5700 xt driver issues

5700 xt driver issues DEFAULT

This sounds like it could be related to Windows Update being enabled,
and trying to install what it thinks to be "the best driver".

So in short (my guess):
Windows Update might be messing with your drivers before you can install the actual driver.

possible fix:
1) download Display Driver Uninstaller from guru3d
- check the settings and disable the Windows Updates (it is a checkbox in DDU)
- or you can just disconnect your LAN cable until you are done

2) now run DDU in Safe Mode (+ as Admin)
- this will uninstall all the current gpu drivers
- restart your PC

3) install the recommended GPU drivers for your card now
- restart PC again

4) now either connect your LAN cable again or uncheck the Update blocker in DDU.

You can also check Windows Reliability Monitor to see if there are any problems.


[ CPU: Ryzen 7 XT | GPU: ASRock RX XT Challenger Pro 8GB | driver: ]
[ MB: MSI BA Pro AGESA | RAM: 2x 16GB CL16 | chipset: ]

Sours: https://community.amd.com/t5/graphics/xt-driver-issues/td-p/

AMD's latest driver update fixes a bunch of bugs, including more Radeon RX black screen issues

AMD has been working feverishly to resolve intermittent black screen issues affecting some Radeon RX series owners, but hasn't quite eliminated the problem entirely. If you own a series graphics card and are still experiencing them, you should try installing AMD's latest GPU driver.

The update () address nearly a dozen issues, several of which are related to system hangs and crashes in various scenarios. It's not just the Radeon RX series, either.

One of the fixes listed in the release notes highlights an issue with Radeon RX Vega cards hanging or running into a black screen when running the [email protected] client while simultaneously running an application that uses hardware acceleration. AMD also says it fixed an issue that caused XSplit to hang or freeze when switching scenes.

Here's the full list:

  • Radeon RX Vega series graphics products may experience a system hang or black screen when running [email protected] while also running an application using hardware acceleration of video content.
  • A system crash or hang may be experienced when using Edge browser to play Netflix content.
  • XSplit may experience an application hang or freeze when performing a scene switch.
  • Minor stuttering may occur when performing a task switch with performance metrics overlay open in some games.
  • Overwatch may experience an intermittent crash while entering a game or during extended gameplay sessions.
  • Radeon RX series graphics product system configurations may intermittently experience a display loss or black screen while gaming or on desktop with a limited number of displays.
  • Radeon Software may experience an application crash when playing games with non-alphanumeric characters in the game title.
  • Radeon RX Vega series graphics products may experience an application crash with Microsoft Teams when hardware acceleration is enabled.
  • An ‘Unable to get requirements’ error message may intermittently occur when viewing the Upgrade Advisor tab in Radeon Software.
  • Radeon RX Vega series graphics products may experience a system crash or TDR when playing games with Instant Replay or Record Desktop enabled.
  • Resolved an install issue where Error could occur when an installation prerequisite for Visual C++ was not correctly detected as installed.

The black screen issue affecting some RX owners is the one that's been lingering since the start of Last month, AMD asked users who were still running into the issue to submit a bug report on a special site dedicated to the problem.

"If you’re still experiencing any issues on your system, we kindly encourage you to submit a bug report so we can get to work on fixing them. Posting issues on Reddit and other community forums, although helpful, does not necessarily mean we’ll be able to spot your post or get enough information from it, so the best way to get issues resolved quickly would be to submit your report directly to us," AMD stated in a blog post," AMD said at the time. We'll have to wait and see if this latest driver update resolves the problem for good.

In addition to the various bug fixes, AMD notes its driver is optimized for Gears Tactics, which Wes found to be a "shockingly good strategy game," and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

You can download the driver through the Radeon Software utility, or head to AMD's website to grab and install it manually. And for general tips on good practice, check out our guide on how to update drivers.

