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"Spell Power" redirects here. For the former Mage talent, see Spell Power (mage talent).

Spell power is an attribute that increases the effect of spells. Spell power increases the damage amount of damaging spells and the healing amount of healing spells. Prior to Patch 3.0.2, the attribute known as spell damage would only increase the effects of damaging spells and was most commonly gained by enchants. Healing spells were only increased by the healing attribute. As of Patch 3.0.2, spell power now affects both types of spells. Nevertheless, there are items which can increase your bonus healing independently of damage spells. Similarly, there are items which grant bonuses only to certain magic schools such as fire or nature.

As of Patch 4.0.1 the ability to downrank has been removed as well as the removal of spell power from gear.

Information about spell power can be found on the Character tab of the Character info window under the Spell heading. The Bonus Damage attribute represents your spell power's contribution to general spell damage. Hovering your mouse over this attribute will show you the specific bonus damage for individual schools of damaging magic. These are typically equal to or greater than the base Bonus Damage attribute. The Bonus Healing attribute represents your spell power's contribution to healing spells. As with damage schools, this attribute is typically equal to or greater than your general Bonus Damage attribute.

Players often refer to this attribute as simply +damage, +dmg, or plus damage. For effects that target a specific school, it is similarly referred to by that school such as +fire. In particular, healers commonly refer to items with only a healing bonus as +healing.

Your bonus damage and bonus healing from spell power do not usually apply directly to a spell. Each spell (or each component of each spell) which causes damage or healing has a spell power coefficient which determines how much of your bonus damage or bonus healing will be applied to the spell. The coefficient may be more or less than 100%, depending on various spell factors. Rules for calculating the coefficient are discussed in the sections that follow.

Sources of spell power[]

Spell power is found primarily on equippable items, but can also be increased with potions, buffs and some class talents. Items with the following item suffixes will add spell damage or healing:

Item SuffixEffectNote
... of Arcane Wrath+ Arcane damage
... of Fiery Wrath+ Fire damage
... of Frozen Wrath+ Frost damage
... of Healing+ Spell power (was only healing spells)
... of Nature's Wrath+ Nature damage
... of Shadow Wrath+ Shadow damage
... of Sorcery+ Spell damage and healing
+ Stamina
+ Intellect
Found only on "Abyssal" items on summoned Silithus bosses.
... of the Crusade+ Spell damage and healing
+ Defense rating
+ Intellect
Introduced in The Burning Crusade
... of the Hierophant+ Healing
+ Stamina
+ Spirit
Introduced in The Burning Crusade
... of the Invoker+ Spell damage and healing
+ Spell critical strike rating
+ Intellect
Introduced in The Burning Crusade
... of the Nightmare+ Shadow damage
+ Stamina
+ Intellect
Introduced in The Burning Crusade
... of the Physician+ Healing
+ Stamina
+ Intellect
Introduced in The Burning Crusade
... of the Prophet+ Healing
+ Spirit
+ Intellect
Introduced in The Burning Crusade
... of the Sorcerer+ Spell damage and healing
+ Stamina
+ Intellect
Introduced in The Burning Crusade

All spell damage and healing gains stack. The total bonus is determined by adding individual bonuses from all equipped items, all buffs, and any talents. The total amount of spell damage and healing can be tracked on the character sheet, under the Spell tab. Bonus Damage shows the total amount that applies to all schools. Mousing over Bonus Damage will break down the benefit by magical school, which includes items that only affect one school. Bonus Healing shows the amount that will be applied to healing spells.

Spell coefficients[]

How much that spell power contributes to the effect of a spell varies from spell to spell. It is generally related to the cast time and/or the duration of the spell, and different categories of spells have different formulas for calculating their spell power. The portion of your spell power which is contributed to a particular spell is referred to as the spell power coefficient. It typically does not vary within the same spell, but the lowest and highest ranks of some spells have different casting times or durations, which can cause the coefficient to be different for those ranks.

The spell power typically varies with either the spell's casting time, duration, or both. In general, spells with short casting times or short durations are less powerful and consume less mana than those with longer casting times and durations. The intention is for the coefficient to scale with the overall power of the spell being cast. That is, a spell which heals for 100 should receive less benefit than a spell which heals for 1000. If they received the same benefit, it would be far more efficient to "spam" small spells to get the same amount of free bonus damage/healing as you would get for casting the larger spell. Scaling the spell power coefficient helps preserve the base mana efficiency of spells.

That said, the correlation between casting time or duration and the strength of a spell is not perfect. The addition of spell power effects may change the mana efficiency of a spell significantly. When ordering the mana efficiency of your damage and healing spells, you should consider the effects of spell power, as this may change their ranking compared to if you used only the base states of your spells.

