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Ness's family consists of various characters that appear in EarthBound, supporting Ness on his various adventures.



Clay model of Ness's mom from EarthBound.

Ness's mother's sprite from EarthBound.Mom (Japanese: ママMama) supports Ness's intentions, being very laid-back about letting her son do various things, such as go outside in the middle of the night to investigate the nearby meteor. She sends Ness a letter around the end of the game's events at Saturn Valley. She is skilled at cooking Ness's favorite food, and always makes it for him whenever he's home.

Throughout the game, Ness must call his mother occasionally so he doesn't get the homesick stat in battle.


A phone's sprite from EarthBound.Dad (Japanese: パパPapa), while never shown in-game, plays an important role in the game. He calls Ness around the time Picky is brought home. After this point, he can be called to save the game and will give Ness an ATM card to use, storing money in the account at times. He also provides information on how many experience points until a level up, and how much money is in Ness's account. He was said to have taken money from Porky and Picky's father, though there is no indication of this outside of Aloysius's assertion.


Main article: Tracy

Tracy (Japanese: トレーシーTracy) is Ness's younger sister, who later gets a job at Escargo Express and will deliver or store Ness's items.


Main article: King

King (Japanese: チビChibi) is Ness's dog who has been around ever since Ness was a baby. Although he doesn't do much, he does come with Ness and Porky Minch to go check out the meteor.


Mother/Earthbound Family Tree



The Family Tree of the characters from Mother/Earthbound. And before you go dismissing it as fan-theory, it's not. There is sufficient evidence, hints, and implications throughout the series to support this.

George and Maria are confirmed to be Ninten's great-grandparents, and Giygas is the adopted alien child of them. As such, it's only seems natural, practically like fate, that Giygas and his supporters go after their descendants, as there's history between them, and they're the only ones that really pose a threat to him with their power of PK that George learned from his time with the aliens.

Ninten and Ana being Ness' parents is strongly hinted at. Ninten is almost an exact duplicate of Ness appearance-wise, and both their names are puns of "Nintendo", and both have similar personalities. Evidence to support Ness' mother being Ana is the way she dresses, her blonde hair, the frying pan she holds (Ana's choice of weapon), and her theme being a rendition of Ana's theme, suggesting that Ness' home is Ana's home. She also does not seem to think it's very unusual that her son has to go on an adventure to possibly save the world, and she shows nothing but support by making excuses to his schoolteachers and curing his homesickness. This could be be due to her own experience with such an adventure as Ana. It would also explain where Ness got his PK powers from since he would have inherited them from his parents. The timeline matches up too, as Mother Zero/Earthbound Beginnings takes place in the early s. That would make Ninten and Ana in their 30s, making it very possible for them to have a 13 year old child in Earthbound, which takes place in the late s. The date for Mother Zero was even changed from to the early s (strongly implied to be ), in order to allow the dates to match up for Ninten and Ana to be Ness' parents (why change the date otherwise except to make this possible). And seeing as the two have been a couple since they were 12, getting married at 18 and having a child a year later is very plausible.

Ness and Paula being Lucas and Claus' ancestor may be a little more of a stretch, but there is still evidence to support it. First off, both Lucas and Claus resemble Ness, and both are powerful psychics, which they both likely inherited from Ness and Paula. Also, they're personalties are similar to Ness'. And seeing as Pokey history with Ness, it's not farfetched (and is even likely), that he would target his descendants. There were more hints, but I forget what they were.

This could all be predestined for Giygas' defeat. Think about it, George and Maria were Ninten's great grandparents, who adopted Giygas, Ninten and Ana were the first to face Giygas and drive him away, and Ness and Paula were the ones to finally defeat him, and then Lucas has to finish off Pokey, his strongest supporter. It was all based on a prophecy that began long ago. Ness' ancestors helped in making Giygas what he was, and their descendants were the ones that had to stop him and his legacy.

It's been implied that Llyod is actually Dr. Andonuts in various ways. Besides the fact that both are smart, both rely on rockets and other weapons, both hide in trashcans, both are inventors, both wear glasses, both have similar personalities, they look alike, and both are the only ones out of all 3 games with white hair. And as stated above with Ninten/Ana/Ness, the timeline matches up for Llyod to be Jeff's father. And going by the prophecy stuff, it seems only natural that Llyod's son gets roped into Giygas' schemes and is meant to help finish him off. Furthermore, some sources even state that Llyod's last name is Andonuts.

Following the theme that facing Giygas and his forces is something that's been happening through the generations, it's very believable that Salsa is actually Bubble Monkey's descendant.

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WMG / EarthBound


The Photographer is actually an agent sent from Giygas to keep tabs on the group.

Why else would he be following around this group of "chosen kids"? Coincidence? No way. He only takes pictures at points that would be considered milestones, and he and doesn't show up in Magicant because, being in Ness's mind, it was the only place he physically couldn't get to. He didn't bother showing up to take a picture after Giygas was gone, and instead sent the picture album to Ness's mom as a sick joke. Fuzzy Pickles my rear.
  • Perhaps it's simply that he was freed from Giygas's influence and decided that he might as well do something with the photos?

Ninten and Ness are cousins, and Giygas is actually Ness's dad.

I spiraled this out of Giygas being Ninten's granduncle canonically, (George is Giygas's father and Ninten's great-grandfather) and then I decided to throw in that Ninten and Ness are cousins. That explains how Giygas recognized Ness, and why Ness needs to call his father to save the game.

Ninten and Ness are cousins, and their respective dads are brothers.

Brothers who are the grandsons of George and Maria. They also both happen to work at the same place and spend long spans of time away from their family. It would explain the physical similarities and the similar clothing (hand me downs). It would also explain why Ness's mother was so willing to let him go on the adventure, her husband told her about Giygas.

X is

X was used as a date meaning sometime in the '90's. '94 is most likely because that is the year the game was released in Japan. Or alternatively

X is

The X is 10 in roman numerals, and + 10=

Buzz Buzz is a older version of Ninten from Mother 1.

It sounds unlikely doesn't it? However you may change your mind after seeing the evidence
  1. First off Buzz Buzz is not simply just a bug. When you first encounter him his first lines are " "A bee I am not".
    • Not only this, but the starman also said "You are no longer a hero, Buzz Buzz, just a useless little insect!!". Why would he emphasize "insect", unless he wasn't an insect when he was a hero?note Yes, it could be awkward translation or any number of other reasons, but this is WMG.
  2. Buzz Buzz/Ninten is presumably older than Ness. Ninten was born in , and Buzz Buzz hails from about x, when Ninten would be How is this relevant? Let me explain. Although Buzz Buzz may be older than Ness he doesn't seem to be too old. When you get the Sound Stone Buzz Buzz calls it an "awesome" item. That is not the kind of terminology I would expect a wise old sage to use, but a young adult? Yep.
    • Not that I disagree, but I'm compelled to say that perhaps he's using it in the original sense of the word, IE, a thing that inspires awe.
  3. The Starman Jr. that attacked Buzz Buzz seemed to have known him quite well. If it's the same Starman Jr. as the one in Mother, then he would have met Ninten (Buzz Buzz) in the first game, therefore knowing him quite well at the time they meet again in Earthbound.
  4. It would make sense that Ninten would seek out an individual that looked/seemed much like himself (Ness).
  5. In battle, Buzz Buzz uses physical attacks and PSI Shield, both specialties of Ninten. PSI Shield sigma from Mother II translates roughly into PSI Shield beta from Mother I. Healing and defense were not necessary, so the only other technique of Ninten that they could have had Buzz Buzz sensibly use would be Offense Up. Also, Ninten was fast (compared to Ana and Loid), and Buzz Buzz is fast.
    • Buzz Buzz isn't actually a bee in Mother 2. He is a dung beetle. Dung beetles in Egyptian mythology represent eternal recurrence. Quite a coincidence.
      • Wasn't it only Lardna that called him a dung beetle? It was implied she only called him that because of the disgustingness factor of the word dung, meaning she called him that because to her he's just some disgusting bug. Disgusting like dung.
      • I always thought it was because she's dumb and didn't realize he was a bee, not a dung beetle.
      • Buzz Buzz isn't a bee or a dung beetle. He is stated to be a rhinoceros beetle from several Japanese sources if my memory does not fail me.
  6. I can easily see Itoi noticing the small sizes he had to work with on the NES and comparing the size to a bug. Take that thought, run a few miles, and suddenly Ninten is a bug-size NPC in Mother 2.
  7. This idea had popped into my head as well. Though my interpretation was that the Buzz Buzz body is in fact a robot, since it's explained later on that biological matter can't handle time warping. This is further supported by the fact that the material Dr. Andonuts used in the time Machine were in the meteorite Buzz Buzz traveled by, indicating that they operate on similar principles.
  • I subscribe to this theory. It would make sense that Ninten would be the one to pass on the duty of defeating Giygas to the Chosen Four. This what I like to think what happened:
    • When Giygas attempted to take over the earth again in X, Ninten and his friends (now adults) go up against Giygas once again, only this time they fail. Ninten's friends are killed and Ninten himself barely escapes.
    • After Giygas takes over the world shortly after, Ninten infiltrates Giygas' lair or something to try and figure out how to stop him.
    • He discovers the Apple of Enlightenment, which foretells that a boy named Ness along with his three friends, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, are the ones truely destined to defeat Giygas once and for all.
    • He steals alien time-travel technology, converts himself into a robotic insect, and travels back in time to warn Ness about Giygas' invasion.
    • Shortly after warning Ness about Giygas and setting him on his journey, Ninten/Buzz Buzz tragically murdered by Pokey/Porky's mom. Ninten gives Ness the sound stone with his dying breath and the rest is history.

Alternatively, Buzz Buzz is Jeff.

As thought up by a friend of mine:

He would have the knowledge and ability to travel back in time, but due to his incomplete understanding without the Mr. Saturns, only a small life form could possibly make the journey back. So he transformed his body into that of a tiny fly. With this, he could return into the past and tell Ness what he needed to know. And with his mass all condensed into that tiny body, his attacks were able to hit much harder than they would as a human.

"But wait," you might say, "Buzz Buzz used PSI!" Well, you know what they say about any sufficiently advanced technology.

Alternatively, Buzz Buzz is Paula.

Both share in common the ability to use PSI/PK Shield, play defensively in battle, have very high speed and agility, and a weak consitiution [which could've been made worse in the conversion to Buzz Buzz or not at all depending on your own interpretation]. Then why can she hit for such high damage? A small body propelled at high speeds, becomes bullet-like, piercing through objects that larger masses of force at similar speeds might glance off of with only dents [and therefore lesser damage overall].

It's also possible that future Ness had died doing something that inspired Paula to take up a similar form of courage like him to undergo conversion into such a form and go back to warn a younger Ness, possibly out of respect or even a romantic type of feeling for him, creating a type of tragic sacrifice when Lardna kills her.

Buzz Buzz's gender can be interpreted either way since the body that was "Buzz Buzz" could've been a different gender from the person whose mind was transferred into it [like the transfer of the characters' minds into their robot bodies, which are genderless].

Buzz Buzz isn't an insect, it's a machine.

He is known to have traveled backward in time, something which in Earthbound can only be done safely by robots and machines. Buzz Buzz is probably some kind of small flying robot. It would also explain his ability to survive entering the atmosphere from space, which is not typical insect behaviour.

Giygas is an alternate future version of Ness.

Ness's adventure isn't just to get strong enough to defeat the horror from the Future It's to prevent him from becomingsaid Horror.
  1. Yes, Giygas was the enemy of the first Mother game. Hearing his Mother's song was so powerful, though, it turned him into a human; to give him a second chance.
  2. The entire planet is working toward that goal: the Earth itself has provided the Ley Points that remind him of the love of his family and friends, a love which "Giegue" in Mother 1 (aka Earthbound Zero) rejected.
  3. As Ness progresses on his adventure, a darkness called "Ness's Nightmare" is growing within him. He eventually fights it in Magicant, which was the creation of Queen Maria, and defeats it, but had Ness not gone on his journey, it probably would have built to the boiling point and overwhelmed him.
  4. In the end, Ness and company give up their bodies (foreshadowed in Prince Poo's Zen training) to travel through time and confront Giygas. When they do, he has Ness's face and special attacks. Giygas is eventually defeated when the world itself, everybody Ness has touched, prays for him. This, if nothing else, tells him that he isn't alone, and never will be — and what was to become Giygas again will never come to pass.
  5. In addition, according to the game's lead writer, Shigesato Itoi, Giygas's strange dialogue in the final battle is based on one of his own most traumatic childhood experiences; at the age of six, Itoi accidentally walked into a grindhouse theater showing a violent sex film - certain snippets of dialogue were burned into his mind, and as a result they were the creepiest things he could think to put in his villain's mouth.
  6. On top of that, in this alternate universe, Ness would have remained "best friends" with Pokey, which would explain a lot. In Mother 3 Pokey is, after all, responsible for corrupting quite a dang bit.

