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Goodman 2 Ton 14 Seer 60K BTU 80% AC/Gas System GMESAN


GSX (Condenser)

The Goodman® GSZ14 14 SEERHeat Pump uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant RA and features operating sound levels that are among the best in the heating and cooling industry. RA is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer. With its 14 SEER rating, the GSZ14 will help reduce energy consumption throughout the life of the system.

Standard Features

  • RA chlorine-free refrigerant
  • High-efficiency scroll compressor
  • SmartShift® technology to ensure quiet reliable defrost
  • Factory-installed bi-flow liquid-line filter drier
  • Factory-installed suction-line accumulator
  • Factory-installed compressor crankcase heater
  • Factory-installed high-capacity muffler
  • High- and low-pressure switches
  • Service valves with sweat connections and easy access to gauge ports
  • Copper tube/enhanced aluminum fin coil
  • Fully charged for 15’ of tubing length
  • Contactor with lug connection
  • Ground lug connection
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed

CAPFA6 (Evaporator Coil)

The Goodman® CAPF Cased Upflow/Downflow Indoor Coils are made for split system air conditioners and heat pumps. The coil’s cabinet is painted Architectural Gray.

Standard Features

  • Suitable for use with RA and R refrigerants
  • Rust-proof, high-temperature, thermoplastic drain pans feature a low water-retention design
  • Available with check flowrater expansion device for heat pump or cooling-only applications
  • Rifled tubing and corrugated aluminum fin coils
  • Foil-faced insulation

Cabinet Features

  • High-quality post-paint cabinet
  • Split-seam front for easy access

GMESAN (Furnace)

The Goodman GMESAN is a ton single-stage, multi-speed gas furnace with a patented aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger and high-efficiency hot surface ignition system. This means you get comfort and cost savings from this energy saving furnace. You set the multi-speed motor to operate at the level most comfortable for you and your home. This furnace has a rating of up to 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), meaning that 80 cents of every dollar of heating energy expense heats your home, compared to some older central heating systems which can be rated at only 60% AFUE.

Furnace Features

  • Operates as a natural gas furnace out of the box, and can be easily converted to a propane furnace with optional propane conversion kit.
  • Corrosion-resistant, aluminized-steel tubular furnace heat exchanger
  • Furnace is designed for multi-position installation – Goodman GMES8: upflow, horizontal right or left; Goodman GDS8: dedicated downflow
  • Energy-saving, reliable hot surface ignition system with Goodman furnace patented adaptive learning algorithm to maximize igniter life
  • Aluminized steel inshot gas furnace burners
  • Energy-saving PSC, multi-speed, direct drive blower motor
  • Quiet, corrosion-resistant induced draft furnace blower assembly
  • Integrated Goodman furnace control with diagnostics
  • Low voltage terminal blocks
  • Multiple flame roll-out switches, blower door safety switch, outlet air-limit switch and pressure switch for proof of combustion air
  • 40VA transformer for heating and air conditioning control service
  • Combination redundant gas valve and regulator
  • A rotating combustion air blower (Goodman GMS8) that provides the option of venting the furnace through the top, right-hand side or left-hand side
  • Completely assembled, factory run-tested furnace for heating or combination heating/cooling application
  • Furnace has heavy-gauge, reinforced, fully insulated steel cabinet with durable baked-enamel finish
  • Attractive architectural gray paint finish
  • Heater’s foil-face insulation lines the heat exchanger compartment
  • Coil and furnace fit flush for easy installation
  • Convenient left or right connection for gas and electric service
  • Bottom or side air inlet (Goodman GMS8)
  • Removable, solid-bottom block off


Condenser: W26″ x D26″ x H27 1/2″

Cased Coil: W14″ x D21 1/8″ x H22″

Furnace: W14″ x D23″ x H33 3/8″


Links to Manufacturer Documents

Condenser Spec Sheets
Gas Furnace Spec Sheets
Cased Coil Spec Sheets

Condenser Consumer Brochure
Gas Furnace Consumer Brochure
Cased Coil Consumer Brochure

Additional information

Weight lbs



2 Ton


80% Furnace



System Type

Complete Split Systems, Split System Gas Furnace

Brand Name


Sours: https://godirectappliance.com/product/goodmantonseerk-btuacgas-system-gmsan/

, BTU Natural Gas Furnace System

Wholesale Furnace Systems Buying Guide

Gas furnaces use gas to heat your home. In order to find the perfect furnace for your space, you will first need to calculate the square footage of your home in order to estimate how many BTUs the furnace will need to possess, whether you want standard or high efficiency, and what orientation the furnace will need to be. 

