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There Are Anti-Vaping P.S.A.s on YouTube. There’s a Lot More Vaping.


The YouTube video shows two young men sitting in front of a computer screen, enthralled by what they’re watching and pausing, periodically, to marvel at it. They stare as a demonlike character — it resembles something from the costumed metal band Gwar — screams and tries to shred on its guitar. The backdrop behind it shuffles through a series of apocalyptic images: a swirling orange inferno, a black-and-white mushroom cloud, a bunch of explosions. An oil refinery belches smoke as the monster holds a microphone close to his face: “Tons of corrupt filth we keep tossin’,” it belts out, “sending Earth to hell in a pod-shaped coffin.”

The two young men can’t contain their laughter. What they’re joyfully scrutinizing is a public-service announcement by Truth, an anti-nicotine initiative known for making didactic pleas aimed at teenagers. (Its approach here is an appeal to youth environmentalism: Pollutants from discarded e-cigarette pods, they’re suggesting, are not an ideal addition to the planet.) The guys making fun of this are, naturally, of a different persuasion. One works for DashVapes, which describes itself as “Canada’s leading retailer and distributor of authentic gear and world class e-juice.” (The other is a friend.) The company produces a wide variety of YouTube clips — a handful of them now aimed at correcting what they, and other vapers, see as misinformation and paranoia coming out of the United States.

During the past year, as the so-called vaping epidemic burst into the public eye, two lines of concern peaked at the same moment: an outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths, and accusations that Juul Labs targeted youth with its advertising. (Public health officials eventually connected the illnesses with tainted and illicit THC products; Juul now faces investigations and lawsuits, though it denies any wrongdoing.) Both narratives were surely helpful to organizations like Truth and the Michael Bloomberg-funded Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which are focused on abstinence: They essentially consider vapes to be cigarettes in modern form, allowing big tobacco to hook a new generation on nicotine just as youth smoking rates hit an all-time low.

But as those news stories received more attention — and as political figures pushed for knee-jerk regulatory fixes — a community of vapers was mobilized as well, propelled by its most digitally savvy proponents: popular YouTubers and video bloggers like GrimmGreen and Matt Culley and Ryan Hall. They couldn’t have expected such an intense spotlight to turn their way. But as cities and states across the country began agreeing with advocates and banning many flavored vaping products, their niche culture was pulled from obscurity and forced to adapt.

Vapers tend to fall into two sometimes-overlapping camps. The younger one includes online influencers, who have been the subject of countless documentaries and news articles — though their social stock plummeted in December, after Instagram disallowed branded content that promoted vaping. Older vapers, however, are different. They tend to see the practice as a more healthful alternative to cigarettes; it’s how, they insist, they have stopped smoking. “Vaping isn’t a lifestyle,” goes one common refrain. “It’s life or death.” It’s these ex-smokers who have grown into a sizable, vocal and largely Republican and libertarian coalition — and who, like the hosts at DashVapes, have become de facto political advocates for the technology. They have held rallies outside state capitol buildings and the White House. Some have been talking heads on news channels. In the fall, they popularized the slogan “We Vape, We Vote” — a warning realistic enough that it reportedly had a hand in persuading the Trump administration to back down from strong policies on vaping. Despite rumors that the administration would strip all flavored products from the market, it instead instituted a partial ban, removing only the flavored cartridges popular among teenagers; the liquids for open-tank systems, often favored by adults, would remain, and menthol received a complete pass.

One thing this faction has going for it is history: It has been blossoming for at least a decade, its members meeting at trade shows and in corners of the internet. Until recently, they were more like hobbyists than anything else, swapping stories and constructing their vaping “rigs” and “mods” with the pride of tinkering craftsmen. Many opened shops or started product lines in the hope of converting cigarette smokers to vaping — hence the nerdy sensibility of the entire cottage industry, which is full of independent stores with names like Darth Vapor. On certain levels, these advocates feel like anyone else fixated on a particular pursuit, from craft beers to classic cars. But adult vapers are often passionate evangelists for their hobby; they see it, after all, as genuinely lifesaving. And online, they are committed to moving the vaping discussion away from kids — and away from major corporate entities like Juul — and back onto onetime smokers like themselves.

