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a/n: okay so let clear something up 1: i will not be doing lemons but if i do they will be very mild. 2: i have decided to do a very special event i will give you all a pic of myself at 10,000 like all together. and last but not least 3: i am home schooled so i will not be updating everyday either that or I'm just in a lazy mood anyway on to the story.

(y/n's pov)

we have just been walking seeing a few scps here or there until we finally make it the other door we are about to go through and smell some sweet sweet fresh air then this happens an earthquake we get trapped again the only word in my head is "fuck" over and over again then we get introduced with a friendly face scp 173 i see him and then stupidly look away again then next thing i know i hear a snap next to me i look over and see Elaine laying over there dead i then hear two more snaps i look to my other side and see Paul and Janice over there dead necks broken the my head gets twisted but nothing happens i then look over and see scp 173 just standing there completely mad i take my fist and punch it sending it flying so fast it breaks the sound barrier hitting a wall that is so thick it did not go all the way through but blowing it to pieces.

(y/n): that is what you get you bastard.

i look back over to my friends i take my hands and put them on Elaine and Janice's forehead and bring them back to life but they still sleep i then do the same to Paul and the same thing happens i then hear a cackle.

(y/n): who's there?

(???): oh my sweet its been to long how i missed you.

(y/n): wait i remember that voice. is that you Sherry?

(Sherry): oh you remember me. but what are you doing with these humans?

(y/n): they are my friends.

(Sherry): friends? why would you need these humans as friends? you got me.

(y/n): i don't know why but these guys like me.

(Sherry): they only like you because they don't know what you are.

(y/n): no your wrong they like me and i bet they would like me if i told them what i was.

(Sherry): oh please humans only fear what they can't explain that's it.

i start to feel angry and i start to take on a part of my true form i start to grow claws and sprout wings one being a black a black wing on fire the other is pure white glowing so brightly a normal human would go blind just by gazing at it i then sprout horns but in between them is a golden ring just floating there

(y/n): don't you dare talk about my friends like that you whore i will fucking kill you

(Sherry): fine I'll stop but you need to tell them you can't keep it secret forever.

Sherry then just vanishes out of nowhere leaving me with my friends i then revert back to my human form and just sit there and wait.


Subject: scp-13998

Object class: keter/(redacted)

Special containment procedures

At this time no known method of effective containment can be established at this time.
Scp-13998 is accommodated with a specealized room approximately 30 meters by 30 meters and a ceiling that is 14 feet in height with necessary living materials. A bed approximately 10 feet in length and 6 feet in width along with a walk in fridge with no more than 1500 pounds of raw beef to be stored and refilled every 2 weeks.

Description: Scp-13998 is a male humanoid with a height of 7 feet and 6 inches tall, with long hair that reaches to the middle of his shoulder blades. His hair is always kept well and cleaned despite never using a shower nor cleaning products of any kind.
He is shown to be physical very built with biceps approximately 26 inches. Dispite the very muscular frame his height makes his muscles appear slimmer than they usually would for a normal person.
Scp-13998 has a weight ranging from 200-220 kg or 440-485 lbs. Analysis of scp-13998 donated tissue samples suggests that his muscle and bone structure is compacted to be incredibly dense. Other than that, the tissue and organs themselves are just like any other human with the exception of being larger.
The best way to describe his frame is imagine a basketball player became a wrestler.

Scp-13998 has powerful psionic abilities able to read minds and (redacted) to the point where even scp (redacted) and scp (redacted) were shown to (redacted).
During the incident at site-13 it was shown that
(very long and overly
It goes further than just his psionic abilities. Any form of blunt force doesn't seem to work as bullets and other forms of physical trauma has little if any effect. Scp-13998 is completely immune to fire and electricity and has very high resistance to ice, acid and even drowning. After being submerged in water for (redacted). Its become a debate if scp-13998 even could drown at all.
Scp-13998 can teleport anywhere he desires except for places he hasn't seen or can't visualize in his mind.

