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A/N *During the events of GTA 5* Franklin visits Michael's empty house, while he is trapped in Sandy Shores, but when he stumbles across Michael's daughter Tracey, they start to develop feelings that they would never imagine developing. Hey everyone, this is a new story I was thinking of writing so I have. It's hard to believe that GTA 5 came out over 5 years ago. Anyway, enjoy and please review so I know where to improve the story. Enjoy.

Franklin drove his Buffalo into the drive of the De Santa's family house. No one was supposed to be there: Michael was in Sandy Shores and his family had been gone for a couple of weeks. Michael had asked him to collect something for him to bring him some clothes before they robbed a bank in Paleto Bay. As Franklin opened the mansion's door, he heard noises coming up from upstairs. "Hello?" He called up the stairs taking slow steps. Michael's family must have returned. Franklin thought as he continued to walk up the stairs.

"Who are you?" A blonde girl asked through snuffles, peaking through a door. She came here after having another argument with her mother about living with Fabien. She hated him: she hated how he always said Namaste, how he made her take part in yoga when she hated it but most of all, she hated how she was now living with him.

"I'm Franklin, you must be Tracey right?" Franklin asked as the blonde girl stood in front of him.
She gave a slight nod. "What are you doing in my house?" Tracey asked, she found herself staring at the man she knew as her dad's friend, he looked attractive in his tank top that showed off his muscular arms with his green shorts.

"Michael asked me to get some things for him. Is everything alright?" Franklin asked walking closer to Michael's daughter.

"No." Tracey replied as she began to sob. Franklin did not know how to react. He opened up his arms and pulled Tracey closer to him.

"It's ok, everything will be ok." Franklin told her, stroking the top of her hair. He let go before pressing a light kiss on her forehead. Why did you do that for? Franklin thought to himself, he didn't know why he did. He just did. It felt right at the time.

"Can you stay with me for a while please? I really don't want to go back to that morons house." Tracey asked Franklin as she stared into his eyes as he looked into hers. They both wanted the same thing but they were both to afraid to do it, fearing the wrong reaction.

"Sure." Franklin said as they walked downstairs and into the living room of the De Santa household. Tracey rested her head onto Franklin's chest.

Tracey's POV:

I rested my head against Franklin. I was tired of everything. I could not live with Fabien anymore. I was tired of being following me, treating me like a celebrity. My tears and heart slowed down. Franklin seemed really nice, I don't know he was doing with my daddy. Probably, taking heists or something. We had been talking for around ten minutes but I already was attracted to him.

"We've been living at my mom's yoga instructors house. People have been following me, harrassing me." I explained.
Franklin looked down to me with a confused look, "Why have people been following you?"

"I've always wanted to be a star, however possible." I began to say, "But it's not what I thought it would be." I began to sob again causing Franklin to embrace me into a tight hug. "Where do you live?"

"Vinewood Hills." Franklin replied, "You can stay with me for a few days if you want to."

"Really?" I asked surprised, lifting up to face him directly.

"Yeah, why not." He replied with a smile.

Franklin's POV:

"I'll go and get some stuff to take." Tracey told me kissing my cheek before running upstairs. I felt attracted to Tracey and I could tell she felt the same way. I haven't seen before today, Michael often mentioned her. Michael would kill me if he found out that Tracey was living in my house but I could deal with him. I don't know why Tracey would feel attracted to my messed up ass. Paleto Bay heist is in a few days so Tracey will have to go back to Fabien's house for a couple of days, unless she wants to stay longer. I won't stop her.

"I'm ready." Tracey said holding two bags, which she passed to me.

"These are heavy, how much have you got in here?" I asked her. They were both full.

"Enough to last me a week or maybe more." She replied smirking, I smirked back lightly slapping her backside.

"Wait in my car, I won't be long." I told her, before running upstairs to collect some things for Michael. I walked to Michael and Amanda's wardrobe. I picked out a suit and a more casual outfit for him to wear, while he was in Sandy Shores. Michael was stuck there until Trevor gave Martin Madrazo his wife back.

"Let's go!" Tracey exclaimed as she sat in the passenger seat of my car. "How did you afford a house in the hills?"

"I'll let you guess." I smirked.

"Heist money..." Tracey guessed, I nodded. "My dad is a bad influence on you."

"Fo' real but it's better than what I was doing before." I replied as I pulled up outside my house. "I started off in a repo job, stealing cars for an owner of a car dealership that's how I met your pops."

"Oh right I remember." Tracey stated as we walked into my house on the hills. "You broke into my house and stole Jimmy's car." I only nodded in response. "This is amazing!"

"Thanks." I responded looking at her beautiful face.

"So where am I going to sleep?" Tracey asked me as we walked down the stairs towards my bedroom.

"Here." I said pointing to my bedroom as we entered. "There's no other beds so I thought we could just share."

"Sounds great." Tracey replied with a smile which I returned.

"Do you want to go on a date tonight?" I blurted out nervously.

"Of course." Tracey replied as I kissed her hand.

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"Listen, Mickey, even if there's nothing for me here, the only reason I'd want to come back is for people like you, because you're worth it," Yuno says in that... that voice he uses when he's just trying to be polite. It brings forth a rush of water, dark with premonition, and it sloshes against the levy that Mickey had to fight to put up.

"No," Mickey chokes out, Yuno tilting his head at the abrupt response. "You don't mean that."
Even from his position on the couch he can practically feel the hacker bristling at his words. "What, you think I'm lying to you? Do you think I'm capable of even lying in the first place?" There's a slight laugh in Yuno's tone, but the terseness behind it is still audible.

Mickey swallows. The levy threatens to crack. "Yes."
After vanishing for over a month, Yuno reappears at Mr. Lang's birthday party. But Mickey knows he'll leave again, so he tries to make Yuno stay.

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A little more. just a little more. a couple more movements. a slight oblivion.

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Christina flashes, and I catch confusion on her face. The audience applauds, and my cell phone rings. Good evening, I heard a familiar insinuating voice and went cold, receiving the next instructions.

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And don't worry, we just caressed each other, but they didnt stop there. Nonsense But tomorrow we'll see. And now let's go swimming - said Anya and straightening her panties ran to the sea. In the morning we all went to.

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