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Grand Theft Auto V: 15 Secret Areas That You Had No Idea About

Gamers and fans of entertainment alike will have known of Grand Theft Auto: Vand its massive success in the pop culture sphere, with its record-breaking sales and status as the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.

This is unsurprising considering what the game has to offer – providing players with a large, open-world map to explore and enjoy all the virtual free will they please. Being a highly expansive game with hundreds of different areas and locations, its easy to get lost in the exciting adventures one can go on in San Andreas. With the wide variety of air, water, and land vehicles to boot, this makes exploring the world of GTA all the more enticing.

However, there are quite a few hidden and little-known locations scattered about the map that only the most observant players have been able to find. These range from tiny, yet useful areas that can shelter players from potential enemies, to simply creepy, mysterious locations that hold a number of unanswered questions.

That said, here are the 15 Grand Theft Auto V Secret Areas That You Had No Idea About.

15 Inside The Humane Labs

The Humane Labs is a research facility that is found in a more secluded area of San Andreas' map, and with a few sneaky game tricks, players can find themselves exploring the secret spaces inside of this private building.

The interior of this laboratory can be accessed as follows: approach the building, accept a job invite from your character's phone, and back out of the "job menu" that displays – this will spawn the player inside the Humane Labs itself.

From there, players can roam about and discover the miscellaneous Easter eggs that it has to offer.

Despite the other hidden labs or bunkers found in Grand Theft Auto: V, the interior of this facility is completely empty, leaving less chance of making enemies, as players go about their exploring.

It is quite a large secret area, with numerous rooms and wide spaces that players may potentially even find themselves getting lost in.

14 Clock Tower

Down in the west of Los Santos stands a sky-scraping tower with a large black and white clock – and while the building is nice enough to view as it is, players can actually set foot on the very top of the structure through any form of air transport.

Upon landing on one of the tower's roofs, players will discover various ladders which are placed about to easily get around the upper outside areas.

Should players climb one of these ladders to get to the topmost level of the tower – they get a grand 360-degree view of the entire city, as well as the perfect vantage point for shooting down enemies (and, hey, if you want to be a jerk – other innocent players too).

Air vehicles can also be easily gunned down at this location, and is an unexpected hiding place that can effectively give players cover.

It's also worthy to note that the clock in the tower is connected to real-time and is properly functioning.

13 Hidden Mine

As one of the more expansive hidden locations – this secret mine tunnel is both interestingly designed as it is mysterious.

Found in the more mountainous region of the map, players can access this secret area by detonating the wooden doors that block the place from outside entry.

Upon being blown up (either by grenades or any other explosive weapon), a dark entrance is revealed that leads to an eerie mine tunnel – one that extends to cover a wide range of ground, even branching off into different directions at some points in the area.

Players will also discover a perplexing dead body upon venturing inside – a man dressed in typical '40s fashion.

While a cool enough secret location on its own – this tunnel may or may not also play an integral role in one of the game's side missions.

12 Los Santos Airport Bunker

Grand Theft Auto: V is known for having quite a few useful bunkers on the map, though this one's a little harder to find.

In online mode, one of these can be stumbled upon at the Los Santos airport; players can access the location either by sneaking down a hatch on the roof or through the back doors of the area's building.

Inside, the place houses quite a few objects to interact with, including a number of vending machines and a water cooler.

While it's a large enough bunker, the doors inside sadly read "Authorised Personnel Only," leaving not a whole lot to do or explore. However, it's a suitable location to hide from the cops if you're a wanted felon on the run.

It is also not known for sure whether Rockstar had initial plans for this room to play a more integral role in the game's campaign, given it's level of interactivity. Though its still a pretty neat – albeit simply designed – hidden location.

11 Large Hotel Swimming Pool

Right in the middle of Los Santos' map features a large hotel – and it in lies a large, oasis-looking swimming pool.

Unmarked on the map and unseen from the streets, the creators of the game did an effective job at hiding an undoubtedly random, yet entertaining location.

Players can enter this area through the doors of the hotel itself, leading to a corridor that eventually exits to an outdoor pool.

Here we see an elegant design of marble and palm trees, and is a perfect mini feature for shooting scenarios with other players online. The pool itself can also be interacted with and is large enough to hold a crowd of several others.

Because of the exposed environment, the location can also be spotted from above via helicopter.

10 Secret Cave Bunker

At much more elusive part of the map, this hidden area can be located among one of the tiny islands of the Pacific Ocean. Players will have to access this via some form of water transport, and carefully seek out a portion of land standing two trees side-by-side.

Upon reaching the base of one of these trees, the player will suddenly find themselves transported into a secret underground bunker, complete with mercenaries and FBI agents standing guard.

With the main part of the base designed to look like a garage, one will additionally find a variety of vehicles on display – including a red monowheel bike.

When further explored, players may also stumble upon a few police operatives having a confidential meeting in what looks like a combined office and lounge, with fancy-looking sofas, a sleek T.V. system, and untouched, filled shotglasses.

While a definitely cool room to take a gander at, just remember to hide any form of weaponry – lest you'd want a few FBI bullets headed your way.

9 Tongva Cave

Yet another secret hideout, this one is elusively situated among the Tongva Hills. It is a small cave that overlooks the mountains of the San Andreas map, carefully hidden away from the rest of the territory.

Players can arrive at this location through the simple means of helicopter (or any other form of aircraft).

However, it may take a while to spot – as at first glance, it may seem like a mere shadow or boulder – there sure enough is a narrow entrance into small, dark cave with a beautiful view of the region's mountainous horizon.

The area is also the perfect place to hide away from enemies; bombs or booby traps can be placed around the entrance to ward off potential bounty hunters.

8 Taco Van Location

If you're looking for a large, unique assault vehicle (and are a fan of tacos) – then this secret location should be quite useful.

Located to the north of Sandy Shores, a huge taco van can be found along a dirt road, right next to a few people who were probably down with the afternoon cravings.

It is important that players arrive at this location between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM – as the vehicle is only spawned onto the map during this time.

