwestPublic Safety
     8  OnlineOmaha Police Dispatch - SoutheastPublic Safety
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    **Stereo Feed** Left Channel: Law Enforcement Right Channel: FIRE/EMS This Feed Covers the Following Agencies: Otoe County Sheriff & FIRE/EMS, Johnson County Sheriff & FIRE/EMS Cass County FIRE/EMS & Sheriff Nemaha County FIRE/EMSPublic Safety
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    0    OnlineSarpy County FIRE-EAST

    This is the official Sarpy County Emergency Communications feed for the FIRE-EAST talkgroup. This talkgroup is used primarily for The Bellevue and Papillion Fire Departments. Audio in this feed is LIVE.Public Safety
     2    OnlineSarpy County FIRE-WEST

    This is the official Sarpy County Emergency Communications feed for the FIRE-WEST talkgroup. This talkgroup is used primarily for The Gretna and Springfield Volunteer Fire Departments. Audio in this feed is LIVE.Public Safety
     1    OnlineSarpy County LAW-EAST

    This is the official Sarpy County Emergency Communications feed for the LAW-EAST talkgroup. This talkgroup is used primarily for The Bellevue Police Department. Audio in this feed is delayed 10 minutes.Public Safety
     1    OnlineSarpy County LAW-WEST

    This is the official Sarpy County Emergency Communications feed for the LAW-WEST talkgroup. This talkgroup is used primarily for The Sarpy County Sheriff, Lavista Police Department and the Papillion Police Department. Audio in this feed is delayed 10 mPublic Safety
     5    OnlineSaunders and Butler County Sheriff / Fire

    This feed broadcasts Saunders and Butler counties. Also includes North Lancaster Fire for Valparaiso.Public Safety
    4  Online Saunders County Sheriff, Fire and EMSPublic Safety
    4  OnlineValparaiso Rural FirePublic Safety
    1    Online
    Last Call - Ponca Hills Firefighter/Paramedic Dennis Bender - March 16, 2021

    Police/Fire Scanner Info

    what you just said

    Omaha Police and Fire / Rescue scanners can be followed on and various smartphone scanner apps.

    @MeanStreetsOMA uses in addition to UnidenBearcat BCD436HP/BCD536HP scanners with custom programming and ProScan software.

    10-Codes and Lingo

    Omaha Police Precincts and Fire Stations

    OPD Scanner 101

    • You are listening to a mix of 5 different conversations at once (4 Omaha Precincts and Douglas County Sheriff) so it’s a mix of what’s going on all over.
    • Officers are assigned to districts and generally patrol that area, but usually have to go all over the city due to call volume.
    • Officers are either 10-8 (in service, available for calls) or 10-7 (out of service, not available for calls).
    • Dispatchers end their conversation with the time, in 24 hour hour format.
    • Officers end their conversation by saying “Clear” (instead of 10-4, over and out, etc).





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