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Functional & Stylish Inserts for the IKEA Kallax

In my mind, there is no better organizational system than the IKEA Kallax. The reasonable price tag paired with their super sleek design, modular options, and generous cubby size make them ideal for storing a wide variety of things. Although the cubbies themselves are an organization dream, there are now so many different bins, baskets, shelves and inserts for the IKEA Kallax, meaning you can make the shelves even more functional and stylish than ever before! Today, I’m rounding up my very favorite products that fit into the IKEA Kallax cubbies (as well as other common cube systems such as the Threshold cubes from Target and the Better Homes & Garden series from Walmart). Let me show you!

Inserts For the IKEA Kallax

Years ago, I started investing in IKEA Kallax units because they have incredible versatility. We currently have 5 different units; and no matter the size of our home or its layout, I can always find places for them. To date, we’ve used IKEA Kallax units to hold toys in the playroom; fabric and supplies in the craft room; hats, shoes, and sunscreen in the foyer; and as console tables and media stands throughout the house. Additionally, I have outfitted the 13x13x15″ cubbies with all sorts of shelves, baskets, bins, and other products in order to make them hold as much as possible in really stylish, usable ways. Here are just some sample pictures of the same units across our last 4 homes!

Inserts for the IKEA Kallax

One of my favorite aspects of the IKEA Kallax is that the cubby size is really generous (13x13x15″). Not only does this give you a lot of space to work with, but it means they are sizable enough to be divided up and made even more functional. Here are a bunch of ideas I love!

Drawers. If you have smaller items that would get lost on big shelves or inside large baskets, using drawers are a great way to divide up the large cubby while still keeping things nicely concealed.

Wine Bottle Insert. If you are using the IKEA Kallax as a console table or sideboard, this is a great option for bottles of wine. I also have it on good authority that each 1/9 square cubby perfectly fits four boxes/rolls of Cricut vinyl. 😉

Shelves. I was ecstatic when I discovered IKEA finally released shelves for the IKEA Kallax. Although I wish they weren’t glass, they are super affordable and a great solution for splitting up cubbies for shorter baskets. The wooden shelf below (although designed for the Better Homes & Gardens cube system) will fit nicely on the Kallax and divide it up without having to drill into your unit.

Paper Organization. There are lots of great options for paper storage inserts for the IKEA Kallax. Do your research though. While these products sure make organizing your rainbow of cardstock a total dream, they can also be quite pricey.

Click on any picture to see the product in more detail!


Doors for the IKEA Kallax

You guys know I don’t love the look of visual clutter on shelves. Although I tend to prefer bins and baskets for catching all the unsightly stuff, doors are another really stylish option. And beyond just hiding the items on your shelves, these doors can become decor statements in and of themselves!

Doors. IKEA makes a variety of doors especially for the Kallax, so you can be sure they’ll fit and can be customized any way you want.

Door Overlays. My Overlays is a company that specializes in wooden overlays that take your IKEA products to the next level. These door fronts can be painted or decorated to match your own style and color scheme.

Door Decals. Once you install plain white doors onto your IKEA Kallax cubbies, it might be too much white. Add a (removable) splash of color with a wide variety of decals in fun florals, geometrics and more!

Click on any picture to see the product in more detail!

Bins & Baskets that Fit the IKEA Kallax

Alright, you guys know I love a good basket in general. But when it comes to the IKEA Kallax, I believe they really are the best way to make the most of every last inch. Not only can good-sized bins hold a wide variety of items, but now you can find them in so many stylish colors, textures and patterns! The IKEA Drona Bins are one of my all-time favorites (because they are so cheap!), as are the large round Y-weave baskets, and these blue mesh baskets. Half-tall baskets (like the Medium Y-Weave Baskets and the shorter Sprout Crate) work great in Kallax cubbies split up by shelves. Here are a ton of other lovely ones!

Click on any picture to see the product in more detail!

Other Ideas for the IKEA Kallax

Items that perfectly measure 13″ wide and tall aren’t the only things that can fit on IKEA Kallax Shelves. Keep your eye out for products that fit within the 13x13x15″ dimensions and allow you to use your shelves in really unique ways. I personally use the acrylic dividers to hold all my cardstock on my Kallax shelves. And I’ve actually been looking for a way to store files in the cubbies; this fabric file box might be just the ticket!

Click on any picture to see the product in more detail!

I had so much fun hunting around and finding various inserts for the IKEA Kallax. I hope this roundup gives you some ideas for outfitting your shelves in different ways, and I’ll do my best to keep this post updated as new products become available!