As with most P.S.A.s, Truth’s is easy to ridicule. It feels clueless, dated, pandering. There are shades of the overblown approach of ’80s drug-war propaganda, like the implication that chemicals from disposable vape cartridges have an effect similar to, say, detonating a bomb. There is an assumption that kids are still into heavy metal. In the DashVapes segment, the vapers compare the P.S.A. to an online meme — an image of the aggressively middle-aged actor Steve Buscemi, in an episode of “30 Rock,” comically trying to blend in with some teenagers. It’s the very nature of P.S.A.s to be behind the curve: Youth vaping rates soared, in part, because no one with political power took note of Juul’s sleek, youthful marketing until it had already succeeded. By the time advocacy groups began to act, teenagers were already moving on, replacing their Juuls with less expensive Puff Bars — disposable flavored vapes that fall into a federal policy loophole.

These sorts of P.S.A.s made more sense when television was a primary source of entertainment. They were inescapable — if you wanted to watch TV, you had to sit through them and let their messages sink in through the sheer force of repetition. In the age of YouTube, though, they feel futile. The site already contains a substantial ecosystem of vapers, each a click away — so many that one of them, Matt Culley, has begun dividing their ranks into generations, from the no-frills Gen Xers to the Gen Zers with their quick edits and air horns. DashVapes already provides hours and hours of sleek, well-shot, authoritative vaping content. A group like Truth can no longer command the airwaves; it has to step into an environment where it is already outnumbered, one where a video of people rolling their eyes at a P.S.A. may receive more attention than the P.S.A. itself.

In early March, DashVapes had 404,000 subscribers on YouTube; Truth had 306,000. Nearly every time an anti-vaping group posts a new ad, DashVapes is there, publishing some sort of mocking takedown — groaning over its use of “Crank Yankers”-style puppets, or babies, or testimonials from teenagers. The young men doing the mocking vape the entire time. The comments below their videos usually share their opinions. Truth’s YouTube channel, on the other hand, has its comments disabled.


People are throwing their Juuls out windows and drenching them in water just to quit

Henry Korman is exactly who Juul wants using its e-cigarettes. He’s not a teen, and he’s a former smoker, so he thought substituting a vape for cigarettes was a healthy decision when he switched two years ago. But then, he wanted to quit the Juul, too. He tried multiple times, cold turkey, to no avail. The Juul addiction stuck around, at least until he found sugar snap peas.

“I carry around this big bag of sugar snap peas to keep me occupied and replace the Juul,” he says. “I used to say ‘phone, keys, wallet, Juul’ — that’s what I needed to have before I left the house. But now it’s ‘phone, keys, wallet, peas.’”

Korman’s not alone in trying to kick his Juul habit. What started as a way for some people to wean themselves off cigarettes has turned into a new kind of addiction made worse by the ability to vape just about anywhere. In other cases, people who started vaping just because the Juul was around have developed new nicotine habits. For both types of users, quitting has proven immensely difficult.

Korman says he’s been eating a pound of sugar snap peas a week instead of reaching for his Juul. He decided to quit last month because the habit was costing him around $8 a day, the price of a single Juul pod. He also went on a health kick and realized he changed his diet and exercise habits, but still held onto his electronic nicotine stick.

Henry Korman

The real motivation, though, came after recent reports about a mysterious severe lung disease linked to vaping. “You’re saying I’m going to be broke and dead?,” he asks. “No thank you.”

While vaping was initially positioned as a smoking cessation tool, it’s increasingly being cast in a darker light. A mysterious lung disease has killed at least six people in the US with more than 450 cases reported, and officials believe it’s linked to vaping — though the exact cause is still unknown. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked anyone who uses a vape to stop while they investigate, and the American Lung Association did the same. Senator Mitt Romney has asked the Food and Drug Administration to recall e-cigarettes, and President Donald Trump called this week for a ban on all flavored e-cigarette pods. Meanwhile, Juul is under investigation for marketing to minors and positioning its devices as a healthier alternative to cigarettes without FDA approval. Juul’s own CEO told non-cigarette smokers to not use his company’s products. “Don’t vape,” he said. We reached out to Juul for this report and did not immediately hear back.

This message has reached the vapers. There’s been a significant uptick in the amount of discussion on social media about quitting Juuls and other vapes, according to data from Sprout Social, a company that monitors social media trends. Between August 11th and September 9th, there were more than 60,000 Twitter mentions about quitting or stopping the use of Juuls or vapes, compared to only 16,000 at the same time last year. The data shows a noticeable spike in people tweeting about quitting vaping in late August, around August 26th, a few days after the first person died of the lung disease. The spike in Juul users tweeting about quitting started on September 1st, the same day The New York Times published a story that called the lung disease an “epidemic.”

Shannon Dunlop is one of the people who recently quit. She started vaping because her partner kept a Juul in their bedroom. He used it before bed, and she tried it, only to get hooked. She used it for six months or so and then began Juuling in her work’s bathroom.

