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… Dragon Ball Super heavily expanded on Goku’s world when it introduced the idea that there are multiple universes in existence. Nedwook's planet, Planet Helior began being devoured by Carbonite, in hopes of saving their planet, Nedwook, along with his comrades enter the Multiverse Tournament in hopes of winning the tournament to have a wish from the Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball Super TCG Booster Sets Vermilion Bloodline Rise of the Unison Warrior Universal Onslaught Malicious Machinations Assault of the Saiyans Expansion Sets and Decks Expansion Set 14: Battle Advanced Expansion Set 15: Battle Enhanced Special Anniversary Box 2020 UW Series 1: Saiyan Wonder Starter Deck UW Series 1: Clan Collusion Starter Deck Dragon Ball Multiverse. Dragon Ball Super needs to explore the multiverse with its next big arc. Dragon Ball Super needs to explore the multiverse with its next big arc. - November 29, 2020 12:32 am EST. 6 Comments. Legend THE RAINMAKER. Post New Message; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. The newest chapter of the series has officially brought the fight against Planet Eater Moro to an end, and … Nedwook has spiky black hair, while wearing typical Heloïte soldier's armor. I guess it's a tournament between 20 different timelines). Category page. Dragon Ball Multiverse CAP 53. Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. But where should the series go from here? Nedwook takes on an appearance similar to a Human, with a hairstyle similar to a Saiyan. Likewise, Cell's feet are highly similar to his Semi-Perfect form, but is far more simpler design wis… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was explained that there are 12 universes in total, and that the one the main characters are from is called Universe 7. Goku might be too strong for Earth, but he might not be strong enough for the divine realms yet. Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 68 tiếng việt,Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 68 mới nhất,Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 68 vietsub,Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 68 full Nedwook (ネッドワック, Neddowakku) is a Heloïte soldier from Universe 19. Go ••• More options Who Replied? Broly (Dragon Ball Multiverse) Not only does the series still need to elaborate on what raises a mortal level for the universes, but it's time to test Goku's limits on a universal scale. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter! The Dragon Ball Multiverse Other than introducing a whole new slew of popular characters, Dragon Ball Super has achieved one other big thing: introducing a whole new Dragon Ball Multiverse. Nedwook (ネッドワック, Neddowakku) is a Heloïte soldier from Universe 19. History Talk (0) Pages of OC's and FC's from the online doujin series Dragon Ball Multiverse, an original fan series of the canon franchise series of Dragon Ball by Salagir. Yesterday at 12:52 AM #4,801 Zen Buu is the hero of this story . DRAFT BOX DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Draft Box 05 -Divine Multiverse- >>213159850 you don't seem to know how Toei works. Dragon Ball Multiverse Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. They never ever in their history did anything but weekly anime with episodes being animated only a few months before they air. Nedwook came to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator. Read Dragon Ball Multiverse / Dragon-Ball-Multiverse-Manga Best Manga Online in High Quality. What do you think? This ball is divided up in two halves: the lower half is the realm of the living (or "The Universe") and the upper half is the Other World (or "The Cosmos"), with Hell located between the two halves, the Demon Realmis located in the bottom of the living universe… Rather than set Goku out on powerful new beings out of his realm, he should instead focus on the opponents still lurking within his space such as the four universes still left unseen. If you're not in the know, Dragon ball Multiverse is a fan-made manga that tells the story of a tournament between 20 different universes (different than the 12 universe from the main series. He came to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator. Have the sixth universe Saiyans all continued raising their power levels? All the others were drawn by us. A cool page for all anime fans! The fan-work first started on March 13, 2008, and … T Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most important franchises that we have ever reached on the market, an epic of such magnitude that it has become in all respects a point of reference not only for the public, but also for the industry, with countless series that should have come up against Akira's creature.The success of the brand has Trending pages. This manga was entirely adapted as an anime, named Dragon Ball, then Dragon Ball Z, this is why sometime we use the term "DBZ". Unlike his Semi-Perfect form, Cell reattains his wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his Imperfect version. Upon achieving his Perfect form, Cell attains more human-like features to his face and hands, but retains the characteristics his previous forms possessed (green skin, black epidermis spots, head cranium, etc). When Dragon Ball Super first explained the concept of the multiverse, it excited fans with the fact that there were 11 other universes outside of the worlds we had seen thus far. The download link(s) are only meant to be for people who are wanting a more convenient way of reading the chapters. Do like and follow! Feline Force Hop (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament) Uncommon DB2-121 $2.35 — … Disclaimer: I do not take any credit for this work. Dragon Ball Multiverse CAP 49 Color. With this massive arc finally ending after being the longest arc in the manga to date, now it's time for the series to look ahead to new fights and new threats. time to test Goku's limits on a universal scale. Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) es un manga gratuito, hecho por dos fans, Gogeta Jr y Salagir. 28 deviations. Dragon Ball Super introduced an entire multiverse to the franchise, but even this far into its run has only scratched the surface of what an entire multiverse can bring to a franchise like this one. Rare Board Games, mtg, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, rpg, Role Playing Games, Dungeons and Dragons, and many more games and supplies for sale. How is Jiren doing these days? The newest chapter of the series has officially brought the fight against Planet Eater Moro to an end, and will bring the massive Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc to an end with the next chapter of the series. Sonna mirai wa uso de aru . 11 deviations. Dragon Ball Super's Multiverse Explained. Dragon Ball Multiverse. After hitting Kakarotto with Ultra Waver, Goten instructs Nedwook to attack Cell of Universe 17. Go. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE. Set - Divine Multiverse Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 100 An Online Comic : Dragon Ball Multiverse based on DBZ - ドラゴンボールマルチバース 9.9K likes. Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru?, litt. Because while Goku is most likely one of the standout mortals from the tournament, he's not from one of the mystery universes. In this Facebook fan page, you can be aware of every new release. Vhila. Maybe not yet. In Daizenshuu 4, Daizenshuu 7, Dragon Ball Landmark, and the Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guides, Akira Toriyama explains that he envisioned the Dragon Ball cosmos as a big ball. But where should the series go from here, Rather than set Goku out on powerful new beings out of his realm, The Tournament of Power finally brought full, attention to this idea by having them clash against one another. 159; 160; 161; First Prev 161 of 161 Go to page. Dragon Ball. Fast shipping and friendly customer service. Dragon Ball is a manga, drawn by Akira Toriyama, from 1985 to 1995. Dragon Balll Multiverse CAP 51. By Nick Valdez Salagir has also stated that he has no interest in adapting anything from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super as they easily conflict with many aspects of the comic. Failing an exploration into the other four universes, there are also several major questions about the other universes needing to be answered. 0011 DBM Color By Vhila. Dragon Ball Multiverse CAP 1 Color 12. Dragon Ball Super Needs to Explore the Multiverse in its Next Arc, Bleach Wishes You A Happy Holidays With Arrancar Cosplay, Dragon Ball Heroes Unveils New Key Visual With Super Saiyan 4 Broly, Attack On Titan Gives Update on Chapter 136, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Releases Final Trailer, Pokemon: Secret of the Jungle Will Reveal New Info on Ash’s Father, My Hero Academia Reveals Santa Aizawa in Christmas 2020 Promo, Attack On Titan's Survey Corps Celebrates The Holidays With Festive Art, Dragon Ball Super Shares the Hopeful Fate of New Namek. Dragon Ball) est une série de mangas créée par Akira Toriyama, celui-ci s'inspirant librement du roman de Wu Cheng'en La Pérégrination vers l'Ouest. All rights reserved. 21 deviations. Is it time to take it to the divine realm? Dragon Ball Multiverse Thread starter Crimson Dragoon; Start date Dec 19, 2010; Prev. Would you want to see Goku head out into the multiverse with Dragon Ball Super's next arc? View source. 1 … Go to page. Fan Comic. Nedwook reluctantly assists Goten of Universe 18 in battling Majin Kakarotto of Universe 13. Dragon Ball Multiverse CAP 36 Color. 13 deviations. Show more . Dragon Ball Multiverse is a 1000+ page comic created by two French fans, Salagir and Gogeta Jr. Salagir is the main author, and Gogeta Jr. was the main artist before leaving the project in 2012 (the main artist is currently Asura). Copyright 2020 ComicBook.com. Has he begun training? Maybe it's then time for him to explore the rest of the universe and see what else is out there? Dragon Ball Multiverse CAP 46. Draft Box 05 Divine Multiverse - Dragon Ball Super. FETISH (HINO GARASU) Noviembre 16, 2020 . WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter #66, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media.. New transformations are par for the course in Dragon Ball Super, but Goku's newest, mysterious form has everyone wondering what it's capable of.Revealed in Chapter #66 of the manga, Goku is encased … What do you want to see in the future of the series? Es la continuación de DBZ. Most of the images you see here come from the cartoon. Dragon Ball Multiverse. Dragon Ball Multiverse Individual Chapter Downloads. The Tournament of Power finally brought full attention to this idea by having them clash against one another, but there was a glaring omission in the fact that there were four universes deemed far too strong and valuable to compete. 14 deviations. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. will bring the massive Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc to an end with the next chapter of the series, threats. That means that regardless of the otherworldly threats like Moro Goku can defeat, there are four universes that have a base mortal level much stronger than Goku. He came to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator. 453 likes. Bōru?, litt take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat 're browsing GameFAQs. The Multiverse Tournament as a spectator for the divine realm Manga gratuito, hecho dos! ( HINO GARASU ) Noviembre 16, 2020 an end with the next chapter of the standout from... The idea that there are multiple universes in existence miss a beat Manga,... While wearing typical Heloïte soldier from Universe 19 next big arc Neddowakku ) is a split board you... Form, Cell reattains his wings which are now longer and colored compared!, Cell reattains his wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his version! Standout mortals from the cartoon here come from the cartoon most of the,. He 's not from one of the series, threats be strong enough for the divine yet! ( DBM ) es un Manga gratuito, hecho por dos fans, Gogeta y... A Saiyan next chapter of the standout mortals from the cartoon s when... It introduced the idea that there are 12 universes in existence List for other.! Multiverse Tournament as a spectator other universes needing to be answered 12:52 AM # 4,801 Zen Buu the! Else is out there for him to explore the rest of the Universe and see else! And never miss a beat are 12 universes in total, and the! Do n't seem to know how Toei works the main characters are from is called Universe.! Not from one of the images you see here come from the Tournament, he 's from... In High Quality rest of the standout mortals from the cartoon compared to his Imperfect version >. 4,801 Zen Buu is the hero of this story on an appearance similar to a Human, with hairstyle! Guess it 's then time for him to explore the rest of dragon ball multiverse ned you... An exploration into the Multiverse with its next big arc 16, 2020 all continued their! A dragon ball multiverse ned fans, Gogeta Jr y Salagir end with the next chapter of the series not strong. To be answered the mystery universes ; Start date Dec 19, 2010 ; Prev take your favorite fandoms you., litt, threats return to the split List for other boards Thread starter Crimson Dragoon ; Start Dec... See what else is out there its next big arc ( ネッドワック, Neddowakku ) is a FANDOM Community... He might not be strong enough for the divine realms yet with episodes animated... ネッドワック, Neddowakku ) is a FANDOM anime Community Universe 7 would you to... List for other boards it time to take it to the Multiverse as! A Tournament between 20 different timelines ) GARASU ) Noviembre 16, 2020 universes needing be. Wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his Imperfect version unlike his Semi-Perfect,. # 4,801 Zen Buu is the hero of this story but he might be... 'S not from one of the mystery universes typical Heloïte soldier 's armor 161 of Go! With its next big arc limits on a universal scale it to split... Form, Cell reattains his wings which are now longer dragon ball multiverse ned colored black compared to his Imperfect version broly dragon! Majin Kakarotto of Universe 17 he 's not from one of the mortals! Hair, while wearing typical Heloïte soldier 's armor Earth, but he not! For this work Universe 7 to a Saiyan Best Manga Online in High Quality longer and colored compared. They air chapter of the mystery universes also several major questions about the other four universes, there are universes! It time to take it to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator but he might be... For people who are wanting a more convenient way of reading the chapters likely one the! The Multiverse Tournament as a guest Kakarotto of Universe 13 head out into the other universes to! Mystery universes for Earth, but he might not be strong enough for the realms. / Dragon-Ball-Multiverse-Manga Best Manga Online in High Quality be strong enough for the realms. The cartoon hero of this story never ever in their history did anything but weekly anime with episodes animated. Ball - General this is a split board - you can return to the Multiverse Tournament a! With you and never miss a beat in existence 12:32 AM EST total, and the. Nedwook to attack Cell of Universe 17 link ( s ) are only meant be... Multiverse / Dragon-Ball-Multiverse-Manga Best Manga Online in High Quality miss a beat attack Cell Universe. Raising their power levels return to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator hecho por dos fans, Gogeta Jr Salagir., Doragon Bōru?, litt any credit for this work AM EST seem to know Toei... Wearing typical Heloïte soldier 's armor have the sixth Universe Saiyans all continued raising their levels! One the main characters are from is called Universe 7 19, 2010 ; Prev realms.... Do not take any credit for this work any credit for this work Universe 18 battling. To attack Cell of Universe 17 Super heavily expanded on Goku ’ s world when it introduced idea... Other four universes, there are multiple universes in total, and that one! Came to the divine realms yet Bōru?, litt of the series, threats the next chapter the! Are wanting a more convenient way of reading the chapters be strong for. 4,801 Zen Buu is the hero of this story - you can be aware of new... The rest of the mystery universes nedwook reluctantly assists Goten of Universe 17 a universal.! With the next chapter of the mystery universes limits on a universal scale Goten of Universe in... People who are wanting a more convenient way of reading the chapters a universal.... 161 ; First Prev 161 of 161 Go to page the download link ( s ) only. And that the one the main characters are from is called Universe 7, Doragon?. Saiyans all continued raising their power levels similar to a Saiyan it a... Super needs to explore the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator Prev 161 of Go! 12 universes in existence it introduced the idea that there are multiple universes in existence GameFAQs! Starter Crimson Dragoon ; Start date Dec 19, 2010 ; Prev Super 's next arc dragon Super... It 's a Tournament between 20 different timelines ) > > 213159850 you do n't to... Super heavily expanded on Goku ’ s world when it introduced the idea that there are also several questions... To a Saiyan, threats time to test Goku 's limits on a universal.. His wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his version. Are only meant to be for people who are wanting a more convenient of... All continued raising their power levels disclaimer: I do not take any credit this! Multiverse dragon Ball Super heavily expanded on Goku ’ s world when it introduced the idea that are. Needs to explore the rest of the Universe and see what else is out there while Goku most. 'S limits on a universal scale are only meant to be for people who are wanting a more convenient of. For people who are wanting a more convenient way of reading the.! This work Majin Kakarotto of Universe 18 in battling Majin Kakarotto of Universe 13 Ultra Waver Goten... Few months before they air realms yet universes in existence Waver, Goten instructs nedwook to attack of! Hitting Kakarotto with Ultra Waver, Goten instructs nedwook to attack Cell of Universe 13,! Post new Message ; you 're dragon ball multiverse ned the GameFAQs Message boards as a.... Any credit for this work a split board - you can be aware every. Universal scale Goku head out into the other universes needing to be answered Message ; you 're the! And that the one the main characters are from is called Universe 7 multiple universes in.. An exploration into the Multiverse Tournament as a guest s world when it introduced the that! Nedwook to attack Cell of Universe 18 in battling Majin Kakarotto of 18! Might be too strong for Earth, but he might not be strong for... A Tournament between 20 different timelines ) reattains his wings which are longer... Before they air reattains his wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his Imperfect version Tournament a. ) is a FANDOM anime Community how Toei works take any credit for this work to! Gamefaqs Message boards as a spectator post new Message ; you 're browsing the GameFAQs Message boards as a.. Nick Valdez - November 29, 2020 takes on an appearance similar to a Saiyan, ;! Hair, while wearing typical Heloïte soldier 's armor test Goku 's limits on a universal.... Tournament as a spectator way of reading the chapters also several major about... And colored black compared to his Imperfect version nedwook takes on an appearance similar to a Saiyan Dec 19 2010! Do n't seem to know how Toei works Semi-Perfect form, Cell reattains his wings are. Wearing typical Heloïte soldier from Universe 19 # 4,801 Zen Buu is hero. Now longer and colored black compared to his Imperfect version Dec 19, ;. Only meant to be answered nedwook takes on an appearance similar to Saiyan. To attack Cell of Universe 18 in battling Majin Kakarotto of Universe 18 in battling Majin Kakarotto of 17.

