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In this guide I’m going to show you the best red dot sight. 

In fact:

These are the same red dots that many optic experts and competitive shooters use. 

The best part? 

I’ve sorted the sights by use. So whether you’re on a budget or need a solid red dot sight for your AR-15, you’ll find it here.

Let’s get started!

Why Use a Red Dot Sight?

If iron sights are battle-tested and proven…

…then why should you use a red dot sight? I’ve already explained why in my best pistol red dots guide.

But to sum it up, I’ll give you 4 good reasons why you should use a red dot:

  1. Co-Witness. Iron sights and red dots can get along. How? By enabling co-witness. You can either lower 1/3 co-witness or absolute co-witness with your iron sight.
  2. Eye Relief. No more scope bites. No more adjusting the distance between your optic. Just look and shoot.
  3. Both Eyes Open. Speaking of looking, you can keep both your eyes open. The benefit? A large field of view and better accuracy.
  4. Parallax Free. No matter where you move your head, the red dot remains on target. Stack that with unlimited eye relief and you’ve got yourself a CQB enhancer.


So am I. That’s why I use one with my best AR-15 optic. If you’re ready to up your shooting game, here are…

The 5 Best Red Dot Sight

If you’re pressed on time, here’s a quick list of the best red dot sights:

  1. Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight: Best Overall Red Dot
  2. Trijicon MRO: Best Reflex Sight for AR15
  3. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25: Best Red Dot under $100
  4. Vortex Venom: Best Red Dot Sight for the Money
  5. Sig Sauer Romeo5: Best Budget Red Dot

1. Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight: Best Overall Red Dot

The Aimpoint PRO (patrol rifle optic) beats out all other competition for red dot sights.

In fact, it is the perfect mix of great sights, crisp dot, and battery life at an affordable price.

I bought mine over 3 years ago and have never looked back.

Interested? Keep reading…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The glass on the Aimpoint PRO is very clear with a slight blue tint.

The 2 MOA red dot reticle makes this a top choice for protection, whether you’re in law enforcement or need home defense.

That’s because the red dot can go from almost a pinprick, to a bright, almost blinding dot, allowing you to see at any time of day. It’s on a par with best holographic sights.

With 6 daylight options and 4 night options, you’ll never have to worry about spotting your target.

It’s also night vision compatible.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The Aimpoint PRO has unlimited eye relief.

The beauty of unlimited eye relief is that you can see your target with both eyes open. Which means it’s not only easier to get a quick sight picture, you also have better situational awareness.

I was initially worried about the size, but quickly realized that it allows for a great field of view without limiting my visibility at all.


The rugged design of the Aimpoint PRO makes for a very durable sight.

It is fogproof, shockproof, and can be submerged in water up to 150 feet!

The lens openings are recessed, which protects the lenses from fingerprints, scratches, or any other damage.

I toss mine in the back of my truck after every use and have even left it back there while driving through the rain. It still works perfectly.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The elevation and windage turrets are reliable and simple to use.

Not only are the clicks loud enough to hear, they feel crisp and are distinct enough to feel, making it extremely easy to count them.

How about reliability?

When I got mine, I was able to get it zeroed in under 10 shots. I’ve had mine over 3 years now and my shots are just as accurate as they were back then. No adjustments needed!

Parallax & Magnification

Red dots in general are 1x magnification.

The Aimpoint PRO is mainly used for short to medium range, which is why it’s perfect for close quarters combat you’ll experience in law enforcement or self defense.

For something a little further out, you might want to check out my best long range scopes or best scope for AR-10 guide.

You won’t have to worry about parallax with this scope either, because it doesn’t have any!

Mounting & Rings

The Aimpoint PRO comes with its own mount and a spacer for co-witnessing.

It also includes front and rear flip up covers. The really amazing thing is that the rear cover is clear, so you’ll still be able to see even if you forget to flip it up.

It does come with a battery, but if you need a replacement, buy 1/3N Lithium battery.

You likely won’t need one for a while though. Mine has lasted for over 3 years and I’ve mostly kept it on one of the medium light settings.

Is the Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Sight worth it?

If you’re looking for a quality red dot that you can always rely on, the Aimpoint PRO is the best choice.

It has:

  • Clear glass
  • Crisp, red dot
  • High accuracy
  • Long battery life
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Fast target acquisition
  • Waterproof/fogproof durability

In other words:

The Aimpoint PRO has everything you could ask for in a red dot sight.

Whether you’re on the job or defending your family, knowing that you’ll be able to get a clear sight picture in any light condition is a must. Not to mention the ability to acquire and shoot your target quickly.

With an exceptional battery life, the Aimpoint PRO will always be on when you need it.

If you’re looking for a red dot scope for protection in dangerous situations, try the Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Sight.

2. Trijicon MRO: Best Reflex Sight for AR15

The Trijicon Mini Rifle Optic proves that great things come in small packages. This reflex sight packs a ton of features into a tiny, lightweight body.

In fact, I think the Trijicon MRO is the best reflex sight you can put on your AR15.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The glass on the MRO is insanely clear.

Light transmission is also fantastic, thanks to Trijicon’s Tapered Light Path system.