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Sours: https://www.pcgamer.com/amds-latest-driver-update-fixes-a-bunch-of-bugs-including-more-radeon-rxblack-screen-issues/
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How To Download &#; Update AMD RX XT Drivers

Is your AMD RX graphics card giving issues? Do you see a black screen or does the program keep freezing or crashing? You are not alone; in fact, a lot of users face this issue. The best way to fix this problem is to update the outdated, missing, and corrupt AMD drivers.

In this post, we will explain both manual and automatic ways to update RX XT drivers.

So, without any further delay, let us learn about them in detail.

What is AMD RX XT Driver?

Designed for gamers the all-new RDNA powered Radeon RX offers exceptional performance and High-fidelity gaming. Using this driver, you can experience powerful, accelerated, and customized gaming dynamics.

But when the same driver is outdated, you can face several issues. Therefore, it is important to update AMD RX XT drivers.

Here’s how you can update it easily.

2 Easy and Quick Ways to Update AMD Radeon RX XT Drivers

 The screenshots below are of Windows But don’t worry it will work for Windows , 8, 7, and XP tools.

Option 1 – Manually Update Radeon RX XT Driver

To follow this method, you need to have some technical skills, time, and patience.  Since the drivers will be downloaded manually you need the details about the operating system, device model number also.

Furthermore, this method involves risk, therefore follow it only when you have the surety.

Option 2 – Automatically Update AMD XT Drivers

This is the simplest way to update outdated Radeon RX XT drivers. Also, for beginners, it is the best way to update drivers in just a few clicks.

How to Update AMD XT Drivers

Here are the steps to update AMD’s outdated drivers. Doing so will prevent facing graphics card problems.

Method 1 &#; Manually Download and Update AMD XT Driver

To follow this method, you need to spend time searching for the correct drivers. Furthermore, you need to be careful when downloading and updating drivers. Here are steps to update RX XT driver and prevent graphics card glitches.

To update the driver manually, follow the steps below:

1. Visit AMD’s official website.
2. Move to Graphics > AMD Radeon Series > AMD Radeon RX Series > AMD Radeon > Submit.

AMD radeon
3. Select the correct operating system. (Double-check before going for it.) In my case, it is Windows 10 bit.

windows 10
4. Next, hit the Download button to get a Radeon

radeon software
5. Double click the setup file and follow on-screen instructions to install the driver.
6. When done, restart the PC and check the graphics. You should no longer face any errors.

In case you find these steps complicated, you can try the recommended automatic method.

Method 2 – Automatically Update RX XT Drivers (Recommended)

If the above steps are not your cup of tea, you can follow the below-mentioned steps and update outdated drivers. Also, this method doesn’t require any computer skills as required to update the driver manually. To update the driver automatically, you can try using Advanced Driver Updater.

Advanced Driver Updater automatically recognizes your system configuration and helps find compatible drivers. Also, to use it you don’t need any technical skills. Furthermore, there is no risk involved in updating drivers when using Advanced Driver Updater. Not only this, but the tool also takes backup of old drivers before updating them.

Using this tool, you can update the driver in a go or one by one. The registered version allows updating drivers in a go while using the trial version you can update one driver at a time.

Here’s how to use the tool and update the driver automatically.

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater


2. Run Advanced Driver Updater the best tool to automatically update drivers

start scan
3. Click Start Scan Now to scan the system for outdated drivers.

ADU scanning
4. Once done, review scan results to update the outdated Radeon RX
5. If you are using the trial version, you need to click the Update driver next to it. However, if you are using the paid version, you can update drivers in a go by clicking Update All.

update all
6. When the driver is updated, reboot the system to apply changes.

This should resolve the problem you are facing with the Radeon RTX driver.

Note: Full version of Advanced Driver Updater comes with a day money-back guarantee and technical support.

Fix – Update Radeon RX XT Drivers

We hope this tutorial comes in handy and helps update AMD RX drivers. In case you have any questions or doubts you can feel free to leave a comment. Also for any product related queries, you can send in an email to [email protected]

Sours: https://www.systweak.com/blogs/download-amd-rxxt-drivers/

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Issues driver 5700 xt

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AMD Driver Issues - Have They Been Fixed? - Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Gaming OC 8GB Review

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