This was made clear during an interview with scp staff
"See addendum 13998-1-A"
Scp-13998 has the ability to heal and regenerate himself or others. The severity of the injury doesn't seem to matter. It also doesn't matter how long the subjects have survived said injury. Scp-13998 has even been able to revive the dead as long as 10 minutes have not passed since they died.
Scp-13998 claims that his powers come from (redacted) but when questioned further he stated (redacted)
See addendum 13998-(redacted)
Scp-13998 is very friendly and helpful with the staff of the scp foundation and the other prisoners as well.
Scp-13998 is granted access to the scp foundation at level (redacted) following the incident with (redacted) and scp (redacted)

Addendum 13998-A-1:

Scp-13998 is sitting down at the table as dr. Grant comes in and sits down to greet himself.

Dr. grant: hello, I'm dr-

Y/n: Gerald Gregory grant
You know who I am, that's why you're placed here to interview me.
Mind if I call you greg?

Greg: I yes...I mean
You can call me Greg...let's just get to the first questions

Y/n: my name is y/n l/n and I was born in 1993 in my universe and I first discovered my powers when I was 8 years old
That's 3 of your questions answered

Greg: y-yes
Thank you

Y/n: am I going to fast for you?

Greg: no, it's quite alright
Next question, it says you came here from another universe?

Y/n: yeah, you have your involuntary dimension hopper girl to thank for that

Greg: so scp-507 brought you here?

Y/n: yes...and no
She teleported to my home dimension and we got to talking, she was in the middle of her conversation and then she just teleported
I wanted to hear what she had to say so I teleported to her so she could finish. I think she forgot what she was gonna say though...a shame...I was curious.
She seemed very shocked that I could still teleport to her.

Greg: you can teleport to anyone or anywhere?

Y/n: if I can visualize them fully then yes, any person or place
It gets a bit fuzzy if they have a twin though

Greg: I see...
One last question? And be honest with this one
Have you ever used your powers in a way that was...immoral?

Y/n: immoral as in...killing, stealing etc?

Greg: yes

Y/n: I stole a cookie when I was 9
That's really it, I've never killed anyone...well I've never killed anyone that stay dead

Greg: care to elaborate?

Y/n: it's a long story

Greg: how long?

Y/n: hours

Greg: I see....well I think I have what I need, thank you for cooperating

(End interview)

Addendum 13998-A-2

Dr. Grant comes in with a silver bell on a platter.

Y/n: Greg, you brought me a butler!
Really not holding out on me this time

Greg: yes, I want you to use scp 662

Scp-13998 immediately rings the bell and looks upward.

Y/n: Jarvis deeds? You here?

Mr. Deeds: i am indeed, hello general l/n, how may I serve you?

Greg: general?

Y/n: long story
Mr. Jarvis deeds, it's alright if I call you jarvis right?

Jarvis: it is quite alright with me, sir

Y/n: I want you to touch this stone

Jarvis: very well sir

Jarvis deeds touches the stone and starts to scream in agony as he starts to change shape and clothes to form into a maid outfit as he, now she stands up.

Ms. Deeds: that was...quite the ordeal
Would you like anything else?

Y/n: yeah, can you get me 198 ounces of well done steak?

Ms. Deeds: I believe I can do that for you

Ms. Deeds leaves the room and comes back in 30 seconds still as ms. Deeds, the transformation seems to have permanently effected her.

Ms. Deeds: there you are sir

Scp-13998 picks up the massive amount of meat and downs it all without chewing much of it.

Ms. Deeds: will there be anything else?

Y/n: yes, I need you to take this knife and kill me with it

Ms. Deeds: oh, I'm sorry my dear
I'm afraid I can't do that.
You're far too strong for that

Y/n: it's alright, I didn't think you would be able too
That will be all

Ms. Deeds: very well then

Y/n: more thing

Ms. Deeds: yes general?

Y/n: hold that stone again and change back

Ms. Deeds: as you wish

She touches the stone again and changes back to mr. Deeds and adjusts his coat.

Jarvis: anything else sir?

Y/n: that's all, for real this time

Jarvis: very well sir

He goes away and scp-13998 attempts to teleport the very second scp 662 is out of view as his body fluctuates but remains in the same spot. Scp-13998 attempts again to teleport but this time nothing happens.

Y/n: weird...I can't teleport to him

Greg: why not?

Y/n: hmmm...if I can't teleport to someone even though I can fully visualize them
It might be because they dont actually exist. The same thing happens when I try to teleport to a character like bugs bunny in this universe.