Here is how to find the proper tonnage for your gas furnace:

Warmest climates: BTUs per square foot

Warm climates: BTUs per square foot

Mild climates: BTUs per square foot

Cold climates: BTUs per square foot

Coldest climates: BTUs per square foot

You have chosen a , BTU gas furnace system.

You’ll need to decide which orientation you’d like to choose for your gas furnace. We offer downflow horizontal or upflow horizontal models. Upflow furnaces are often installed in the basement or in the closet, where the ductwork is located above the level of installation. Contrarily, downflow systems are installed in crawl spaces or in areas where the ductwork is below the level of installation.

You also have the option to choose between a “standard efficiency” gas furnace system or a “high efficiency” gas furnace system. On our site, “standard efficiency” stands for gas furnace systems that are 80% efficient and “high efficiency” gas furnace systems are those that are 92% efficiency or higher.

If you would like to add a cooling element to your gas furnace system, you can invest in one of our bundles that include either an air conditioner or heat pump. 

To find the desired tonnage for your air conditioner, you’ll first need to calculate the square footage of the space that you’re trying to cool. Typically, the average home requires one ton of air conditioning per to 1, square feet. There is a lot of variation in this number since you’ll also need to factor in how many windows the space has and how tall the ceilings are, as these things dictate how easily air flows through your space. 

After you have discovered what tonnage will work best for your space, you will then move on to figure out what SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, you want your new unit to possess. Essentially, the SEER rating measures the air conditioner's efficiency, which is calculated using the cooling output for a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same time frame. Similar to the miles per gallon for a car, an air conditioner's SEER rating is the maximum efficiency rating for the unit. So, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner will be, likely resulting in lower utility bills and other added benefits. However, it is also important to note that the efficiency of your air conditioning system can also depend on the size of the space you're attempting to cool, your current ductwork, and other variables.

Though it is best to speak to a qualified HVAC technician when on the hunt for a heat pump, we can give you a rough estimate of the tonnage that you will need to cool or heat your space, keeping in mind that any space that is 1, square feet or less can simply benefit from a ton heat pump:

1,, square feet: 2 Tons

1,, square feet: Tons

1,, square feet: 3 Tons

1,, square feet: Tons

2,, square feet: 4 Tons

2,, square feet: 5 Tons

Disclaimer: Before making a purchase, you should always check first with your qualified installer to figure out what unit is best for your home or space.

Sours: https://www.thefurnaceoutlet.com/furnaces/gas-furnace-systems/btu-gas-furnace.html
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Goodman 80, BTU 96% Gas Furnace and 2 ton 13 SEER Air Conditioner GMSSBN-GSXCAPFB6

This comes with a year parts limited warranty provided it is installed by a qualified installer and registered online

System Configuration: Vertical
Coolant: Ra

Product Features

Air Conditioner – Energy-efficient compressor
Air Conditioner – Factory-installed filter drier
Furnace – Heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger
Furnace – Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger

Product Specifications
Condenser Dimensions: 26W x 26D x 27 1/2H
Furnace Dimensions: 17 1/2W x 28 7/8D x 34 1/2H
Coil Dimensions: 17 1/2W x 21D x 18H
Voltage: AC/ Furnace
Air Conditioner Phase: 1
Furnace Motor: Single Speed
Furnace Gas Valve: Single Stage
Liquid Line Valve Connection: 3/8
Suction Line Valve Connection: 3/4
Cooling Capacity: 23, BTU/h
Condenser Model # GSX
Furnace Model # GMSSBN
Coil Model # CAPFB6

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Furnace-SEER-Conditioner-GMSSBN-GSXCAPFB6/dp/B00PU4RXVK

When you consider a Blueridge system, quality and value are a given. You’re getting peace of mind with great features and a smart design—and best of all, you get it right now. When you think about everything Blueridge delivers, your decision is easy. With Blueridge, all your heating and cooling questions are answered. The performance and reliability you want are right here, and ready to go to work.


We design our complete system bundles to provide homeowners and contractors with a new complete HVAC system in one simple purchase. If you need help picking out the best system for your needs, give us a call. Our system design consultants have decades of hands on experience helping homeowners select the right equipment. If you have any questions, concerns or just need some guidance, please get in touch with us. We're here to help.