I can clearly see every detail on my target when looking through this optic. Unlike some other dot sights that I’ve used, there is no visible tint.

This is because of the advanced multi-coating that Trijicon applied to the lenses of the MRO. Plus, they slightly canted the lens glass to cut out glare.

Now, on to the reticle.

The MRO varies from many other reflex sights in that it uses a green dot instead of a red dot.

I personally prefer the green dot reticle, and find it a lot easier to make out in almost every light condition.

There are 8 brightness settings to choose from. I found that 4 works for me in both day and night shooting conditions, but you’ll want to try them all out and figure out which one works best for you.

Now, I did notice some very slight distortion of the reticle. However, I get this with every reflex sight, since I have astigmatism in both of my eyes. The glass is so clear though that it’s really not a problem for me.

In fact, a good reflex sight can often be the best option for people with vision problems, or just aging eyes.

Even with my bad eyes, the MRO lets me quickly and easily spot and identify my target without obscuring or distorting it.

And one more note about the reticle: The MRO can run for one continuous year without needing to change batteries, so you know that when you need it most, the MRO is ready to go!

Eye Relief & Eye Box

Here’s the best thing about reflex sights like the MRO:

Unlimited eye relief.

Also, the small overall size of this optic paired with it’s huge 25mm viewing area means that your field of view when using this scope is unparalleled. I get no “tubing” effect whatsoever when using this scope.

And since it’s designed to be used with both eyes open, I can quickly take in the whole field to find and acquire my target.

And since it’s a reflex optic, there is absolutely no parallax.

I’ve tested this optic on my AR15 from several unconventional (and uncomfortable!) shooting positions and was still on target every time. This is a must-have feature for a defense gun!


This scope is not only small, it’s extremely rugged.

The MRO is shockproof, fogproof, and fully waterproof. In fact, it’s been tested at a depth of 100 feet.

This is because the scope is fully sealed, and forged from anodized 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum.

These durability features mean that you can take this optic anywhere and use it under any conditions without worrying about damaging it. If you’re looking for a reflex sight for the end of the world, look no further!

Plus, the whole thing only weighs 4.1 ounces. This is great for long trips and makes for a comfortable shooting experience in the field, since it’s not weighing down your rifle.

You can also mount it on the best rifle scope.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The adjustment knobs on the MRO are very reliable.

They produce stiff clicks when turned, and adjust at a rate of ½ MOA per click, so you can really get that precise zero.

Speaking of zeroing, I was on target within a handful of shots. And I’ve sent hundreds of rounds through my AR since mounting the MRO and I haven’t noticed any straying of my zero.

In fact, the MRO uses subflush turrets to make sure that you never unintentionally make any adjustments. The turrets are recessed and require a coin or small screwdriver to operate.

This means that it’s a little hard to adjust them in the field, but it also means that once set, your zero is not going anywhere.

And I haven’t had to make any field adjustments, so the lack of hand-adjustability proved to be a non-issue for me.

Mounting & Accessories

Trijicon offers the MRO with a variety of included mount styles, including full co-witness, lower third co-witness, levered QR low mount, and standard low mount.

I prefer the full co-witness option. That way, even if the battery on the MRO does fail, my iron sights are right on the money.

And speaking of batteries, they are nice enough to include one CR2032 battery so that you are ready to mount and shoot right out of the box.

The MRO doesn’t include any kind of cover or caps, though. I’d recommend the Trijicon MRO Slip-On Cover.

Trijicon AC31022 MRO Cover Clear, Flat Dark Earth
Trijicon AC31022 MRO Cover Clear, Flat Dark Earth
  • Keeps optic body and lenses protected in extreme, harsh environments
  • One handed Operation, covers Nest together to prevent Snags
  • Durable thermoplastic polyurethane material resists solvents, oils and UV exposure

It fits like a glove, and gives you extra protection for the lenses and on the scope body itself.

Is the Trijicon MRO worth it?

Overall, the Trijicon MRO is an incredible reflex sight in a small, lightweight package.

It’s got:

  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Extremely light weight
  • Exceptional glass quality
  • Superior light transmission
  • 1 year continuous battery life
  • Green dot with 8 brightness settings
  • Included co-witness mounting options

And if that wasn’t enough, the scope is covered by Trijicon’s Lifetime Warranty.

So whether you want to take your AR15 out plinking, or be set up for the coming apocalypse, you can’t go wrong with the Trijicon MRO.

3. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25: Best Red Dot under $100

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is the best red dot for under $100.

This compact red dot sight scope packs a punch for what it’s worth.

But how could you have quality at an affordable price?

Keep reading to find the answer…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The glass clarity is nice.

In fact, the multicoated lens has an Amber-Bright high-contrast coating that works for daylight and nighttime. This especially helps our eyes in the dark, making it easy to see the difference between a brown tree trunk and a woodland creature.

Due to its night vision feature, it has 11 levels of brightness so you can adjust to the best setting for your eyes.

And the reticle?

It’s a 3 MOA Dot reticle that’s dimmable, making it compatible with the night vision.