The van is unoccupied to begin with – saving players the worry of having to kick someone out of their precious food truck.

One can easily hop inside and drive off with the vehicle -- and, having the mechanics of a van, a second person can safely stand on its roof and be completely immune to falling off onto the roads.

It's the perfect vehicle for an epic car chase – because, how often do we get one with a massive taco truck?

7 Jack Howitzer's Motel Room

You can't unlock the full potential of a Grand Theft Auto map without doing a few sly "wall breaches" here and there – and when done successfully, you may just have a discovery that's as creepy as it is interesting.

Set behind the back wall of the police station, players will be able to "break" the game map and jump into an empty, grey void beneath the streets of Los Santos.

From there, their character must activate their parachute and glide underneath the city, eventually reaching an invisible platform that spawns the setting of a dark, abandoned hotel room.

While initially seeming like a random, mysterious site, the area is actually first seen in an in-game television series: the motel room of actor Jack Howitzer and his sock puppet, Ho Chi.

In the show, the room was a setting for the possible murder of prostitute, featuring Howitzer on his bed holding a gun, with bullet holes and blood sprayed across the walls and several jars with his own urine.

Thankfully, the creators save players from those details in this Easter egg, though it still maintains much of the same, sinister interior as viewed from the TV scene.

6 Ghost Voices By The Seaside

If the game clock strikes 11:00 PM and you're looking for a place to get spooked, this area may provide a few supernatural surprises.

Located by the sea at what seems like a popular campsite (being crowded with several tents), players will eventually start hearing the eerie sounds of various ghostly voices, given that they linger at the site for long enough.

These noises range from soft, sinister whispers to distant wailing screams, and randomly occur in striking contrast to the setting's tranquil sounds of ocean waves and fireflies.

As the voices sound both male and female – it's safe to say the area is haunted by not one, but a number of unrested souls. Also, judging from their pained shrieks, it seems that their passings were none-too-pleasant either.

5 The Tennis Coach's House

This particular Easter egg is a little easier to spot, and was probably closer than you thought to another well-known location on the map.

The backstory behind this little-known detail revolves around the in-game mission titled, "Marriage Counselling" – in which Grand Theft Auto: V's protagonist Michael De Santa comes home to his mansion in the Rockford Hills looking for his wife.

Upon arriving, he notices two suspicious tennis rackets leaning to the side of the entrance doors, triggering De Santa to rush up the stairs and into his and his wife's bedroom, where he – sure enough – catches her cheating with her tennis coach Kyle Chavis.

It's during this part of the game where players chase down Chavis and eventually find him hidden in the home of businessman Martin Madrazo, which De Santa mistakes as Chavis' house and destroys.

However, by travelling across from Madrazo's affluent home, players will come upon what seems like the tennis coach's actual home – a more rundown-looking shack littered with tennis balls and rackets all around its outside premises.

Additionally, one can also find a an aim-practice mannequin and a tennis ball machine, further solidifying this theory.

4 Epsilon Vantage Point

Yet another wall breach trick, this hidden location can be found at the Epsilon Program building, and is once again an extremely helpful area for players seeking that perfect vantage point.

Once at the building, one can get to this secret location by climbing up the building's back ladders – leading the player to the topmost level from where various cone-like structures can be found.

These structures overlook the Los Santos roads at the edge of the Epsilon roof, and, when done correctly, the player can actually climb one of these cones and hide inside the structure itself.

Though it may take a few, persistent tries, once inside, the player can then have a good top view of the streets – making it a perfect hideout for sniping unsuspecting enemies.

The fact that you're fully inside a metal cone also makes your character essentially invincible, completely protecting you from the bullets of outside attackers.

3 Underground Lab In Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo is quite a mysterious location in itself, with fans having theorized that their base may be a possible landing site for aliens – given the green-glowing UFO hovering above one of their buildings every 3:00 AM.

To add to this crazy theory, one particular player was able to install a mod that allowed him to access an actual underground lab hidden beneath this UFO-targeted building.

To access the location, players must install the same mod into their game and ride down the building's elevator, leading them to a dark, red-and-blue-tinted laboratory with a number of military soldiers keeping watch (players may need to fight these characters off when seen).

This underground lab is surprisingly a large one, with different levels to explore and several, suspicious objects protected by vault doors-- including a nuclear bomb, blueprints, and a computer monitoring the soundwaves of an unknown location.

2 Forest Zombie Base

It seems like one player had quite the soft spot for zombies – creating this unexpected treat of a mod for those who may want to reinact scenes of The Walking Dead.

Found at a densely forested area near the Sandy Shores airport – a secluded place where players can easily access via an air vehicle – one will discover a large, open survival camp, barricaded by red and white walls encircling the area.

You may need to bust out a few parkour tricks to climb within the barrier, but once inside – players will find military soliders scattered about, along with normal citizens congregated in groups and tents.

The place houses a number of trailers, various military vehicles (including a silly, LED-lighted dune buggy), and a spot for leisure activity where a number of women can be found doing yoga beside a couple of arcade machines.

The place is very well-detailed and definitely an interesting find on the map for players keen on living out a zombie fantasy on the outskirts of Los Santos.

1 Mt. Chiliad Tunnel Door

Finding this highly strange, ominous location requires a bit of mod installation and, once again, wall breaching -- though it's very well worth the find.

Located inside of Mt. Chiliad is a long tunnel with two doors placed on the sides of its interior – labeled "T01" and "T02". While the "T02" door is essentially non-interactive, "T01" displays a glowing, red light at its entrance (assuming the proper mod is installed).

This light assures the player that the area is enterable, and upon going through, players will find themselves in the middle of a bizarre scenario involving a cult-like group of people worshipping a giant floating egg.

It is unconfirmed as to what exactly this scene entails – though it ties in nicely to the alien fan theories floating about.

Additionally, across from the egg congregation is a suspended, LED-light-covered dune buggy – very similar to the one found in the hidden zombie survival base.


Have you ever stumbled upon any secret Grand Theft Auto: V  locations? Let us know in the comments!