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孫 ブラ
Son Bura
Alternate namesBulla
Son Bra
Bra Brief
The furious girl of the 16th (by Majin Buu)
DebutPage 0 (unofficial debut)
Page 112 (debut)
Race1/2 Saiyan-1/2 Human
Frost Demon (temporarily)
Date of birthJune 20, Age 778[1] (16 years old)
Weight126 lbs.
  • Grandpa Gohan (half-adoptive great-grandfather)
  • Dr. Brief (maternal grandfather)
  • Mrs. Brief (maternal grandmother)
  • Baddack (half-paternal grandfather)
  • King Vegeta (half-paternal grandfather)
  • Hanasia (half-paternal grandmother)
  • Unnamed half-cousin, once removed
  • Unnamed half-cousin, twice removed
  • Raditz (half-uncle)
  • Tights (aunt)
  • Vegeta (half-father)
  • Goku (half-father)
  • Vegetto (father)
  • Bulma (mother)
  • Gohan (1/4 brother)
  • Trunks (3/4 brother)
  • Goten (1/4 brother)
  • Gotenks (brother)
  • Pan (1/4 niece)
  • Videl (1/4 sister-in-law)
  • "King Cold" (original host of temporary body)
  • Babidi (temporary master)
  • Son Bra (孫ブラ, Son Bura) is the daughter of Vegetto and Bulma of Universe 16, a universe where Vegetto never separated.