However, I had some trouble with the mil-dot flickering. This could be due to the brightness knob, which felt muddy when I turned it.

Which made me uncertain whether the knob was in alignment with the level of brightness I wanted.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The eye relief is unlimited, making it optimal for two-eye use.

But the scope is also super bulky.

When I was testing it out, it was hard to see over it even with one eye focused. Even when I tried keeping both of my eyes open, my line of sight was partially blocked the whole time.

For something a little more slicker, check out my best Ruger 10/22 scope review guide.


The TRS-25 has rugged strength.

It’s waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. So it’s tough enough to take a beating.

But I’m not so sure about the dials, which ended up feeling loose after a day of shooting rounds.

So I’m not sure why the sight scope itself is built like a mini tank when the dials are of questionable strength. But that was the only durability issue I had with this scope.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The tactical turrets are built for rapid windage and elevation adjustments.

In fact, the knobs are pretty tight. They should make a crisp “click” when adjusted, but there were a few times I adjusted them and couldn’t tell if they had clicked only once or twice.

Does this scope zero?

It does zero, very quickly. I shot through 5-10 rounds and was already zeroed in.

Plus, it held zero very well. Even when I went through hundreds of rounds, it stayed put — just like my best scope for M1A.

Parallax & Magnification

Unlimited parallax and only 1x magnification.

Good news is it’ll perform well below 25 yards, so don’t fret. You’ll just need to get a separate magnifier to boost that magnification level (which I’ll cover in a bit).

If you’re into long range shooting and use the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, then read my best scope for 6.5 Creedmoor guide. I also cover the .308 cartidge in my best scope for 308 review.

Mounting & Rings

The TRS-25 is built with a cross-bolt rail mount, so you can slide it on and get it sighted right away.

But you could always use a riser mount. I recommend the UTG 1″ Riser for optimal clearance for your rifle.

To get extra magnification, I highly recommend adding the UTG 3X Magnifier.

UTG 3X Magnifier with Flip-to-side QD Mount, W/E Adjustable , Black
UTG 3X Magnifier with Flip-to-side QD Mount, W/E Adjustable , Black
  • Broadband Multi-coated Lens to Provide Crystal Clear 3X Image, Wide Field of View - 30% Bigger Than Comparable Models from Other Brands.Compatible Rail-Picatinny/Weaver.
  • Windage/Elevation Adjustability for Optimum View Centering. Refer user manual for list of compatible manuals
  • 42mm Center Height for Most Common Dot Sight Combination, Innovative Flip-to-Side Mechanism for Quick Transition between 1X and 3X Image.Objective Diameter:25mm;Field of View @ 100 yards:45'

It offers a wider field of view while also being durable.

Is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 worth it?

If you want a reliable and affordable red dot sight scope, the TRS-25 is exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s the best features:

  • 3-year battery life
  • Priced under $100
  • Amber-Bright lens coating
  • Compatible with most firearms

This scope comes with Bushnell’s one-year warranty. So if anything happens to it, Bushnell will take care of you.

In short: you’ll get a great piece of equipment for the price. If nothing else, the great battery life itself makes the Trophy TRS-25 completely worth it.

Best Under $100

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry inside, even when totally immersed in water. Parallax - 50
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps, bangs, drops and the rough and tumble environment of the field

4. Vortex Venom: Best Red Dot Sight for the Money

The Vortex Venom is the best affordable red dot sight.

In fact:

After comparing every red dot sight in the under $300 category, I still keep this sight on my firearm today.

Here’s why…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The Venom might be a budget sight, but it comes with a competitive high quality lens.

I have a clean, wide view of the field and a crystal clear, fully multi-coated lens.

The Venom has a 6 MOA dot reticle with 10 levels of brightness.

Regardless of lighting conditions or background, the red dot was crisp and easy to see.

The 6 MOA is crazy consistent from 6-50 yards. This makes it my preferred optic for my carry gun. Of course, if you would rather use a low-tech, fixed magnification optic, take a hard look at my best rimfire scopes.

The 6 MOA dot is also bigger, making it better for quick target acquisition in a self defense situation.

When it comes to brightness, you have 10 levels to manually adjust or switch to auto mode. The power and dot intensity controls are located conveniently on the left side of the unit.

I was surprised at how accurate the auto mode adjusted for a budget end sight. It was actually my preferred setting.

I was really curious to see how fast it could turn on if I ever needed it in an emergency draw. The answer: INSTANT.

The auto brightness feature on the Venom reacts immediately when drawing my firearm, making it ideal for self-defense carrying.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

Unlimited eye relief allows for two-eye shooting.

The viewing area is almost twice the size of its competitors, not to mention that it looks absolutely lethal on my Glock 19.

The generous objective lens, 26.5mm, helps with quick and accurate target acquisition.


This is an objectively tiny electronic sight that’s going to be hammering back and forth on a pistol for the rest of its life. Luckily, the Venom is built to withstand a lot of abuse.

It’s waterproof and shockproof. I’ve been able to use it in the rain plenty of times without issue.

Hard anodized finish will protect the unit from most scratches, but I’m more impressed by the ArmorTek scratch resistant coating on the lens.