There are 5 categories of spells used to calculate spell power coefficients: direct (instant-effect), over time, hybrid (has both a direct and an over time component), channeled, and area of effect. Some spells may belong to more than one category. For instance, channeled spells always act over time; area of effect (AoE) spells may be direct spells, or may be channeled over time. In general, the order of priority is: area of effect > channeled > hybrid > [direct | over time]. That is, a spell which is a channeled area of effect should be calculated as an AoE spell, rather than as channeled.

The coefficient can be determined by following some basic rules that are outlined in this section. It should be noted, however, that there are a number of exceptions to these rules, and that the true spell coefficient should be verified experimentally.

As of Patch 3.0.2, it is necessary to multiply the results of the standard equations by a factor of approximately 1.88 for all healing spells. This is a proportionality constant introduced to account for the fact that bonus healing behaved differently from bonus spell damage prior to the patch, and took on a different range of values.

Direct (instant-effect) spells[]

Direct spells are spells that apply all the damage or healing at one time. That is, they have an instant duration. The amount of bonus damage or bonus healing depends on the cast time of the spell before any talents or abilities are applied to them. Spells with a cast time of less than 1.5 sec or greater than 7.0 sec are treated as having a cast time of 1.5 sec and 7.0 sec, respectively.

Direct Damage spells:

C = Cast Time / 3.5

Direct Heal spells:

C = (Cast Time / 3.5) * 1.88

Table of coefficients

Cast timeDamage CoefficientHealing Coefficient
1.5- sec42.86%80.57%
2.0 sec57.14%107.43%
6.5 sec185.71%349.14%
7.0+ sec200.00%376.00%

Example calculation using Rank 11 (L80) of Fire Blast (Mage):

Cast Time = 0.0 (treated as 1.5) C = 1.5 / 3.5 = 42.86%

Examples of such spells include: Healing Touch (Druid), Greater Heal (Priest), Shadow Bolt (Warlock)

Some exceptions of this rule are:

  • Soul Fire (Warlock) - 115%
  • Pyroblast direct damage: 115%, damage over time: 5%

Over time spells[]

Over time spells apply healing or damage over a period of time in ticks. The spell power coefficient depends on the duration of the over time effect.

Damage spells:

C = Duration / 15

Healing spells:

C = (Duration / 15) * 1.88

This coefficient applies to the entire duration of the spell. With a few exceptions, each tick receives an equal bonus. Therefore, the per-tick coefficient can be found by dividing the overall coefficient value by the number of ticks.

Prior to patch 2.0.1, there was a 100% cap on over time spells longer than 15 seconds. This cap has since been removed. There is no minimum duration cap for over time spells.

Table of coefficients

DurationDamage CoefficientHealing Coefficient
3 sec20.00%37.60%
6 sec40.00%75.20%
15 sec100.00%188.00%
18 sec120%225.60%
21 sec140%263.20%

Example calculation using Rank 15 (L80) of Rejuvenation (Druid):

Duration = 15 Number of Ticks = 5 CTotal = 15 / 15 * 1.88 = 188.00% CTick = CTotal / 5 = 37.60% per tick

Examples of these spells include: Rejuvenation (Druid), Renew (Priest)

Some exceptions to this rule are:

  • Shadow Word: Pain (Priest) - 110%, increased beyond 140% with Improved Shadow Word: Pain, which extends its duration to 24 sec.
  • Curse of Agony (Warlock) - 120%.
  • Curse of Doom (Warlock) - 200%.

Hybrid spells (Combined standard and over-time spells)[]

The bonus for spells that have both a direct and an over time component is divided between these components. Currently, the equations are unknown for hybrid healing spells. Several equations have been proposed, but none of them provide correct results for all (or most) hybrid spells. Because there are so few hybrid healing spells, it may be the case that their coefficients are not set by equations at all, but are chosen directly by the developers.

For hybrid damage spells, the equations are:

x = Duration / 15 y = Cast Time / 3.5 CDoT = x2 / (x + y) CDD = y2 / (x + y) CTotal = CDoT + CDD

Example calculation using the Rank 14 (L80) Moonfire (Druid) spell:

Duration = 12.0 sec Cast Time = instant (treated as 1.5 sec) x = 12.0 / 15.0 = 0.8000 y = 1.5 / 3.5 = ~0.4286 CDot = 0.80002 / (0.8000 + 0.4286) = 0.6400 / 1.2286 = 52.09% CDD = 0.42862 / (0.8000 + 0.4286) = 0.1837 / 1.2286 = 14.95%

So the DoT portion of Moonfire (4 ticks) has a coefficient of 52.09% (~13.02% per tick). The DD portion has a coefficient of 14.95%. The total coefficient is 52.09% + 14.95% = 67.04%. This agrees very closely with the empirical values of 52% and 15%, respectively.