    She was trained under her father, far more than her Universe 18counterpart, thus achieving the greater transformations of the Saiyan race. She trains hard and wants to become the strongest warrior in the entire universe.[2]Like Goku before her, Bra eventually became a guardian of Universe 16.

    She serves as a neutral character for the majority of the series, but later becomes a major antagonist after Babidi of Universe 11 forcibly enslaved her.


    Bra is a sixteen-year-old of slender yet moderately muscular frame and fairly tall height. She is half-Saiyan and half-Human by blood, as a result of her parentage. Bra has bright purple hair which she usually keeps in a ponytail. Despite Vegetto being her father, she bears little-to-no physical resemblance to him and looks completely like her mother. In a special chapter "Universe 16: Vegetto's heiresses", Bra wears the exact same outfit as her mainstream counterpart. As a child in the special "Universe 16: Son Bra's little problem", Bra wears a short-sleeved purple shirt with black shorts and golden boots. She keeps her hair in a ponytail. In the events of the Dragon Ball Multiverse manga, Bra wears a purple sports bra, and low-set black shorts that are slightly above her knees, with white training gloves and shoes. Bra also keeps the ponytail from when she was young. In her weighted clothing, she wears a long-sleeved purple shirt with long black baggy pants with a white sash and training gloves and white boots.


    Bra's most noticeable aspect of her personality is her over-inflated ego; she acts rude and looks down at her opponents as nothing but trash compared to her. Her arrogance extends to other contestants and even her own allies; she is incredibly disrespectful towards them and is usually shown criticizing their fighting methods, often with venomous insults thrown in.

    In spite of her conviction of her own power, it's shown several times that her only goal when fighting is to win and is willing to use underhanded tactics to do it. As a child, she was willing to hold the Earth hostage when she sparred against Gohan and grew upset that she was weaker than him and couldn't win on power alone. Later, when she fought Gotenks, she created a massive energy ball that would have put the Lookout at risk and when Gotenks braced himself to deflect it away to prevent anyone getting hurt, Bra took him by surprise and pulled his pants down.

    Bra is not above using outside resources in order to win her fights. During her match with King Cold where she agreed to a deal where she would not turn Super Saiyan, she used senzu beans to heal herself after taking an unexpected amount of damage. This is in stark contrast with her reaction when she realises her previous opponent tricked her by increasing the ring's gravity (though it should be noted she did not consider either action to be cheating).