It’s stood up to all of my deliberate abuse, and then some.

The Venom has a sleek design with less corners that could snag when you draw, making it really ideal for a conceal or open carry sight.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments are sleek and easy to sight in.

I do wish that the clicks were more audible and that the buttons were a little larger, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice it’s compact design.

I had no issues zeroing the sight, and was hitting the center ring consistently in no time.

After 1,000 rounds of use on my PS90, it still held zero.

Parallax & Magnification

There’s no added magnification on this sight

The red dot is pretty small and primarily made for handguns, so it won’t co-witness with a magnifier.

Since I wanted this for a self-defense handgun and not a hog hunting rifle, I don’t think this is an issue.

Nothing is truly parallax free, but there is minimal parallax deviation on this sight.

I did notice a slight deviation on the outermost part of the lens, but proper stance adjustments are more than adequate to correct this issue.

Mounting & Rings

The Vortex Venom comes out of the box with a low rail mount that clamps to a slotted spec base rail.

With that, it includes an optional riser mount to place the red dot at the correct height for rifles.

It’s an incredibly light unit and mounts easily to any Picatinny rail style.

Using the included screws and bolts, I had it mounted on my PS90 in no time.

What really makes this sight stand out, and what I wish other electric sights took advantage of, is the top located battery cover.

I can change batteries without having to dissemble the whole setup.

It takes a CR1632 3V battery which should last you 30,000 hours. I’ve had mine for 10 months and haven’t had to change the battery yet.

The battery cover does have fine threads. I definitely recommend using the included tool to open/change the battery, it’ll save you from the headache and scratches.

A rubber silicone snap on cover is included and covers the whole device. It’s a great protection cover that keeps everything safe when not in use.

Is the Vortex Venom worth it?

A crisp dot, clean picture, and low profile optic body are some of the premium features that make this sight stand out.

The instant auto brightness feature and snag resistant design are why I recommend it for self defense and carry firearms.

Here’s what sets this red dot apart from the competition:

  • Single-piece chassis
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Vortex lifetime warranty
  • Sleek low profile optic body
  • 10 adjustable brightness settings and auto mode

Once you get your hands on the Vortex Venom, you’ll wonder how you didn’t pay twice as much.

5. Sig Sauer Romeo5: Best Budget Red Dot

Do you need a red dot optic, but can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg? The Sig Sauer Romeo5 is the answer.

At under $200, the Romeo5’s clarity is on par with those that are more than twice the price.

I absolutely love mine and I think you will too.

Want to know why? Read on and I’ll explain.

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The Romeo5 has exceptional glass clarity for the price.

It has SpectraCoat which is an anti-reflective coating that also cuts down on glare, allowing higher light transmission.

This is my go to optic for home defense. I also use it as my best air rifle scope.


The 2 MOA red dot reticle has 10 different illumination settings, including 2 just for night vision, so I can see intruders day or night.

Also, the red dot is bright and round, which makes it easy to rapidly acquire targets.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

With the Romeo5 Red Dot you get unlimited eye relief.

This means you’ll get a nice, wide field of view regardless of your eye position.

What I love most is that I am able to have both eyes open and my head up when looking through this scope, allowing me to see my entire surroundings.


The Sig Sauer Romeo5 is incredibly durable.

It’s got a solid, aluminum design and is waterproof and fogproof. I dropped mine and watched in horror as it bounced off a rock and into the lake, but it came out working just as good as new.

My favorite feature of this scope is the motion activated illumination (MOTAC). It turns on automatically at the smallest vibration and turns itself off after a couple minutes of no activity. I’ve used mine for two years now and have yet to change the battery.

The drawback here is if you want to use this on something you keep in your glovebox or trunk. The constant vibrations from your vehicle will keep it turned on and drain the battery a lot faster.

It also comes with Sig Sauer Infinite Guarantee and Electronics Limited Warranty.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The elevation and windage turrets are easy to use.

Not only do the turrets adjust easily, you can flip the screw on the covers over and use it to make the adjustments!

Zeroing is extremely easy. I had mine done in a handful of shots. The zero holds well too! After two years of frequent use, I’ve never had to readjust it.

I feel confident that my shots will be so accurate that I can even use a smaller caliber, like a 22 pistol, and still do some serious damage.

Parallax & Magnification

The magnification on the Romeo5 is 1x.

This power gives you crystal clear target acquisition from 10-100 yards, making it perfect for target shooting and home defense. For anything further out, you may want to try a prism sight.

I did notice some very slight parallax, but not enough to make it a problem.

Mounting & Rings

The Romeo5 comes with two different mounting options.

There’s a Picatinny low mount and a co-witness mount included, plus an adjustment and mounting tool.

It also comes with a battery, lens cloth, and lens cover.

Is the Sig Sauer Romeo5 worth it?

The Romeo5 will give you a quality Red Dot for an amazing price.

It features:

  • Under $200
  • Clear glass
  • Compact size
  • Limited warranty
  • Two mount options
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Bright, round red dot
  • Auto on/off illumination system


The Sig Sauer Romeo5 beats out all competition as the best budget Red Dot.