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20 Hidden Locations In Grand Theft Auto V You Still Haven’t Found

The Grand Theft Auto name has continued to be synonymous with excellence in gameplay, strong crime storytelling, and an expansive sandbox world. Of all the games in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA V is both the largest and the one with the most secrets. Players are always finding new things to do whether it is partaking in the many mini-games, side missions, and of course, all the secret places in GTA 5 offline.

Many of Grand Theft Auto V’s greatest secrets are the multitude of hidden locations scattered throughout the mind-numbingly huge landscape. So today we'll be taking a look at a few of the most subtle and out-of-the-way of all hidden locations in Grand Theft Auto V some players still haven't found.

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Updated on May 2, 2021 by Scoot Allan: Fans of both Grand Theft Auto V and the equally popular Grand Theft Auto Online have spent years searching the map of Los Santos for hidden secrets. These secrets often include secret weapons or vehicles, but there are quite a few hidden locations spread around Los Santos as well. With the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V on PC a couple of years after the launch of the console game came the availability of a number of mods that have increased the scope of the game and allowed a few more hidden areas to be discovered. So we wanted to take a further look at a few of our favorite secret places in GTA 5, online and in the single-player campaign.

20 It's Easy To Miss The Frozen Underwater Alien In The Prologue

When players first start the single-player campaign of Grand Theft Auto 5, they are dropped headfirst into a bank robbery in the Prologue before jumping into a high-speed chase with the police. That means there isn't much time to look around the small town of North Yankton that is only accessible at limited moments in the game.

That's why it's so easy to miss the evidence of alien life in the universe that can be found frozen in ice, especially considering if youtake too long to find it you'll fail the mission. To find the frozen alien you simply need to watch for a frozen river on the right shortly after you take off in the getaway vehicle. When you see the bridge coming up drive off the road before the guardrails begin and follow the river down under the bride. Hop out of the vehicle to quickly check out the frozen alien.

19 Hop In A Sub To Find The Crashed Underwater Flying Object

The frozen alien in North Yankton isn't the only evidence of extraterrestrials included in GTA V by Rockstar Games. Players can also go exploring underwater around San Andreas to come across a crashed alien spaceship, which can be quite surprising when it pops up out of nowhere while you pilot your chosen submersible.

Players need to head off the coast of San Andreas, north of Procopio Beach and east of the large peninsula on the map. The UFO crash-landed onto the ocean floor, so players will have to descend to the depths in order to see the alien spaceship, just be mindful of the depth warnings as they pop up. Enjoy the existential crisis that arises when the question of "are we alone in the universe?" is answered repeatedly by GTA V.

18 Check Out A Secret Island Military Bunker With A Mod

There are quite a few things underwater to explore around the coast of San Andreas, however, modders discovered a cluster of islands in the ocean with an odd-looking tree. Once investigated, that tree transported players to a secret underground bunker that was staffed with police, FIB agents, mercenaries and scientists.

The underground bunker was also stocked with a number of interesting vehicles like the Monowheel throughout the many underground rooms. The biggest draw of the hidden bunker is the armory that includes a number of powerful weapons including the minigun if you need to fight your way out of the bunker. The transporting tree will even teleport you directly back t the mainland in a Z-Type for your troubles.

17 You Can Access Jack Howitzer's Room At The Motor Motel

Jack Howitzer is an aged and forgotten action movie star with a prison career who has appeared in a couple of GTA games over the years. By his appearance in GTA V, Howitzer has a reality TV show that caught some nasty footage in a hotel room at TheMotor Motel on Route 68 in the Grand Senora Desert that is briefly seen on TV in the game.

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Players can visit the Motor Motel, though they usually aren't able to get into any of the rooms. However, it was at one point possible to glitch through the door and fall off the map. You could then parachute through limbo until landing in Howitzer's room, which featured him and his sock puppet friend along with his paid companions.

16 Take Out A Wooden Door To Explore The Huge Secret Mine

Players can come across a wooden doorway found in the mountains barring them from entry that looks suspiciously out of place in the modern open world. Because this is Grand Theft Auto, a wooden blockade does little to deter the adventurous. As such, the key is a well-thrown grenade. Upon entry, the blackened entrance leads to a creepy mine in which players are given the opportunity to explore.

The mine with its branching passages is much larger than it initially appears on the outside. Not far from the entry, players meet the mine’s sole occupant: the body of a man dressed in 1940s attire. Given the situation, it appears as though this is Rockstar’s attempt at a crossover with both Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire.

15 The 360-Degree View From The Clock Tower Roof Is Breathtaking

In the Westside of Los Santos, there is an omnipresent clock tower that provides players with an accurate time of day within the game. While a neat detail, few players realize that the top of the tower is fully accessible to those with decent piloting skills. In fact, there is a network of ladders for multiple levels of the clock tower’s roof.

With no entry from the road, this vantage not only serves as an exclusive lookout but also a safe haven for those that have peeved the local authorities. With a breathtaking 360-degree view, this is one spot all players are encouraged to take in. Either for an idyllic photo or sniping players online, the clock tower is sure to be a hot destination when visiting the city.

14 The Taco Van Can Be Hard To Find In Grand Theft Auto Online

One of the tastiest finds in the game, the taco van can be found in many places in the single-player mode of Grand Theft Auto V, but it is the unique location in multiplayer that makes it stand out. To be specific, the van only spawns between the hours of 13:00-14:00 in-game time. Between those times, the van can be acquired easily just North of Sandy Shores on a dirt road surrounded by patrons.

The taco van not only serves as bragging rights in online play, but it also acts as a unique vessel to transport a full crew for one of the many heists. This is because when standing on any van in GTA V, players cannot fall off. If you manage to acquire the taco van online, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be the only one who has it.

13 Check Out The Cheating Tennis Coach’s REAL House

In the story mode, there is a memorable scene in which Michael comes home to find his wife cheating on him with her tennis coach, Kyle Chavis. Michael chases Kyle relentlessly to his house and, in a fit of rage, pulls the coach’s entire deck out from underneath him. Unfortunately for Michael, he quickly learns that the deck was not Kyle’s at all, but a powerful mobster, Martin Madrazo.