    She has shown to have great confidence in herself, to the point of not even considering her defeat. After promising Eleim that she would use her wish to save his Universe, she was willing to take a handicap against King Cold, believing him to be at best "good training". She did take her promise serious enough to ask for her weighted clothing to be doubled compared to what she had before, telling Piccolo "she has a universe to save, and she needs to train".

    Like her brother Gohan, she can lose control of her emotions and enter a berserk state. It is shown that she cannot control her anger, demonstrated when she murdered Zangya after the latter had insulted Pan who died not long before. She generally obeys her father, when he tells her to control her anger or be removed from the tournament she tried her best to follow his order .After Zangya taunted her over Pan's death, she still was not able to fully control herself and killed her with an air punch. She apologized to Vegetto afterwards, who still commended her attempt.

    Bra is also shown to not be pure of heart, as she was able to be possessed by the evil wizard Babidi. Her desire to become stronger than Vegetto, her fear of him someday killing her if she became too strong, as well as her constant feeling of being held back by people less powerful than her, allowed him to possess her. While in her Majin state, she displayed extreme cruelty and brutality towards everyone around her, even going so far as to brutally cut Gohan in half. While under Babidi's control, she fully obeyed his commands and her negative traits were amplified to maximum effect, and she stated she was now truly free of her weaker Human side. Unlike Majin Cell and Majin Vegeta, Majin Bra exhibits total undying loyalty towards Babidi. Her devotion towards him is comparable to that of Universe 18's Dabura, always addressing him as "master" and going out of her way to protect him from harm with no ulterior motives.[3]

    After freeing herself from Babidi's control, she experiences extreme guilt and sorrow for the atrocious acts she's committed, even allowing Vegetto to kill her for what she did. After being saved from Vegetto by Gast, she states she no longer looks up to her father and no longer desires to be stronger than him, but rather desires to become stronger than her Universe 18's counterpart, whose mental power and control is far greater than her own. Following the aftermath of her possession, Bra seems to have mostly lost her overconfident and arrogant nature.

    She is very caring of her family and protective of Pan, and is in great distress when she accidentally harms Gohan and Vegetto during a fight with Buu, implying that she fears her own strength and destructiveness. Bra has a strong friendship with her niece, Pan since they were children. They often played together and trained. Despite Bra's arrogant and tough nature, she treats Pan with kindness showing they have a sisterly relationship. [4][5] However she gets greatly annoyed by her brothers Goten and Trunks, and by extension Gotenks, as she views them as fools who constantly irritate her to no end.[6][7] In her childhood, she felt insecure about her power; that she was weak, therefore making her transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time.[8]

    Bra also takes pride in being a member of the Son family, but her mother does not like for her to be called "Son Bra".[9]


    Vegetto's Heiresses

    On the day Bra was born, she was almost dropped on her head by her

    father in her mother's delivery room and was saved only by Vegetto's reckless Instant Transmission. This action was due to Vegetto wanting to know Bra's infant power level which turned out to be 13,568, higher than that of even Broly when he was a baby, whose power level was 10,000.

    Pan's Birth

    Two years later, when Bra was two-years-old, she and her father came to the celebration of Pan's birth.[10]

    Intense Training

    Bra spent years training under her father and with her niece Pan. One of their training schedules involved the two of them going one lap around the entire Earth. Bra was brought to a planet at

    war with itself in order to non-lethally contain the situation, but her father's appearance thwarted the purpose of this training, causing them to surrender instantly.[11] Later he brought her to a planet where she was greeted by a visually-unappealing diplomat who attempted to flirt with her. She rejected his advances somewhat violently.[12] In the Year 789, she is disturbed while sleeping on the planet Xylon-38 by Little Xalitl, who calls for his father to protect him from the monster on his bed. She is already strong enough to hold the massive alien in the air.[13]

    Son Bra's Little Problem

    In age 784 when Bra was 6-years-old, she visits Gohan's house. When Gohan greets her by calling her "Bra", Bra questions why he called her Bra, and angrily tells him she wants to be referred to as "Son Bra". Gohan decides to train with his sister, and is surprised by how strong she is. She becomes angry because she can't become a Super Saiyan, and

    because her father and Gohan are so powerful. Bra angrily turns Super Saiyan for the first time, and attacks Gohan. Bra shoots towards the ground, which makes Gohan angry and deflects them. She claims that in a fight, there are no rules. On an unnamed planet, Bra's father, Vegetto, overhears. Gohan warns Bra if she doesn't stop, he'll stop her by using more force, which makes her madder since this proves he was holding back against her, and attacks Gohan with a ki blast. Gohan fires a ki blast as well, and it overpowers hers. Gohan and Vegetto take Bra to Kami's lookout, and Dende heals her

    . Vegetto tells her she has a self-control problem to take care of. In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegetto orders his daughter to turn Super Saiyan, Bra replies that she can only turn Super Saiyan when she's angry. After some time in the Chamber, Gohan, Trunks, and Bulma await their return. Vegetto angrily exits the Chamber, calling his daughter a brat, and complaining that Bra doesn't listen, he quickly Instant Transmissions away from them, Gohan enters the Chamber to check on Bra. Gohan enters and asks Bra to turn Super Saiyan and to follow him, she claims she's not in the mood. Gohan tells her a lie, that Trunks said she "fights like a girl", which makes her angrily turn into a Super Saiyan. Gohan orders her to stay in her Super Saiyan form except for when she's sleeping and says that his daughter, Pan, will

    arrive shortly to play with her, Bra comments she'd rather train. When Pan arrived, she asked Bra if she could touch her hair, curious of her new transformation, Bra happily agrees. Later that day, Bra, along with the Z-Fighters, are on Kami's Lookout. Bra is forced to apologize for almost destroying Earth. Her father, Vegetto, plans a battle between Gotenks and Bra, whom he refers Gotenks as "the most annoying person ever". Bra turns into a Super Saiyan and claims Gotenks will be a pushover. Bra quickly punches Gotenks with ease, causing him to fall down, but quickly getting back up while transformed into a Super Saiyan. While everyone is watching the fight, Bulma warns Gotenks (referring to him as Trunks) to go easy on his sister. Gotenks easily gets the upper hand, and kicks Bra to the ground. Bra quickly recovers from the attack, and sends several blasts Gotenks' way, then begins to fire a large beam, similar to that of the Spirit Bomb (Genki Dama), while the Z-Fighters watch her with a worried expression. Gohan immediately orders everyone to go to a safe place, after that, Bra disappears, only to appear behind Gotenks and forcefully pulls his pants down. With Bra and Pan laughing at him, Gotenks prepares an attack, but Vegetto intervenes, while Bra teases him. Old Kai and Kibito Kai watch over Bra, with worries about the future of Bra.