“I was triggered,” she says. “I couldn’t believe that I got so addicted to something that never even really called to me in the first place.”

Dunlop tried quitting by hiding her two Juuls in a drawer and not buying pod refills. That didn’t always work because sometimes she just bought more pods. Instead, her addiction broke when she went for a jog one day and her chest started hurting. She thought her Juul habit might be to blame.

“I was like, ‘I hate this thing,’” she said. “Maybe I am out of shape, but whatever, fuck the Juul.”

When she got home, she grabbed the Juuls out of her stash, turned on the sink, and drenched them in water. She posted the whole ordeal on Instagram Stories, ending the video by tossing a Juul in the trash.

“I took this huge stance and told my friends what I had done, so I felt like if I bought [more] pods, I’d just be a fucking idiot,” she says.

The Juul, once a trendy meme, is now a menace. At its peak of coolness, and before everyone realized how unamusing this addiction would become, BuzzFeed published a story of vape memes called “24 tweets about Juul’s that only teens will find funny.” Vicetried to figure outGame of Thrones star Sophie Turner’s favorite Juul pod flavor. The New York Timespublished a piece about 2017, the year it points to as kicking off the “Juul wave,” saying that Juuls had become “Too Cool.” The rate of high school students vaping increased by 78 percent between 2017 and 2018, according to the FDA and CDC.

“What resonates with our generation is the memes,” one teen told the Times. “I haven’t seen the Juul on TV. But you’ll see a bunch of memes about Juuling. It’s just, like, making it more socially acceptable — it’s perpetuating the thing that vaping is cool.”

But Juul has lost its cultural cachet. The lung disease news seems to be the main catalyst for the shift to quitting, and Juul users are turning to the usual nicotine-quitting recommendations that have helped people stop using cigarettes for decades.

Vapers say they’ve tried nicotine gum, patches, or pouches to taper their use, or try to replace their oral fixation with things like toothpicks. Some have looked into using essential oils or CBD to stop cravings. Others go to more extreme lengths, tossing their Juul into the ocean, out car windows, and into dumpsters.

Froste, a Twitch streamer associated with 100 Thieves, says he just recently quit the Juul after hearing about all the health risks associated with vaping. He started because he was hooked on cigarettes, but he says vaping took a dark turn when people started using them anywhere, unlike a cigarette.

“You can hit it anywhere you want,” Froste says. “Wherever — a restaurant, a car, anywhere, even on a plane.”

He says he quit cold turkey nine days ago after tapering his use, but now finds himself hungry all the time and needing water. He also has physical withdrawal symptoms, like a headache, cough, and sore throat.

“Yeah, it kind of sucks, but it’s not like I would rather go back to Juuling,” he says. “They’re honestly one of the dumbest things that have become popular and cool with young kids.”

If you or anyone you know is trying to quit vaping, the National Cancer Institute has an online resource available for teens. They also have more information about e-cigarettes for adults.

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Taking a break from serious subjects like health issues or law controversies does not mean we are stopping our fight for proper education and representation of vaping! On the contrary, sometimes humor, especially the irony and sarcasm can be equally valid weapons as activism. So, what is a better way to tackle a burning issue but memes?
Whether they are ironic towards the vaping community (vapers can take a good joke) or are a humorous representation of anti-vaping issues, here are some of the finest memes from the internet. Some of the memes here we created, while others were already out there making fun in the stream. Have you got a favorite vaping meme? Let us know in a comment section, and if we have not included any other memorable vaping memes, show it to us in the comments!

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Thank you vaping for knowledge

Van with the free vape stuff text
The #Truth… #realtalk #vapelife

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When you found a perfection

Promise, this is a last mod I buy. (today)
head in the clouds
Get your head out of clouds they say, what do you mean, I make them.
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man filling vaporizer with e-liquid
man sitting on the floor facing door
Ordered new vape stuff. Five. Minutes. AGO
woman using cotton vaping coil
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Me. My Vape. And I. Admit this you too?
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Talk to the hand, because the face is not listening
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shocked cat
join the resistance
Feel the resistance. Find peace.
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We get it. You vape. Vape on!
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The 15 Funniest Vape Memes of all Time

We have put together a list of what we think are the greatest/funniest vape memes of all time. There are so many funny vaping memes out there, it is difficult to to choose the best ones. The ones below really made us laugh out loud. If you think we have missed a particularly funny e-cig meme, post a link to it in the comment section below and we will add it to the list.

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