Examples of these spells include: Moonfire (Druid)

Exceptions to this rule include

  • Immolate (Warlock) - 20% (DD), 20% (DoT) (Hotfixed as of patch 3.0)
  • Holy Fire (Priest) - 57.5% (DD), 18.5% (DoT) (As of patch 3.0)
  • Regrowth (Druid) - ~30% (DH), 70% (HoT)

Channeled spells[]

Channeled spells, like over time spells, have their benefit distributed over the entire duration of the spell. It is split evenly over each tick assuming that each tick causes the same amount of damage/healing. The duration of the spell cast time is used to calculate the total coefficient:

For damage spells:

CTotal = Duration / 3.5

For healing spells:

CTotal = (Duration / 3.5) * 1.88

For both:

CTick = CTotal / Number of Ticks

Example calculation using Rank 13 (L79) of Arcane Missiles (Mage):

Duration = 5.0 Number of Ticks = 5 CTotal = 5 / 3.5 = 142.86% CTick = CTotal / 5 = 28.57%

Examples of these spells include: Hurricane (Druid), Arcane Missiles (Mage), Hellfire (Warlock). An exception to this rule is:

  • Drain Soul (Warlock) - 214.3%.

Area of effect spells[]

Area of Effect spells receive only 1/2 of the total bonus that they would if they were single-target spells. As with a direct spell, the cast time is used to calculate the coefficient. The 1.5 second minimum and 7.0 second maximum apply to area of effect spells.

Damage spells:

C = Cast Time / 7

Healing spells:

C = (Cast Time / 7) * 1.88

Table of coefficients

Cast timeDamage CoefficientHealing Coefficient
1.5- sec21.43%40.29%
2.0 sec28.57%53.71%
6.5 sec92.861%174.57%
7.0+ sec100.00%188.00%

Example calculation using Rank 7 (L80) of Circle of Healing (Priest)

Cast Time = instant (treated as 1.5) C = (1.5 / 7) * 1.88 = 40.29%

Examples of these spells include: Arcane Explosion (Mage), Prayer of Healing (Priest), Circle of Healing (Priest)

In the Burning Crusade and patch 2.0 there is a diminishing return against multiple targets. That is, as the number of targets your spells affect increases, the less damage you will deal to them. The numbers for this mechanic aren't yet known.

Paladin special attacks[]

Some paladin abilities work different ways. Here are some formulas tested in the Beta version of the Burning Crusade.

Holy Shield, Retribution Aura (paladin) reflects damage:

5% of +spell damage effect = +damage applied for each charge

Only paladin aura benefit from +dmg.

Seal of Righteousness, which applies Holy damage on each melee attack:


9.2% * Weapon Speed in seconds = Total 1.0 sec = 9.2% 2.2 sec = 20%

Two-handed weapons:

10.8% * Weapon Speed in seconds = Total 2.6 sec = 28% 3.7 sec = 40%

Rules for applying spell damage and healing[]

  1. Calculate spell time using the base spell cast time before talents and gear. (The in-game tool tip will include those bonuses; refer to WoWWiki's spells section for base cast times for all spells.)
  2. Spells that take longer than 7.0 seconds to cast are treated as if their casting time was 7.0 seconds, and spells faster than 1.5 sec are treated as if their casting time was 1.5 seconds.
  3. Damage benefits are applied before any talents or buffs that may otherwise increase your spell damage.

Penalty rules[]

Spells learned before level 20[]

Many spells have multiple ranks. To avoid abuse of lower ranks to have a similar effect at a negligible mana cost, any spell learned below level 20 receives a large penalty. If such a spell has a shorter cast time than a higher rank, this is also taken in to account. This penalty can be calculated by subtracting 3.75% for each level lower than 20.

(20 - Level Spell is Learned) * .0375 = Penalty

Downranked spells[]

The ability to downrank has been removed with the release of patch 4.0.1

Main article: Downranking

Downranking, the act of purposefuly using a lower-rank cheaper spell, no longer has any mana benefit as of Patch 3.0.

Spells with additional effects[]

Spells with additional effects, like a slowing effect, receive a penalty for each effect. Typically the penalty is 5% per additional effect, but can vary according to the developers' whims. For instance, here is the calculation for Rank 7 (L80) of Insect Swarm (Druid), which is an over time spell with a chance-to-hit debuff:

C = (12.0 / 15.0) * 0.95 = 76.00%

Examples of these spells include: Blast Wave (Mage), Blizzard (Mage), Insect Swarm (Druid)

Spells that both damage and heal[]

Some spells, namely Life Drains, both damage the target and heal the caster. The bonus is split between the healing and damaging portion, roughly in proportion to the amount of healing and damage involved. That is, if a spell heals 4 points for every 1 point of damage, 1/5 of the spell's bonus will go to damage and roughly 4/5 will go to healing. Because bonus healing does not apply to these spells, the 1.88 multiplier is not used for the healing portion.