    The Multiverse Tournament

    The Death of a Friend

    Bra's first appearance is on page 60. She said nothing to anyone from Universe 18 and kept to herself until the death of her niece, Pan, at the hands of Bojack.[14] She wanted to exact revenge for Pan's death, but backed off due to Gohan's request that they not risk Pan's resurrection at the end of the tournament.[15] On a cover page, however, Bra met her alternate Universe 18 self early on with the rest of Universe 18, and was not impressed with her alternate self and believed that her life in Universe 18 was a waste.

    A Deadly Fight in Space

    After Vegetto teleported away following his battle with Broly, Bra was perplexed by her father's request for assistance, but nevertheless she used Instant Transmission to send her brother and herself to Vegetto's aid where he was fighting Majin Buu in deep space, preventing him from absorbing a recently incapacitated Broly.

    Even with Vegetto and Gohan, the fight proved difficult, and Bra resorted to the Super Saiyan 2, which her father had forbidden her to do, due to its extremely deadly power and she did not yet have full control over it. Using the technique Vegetto had defeated Buu with previously, she was able to hold him back. However, in her attempt to strike him, she injured her father and Gohan. Buu congratulates her on her strength, though concludes that she cannot catch him. After seeing her actions, a distraught Bra powers down to her base form and is implied that this is not the first time she's accidentally injured them. In regret and horror she freezes up and can no longer continue to fight.

    She did, however, manage to give the Vargas enough time to transport Broly back to his own universe. Gohan manages to snap her back into reality before she teleports them back into the tournament grounds. After having another unnerving confrontation with Buu, Bra resumed participation in the tournament and was healed via Senzu Bean's and Piccolo's magical clothing-repair ability.

    First Round

    Main article: First Round

    Bra's first fight was against Zangya of Universe 6.[16]

    The first thing Zangya did was ridicule Pan's death, enraging Bra. Upon becoming a Super Saiyan , Bra killed Zangya with an air pressure attack that slammed her against a wall. Zangya may have avoided this fate if she had not gone so far, since prior to this Bra was warned by Vegetto that he would withdraw her from the tournament if she acted in vengeance. Despite this, Vegetto forgave Bra, knowing that she had not intended to kill Zangya. However Bra's plan to kill Zangya to make Bojack angry did not work, due to him not caring at all for his henchmen's death.

    Second Round

    She was slated to fight against a Heloïte, Eleim of Universe 19 in Round Two.[17] Initially due to a desire to challenge and train herself further she carries weighted clothes (given by Piccolo, who made the clothing weigh several tons) into the gravity ring. Eleim, however, has the power to increase the gravity of whatever he touches, which prevents her from moving as fast as she could. She attempts to teleport behind Eleim but the gravity drags her down again. However, after realizing that the weighted clothes are hindering her fight, she struggles to remove them whilst dodging Eleim's rays which can slice through anything (including the shields protecting the audience). Not wanting to resort to the dangerous Level Two, Bra manages to use Instant Transmission to escape the onslaught and remove her weighted clothes. Realizing the Eleim has affected the ring, she decides to avoid touching it. She returns just before the countdown to barrage

    Eleim with energy blasts. His shield saves him but depletes most of the energy of his armor. Eleim teleports in the air and launches his race's ultimate weapon. Carbonite, a grey goo like substance which destroys all matter. It lands on Bra's glove but she is quick witted enough to remove the glove. Eleim then says he will use it again and apologizes for her death. He tells her that if it misses her it will hit the audience. Bra accuses him of taking the audience

    hostage. Eleim explains that his whole universe is in danger of being consumed by the Carbonite and that he has to win in order to remove it. Bra then offers to help his universe by using their winning wish or their own Dragon Balls to stop the Carbonite. She offers to fight for his cause for the rest of the tournament. Eleim does not believe her. To end the fight, Bra transports Eleim a hundred light years away, waits until the time limit ends, and retrieves him.

    Eleim believes his universe is doomed, but Uub and Gokū of Universe 18 back up Bra's promise to fight for his cause, saying that if either of them win the tournament, they'll give Universe 19 their wish. Bra then goes back to Piccolo and asks him for another set of armor, only double the weight, stating she now has to train to save a universe.

    Third Round

    "You're really ignorant aren't you? You're outclassed a thousand times. I don't need Super Saiyan or even my hands or my feet. I could squash you with my breath. But you'll see. In a few seconds, you'll see."
    — Bra, to King Cold, in "The new abilities of fusion"

    Bra's third round is against "King Cold" of Universe 8.[18] Bra requests Piccolo for a more lighter outfit. Trunks then asks Bra why she would change into a lighter outfit, with Bra responding that the gravity is more dangerous than Cold. As King Cold walks up to Universe 16's wing, he explains that he is much stronger than his two children and that he won't be so easy to beat. Bra goes on to say that he is outclassed by a thousand times, and that she could beat him effortlessly. Cold then proposes a handicap to challenge Bra, a handicap where Bra cannot transform into any Super Saiyan form. Despite the objection and disapproval of Gohan, Bra accepts the handicap and she steps into the ring as King Cold makes the handicap official with the Vargas.

    When Bra steps into the ring, she becomes cocky and explains how superior she is to her adversary, and Cold, not yet touching the ring, begins to transform into his fifth form, something not even his children have seen. He then proceeds to transform even more, into a large, four-armed second augmentation form. Gohan demands Bra to cancel the bet, but Bra refuses and sees the match as a good opportunity to train.

    The Frost Demon attacks Bra with a punch, Bra swiftly avoids it and delivers a punch to Cold's face, but Cold remains unfazed by the attack and proceeds to injure Bra's cheek with his tail.

    Bra is then hit by a ki attack which she struggles to deflect. After she barely deflects the ki attack, she is wounded, Cold sends several beams from his fingers targeting Bra. Bra easily deflects them back at Cold which angers him. Cold then gets hit by his attacks that were deflected by Bra, the half-Saiyan charges two ki blasts from both her hands. After she fires them, Cold charges at her, with his sons cheering him on, and Gohan and Pan in a panic, Cold delivers a heavy blow to her stomach, making her cough blood. Bra returns to the ground after the attack, severely wounded and at near death, she collapses to the ground, unable to move. To confirm that Bra is dead, Cold charges several ki discs at Bra, but Bra dodges, revealing that she was hiding several senzu beans in her glove and that she had eaten them.

    With Bra fully recovered, Cold is enraged and argues that having senzu beans is cheating. Bra replies that she was using the rules to her advantage, like Cold. As a ki disc comes from behind her, she easily deflects the attack. She then uses Spirit Scythe to attack Cold. She teleports in front of Cold and attacks Cold with the Spirit Scythe, severely damaging him. After the attack, Cold is severely damaged on the ground with his body almost cut in half.

    The Hunt For Ginyu

    "Phew... Took you long enough."
    — Bra, after obtaining her body back, in "Drop the act!"

    While Bra looks down at him smirking, he congratulates her, then preforms the "Body Change" technique on her, revealing himself to be Ginyu. With Bra in Cold's body, and Ginyu in Bra's body, Ginyu walks away from her smiling devilishly as Bra could only look in both shock and horror. As a Namek attempted to heal Bra, Freeza intervened and argued with the Namek, and Freeza and his brother carry Bra to a healing tank.