Being confident that you’ll be able to quickly find your target in any light condition is a requirement for home defense.

The Romeo5 provides this with it’s crystal clarity and bright red dot. You’ll get maximum situational awareness with the unlimited eye relief as well.

If you want to be able to protect your family at a price that you can afford, get the Sig Sauer Romeo5.

Best Budget

Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black
Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black
  • 2 MOA Red-Dot provides 10 illumination settings (8 daylight plus 2 NV) for visibility in all light conditions
  • MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not. Provides for optimum operational safety and enhanced 40,000+ hour battery life
  • Integrated M1913 Picatinny interface provides industry-standard mounting options for a wide range of applications

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed my best red dot sightguide.

So as a recap:

If you’re looking for the best overall red dot, get the Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight.

Looking for the best reflex sight for AR15? I’d recommend Trijicon MRO.

Looking for the best red dot under $100? Choose Bushnell Trophy TRS-25.

Best Under $100

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry inside, even when totally immersed in water. Parallax - 50
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps, bangs, drops and the rough and tumble environment of the field

How about the best red dot sight for the money? Then opt-in for Vortex Venom.

Lastly, if you are looking for the best budget red dot, I’d recommend Sig Sauer Romeo5.

Best Budget

Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black
Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black
  • 2 MOA Red-Dot provides 10 illumination settings (8 daylight plus 2 NV) for visibility in all light conditions
  • MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not. Provides for optimum operational safety and enhanced 40,000+ hour battery life
  • Integrated M1913 Picatinny interface provides industry-standard mounting options for a wide range of applications

That said, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. After all, I have hand and torture tested all the above sights, and proved to be reliable.

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which sight will you pick?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment down below.

Sours: https://scopesfield.com/best-red-dot-sights/

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Get military grade Red Dot Sights & Accessories that are economically priced for the ultimate in aftermarket accessorizing. Red dot sights dramatically increase targeting speed in short range shooting situations. Some shooters choose to pair their sight with a red dot magnifier to engage targets at a further distance. Top quality red dot scopes are used by the US Military because they are extremely durable, withstand high recoil forces, and have long battery life - in some cases running continuously for 5+ years on a single battery. Red dot sights can be mounted on handguns, shotguns and rifles, but you will want to make sure the model you are buying is compatible with your firearm's mounting system. With top brands like Sig Sauer, Vortex, and Holosun you're sure to find the ideal red dot scopes, holographic sights, prismatic sights and reflex sights for your targeting needs. Looking for more great pricing on top-rated brands? Then check out our Hunting Gear store. As always, you're sure to get free shipping on orders over $49 when you purchase through OpticsPlanet.

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Dot opticsplanet scopes red

The Best Scopes with Red Dot on Top in 2021

Fred Campbell
Fred Campbell

Last Updated on: May 11, 2021

Scopes with red dot on top are also known as combination optics, and they are becoming increasingly reasonably priced. If you would like to explore these combination optics and learn what scope should you invest in, then this article will be your guide. The following product reviews will assist in making your purchase decision.

First, let’s take a look at the eight top-rated scopes. Then, in the buying guide below, we’ll talk about how to choose the right one for you.

The 8 Best Scopes With a Red Dot on Top of 2021

XOPin C4-16/12x50EG Hunting Rifle Scope Combo 4 Holographic Reticle Red/Green Dot

Our Score9.3out of 10

4-16x50AO Rifle Scope Combo Dual Illuminated with Flashlight Green Laser Sight 4 Holographic Reticle Red Dot for Rail Mount

Investing in a scope with red dot on top guarantees a satisfying user experience. Without any doubt, the scope is stunningly clear and works just like the expensive scopes. What makes this model a great choice? The sight is pre-installed on the top of the scope, making it easy to use with a number of options. However, this feature can be removed if preferred and installed by itself.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a tubeless holographic sight that has a 33-millimeter reflex lens aperture. This is specifically designed to provide a broad field of view whenever you need to execute normal or rapid shots. Nonetheless, this scope is a little heavy. Above all, it is essential to check the bolts and tighten them to the rails for a solid grip.

  • Brightness adjustment works superbly for dark and light settings
  • Designed with tubeless holographic sight
  • Highly recommended for rapid and normal moving targets and firing shooting
  • Can guarantee fog, shock and water resistant performance
  • A stable and reliable scope for your rifle hunting gun
  • Slightly heavy
  • Bolts need to be tightened on the rails

Burris 5x36mm AR Prism Sight with Fastfire III Reflex Red Dot Sight

Our Score8.2out of 10

Burris AR-536 5X - 36mm Prism Sight & Free FastFire 3 Red Dot Sight Similar Products

The illuminated reticle of the Burris 5x36mm AR Prism Sight with Fastfire III Reflex Red Dot Sight is amazing. It allows you to have a clear view, even in the brightest conditions. This is thanks to its superior, adjustable brightness range. The clear focus can instantly concentrate, making it is easy to adjust.