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Of course, players can easily locate Kyle’s real house afterward. All you have to do is drive down the street on which the other side of Madrazo’s house faces. Right across the street from that, you’ll see a small dingy house that has seen better days. In that house’s backyard, there are a lot of tennis rackets and balls lying around. Kyle’s whole experience literally hit too close to home.

12 Become A Ghost Whisperer At Mount Gordo Drive

At a large seaside campsite on Mount Gordo Drive, players will be able to have a supernatural experience in Grand Theft Auto V. First, it is important to note that, in order for players to trigger the experience, they must be there between 11 pm and 12 midnight during an in-game time. When this happens, players will witness a ghostly sight atop the nearby mountain: a white apparition resembling the outline of a person.

To many, it may appear like a bright white speck on the mountain, but keen observers will see the truth. On top of that, there are the voices. Some are whispers that are clearly a man. The most memorable is a bloodcurdling scream that can be heard in the otherwise peaceful oceanside. Fortunately, for those not fond of ghosts, the apparition and the dreadful whispers end as quickly as they came once midnight is reached.

11 Check Out The Secret Bunker At Los Santos International Airport

At Los Santos International Airport, there is a small secret that many players are still unfamiliar with. If one were to take the time to explore the area, the detail-oriented will notice a small cluster of buildings at the southern-most tip of the Grand Theft Auto V map. Specifically, you’re looking for the one that is shaped like a “U.” Head around the backside of it, and you will find a staircase with doors at the top.

Go through the doors and you will find what can only be described as a utility hall. Proceeding down it, you’ll come to a wider area with a couple of vending machines. No, it’s not the most exciting or startling revelation in the game, but it does demonstrate how much detail truly went into the game. There is also a handy hatch on the roof in case stairs take too long to enter the secret airport bunker.

10 Northern Hideout Is A Great Sniper's Nest/Way To Avoid Cops

Players finding themselves enjoying the sea air in Paleto Bay would be advised to check out this unique spot. First thing’s first - find a tall vehicle. A van will do nicely. Then, back it up just off the main road against a low grey roofnear the air conditioning unit. From there, climb onto the roof, run up it a short distance and vault into the open window. What you have stumbled upon is an empty room.

Fortunately, this empty room in the northern factory area of Paleto Bay is in high demand for those seeking safety from the police. But wait, there’s more! Run to the other side of the room, vault through the other open window and you’ll be on another roof. On your left, there is a ladder that will take you to another empty room. This time though: you have a great view of the street below and a wicked sniping spot.

9 The Epsilon Overlook Is A Unique Vantage Point Of Los Santos

This particular spot is yet another unique vantage point in the game that provides a great view. With that being said, it is a little more difficult to get to. First, you’ll have to make your way over to the Epsilon Building, which is located on the corner of Rockford Drive and Spanish Avenue in Rockford Hills. Enter through the main gate, then turn left, walk down the little path and then turn right.

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Now, on the left of the doors you are facing, there is a hidden ladder. Ascend it and there will be another ladder that will lead to the building’s roof. It’s a really unique vantage point of the city. For those who wish to explore further, draw a weapon of choice and try to climb the turret across from the ladder. If done correctly, players will find themselves inside of the turret in one of the game’s most unique glitches.

8 The Original Face On Mount Chiliad Has Changed Over The Years

In order to find this secret, players are required to board a helicopter and fly to the upper half of Mount Chiliad so that they are aligned with Paleto Bay. From there, they are going to have to do their best to scour the left side of the rocks poised at a ninety-degree angle. It may not be noticeable at first, but there is actually some art on the rock.

In the original version released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the art is the face of a man drawn in black. Fans have speculated the face belongs to Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on the show. In the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version, however, the face was replaced by a white outline of a chicken that, if one looks closely enough looks like something else. The change is a mystery players have yet to answer.

7 The Coveted Cove Is A Picturesque Spot Of Tranquility

On the waterfront of Blaine County north of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, there lies a hidden cove, easily accessible from the sea. This cove is a unique spot of tranquility in the chaos that typically occurs in Grand Theft Auto V. Now, this spot is more than just a cove. Within it, there is a large cave perfect for landing and storing a pontoon plane or boat.

Due to its hidden potential, many players have found this spot ideal when hiding from the police. Fans of Easter eggs in games will also enjoy the letter scrap, grenade launcher and spaceship part found here. The cove is even featured in the GTA Online mission, "Coveted." This mission was the inspiration for the cove’s unofficial name, the Coveted Cove.

In the campaign of Grand Theft Auto V, the Humane Labs are actually accessed by Michael as part of an infiltration and extraction mission with Dave and Steve. That said, for the remainder of the game, the labs are firmly off-limits. In single-player, merely stepping on their property triggers a 4-star police rating. Instead, it is essential that players re-enter the labs in GTA Online.

In order to enter the labs, players are required to approach the building, accept a job, and then quickly back out of the menu displaying the job. This glitch will then spawn the player inside of the Humane Labs building. With a large empty space to explore, players can certainly spend a good deal of time though there isn't much to do once you've spawned inside.

5 Check Out The Tongva Crevice For A Magnificent View

Along a side path from Tongva Drive, players can find one of the most hidden, yet most picturesque spots in the entire game. In fact, this area is so hidden that you may not realize you’ve discovered it unless you get very close to it. There is enough room to land a helicopter if you prefer. Within Tongva Hills, head towards a rocky dead-end with a black shadow on one sliver of the rocks.

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Of course, upon further examination, this shadow is not from the hill above but is actually due to a crevice in the rocks. It is just big enough for players to walk into. While actually leading nowhere in particular, the keen observer will want to look back at the entrance. Doing so will reward players with a magnificent view of the neighboring mountains and their spectacular horizon. Enjoy!

4 The Secret Hotel Pool Is One Of The Biggest In Los Santos

On the corner of Boulevard del Perro and Dorset Drive, players can find a large hotel. No, the hidden location is not the hotel, it is the closed-off swimming pool the hotel offers. Upon entering the driveway, head toward the doors on the left with ‘Keep Clear’ on the ground in front of them and walk down the hall to the end.