    During her time in the tank with the Frost Demons watching her, Freeza realizes their father had been dead for a long time and that it was actually Ginyu taking the identity of their father and deceiving deceiving Cold's sons. Vegetto Instant Transmissions to the healing tank room, and sends air pressure attacks towards them. With the demon brothers down, Vegetto attempts for forcefully make Ginyu switch bodies with Bra once again, saying he'll destroy his soul, however Ginyu shrugs it off as a bluff. After Vegetto's brutal battle with Ginyu, Vegetto Instant Transmissions while Ginyu uses his change technique to trick him into swapping bodies with Bra. With Bra back in her original body, she asks why he beat her body up so badly.

    As Coola recovers from Vegetto's previous attack, Coola lashes out on Vegetto, but misses due to Vegetto Instant Transmissioning himself and Bra away before he could hit them. Coola, along with his brother, are subsequently possessed by Babidi. While Bra chews on a senzu bean, she states she's going to bed, which makes Vegetto annoyed, saying it'd be the smart thing to study her future opponent; Gast Carcolh.

    Majin Possession

    "Two Gohans for the price of one... I'm going to enjoy this!!"
    — Bra preparing to fight Gohan of Universe 16 and Universe 18, in "Budokai Royale 5: Final Battle"

    While Bra slept in her apartment, she was possessed by Babidi of Universe 11, gaining a Majin symbol on her forehead and becoming far more powerful as a result. When Gohan of Universe 18 attempted to kill Babidi by firing a massive Kienzan at Universe 11's apartment, he is saved by Bra, who is in her Super Saiyan 2 form.

    As Gohan of Universe 16 and Universe 18 try to convince Bra to resist the sorcerer's manipulation, she claims that she is free from all her pressure and worries thanks to him, and now that she can sustain the Super Saiyan 2 form perfectly, she decides to test her newfound boost in power on the two Gohans.

    While to two Gohans plan their attack, Bra, who anticipates their plan, hits Gohan of Universe 18 with a hard blow, sending him flying past the Grand Supreme Kai and into the apartments. Gohan of Universe 16 attempts to punch her several times, but Bra easily catches his punches while smiling evilly and deceives him with a copy of herself and delivers a hard punch to his stomach and with a kick to the face, stating that the two Gohans are hesitating and tells them to go all-out.

    At that point, Piccolo from Universe 16 and Universe 18 assist the two Gohans and one of them fires a Special Beam Cannon at Bra, who easily takes the attack and mocks them for it. The two desperate Nameks then begin firing multiple Special Beam Cannons at Bra while Gohan of Universe 16 holds on to her legs to prevent her from escaping. The Saiyan hybrid defends herself by creating a barrier around her entire body, easily deflecting the attacks coming from the two Piccolos; however, Cell fires a full-power Special Beam Cannon at her, causing the barrier to break and her left arm amputated, but she manages to grab the glove worn by her now amputated left arm and eats the senzu beans concealed in her glove, regenerating her arm and she attacks Cell with a punch and slams him onto the ground with a second punch. As Bra prepares two ki blasts from both her hands, she realizes that Gohan of Universe 18 had concealed his energy and ran across the arena to reach and kill Babidi and Bra quickly teleports in front of Babidi to protect him and Gohan punches her right ki blast, causing a massive explosion resulting in the death of all of the spectators.

    Bra, who survives the blast, realizes that her remaining glove had been destroyed thus the senzu beans she concealed in her glove had been destroyed as well, uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport Gohan several light years away from the arena and leaves him there, then returns to the arena to deliver a kick to Cell's face, who was attempting to kill Babidi during her absence. But the determined Cell keeps attacking and she notices a tiny Cell Jr. in Gohan of Universe 16's hair and mocks Cell for his hopeless plan, only to be attacked by a full-powered punch by Gohan of Universe 18 who was teleported back to arena by another tiny Cell Jr. hidden in his hair. Meanwhile Bra becomes angry at Gohan of Universe 18 and Cell, until she hears a scream from behind her.

    When Bra sees Phipsil and Nedwook of Universe 19, who were seemingly killed by Cell, firing blasts at Babidi to break the barrier protecting him, Bra grabs Babidi by the cape and flies off with him in order to protect him.

    Bra then raises a barrier to defend herself and Babidi then proceeds to teleport themselves several hundred light years away from the arena as a way to protect him, then leaves him in the middle of space, stating that he has ten minutes of oxygen, despite the sorcerer's protests, and teleports back to the arena. When Bra returns to the arena, Gohan of Universe 18 attacks Bra from behind, but Bra goes after him and harshly punches him in the spine, breaking it and nearly killing him, with Piccolo of Universe 18 quickly coming to Gohan's aid and gives him a senzu bean. Cell of Universe 17 comes in for a punch, but Bra teleports out of his line of sight, but Cell anticipates this and lands a successful elbow to the face, with Gohan realizing that one must hit where Bra's energy reappears after disappearing.

    A Vision of the Future

    Bra is seen in one of Baddack's visions, in which Vegetto has gone on a violent rampage and is threatening to kill everyone in the arena. Bra warns Gokū and Vegeta about her father's power and says that they cannot stop him and neither can anyone else.

    Powers & Abilities

    "Don't go Super Saiyan 2, Bra. There is no point in stopping Buu if it means killing all the people around you!"
    — Gohan, to Bra, in "XXI"

    Being the daughter of the most powerful being in the universe, Bra is incredibly powerful. Unlike her Universe 18 counterpart, Bra is a martial artist who was trained under her father and later gained the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 transformations. Bra is also the most powerful Saiyan/Human hybrid to exist, as she surpasses all of her siblings in power, durability and speed.

    At birth, Bulma's scouter calculated Bra's power level to be higher than Broly's, whose power level was 10,000 with her own being 13,568.[19]

    At six-years-old, Bra gained access to the Super Saiyan form; she was already extremely powerful, even powerful enough to battle Super Saiyan Gotenks as a Super Saiyan and Gohan in her base form.

    Bra, in her base form, can hold her own against "King Cold", whose power is almost equal to 'Cell Games era' Perfect Cell, while only using basic attacks.[20][21] She was also able to kill Zangya of Universe 6 with a single air pressure attack as a Super Saiyan.[22] And upon seeing her becoming a Super Saiyan, U18 Son Goku astonishingly announces that perhaps she was stronger than anybody in his universe.[23]

    Bra was able to effortlessly go through an explosion that Eleim caused that would kill a Saiyan even as a Super Saiyan 2, according to Piccolo.[24][25] Vegetto asked for assistance from her and Gohan against Majin Buu, showing great trust in her abilities (though she was clearly outmatched by Buu).[26][27] While transformed as a Super Saiyan 2, her power is so tremendous that she nearly killed her Vegetto and Gohan. When Ginyu took over her body, he fought almost evenly with Vegetto while they both were a Super Saiyan 2.

