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If you activate Triple Watch while operating  

in weather mode, the radio checks channels 16  

and 9 every two seconds; with Dual Watch  

turned on, the radio only checks channel 16.  

Monitoring Weather Channel WX08  

09 16  

09 16  

09 16  

Press and hold 16/9-TRI on the radio for two  

seconds to turn Triple/Dual Watch on or off.  

Triple Watch: Every 2 seconds, the  

radio checks channel 9, then channel 16.  


To change between Triple or Dual Watch, see  

page 14.)  

ꢊ sing YOꢊ r raDiO  

To display the radio call menu, press CALL-MENU. To display the radio normal menu, press and  

hold CALL-MENU. The menu has the following options:  

Press and hold -  




GPS Setup  

FIPS Codes  

Auto CH SW  

POS Reply  

Test Reply  

Group MMSI  

User MMSI  

WX Alert Mode  




Lamp Adjust  

Key Beep  



(Close Menu)  

ꢊ ꢅꢄꢇ ꢉ Youꢂ rꢃ dꢄo  

x An arrow on the left side indicates the current selection.  

12 English  

UM380_20101221.indd 12  

4/13/2011 11:25:10 AM  

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Uniden UM380 user manual


User manual for the device Uniden UM380

Device:Uniden UM380
Size: 3,64 MB
Date of adding : 2013-07-04 18:36:11
Number of pages: 56
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Uniden Marine Radios

What is an MMSI Number and Why Do I Have to Register?


By law, in order to use DSC features, fixed mount radios must be assigned an MMSI number and you must program that number into your radio.


There are two kinds of MMSI numbers:


Individual numbers for use by single boats and … Group numbers for use by fleets, boating organizations, event coordinators, etc.


You can get more information on MMSI numbers at these resources:


MMSI number not entering?


Due to FCC regulations, all DSC marine radios have a maximum of 1 or 2 attempts to enter the MMSI number (Depends on model) then the radio locks up and prohibits any further attempts.


To reset the radio it must be sent in to the service center. If the radio is in warranty the MMSI number is reset for free as long as you send a copy of the receipt in with the radio.


In-Warranty Products: For a product to be in warranty, you must have the original proof of purchase (receipt). Simply make a copy of the receipt & include it in the packaging with the product.


Out-of-Warranty Products: The cost for resetting the MMSI number on an out of warranty radio is going to be a fixed charge of $59.95 payable as a check or money order.


Also include a note describing the problem along with your name, address, and telephone number. Send your unit to our service center located at:


Uniden Repair Department
C/O Saddle Creek
743 Henrietta Creek Rd., Suite 100
Roanoke, TX 76262

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Boating How To - Marine VHF Radio MMSI and DSC

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