It will open up into a large courtyard with one of the biggest swimming pools in Grand Theft Auto V. Because it is part of a courtyard and is not visible from the road, this is yet another example of the tireless work that goes into the creation of the hidden locations in the game. As always, the level of detail in the courtyard is impressive. Looking for a great photo? Just check it out near sunrise or sunset for magical lighting.

3 You Can Watch A Re-Enactment Of That Thelma & Louise Scene

In the North Chumash region, fans of cinema can be treated to a unique re-enactment. Of course, special conditions apply: players must be flying a helicopter in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness near Raton Canyon. The entire scene will play out between 7 pm and 8 pm. If close enough to the cliff, players will be treated to the final moments of the hit film Thelma & Louise. In the re-enactment, police cars and officers will have surrounded a vehicle on a cliff edge.

Once one officer attempts to approach the vehicle, the car drives right over the edge. Of course, in the original film, there is a freeze-frame preventing audiences from witnessing the deaths of the protagonists, but this is Grand Theft Auto. We see the car fall over the cliff and smash into the canyon below in an explosion. Yes, you can drive the vehicle after if you so desire, though it's not in the best shape.

2 Break Into Fort Zancudo And Take Over The Control Tower

In order to find this area, you need to infiltrate Fort Zancudo. That’s right: break into the military base. From there, head towards the aircraft control tower near the middle of the base. Of course, an invincibility cheatis recommended to be able to get this far into the base, as fierce opposition will no doubt meet you. Heading around the tower, players will find a fenced area with a door.

Head through the fence and the door, and take out all opposition as you scramble to reach the staircase. Once there, ascend to the top, and you will find yourself inside the control tower. The reward in offline mode is a Mini-Gun paired with an amazing view of the entire base. Take in the view because you can bet it’ll be a fight to get out from this point. Best of luck!

1 A Mod Let's You Head To Fort Zancudo's Underground Base

Fans on PC can find a mod that allows them to head under Fort Zancudo's military base after infiltrating it. A building in Fort Zancudo has the unique pleasure of being visited every night at 3 am by a UFO, and it's that building that houses an elevator that will take players to a secret underground lab.

Once underground, players can access the hidden lab and get into all kinds of trouble, though as it's a mod there isn't much inside the building. What does remain is patrolling guards from Fort Zancudo, which can cause a problem to anyone trying to sneak around inside the base, mod or no mod.

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Hidden Areas You Completely Missed In GTA

By Nathan Simmons/Nov. 1, 2019 3:58 pm EDT

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has its fair share of myths and legends, some of which have proven to be true. And while players have spent plenty of time plumbing the depths of Los Santos' hidden caves and haunted lighthouses looking for aliens and crypts, there is still plenty more to find within the series.

Not all of GTA's secrets are monsters or physics-defying bugs; some of them take the form of hidden locations. Some of these are spots with hard-to-reach or invisible entrances, while others are only accessible by way of glitches or mods. Some of them aren't immediately obvious, with their true natures being references to pop culture or inside jokes on the part of the developers. 

Let's take a field trip to some of these tucked-away corners of the Grand Theft Auto universe and figure out where these odd spots are, as well as the hidden meanings behind some of them. It's a weird world that Rockstar Games have created, and we're just scratching the surface. 

The literal Easter egg room - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Subtlety has never been a virtue of the Grand Theft Auto series, which is fine. The franchise's willingness to go all-in is one of the reasons we love it so much. That's also why this hidden location, known as the Easter Egg Room, somehow feels completely right, given how ludicrously literal it is.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, on the roof of the Vice City News Building, there is a certain portion of the wall by the building's helipad that players can jump right through. After passing through this mirage of a wall, you will find yourself in a rather simple, nondescript room. In the middle of this room is a giant chocolate egg that bears the words, "Happy Easter." In other words, this Easter egg location contains a literal Easter egg. The same room can be found in Vice City Stories, but this version appears to be under construction, referencing Vice City Stories' status as a prequel to the events of Vice City.

The heart of Liberty City - Grand Theft Auto 4

Otherwise known as "that one part of Grand Theft Auto 4 that feels like it came straight out of a Hellraiser movie," this is easily one of the more bizarre hidden locations in the GTA franchise. Off the coast of Liberty City, on Happiness Island, there stands the majestic Statue of Happiness. The statue's eerie smile and giant cup of coffee it holds aloft aren't even the weirdest things about it. No, to reach the true secret of the Statue of Happiness, you have to enter the structure.

If you can manage to land an aircraft on the statue's pedestal, you will find a door near its feet that bears a sign warning, "No Hidden Content This Way." Simply ignore the sign, walk through the door and take the ladder inside up to the center of the statue. There, you will find the Heart of Liberty City, a giant beating heart that appears to suspended by chains, with veins running from it into the walls of the statue. Players have tried to attack the heart, but it is indestructible, withstanding even rocket launcher blasts. 

The deadly mine - Grand Theft Auto 5

In the area of Great Chaparral in Grand Theft Auto 5, there's an old, abandoned mine shaft all boarded up. The boards are pretty sturdy as well; in fact, when the game was first released, the only way to enter this mine was to glitch through the walls. In the next-gen releases of the game, however, the mine can be accessed through the use of explosives. Though the mine eventually leads to dead ends, you can see some old mining equipment and a grisly Easter egg at the first fork in the mine: a withered corpse in 1940s dress, identified as "Isaac."

Even spookier, some players have claimed to hear footsteps echoing in the mine, even when they're not moving. Others have reported loss of power in their flashlights when they're standing near Isaac's body, which seems to point to some kind of outside interference. So in case you were wondering: yeah, the mine is also probably haunted.

Maybe don't stay in there too long?

Howitzer's room - Grand Theft Auto 5

Jack Howitzer is a recurring character in the GTA universe, an actor who has starred in dozens of films, despite his apparent lack of talent and volatile personality. In Grand Theft Auto 5, he can be seen on television, starring in a reality show about his life. Howitzer has fallen on hard times and is living in a motel room and talking to a sock puppet that he wears on his hand at all times.