Giygas is one of the forms of Nyarlathotep.

The above theory dovetails into this nicely. Ness, then, is a splinterof Nyarly's personality that rebelled and became an independent being.

Alternatively, he is Azathoth.

Pokey didcall him a mindless idiot, as if it wasn't obvious enough. In the final battle he is simply a mass of smoke with a horror face uttering and babbling random quotes from "questionable" movies. He isdamningly idiot. Plus, the final battle stage seems it could be the Center of the Universe.
  • Pro-Mole wonders, though: would that mean Pokey is one of the Outer Gods?
    • This would make Pokey analogous to Nyarlathotep, the messager and soul of the Outer Gods. It does match the role he plays as Giygas' servant.

Giygas is Cthulhu.

Why not? He's got power so great you can't grasp his true form, and the sprite actually looks a bit like Cthulhu's head. He's also insanely powerful, and doesn't have to move to kill all of your teammates (And You! with even more ease than is possible to imagine.

Ness's father is The Dragon

A powerful spirit dwelling in Magicant, he really doesn't have a physical form, hence only being on the phone. Upon being woken by Ninten in Mother 1, he battled him and found him worthy of the Song. He then took steps to ensure that Giygas was eventually reborn as Ness. Centuries later, after Ness died as a normal human, the PSI-Powers that were part of his, Paula's and Poo's lineage led humanity to try and make a Dream Utopia. The Dragon disapproved, but was chained and his own Psi-Power was used to fuel the new World. (Thus becoming the Dark Dragon.)

Ness's dad is Ninten

Not entirely compatable with the Buzz-Buzz theory, but still fits with the Ness is Giygas theoryand makes it even more ironic!
  • Mother takes place in the 80's and Earthbound takes place in the 90's - not long enough for Ninten to grow up and have an 8 to 12 year old child. Believe me, I thought it through
    • The "Earthbound takes place in " WMG above.
    • Ninten could be old enough. He has a former classmate in Podunk Town who works at the burger shop.
      • Actually, the beginning of the game explicitly states that it takes place in , not , so it's perfectly plausible.
      • Not exactly. The game just says that eighty years passed since the night George and Maria were abducted, with the date of that abduction initially just specified as the early 's. Later, it's stated that the exact year of the abduction was (or so I've heard, I didn't make it that far into the game). Therefore, seems to make the most sense.

Pokey and Giygas swapped bodies

"Ness It hurts, Ness!" makes more sense as Pokey's mind crying out for help.
  • In Mother 3, a point is made of the fact that while Pokey's body has aged, he still retains the same bratty, immature mind - contrasted with Giygas, who, before his transformation into Nightmare Fuel, was quite serious and ruthless.

The Devil's Machine was built by Tabuu, who is Giygas from an alternate future.

Tabuu, being the result of Giygas mastering his power rather than being destroyed by it, created the Devil's Machine in order to contain his alternate self, and instructed Pokey in its use. Really, who else has the authority over Giygas to imprison him? And how can Giygas give orders if he can't even think? Tabuu had Pokey carry out orders on his behalf - whether Pokey turned off the Devil's Machine at Tabuu's instruction was an order or not is left to be determined, but it can't have been that big a deal, since Tabuu allowed him into the Subspace Army after the events of Mother 3.
  • Perhaps Tabuu's intention was to destroy Giygas, who would be able to match him in power. Since Tabuu is not weak against human emotion as Giygas is, he must have figured after Giygas was out of the way, he could dispose of Ness easily if the time came. This proved not to be the case - with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog and the intervention of King Dedede, Ness does not fail to be present at the final battle and end Tabuu's machinations.

During the final battle, Giygas is a fetus, and Ness and Friends are killing him inside the womb

Old, old theory that started when someone pointed out that the battle background during the fight with Giygas resembled an ultrasound. Further evidence includes the fact that Ness and Friends are sent back in time to the far past, that they're in robot bodies, and there are no familiar objects nearby to gauge the size of those bodies, that Giygas knows nothing, like a fetus or an infant, and that to get to him, you pass through a slit between two cliff faces spread like a pair of legs, then up a long, fleshy canal.
  • Giygas is a metaphorical and symbolic abortion. It's not meant to be taken literally. It's merely used as disturbing symbolism.
  • You could probably gauge the size of their robot bodies by the presence of Pokey and the Phase Distorter. So it's a very big fetus.
  • This theory led to this fanart.
  • No, we DO have something to gauge the sizes of everything. Ness's hat.
    • However, as they appear to have shrunk very easily if the above theory is true, then its not too hard to image Ness's hat simply retaining similar size.
  • I've talked about this before on other websites. It is credible, but a look at the timeline proves it wrong. The final battle takes place before the start of the game, but AFTER Mother 1, where Giygas was an adult alien.
  • Based on both Robert Frost's interpretation of the validity of metaphor and Vladmir Nabokov's repeated analysis of literature (and, actually by extension, all media), this fan theory can be considered both Jossed and accurate. You know, "if the shoe fits" and all. One can never "debunk" the fetus theory there's time travel involved.
    • Actually, I think I've found some contrary evidence- you actually visit the Cave of the Past in the present. It's during the Lost Underworld, one of the many offshoot caves that you can enter before going to the last Sanctuary is a part of the Cave of the Past, and you can even see a statue there that is also there when you go back in time, confirming them as the same place. Thus, they are the same size in the Cave of the Past that they are throughout the rest of the game, thus, no abortion-seeking robots.
  • Jossed, as said above, Giygas was an adult alien in Mother.

You are fighting Giygas' Ghost.

Think about it. Giygas' mind and body were destroyed. What does that leave? His spirit! Why do you think he takes the form of a bloody skull? Look at the picture of Giygas. It really looks like a ghost.

Giygas made contact with U-DO, which is what made him lose his mind.

His change in form between Mother 1 and Mother 2 is quite drastic; he was originally just an alien with psychic powers, so where would he get enough power to mutate him into his latter form? It's somewhat more plausible if his change was caused by some outside force. Also, his swirly red background form bears a strong resemblance to U-DO (when it is shown), which is also a swirling mass of redness which damages people's sanity and causes surreal events to take place. So when Giygas was trying to gain power, he managed to develop his psychic powers enough to make contact with U-DO, which drove him insane and altered his form.

Giygas is a female.

The "XX" symbols (two x chromosomes) are littered throughout the first game. In addition, it thematically fits the game that Earth would be the "good" mother while Giygas is the "evil" mother.
  • Don't most people only have one mother, though?
  • There's a con man in Threed who says he thinks Giygas might be female, but then admits that he doesn't really know if Giygas is a male or a female. He disappears mysteriously after the party beats Master Belch, though, perhaps because he got too close to the truth. I'm a helpful troper, don't you think?
    • Stomping this idea flat (Awww), but the reason the guy disappears is due to a glitch. He was supposed to remain in Threed and joke on how he could capture a ghost from the tunnel and keep it as a pet. Unfortunately, the glitch causes him to vanish along with a detective that gives some rather important exposition about the Mani Mani Statue.
  • Given some of the things I have seen Also, some people discussing said things implied Giygas goes crazy becuase Pokey raped her, which gives the last battle dialog a whole new twist, considering its inspiration

The whole game is a fantasticReconstruction of Shigesato Itoi's childhood.

The Runaway Five are remembering how much he loved rock & roll, especially The Beatles. Giygas represents the last time he considered himself innocent. Ness's father is absent because Shigesato Itoi's was.
  • The reason behind the baseball bat based combat has been sealed by court order.
    • So Itoi is Shonen Bat?
      • I always thought Shonen Bat looked like Ness.

Giygas becomes a small universe at the end.

Pokey basically says "You are the only ones in this universe fighting for justice." and I took that kind of literally. But it does make sense. The wobbling of the background is caused by distortions in Giygas, because he is inherently unstable. Later, the universe's topology changes, which explains why you see multiples of the Giygas image. The reason "you cannot grasp the form of Giygas's attack" is because you are being directly attacked by the local space. Similarly, this explains why you cannot simply defeat him: you cannot directly fight the universe itself, because you're inside it. The reason why prayer works is because it's directing energy from outside the closed space into it, which inflicts damage directly to Giygas. When you (the player) start praying for the heroes, it works even better because you are on a higher level of reality than they are, which translates directly into destructive energy.
  • Actually, Giygas's attacks being incomprehensible is just something he's capable of; he did it in the first game. Hell, Porky does it in the third.
  • I remember Pokey saying that the inside of the devil machine and Giygas' new form were another dimension.
  • Well, the Phase Distorter brought the gang to a location outside of space and time. Therefore, they were already in another dimension/universe.

Giygas isn't evil.

His dialogue includes a lotof pleas to stop fighting. Not to mention "Friends". Giygas wants to join Ness. Pokey lies when he talks about Giygas's evil. He's just egging Ness on to get him to fight Giygas, and he's totally sure that Giygas will kill Ness (wouldn't youassume that an all-powerful Eldritch Abominationwould kill a small boy in any fight?) because he wants to get his old enemy out of the way. In short, Pokey masterminded this all.
  • This troper was thinking this as well. I mean, if Giygas can't think rationally that would make him VERY easy to manipulate, eh?
    • This Troper doubt Porky/Pokey was that manipulative, although he was indeed quite manipulative. I don't think Giygas was evil though. He seemed more tragic, he had nothing left, he gave everything up. Even the goal he was striving for was gone, all that is left is his hatred and madness, but somewhere deep inside is a tiny fragment of his emotions, the thing he bottled away, the love he felt, this was to great for him to ever truely remove, thus your prays and the prays of those who love you bring out the small fragment of what once was and cause him pain, his calls to you for friendship and love where reactions to emotions that where hidden inside him.
      • This WMG can be supported by the fact that everything Pokey said in the entire game were, basically, lies.
  • It crossed this Troper's mind as a kid while playing. It could simply be that Giygas in trying to bottle up the love he felt, remove the reason the song affected him drove him more towards madness. There may have been a point, insane but still capable of sentience, he gave the orders to begin the attacks, but afterward lost control. Becoming the equivalent of an all powerful autistic child throwing a tantrum.
    • If you like this WMG, you should check out the fangame Cognitive Dissonance.
    • Then enter Pokey/Porkey. He somehow begins putting two and two together. Organization ran by an immensely powerful being now self-reduced to a toddler's mindset, and a powerful army too loyal to even question it. Perhaps not even thinking to check why they haven't received any recent orders
  • This theory also ties in quite nicely to another description/Alternative Character Interpretation I've heard concerning Giegue/Giygas, although it's more based in the original Mother. Consider this: Giegue was raised by George and Maria, particularly Maria, and explicitly tells Ninten that he's grateful to his family, to the point where he's willing to invite Ninten to join him to spare him from being killed. This might not be considered "good", but consider this as well: The PSI abilities that all the Kid Heroes of the Mother series were originally exclusive to whatever race Giegue is a member of, and only found their way to Earth due to George researching it without permission and then running off with said information, which Giegue also tells the player can be used to betray his people, so, regardless of his intentions, George basically stole classified information, which created a considerable national/planetary security threat to Giegue's planet. Given some of the description you get from Queen Mary, it seems like he was very attached to her, and it seems very possible that he was invading more because he felt that he had to rather than because he fully wanted to. It's also possible that, as Maria's descendant, he may have thought of Ninten as practically family, hence why he was willing to save him, but the final straw comes from the method in which you defeat him: Remember that Queen Mary's lullaby is the same song Giegue's "mother" used to sing him to sleep as a baby. If, as the theory posits, he was invading more because he felt that he had to than because he wanted to, and still held a reasonable degree to attachment to Maria, I think that little reminder would have severely taxed his resolve to the point where he'd be torn over which was more important to him: His duty to his people, or his lingering feelings for his "mother", which contributes to his declining mental state, and though there are probably other factors involved (For one, I can't imagine his people being too happy about Giegue's failure to wipe out humanity), eventually leads to, well, what we see in Earthbound.
  • While it's still fully possible that Giygas isn't trying to destroy everything, it's strongly hinted at in Mother 3 that Pokey considered Ness to be his only friend. That fact that he doesn't have any friends is thought to be the reason he decides to destroy the world, enacting his "Unfounded Revenge" on the world for disliking him. Assuming this to be the case, it is unlikely that he would try to have his only friend killed.

Alternatively, Giygas is actually begging Ness to kill him.

