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Flowers For Cemeteries, Inc. provides quality silk cemetery flowers and Sympathy Silks® funeral flowers that are specifically designed for the cemetery and the funeral home. Our catalog of products includes arrangements designed for the cemetery vases, monuments and tombstones, mausoleum, and niche.

Ruby and David Broel founded Flowers For Cemeteries to stop silk flowers from blowing out of the cemetery vase. Their 35 years of working in the cemetery, funeral, and memorialization industry provided them with many opportunities to study the problem of silk flowers blowing away.

Up until their development of the Stay-In-The-Vase® design products, there was not a product that would effectively keep the silk flowers in the cemetery vase. Florist foam was the most common product used. It does not hold the flowers in the vase. By using the Stay-In-The-Vase® silk cemetery flowers by Flowers For Cemeteries you will be pleased to find the flowers will not blow away and will not float out of the vase.


At one point or another, fresh flowers will find their way into your home, whether they’re the result of a grocery store impulse purchase or a gift from a thoughtful visitor (when the time for that comes again). Sure, you can throw a flower arrangement in a mason jar or a random pitcher, but having a few vases on hand elevates the simple luxury of keeping fresh flowers in your kitchen or on your dining room table.

But vases aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal: The best vase depends on the types of flowers and arrangements you’re working with. I consulted some experts in the matter, Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farms and Bia Yapp of Bia Blooms, who offered the flower arranging and displaying guidance below.

Urn-Shaped Vases

Shape: Wider body with a slightly smaller opening

Perfect for: All-purpose but ideal for grocery store bouquets.

For that standard-issue spray of flowers that you might grab while shopping or that a friend might drop off as a gift, Patterson says that a nice urn-shaped vase with a wider base and narrower opening at the top will do the trick: “You can just plop them in and you don’t have to fuss with them too much.” This is ideal when you’ve received flowers as a host gift, but you’re trying to get dinner for your guests on the table and don’t really have time to artfully arrange the bouquet.

Narrow mouthed vases

Shape: medium-size vase that tapers off to a small opening

Perfect for: Single stem large blooms and sparse farmers market bouquets.

While narrow-mouthed vases can sometimes restrain multistemmed flower arrangements, they are quite well-suited for a single stem with a large bloom, like sunflowers or chrysanthemums. “They’re great for top-heavy blooms that have some drama, like smoke bush,” Yapp says.

A more sparse assemblage of farmers market flowers goes well in a vase with a slender profile, which will help the flower arrangement seem full even if it contains only a few stems. “A vase that is taller than it is wide is more useful for your average person who doesn’t want to spend a gazillion dollars on flowers,” Patterson notes. Opt for vases with slim and narrow spouts.

Bud Vases

Shape: Small with little opening

Perfect for: individual flowers, wispy stemmed wildflowers

Just because flowers came together doesn’t mean you have to keep them together. “If you have a collection of bud vases of various sizes that you can divvy around your house, you can break a bouquet apart and add little accents all over,” Patterson adds.

Gary Bodker Hand-Blown Little Gem Bud Vases, Set of 3

Tall Vases

Shape: Tall and narrow, around a foot in length or greater

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The 11 Best Vases of

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Our Top Picks

There’s no easier way to brighten up a room than with some freshly cut flowers, but if you’re going to display them, you’re going to need a vase, too. Vases come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from teeny bud vases that hold one short stem to oversized floor vases that are several feet tall. You might also opt to keep a variety of vases tucked in their cabinets, ensuring you’ll always have an option that fits your latest bouquet.

Here, the best vases you can buy.

WGVI Cylinder Clear Glass Vase

Material: Glass | Size: 5-inch diameter with various heights available | Shape: Cylindrical

A simple glass vase is a must-have for every household, and this one is stylish and affordable. It’s made from clear glass and comes in several sizes, ranging from 5 to 24 inches tall. All of the various sizes are 5 inches in diameter, making these vases ideal for holding sizable bouquets, and they have a thickened bottom that ensures they’ll never tip over on you. Overall, this product is a classic that you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again. (Just make sure to hand wash it rather than tossing it in the dishwasher.)

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W Home Cylinder Glass Vase

Material: Glass | Size: inches x 8 inches or inches x 16 inches | Shape: Cylindrical

If you’re looking for an inexpensive vase to keep around the house, the W Home Glass Vase has a simple design and a wallet-friendly price tag. It comes in two sizes—8 or 16 inches tall—and it’s made from clear glass in a cylinder shape. These vases are handblown in Poland using a soda-lime glass blowing technique, and they’re great for displaying smaller flower arrangements. The shorter option has a roughly 5-inch diameter, while the taller vase is inches across. Their bottoms are slightly thicker for stability.

Looks Like White Handmade Porcelain Bottle Vase

Material: Ceramic | Size: 5 inches x 3 inches x inches | Shape: Tapered bottle

You can support local artists by purchasing this stylish home decor piece, which is handmade in a small studio in Montreal. The ceramic vase has a beautiful tapered silhouette, and it’s covered in a creamy white glaze that will match perfectly with any decor. The vase is inches tall and, because it has a narrow opening at the top, it’s best for displaying just a few stems rather than a full flower arrangement.