Though Howitzer is a disaster of a human being, fans of his work may be happy to know that there's a way to sneak into his motel room, which is otherwise only seen on the in-game televisions; all you have to do is abandon the laws of physics entirely. By glitching under the game's map in a certain area, you can actually parachute through the void beneath the city and into Howitzer's room at the Motor Motel. As to be expected, the room itself looks messy and kind of sad, just like Howitzer's career.

Secret hideaway at the airport - Grand Theft Auto 5

There's no shortage of places to hide out from the police in Los Santos, but few of them feel quite as much like you're a secret agent using a hidden exit than this one. It's easy to miss, but there's a secret hatch on top of one of the buildings in the Los Santos International Airport that leads into a hidden bunker. The hatch is open, but it's basically impossible to see unless you happen to be flying directly overhead, in which case it's time to land your vehicle on top of the building and investigate.

There's honestly not much to do inside, but a few of the vending machines and the water cooler inside are fully interactive, which suggests that this building may have been intended for a more functional use at some point. It might been involved in a mission that was removed during the game's development — perhaps the one where players were intended to hijack a Harrier jet from the airport. As it stands, it's still a curious little spot in the airport worth checking out, and it could provide some much-needed cover when the going gets tough.

The Lost hatch - Grand Theft Auto 5

The television series Lost was a massive hit, with fans spending years deciphering its many mysteries and clues. Even now, years after the show went off the air, folks are still trying to put together just what it all meant. Grand Theft Auto adds a new wrinkle to the mystery with the presence of a mysterious hatch at the bottom of the ocean, one that very closely resembles a hatch on the island on Lost. While that hatch was a major plot point, the one in Los Santos is definitely just a goofy Easter egg on the part of Rockstar. 

However, upon approaching the hard-to-find hatch, players will notice a number of odd occurrences. For one, the pressure surrounding the hatch is so great that it will destroy any submersibles that come close. Even players who are using invincibility cheats have found themselves killed by their proximity to the hatch. Moreover, players can hear Morse code coming from it. When translated, the code spells out, "Hey, you never call; how'd you fancy going bowling?" This is a reference to GTA 4 characters Roman Bellic. In other words, this hatch is just weird all around.

Entering Marco's Bistro - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Marco's Bistro is a recurring location in the GTA series, serving throughout the years as a regular meeting place for some of Liberty City's crime families. During the events of Vice City, Marco's Bistro is another case of an interior location that appears only in cutscenes, but which some clever players have found ways to get inside.

Though some players have used mods to enter the Bistro, others have discovered a spot in the game where you can glitch your way into the restaurant by — get this — jumping through a wardrobe in the game's Ocean View Hotel. In other words, Marco's Bistro is like the GTA universe's messed-up answer to Narnia. Once inside, you'll find that the space is limited, but there are still some unsettling things to see in there. This place lives up to its reputation as a haven for the scum of the city, complete with a corpse hanging from a hook in the bistro's meat freezer. Then again, they also have a photo of Frank Sinatra on the wall, so maybe they're not all bad.

The coach's REAL house - Grand Theft Auto 5

Though there's plenty of action before this dummy butts his head into the story, the main plot of Grand Theft Auto 5really kicks off thanks to the actions of a tennis coach named Kyle Chavis. When Michael De Santa catches his wife in bed with Chavis, he gives chase, following Chavis into the Vinewood Hills and literally destroying the house Chavis hides inside. It turns out that this wasn't Chavis' house after all, which gets Michael into a heap of trouble with a gangster named Martin Madrazo. Pretty much everything that happens from there on out, beginning with Michael's return to a life of crime, is a direct result of this confrontation. But that still leaves the lingering question: where is Kyle Chavis' actual house?

Well, it turns out that it's also in the Vinewood Hills, but you have to really keep an eye out for it. The first clue is a garage door that's opened just a crack, within which you can see a couple of tennis rackets. Around the side of this house, you can find another racket outside. Gotcha. While you can't use this information against Chavis, it's good to know where the jerk calls home.

Trevor's lab revisited - Grand Theft Auto Online

Need to make a quick getaway or hide somewhere you can't be followed? Look no further than Trevor Phillips' meth lab. While it's visited more than once during GTA 5's story mode, folks playing GTA Online may not know that there are ways to access this drug-cooking home away from home. Though the front entrance is inaccessible in GTA Online (Trevor's really big on home security, apparently), the upstairs windows are breakable by shooting at them or chucking something, after which you just need to be able to get up onto that windowsill. 

This can either be done by parking a car next to the window and carefully using that as a stepping stool or, as some hilariously enterprising players have done, simply ramming your way in with a hoverbike or some other means of launching yourself into the air. After that, you're free to explore Trevor's pad to your heart's content. Just pray that he doesn't come home while you're still there.


Top 10 GTA 5 Online Secret Locations You Might Have Missed

GTA 5 is a massively detailed game - there are just too many things scattered all over the map of Los Santos that you would never be able to visit them all. In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 GTA 5 Online secret locations you might have missed in your playthroughs.

Top 10 GTA 5 Online Secret Locations

1 - The frozen Alien in the prologue

The player is dropped right in the middle of a bank heist at the beginning of the game. Afterward, they have to escape the cops on a getaway vehicle - there is just no time to explore the area. To find the frozen alien, just look into the river near your getaway vehicle.

Frozen Alien In The Prologue Of Grand Theft Auto V

2 - The underwater UFO

The crashed starship is off the coast of San Andreas, north of Procopio Beach, and east of the large peninsula. With the UFO crashed onto the ocean floor, players need to descend to the depth using their submersible to see it.

Crashed Ufo

3 - Jack Howitzer's Motel Room

Jack Howitzer is a recurrent character who has appeared in the GTA series over the years. In GTA 5, the guy has a reality TV show filmed in the Motor Motel that's briefly seen on the TV in-game. Players can visit the Motor Motel, try to glitch through the door and fall off the map. Afterward, they can parachute until reaching Howitzer's room, which features him and his friends.

