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Grand Opening: Liquid Noise Brewing January 24th (Marysville)

Congratulations to Liquid Noise Brewing who recently announced their grand opening on Friday, January 24th, 2020. The brewery shared the post below highlighting the big news.

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The brewery is opening at 600 S State Rd in Marysville, PA. As the post shows above they will open Friday, January 24th at 3:00 and be open the remainder of the weekend. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on the brewery.

Learn more about the background of this brewery from a recent profile on

Owners Michelle and Shawn Wirick have waited four years to stand in the building, now being transformed into Perry County’s third brewery in two years. Liquid Noise will be located in a former store space next to Dollar General at the corner of State Road and Ridgeview Drive.

“I was born and raised in Perry County, so I am very happy with this location. Our family knows many people in the area, so hopefully we are in the right position to do well,” Michelle Wirick said.

After the Wiricks went to a brewing festival in 2015, Shawn has wanted to launch a beer company of his own. He already owns X10 Electric, which Michelle also helps run. She has taken the reigns of ownership at Liquid Noise, which places her among only about 10 women in the nation to own a brewery out of thousands of breweries.


Liquid Noise Brewing Co. persevering through pandemic, celebrating St. Paddy’s Day safely

MARYSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — This week marks one year since the state shut down indoor dining for the first time to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many are excited for the return of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations this year, even if they require some extra rules.

At Liquid Noise Brewing Co. in Marysville, lots of steps are being taken to keep customers and staff safe.

Tables remain six feet apart. All napkin holders have QR codes that bring up virtual menus.

Around the brewery, you’ll find fun signs reminding people to practice social distancing. One says six feet is equivalent to 24 beer cans or 4.5 kegs.

“We’re trying to do everything we possibly can,” said Michelle Wirick, the owner of Liquid Noise Brewing Co.

Liquid Noise staff is working hard to keep doors open and host a safe Saint Paddy’s Day celebration. That comes with special offerings.

“Two different traditional Irish dinners,” said Wirick. “We have a green beer. We have a couple of other beers that just came out also. We have decorations. We’ll have Irish music.”

The brewery opened at the start of 2020, which was just two months before the state shut down because of the pandemic.

Staff had to prepare for takeout very quickly.

“We got the crawler machine and everything else,” said Wirick. “It’s just that we were so new, not many people knew about us for takeout, so it’s been a struggle.”

Now that doors have been back open for a while, there’s a smooth system in place. People go to the kitchen to get food and then try unique beers.

Wirick says she was thrilled to find out the food requirement with alcohol purchases is lifting starting Easter Sunday.

She says the close community have made the challenges worth it and kept business alive.

“The people that come in have been wonderful throughout this, supporting us, helping us,” said Wirick.

Starting Saint Patrick’s Day, Liquid Noise will be open every Wednesday moving forward.

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Brewery Visit: Liquid Noise Brewing Co.

Perry County Proud – Part 1

Liquid Noise Brewing Co. Brewery Day Trip: Christy & Justin Bolton

The building located at 600 S State Rd in Marysville, PA now houses Liquid Noise Brewing Company which opened their doors January 24, 2020. Me, Justin and some friends went to check it out just before the COVID-19 Stay at Home orders hit our state of Pennsylvania. Here is our experience…

Liquid Noise Musical Roots

“Craft Like a Rockstar” is emblazoned on the one giant wall in what used to be the town liquor store. It’s been completely transformed breathing new life into the Perry County community.

Liquid Noise - Craft Like A Rockstar

The rock theme and name for the brewery stems from the fact that co-owner Shawn Wirick used to play in a rock band. The concept for the brewery was his wife Michelle’s idea and we think it’s perfect!

FUN FACT: Michelle is the main owner of the brewery which puts her as 1 of only a handful of women in the country to own a brewery.

The Space

Liquid Noise Bar Space

After 4 years of planning and renovation, the music/rock theme shows throughout the brewery. Your eyes are drawn to the neon lit tanks that sit up behind the bar and tap handles. Their tap handles are made out of a microphone, drum sticks and guitar headstocks.

Liquid Noise Taproom

Along the walls there are stage lights and it provides great space to showcase local and live music. 

The Beer

Liquid Noise Tap List

Once we looked around and took in the entire space we were ready to try their beer. Brewers Brad Moyer and Brian Keeney are keeping the taplist interesting and plentiful.


We decided to dig in with a flight of beer. First up was ‘Baphomets Rain.’ It’s their coffee and cream stout that is infused with local coffee from Elementary Coffee Company. This was a very smooth, well balanced stout. We like our stouts. 🙂

Beer Flight from our visit

‘Do You Even Pilsner Bro?’ was the beer I couldn’t wait to try because of the fun name. This pilsner was an ice cold and crisp, very drinkable lighter choice. 

‘Pulpamania’ was Liquid Noise’s house IPA. You can expect a juicy and hoppy IPA with hints of melon. 

They offered 2 Farmhouse Ale/Saisons. I really liked ‘Lonely Fistpump’ which was more of a citrus flavor with a nice herbal aroma.  