These components were selected by HVAC specialists to maximize their performance and efficiency. This system is certified under AHRI #  to give you 16 SEER.


For new construction, or if you are replacing your entire old split system, take a look at our Accessories page to add the appropriate length line sets, electrical connections, and other parts to make your installation a breeze. 


Click the links below to check each components' specifications and documentation. 

This system includes: 


Blueridge BGUHBE12


  • 45, BTU Furnace
  • 95% Efficiency
  • Single-Stage Burner
  • 1, CFM Multi-Speed Blower
  • Upflow / Horizontal Application


Blueridge BC4X24B

  • 2 Ton, W x H x D 21
  • Painted Cased Evaporator Coil


Blueridge BA16L24P

  • 2 Ton, 16 SEER Condenser
  • RA Refrigerant
Sours: https://www.alpinehomeair.com/product/air-conditioning-cooling/central-heating-cooling-complete-systems/blueridge/ba16l24p-bguhbebc4x24b

Furnace btu ton 2

Specifications of Trane S8B1 BTU Single Stage 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA

Trane 2 Ton BTU 80% Single Stage Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA available in stock

The efficient Trane S8B1 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA is a one of a kind heating system from Trane. It is equipped with Silicon Nitride Hot Surface igniter that provides a reliable ignition system for extended life.

Product Number: S8B1BM2PSAACategory: Trane Gas FurnaceTags: BTU, 80%, Gas Furnace, S8B1, S8B1BM2PSAA, Single Stage, TraneGTIN: N/A

Square Installments
The efficient Trane S8B1 BTU 80% AFUE Single Stage Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA is a one of a kind heating system from Trane. It is equipped with Silicon Nitride Hot Surface igniter that provides a reliable ignition system for extended life. Its Multi-Port In-Shot Burners Shape up the flame cone properly to provide maximum efficiency by using less fuel and producing maximum heat.

Heavy Steel Insulated Cabinet ensures the unit is durable and environment-friendly as it minimizes operation noise. High efficiency ECM and Vortica® II Blower also contribute to the quiet operation. Apart from being efficient in heat exchange and enhancing airflow, the Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger of this Gas Furnace unit can withstand high temperatures and resists corrosion.


Features of Trane S8B1 80% AFUE Single Stage BTU Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA

  1. Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter that provides reliable ignition system to extend
  2. Multi-Port In-Shot Burners Shape up the flame cone properly to provide maximum efficiency by using less fuel
  3. Heavy Steel Insulated Cabinet for durability
  4. Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger for efficient heat exchange & resists corrosion
  5. Formed Steel Door with a Smoked Acrylic View Windows offers attractive appearance
  6. The high efficiency Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) makes the system cost-efficient
  7. Patented Vortica® II Blower works quietly while making the heating unit efficient


Gas Furnace General Specifications

Capacity BTU
Gas Valve Stages1
Cabinet Inches
Poise optionsFour Way / Multipoise
Inducer TypePSC
Communicating Capability24 Volt

Gas Furnace Dimensions

Furnace Height34 Inches
Furnace Width Inches
Furnace Depth Inches


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Trane 2 Ton BTU 80% Single Stage Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA
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Trane 2 Ton BTU 80% Single Stage Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA
Single product
Trane 2 Ton BTU 80% Single Stage Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA
Single product
Trane 2 Ton BTU 80% Single Stage Gas Furnace S8B1BM2PSAA
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How Many Tons Is A 80000 BTU Furnace?

Goodman 2 Ton 14 SEER 80% Efficient 60, BTU Single Stage Natural Gas Furnace Upflow Ultra Low Nox System

Air Conditioning Condenser

Goodman 2 Ton 14 SEER GSX Straight Cool Condenser

Model Number



26" W x 26" D x /2" H


GSX14 Specifications Sheet


10 years | Unit Replacement: 2 years

Gas Furnace

Goodman 60K BTU 80% Natural Gas Furnace Ultra Low Nox CA Only Upflow/Horizontal with 3 Ton Blower

Model Number



14" W x 28" D x /8" H


GMESU Specifications Sheet


Parts: 10 years | Unit Replacement: 2 years | Heat Exchanger: Lifetime

Indoor Evaporator Coil

Ton Goodman CAPF Indoor Evaporator Coil

Model Number



14" W x 21" D x 22" H


CAPF/CHPF Specifications Sheet


Parts: 10 years


Goodman GSX14 Energy-Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Features