Thus Drain Life's bonus is applied 50%/50% to damage/healing, while Devouring Plague's bonus is split roughly 75%/25%. The exact equations are unknown at this time, but a reasonably close answer can be obtained by:

CDamage = CTotal / (Damage Amount / [Damage Amount + Healing Amount]) CHealing = CTotal / (Healing Amount / [Damage Amount + Healing Amount])

Examples of these spells include: Devouring Plague (Priest), Holy Nova (Priest), Drain Life (Warlock)


  • Corruption (93%), Curse of Agony (120%), Curse of Doom (200%) and Shadow Word: Pain (110%) receive a reduced bonus.
  • Drain Soul has its bonus reduced to half (214%).
  • Fireball has a small damage over time component, but is not considered a hybrid spell, so it receives only the Direct Damage bonus to its direct damage component. Spell damage gear never increases the DoT on fireball.
  • Holy Fire does not follow hybrid spell rules and receives 85.71% (DD) and 16.5% (DoT).
  • Mind Flay does not follow channeling rules and uses 57% damage applied.
  • Soul Fire is capped at 115%.
  • Pyroblast deals 115% of +spell damage on impact and 20% of +spell damage to its DoT component.

Additional notes[]

  1. +Healing does not apply to bandages or potions. Trinkets should no longer be affected.
  2. Shaman totems receive benefit from +Damage.
  3. Hunter Traps don't receive a benefit from increased spell damage.

See also[]

  • Spell power coefficient
  • Spell Damage Comparison
Sours: https://worldofwarcraft.fandom.com/et/wiki/Spell_power


Because of the class fantasy of being a holy crusader and the initial intention of the Paladins' class design, players have always tried to make a spellpower Paladin work, but to no avail. The damage just wasn't there and because of it we've always had to go with the physical warrior-style build that is commonly called AP Ret.
But this is no longer true! Because of the massive amount theorycrafting that was done over the years by Paladin enthusiasts on private servers before classic release a new Paladin build was discovered that uses spellpower and in some cases does more damage then the AP ret counterpart. In addition to this it utilizes many items with low competition making it easier to gear up and be powerful compared to the AP.
Spelladin requires a lot of time and effort to play properly and is not a good build for casual players, on top of this Classic has been nothing but disappointments for the Spelladin build and the DPS results have been much worse then anticipated. It can still produce good results, but only on certain fights or in perfect contitions.

Spelladin uses Seal of Righteousness with a fast weapon to deal damage combined with consecration and weapon oils. The core component of the spelladin is the weapon Manual Crowd Pummeler which is a 2.0 attack speed 2h mace that drops in Gnomeregan. This weapon has a 3-charge use effect which increases your attack speed by 50% for 30 seconds.
Because of how Seal of Righteousness scale with spellpower and speed it will still do the base damage of the 2.0 speed even when you activate the 50% speed buff resulting in a big damage increase compared to your attack speed, and any further attack speed increses will further excel this damage. With all speed buffs you are able to reach an attackspeed below 1 second for periods of time.

Attackspeed formula:
base speed / (increase1*increase2*increase3) = Attack speed
example (Manual Crowd Pummeler activated+juju flurry+scrolls of blinding light)
2.0 / (1.5*1.03*1.25) = 1.035598706

Fast attackspeed will also help us with other things, one of those are Vengeance. Vengeance is very important for Ret Paladins because its basically a flat 15% damage increase since almost all of our damage are physical or holy. Spelladins however lacks a high crit % because most spellpower gear don't have any crit on it, but the fast attackspeed will make up for it a bit. This is also where our next core item comes into play - Storm Gauntlets. Storm Gauntlets are one of many items in classic which does a small magic damage proc on every attack you do, the good thing about this is that this proc can crit based on your spellcrit. With itemization mostly on spellpower, intellect and spellcrit this works wonders for us and will boost veangeance uptime by a lot. Storm Gauntlets does nature damage, and in the case where the boss is immune to Nature damage you have the possibility to swap to Fiery Plate Gauntlets instead that have the same effect but with Fire damage.

Formula for Storm Gauntlets extra crit chance:
Chance not to crit on melee/100 * spellcrit% = Storm Gauntlets extra crit chance
example with 25% melee crit and 10% spellcrit
0.75*10=7,5% (This is not taking the chance to resist into account, which is 17% without any spell hit)

So even though Storm Gauntlets basically have no stats, everyone would gladly use any item that says "increases your chance to crit by 6%", or if you are world buffed and fully consumed this could be up to 15%.

Attackspeed also helps with weapon procs if they are not bound to a PPM system. One major damage source is Shadow oil, which has a static 15% chance to proc in addition to scaling 56% with spellpower. However this is not working as intended on Classic at the moment I write this and shadow oil seems bugged. It's not proccing 15% as it should and therefore not worth using, hopefully this will be resolved in the near future as it may hinder our damage scaling by quite a lot.

Spellpower will be our main stat as it boosts Seal of Righteousness, JoR, Cons, DBC and Shadow oil, but getting at least 2% hit is important at lower spellpower levels since more of our total damage will be white hits. Crit is next to keep Vengeance uptime high and then STR which will boost our auto attacks that still do a decent amount of damage. We will get Intellect automatically from spellpower items so it's not something you should prioritize over other stats if having to choose. Spell hit is used for consecration, JoR and Oils which is an important part of our damage, but it's really hard to get spellhit, so it's not worth to go unless you find it on other pieces with spellpower.