When he became the Eldritch Abominationseen in Earthbound, simply existing has become painful to him, both physically ("It hurts it hurts") and emotionally ("I'm so sad, Ness"). Having lost control of his powers as a result of becoming the embodiment of evil, he is forced to sit and watch as his influence unintentionally spreads across the Earth which soon reaches Pokey/Porky who decides to take advantage of his unstable powers. When Ness and his friends finally face Giygas, all he wants is for Ness to end his constant suffering and put an end to the influence he has over the Earth, restoring peace and putting his soul at rest.

Giygas doesn't exist and the entire final battle is metaphorical.

This one requires a bit of extra speculation, but if you think about it just enough, it might actually make sense.
  1. The original Giygas was defeated by Ninten and Co. The aliens came back, and people assumed Giygas was behind the second attack, even though no one actually saw him. And the aliens went with it, since it was a good scare tactic.
  2. Whenever a person started acting against the best interest of society, people claimed it was because of Giygas's influence (See: Buzz Buzz). So Giygas became the embodiment of evil as an excuse for people to avoid being forced to believe that the evil was within them all along. So, Ness and Co. aren't actually fighting Giygas, they're just fighting the standard maniacs and feral animals (and the aliens, which are evil because they're Giygas' followers) - but because of Buzz Buzz, they think they're fighting Giygas.
  3. Ness and Co. are also chasing Pokey, who has decided that Evil Is Cool and likes the idea of serving the ultimate evil. This could perhaps be partially blamed on his upbrining, but the fact remains that he promotes this idea of an ultimate evil existing.
  4. The last battle takes place entirely within Ness and Co.'s minds. They want to fight Giygas, but they can't, because there is no Giygas - so they make him up. This is why you only see the background, because a formless enemy can't be confronted and is thus more frightening. Same goes for the attacks - they never heard what Giygas could do in direct battle, so they make up the worst possible attacks - attacks they can't understand and thus can't fight against. Thus, Giygas becomes a symbol of evil, despite the fact that there is actually nothing there. The party suffers because they are reminded of all the evil they came across, which gives this ultimate evil power.
  5. Paula's Pray command works because Pokey reminds them of the good people they've come across in the world (it seems unlikely to This Troper that this was what he intended). When they summon up images and memories of these people supporting them, it affects Giygas; they represent people fighting against evil, which weakens the force of evil and strengthens good.
  6. When it isn't enough, when Paula can't think of any other person, she does the only thing possible: she creates one. The person she creates is the ultimate force of good that can never be beaten by evil, no matter how strong the evil is. Giygas falls to this creation because it represents his weakness - the ceaseless, unwavering devotion that good will always find a way to triumph, no matter how great the evil. This reasoning could ostensibly be used to prove that the player doesn't actually exist - a philosophical discussion on that would be a lot of fun.
    • This last part has a possible alternative. Paula doesn't make up someone who is the ultimate force of good, she prays to someone she believes is the ultimate force of good: God. Though religion is rarely if ever explicitly mentioned, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that there was some sort of theistic religion that people, including her family, followed. This means that, when the end comes and she prays to God, the player respondswhich means the player becomes God.

Giygas doesn't truly die in the end.

Perhaps Giygas is givin a second chance to live life in a world where he will not have to suffer. If you pay attention Giygas seems to mantain a small amount of emotion somewhere withing, perhaps some greater force or even his own will let him be reborn in a happier place. Perhaps as a young timid boy named Lucas?
  • OK, even though I support them, I think we got enough "Giygas and Ness and Ninten and Lucas are related/The same person" theories now. Even though they're pretty cool. All of them.
    • Just asking, I recall reading a theory that Giygas and Queen Mary were actually the same person, but I can't recall any specifics and I haven't beaten the first or third games yet. Does anyone else out there have it?

After the final battle in Earthbound, Pokey becomes Giygas' vessel.

The game makes it fairly obvious that Giygas is not completely within the physical realm. After his death in Mother, his psychic abilities probably allowed him to stay in the world of mortals as a spiritual being, where he was unable to affect anything directly, relying on influencing the weak minded and the wicked of heart (perhaps the Mani Mani statue was a device he used to control the weak hearted through greed.) The Devil's Machine was a device he had some of his followers build him to give him a physical form again. During the final battle, he was physical enough to directly affect people, but not physical enough for his actions to manifest properly. In the battle, his quazi-body had been destroyed, and his psychic foothold had been completely scrambled by the prayer, pushing him into the hereafter. With one last move of desperation, he retreated into his only present ally, Pokey, who would lead the rest of his existence housing 2 souls in his body.In Mother 3, Giygas was using the same strategy to conquer the world, only with a more widespread approach: corrupt the people first, via the use of happy boxes. When Lucas and his group directly confronted him, he was forced to use the same spectral manner of attack as before, channeling it through Porky and his life support mech, knowing that he could not afford to lose his shell.
  • An additional bit of story this could make would explain what would happen to Porky after he is encased in the Absolutely Safe Capsule in Mother 3: They begin a romance in a very detailed magicant like simulation. It would be easy to assume the two would grow at least close professionally throughout their time traveling exploits, but when they are faced with an eternity stuck with each other, it becomes hard not to imagine they would begin to see each other in a more romantic way. Remembering past battles, schemes, plots, the like, they have time to reflect on what they've been on together. When left with nothing left to reminisce about, Giygas decides to use the same power (s)he used in Mother 1. With a world made from the memories of past experiences, the two life out the rest of their existence in their own personal happy ending for all eternity. Perhaps it is the end they deserved, as well, both being little more than confused, lonely people to begin with, they finally get what little good karma they had coming for them.

Jeff doesn't have a mother because he's a test-tube experiment and an abomination in the eyes of God.

He's the project of a terrible genetic experiment and came out of a test tube. He may not actually have any of Dr. Andonutts' genetic material at all. With no emotional connection of actual parenthood Dr. Andonutts could easily send Jeff away to boarding school at a young age. While Ness and Paula are making moon-eyes at each other, Jeff is playing with gizmos, because for him, never mind girls (or Tony)—science is how you make new life!

Dr. Andonuts is Loid.

Besides being a super scientist, who's to say that his white hair isn't because of old age, but rather because he's an albino. As for how Jeff is his son despite the fridge logic that comes with the 'Ninten is Ness' dad' theory, it could be possible that during one of his experiaments, something went haywire and the end result caused him to age faster. Alternatively, this could also go with the above 'Jeff is a clone/test-tube baby', and the reason Andonutts' sent him to a boarding school was because when it turned out successful, he was still too young to take care of him himself. As for why he looks so old in Earthbound, it's possible that he's Younger Than He Looks, sense his age isnever stated in-game.

Giygas is a Fobby, a race that became round and orange due to overconsumption of orange sharpie-tainted sweet tea. He was the only not-fat and orange one left due to detesting all things sweet-tea related, and this hatred eventually grew to encompass hating all of humanity and becoming the embodiment of evil.

Oh wait.

Ness is The Scout as a child.

That will explain why his likes baseball bats.
  • Then where are the Scout's awesome psychic powers? Also, Team Fortress 2 takes place somewhere in where Earthbound takes place in the 90s.
    • The psychic powers have transformed into a source of time travel. Alternatively, The Scout is Ness's Dad.
      • "Hey there Chucklenuts, I've deposited $ into your account. NOW GET ON THE FREAKING POINT DUMBASS!"

The Mother games are in an infinite temporal loop.

At the end of Earthbound, Porky runs away and travels through time. A lot. At the end of Mother 3, he locks himself in the Incredibly Safe Capsule, but retains the ability to travel through time. He bounces around time, slowly going insane and shriveling up. He starts thinking about how Ness caused all this by killing Giygas and making him run away (from his perspective), and is found, shriveled into a smooth, white humanoid, repeating "Why, Ness" again and again. The couple who found him interpret this as "Giygas", and raise him as their own child, making him forget everything and believe he is an alien. The events of Mother 1 and 2 occur, and he recruits the person closest to him - himself. This would explain "Friends", at the very least.
  • That doesn't make sense, becasue Giygas is pronounced 'Geeg' in Japan. Giygas is just a localization difference. However, considering at the end of Mother 3 the player is one recreating the universe it could start off with Mother 1, and the events could repeat through the player. Maybe the end to Mother 3 just represented the videogame 'reset' button, and when you replay the series you are actually replaying the second, third, etc. 'loop' of the timeline.
  • Actually no, it does make a weird amount of sense. Earthbound takes place in "Eagleland" which is clearly supposed to be a altered version of America, which implies the characters would speak English. If anything the original version is the "wrong" one.

The real reason why the road from Onett to Twoson was closed was for construction of a better road.

Think about it for moment; no two towns the size of Onett and Twoson would want just a dirt path between them, and considering they have similar roads with sidewalks, it would make sense that to allow traffic between the towns to flow smoothly, one would want a paved two lane road. And being that construction is dangerous work, the police would be there first to make sure no one would trespass before the construction company got there.

Giygas was Shigesato Itoi's attack on Munchkins.

Giygas was basically a character was Min-Maxingso much, he has attacks too powerful to comprehend, and his stats are so high he can only be defeated by praying for help. Of course, in order to do so, he had to give up communication, coherent thought, a physical form
  • And I have to wonder if there's any significance to the Giygas->Gygax thing? Father of the game that is second-most famous for Munchkins?

Ness in the womb and the stable time loop.

The end of Earthbound takes place in a metaphysical representation of Ness's Mom's womb. The face that appears in the Devil's Machine is Ness as a fetus calling out to the older Ness to save him. Giygas is attempting to corrupt Ness in the womb in order to remove him as the one destined to defeat him (foretold by the Apple of Enlightenment).
  1. At the end of Earthbound, though Paula's praying stops Giygas, Giygas isn't completely destroyed. A small part of him still lies within Ness and over the next 10 years slowly corrupts Ness's friend and neighbor Porky into stopping Ness, that way Ness will never go back in time to defeat Giygas and Giygas can corrupt Ness in the past as planned. The first thing Porky does in the game is to try and keep Ness away from the meteor crash site where Ness is fated to meet Buzz-Buzz and begin the chain of events that lead to Giygas's doom.
  2. It is only after Porky's little brother is in trouble that Porky frantically calls on Ness to help, overcoming Giygas's influence for just a moment out of love for his little brother. But the effects of Giygas's power on Porky grows deeper and deeper throughout the game as can be seen in Porky continually standing in Ness's way, Porky's phsyical changes (like his skin color), and Porky's immortality.
  3. When Ness fights Ness's Nightmare in Magicant, he's actually fighting the remains of Giygas still deep inside his mind, left over from Giygas being destroyed in the womb. You'll note that the next time Ness meets Porky after beating the Nightmare, Porky's no longer obeying Giygas, but instead mocking him, calling him an idiot, etc, which shows that while Porky still remains tainted by Giygas's evil influence, he is no longer under the control of the part of Giygas that once existed in Ness.
  4. The game ends with the cycle coming full circle. Giygas is defeated in the womb dimension, the remains of Giygas corrupt Porky in the future, Porky and Ness go back in time and it all happens again.

Ninten and Ness are Nicknames

Ninten's actual name is Vincent. He couldn't pronounce it correctly as a baby and instead said "Ninten". It stuck.

In Ness's case, he had an ancestor named Ernest, Ness for short. Our hero Ness is named after this ancestor, and his parents decided to just call him Ness since no one called great-grandpa Ernest anyway.

Alternately, Ness is short for Vanessa

Making Ness a girl. As for why the prophecy said '3 boys and 1 girl', it was either to protect Ness or out of respect for the preferred gender. Cracky yes. This troper apologizes, as she read a fic about it and the idea made her laugh.

Picky and Porky are nicknames as well.

Picky's real name is Bateau, and Porky's real name is something similarly exotic. Obviously, Lardna and Aloysius were too lazy to say their full names, and stuck to giving them nicknames that suited their eating habits.

Everyone heard Paula's last prayer.

Getting desprate, she called out to anyone who can hear her. The prayer was intertwined with a psychic message that basically said, "We're a bunch of kids who are far from home and in a lot of danger. Help us." Pretty much anyone could sympathise with them at that point. Even the simplest "God, please help them." adds up against Gigyas. From their odd position in time, they may have ended up calling out to every person who ever lived. Including you. Granted, you could stop and analyse how every human receiving the same psychic message at some point in their lives would affect culture or the general attitude of people, but you'd be thinking too hard then.
  • Not so hard if you posit that "Before you die, you hear the prayer".

