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How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights Like a Pro

Ever driven past a house that’s fully decked out for Christmas and wondered how the owner achieved such a beautiful feat? Not to mention — how could they afford so many Christmas lights? Truth is, with a few simple tips and tricks, lighting up your entire house with Christmas lights can be both easy and affordable. You just need to know a few insider tricks, so we’ve taken the time to share our best tips to help you have the most lit holiday house on your block.

Measure Before You Buy

Before you load up your shopping cart with boxes and boxes of Christmas lights, determine how many feet you'll need (Image 1). Be sure to account for every spot you plan to illuminate, measuring spiraling locations, like front porch columns, using string (Images 2 & 3). Don’t forget to measure the distance to your nearest grounded outdoor outlet and plan accordingly.

Measuring a House Exterior for Christmas Lights

A measuring tape is used to measure a window on the exterior of a home for accurate fitting of Christmas string lights.

Using String to Measure Column For String Lights

This man is seen wrapping string around a porch column to measure for custom-cut Christmas string lights. This method allows the lights to be cut at the exact length needed to cover the columns from top to bottom.

Measuring String With a Measuring Tape

This string has been tied at a knot and a measuring tape is being used to measure the distance to the knotted portion of the string.

Make a Diagram

To help yourself remember your plans once it’s time to hang the lights, make a diagram showing your measurements. Use this to calculate the materials needed using this equation: distance/6 = number of lights needed. This works for strands with 6-inch spacing, which we recommend using to achieve a fuller look.

Buy Bulk Socket Lines Online

Buying bulk socket lines online rather than stringing together standard lights will save you money and offer a level of customization that is otherwise not achievable. With bulk lines, you simply cut off your desired length using wire cutters, make the male and female ends using vampire plugs and then screw in the bulbs (Images 1 to 3). Choose between C7 and C9 bulk socket lines or opt for a combo, but be sure to buy varying bulb sizes in the same color temperature for consistency. As you cut and assemble all your lines, label with clear tape to aid in future installation. Most importantly, be sure to test your lines before you go to the trouble of hanging them.

Cutting Christmas Tree String Lights With Pliers

Pliers are used to cut bulk Christmas string lights to a custom length. The wire is made to be cut to a custom length and fitted with ends for perfectly sized string lights.

Installing Clips on Bulk String Lights

Clips are installed on the ends of bulk string lights to allow them to plug into one another.

Putting Together Bulk String Lights for Christmas

Clips are added to the ends of bulk string lights to allow them to plug into one another.

Hang Lights

Time to hang some lights! The best way to create a fully illuminated look is to work from the top down. Safety first: Before climbing the ladder, get someone to spot you and securely hold the ladder to prevent any shifting (Image 1). On roof lines, use universal clips to fasten lights under shingles and onto gutters (Image 2). For more difficult areas like cement and brick chimneys, hot glue will effectively hold the lights in place. This tip works for metal surfaces as well; just secure the lines with painter’s tape until the hot glue hardens (Image 3). Where appropriate, wrap lights and greenery together to pack a double dose of Christmas cheer (Image 4). Lastly, secure garland and power cords with zip ties so they don’t stray or fall (Image 5).

Assistant Holding a Ladder During Christmas Light Installation

This person is seen holding a ladder to ensure safety as another person installs Christmas lights on the exterior of a home.

Using Clips to Attach Christmas Lights to a Roof

These handy clips are used to hold custom cut lengths of Christmas string lights in place on a roof. The clips hold the light bulbs themselves, creating a consistent line of lights across the roof of a house.

Applying Hot Glue to Hold Christmas Lights In place

Hot glue is applied to a window sill to hold Christmas lights in place. Painter's tape is used as a temporary hold while the hot glue sets.

Decorating a Porch Post With Greenery

Greenery is wrapped around a porch post for a festive Christmas addition on the exterior of a home.

Christmas Lights and Extension Cord Secured With Zip Tie

This outdoor extension cord is held in place with a zip tie to keep it form pulling the Christmas lights off of the house. The Christmas string lights are custom cut from a bulk spool of string lights.

Add Grounded Power Stakes

Before you plug the lights into just any outlet, take the safe route by placing a GFCI stake in the ground as your power source. These come in various sizes and many have the energy-saving option to place your lights on a timer.

Wrap It Up

When following this guide, remember to adjust to your specific needs. Hanging Christmas lights looks different for every house and whatever works best for yours is sure to make the season bright!

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Put up outdoor holiday lights like a pro with these tips.

Sours: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/outdoor-spaces/buyers-guide-for-outdoor-christmas-lighting

Icicle Lights

White is easily the most popular icicle color choice during Christmas and for decorating weddings and special events, but if you want to try something a little different with your light display, there are some really fun color combinations you can try! Red with green or white, and blue with white icicle lights are perfect for the winter Holidays. You can run this festive color combination along the roof or porch and then wrap railings, trees & stairs with coordinating Christmas themed mini lights!

To take your winter wonderland scene even further, hang snowflake decorations from tree branches or along the porch. Red and White is also a beautiful color combination for decorating a Valentine's Day party! A more unique color combination is blue and green; these ocean inspired icicle lights are incredibly eye catching with rich, vivid hues. You can even use blue and green for a more whimsical approach to Halloween! And speaking of Halloween, eerie graveyard scenes & haunted houses are made even spookier with the help of purple and orange or purple and green icicle lights!