Inserts For the IKEA Kallax

See You Soon!


Adjustable Shelf Organizer Cube Insert for Cube Storage Shelves, Unfinished or White

Organize your Cube Shelves with this Adjustable Shelf Organizer Cube Insert. Great for displaying knickknacks and organizing your craft room or office. This insert WILL hold 12" x 12" paper for Better Homes and Garden, Threshold and Kallax. This cube insert works best with Cube Shelving that have a back or that are placed against a wall. This insert CANNOT be used vertically.

 We make our Adjustable Shelf Organizer Cube Insert for the following brands of cube organizers. Please see 2nd picture for dimensions of each cube.

1. Closetmaid Cubeicals Organizer, Martha Stewart Living Cube Organizer & Room Essentials Cube Organizer Shelf (all the same size)
2. Better Homes and Gardens Cube Storage Organizer
3. Mainstays Cube Storage Organizer
4. Threshold Cube Organizer Shelf
5. IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit

The opening width of the insert is as follows:
1. Closetmaid Cubeicals Organizer, Martha Stewart Living Cube Organizer & Room Essentials Cube Organizer Shelf 10-3/4"
2. Better Homes and Gardens Cube Storage Organizer 12-1/2"
3. Mainstays Cube Storage Organizer 10-5/8"
4. Threshold Cube Organizer Shelf 13"
5. IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit 12-3/4"


Unfinished: MDF (medium-density fibreboard) which is 1/4" thick and a brownish color. Very strong. Because they are made of a natural material, the color and appearance of each piece may slightly vary. Our MDF organizers & inserts are unfinished. We are not responsible for any alterations made to these by the customer.

White: White Melamine coated MDF which is a little less than 1/4" thick. Very strong. Melamine is easy to clean, waterproof and scratch-resistant. The front-facing edges of the insert will be banded with White iron-on melamine edge banding. The remaining edges are left unfinished. There will be an additional charge to band the other edges. Please contact us before placing your order if you would like the other edges to banded. 

The holes are spaced 1-1/4" starting from the center. Closetmaid, Martha Stewart, Mainstays and Room Essentials have 7 sets of holes and you can purchase up to 7 shelves.  Better Homes and Gardens, Threshold and IKEA Kallax have 9 sets of holes and you can purchase up to 9 shelves. Each shelf will come with 4 shelf pins. Please contact us if you would like to purchase more shelves, shelf pins or side boards.

This product is very easy to assemble and does not require any tools. Simply place the 2 side boards with holes on either side of your cube. Insert the shelf pins at the desired level. Place your shelf onto the shelf pins.

All measurements are approximate. Any items other than the product described shown in the pictures is not included (scissors, yarn, measuring tape, yarn needle, crochet hook, knitting needles, etc.). All of my handmade items are made in a smoke free environment. My home is dog friendly but my little one does not come in contact with any of my handmade items or supplies.

Thank you for looking and have a great day!

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Breakfast Room Makeover: Cube Storage Hack

Our informal dining room, affectionately referred to as the breakfast room, received a much-needed makeover. Come see how I transformed cube shelving and a blank wall into a fantastic storage display!

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.  As always, all opinions on the adorable products are 100% my own. Affiliate links are used to source all online products. You can find the complete source list for everything used in the link at the end of the post. 

As a Better Homes & Gardens Influencer, I am tasked with a monthly challenge to utilize Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart products creatively within the home. Sound like fun? It is! This month’s challenge focused on getting organized in the new year. Oh boy. If you are anything like me, then the only problem with this task is deciding which room to tackle first and where to even begin! I have so many spaces in the new home begging for better organization, but our breakfast room was screaming the loudest for a makeover. 

**IMPORTANT Update 1/22/2020: Please note that the updated BHG cube shelving may not be the exact size as the IKEA KALLAX cube shelving! A reader wrote to tell me she tried this hack and the IKEA drawer fronts did not fit her shelving. Please double check your measurements before trying. 

cube shelving hack breakfast room ideas open shelving

I’ve had a vision for this room since the day we moved in but kept putting off doing the hard work. This month’s challenge was just the incentive I needed to start the new year off right and finally finish this room! I am so thrilled with how it turned it, and I think you’ll love how obtainable this look is to achieve. Here is what the room started with in our “before”:

The wall of cube shelving is built up on a platform made from 2×4’s and finished off with baseboard molding. To see how to do this, please refer to  how we created the base of our built-in bookshelves in our previous home. If you want to achieve a similar look you will need the following cube organizers:


The Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes in Linen Ivory could not be more perfect! They match my linen chairs beautifully and pull out like drawers. As you can see, I still need to label all of the drawers. My handwriting is atrocious, so I’m actually waiting to find the box containing my letter stamps!   