If you prefer sharp and cloudless optic glass, this scope is the ideal option. It allows you to precisely view what you’re shooting. Furthermore, its housing material is aluminum. Therefore, this material completes its tough build and it makes it resistant to fog, water, and shock. On the other hand, the negative side of this scope is that it comes with less generous eye relief and has a slightly bulky weight.

  • Comes with sharp and very lucid optic glass
  • Focus is adjustable, quite clear, and instantly focuses out to immensity
  • Sturdy construction that makes this sight fog, shock, and water resistant
  • Designed with highly visible and reliable reticle
  • Can ensure speed and precision in extreme hunting shots
  • Bulky optic
  • Comes with short eye relief

UUQ 2.5-10×40 Tactical Rifle Scope and 4 Reticle Red/Green Dot Reflex Sight

Our Score8.8out of 10

UUQ 2.5-10x40 Clarity+ Combo Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Mil-dot W/Green Laser and Mini Reflex 3 MOA Red Dot Sight

The UUQ 2.5-10×40 Tactical Rifle Scope and 4 Reticle Red/Green Dot Reflex Sight possesses high-quality metals that have a black anodized finish. If you look at it closely, you will see that it looks like the scopes of pricier brands. The variable magnification and laser enable this scope to be utilized in many different shooting applications.

Aside from its fog-resistant feature, it also comes with multi-coated lenses that are scratch resistant. In addition, it’s capable of shielding the scope. It enables sufficient light to take in, brightening up what your view. Construction and coating are quite important when selecting a scope. But, you need to know that this scope comes with slightly low quality red dot and does not come with a lot of eye relief.

  • Recognized as less expensive yet premium quality red/greed dot scope
  • No sweat to set up to Weaver or Picatinny rail
  • Can provide shock and fog resistant performance since it is nitrogen purged
  • Equipped with full variable zoom scope, laser as well as red dot sight
  • Superior quality optical lens and sturdy all metal construction
  • Does not come with generous eye relief
  • Slightly low quality red dot

UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope and 4 Tactical Holographic Dot Reflex Sight

Our Score7.8out of 10

UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Reticle W/Green Laser Sight and Holographic Dot Reflex Sight

We recommend this scope to those who are searching for a high-quality tactical scope for hunting. If you want to upgrade your rifle with an exceptional scope for a budget-friendly price, then this model is the one for you. This is a vigorous scope that is equipped with impressive green or red dot optic and green laser. The optics are clear, and you won’t have any trouble with the adjustments.

Obtaining the reticle is easy; therefore, you won’t have a hard time adjusting and sighting it in. In addition, the switch and dial are easy to utilize. However, one of the downsides of this scope is that it’s long and heavy. In addition, it may not be regarded as the clearest scope.

  • Zoom functions well and can retain clarity at every adjustment
  • Can fit AR perfectly and is easy to set up
  • Especially ideal for moving targets as well as rapid fire
  • Comes with lucid and stable holographic sight
  • Great features and accessories for affordable price tag
  • A little heavy and quite long
  • Isn’t the clearest scope

Burris MTAC 1-4x24mm Scope with Fastfire III Reflex Red Dot Sight

Our Score7.5out of 10

BURRIS - MTAC RIFLE SCOPESbrownells.comCheck price

The MTAC 1-4x24mm and 1.5-6x42mm with their wide field of view is the perfect match for AR platforms. You can quickly engage close targets or take precise aim out to 600 yards. For even greater ver...

Do you want a scope that is practical and dependable for short-range hunting, military and law enforcement operations, or big-game hunting? If so, the Burris MTAC 1-4x24mm Scope is a perfect option for you. Why? The optics are wonderful, and the red dot for short-range distances is superb. Most importantly, the automatic light transmission for the red dot works outstandingly.

The lighted reticle is also ideal for shooting in low light. This scope is also designed with a rubber-coated eyepiece to ensure a unique style with comfort and protection. The ergonomic power ring is meant for fast power setting changes and an easy grip. While this scope has great features, it has a few cons. For instance, it has a pricey cost, and the top sight is a bit high in relation to a handgun.

  • Designed with circular center intended to provide rapid engagement at short distances
  • Recommended for close range hunting, military and law enforcement applications, dangerous games
  • Reticle is built to ensure accuracy in any sort of applications
  • Can provide plenty of eye relief
  • Premium grade optical glass for clarity and brightness
  • Expensive price tag
  • Top sight is slightly high in relation to the weapon

NcStar Mark III Tactical P4 Sniper 3-9X42/Scope Adaptor Mount/Red Dot Combo

Our Score7.3out of 10

NcSTAR Mark III Tactical Rangefinder Riflescope 3-9X42/Scope Adapter Mount/Red Dot Combo Package Similar Products

The NcStar Mark III Tactical P4 Sniper 3-9X42/Scope Adaptor Mount/Red Dot Combo won’t let you down. It’s easy to assemble, and it’s versatile for short-range and long-range aim points. Hunters and shooters will like this scope’s fast release for mounting on the rails.

Most importantly, this scope is made with quality materials, and the clarity of the images is excellent. Without a doubt, the optics are of premium quality. However, this scope comes with a couple of cons, which include the useless illuminated crosshairs and the small quick- release lock.