Mother 1 and 2 tell the same story of two universes colliding

They are the same story, with the player taking control of a different side between the two games. In Mother 1, you control Ninten with the objective to kill Giegue, who is the avatar for the other universe. In Mother 2, you control Ness as you take on Giygas, who is the avatar for Ninten's universe. It doesn't matter which universe it is, the hero still comes from the same family. The reason for the small differences between the two heroic families (and the two universes as a whole) is what separated the two worlds in the first place- a long time ago.
  • No, the canon states that the 2 games are sequential
    • But wouldn't that explain why the beginning of Giygas's theme is 8-bit-esque?
      • why is it that people always think that a song called "Porky Means Business" is Giygas' theme?
      • Because the track in question doesn't actually have an official name. Seeing as "Porky Means Business" is a fan given name and that he isn't the focal point of the final boss, it would be Giygas' theme, not Porky's.

Ninten and Ness are half-brothers

It's obvious! Ness' dad is a cheater, and he's leading a double life! Where is Ninten's father while Giegue draws near? He's off tending to his other family! Where's Ness' father while the Happy-Happyists plan to sacrifice Paula? Spending some time with Ninten. Why would such a man lead a double life? To breed new heroes! His sperm is packed WITH awesomeness, at least for the ones that turn male.

The gap of Mother 2 and 3 can be explained by

The theory. Our world ends, and we go to the Nowhere Islands.

The "something" that the Mad Ducks make "spin around" to drain PP is our heroes' PP meters.

The ducks aren't actually mad. They're all aware that they're in a videogame and aware of its mechanics; that's why they are called "mad" by other, less knowledgeable persons in this world.

You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack!

It's actually very simple if you think about it.

You can grasp the true form of Giygas' attack!

You just aren't trying hard enough.
  • The funny thing about this is that you actually can grasp the true form of his attacks; as it turns out, they're all mostly-ordinary PSI moves masked by a special battle message.

Giygas' attack isn't actually so bad when you can grasp its true form

It's basically an energy beam, or something. It's just being blown through several extra dimensions, so it looks worse than it is.
  • Basically, his attack is as close to "flailing" as a psychic mind can manage. Kind of like Pokemon, where when they run out of attacks they use struggle; they just start flailing around.
  • Considering the above WMG, this is true in gameplay when you realize that Giygas' masked, but ultimately very ordinary, attacks don't actually pierce elemental resistances granted by equipment.

Ness is Maria reincarnated

Once she was free from Magicant, Maria came back as Ness to stop Giygas from destroying the world. Consider:
  • Magicant only appeared twice in the series: Once as the land of Maria's mind, and then as the land of Ness' mind.
  • When Ninten collected the Eight Melodies, it was to restore Maria's memories & power. Ness, however, was collecting the melodies to raise his own power.
And well that's pretty much all I have. I like this theory.
  • More details about this theory here: [1]

Ness failed and the world was destroyed.

Giygas was only temporarily stopped. 10 years later he returned, and no one was able to stop him. A brave warrior named Buzz Buzz traveled back in time to change history, but to no avail. Only a small group of people survived and fled to another world, but that's another story.

Itoi designed Mewtwo and wrote the backstories.

Consider the common theory for Giygas, he is raging because of being born evil from rape and look up his Mother appearance. Does it strike you as similar to any Pokemon? Mewtwo. He straight out is an expy. The designs are beyond similar and as are their backstories, just replace rape with 'a test tube'. Also keep in mind, Creatures INC is Ape INC, the makers of Pokemon and Mother respectively, just renamed
  • Wait, wait. Born evil from rape? Yes, rape is horrible and traumatic, but babies resulting for it aren't automatically evil.
  • Itoi didn't have anything to do with Pokemon.
  • Some of MOTHER 1(and 2)'s team did work on Red and Green, (Blue was the third version) they could of thrown somesuggestions to the design team.

Giygas' "birth" caught the attention of other cosmic deities and entities, the ensuing war between them and Giygas destroyed the universe in the end

The "birth" of Giygas caught the attention of Deities old and new along with many other cosmic entities that in the reality before Buzz Buzz went back in time caused a war between them and Giygas mainly because many of the "older" Gods (Zeus, Odin, and YHWH to name a few) felt that Giygas was a threat to their supremacy. As Cosmic bolts of Psychic energy and ancient magic were thrown, they destroyed worlds, stars and even Galaxies. However one of the Cosmic Entities sent a messenger to the past to prevent this war and the destruction of the universe from happening.

The "Your Sanctuary" locations are Ley line points

It is said according to Ley line theory that there are certain points in the world that are great places of power where energy currents intersect, this sounds similar to the "Your Sanctuary" locations. The sound stone acts as a keystone of sorts, it imprints the signature of the points in the form of melodies onto it and connects the flows all together upon all the points being visited to an individual whose mind it has linked to. What also supports this theory is the fact that the party is fully restored upon first visiting the location reinforcing the whole "Place of Power" notion.

Pokey really wanted to be Ness's friend

Despite Pokey's and Ness's families feuding at the start of the game, it is hinted that Ness and Pokey had been friends at some point in the past. Observing Ness's major weakness to be loneliness, Giygas endeavored to drive the two childhood friends apart by amplifying the evil in Pokey every time he got close to Ness.
  1. This is first seen near the beginning of the game;

    Pokey:"Ness, let's be friends again. Please answer me. I promise to be good. uhokay (walks away slowly) Hah! I lied! See you, sucker!"

Because Pokey did not make any friends who could cultivate the good in him or have an opportunity to visit his own Magicant, Giygas' influence over Pokey just grew stronger and stronger.
  1. This ploy seemed to be at least partially successful in giving Ness a fear of abandonment, as even after making new friends he has to call his mom frequently to avoid becoming homesick.
  2. Pokey's line "I know you have telepathy, or something, so just try and call for help" was disguised as sarcastic hubris, but by that point Pokey had caught on to the fact that Giygas had been influencing his actions, and he wanted to help Ness defeat Giygas. Even his lines "And here you stand, waiting to be burned up with all the rest of the garbage of this universe" "Haaaaah! That's so sad. I can't help but shed a tear. You know, my heart is beating incredibly fast, I must be experiencing absolute terror!" were false sarcasm. Some part of Pokey truly was saddened by the prospect of his (former) friend's death, and was terrified of the control Giygas had exerted over him.
  3. In the end, the evil in Pokey wins. After seeing numerous humans turned back to normal, having Giygas' evil influence banished after being defeated by Ness, Pokey's evil side makes him flee the battle before being fully defeated. Pokey's final taunt (delivered by Picky) "Come and get me, loser! Spankety, spankety, spankety!" was actually the final desperate plea of Pokey's good side to be rescued by Ness. But Pokey's evil side made sure he stayed hidden somewhere (or somewhen) that Ness could never find.
  4. You could go into further examples as Pokey says something along the lines of "This is my neighbor, Pig's Buttno, Ness!" reflecting that Pokey did get Ness's name right as his "good side" was showing up.
    1. But all this is actually all a lie as Pokey does attempt to harm you in the end.
  • This Troper agrees with the above. In fact, I think that the good in Pokey is still there and he doesn't hate Ness at all. This because of the Easter eggs that you find in Chapter 8. In the final chapter, when Lucas and his friends are in New Pork City, there are references to Ness. His adventures are being shown in a theater. In the same theater, you can buy replicas of Ness' bat and cap. And in the tower, on one of the floors, there's an entire level dedicated to items Ness used or interacted with during his adventure. In fact, even before this chapter, I think in chapter 4 or 5, beating the optional boss in the Lightning Tower in Porky's private room rewards you with the Friend's Yo-yo. If we assume this yo-yo was a gift from Ness, why would Porky keep it if he hated Ness, much less have it guarded?
    • Giygas isn't influencing Pokey. That's The Reveal at the end of the game, Giygas is a barely-conscious beast with no control over himself anymore, and he's been that way for the entire game (which we know, because the boss fight takes place in the distant past) and Pokey has just been using him as a figurehead to avoid taking responsibility. Mother 3 even shows us that Pokey's been messing around with time travel so much that he's ruined his body, but still can't die of old age. It's much more likely that by the time Mother 3 takes place, Pokey's come full-circle and has actually come to regret losing Ness as a friend, but can't admit it to himselfwhich is why he has all these things related to Ness set up in shrines that he himself can't actually use or indulge in. He's probably the focal point of so many stable time loops that he's basically got two options: go back in time, stop himself, and erase all his work so he can be friends with Ness, or stay the ruler of New Pork City. No good or evil side needed, just ordinary, mundane tragedy.

Ness's father is the game's programmer

  1. He knows exactly how much to deposit in Ness's account based on the type and quantity of enemies defeated.
  2. He is the only one who can save the game.
  3. Why is it Ness's father who speaks to Ness when Ness is defeated? He offers encouragement because, as the game's programmer, he doesn't want Ness (and by extension, the player) to quit before he's seen the whole game he put so much work into!

Jeff has limited PSI

  1. He can communicate with animals.
    1. Lots of animals in EB are telepathic, though (the monkeys, for instance).
  2. His 'spy' ability could be him searching the enemy's mind with telepathy.
  3. The reason he doesn't have a PSI menu or use PSI in battle is because his powers are only limited- He only has telepathy.
  • Alternatively, he has subconscious PSI powers. This is how he was able to see Paula in his dream. He can understand animals as an instinct.

when Ness or his friends gets knocked out the ghosts are the visual representation of astral projection.

This goes along with the above theory. Astral projection is a psychic ability that allows' its user's mind/spirit to leave their body and travel around while the body sleeps. In the game when Ness or his friends ars knocked out they become ghosts, but that doesn't make sense because they haven't died. If you go to a hospital they ask which party member you want to visit if you choose a conscious party member they say there is no one with that name at the hospital, and when you select a ghost party member they say that they are unconscious. The paramedics came and picked up the body of the fallen party member and brought them to the hospital. The reason PSI lifeup and healing doesn't work is that the party member's body is at the hospital.

Apple Kid was responsible for the Iron Statues blocking your way

Also, the Threed zombie invasion. He knew all his inventions were useless, so he purposely blocked the protagonists' paths just so the machines would have some kind of use.
  • This actually explains a lot. How else would he have known that you'd need an Eraser Eraser?
    • However, this led to some problems when he was captured and kept in a secret alien base blocked off by an iron statue that he himself had set there.
      • This makes more sense if you look at it like this, the Iron Statues blocked off hostile areas to keep civilians from wandering into ambushes and such. If Apple Kid did place the Eraser Statue, then it is likely that he was trying to keep tourists and wild life from wandering into the dangerous alien base. In retaliation, the Starmen beamed into his home and beamed him into their prison.

Frank put Ness into a coma; everything from that point in the game onward is a dream

That would explain all the crazy crap that makes Earthbound what it is.

Giygas isn't just any female. Giygas is Maria.

Maria and George were abducted by aliens planning to run some experiments on humans. George managed to escape from them after some experiments and stole important information about PSI. Maria didn't manage to escape, however. The aliens mentally and physically altered her. She was turned into a shriveled, pale humanoid, and was also brainwashed by these aliens, although she eventually developed fond memories of her former self.
  • As for George, he didn't fully recover from his mental alterations. From the moment the aliens screwed him up, he started seeing things that weren't there. Things like Maria taking care of a small alien, or huge robots towering over him (He recorded the latter visions to build EVE). He also studied what he could about PSI, which was then learned by Ninten and Ana, and possibly passed down to Ness, Paula and/or Poo. Before long, his insane hallucinations grew too strong, and he eventually died as an old, lonely and insane human being.
  • Maria was locked in a capsule and taught many of the aliens' secrets, including PSI. She was now one of them. But before they could do anything else, Maria (now being known as Giygas) started unleashing an inexplicable power (PSI), and proclaimed herself the ruler of the aliens. Due to Giygas' incomprehensibly mighty power, they had no choice but to comply. She then ordered them to invade Earth, and the events of Earthbound Zero began.
  • After the events of the first game, Giygas vowed revenge upon the humans who defeated her, including her own great-grandson, Ninten, and fled back to space. She stayed in her vessel orbiting the Earth. When Ninten started singing the 8 Melodies, something cracked in her mind. It made her snap, and her alien mind took over most of her former memories. Her mind ripped apart from her body. The vessel eventually crash-landed on Earth, on a small town called Onett. There, she brought chaos and darkness upon the whole world, until Buzz Buzz decided to go back in time and find Ninten's descendant. Buzz Buzz was one of the aliens under Giygas' clutches, who went to Earth after notice of how her vessel had crashed there. While Buzz Buzz was searching for clues inside the crashe vessel, he heard voices outside. He found a boy who surprisingly looked a lot like Ninten, and assumed that this was the kid he was looking for. He then warned, the boy, Ness, of the horrible future that awaited the universe if he didn't stop her at all costs. This caused a rift in the space-time continuum, and Giygas, now just a mind existing without a body, was trapped by it in a land where time can't exist, inside a demonic capsule called the Devil's Machine.
  • After many adventures, Ness and company reached this place and encountered Giygas. Porky claimed that he was working with Giygas, even though he didn't know of her existance until she started influencing the minds of animals and weak humans. He just did that because he was a massive jerk, ready to build the most ridiculous plans and do the most vile actions just to mess with Ness. Thus, Giygas was freed from the Devil's Machine by Porky, ready to finally unleash her revenge on who she thought was Ninten. She was stopped, however, by Paula's praying. This insignificant soul was blocking her thoughts. Why? Because
    • Erso, what's the deal with Magicant, then? If Maria is Giygas, what's with Queen Mary?
      • Reincarnation of Maria's good side, the one before she was corrupted.