FUN FACT: ‘Landon Lager’ is named after the owner’s son who has epilepsy. Proceeds from the sale of this beer will go to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Aside from the beer, Liquid Noise offers wines from rotating local wineries. Cocktails using local spirits from Dead Lightning Distillery (New Cumberland, PA) and Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works (Middletown, PA) are also available. 

The Food

The menu has pizzas, paninis and cookies. The pizza crust is house made and toppings use fresh, high-quality ingredients. Toppings on their signature pizzas include tasty things like braised pork shoulder, berry blend compote, herbed ricotta, fried egg and more.


You can order from a walk up window properly placed under a sign saying “Eats”. Pretty simple, right?!

Eats Order Zone


Liquid Noise is opening back up to accommodate to-go orders. On May 18, 2020, the brewery posted the following on their Facebook page:

Liquid Noise COVID Takeout Update

“WE’RE BACK! We are slinging to-go beers AND food all weekend! Stop by Friday (May 22) & Saturday (May 23) between 11a-8p and Sunday (May 24) 11a-6p to check out all the new beers we have been working on for you!”

Please be advised we will asking patrons to wear a mask upon entering and maintain a safe distance to everyone in line. If you prefer curbside pickup for any safety concerns, we will be glad to accommodate.”

Stay tuned later today for a special announcement on our 3 NEW bottle releases!”

Christy Tomaso Bolton - Beer Writer for

Liquid Noise has a great energy and we totally want to go back to enjoy some more of their beers and listen to some live bands (local and potentially national acts) once things open back up. Fingers crossed it’s soon!  

Justin Bolton

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Looking for good local stouts or green beer this St. Patty’s Day?

March 17, 2021 | By BKline | 1 Comment | Filed in: Beer Reviews, Boneshire Brew Works, Brewery News, Liquid Noise Brewing, Listicle, Rotunda Brew Pub, Rotunda Brewing Company, Rubber Soul Brewing Company, St. Patrick's Day, Tattered Flag, Troegs Independent Brewing Co..

Ready to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day 2021? Since… well… we really didn’t get to last year? Suddenly got an extra 1,400$ in your bank account on St. Patrick’s Day morning and not knowing what to do with it? Why not help out those restaurants that have been hurt for this past year! Its incredibly crazy • Read More »

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Noise brewing liquid

Perry County’s third brewery opened two weeks ago in Marysville, making noise in the craft brewing and local business scenes.

“Last night was just crazy,” said Shawn Wirick, co-owner of Liquid Noise Brewing Company, on Jan. 25. It was grand opening weekend for the brewery at the Rockville Centre next to Dollar General.

“Our security person said there was a line outside, and we thought he was joking until we saw it,” said Wirick, co-owner with his wife Michelle.

At 3 p.m. on Friday, there were 30 people lined up for the brewery before it even opened its doors.

That’s what the Wiricks and their other partners were hoping for when they set out last year to launch the brewery and tasting room. They’ve been planning, brewing and organizing their company since 2017. They join a Perry craft-beer scene that includes River Bend Hop Farm & Brewery in Newport and Lindgren Craft Brewery in Duncannon.

In August, Liquid Noise was in the thick of renovating the space at Rockville Centre and had planned on opening sometime in the fall.

Unfortunately, there were some setbacks, Wirick said, but they were able to finish construction and have a soft-opening weekend with friends and family and other guests on Jan. 17 and 18.

“It was good, despite the weather,” Wirick said.

Dave Good is helping the Wiricks manage the bar. Good plays guitar and sings as part of the local rock band Darkside on Tap, which provided music for opening weekend. The brewery was open from 3 to 10 p.m., on Friday and Saturday, which will be its regular hours, he said. The brewery will regularly open from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

“We were packed,” Good said about the opening weekends.

That was evident from the photos the brewery shared on its Facebook page. One would be hard-pressed to find an empty seat anywhere at the bar or tables.

Liquid Noise pickles

Liquid Noise has started out with a limited menu from their full kitchen. It offers 12 beers on tap and three in bottles.

“We’ll have a revolving tap list,” Good said. “It won’t be the same all the time.”

Head chef Mike Bates is in charge of presenting customers with food pairings for their beer. The menu includes three types of panini sandwiches, a soup, chili, and homemade cookies for dessert, as well as some side items. In time, it will change and expand.

“We’re making everything in-house. We’ll buy very few things,” Bates said, while he sliced cucumbers, stuffed them into jars full of dill and other spices, then poured brine over them all for homemade pickles.

On the other side of the glimmering, stainless steel kitchen, fresh dough was rising in pans. Bates paused his pickle production, walked over and put a few trays of dough into the pizza oven to bake. Once done, it will be used for the paninis.

Liquid Noise bread

Overall, it was a rockin’ opening weekend and the brewery staff hope it continues.

“We had so many compliments on our menu and staff,” Wirick said. “We want an atmosphere where you can just chill.”

You can also find information about Liquid Noise Brewing on Untapped, a beer-focused social media site.

Jim T. Ryan can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

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