One of the hardest to get to GTA 5 Online Secret Places

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4 - Explore a secret mine

There's a mine in the mountain that's blocked with a wooden door. Players can use a grenade to blow that door up and get access. Not far from the door, you would find the mine's sole occupant: a dead body of a man dressed in 1940s clothes. This is probably an easter egg for L.A. Noire.

The Secret Mine Entrance

5 - The Taco Van

While the Taco Van spawns everywhere in single-player, it only spawns in one fixed location in GTA Online. Visit the dirt road north of Sandy Shores between 13:00 and 14:00 in-game time to acquire it. There is only one Taco Van in a GTA Online session.

The Taco Truck

6 - The Ghost of Mount Gordo Drive

Players would be able to see their first supernatural experience in GTA V at a large campsite on Mount Gordo Drive. Visit the location between 11 and 12 PM in-game to see a ghostly figure stand on top of a nearby mountain. Players would hear whispers and a bloodcurdling scream in the vicinity of the ghost.

Encounter With The Mount Gordo Ghost In GTA 5

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7 - Spawn inside the empty Humane Labs building

The Humane Lab is a mission location that's normally inaccessible outside of the main quest, Humane Lab Heist. In single-player, merely stepping one foot inside the property triggers a 4 stars police rating.

The biggest GTA 5 Online hidden place

To get access to the lab, players need to approach the building, accept a job in the menu and quickly backing out. The glitch would spawn the player inside of the Humane Lab building so that they can freely explore. This is the biggest amongst GTA 5 Online secret locations.

8 - Re-Enactment of a scene from Thelma & Louise

The scene would play out between 7 and 8 PM, in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness near Raton Canyon. If the player flies a helicopter close to the cliff, they would see the final moments of the hit film Thelma & Louise re-enacted in GTA.

Thelma And Louise's Car

In this random event, police cars and officers have surrounded a vehicle on a cliff edge. It would drive right over the edge after an officer attempt to approach. This is a fixed event - the car would still drive down if you kill all the police. You can drive that car after it blows up under the cliff.

9 - The Epsilon Overlook vantage point

The Epsilon Overlook is a special vantage point in Los Santos that provides a great view. You need to get to the Epsilon Building on the corner of Rockford Drive and Spanish Avenue in Rockford Hills. Enter the area through the gate, turn left, walk through the small path then turn right.

Roof Of The Epsilon Building

You would find a hidden ladder on the left of the door you are facing. Climb up to find yet another ladder lead to the building's roof.  This is a unique vantage point of the city.

10 - A Secret Bunker in the Los Santos International Airport

There is a small hidden bunker in the LSIA - it is a building in the shape of the U letter. You can get inside the bunker by using a staircase with doors at the top. It leads to a utility hall in which you can proceed down to see a couple of vending machines. There's also a hatch that leads to the roof.

Secret Airport Bunker

This is the end of our list for GTA 5 Online secret locations. Interested in more of our articles related to the GTA Series? Please check out this post to find out more about the Most Underrated Businesses In GTA Online.

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30 Hidden Locations In Grand Theft Auto 5 Even Super Fans Haven't Found

Grand Theft Auto 5has long been one of the shining examples of what an open-world game should be like. If you haven't played it, you definitely have something to look forward to when you do pick the game up. Plenty of games have secrets and Easter Eggs contained within them, but open-world games just have so many more locations with which to hide these things. If finding a secret in a game is typically like finding a needle in a haystack, finding a secret in an open-world game is like finding a needle in a needle-stack.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is no exception to this trend. This massive game is stuffed to the brim with hidden references, secret locations, and Easter Eggs. You can't go five blocks in Los Santos without walking by an area that could potentially hold a secret location. And with GTA Onlineand mods available, the secrets are even more rampant. It's practically impossible to know where all of these hidden things are, even if you are a huge fan. Read on if you want to find out some of these locations for yourself!

Updated May 6th, 2021 by Issy van der Velde: GTA 5 is a game so nice this article had to be updated twice. With a huge fan base constantly combing through the game, there are always more secret places in GTA 5 to uncover. It's time to double-dip and discover even more GTA 5 secrets.

30 Trevor's Warehouse

Thanks to the creativity of mods, GTA players can explore previously unincluded locations, such as Trevor's secret warehouse. This building is full of equipment that Trevor can use during his more illegal activities. This mod is a simple addition that adds a brand-new location to the already full world of the game. As a matter of fact, there are many mods that exist for the Grand Theft Auto community that any fan should give a whirl before trying out another game.

29 The Bachelor Mansion

In Vinewood Hills, there exists a gorgeous mansion that many believe to be a replica of the mansion made famous by the reality show The Bachelor. Though the interior of this building is inaccessible, curious players can peer at the outer decks of the gigantic edifice. Its layout closely mimics the layout of the actual mansion used in the television series, with a few minor differences. Fans of the show and GTA players can appreciate the building from afar.

28 The Golden Tree

Braddock Pass hides a curiously golden tree. However, during the daytime, the tree appears to look like any other normal tree in the area. It's only at night that the tree shines. The most ardent of Grand Theft Auto 5 players have yet to discover the true meaning of this tree, or even if it has any. However, its secret location is a definite must-see for any curious bystander. Whether it is a glitch or a clever Easter egg, the tree is a golden treasure for eyes to behold.

The Land Act Dam is an unmistakable landmark and not very secret place in GTA 5. Its vast expanse is noticeable from a long distance. However, only players eager to explore every inch of the map will have thoroughly explored the building nearby. The dam building hides nifty secret areas within. Even the area directly beneath the dam can make for a great sight. A Spaceship Part is located underwater near the dam's central walkway on the north side. It's a great location anybody could appreciate.

26 The Thelma And Louise Cliff

For those who haven't seen the cult classic film Thelma & Louise, here's a spoiler warning. In the movie, two women on the run from the law decide to drive off a cliff rather than submit to the police. Grand Theft Auto 5 decided to include this scene in their game.

How to find: Between 7 pm and 8 pm, if you fly by helicopter (or some other flying vehicle) to a mountain by Raton Canyon in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, you can see the women's final flight from the police.