Paula is a descendant of Ninten, Ana or Lloyd, and she saved the world by breaking the limit of her PSI.

Paula was the only one who could put a stop to Giygas' madness because she was a descendant of the boys who put a stop to Giygas before. She prayed for someone to help them, and Giygas caught whiff of Paula's familiar thoughts. This started breaking down Giygas' mind even further, warping into unintelligible forms and corrupting itself. Giygas did one last attempt to stop them by devouring Paula's thoughts. Paula panicked, and wished for anyone, anyoneto help her. Her PSI powers powered a plea was so strong that it warped through space, time, dimensions and reality itself, until it reached the player. This incredible breach between reality couldn't be fathomed by Giygas, and her mind devoured itself to stop this agonizing realization, erasing the chunk of time and space where the Chosen Four were, and their souls went back to their bodies.

Earthbound takes place in the Fallout universe's Resource wars. Mother 3 takes place after , in a remote island far from all the radiation.

This is why the game, despite taking place in X, is still like s America and has things like housetaker robots for rich people. Mother 3 takes place on a remote island never hit by any nukes, and not suffering nuclear fallout - the day everybody got on "The Ship" was when the bombs fell, and the ship itself is a metaphor for a flying Vault-Tec vault.

Giygas is a Pokemon/Protoss Hybrid.

Giygas was a product of the Xel'Naga of Starcraft. Giygas was made from the DNA of Mew and the DNA of Protoss. Later on the scientists of the Pokemon world modeled Mewtwo after Giygas.

The Mani Mani Statue is the statue you get from Tom Nook

Obvious with hindsight

The game is set around

Due to the fact that the game plays the trope Two Decades Behindstraight and that the game is stated to take place in The '90s, it seems unlikely that the game is set very far into this decade.

Ness's dad is a businessman who is working abroard during the events of the game.

The same applies for Ninten's father.
  • I think this one's canon.

The Giygas you beat at the end of the game is Porky.

At some point of the game, Giygas switches bodies with Porky.That would explain why is Porky so evil, why did Giygas want to befriend Ness, how did he know his name and why is Porky still evil without Giygas' influence in Mother 3.Now someone crush my theory.Beating Giygas was depressing enough, but beating him while knowing that it's Porky trapped in Giygas' body is just heartbreaking.
  • Alternatively, (warning: crack theory approaching) After Mother 3 ended, Porky resided so long in the Absolutely Safe Capsule that he forgot the majority of his past and his body became warped until it was unrecognizable. Porky was eventually freed some way or another by an alien civilization from the past, which traveled to the future to find anything of interest. The aliens went back in the past with Porky and started to tinker with his body to make it even more inhuman. He learned PSI in the process and obtained a new name: Giygas. The aliens later (in ) abducted two humans: George and Maria. Porky, now Giygas, still had the mind of a child and Maria tasked herself with raising Giygas. With Maria's help Porky/Giygas finally started to mentally mature to adulthood. Because of the events regarding George's escape Giygas was forced to detach from Maria and became cold and serious as a result. After Giygas's defeat at the hands of Ninten and his friends he took it upon himself to increase his power even more so that he can destroy humankind once and for all. His body and mind were torn apart by his unfathomable power. To contain this power and conserve his last shreds of sanity Giygas was locked into the Devil Machine. The only thing Giygas can remember is the person who ruined his plans the very first time yet was his only friend: Ness. Because this is the only thing left that Giygas remembers he uses Ness's face while in the Devil Machine. During the final battle Giygas finally remembers Ness and calls out for help, to end his misery after the countless years. However, due to the original Porky joining Giygas's side the cycle starts anew
    • You frickin' kidding me? This is awesome! I love it!

The 8 melodies collecting plot was all made up

In the end, going to Magicant turns out to be totally useless to Ness, as the final battle is defeated by praying. Collecting the melodies with the sound stone was an excuse by Buzz Buzz to get Ness and his friends to travel the world and befriend people who had been possessed by Giygas's evil, slowly weakening his power over the Earth and allowing him to be defeated by all the people they had met along the way praying.
  • But if Ness didn't collect all 8 melodies, he would have been corrupted by the Mani Mani statue.

Ness is a Time Lord

Give me one good reason why not.
  • And the Phase Distorter III is the TARDIS.
  • Protip: if your only evidence for a WMG is "why not?", there's probably something wrong with it. For example, when he dies, he doesn't get a new body and isn't automatically resurrected.

Dr. Andonuts killed Ness and friends, and everybody else followed suit.

Dr. Andonuts tells the children (and the audience) that the Phase Distorter III is capable only of sending non-living objects through time. So, he performs a surgery to transfer what he calls the children's "brain programs" into robot bodies. Brains are complex biological structures that don't have any "programming," and it isn't possible in the 90's to make a robot that is actually sentient, has the same consciousness as something else without a brain, andcapable of psychic powers that originate from the mind and body. Using his insane "brain program" theory, Dr. Andonuts fatally damages the brains of Ness and his group during surgery, killing them. The rest of the game as we see it is one of their dying dreams. Life goes on as usual aside from the tragic loss of the four children and Dr. Andonuts most likely getting locked up, until ten years later when Giygas causes the apocalypse that kicks off the plot of Mother 3. Porky still teamed up with Giygas, however, and was still interested in kidnapping Dr. Andonuts as is canon.

Giygas exists only as a mass of psionic energy.

This is explains Giygas' state at the end of Earthbound as opposed to Earthbound Zero
  • Giygas, desperate for revenge, continues to build up his psychic abilities over time, however, Ninten may die long before Giygas becomes strong enough, and so decides to use time travel to go so far back as the formation of the world.
    • As Dr. Andonuts states: living matter can not travel backwards in time. Powerful as Giygas is, he is unaware of these consequences. In spite of his psi abilities, the journey destroys his physical body and leaves behind only his mind, which is likely in a state of dissipation, preventing Giygas from focusing on anything without the aid of the Devil's Machine.
  • Although in a time and place where Giygas can ensure he is powerful enough by the time Ninten is born, Giygas' fractured state causes him to telepathically reach out, across time and space, which no longer hinders him since he is no longer living in a strict sense, and find individuals whom he can corrupt.
  • Ness and co. go back to a point where Giygas is vulnerable, which for the sake of efficiency could mean only going back as far as need be. In this case, that would be right before Giygas can become focused enough to begin his plans anew, which is roughly when the party gets there.
    • The future Buzz Buzz alludes to is one where they fail to stop Porky from aiding Giygas, which would seem t invoke a paradox, unless one accepts one of the above WMGs that Porky was always evil and would aid Giygas regardless of Buzz Buzz's intervention.
      • Porky aids Giygas because of their similarities: Giygas could not understand his adoptive parents love for him and Porky likely never received any from his.
  • The reason Giygas' attacks are indescribable is because, as a purely psionic entity, he merely as to launch part of himself at Ness. Ness cannot understand these attacks because they do not use a natural medium. (Fire, Ice, Neon Lights/Rockin') It functions in that respect like Mind Rape. The Player can damage Giygas because the ability to break the Fourth Wall and appeal to a higher Universe trumps PSI any day.

Praying didn't kill Giygas

It was just a diversion. When the player wasn't looking, the Chosen Four beat the everloving crap out of him. And then did the same to Pokey. For a twelve days nonstop. And recorded it. And brought it back to X. Then Jeff built another time machine and they went to the year X, where they posted it on the internet. It got 12 million views.

Poo isn't really Poo when he meets Ness.

During Poo's Mu training, his ancestor was talking about taking over his mind so he won't have to think anymore. Some entity or whatnot probably took him over.
  • Uh no it didn't. And even if it did, it also took his limbs and eyes and ears, so it's clearly a metaphor.
    • Maybe it reassembled his body from what it took.

Pokey becomes Giygas

Pokey becomes Giygas like so:
  • Pokey travels through time to Mother 3 and fights Lucas, getting trapped in the Absolutely Safe Capsule.
  • The universe ends and begins, Pokey safe in the capsule, and his body still aging and the capsule damaged from the big bang. Pokey creates the Starmen somehow to repair/modify the capsule.
  • Pokey becomes Giygas and his body's aged to the point where he looks like he did in Mother. The events of Mother happen.
  • Events of Mother 2 happen. Giygas at this time no longer has a physical body, and is just a now mind, unstable and shapeless within the Absolutely Safe Capsule, which has eroded to the point where it needs to be sustained by the Devil's Machine. Pokey meets Giygas and becomes his right-hand man. Giygas, mentally unstable, only remembers Ness from all this and attempts contacting Ness before finally dying as Pokey escapes.
  • Mother 3 happens, and the loop is complete.

Poo's Mu Training is all in the mind.

His ancestor didn't really take his limbs, sight, and hearing. His mind was trained enough to simulate the pain caused by removal of the limbs, blindness, and deafness.
  • Well yes, this is made explicitly obvious within the game itself.

The crazy cultists attack you with paintbrushes because they`re trying to assimilate you into their vision.

Think about it, anything not blue in their town is painted blue to fit their grand vision. Why else would they attack you with paintbrushes unless they were trying to force you to become blue? They`re trying to convert you by force.

In a strange, twisting Stable Time Loop, Porky, Giygas, Ninten, Ness, and Lucas are all the same being.

Okay, hear me out. Just warning you, this is a bit of a mash-up of some previous guesses. (Warning: Wall of text coming up.)

Porky is the first one on the scene. Due to time travel and the aforementioned stable time loop, all the previous characters exist already, leading to the events of Earthbound and Mother 3. As in a previous WMG, Porky, after fleeing into the absolutely safe capsule, travels time for who-knows-how-many years, going insane and possibly losing his memory. He eventually travels several years into the past and is found by an alien couple who take him in, renaming him Giygas, and raising him as an alien. Eventually, "Giygas" is told to attack earth because his stepfather, George, stole their technology. Cue the events of Mother 1 and Earthbound, at the end of which, Porky is defeated twice: his far past self, thus cementing that part of the stable time loop, and his future self, this time for good. However, he didn't truly die, and again, as per a previous guess, reborn. Deviating from that original theory, he is reborn as Ninten, rather than Lucas, and given a chance at redemption by defeating his past self, leading to the events of Mother 1. As per said game, he passes the test. However, shortly after this, something happens to Ninten that puts him in a coma for a few years, and kills his family. Somehow, he survives the coma (maybe he's found by one of his friends.) When he eventually wakes up, he has become amnesiac, and is adopted by a loving family that names him Ness. Said family lives in Onett, next to the Minch family, and Ness meets Porky. The reason Ness feels any affection towards Porky (remember the Porky from Magicant) is because he is unknowingly a distant future counterpart of him. The events of Earthbound happen, and Giygas's fate is sealed. Shortly after this, however, the end of the world described by Leder in Mother 3 occurs, and Ness and his family board the White Ship. On arriving on the Nowhere Islands, Ness's family's memories are rewritten, and their physical appearances changed, lest the familiar faces reawaken their memories of the original world. Their names are changed, with Ness's name changing to Lucas, his father's to Flint, his mother's to Hinawa. Something happened to Ness's sister on the way, (maybe she died in the original world's destruction) and they adopted Claus to make up for it, in a way. All this is followed by the events of Mother 3, thus finally completing the loop.

If you actually read all that, you deserve a cookie.

The real reason that Nintendo is refusing to release the Mother games in America or Europe

Is that they're being manipulated by Giygas. After being defeated in Earthbound, there was still a small part of him left, and it went looking through dimensions for the reason he could possibly be defeated by four kids. Eventually, he came to our own. At this point, everyone could play the Mother games, including Europe and America, prompting him to travel back to the past and manipulate Nintendo. It started by stopping Mother 1 from being released in America or Europe (he left the Japanese version so that he would be born in the first place) and thus he wasn't defeated in those countries. Euphoric with this success, he let his guard down, allowing Earthbound to be released outside of Japan, in America, and thus, American audiences were able to weaken him by playing the game, and defeating him. Not willing to go back in time again, he doubled his guard, and didn't let Nintendo release Mother 3. He also began manipulating the population of America that had the game, making them sell it at rediculous prices once it became popular. However, unbenownst to him, there were several people that were willing to download the games illegally to play them, or to pay the rediculous prices. Because of this, Giygas is weakened to the point where he can't take over our own world. (That's right, kids, piracy makes everything better!) Eventually, enough people will have played and beaten the game (thus defeating him) that his grip on Nintendo will weaken to the point that they'll release them all around the world, thus introducing even more people to the series, and Giygas will be defeated for good.
  • Seems like the war against Giygas is approching its final moments then, what with a worldwide Wii U rerelease of Earthbound.
    • The war appears to be nearly done, Mother 1 was recently released worldwide on the Wii U eShop as Earthbound Beginnings.
      • And now we've got Smash Bros. DLC starring Lucas coming in- can't be a coincidence. Come on, Mother 3, come on, Mother

Ness's dad is Charles Foster Ofdenson.