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Le Present Ceramic Floor Vase

Material: Ceramic | Size: inches x inches x inches | Shape: Teardrop

Floor vases are typically more decorative than functional, but you can still use them to display decorative grass or other faux botanicals. The Le Present Drop Slim vase comes in several colors to match your style, and you can choose between and inch heights. The vase has a modern teardrop shape with a small opening at the top, and it’s fairly substantial, weighing around 4 pounds, to provide stability.

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Pottery Barn Nouvel Handcrafted Recycled Glass Vase

Material: Recycled glass | Size: Various sizes available| Shape: Various shapes available

Glass vases are a popular choice, and the Nouvel Handcrafted Recycled Glass Vases come in several shapes and sizes to suit your tastes. These vases are handcrafted from recycled clear glass, making them an eco-conscious choice, and there are , , and inch tall options, as well as a small 6-inch bud vase and a squat inch bowl shape. The glass has a slight green tint toward the bottom, and the vases should be hand-washed to prevent chipping.

Pottery Barn Monique Lhuillier Glass Bud Vases, Set of 3

Material: Soda lime glass | Size: Various sizes available| Shape: Various shapes available

Bud vases are typically quite small—generally just a few inches in height—as they’re designed to hold a few flower buds or small stems. This set of three bud vases would make a charming addition to your kitchen counter or dining table, as they all vary slightly in shape and size to create a sweet little trio. The vases are handblown from clear soda-lime glass, and two feature a teardrop shape, while the third has a ribbed exterior with a more bubbly form. The tallest of the three forms is just inches in height, and they all have openings just over 1-inch, allowing you to pop a few flowers in each one.

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Material: Polyresin | Size: 5 x 5 x inches| Shape: Tapered

Another popular option, ceramic vases tend to be a bit more durable than glass. The Sullivans White Glossed Vase has a versatile medium size with a rustic white finish, with a slightly ribbed texture that makes its glaze stand out. It's inches tall and 5 inches in diameter, making it a great size for all sorts of bouquets. This vase would look particularly good in a farmhouse-style home, but keep in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using it with fresh flowers or water due to the porous nature of the ceramic.

Mikasa Palazzo Crystal Vase

Material: Crystal | Size: 6 inches x 12 inches | Shape: Cylindrical, tapered bottom

The Mikasa Palazzo Crystal Glass Vase would make a stunning centerpiece thanks to its ornate design and sparkling crystal construction. The piece is 12 inches tall—the perfect size to display a bouquet—and its exterior has a basket weave pattern that creates a glittering display when light hits it. Plus, despite being made from crystal and looking like a high-end piece, this vase is surprisingly affordable—what’s better than that?

West Elm Melanie Abrantes Hardwood Vase

Material: Wood | Size: 3 inches x inches | Shape: Bud

If your style falls into the mid-century modern camp, the Melanie Abrantes Hardwood Vase would be the perfect decorative accent. It's made from hand-turned wood that’s sustainable and locally sourced, and you can choose from cherry, walnut, or maple hardwood, each of which has a slightly different finish. The vase is inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, but it has a small opening that can just fit one or two stems. It comes with a glass vial so you can display live flowers, and the wood is finished with mineral oil and beeswax for longevity.

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Anthropologie Honeycomb Vase

Material: Stoneware | Size: 7 inches x inches or 9 inches x inches | Shape: Bowl

The Honeycomb Vase has an artfully textured design that will look lovely in your home, even if there aren’t flowers in it. This stoneware vase comes in two sizes— or inches tall—and it has a fairly circular shape with a honeycomb-inspired pattern on the exterior. The outer ridges are lined with gold, while the inner cavities have a white finish, creating beautiful contrast, and the rim of the vase has a jagged design for added flair. 

VIETRI Hibiscus Vases

Material: Milk glass | Size: inches x 7 inches | Shape: Fluid silhouette

Milk glass is a popular collector’s item that’s easily recognizable thanks to its creamy white color. While you’ll have to visit an antique shop to find true milk glass vases, the VIETRI Hibiscus Glass Vases offer a very similar look. These ornate vases are made from white glass, and they’re available in small and large sizes, which are 7 and 12 inches tall, respectively. They have a ball-shaped base that opens into a ruffled rim—it resembles a beautiful flower, hence the vase’s name.

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Final Verdict

Our top pick is the WGVI Cylinder Glass Vase (view at Amazon). It comes in various sizes to hold sizable bouquets and has a classic style that makes it seem timeless. If you're looking for a glass alternative, you can't go wrong with the Sullivans White Glossed Vase (view at Amazon).

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer, and product tester for The Spruce. She owns a serious collection of vases, including options of many shapes and sizes that she uses to display garden flowers, so she knows firsthand what to look for when shopping for these home decor pieces.


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$1 Wine Glass Vase for Flower Bouquets

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