When it comes to weapons for Spelladin the ONLY choice for bosses is Manual Crowd Pummeler, nothing else will come close to it except fringe circumstances (1h spellpower weapon+off hand would be better in a massive aoe fight with no main target). For everything that is not bosses (trash, dungeons, open world, etc) there are two options for weapons; a fast 2h like Blade of Hanna or Blackfury in the earlier phases, or a slow 2h like Demonshear or Sulfuras. Thunderfury could also be a good choice, since it will proc a lot while using Seal of Righteousness. With slow weapons you will use SoC instead of SoR. Your damage on trash won't be incredible, but consecration will help you deal good damage in dungeons. As the game gets into later phases there won't be any good fast 2h weapons and you'll be forced to use a slower one. A good idea might be to swap into more of a Hybrid set at this time when not killing bosses and back to full spelladin on boss fights only.

Maximizing spellpower with a 1h+OH is a possibility but as stated earlier it will be bad in most situations except large aoe where consecration is most of your damage.

Spelladins follow a simple rotation, the hard part is managing your buffs and Manual Crowd Pummeler duration to make sure you are not missing out on any seconds of attack speed and that you always hit the maximum amount of targets with your consecration.
Start off by juding the boss with JotC to increase the holy damage you deal. Activate Seal of Righteousness and Manual Crowd Pummeler when running towards the boss and consecration as soon as you get in range. Now judge JoR on CD and recast consecration on CD. When Manual Crowd Pummeler speed buff goes down to 1 second reapply the next MCP charge. use sapper charge whenever you can hit the most amount of targets. When boss falls below 20% you can start using HoW. Many bosses dies very fast below 20% so in order to get more then one HoW off you need to be ready to spam it as soon as you can, it can make a lot of difference on your total dps. Remember to use JUJU flurry when you know you can be stationary for the full duration of the buff and of course use your mana pots and dark runes so you don't go oom in the end because HoW does cost quite a bit of mana.
JotC->SoR->Activate MCP->Consecration->JoR/SoR->Sapper charge->

Continue using JoR, cons and MCP whenever ready->HoW below 20%

Downranking is usually NOT needed as a spelladin. Because of high intellect on your gear you will have a big mana pool that allows you to use max rank consecration an Seal of Righteousness for the whole duration of the fight, at least in the earlier phases where bosses die fast. If fights gets longer in BWL and later you may need to start downranking to save mana, but I dont think it's gonna be a problem.
Seal of Righteousness = Downrank to rank3 - For some reason SoR R3 have a higher spellpower scaling then all the other ranks, so with high spellpower it will eventuelly do more damage then Rank8, the JoR scaling however is the same so it will always be lower. But downranking to 3 is a good idea to save mana for a small dps loss.
Consecration = Downrank to rank3. Rank3 is  44%~ cheaper then Rank5 but does 50%~ of the damage. Of course your overall damage will be lowered by half but you save the mana/damage ratio compared to rank5.

Spelladin is completely reliant on Manual Crowd Pummeler to be functional, and hence it needs its own section. For many players the MCP is a big turnoff since the weapon is one of the most iconic things about Paladins, and running around with a lvl 29 mace is not fun. This is kind of a misconception though, since you are only using MCP on bossfights and nothing else, for the rest of your time you are using a normal weapon, so you should still go for that Sulfuras, Ashkandi or whatever Iconic weapon you want, you'll still be using it more overall then you use MCP.
But the biggest hurdle is probably farming the MCPs since you need to use 1 per bossfight as a general rule. You need at least 2 charges since most bossfights lasts longer then 30 seconds and you want to keep the speed buff active for the whole fight. There are some bosses where using MCP is just not worth it because of how the fight work, but most of the time you are going to use it.
Farming MCPs is not hard, but it does take a little bit of time.
First you need to go into Gnomeregan (main entrance) and go kill Electrocutioner 6000 for the workshop key to the Gnomeregan backdoor unless you already have it.
When you have the key you can enter via the backdoor, skip or kill a few trashpacks while running to Crowd Pummeler 9-60. After you kill it run out the backdoor and reset the instance.
One run takes approx 5minutes and the drop rate is 33%, meaning in the 5 kills you can do you will get 1-2 MCPs most of the time. For once MC raid you want to bring at least 10 MCPs. Even if you don't use it on every boss it's good to have a spare or two.
Farming 10 MCPs would take you approx 30-35 bosskills in Gnomeregan, this would take you between 2-3hrs of activly farming Gnomeregan every week, IMO it's not that bad but for a more casual player it may not be viable, especially when you take into consideration all the other consumables you need.