It would explain how his dad is capable of giving him huge amounts of money whenever he wants it. As for why Ofdenson never mentions Ness or his family to the band, it's possible that he and Ness's mother divorced sometime after the events of Earthbound. Or the band just doesn't care, which is pretty in-character for them.

Pokey and Porky are a Split Personality.

Porky began to exist as a result of Pokey being abused by his parents, and began growing in power thanks to Giygas' corrupting influence. After Giygas is destroyed, Porky takes complete control.

Pokey's message was intended for the player, not Ness

Pokey knew there was the player after Giygas was defeated. He also knew the player would be where Ness was; so he sent the message to Ness, knowing the player would get it.

Giygas' appearance as a screaming human-like visage was not the first choice of the dev team.

Pick his in-game portrait and flip it upside down.It looks somewhat similar to his original, alien head from MOTHER 1.There is a possibility that the first design proposal was actually that, Giygas' disembodied floating head (not uncommon in depictions of otherwordly entities), a little bit distorted maybe.When this sketch was presented to Itoi, it was either erroneously showed to him upside down or he somehow felt inspired to put it that way. In any case, it struck him that the drawing looked eerily like an anguished screaming ghost. Probably with already in mind to make the game's final battle a traumatizing, jarring experience, Itoi had a few reworkings made on the image and thus, the nightmarish face haunting anyone who has ever even heard about Earthbound came to be.

Giygas' (final) appearance was also intended to resemble a galaxy.

Think about it. Giygas is an alien who's PSI powers are so vast and powerful it ripped him apart, and his visage has a spiral-like look to it. galaxies are found in outer space and are the largest structures in the universe, which contain enormous amounts of power from the billions of stars inside them; and many galaxys are even shaped like spirals. The perfect symbolic image for the ultimate interstellar overlord.

Poo and the people of Dalaam are actually biotic aliens who settled on Ness's planet.

Wording this is really awkwardahem

If you think about it, Poo is capable of using PSI, and PK Starstorm, the same one that the later editions of Starmen use. Additionally, Poo recovers ~6 HP from any food except for the Brain food lunch, which is an Elixir for him and him only. Brain food lunch. Regular Starmen drop those. Poo also gets more PP from bottles of water because Ness and company aren't so used to drinking those, while Poo's race depends on it. Poo comes out of nowhere. You eat a damn cake with "leftover" drugs, play as Poo for a while, and so on. Then he teleports to your party and says he will obey Ness. Also, Poo can equip the same equipment as the rest of the party and not get the attack or defense boosts because it's unfamiliar to him. For some reason there are armor pieces in presents around Ness's planet.

Speaking of equipment, you know the Sword of kings you have to hunt for? Starmen Supers drop those. Starmen Supers. Basically, one in units of Starmen Supers carry a sword with them (that they never attack with for some reason). Poo is very familiar with those. That's why it raises his offense and reduces his miss rate.

Poo's name furthers this theory, because "Poo" as we know itwell. Anyways, Poo in Poo's culture means something else. He also has a "Mirror" ability that turns him into an enemy for 16 turns. Or, use the Neutralizer to return Poo to normal. It's a psychic ability, and it's exclusive to him becausewell, he is a different "human" from Ness, Paula, and Jeff. The reason for the whole Mani-Mani incident in Fourside is because Giygas doesn't want Ness to eventually get Poo as a party member. Once you get him, Giygas's army finds out and retaliates by kidnapping plot-central characters who would later set up your entrance to the final dungeon. Stopping Ness from getting Poo was Giygas's last chance at victory, but Ness got him somehow, so now he tries his hardest to get his army to eliminate Ness's party. While Ness needed the last two melodies, Buzz Buzz also mentioned "3 boys and 1 girl" defeating Giygasthat last "boy" is Poo, and boy is he incredibly useful.

Poo is willing to serve Ness because he knows Ness will defeat Giygas. Poo's race is pacifist. They use their powers for good. In short, Poo is a Rebel Scum extraterrestrial but they don't tell you that.

Pokey is a Nephandus who serves Giygas, a powerful minion of the Wyrm

At some point in the game, Pokey Awakens and joins the Nephandi. The Devil Machine is a caul, inhabited by an insane Wyrm-creature named Giygas. The Chosen Four are Traditions mages who take down the creature and escape the caul before they can become corrupted.

The voice during the Coffee/Tea Sequence was what was left of Giygas rational mind.

Don't get me wrong it was gonna destroy humanity regardless, but after finding out what Pokey was gonna do to it to achieve it, it rather died. So it gave Ness and the gang the hints to destroy it.

Paula Jones is related to Mike Jones from StarTropics

They both have naturally developed psychic powers and the same last name so it has to be true. They both fight alien invasions by time traveling too.
  • Jones being her last name is not canon.

Pokey's main gripe with Ness is that he has a better set of parents

It's fairly obvious from the get-go that one major driving force behind Pokey's hatred of Ness is jealousy, and I think this is the root of it. He makes two comments to Ness during the adventure making fun of his good relationship with his mother ("Why not say 'Goodbye' to your mom?" and "Why not call your mommy, Ness?"), and well, we all know how bullies typically take out jealousy. Not very plot-relevant stuff or anything, but it's an interesting thing to take into account when analyzing his character in the third game.

Giygas is a demon.

There have been cases of alien abductions being stopped by invoking Jesus' name. Giygas is supposedly an alien. What's his one weakness? PRAYER.

Giygas wins, and brings eternal darkness to the universe through Porky in Mother 3

Think about it, a lot of Giygas's actions don't really seems to add up, especially in the end, he traveled into the past, but by doing so and increasing his power he had to be locked in the Devil's Machine, which kept him stable yet trapped, and the machine could only be switched off from the outside!Giygas did see his inevitable death in the Apple of Enlightenment, but also his inevitable success in bringing about the apocalypse, Giygas was not trying to defy fate, he was embracing it. He went through these elaborate plans because his actions would bring about the apocalypse through Porkyin Mother 3. Giygas brainwashes Porky, Porky gets access to an unshielded time traveling machine, goes into the past, and gets corrupted, ultimately Ness and friends kill Giygas, but Porky is already corrupted by evil, starts abusing time travel, and ends up on the Dark Dragon island in Mother 3, there through his actions he forces Lucas to release the Dark Dragon and what happens at the end of Mother 3? Absolute Darkness. Yes, all the Mother 3 characters are safe, but it's still a world, and possibly a universe, of complete and utter darkness. With the exception of Lucas and his friends and family, he brings about the apocalypse of total darkness Giygas wins.

Ness, Jeff and Paula are the reincarnations of Ninten, Lloyd ans Ana

Not only they look alike but Ana seems to have a strong bond with the boys before she get to meet them. Also it would explain why Gyigas announced to Ninten that They will meet againat the end of Mother.

The Psychic Psycho enemy is actually a person who failed to defeat Giygas.

It seems that they have gone crazy because of their psychic powers. Maybe they set out on a quest to defeat Giygas and failed because they were not the chosen one. Or maybe that's why Ness and his friends have PP. If they overgo their limits they go crazy like the Psychic Psycho.
  • Or worse, go crazy like Giygas

Jeff can stay awake through the night thanks to a hidden PSI ability.

When you think about it, even though some people can pull all-nighters, they certainly wouldn't be fully awake during them, and as healthy in the morning as someone who'd had a full night's sleep; they also certainly wouldn't be able to focus enough to create the complex machinery that Jeff makes, especially after several nights in a row. And yet, Jeff somehow manages it. How? PSI!

Jeff is actually a PSI user, but is simply unaware of it. The reason is mostly owing to his only PSI ability, an unusual variation of the Healing/Lifeup powers that is able to replace sleep, keeping him rested and focused even when he hasn't slept for days on end. The ability only uses a small amount of PP to maintain itself, and can be turned 'on' or 'off'. When it's on, it uses PP at the same rate as Jeff naturally regains it; without leaving it off long enough to build up a good-sized PP reserve, the PP usage will use all of Jeff's available PP before it can even register as being restored. In other words, it cancels out his ability to regain PP without outside help, and because of that he never has any spare PP to use other PSI abilities. Because of this, Jeff is left unaware that he even has PSI. Since he isn't aware of his PSI abilities, he isn't able to turn his sleep-replacing ability off. It isn't until after the events of Earthbound that he realizes there's something strange about his magical all-nighters, and realizes that he had PSI the entire time. Understandably, he's rather put-out by the realization that his no-PSI angst was for nothing.

But, then, why doesn't he recover PSI through other means, like hot springs or Magic Tarts? Well, after having his PSI ability turned on for nearly his whole life, the ability has adjusted to needing to use all of Jeff's available PP to maintain itself. So, by the time the game rolls around, any extra PP Jeff gains is immediately used up in one go. So rather than filling his PSI reserves, he gets a sudden burst of energy instead. This ends up being one of the big tip-offs for his PSI abilities being discovered. After gaining the ability to turn the ability off, he can regain PP like normal so long as it isn't on. It takes a while afterwords to re-adjust the ability so that it doesn't immediately consume all of his PP.

PSI Rockin

PSI Rockin is the Ness using the power of whatever thing he loves the most, and using it to attack the enemies. The different power levels are dependent on the thing you chose, but for the default Rockin they are better and better rock songs.

Giygas is a Howler.

Both are Obliviously Evil, childlike creatures with tremendous attack powers and menacing black and red appearance. Both are nigh-impossible to beat in straight-up combat. The world's prayers ultimately aren't what defeats Giygas; rather, the fight illustrates what would happen if Crayak didn't immediately shut down the Howlers upon the first sign of trouble, and Paula's prayers and The Power of Love make it through to Giygas's mind, destroying him. In this analogy Pokey is the Drode. They act basically exactly the same.

While in Magicant, your "avatar" is the simplest means to represent you.

At least with what the original Mother 2 implies. In Ness's case, people might not necessarily recognize him with his striped shirt and pants and remember him solely as "the kid with the red baseball hat," and thus he appears only with his hat.

Pokey is Porky's actual name.

Pokey is his birth name, while Porky is a derogatory nickname the neighborhood kids gave him. Porky decided to embrace the nickname and go with the whole pig angle as a way to constantly remind himself of his ultimate goal: To get rid of all the people who don't like him.

Ness did not need to collect the 8 melodies in order to accomplish his goal.

What long term things do you get out of the 8 melodies? A trip to Ness's Magicant. What do you get out of finishing Magicant? PK Rockin Omega, and a huge stat boost, neither of which are required to defeat Giygas. So why did Ness need to collect the 8 melodies?
  • The power boost was probably important In-Universe but it's limited by the video game stats to not make Ness too OP. RPG stats should never be taken too seriously when it come to quantifying characters power level. Also you need to attack Giygas for the first phase, then Paula needs to pray because Giygas is stronger than what the heroes planned (They specifically travelled in time to fight a weaker Giygas). Also PK Rockin' Omega is gained trough leveling, no with Magicant.

The Mani Mani Statue knew Paula would be the one to defeat Giygas.

Paula is kidnapped twice in the game, by Mr. Carpainter and Monotoli, what else do these two men have in common? The Mani Mani Statue. The Statue knew Paula to be the true weakness of Giygas and tried to get her out of the way, but Ness and Jeff destroyed it before Paula could become a human sacrifice

Mr. Carpainter is The Antichrist.

Carpainter is a carpenter who started a religion, and he is implied to be of Jewish descent (he appears to wear a yarmulke on his head). In his pre-battle quote, he jokingly says that Ness can be his left hand rather than his right hand. Does this sound familiar? Carpainter also kidnapped Paula, who may or may not be a Christian, and planned to sacrifice her, implying that Carpainter and Happy Happyism are opposed to Christianity and want to destroy it.

Giygas is Satan.

Giygas was once a slender and elegant alien until his hatred mutated him into a far more terrifying form. He was also locked into a barren place filled with powerful monsters, some of them even being dead (such as the Ghost of Starman). Not to mention that Giygas possesses people and makes them far more prone to doing horrible things, and manipulates them into becoming far more materialistic and increases their desires of the flesh. Finally, Giygas can only be defeated by praying.