  • Comes with decent power, compact and easy to utilize
  • Highly recommended for varmint hunting
  • Reticle comes with a number of brightness settings
  • Built with solid metal construction
  • Designed with tight and smooth focus adjustment
  • Useless illuminated crosshairs during daylight
  • Comes with small quick release lock

NC Star Gen-2 Mil-Dot Ultimate Sighting System

Our Score6.7out of 10

NcStar Ultimate Sighting System Gen II 3-9x42mm Rifle Scope w/1x Micro Red Dot Sight, Color: Black, Up to 19% Off w/ Free Shipping — 2 models

Are you looking for a scope that comes with practical features without the overpriced price tag? Fortunately, this budget-friendly model has stunning specifications that improve your shooting. This scope’s reticle is big and always provides a clear view.

Moreover, it does a great job at acquiring your target. This is a nice scope for personal protection because it’s engineered with an optional red dot feature. It’s also important to understand that the added red dot makes the scope capable of ensuring dual modes of shooting.

Lastly, setting it up is easy and for extra security, this model has a secured and simple rail locking system. On the other hand, this scope comes with small batteries that do not last long. Additionally, when it comes to zeroing the dot, this task may be slightly troublesome.

  • Built with stable and solid mounting
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Highly recommended for close range target applications
  • Green and blue color illuminated reticle comes with several brightness settings
  • Equipped with uncomplicated and secure rail locking system
  • Zeroing the red dot is a challenge
  • Small batteries do not last long

#8 Trijicon 4x32mm AcogScope Dual Illum Crosshair 223 Reticle with RM01 RMR

This scope is popular because of its precision and reliability under challenging combat scenarios. For instance, its ability to automatically adjust to lighting conditions, as well as its ability to operate battery free, makes it stand out from other models. As a matter of fact, it’s deemed as one of the most favorite gun sights for those in the United States Armed Forces.

Like other expensive scopes, this model is also designed with generous eye relief. This bigger caliber rifle and huge exit pupil guarantees a rapid target acquisition. Its reticle is capable of glowing, even under dusky conditions. Additionally, its Tritium Phosphor Lamp can ensure 15 years of illumination.

While it is true that it is expensive, it can improve hit potential in any lighting conditions. It is also equipped with anti-reflective and multi-coated lenses. These features are quite adept at providing light accumulating capabilities without any distortion. As a result, this ensures you a superior clarity. However, this is not ideal scope for long-distance shots and is not designed with a fast-release mount.

  • Comes with a plenty of eye relief
  • Built with military-grade aluminum alloy housing for more durability
  • Much more rugged as compared to traditional designs
  • Capable of adjusting the brightest level in an automatic mode
  • Exceptional cope magnification sighting for fast target acquisition
  • Doesn’t have fast release mount
  • Not the best for very long distance shot

What is Scope with Red Dot on Top?

A scope with red dot on top plays a vital role for army officers, as well as hunters. This is especially designed to help boost efficiency for short distances. It is important to note that when using a red dot sight, there is no need to deal with magnification power. All you need is to see the red dot. From there, you can start shooting on your target.

In other words, red dot on top is ready to use for hunters and shooters who prefer to have both short-range and long-range shooting capability. In short, there is no need for you to set your weapon before hunting.

The Benefits of Scopes With Red Dot on Top Combo

A variable optic can be restricted by its short-range ability, and evidently, this is the most noticeable benefit of mounting a red dot in a straddling style. This allows hunters to stalk and easily engage targets in long or short ranges.

Most importantly, note that a red dot enables hunters and shooters to engage a short-range target without worrying about parallax meddling with their shot. Competitive shooters can immediately be at an edge at three gun matches wherein targets in a range from 25 by up to a 100 yards. Essentially, time is a very indispensable factor.

The capability of switching to a short-range optic is a force multiplier. When you have a red dot that is mounted on top of the scope, you can utilize the aiming point at any period. As a result, hunting the most rapid moving creatures becomes a less challenging task.

Before spending money on a costly investment, there are some factors that you need to consider.

  • The magnification level and optical zoom of the scope
  • The appropriate weight and the scope’s diameter
  • The tube’s length: it’s advised to go for the small size to obtain a lower-weighted scope.
  • The field of view of both the red dot sight and the scope
  • The scope’s eye relief and the dot size pattern of red dot sight
  • For long-lasting support, buy a scope that is capable of providing electric red dot on top

Keep in mind that it is necessary to focus on the features and quality of the accessory, rather than worrying about the scope’s current price tag.

(Source: [1], [2])


It’s not easy to shop for the most top-drawer scope with red dot on top these days since there are so many choices to try out. But luckily, this insightful article helps you weigh the pros and cons. And examine the features of various options, so you can decide which one suits your needs, preferences, and sense of style.

Post ID: XgjjPvDWxCategory ID: lMb9k43

Sours: https://robarguns.com/scope-with-red-dot-on-top-combo
EOTech OPMOD EXPS2 - OpticsPlanet.com Product in Focus

8 Best HoloSun Red Dot Optics [Updated 2021]

In this ultimate buyer's guide, we narrowed down the best Holosun red dot optics people are buying for optic ready pistols, subguns and long guns.