Spelladins use a standard ret spec but takes improved SoR in the holy tree. Wheter you take divine strenght or intellect is up to you, techincally STR will give you more damage, but with a full spelladin set the INT will give you more for your talent points, but if you aren't having mana problems more INT doesn't really add much dps wise.

Spelladins thrive on comsumables, the good (or bad, depending on your motivation to farm) thing about Paladins is that all stats and buffs benefits us in some way. Because of this we can really stack up on all consumables if we want to min-max to the fullest.
Here's a list of all the consumables you need and some comments on each. Yes, the list is very long, but that's the life of a Paladin. Consumables are very important and if you want to be able to do the most damage possible you are going to need most of the stuff on this list for every raid.

Manual Crowd Pummeler - Counts as a consumable, bring 1x per boss if you expect no wipes, otherwise more.
Flask of Supreme Power - Powerful consumable that give a huge SP boost, for serious Spelladins this is a must as it will give you the biggest damage increase of all consumables.
Greater Arcane Elixir - Basic spellpower consumable that stack with flask. If you die a lot or during progression you can use the lesser version Arcane Elixir since its much cheaper.
Elixir of the Mongoose - Gives a 3%+ crit, defenitly a must have since our base crit is low.
JUJU Power - STR, slightly better then elixir of giants and fairly easy to farm from furbolgs in winterspring.
JUJU Might - AP, annoying to farm and usually quite expensive, also only last for 10min. Use Winterfall Firewater instead unless tryharding.
JUJU Flurry - An extra attack speed buff for 20 sec, the trick with these is that you can only use one on yourself, but other players can use them on you as well, try to get some friends to use them on you after your own duration runs out if you are tryharding.

R.O.I.D.S - A nice extra STR buff from the blasted lands repeatable quests. You can only have one though since it's unique.

Ground Scorpok Assay - If you raid longer then 1 hour your R.O.I.D.S will run out and since you can only have one of those you should have this one as a secondary.
Goblin Sapper Charge - A very nice damage boost on multi target fights that can provide an edge compared to other players who don't use it.
Iron Counterweight - You'll need to enchant every MCP with one of these, counts as a weapon ENCHANT so it stacks with oils etc.
Oil of Immolation - Provides a small AOE damage in fights, dont share CD with other pots so can be used freely,. but it will reset your swing timer, so be careful when you use it.
Shadow Oil/Frost Oil/Elemental Sharpening Stone - Ideally you'll want Shadow oil, but with the current "bugged"? proc rate Frost Oil is acually better most of the time. For you non-mcp weapons, use sharpening stone.
Dragonbreath Chili- DBC is a semi-low proc rate frontal cone fire AOE that scales 100% with SP making it quite good for fights with multiple targets stacked. However it's only a 10min duration and quite expansive reagents, so use how your wallet allows it.

Smoked Desert Dumplings / Grilled Squid - STR or Agility food buff, small but not insignificant DPS increase.
Elixir of Shadow Power - Prodivdes a small damage boost to Shadow oil procs but is quite expensive, only use together with shadow oil and if tryharding
Elixir of Greater Fire Power - Provides a small damage boost to DBC but also quite expensive, only use together with DBC if tryharding.
Major Mana Potion  - Mana potions are needed for most bossfights in order to be able to sustain max rank consecration and seal for the whole fight. 1x per boss + a few for trash.
Dark Rune/Demonic Rune - Works as an extra mana potion if you need it for longer fights or can't use mana potion because of other pot usage.
Free Action Potion - Certian bosses and trash does stun/root effects which needs to be negated in order to DPS properly, bring a few FAPs for every raid.
Restorative Potion - Certain bosses have debuffs that hinders your DPS if not removed, bring resto pots to deal with this because waiting to get dispelled is not a safe solution.
Greater Fire Protection Potion / Greater Arcane Protection Potion / Greater Nature Protection Potion / Greater Shadow Protection Potion - Certain bosses have huge elemental damage and in order to protect yourself and minimize the risk of dying use protection potions. Dieing and losing all consumables and world buffs SUCKS, dont be cheap!
Elixir of Demon Slaying - There aren't a lot of Demon bosses, but for the ones that exist these will provide an extra damage increase.

Sours: https://www.judgementret.com/spelladin-guide
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How does spell damage work in WOW Classic?

How does spell damage work in WOW Classic?

Spell power is an attribute that increases the effect of spells. Spell power increases the damage amount of damaging spells and the healing amount of healing spells. Prior to Patch 3.0. 2, the attribute known as spell damage would only increase the effects of damaging spells and was most commonly gained by enchants.

Does spell power affect healing classic wow?

Spell power increases the damage amount of damaging spells and the healing amount of healing spells. Prior to Patch 3.0. 2, the attribute known as spell damage would only increase the effects of damaging spells. Healing spells were only increased by the healing attribute.

Does spell power affect wands classic wow?

+spell damage will not effect your wand damage. Yes, it is still worth picking up +shadow damage early on for priests and warlocks. Wands aren’t spells.