The In-Universe reason why Ness looks like Ninten is because Ness saw Ninten in pictures and idolized him.

Now, it&#;s pretty ambiguous when exactly X is, but for the sake of simplicity in this WMG let&#;s say it&#;s the first half of the decade. EarthBound Beginnings is set in , and Ness is 13 at the start of EarthBound, so he&#;d be when EarthBound Beginnings happened, which is around the time kids pick out what clothes they want instead of their parents. We also see his younger self in Magicant with a different hat and shirt. I think Ninten was in newspapers for driving away Giegue&#;s influence, and Ness looked up to him for that and decided to dress like him.

Ness is partiallyJapanese, or at least whatever the Earthbound equivalent would be.

While this doesn't show up on the clay models for whatever reason, the complexion of Ness's in-game sprites is noticeably similar to Poo's, who's explicitly of an Tibetan-esque ethnic group belonging to Chommo, the game's version of Asia. His black hair could also be from his Japanese-side, but it's probable that his father isn't fully Japanese, given Tracy still has her mother's unadulterated blond hair.

Ness having partial Japanese-equivalent ancestry would explain why he doesn't seem to bat much of an eye at Japanese-specific culturally phenomena, at least in the MOTHER 2 version— he understands what a daruma otoshi is, he just cares about getting it out of the way. This being true would also have presented Japanese players in with a paradoxically But Not Too ForeignAll-American protagonist. A Japanese-American, or, er, Japanese-Eaglelander, he'd have both a cultural connection to the player but also a grounding in the Eagleland of, erm, Eagleland.

Giygas is the demonic manifestation of Hospital Guy.

Think of it this way: Hospital Guy was the one who murdered the woman, thus leaving Shigesato Itoitraumatized, inspiring the creation of Giygas. When Hospital Guy would have died in prison after the events of the movie, his soul would have lived on. Giygas, being inspired by the murder scene in said movie, is therefore the demonic reincarnationof Hospital Guy's soul, years after his death.


For fighter info, see Ness (SSB), Ness (SSBM), Ness (SSBB), Ness (SSB4), and Ness (SSBU).

Ness (ネス, Ness) is the main character of the cult classic SNES RPG EarthBound, the most successful game in the Mother/EarthBound franchise. As a member of the "perfect-attendance crew", Ness has been featured as a playable character throughout the entire Super Smash Bros. series. He appears as the sole fighter of both the game and the series in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee. He appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. 4, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alongside fellow EarthBound fighter Lucas, who hails from Mother 3. In all five games, Makiko Ōmoto voices Ness in English with a false American accent.


Ness's in-game sprite from EarthBound, the basis of his appearance in the original Super Smash Bros.

In EarthBound, Ness is a courageous, kind, and helpful boy from the fictional town of Onett, located in north-western Eagleland. His favorite food is steak and his signature PSI move, named for his favorite thing, is PSI Rockin. He possesses strong psychic powers, and in the year X, utilizes his abilities to defeat an alien invasion by the forces of Giygas, the villain of EarthBound Beginnings. Ness is the successor to Ninten, the hero of EarthBound Beginnings, sharing a very similar design and some abilities; however, the two are distinct characters.

On a dark night in the year X, Ness gets woken up by a meteorite crash. He investigates the crash site, where he meets his neighbor Porky Minch and an alien named Buzz Buzz. Buzz Buzz tells him that he is the boy who will save the world, and sends him on a mission to collect the Eight Melodies that tie together the Earth's power. He is joined in this quest by Paula, Jeff, and Poo. By recording and collecting the Eight Melodies using his Sound Stone, Ness gains access to the realm of Magicant within his mind and unlocks the power necessary to defeat Giygas.

Although capable of wielding several types of weapons, such as slingshots and yo-yos, Ness's signature weapon is a baseball bat. Ness's PSI powers include PK Flash, PSI Rockin, Lifeup, and a variety of status moves. Several PSI techniques used by Paula and Poo (PK Fire, PK Thunder, PSI Magnet, and PK Starstorm) would be borrowed by Ness for combat in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Five years after the release of EarthBound, Ness would make an unexpected appearance in Super Smash Bros. and continue to be playable in the series, carrying his legacy. Ness's appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series have considerably boosted his public image. His appearance in the very first Super Smash Bros. took fans by surprise, but his inclusion was massively applauded; thus, he's been in every Smash installment since. Through the Super Smash Bros. series, Ness became more or less a mainstream character in gaming culture rather than remaining a curious cult character of Nintendo's '90s days who would be known only to the highly devoted Nintendo fandom.

In Super Smash Bros.[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Ness (SSB)

Official artwork of Ness from Super Smash Bros.

Ness was a bit of surprise addition to the roster for the original Super Smash Bros. Many players had never expected such an obscure character to turn up in the game, which seems to be reflected in-game; he is a secret character, unlocked by completing the 1P Game on a difficulty of Normal or higher, using three lives or less and no continues. Strangely, none of Ness's special moves are his own; his special attacks, the PSI Magnet, PK Fire and PK Thunder, (B + Down, B and B + Up, respectively), were originally used by one of his party allies, Paula in EarthBound. A possible explanation for this discrepancy is offered in the sequel to this game, Super Smash Bros. Melee, which states that Paula may have taught him these techniques. Ness is ranked 10th out of 12 on the current tier list.

In-game description:

Ness was a seemingly-average kid from Onett, but in truth, he was destined for much more. When a strange meteorite landed near his hometown, the little boy with psychic powers set out to save the world. Little has been said of Ness' character, and much remains hidden.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Ness (SSBM)

Ness as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Ness returns in Super Smash Bros. Melee, though this time as a default character. He keeps all of his special moves and, as all other veterans, gains a fourth one: PK Flash, which is assigned as his neutral special move. PK Flash is Ness's first "true" special attack, as his other special moves were not used by him in EarthBound. PK Fire was also changed to Ness's side special.

During the development of Melee, Ness was going to be cut as a playable character and replaced with Lucas, the protagonist of Mother 3. However, as a result of the cancellation of Mother 3 for the Nintendo 64, Ness instead returned as a veteran fighter.

Ness was mostly nerfed from Smash 64 to Melee, similar to Kirby, and Pikachu, and arguably Yoshi. One major reason is his very weak grab range. Though his nerfs were not as drastic as Kirby's, his tournament representation is weak and his viability is still poor. He is ranked 23rd out of 26 on the tier list in D tier, somewhat lower than his placement in the original Super Smash Bros.


Main article: List of SSBM trophies (EarthBound series)

Ness is a young boy who's mastered the psychic power known as PSI. Ness was living a normal life in the suburbs of Onett until a meteor crashed into a nearby mountain and sent him on a wild adventure. Believing in the ultimate powers of wisdom, courage, and friendship, Ness proves that some heroes come in small packages.
Ness [Smash]
The key to mastering Ness is controlling his unique midair jump, which makes up for what he lacks in speed. His PK Flash attack may seem weak at first glance, but it grows more powerful the longer you hold down the B Button. To do a lot of damage with PK Fire, try to burn your opponent as many times as possible.
  • B: PK Flash
  • Smash B: PK Fire
Ness [Smash]
Ness' mind is his best weapon. PK Thunder is a PSI missile weapon that can be guided using the Control Stick, and if Ness hits himself with it, he turns into a living missile capable of doing massive damage. This move can also be used for recovery. PSI Magnet turns energy missile attacks into health; try out certain Pokémon for stamina replenishment.
  • Up & B: PK Thunder
  • Down & B: PSI Magnet
  • Ness [Classic Mode] trophy

  • Ness [Smash, Adventure Mode] trophy

  • Ness [Smash, All-Star Mode] trophy

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Ness (SSBB)

Ness as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

On January 20, , Edible, a GameFAQs member, made a topic in the site's Brawl message board about an official trailer on the Japanese Wii website that leaked Ness (as well as Lucario and Jigglypuff) being playable characters in the game. In this screenshot taken of the video, a Ness icon can clearly be seen in the lower right hand corner when the Claus sticker is selected, confirming Ness's return as a playable character. The video in question can be viewed here.

Ness returns as an unlockable fighter in Brawl after a brief stint as a starter character in Melee. Ness was officially revealed to be a playable character in Brawl on February 1st, , the day after Brawl came out in Japan.

Ness is currently ranked 26th on the tier list in D tier, being buffed from Melee, with a general increase in the power and speed of his attacks and a vastly superior grab. However, he gained a major flaw in the additional 10 frames of lag he gets when grab released, making him very vulnerable to grab release combos, most infamously the zero-to-death grab releases from Marth and Donkey Kong.


Main article: List of SSBB trophies (EarthBound series)

The Ness trophy in Brawl.
An average boy whose life changed when he found a meteor and an alien on a nearby mountain. The alien warned him of a future threat, and adventure ensued. He can use energy known as PSI and also wields a bat and yo-yo. This brave youth gives his all to defeat the evil Giygas.
SNES: EarthBound(Japan and US Only)
N64: Super Smash Bros.


Brawl Sticker Ness (EarthBound).png

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Ness (SSB4)

Ness as he appears in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Ness was leaked as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4 via the ESRB leak, and later through streams. He remains an unlockable character in the 3DS game, but is part of the starting roster on Wii U, making it the first game since Super Smash Bros. Melee where Ness appears as a starter character. He also sports an updated appearance and all new voice clips.

Ness currently ranks 28th out of 55 on the tier list (being tied with Lucas), making this his highest tier placement to date. He has been heavily buffed from his Brawl incarnation, with not only his extra grab release frames removed, but also the general changes brought about by SSB4, such as the removal of hitstun cancelling and edge-hogging, proving beneficial to him as well, as now he possesses an efficient and strong aerial combo game, and he can more easily recover with PK Thunder, since he can grab hold of an edge regardless of whether or not an opponent is hanging from it. Slamming into a wall during PK Thunder 2 no longer leaves Ness immediately helpless, as he is now capable of initiating PK Thunder a second time, and PK Thunder's projectile now goes through opponents until its "tail" leaves Ness' body, improving his overall recovery further. Yet, his reliance on using PK Thunder to recover is still susceptible to being intercepted and foiled, especially by newcomers Rosalina and Villager. Nonetheless, as a result of his vast improvement from the three previous games, Ness has gained decent results in tournaments.


North AmericaHailing from Onett, a small town in Eagleland, this young boy's ordinary looks hide his psychic powers. Ness fought against the evil Giygas in Earthbound, and in Smash Bros. he unleashes some of the same PSI moves. Watch out for PK Thunder, a guided attack that can also launch Ness like a rocket!
EuropeFrom Onett in Eagleland comes this young lad. He may not look like much, but he has powerful psychic abilities, and they really come in handy in EarthBound. They come in handy in this game, too. Did you know you can control his PK Thunder bolt? Aim it at Ness himself to send him flying, absolutely clobbering anyone in his path!
Ness (Alt.)
North AmericaNess may have psychic powers, but that doesn't mean he shies away from getting physical. His side smash packs a real punch if you hit enemies with the end of his bat, and it can even deflect projectiles! His up and down smashes also have a lot of range-Ness can land his strikes with ease!
EuropeNess may have psychic powers, but that doesn't mean he shies away from getting physical. His side smash packs a real punch if you hit enemies with the end of his bat, and it can even reflect projectiles! His up and down smashes have a lot of range, meaning when you play as Ness, it's always easy to land hits on your foes!

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Ness (SSBU)

Ness as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ness returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ness retains his status as an unlockable character like in SSB, Brawl and Smash 3DS. Many of his attacks now feature effects that are more reminiscent of the EarthBound games, such as PK Fire having diamond-shaped PSI effects. Paula and Poo now accompany him for his Final Smash. As the first character in Kirby’s unlock tree, he can potentially be the first character to be unlocked.

Ness was greatly buffed in his transition to Ultimate, with his speed and power increased. The return of directional air dodges provides Ness with a reliable mixup in place of PK Thunder for a safer recovery. Not only do his up and down yo-yo smash attacks function the way they did prior to SSB4, but they now also hang off ledges providing him with a new powerful edge-guarding technique. His special moves have also been improved with PK Flash no longer making him helpless, PK Fire having less endlag, PK Thunder dealing more damage and knockback, and PSI Magnet receiving a damaging hitbox.

Overall, Ness has achieved some very positive tournament results in the early metagame of Ultimate, with many professional players such as&#;ESAM,&#;Marss,&#;and&#;Void&#;considering him to be a high tier character.