The drawers in the two square cube units are from another store known for their cube storage *wink* and work perfectly with the Better Homes & Gardens cube storage units. I replaced the hardware on the drawer fronts to give them a more custom look. I still need a cushion for the top of the bench, but Eowyn doesn’t seem to mind my makeshift cushion one bit! 😂 In typical Pomeranian fashion, she made herself right at home as soon as I placed a luxurious throw on the bench.

Our previous kitchen had some makeshift open shelving that I loved to style and was really missing. Therefore, I added these open shelves using brackets and a stained 1x10x10 board cut into four equal lengths. The chicken wire lantern, acacia paddle board, and marble cake stand are all from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. The other accessories are items I’ve collected over time from thrift stores or home stores.


My beautiful new shiplap walls were my Christmas present from my husband! He installed the shiplap and I did everything else in the room. Matt strongly dislikes to do any DIY, so I’m always hesitant to ask for his help. I wanted to use real wood in here instead of MDF and I wanted long, uncut planks without any seams. Ten foot boards are too heavy for me to install without help so I sheepishly asked Matt if he’d gift them to me for Christmas. He wasn’t thrilled with the request, but as always he did a beautiful job! The room is just shy of 10 feet long, so we used 1x8x10 boards with spacers to achieve the look I wanted.

It’s so wonderful to have more storage space and a place to display my dishware! I didn’t buy anything to place on the shelves. My poor kitchen cabinets and attic were holding plenty already. The cute wood bark charger is from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart and can be found here.

I’m looking forward to changing the look of the shelves with the seasons and switching things around when the fancy strikes! I love to style shelves and have written several posts on how to style shelves here, here, here, and here. Click on any of the “here’s” to read the tutorials and tips on how to style shelves like a pro!

In case you’re wondering, because I’m certain someone may ask, I’m using our new breakfast room cube storage to store a bunch of craft supplies and kitchen accessories. My boys do homework at this table, or at the kitchen bar and are often in need of markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, note cards, etc. The drawers and storage bins are fantastic for keeping their craft supplies organized yet handy. 

With much less closet space available in this home compared to our last (and no basement!), I’ve really struggled with organizing my surplus accessories. The drawers are amazing for stashing away extra placemats, cloth napkins, and silverware sets.

And just a few more pictures because I’m obsessed with this space and can’t seem to ever edit down my pictures to a socially acceptable number! 😉 Indulge me. Getting organized is hard work!


A big thanks to Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart for inspiring this project!  You can visit Better Homes & Gardens Live Better on:


For a complete list of room sources, please click here to be taken to the breakfast room source page.

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If You Own IKEA Storage You Also Need These Genius Products

Our relationship with IKEA is quite predictable: We turn to the brand for affordable, simple flat-pack furniture then brainstorm creative ways to customize and transform them with hacks. Even top interior designers find a way to work its pieces into a room's overall look. For example, they turn to IKEA's colorful, $10 pillows to amp up a room's energy, place a Lack console table in the dining room for use as a serving table, and select its sleek, minimalist hardware to instantly modernize a space.

Favorite IKEA Hacks

And speaking of customized hacks, nothing says chic and crafty like transforming an IKEA desk into a bar cabinet, creating a comfy floor cushion from Signe rugs, and revamping a Kallax shelving unit into a reading bench. IKEA customization is so popular that entire companies are built on catering to it, like Norse Interiors; this company lets you personalize some of IKEA's most popular drawers with elegant, stenciled designs.

We've become accustomed to this routine, but IKEA's 2017 product release changes everything. In 2017, the Swedish furniture brand launched the Kallax collection, a series of accessories that could be considered IKEA's own version of a, well, IKEA hack. The collection includes hanging organizers, clip-on baskets, and removable storage units that customize the Kallax shelf unit, one of the store's most popular, versatile items.

The inserts, which start at $10, were designed so that the classic shelf series can be "refreshed and personalized to maximize storage," the press release explains. One of the standout accessories is a leather and fabric hanging organizer, which wraps around a shelf to add personality and a touch of Scandinavian style.