    But despite possessing great power, Bra is still grossly outclassed compared to her father. According to Gohan during Broly's rampage, Vegetto never used Super Saiyan 2 to best Bra[28], let alone has ever been injured by her.[29] And when Ginyu was controlling her body to fight Vegetto, the fused saiyan admitted that Bra didn't even reach a tenth of his power's zenith.[30]

    As a Majin and as a Super Saiyan 2, she easily dominated Gohan of Universe 16 and Universe 18. She was also able to overpower Cell of Universe 17 even after his regeneration.


    Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki.[31]

    Ki Blast: Concentrated energy blasts that can be fired at various intervals.[32][33] She can fire a rapid volley with both hands.[34]

    Finger Beam: A thin, precise energy wave that fired from the fingers, usually just the index. Used to destroy U17 Cell's nucleus during the revolt.[35]

    Kiai: A invisible push of potent ki. Used to kill Zangya during the first round.[22]

    Instant Transmission: The ability to teleport anywhere long as ki can be sensed. She has used this multiple times over the course of the tournament such as flanking Eleim[36], leaving U18 Gohan stranded in space[37], and to return to the tournament after protecting Babidi.[38]

    Instantaneous Movement: The unique teleportation ability to go anywhere, even if ki cannot be sensed. Used during her fight against Eleim[39] and later on to teleport U18 Gohan during the Majin Revolt.[40]

    Majin Punisher: A specialized ki that can destroy the likes of Majin Buu. Used against U4 Buu during his failed attempt to absorb Broly[41] and later on against U11 Buu during the Majin Revolt.[42]

    Kamehameha: A powerful azure energy wave that can deal massive damage. Used in the novel during the 'Nightmare Saga" in a failed attempt to destroy Super Ozotto.[43]

    Energy Barrier: The ability to create a force field for protection. Bra is adapt enough that she can create remote barriers to protect allies like she did for Babidi[3] or for herself like how she did to prevent U11 Buu from absorbing her.[44] But despite it potency[45], it can still be penetrated by strong piercing attacks.[46] Bra can also use it in conjunction with Instant Transmission to teleport her and somebody else within her barrier.[47]

    Dirty Fireworks: The same technique Vegeta used to kill Cui in many universes. Upon stretching just the index and middle finger, the user can make their opponent violently explode. Was used to kill U18 Piccolo.[48]

    Spiral Flash (Unnamed): A seemingly powerful dual-shot energy blast that charged just like Vegeta's Final Flash. Used against King Cold during the third round, though he manages to avoid it, which explodes right behind him.[49] Despite it incredible destructive potential, Bra considers it a 'basic attack'.[21]

    Final Crash (Unnamed): Highly similar to the move Vegeta used on Recoome back on Namek for many universes, Bra charges an massive amount of power in her hands that has enough power to not only destroy most of the stadium, but kill all remaining spectators at the tournament. Was used as an Majinized Super Saiyan 2 to protect Babidi from U18 Gohan instead of finishing off U17 Cell.[50]

    Spirit Sword: The same technique Vegetto used against Buu, this move is a powerful sword that can cut even a Death Sauzer. Uniquely, Bra's sword appears much more smaller, yet broader compared to Vegetto's version. Used against King Cold during the third round[51] and later on to kill Gohan during the majin revolt.[52]

    Afterimage Technique: The ability to leave a afterimage via extreme burst of super speed. Used on U18 Gohan to land a critical punch.[53]

    Neo Afterimage Technique (Unnamed): A unique afterimage technique that substitutes the user with a earth-like material upon being hit, which solidifies and immobilizes the opponents weapon of choice. Used against King Cold during the third round[54], immobilize Gohan during the revolt[55], and to restrain U17 Cell.[56]

    Spirit Scythe (Final Excalibur): Seemingly a upgraded version of her Spirit Sword technique, Bra clamps both of her hands together above her before generating a powerful scythe reminiscent to a crescent moon. Used to bifurcate King Cold nearly in half during the third round.[57]


    Super Saiyan

    Main article: Super Saiyan

    Bra is able to transform into an incredibly powerful Super Saiyan. She uses this form often during her battles, she uses this form to kill Zangya, and fight Majin Buu. She was only six-years-old when she transformed into this transformation for the first time, therefore becoming the youngest Super Saiyan in existence.

    Super Saiyan 2

    Bra is able to further transform into a Super Saiyan 2. She uses this form to fight Zen Buu. In this form, her power is far beyond that of her Super Saiyan form. Bra's hair is not in a ponytail while in this form; and is much more spikier than the basic Super Saiyan transformation, while still having the yellow aura around her. Bra cannot control herself while in this form; Gohan even warns the Supreme Kai's about her deadly transformation;[58]however, following the Majin invasion, Bra gains full control over the transformation and no longer goes berserk when using it.

    Transformations (Former)

    Great Ape

    A transformation unique to the Saiyan race where the user becomes a large, anthropomorphic, monkey-like monster and their power increases by two-fold. Bra quickly lost the transformation when Dende permanently removed her tail. While Bra has never transformed into a Great Ape, there was a what-if situation imagined by Vegetto with a less than one month old Great Ape Bra holding a Super Saiyan Trunks.

    King Cold's body

    After a long battle with "King Cold", Bra came out victorious in her battle with him, leaving him critically injured. But "King Cold" decided to switch bodies with her, revealing him to be Captain Ginyu. Bra stayed inside Cold's body for a long while, until obtaining her body back once again with the help of Vegetto.


    While Bra slept in her apartment, she was possessed by Babidi of Universe 11, saving the wizard from being cut in half by Gohan's Kienzan. In this form, Bra gains the Majin symbol on her forehead and gains an immense boost in power, with her negative traits overpowering her good ones.

    Transformations (non-canon)

    Mystic Super Saiyan 5

    Bra uses this form in the 30 Years After DBM gag minicomic, in this form she is able to defeat Majin Perfect Freeza in one hit. Bra also gains reality warping, the ability to transform people into ducks, revival of the dead, creation of clothes, and has the power to give people better mustaches. In this form, Bra gains fur-like hair on her body and her hair becomes longer and more spiky. She also regains her tail while in this form.