Greg: I see, thank you for the experiment

Incident rep-



........*wrrrrr* *click*


Unredacted files access granted

Incident report: scp-096-I-1

Date: ⬛⬛/⬛⬛/⬛⬛

Dr. Kowalski was headed into the chambers of scp-096 in order to take the photographs for the foundation.
This is an incredibly dangerous task that she volunteered to do. Volunteering for this turns out to be a grave mistake.
After snapping a few pictures going slow and steady she drops the camera and hearing it clatter to the ground made her jump as her as the sweat forming on her forehead seaped into the face mask and caused it to tilt and she saw its face.
Kowalski was horrified as scp-096 let out a high pitch death rattle and charged straight at her. She closed her eyes bracing herself but everything was quite for what must have a been a solid two minutes.

She opened her eyes to see scp-13998 standing in front of her staring down scp-096 and in complete disbelief as he walks forward to the shy guy. Scp-096 takes a step back as 13998 steps forward. The doctor can't believe that what she's seeing is real. Scp-096 turns the other way with a high pitched scream, this wasn't a death rattle scream, this was a scream out of fear.
Scp-096 has never been afraid of anything or anyone....why...and how could scp-13998 be the thing he's afraid of?

Scp-13998 grabs 096 by his scalp as 096 screeches like a stuck bat and 13998 emits some kind of strange energy before dropping the 096 and going back to dr. Kowalski?

Y/n: that was a close ok danni?

Dr. Kowalski: but...i...

Y/n: relax...take a breath

13998 picks her up and brings her to her feet, dr. Kowalski is immediately healed of her mental trauma by means of 13998

Dr. Kowalski: I'm fine, thank you
It's is 096 afraid of you?

Y/n: I'll be honest....
I have no fuckin idea...
I remember when I looked at its face the first time and we had a...well a fight

(See incident report scp 096-I-2)

Y/n: I figured out that I could just erase its memory of me seeing its face, it was like this towards me ever since

Dr. Kowalski: oh...alright then

She picks up the photographs as scp-13998 hands them to her face down and she collects her camera.

Y/n: danni, do you know how to whistle?

Dr. Kowalski: yeah?

Y/n: if you ever need me, just whistle

Scp-13998 whistles in sort of a calling pattern. Dr. Kowalski whistles as well.

(End log)

Incident report: scp 076

Date: ⬛⬛/⬛⬛/ 19⬛⬛

Scp 076 emerges from the coffin and is greeted by scp-13998.

Y/n: so what does the first sinner gonna do this time?

Scp-076: y/n...its been a long time

Y/n: you know I won't let you kill people

Scp-076: you know what you have to do in order to stop me from doing that

Scp-076 draws two large blades and scp-13998 does that same but for what looks like a single aluminum bat.

Y/n: man kind I'll needs a savior such as you

Scp-076: what is a man?
A filthy little pile of secrets
but enough references, HAVE AT YOU!!

The two clash making a large explosive shockwave that tears the environment asunder.
While 076 throws everything he has at his opponent scp-13998 seems to just deflect whatever 076 throws at him.

After a long fight that lasted for 5 days 076 had finally passed out.
When he came to he waa restrained and questioned as to his opinion on scp-13998.

076: he is a warrior the likes of which I've never seen
He never needed your bombs, your advanced weapons.
He deflected my blows with pure skill and with only one weapon
Unlike all of you
HE is worthy

(End log)

Incident report: scp 682

During a termination attempt followed by scp-13998s display he was sent to terminate the hard to kill lizard.
682 did not attempt to attack scp-13998 stating such a thing is pointless, scp 682 refused to elaborate

(End log)

Incident report: scp-096-I-2

Scp-13998 is told to look inside the containment cell of scp-096, he immediately states that they want him to look at the face to see what happens.

Scp-13998 steps through the door and it closes behind him as the shy guy looks at him.

Scp-13998: hey ugly, come get some

Scp-096 immediately lunges at 13998 and attempts to impale him with it's long appendages but 13998 seems to be too durable to make any damage possible.
Scp-13998 grabs the long appendages of scp-096 and tears them off and kicks 096 into the back of the container.

Y/n: that the best you can do?

Scp-096 once again lunges at 13998 with their limbs growing back and attempting to tear 13998 again with 13998 this time contorting scp-096 into a a flesh pile the size of a baseball.