In other languages[edit]


  • Starting in Melee, the texture on Ness' yo-yo says the release year, with Melee's saying "HALLAB NINTENDO DOLPHIN LOOP". In Brawl, this was changed to "SUPER NINTENDO MOTHER"; in SSB4, the digits were changed to , and in Ultimate, they were changed to
  • The "PK" prefix in most of Ness's (as well as Lucas's) special moves originates from EarthBound Beginnings, where it is used to denote PSI moves that directly inflict damage on an enemy (thus, PSI Magnet is excluded due to being unable to do so, barring customization). All instances of "PK" were changed to "PSI" in EarthBound for unknown reasons.
    • However, in Ultimate, PSI Magnet gained a hitbox, making its name technically incorrect.
  • Ness is the only character that has been in all five Smash games, yet has only been playable in one game outside of the series.
    • Ness is also one of four characters whose three-dimensional appearances are only in Smash, the others being Lucas, the Ice Climbers, and Duck Hunt. Mr. Game & Watch does not count since there wasn't an actual character named Mr. Game & Watch in the Game & Watch series; additionally, Mr. Game & Watch is coded to be two-dimensional (though his actual model is three-dimensional).
  • While Ness' game (EarthBound) was released in North America and takes place in a stand-in for America, his in-game voice in Smash Bros. has a Japanese accent, whereas Lucas, whose game (Mother 3) was released only in Japan, speaks using an American one.
  • Ness's "OK!" taunt is based on a voice line in EarthBound, prompted once the player confirms a name given to something when creating a new save file, saying OKですか (Is it OK?). The line was provided by Shigesato Itoi during the game's development, after his voice was being unknowingly recorded. It also appears in Mother 3 with the exact same purpose.
  • Ness was considered being replaced by Lucas in Melee, and Jigglypuff was considered to be cut in Melee and Brawl[1], making them the only known members of the "Original 12" that were considered being cut at certain points in the development of subsequent games in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Ness and Captain Falcon were the first characters to debut as unlockable characters before becoming starters in the next game.
  • Prior to the addition of Terry Bogard in Ultimate, Ness and Captain Falcon were the only characters to be voiced by Japanese actors and speak English in all language tracks.
  • Whenever Ness is an unlockable character, he is always the first one to be unlocked from playing Vs. Mode (excluding Smash 64, which does not feature this method of unlocking characters).
  • Not counting Brawl's lineup, Ness is the only character to be unlockable in the first Smash game to appear in all the opening movies.
  • Brawl and Super Smash Bros 4. are the only games in which Ness is not seen holding his baseball bat in his portrait.
  • Ness, Lucas and Min Min are the only characters to have a reflector outside of special moves. Coincidentally, all three are a smash attack.



Name earthbound last ness

New Game

Flavor Country

When you start a new game in MOTHER 2, you first get to choose how fast the text will display. Next, you choose Stereo or Mono sound. After this, you get to choose the window type. Here is a list of the types to choose from:

MOTHER 2EarthBound
PlainPlain flavor
MintMint flavor
StrawberryStrawberry flavor
BananaBanana flavor
NutPeanut flavor

Note that MOTHER 2 doesn&#;t mention the idea of a window &#;flavor&#;.

Many Alphabets

You then get to choose your characters&#; names. In MOTHER 2, you&#;re allowed to use 3 different character sets: hiragana, katakana, and the roman alphabet:

In EarthBound, the Japanese characters sets were removed, and an uppercase and lowercase English character set were implemented. Some small punctuation and miscellaneous characters were changed around too.

Default Names

If you&#;re too lazy to think of a name, both MOTHER 2 and EarthBound have a set of default names to choose from for each character/food/etc.

Default Names for Ness

MOTHER 2EarthBound
Sit UpLane

Default Names for Paula

MOTHER 2EarthBound

Default Names for Jeff

MOTHER 2EarthBound

Default Names for Poo

MOTHER 2EarthBound
Kinopio (Toad in the U.S.)Aziz
Roll OverLado

Default Names for Ness&#; Dog

MOTHER 2EarthBound
(To go for a) WalkMisty

Default Names for Ness&#; Favorite Food

MOTHER 2EarthBound
Salisbury SteakSteak
Honey Pie (in the literal sense)Cake
Dog FoodSalmon

Default Names for Ness&#; Favorite Thing

MOTHER 2EarthBound
Fighting SpiritRockin

Interesting default names. I wonder why EarthBound didn&#;t have all those Super Mario characters.

Anyway, you&#;ll notice several things about the sets of names. One set contains Beatles-related stuff. For some interesting info on that, see this video.

Another set of names is commands you say to dogs.

Another set has ape-related names, because APE was involved in the game&#;s creation.

Another set contains the names of members from SMAP, a mega-popular Japanese boy band. SMAP is really hard to describe, but basically, if you ever so much as step foot in Japan, you&#;ll have already encountered them in some form. Even just looking in Japan&#;s direction, you&#;ll probably see them. They&#;re EVERYWHERE, even a decade and a half later.

Incidentally, Kimura Takuya of SMAP played the older brother in the MOTHER 2 commercials. Here are some videos and images for reference:

Commercial 1
Commercial 2

Commercial 3

MOTHER 2 magazine ad

MOTHER 2 in-store poster

This section of the EarthBound Legends of Localization book also includes:

  • A look at Nintendo&#;s multiple & inconsistent spellings of &#;EarthBound&#;
  • Details behind Japanese&#;s three main writing systems, and why Shigesato Itoi purposely only uses two in the MOTHER games
  • The real inspiration behind the name &#;Ness&#;
  • Further details about SMAP
  • The reason the Beatles names were dropped from EarthBound&#;s localization
EarthBound – Episode 11: The Second Step

Ness (EarthBound)

Fictional character and the protagonist of EarthBound (Mother 2)

Ness (Japanese: ネス, Hepburn: Nesu) is a fictional character in the Motherrole-playing video games published by Nintendo, created by Japanese video game designerShigesato Itoi. His first appearance was in the Super NES game EarthBound (known as Mother 2 in Japan), the second game in the series, in which he serves as the game's main playableprotagonist. He also appears as a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games where he is voiced by Makiko Ohmoto.

Ness is depicted as a thirteen-year-old[i] boy residing in the fictional town of Onett in Eagleland who has psychic abilities referred to as PSI. In EarthBound, Ness teams up with several other characters to battle Giygas, the main antagonist of the game and a recurring character in the series.

Conception and creation[edit]

Ness is the protagonist of EarthBound,[a][4] the second game in the three-part Mother series.[5] Upon lackluster sales in North America, EarthBound became the first and only game in the series at the time to receive an English-language release, and, subsequently, became a cult classic. The game presents a humorous parody of American culture and the role-playing video game genre.[6]

Ness was created by Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the EarthBound series, who intended the character to be like an actual person: "I wanted to create a game (EarthBound) with real characters; characters whom players would recognize in the people around them."[7] but, Ness inclusion in Super Smash Bros. series made him more recognizable to the fighting game instead of his original game.[8] Ness's name is a reference to "NES", the abbreviation for the Nintendo Entertainment System.[9] In EarthBound, the player is able to rename all playable characters including Ness before beginning the game's story. Itoi has stated that by doing so, it allows the players themselves to decide if Ness is the same character as Ninten, the main protagonist of Mother, the previous game in the series.[9] Ness's favorite food and favorite thing are also decided by the player, although by default, his favorite thing is "Rockin", and his favorite food is "Steak". In the Japanese release of EarthBound, players could choose other default names for Ness, one of which was John (in reference to The Beatles'John Lennon). Players could also choose Honey Pie as their favourite food and LOVE as their favourite thing (in reference to The Beatles songs "Honey Pie" and "All You Need Is Love").[10] Players could also choose the default name Mario, based on the Mario series'star of the same name.[10]



Ness appears in EarthBound as the main playable protagonist, living in the town Onett in Eagleland. Ness possesses extremely powerful PSI abilities latent from birth that develop as the game progresses. Ness primarily utilizes baseball bats as offensive weapons against enemies.[ii] At the beginning of the game's story, a meteorite crash-lands near Ness's house. Upon inspecting the crash site Ness meets a time-traveling alien called Buzz-Buzz, who states that Ness is the "chosen one" that can defeat the entity named Giygas,[11] who in the near future destroys the universe. In order to prepare for the battle against Giygas, Buzz-Buzz instructs Ness to travel to eight sanctuaries in different areas of Eagleland, where he can absorb their psychic energies in order to unite his power with that of the Earth. During his journey, Ness teams up with Paula and Poo, who also possess PSI, and Jeff, a boy-genius. Ness's next-door neighbor Pokey Minch, however, allies with Giygas and antagonizes Ness throughout the game.[12]

After Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo visit all eight sanctuaries, Ness falls unconscious and enters Magicant, a realm within his mind.[13] There, Ness vanquishes a personification of his evil thoughts. Ness's mind then clears, causing his psychic powers to unite with each of the eight sanctuaries and greatly expand.[14] Ness, now fueled with unlimited power, awakens, after which the four characters learn that to battle Giygas they must time travel to the past. The four-time travel to the past using a time machine built by Jeff's father Doctor Andonuts, where they confront Giygas and Pokey. Giygas is defeated but Pokey flees. The four characters return to the present, and the game ends with Ness returning home.[15]

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Ness appears as a playable fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series. Though EarthBound sold poorly in the United States, Ness became popular through his addition to the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series roster,[6] where he appeared in all five games: the original Super Smash Bros. and its sequels Melee,[16]Brawl,[17]3DS/Wii U,[18] and Ultimate.[19]

In these games, Ness possesses PSI attacks used by Paula and Poo in EarthBound. The character Mr. Saturn appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which could be thrown at enemies and otherwise pushes items off the battlefield.[20] The description of a collectible trophy depicting Paula states that she had taught her attack techniques to Ness, including the PSI attacks known as "PK Thunder" and "PK Fire".[21] He can also use a PK Flash, a move that he uses in EarthBound. He was originally going to be replaced by Lucas, the main protagonist of EarthBound's sequel Mother 3, in Melee but was brought back after Mother 3's Nintendo 64 release was ultimately cancelled.[22] Ness returned in Super Smash Bros. Brawl,[23][24] along with items, characters, settings,[25] and villains from Mother 3, along with a new move as his version of the new "Final Smash" move (Poo's "PK Starstorm").[26] Ness returned again in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[19] Ness is voiced by Makiko Ohmoto who also voices Kirby.


IGN called Ness "one of the biggest surprise additions to the original Super Smash Bros. lineup."[27] He was voted by fans as the second favorite character in that game.[28] Fans of Ness were anticipating a reveal of Ness for Super Smash Bros. Brawl; the reveal of Lucas as well as the similarities between their moves in the Super Smash Bros. series, however, caused fans to worry.[29] IGN expected that Ness would be cut from Brawl as a result of Lucas' inclusion, declaring "But we'd love to be wrong about that."[30] Thomas East from Official Nintendo Magazine ranked him eighth on his list of "Smash Bros characters who need to be dropped for Wii U and 3DS", explaining "Ness was considered to be an obscure choice back in , it is perhaps more of a surprise that he is still hanging around."[31] Russ Frushtick of UGO Networks stated that Ness was cool because "Ness' childlike appearance belies his potent psychic abilities."[32] The same site later placed Ness' baseball cap on the ninth spot on its "Top 30" list of "The Coolest Helmets and Headgear in Video Games", and also ranked him as the 45th best kid in video games in their "Top 50", with the writer Marissa Meli saying "he is the best RPG star of all time".[33][34] He was named as the 17th best Nintendo character of all time by GameDaily.[35] A fan animator made a Super Smash Bros mini series about Ness story campaign.[36]

Ness was among the biggest surprise inclusions in the original Super Smash Bros.,[20] which gave Mother series fans "hope for the future".[37] His spot in the game was actually intended for Mother 3 protagonist Lucas, but the developers later fit Ness into the character design[38] when Mother 3 was delayed.[39] In the original game, some characters had move sets imported from their own games, while move sets for characters like Ness had to be invented.[40] Ness was a hidden character and had odd controls, but IGN wrote that he was "one of the most powerful characters" when players perfected his psychic power move set.[20] In Europe, which did not see an EarthBound release, Ness was better known for his role in the fighting game than for his original role in the role-playing game.[41]Screen Rant ranked Ness as 3rd most Worthless overpowered character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[42] Gavin Jasper of Den of Geek ranked Ness as 63rd of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters, criticizing his abilities, and claiming that the cries of Ness in the game is the worst.[43]

Thomas East of the Official Nintendo Magazine blog suggested in that Ness should be removed from future versions of the fighting game due to his lack of popularity.[41] Ness was rated 14th most overpowered character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate by Polygon.[44] A variety of merchandise depicting Ness have been produced by Nintendo; this merchandise includes a figurine,[45] and an amiibo.[46]


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