Christmas: traditional red and green, icy blue and white, or red and white candy cane
Halloween:purple and orange, purple & green or blue and green
Patriotic:red, white and blue
Summer/Beachy:blue and green

Sours: https://www.yardenvy.com/icicle-lights
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With winter inching its way in, it's time to make your home reflect the merry spirit of the holiday season. If your goal is to have the best-looking home on your street, prepare to start strategizing about your holiday decorating scheme—if you haven't already, that is. First step: lighting! Maybe you prefer to go the simple, warm-white string lights approach, maybe you want something that feels a little more fun and playful, maybe you're all about nostalgia, or maybe you're planning to go all out, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation style. In any case, there are tons of outdoor Christmas lights to choose from out there, so we've rounded up some of the best—that is, highly reviewed by customers, or just plain cool—holiday lights you can buy online this season.

From fairy lights and vintage-inspired C9 bulbs to hanging icicle lights and falling stars (not to mention a projector and a gadget that can turn your favorite lights into an animated musical display!), amazing options await you. And your home? It's never looked so festive. If you're gearing up to take part in a friendly competition with your neighbors, you'll win best-decorated for sure. Plus, most of these lights are affordable, and some are even solar-powered to help you save on your electric bill come December!


Best Overall Christmas Lights

100-Count Green Wire Christmas Lights


For the ultimate in classic Christmas string lights, these bright white, green-wired lights (that are super popular on Amazon, by the way!) should do the trick. You can also get them in a multi-color option, if white isn't your go-to. 


Best White Wire Christmas Lights

100-Count White Wire Christmas Lights


Or, for those of you who prefer a white wire with white lights, these are another Amazon-favorite pick for the holiday season.


Best Vintage Christmas Lights

50-Count LED Multi-Color C9 Strawberry Lights


For a colorful, vintage flair, these large, strawberry-shaped C9 lights are a fun addition to any house. Plus, since they're LEDs, they'll shine brighter than ever before, and you'll pretty much never have to worry about them all burning out by next season. 


Best Icicle Lights

29.5' LED Icicle Lights


Hang string-light icicles from your roof with these warm white strands, or get them in cool white, multi-color, and color-changing options. 

525-Count LED White C9 Strawberry Lights


If you like the textured look of those vintage-inspired strawberry C9 bulbs but aren't a fan of colorful lights, these cool white bulbs will give you the same nostalgic feeling but with a neutral color palette—and with individual clips on each light, it's easy to line your roof (or just about anything). 

6200-Count Color-Changing LED Mini String Lights


Can't decide between white lights and colorful ones? With these mini LED fairy lights, you don't have to choose! The lights can be switched back and forth to whatever suits your mood. 

730-Count Blue Globe LED Solar String Lights (Pack of 2)



These frosted blue globe lights are perfect for creating a cool, icy look that would make even Elsa jealous. But if blue's not your style, they also come in pink, purple, red, warm white, cool white, and multi-color options, as well as a dual warm and cool white look. 

855' LED Multi-Color Globe Lights


Go for something that feels a little more modern and fun with these multi-color globe lights. They also come in white, if you want a soft glow instead.

98-Count Meteor Shower LED Lights


Looking for a unique alternative to the traditional icicle string lights? These "meteor shower" lights look like falling stars cascading from trees (or wherever else you hang them from). You can score them in white, as seen here, or in a cool blue or purple. 


Best Rope Lights

33' Dimmable Multi-Colored LED Rope Light


Rope lights are great for wrapping around trees, columns, and fences. These ones are battery-powered and dimmable, with a remote to control them as you wish.


Best Star Lights

30' Solar-Powered Star String Lights


Add a little novelty with these star-shaped string lights, that are perfect for the holiday season but also totally work year-round. 


Best Colorful Mini Lights

300-Count Mini Multi-Color LED String Lights


If tinier bulbs are more your style, these mini LEDs are a great option—they come in multi-color and warm white, and will give your tree (or roof, or wherever!) a pretty glow without the bulbs being too in-your-face. 


Best Solar-Powered Lights

Solar Powered Copper Wire Fairy Lights


These copper-wire fairy lights are solar powered, so they'll automatically start to light up your house (or trees, or bushes!) as soon as the sun goes down. 


Best Snowflake Lights

19.6' Battery-Operated Snowflake String Lights


You don't need snow to have a white Christmas this year, thanks to these snowflake lights that look festive just about anywhere. And if pure white isn't your thing, these lights also come in warm white.

15138 LED Star Curtain String Lights


Speaking of stars, these warm white star-shaped curtain lights will add a fun, celestial glow to any window or wall. 


Most Unique Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas Tree Light


If you've got a tree or a ledge from which to hang this Christmas tree comprised of string lights (and topped with a star, of course!) it'll certainly be a stunner in your yard.


Best Pathway Lights

Candy Cane Pathway Lights


Light the way to your front door with these pathway marking lights shaped like red-and-white candy canes. 


Best Light Projector

Outdoor Laser Light Projector


Go bold with a multi-color light projector to add flecks of red and green to the exterior of your entire home—it'll look like super festive snow is falling. 

19Outdoor Lights & Sounds of Christmas System


If you really want to go all out, you can use a system like this one to program your lights to holiday music for the ultimate Christmas light show. 


Best Roof Clips for Lights

All-Purpose Outdoor Light Clips


And of course, none of these lights would be complete without some handy clips to hang them from your roof, no matter what type of lights you buy.

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