Made from real leather, this fabric hanging organizer gives a basic white storage unit a touch of texture. IKEA suggests storing everything from bottles and napkins, to scarves and gloves. We love how this organizer can turn dead space into a practical storage area.

Kallax Organizer

IKEAKallax Organizer$25


This nickel-plated geometric basket perfectly sits under an IKEA shelf to maximize space. Similar to the fabric hanging organizer, we can move this basket anywhere we might need extra storage.

Kallax Wire Basket

IKEAKallax Wire Basket$12


Add color and create small storage compartments with this shelf divider, which slots easily into place. Organize your favorite books, important files, and more.

Kallaz Shelf Divider

IKEAKallax Shelf Divider$15


Segmenting a cube into four compartments of differing sizes, this shelf insert allows you to customize the Kallax unit for a bespoke look. Use the insert to display and organize everything from treasured heirlooms to dog-eared books, then move it from cube to cube to refresh the unit's look on a whim.

IKEA Kallax shelf insert

IKEAKallax Shelf Insert$12


In addition to IKEA's Kallax collection, we're also fans of their 2017 PS line, including its durable gray corner chair makes the perfect reading nook, a smart floor lamp that instantly ups a room's cool vibes, and a wooden stool we're sure will be the center of all the best IKEA hacks in 2017.

And to complement all of those IKEA home styling tips, we think that organization can be just as chic. To get started, we've got savvy organization tips for your home office, genius small-kitchen ideas, and closet hacks from a celebrity closet designer.


Insert cube organizer

The Ultimate Comparison Guide to Cube Storage 

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens are more than just a magazine showing off the latest in home décor. They have a line of furniture available in several places from Walmart to Wayfair.


The main materials are MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and particle board which contribute to its heavy package weight of 80 lbs. The sticker in front of the package stated this should be lifted with two people. Although this was well packaged with styrofoam and heavy cardboard, when it arrived, a couple of the shelves had dents in them. There is a safety strap with screws that come along with the product rather than brackets.

Right away I noticed the finish is very easy to scratch, although keep in mind, this was the only cube organizer that arrived in Espresso and scruffs tend to appear more easily on darker surfaces.

The BHG Cube Organizer comes in eight different finishes from High Gloss Black Lacquer to Pink, although most selections tend to be natural wood finishes. This is a standalone product with no other accessories.

Assembling the Product

This package requires both a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver for assembly.

The instructions are a combination of short written words to go along with diagrams, and while each panel may look crowded with information, it displays everything you need to know about each step.
Each board is labeled with a small, round circular sticker that corresponds to the diagram, so there is no mistake which piece connects to others. The dowels slip right into the openings without feeling loose, and when the partition matrix stands on its own, it does not feel like it will fall apart.

As far as the fixings go, this is the only package that includes washers in the assembly and a cam lock and cam bolt system to secure the structure.

The most challenging part is getting all of the dowels from three separate shelves to fit into all of the openings on the long panel because this has to be done on both sides. There is a bit of going back and forth on both long boards to make sure all the dowels line up, but once all these dowels line up, it feels pretty secure. When the cam lock system is tightened on both sides, then it is fastened for sure.

Assembly took about 50 minutes. Extra time went into making sure the panels lined up with the dowels.


Aside from the product lighting that gives the cube organizer depth, the Better Homes and Garden cube organizer is a solid piece. It is a shame that the piece scruffs so quickly and as mentioned before, there is a certain amount of leeway when dealing with a dark color, this is a sturdy product, so I don’t want to think of treating the finish delicately.

Who would use it?

Maybe because the brand is Better Homes and Gardens, the accompanying description (from Walmart) is that this cube storage organizer is meant to store curios, photos, and knick-knacks, suggesting that this was intended to be more of a display piece. The BHG is an attractive cube organizer, and I can see that a real estate agent would use this piece to stage a house they want to sell. A larger version of this can be used as a room divider in a college dorm with a place to store books; maybe not much for privacy with a dormmate, but still a useful piece.



Are you better off buying a stack of crates or cardboard boxes?

This is far superior to a stack of crates or cardboard boxes. This cube organizer is a solid piece of furniture for something that is RTA (Ready to Assemble). The cam-lock system is generally found in only the sturdiest of assemble furniture and is the most stable of all of these cube organizers.

Overall rating

4 out of 5 cubbyholes. The natural scratching and chipping are the reasons why this isn’t a 5 cubbyhole rating.

link to buy

Redoing my ikea bookshelf because it's ugly!

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