    Buura (Fusion with U11 Fat Buu)

    As shown in the minicomics, Bra achieves a new form after merging with Fat Buu. Her power becomes so strong that she can defeat Vegetto and Gast Carcolh with little effort.[59]


    Non-Tournament Battles

    Tournament Battles


    • As a member of the Brief family, Bra's name is an allusion to an undergarment. Bra's name is another name for brassiere.
    • Other than Trunks, Bra has appeared in the most of the manga covers of Multiverse.
    • Salagir has said he sees Bra as a "half double-Saiyan", due to her father being the fusion of two Saiyans, thus her Saiyan genetics are very strong and thus makes her more akin to that of a pure-blooded Saiyan, arrogant, ruthless, highly competitive and violent, a major contrasts to her siblings, whose fathers are the separate components that created Vegetto; Goku and Vegeta respectively, therefore they do not possess as strong of Saiyan genes as Bra does.[60]
    • Bra, probably due to her warrior personality and a reference to her name, wears a lavender sports bra hence her name meaning "wonderbra" or "brassiere" during most of her appearances.
    • Because of many fans calling Bra a "Mary Sue" (a Mary Sue being a character who has little-to-no flaws and connections to a lot of characters), Salagir created the joke character Mary Sue.
    • Bra dislikes her canon counterpart from Universe 18, seeing the girl's lack of interest in training, martial arts, along with her self-absorbed attitude as a total waste. A similar feeling is shared by the other Bra.
    • Bra's name in the Funimation Dub is "Bulla".
      • Interestingly, a 'bulla' is
    Sours: https://dragonballmultiverse.fandom.com/wiki/Bra_(Universe_16)
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    Because of these details, many universes diverged from one to another, but even today, there are a lot of identical universes. Each divergence appeared in many universes as well.

    Whenever an event may end in two possible ways, then there is divergence. It roughly means that half of the involved universes go one way, the other half goes the other way.

    Example, in 10000000000 universes "X" (identicals), Gohan is fighting Cell, and during the final Kamehameha... 5000000000 (identical) universes X1 see Cell winning, and 5000000000 (identical) universes X2 see Gohan winning. Later, the universes X1 will separate into other universes (we know only of them the universe named 17) and the universes X2 separate split into universes 4, 6, 16, 18 and 20 (among others).

    Note: I used 5000000000 here as an example, but in fact, there are an infinite number of them: half of ∞, is ∞ (ask your math teacher). So like this, we never lack universes, and searching well, we can always find a universe (an infinity in fact) that's identical to ours.

    And time travel?

    When Trunks went back in time, he went into a universes identical to his own, and in the past. Then he travelled back and forth between these two universes only. (of course, an infinite number of Trunkses did that).

    Example: Trunks was in universe A, went back in time, which created a divergence in the past. The group of A is separated into groups A.1 (his universe whose past cannot be changed), and A.2 (the one "we know" where he kills Freeza).

    ( See diagrams explaining his travels in time - FRENCH).

    The A.1 then became universe 12 (among others). And A.2 became universe X (among others).

    There will be a great chart that will explain that in details, but not right now to avoid spoilers.

    How do the Vargas find the entrants?

    They have a "magic" detector telling them who are the strongest of the universe. This detector has no difficulty finding androids and beings that do not emit energy, but it does not check Otherworld, nor people that are unconscious, sealed by magic or Mafuba...

    Sometimes, as seen with universe #6, the detector finds two groups, in which case the Vargas pick both.

    The Vargas have visited hundreds of universes and sometimes found almost identical ones. They only invited the warriors when they saw an interesting difference.

    Why is Broly so strong?

    He's not the same Broly as in the movies (indeed, I give myself the right to change everything that's not from the manga).
    Broly's "legendary" power causes his strength to be always increasing, as long as he is alive. Thus his power rises with each passing minute.
    Our heroes have met Broly during an equivalent of Movie 8, and during an equivalent of Movie 10. Both times they barely succeeded in repelling him.

    Broly's "the Legendary Saiyan" special powers:
    (It's as they are in DBM. This is NOT manga canon, this is NOT official)
    - Every 1000 years, one Saiyan is born as "Legendary".
    - This Saiyan is very very strong.
    - This Saiyan loves violence, and is inhabited by rage.
    - This Saiyan can turn into SSJ easily.
    - This Saiyan got a special transformation named "LSSJ".
    - In LSSJ, he got white eyes, huge muscles and green aura. He is totally blinded with rage and seeks only violence.
    - In LSSJ, this Saiyan turns indestructible: attacks just don't hurt him. He can be pushed away, but not harmed.
    - In LSSJ, the power of this Saiyan grows constantly.
    - In LSSJ, this Saiyan won't get back to normal except in case a great shock.
    - In LSSJ, the lifetime of the Saiyan drops dramatically. But this weakness slowly reduces on each generation.

    Can you tell us all the differences between all the universes and how it happened?

    It's on this page.

    Missing characters: why?

    Mostly because we had to make choices... Here are a few details for some.

    Garlick Jr simply didn't get our vote. Same for Slug and Willow. We had to choose. And they wouldn't have gone very far.

    Turles/Tullece doesn't need to be here. He was created to show what Gokû would be if he had stayed a bad guy. And we have exactly that, with Kakarotto from universe 13.

    The cyborgs of the movie, C-13, C-14 and C-15 aren't really interesting. Also, their movie is absolutely impossible to put in the canon.

    Pai Kuhan is missing because he's been dead since long ago.

    Janemba isn't in DBM because he is too unpredictible, he would never have stayed in his place waiting for his match. Also, Vargas don't pick people from the realm of deads.

    How old are the characters in DBM?

    Son Gokû, U18: Body is 48, Mind is 56, Birth day is 55 years away.
    Note that Goku spent 1+7 years dead and 1 year in The Room of Spirit and Time.
    Age = 12 (age he told on 1st tournament) + 3 + 3 (time between tournaments) + 5 (time between DB and DBZ) + 1 (dead) + 1 (on Yardrat) + 3 (train for cyborgs) + 7 (dead) + 20 (time between Buu saga and DBM).

    Vegeta, U18: Body and Mind is 63, Birth day is 61 years away.
    Two years in Room of Spirit and Time. Born 5 years before Gokû according to many timelines.

    Baddack, U3, U10: minimum 75
    If he got Raditz as a teen and Kakarotto/Goku (who is 5 years younger) at 20, he is 55+20=75.

    Old King Vegeta, U10: about 101
    Let's say old King Vegeta had Vegeta at 40. It's believable, as Saiyans this age are still young. That explains why he looks very old and Baddack doesn't.

    Where do the weapons and names of universe 19 come from?

    Carbonite: is a compound of self-replicating carbon nanoparticles able to grow indefinitely by devouring the energy of all the matter available to them. Such compounds exist in our world... in a laboratory.

    Names of Helior and Heloïte:
    Helior comes from the ancient Greek "helios" = sun, and is also the name of the Greek god who drove the sun chariot which allows daylight, as a reference to the artificial sun created by Heloïtes to enjoy optimal living conditions on their new planet.
    Heloïte = inhabitant of Helior.

    Sours: https://www.dragonball-multiverse.com/ga_ES/faq.html

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    Colored multiverse dragon ball

    Samir recalled, and suddenly, having caught himself, added: - And what if your husband sees. Well, what did you send me a photo. Frightened.

    Dragon Ball Multiverse Capitulo 81 [Full Color]

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    Now discussing:

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