Does shadow damage affect wands?

If it increases shadow damage, yes the wand will be affected. If it creases spell ability damage, no the wand will not be affected.

Does shadow vulnerability stack?

This vulnerability increases the Shadow damage dealt to your target by 3% and lasts 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.

Is Shadow Ward affected by spell power?

Absorbs 675 shadow damage. Lasts 30 sec….Spell Details.

Duration 30 seconds School Shadow Mechanic n/a Dispel type Magic GCD category Normal
Cooldown30 seconds
GCD1.5 seconds
EffectApply Aura: Absorb Damage (Shadow) Value: 675
FlagsCannot be used while shapeshifted

What is shadow weaving priest?

Shadow Weaving is a priest talent which buffs the priest, increasing all shadow damage done by the priest by 2% per stack. Each point increases the chance to apply the debuff by 33%, for a maximum of 100% chance.

How do you play Shadow Weaving priest?

Shadow Weaving: Start: Quickly apply Shadow Weaving by spamming SW: Pain (Rank 1) until 5 stacks. Maintain: Keep Shadow Weaving with Mind Blast, Mind Flay or SW: Pain (Rank 8). If Resisted: Spam SW: Pain (Rank 1) before Shadow Weaving drops off.

What is shadow weave?

Shadow weave is a subset of the category “color-and-weave.” This is the name given to fabrics in which the same alternating colors or groups of colors are used in both the warp and the weft. Instead, the warp and weft threads of one color standout compared to those of another color.

What level should I be for Shadoweave tailoring?

Becoming a Shadoweave Tailor You need to be at least level 60.

Where is the Shadoweave mask?

This item is crafted by Tailors with a skill level of 245. The pattern is a quest reward for completing the quest The Undermarket which starts with Nilith Lokrav in the Searing Gorge.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/wow/how-does-spell-damage-work-in-wow-classic/

How will spell power work in Classic?

I’ve never heard about the coefficient being different between spell damage and shadow/fire/frost/arcane/nature damage.

The following is copy pasted from a reddit thread about coefficients by spell.

inb4 pserver data…(probably isn’t 100% accurate btw, but its interesting to look at)

"Data taken from TheoryCraft addon for version 1.12.1.

DoT longer than 15 sec is calculated as 15sec duration.

Channeled or cast spell longer than 3.5sec is calculated as 3.5 cast spell.

These coefficients are before talents and gear improvements!

Example talent bonus:

Shadow Word: Pain - 18 / 3 = 6 ticks. 100% bonus, 6 ticks = 16.66%/tick

2/2 improved sw:pain = adds 2 ticks. Bonus is the same. 8 ticks = 16.66%/tick.

8 ticks > 6 ticks = more damage done.

Example talent bonus 2

Fireball = 3.5sec cast = 100% bonus.

5/5 Improved Fireball = 3.0sec cast. Bonus is the same. 100% bonus.

3.0 sec cast is faster than 3.5 sec cast = faster fireball cast = more DPS


Frostbolt - 3/3.5*0.95 - 81.4%

Frost Nova - 1.5/3.5/3*0.95 - 13.57%

Cone of Cold - 1.5/3.5/3*0.95 - 13.57%

Blizzard - 3.5/3.5/3 - 33% - 4.125% per tick (8)

Arcane Explosion - 1.5/3.5/3 - 14.28%

Arcane Missiles - 3.5/3.5 - 100% - 20% per missile (5)

Fire Blast - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Fireball Direct - 3.5/3.5 - 100%

Fireball Dot - 0%

Pyroblast Direct - 3.5/3.5 - 100%

Pyroblast Dot - 70% - 17.5% per tick (4) (exception to the rules)

Scorch - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Blast Wave - 1.5/3.5/3*0.95 - 13.57%

Flamestrike Direct: (3/3.5)*(3/3.5) / (3/3.5 + 8/15) / 3 = 17.61%

Flamestrike DoT: (8/15)*(8/15) / (3/3.5 + 8/15) / 3 = 6.81% - 1,70% per tick (4)

Ice Barrier - 0.1 - 10%


Shadowbolt - 3/3.5 - 85.71%

Soul Fire - 3.5/3.5 - 100%

Searing Pain - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Immolate Direct: (2/3.5)*(2/3.5) / (2/3.5 + 15/15) = 18.65%

Immolate DoT: (15/15)*(15/15) / (2/3.5 + 15/15) = 63.63% - 12.72% per tick (5)

Conflagrate - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Rain of Fire - 3.5/3.5/3 - 33% - 8.25% per tick (4)

Hellfire - 3.5/3.5/3 - 33% - 2.2% per tick (15)

Corruption - 15/15 - 100% - 16.66% per tick (6)

Curse of Agony - 15/15 - 100% - 8.33 per tick (12)

Curse of Doom - 15/15 - 100%

Drain Soul - 15/15 - 100% - 20% per tick (5)

Siphon Life - 15/15/2 - 50% - 5% per tick (10)