Y/n: this is boring
Like really boring, and kinda annoying

Scp-096 regenerates after it has minimal applicable appendages to crawl towards 13998 and this time 13998 picks 096 by the skull and a strange blue glowing energy emits from his hand as scp-096 screeches and then stands hunched over as they are fully regenerated.

Y/n: uh...hello?
Earth to paste face? You in there mr. Sunbleached?

Scp-096 looks at y/n and leaps back as I covers my face and runs away breaking through a secondary containment facility and shutting the door itself. It also is reported to have been seen by many personal yet 096 has not come after them after this encounter.

Y/n: huh...weirdo

(End log)

Incident report: scp-173

Scp-13998 enters the cell with scp-173.

Y/n: oh yeah, this fuckin thing...

Scp-13998 has no known encounter or mention of scp-173 at this time even though he seems familiar with the statue.
Scp-13998 turns away from the statue and oddly enough the statue doesn't move despite 13998 facing away and blinking at average intervals.

Y/n: a little secret for you, I don't need my eyes to see
I use my telepathy to see using my mind, I can do this to see full 360 degrees and even far distances

The lights then go out and scp-173 still does not move.

Y/n: what part of "don't need my eyes to see did you not understand?"
Eh, fine I'll stop looking at it

Scp-173 appears behind 13998 and when the lights come on it appears that 13998 is having his head jerked to the side somehow.

Y/n: huh, guess you have a limit on how strong your telekinesis is

Scp-173 then goes in front of 13998 as his arms seem to be forced upwards through anomalous means but his arms won't break

Y/n: that's cute ...THIS

13998 looks that 173 and kicks the statue backwards making it skid across the cell in its upright position.
He then picks it up and tips it over making it fall on the ground and it lays on the side before teleporting out.

(End log)

Because of the logs y/n has been granted the class of keter and thaumiel
And is granted level 5 access

A/n: and that's where I'll end this chapter
I know that people have been asking me to rewrite my scp stories that were deleted with my previous account
But I wanted to make something new for a change
Next time

Chapter 2: interview with scp-1506

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I don't own any of these pictures!

(No picture.... sorry)
Personality: Dominant, evil, controlling(I only use these personalities for this book so not everything is accurate).

 sorry)SCP-015Personality: Dominant, evil, controlling(I only use these personalities for this book so not everything is accurate)

SCP-035(when taking over an female)
Personality: Dominant, cunning, selfish.

SCP-035(when taking over an female)Personality: Dominant, cunning, selfish

Personality: Joyfully, childish, friendly, lonely.

SCP-2521Personality: Shy, selfish, obsessed in herself(In a way of "I want to know all about myself" type or something to avoid misunderstanding)

Personality: Shy, selfish, obsessed in herself(In a way of "I want to know all about myself" type or something to avoid misunderstanding).

SCP-2521Personality: Shy, selfish, obsessed in herself(In a way of "I want to know all about myself" type or something to avoid misunderstanding)

Personality: Childish, friendly, lively, wants you to be like her friends.

I am so sorry for the long wait.
I have no excuse expet for having no motivation.
I honestly had no hope for this story. But I see some people (probably) like this story.
Again, I'm so sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy the harem idea.


*I don't own the pictures*

Personality: prideful, dominant, brutal, mean, manipulative

Personality: prideful, dominant, brutal, mean, manipulative. Possessive(to y/n), obsessive(to y/n)


Personality: aggressive, deadly, lonely unstoppable, destructive, tsundere(to y/n)

Personality: aggressive, deadly, lonely unstoppable, destructive, tsundere(to y/n)


Personality: cheery, childish, clingy(to bassicly everyone) friendly

Personality: cheery, childish, clingy(to bassicly everyone) friendly.


Personality: prideful, aggressive, overprotective(to y/n),

Personality: prideful, aggressive, overprotective(to y/n),


Personality: childish, lonely, clingy(to y/n)

Personality: childish, lonely, clingy(to y/n)


Personality: emotionless, clingy(to y/n), quiet, lonely,

Personality: emotionless, clingy(to y/n), quiet, lonely,


Personality: lively, childish, creative, positive,

Personality: lively, childish, creative, positive,

More will be coming in the future, however the next chapter I will begin the prolouge.


Reader wattpad male harem x scp

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