25 The Howitzer Motel Room Of Craziness

Jack Howitzer is a colorful actor who has made appearances in several grand Theft Auto games. He's like a mainstay for the series now, so of course developers included a hidden location dedicated to him in GTA 5. Players can go to the Motor Motel and access Jack's motel room. Players can world-glitch their way underneath the map in order to land themselves within Jack's room. It's not the easiest of locations to find, but it is possible.

24 The Prologue's Frozen Alien

In the very prologue to GTA 5the game developers hid a secret location with an awesome surprise.

How to find: While driving along, when you come to the railroad, do not drive over it like the game tells you to. Instead, make a right and go under the bridge you would have crossed. Frozen in the ice beneath the bridge, you will find the series' signature alien trapped beneath the hardened surface of the water.

23 No Video Game For Old Men

GTA 5 gives a tip of the hat to the film No Country for Old Men in this hidden location at the base of Mount Chiliad. On the west side of the mountain, players will find a deal gone wrong, with lifeless bodies and abandoned cars splayed around the area. There are better places to find cars in GTA 5, however.

Just like in the film, one man is still alive, and he warns the player not to take a nearby silver briefcase filled with money. If you ignore the warnings and take the cash anyway, you'll be chased down the highway - definitely one of the cooler GTA 5 secrets.

22 The Elusive Taco Van

Nothing is more infuriating than being unable to get your hands on some delicious tacos. Grand Theft Auto 5 puts a delightful new spin on this dilemma with their frequently mobile Taco Van. This van appears in different spots throughout the game, such as near Trevor's trailer or at the graveyard at Pacific Bluffs, so if you sight this behemoth of a Taco Van, be sure to try to take it for a ride at least once.

21 A Face On The Rocks

On the north side of Mt. Chiliad, a small drawing on the mountain's surface can barely be discerned. If you get even closer to it, you can make out the smiling features of a male face stamped on the mountainside. No one knows who this person is, or if someone does, they're not telling us who it is.

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How to find: If you want to see this face, look near the cable car station that's on the north side of Chiliad. It might take a bit of searching, but no doubt you'll come across this mysterious visage.

20 An Island Off The Coast

Mods have brought a whole new layer of secrecy and mystery to the world of Grand Theft Auto 5.The creativity of others has brought to the game secret areas like islands. If you manage to get your hands on a boat and depart from Los Santos' shores, you will find collections of remote islands with hidden surprises like bunkers and stuff. Keep in mind that you might have to go so far from land that you see nothing but ocean around you.

19  Tongva Hills Cave


The Tongva Valley in GTA 5holds many natural wonders. As players explore the area, right smack dab in the middle of the Valley, they can come across a cave. This is the Tongva Hills Cave. It provides shelter players might need, and it also contains a part of a spaceship. Exploring the Tongva Valley thoroughly should help you find this GTA 5 secret cave.

18 The Underwater Tank

If you manage to get your hands on a submersible, you can explore the underwater spaces that Grand Theft Auto 5has provided. In one area, just east of the Humane Labs, if you're exploring beneath the waves, you can find the wreckage of a ton of military equipment. One of these pieces is what appears to be a Panzer tank.

17 The Uber Secret Mine

This list of GTA 5 hidden locations would have been totally lame without a secret mine on it. It's located in the Great Chaparral section of the map, which, if you've played the game, you know to be mainly empty of any structures of civilization. While searching this spot, you can find an abandoned mine shaft entrance. There are a few surprises behind the door, which you can access with some well-timed glitching or high explosives.

16 Returning To Humane Labs

GTA Onlinegave players the chance to perform heists in the city of Los Santos. One of these heists takes place in Humane Labs and Research. After completing this mission, innovative players can finagle their way back into the Labs to explore the building. Watch out if you attempt this. As soon as you enter Humane Labs, you are immediately given a four-star wanted rating. Not really a secret location, but still a fun one to return to.

15 The Epsilon Building

The Epsilon Building in Los Santos is a large mansion. Its roof has some cone-shaped tops, and some enterprising players have found that these cones make for perfect hiding places.  The back of the Epsilon Building has ladders to get you up higher, but in order to get into the cones, you have to glitch your way inside them. However, once you're inside the cones, you have the perfect cover and the perfect vantage point.

14 The Lost "Lost" Hatch

Fans of the television show Lost will be thrilled to learn that there's a little secret location in GTA 5 that only fans of the show will get. Off the east coast, if you have a submersible that can get you deep enough, there's a circular hatch set into the sea floor. This is a replication of The Hatch in the jungle on the island in LostUnfortunately, players can't get too close to this hatch. You are so far underwater near the hatch that the pressure can even crush your submersible.

13 Giant Snowman

There is nothing like seeing a snowman in existence when the weather appears to be more on the hot side than on the chilly side. In La Mesa, there's a Fridgit warehouse that contains an Easter Egg snowman. If you make your way into the warehouse, you'll find yourself confronted with several sets of blue doors. One of these doors is slightly ajar, and if you peek inside the room, you can see a snowman inside staring at you. Definitely one of the creepier secret places in GTA 5.

12 The Real Tennis Coach House

In Grand Theft Auto 5, Michael, one of the main characters of the story, discovers that his wife Amanda has been having amorous connections with her tennis coach. In anger, Michael chases the tennis coach all the way to where Michael believes he lives. He then destroys the house. This turns out horribly when he realizes that the house he destroyed belongs to the head of a cartel. Not many people realize that the tennis coach's real house is nearby, as evidenced by the tennis balls and tennis rackets lying around the property.

11 Coveted Cove


Just looking at Coveted Cove makes you covet it. It is the perfect little getaway place, complete with a private cave. This hidden area is near the south side of the San Chianski Mountain Range.

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There are obviously no roads leading to the Cove, but that doesn't mean you can't trek around the area looking for it. Or, of course, you could try chancing a land vehicle over the bumpy terrain. If you make it to Coveted Cove, you'll be able to find some goodies in the cave, including a Grenade Launcher.


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