Drain Life - 3.5/3.5/2 - 50% - 10% per tick (5)

Death Coil - 1.5/3.5/2 - 21.42%

Shadowburn - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%


Prayer of Healing - 3/3.5/3 - 28.57%

Shadow Word: Pain - 15/15 - 100% - 16.67% per tick (6)

Mind Flay - 45%

Mind Blast - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Mana Burn - 0%

Smite - 2.5/3.5 - 71.42%

Holy Fire Direct: (3.5/3.5)*(3.5/3.5) / (3.5/3.5 + 10/15) = 59.99%

Holy Fire DoT: (10/15)*(10/15) / (3.5/3.5 + 10/15) = 26.66% - 5.33% per tick (5)

Holy Nova - 1.5/3.5/3/2 - 7.14%

Power Word: Shield - 0.1 - 10%

Desperate Prayer - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Lesser Heal - 2.5/3.5 - 71.42%

Heal - 3/3.5 - 85.71%

Flash Heal - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Greater Heal - 3/3.5 - 85.71%

Devouring Plague - 15/15/2 - 50% - 6.25% per tick (8)

Renew - 15/15 - 100% - 20% per tick (5)

Starshards - 3.5/3.5 - 100% - 16.66% per tick (6)

Touch of Weakness - 42.85%

Shadowguard - 100% - 33% per charge (3)


Healing Touch - 3.5/3.5 - 100%

Tranquility - 3.5/3.5/3 - 33% - 6.6% per tick (5)

Rejuvenation - 12/15 - 80% - 20% per tick (4)

Regrowth Direct: (2/3.5)*(2/3.5) / (2/3.5 + 15/15) = 18.65%

Regrowth HoT: (15/15)*(15/15) / (2/3.5 + 15/15) = 63.63% (9,09% per tick) (7)

Starfire - 3.5/3.5 - 100%

Wrath - 2/3.5 - 57.14%

Insect Swarm - 12/15/0.95 - 76% - 12.66% per tick (6)

Entangling Roots - 1.5/3.5*0.95 - 40.71% - 4.52% per tick (9)

Moonfire Direct: (1.5/3.5)*(1.5/3.5) / (1.5/3.5 + 12/15) = 14.95%

Moonfire DoT: (12/15)*(12/15) / (1.5/3.5 + 12/15) = 52.09% - 13.02% per tick (4)

Hurricane - 3.5/3.5*0.95/3 - 31.66% - 3.16% per tick (10)


One-Handed Seal of Righteousness - 10% per hit

Two-Handed Seal of Righteousness - 12% per hit

Judgement of Righteousness - 50%

Seal of Command - 20% of spell damage, 29% of Holy damage

Judgement of Command - 43%

Consecration - 33%

Holy Shock - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Hammer of Wrath - 1/3.5 - 28.57%

Exorcism - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Holy Wrath - 2/3.5/3 - 19%

Holy Shield - 5% per Block

Holy Light - 2.5/3.5 - 71%

Flash of Light - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Blessing of Sanctuary - 0%


Chain Lightning - 2.5/3.5 - 71.42%

Lightning Bolt - 3/3.5 - 85.71%

Lesser Healing Wave - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Healing Wave - 3/3.5 - 85.71%

Chain Heal - 2.5/3.5 - 71.42%

Earth Shock - 1.5/3.5*0.95 - 40.71%

Flame Shock Direct: (1.5/3.5)*(1.5/3.5) / (1.5/3.5 + 12/15) = 14.95%

Flame Shock DoT: (12/15)*(12/15) / (1.5/3.5 + 12/15) = 52.09% - 13.02% per tick (4)

Frost Shock - 1.5/3.5*0.95 - 40.71%

Lightning Shield - 100% (33% per tick) (3)

Flametongue Weapon - 10%

Frostbrand Weapon - 10%

Magma Totem - 32% -

Fire Nova Totem - 15%

Searing Totem - 8%

Healing Stream Totem - 65% - 2.16% per tick (30)


Arcane Shot - 1.5/3.5 - 42.85%

Volley - 1/3 - 33%

Serpent Sting - 15/15 - 100% - 20% per tick (5)

Mend Pet - 3.5/3.5 - 100% - 20% per tick (5)

Wyvern Sting - 100%

Immolation Trap: 0%

Explosive Trap: 0%

Attack Power coefficients

There are only 6 abilities that gain damage bonuses from your attack power. These are:

Eviscerate - 3% per combo point

Ferocious Bite - 3% per combo point

Garrote - 18% - 3% per tick (6)

Rake - 6% - 2% per tick (3)

Rip - 24% - 4% per tick (6)

Rupture - 24% - amount per tick and number of ticks based on CP"

Sours: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/how-will-spell-power-work-in-classic/99279

Wow classic spell power

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WoW Classic Stats and Mechanics - Part 3: Spell Hit, Resistance, and Spell Power Coefficients

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