  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Single-speed condenser fan motor
  • Factory-installed filter drier
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin coil
  • Service valves with sweat connections and easy-access gauge ports
  • Contactor with lug connection
  • Ground lug connection
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed


  • Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet with a louvered sound control top
  • Attractive Architectural Gray powder-paint finish with hour salt-spray approval
  • Steel louver coil guard
  • Top and side maintenance access
  • Single-panel access to controls with space provided for field-installed accessories
  • When properly anchored, meets the Florida Building Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type winds (Anchor bracket kits available.)
2 Year Unit Limited Warranty10 Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty10 Years Limited Warranty




  3. PARTS


  1. Limited Lifetime
  2. Limited 2 years
  3. 10 years

Note: It is the customer's responsibility to register the product(s) with the manufacturer for full warranty. If the unit is not registered within 60 days of installation, the warranty lasts for a period of up to 5 years.



Sours: https://www.acdirect.com/goodmantonseerefficientbtu-single-stage-natural-gas-furnace-upflow-ultra-low-nox-system.html

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HVAC Tonnage Simplified, Explained, And Defined!

Abbie Stancato At MicroMetl CorporationWhat Is HVAC Or AC Tonnage At MicroMetlHave you ever approached a condenser coil section outside of a home or business when the fan is operating? You will discover the fan is blowing hot air. Why… because Air Conditioners (A/C) don&#;t produce cool air, they remove heat from a space by using refrigerant to absorb heat and transfer it outdoors.

The &#;ton&#; reference of an air conditioner&#;s capacity is related to heat removal, not the amount of air moved through the unit, or its actual weight.

Before electric air conditioners, homes were cooled with blocks of ice. The ice absorbed heat from the building and melted accordingly.

How Much Heat Energy Does It Take To Melt An Entire Ton Of Ice?

It takes , BTU’s (British Thermal Units) to completely melt 1-ton of ice. A BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of liquid water by 1 °F at a constant pressure of one atmosphere.

Depending upon the quantity of heat energy the ice encounters, a ton of ice will melt at any given time interval. I discovered an article from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. According to the article, in the society appointed a committee which chose 24 hours as the standard time duration for engineers to calculate the energy required to completely melt the 1-ton of ice.

Just Some Minimal Math!

Now that we understand how much energy is required to melt our ton of ice over an entire day, I&#;ll explain how to derive the industry reference for every A/C unit on the market. Divide , (amount of energy to melt a ton of ice), by 24 (hours in a day), the result is 11, BTU’s of energy per hour to melt the ton of ice.

The industry rounded up to 12, Btu/h to reference 1-ton of air conditioner capacity. Therefore, a 2-ton A/C unit will remove 24, BTU’s of heat per hour; a 3-ton A/C unit will remove 36, BTU’s per hour and so on.

Are Heating and Furnaces Measured In Tons Similar To Air Conditioners?

Heating units are not measured in tons as A/C units. Heating capacity is referred to in `s of BTU output per hour of operation.

Heating units often offer two sets of BTU ratings. These numbers offer the input, and output BTU rating allowing us to easily understand the efficiency of any heater or furnace.

Example; if your home furnace is rated at , BTU/h input, and 80, BTU/h output, when you divide 80, BTU (output) by , BTU (Input), your result is (move the decimal two places to the left) or 80% efficient.

Extracting Unit Tonnage From Manufacturers’ Model Numbers

With a basic understanding of BTU to tonnage, interpreting the tonnage from model numbers just got easier. Most manufacturers’ model numbers incorporate the BTU equivalent into their unit model numbers, or reference the tonnage. It’s not an exact science, but understanding tonnage designations provides an educated guess when working with unfamiliar model numbers.

Below are examples of how the BTU equivalent of a unit is often portrayed and incorporated into a model number;

Trane Unit YCDF – The actual BTU for this unit is ,, but is truncated down to Therefore, simply divide by 12 (12, reduced accordingly) to discover this is a 15 ton unit.

Bryant &#; D – Again the BTU is truncated to This is a ton unit.

Other manufacturers incorporate the tonnage directly into their unit number. However, they usually don’t include the precise tonnage. My thought; because of the , and ton units which if expressed with whole numbers would cause confusion. Most all manufacturers when referencing tonnage round up.


Carrier: 48TC16 is actual their 15 ton unit.

York: ZX04 – is a 3 ton unit.

Sours: https://blog.micrometl.com/hvac-tonnage-simplified-explained-defined/

5428 5429 5430 5431 5432