We have tested these sights based on their overall quality, battery life and durability, and they are absolutely impressive for the money.

There are so many different models and variations.

Let's see which ones are the best.

Top Holosun Optics For Long Guns

HoloSun 510C - Best Overall

The HS510C is the best budget reflex sight for its unique looks and large field of view. It feels like something out of a Call of Duty Modern Warfare game, and this elite series optic is both battery and solar-powered to keep it operating no matter what.

Interesting Content: Real Life Optics In COD Modern Warfare

Never Turns Off - The Solar failsafe technology extends the battery life longer on top of the existing 100,000 hr battery life to keep you in the fight longer without ever changing the battery

Increased Field Of View - Open reflex optic with a large window lets the shooter effortlessly acquire targets without anything obscuring the sight picture

Easier Holdover - The Large 65 MOA reticle circle helps with range estimation and serves as close-range holdover reference point

HoloSun 512C - Best Durability

Referenced IG @Sal_gunz

Why choose the 512C - The 512C is the enclosed body design of the Holosun 510C. The improved hood design gives the optic a Leupold LCO look and also protects the optic emitter from debris and moisture from entering. It does the samething the 510C does and works for all types of long guns and subguns. 

Holosun 515GM - Best Bang For The Buck

"I have tested the Holosun 515GM long enough, and it performs extremely well, and I believe this is the bang for your buck you can possibly get" - John Lovell (Former Spec Ops), Warrior Poet Society (Watch His Review Here)

Why Must Get The HS515GM - This little tank is the closest thing to an expensive Aimpoint Micro. It checked all the boxes for being a durable mil-spec red dot, and for the price point it's the best Aimpoint Micro alternative.

Motion Activated Reticle - ShakeAwake technology activates the reticle upon sensing any movement, and it turns off to save battery when sitting at rest

Mulit-Reticle - Toggle between 65 MOA ring reticle or just a red center dot based for precision aiming & fast target acquisition

Near Infinite Battery Life - 100,000 battery hours that's long enough for you to finish 4 yrs of  school and it will still be on

Includes Flash Kill - The Honeycomb flash hider to eliminate lens glare so bad guys can't see you from far away

See Through Flip Covers - Just like the Aimpoint Pro, it protects the optic from dust, and no need to flip up the lens covers before engaging

HoloSun HE530G Elite - Largest FOV

Why Try The 530G - Holosun is bring the 530G to go against the Trijicon MRO. Overall its just like the MRO with new technology and it's built with Titanium(~35% stronger than 7075 T6 aluminum)

Largest Objective Lens - 1X30mm is the largest objective lens on a high end red dot sight while the MRO has 1X25mm. The large field of view gives the 530G maximum field of view by far.

See Through Flip Covers - Shooter can still engage with both see through lens covers closed in an emergency situation. It protects from dust and doesn't hinder the shooter

If you haven't decided on the Trijicon MRO yet, and you have been thinking for a quite a while for getting something with a large field of view in a compact optic package, for a PCC or a fighting rifle, then definitely check out HE530G on OpticsPlanet for a better deal.

Holosun 503GU - Best Budget Option

Why pick 503GU - 503GU is a solid budget option Aimpoint Micro alternative with super long lasting battery life that doesn't quit. 

Various Reticle Options - Switching between 2 MOA center dot and a 65 MOA reticle ring with a center dot for 

Same Aimpoint Footprint - Sharing the same mounting footprint means all Aimpoint Micro mounting accessories work with the 503GU without buying special mounts.

Works Great For PCC - The optic retains zero perfectly on pistol caliber carbines, so use this with confidence!

If you want something stronger than this, we actually recommend the HS515 model, which is Holosun's mil-spec grade Aimpoint Micro without an expensive price tag.

MUST WATCH TORTURE TEST – Watch Holosun 503GU Survives Thermal Drift Test

For Pistols & Shotguns

Holosun HE508T - Best RMR Alternative

Why TheHolosun HE508T - The Holosun 507 and 508 series are by far the best Trijicon RMR alternative for the performance, durability and price. Use it on the any full size frame handgun and rifle!

Same RMR Mounting Footprint - It shares the same mounting footprint as the RMR, so no need to buy a special mounts

Side Battery Access - Access the battery from the side without removing the sight off the slide or re-zeroing required.

Almost Infinite Battery Life - Long lasting battery life up to 100,000 hours using a single CR2032 battery, which is 5.5X more than the Trijicon RMR, and feels infinite.

In addition, the solar panel provides the optic with a fail-safe battery source so it will always remain on.

But there is more…

Motion Sensor Reticle - Holosun’s Shake Awake technology activates the reticle based on the last setting recall upon movement, and it turns off to save battery when at rest.

Holosun 509T - Best Protected Housing

Why Pick The HE509T - While the Aimpoint ACRO P1 costs over $600, the HE509T is the best alternative that is smaller, just as durable and packed with newer technology to keep the sight working longer.

Just like the HE508T model, the 509T is a fully enclosed unit for increased durability and reliability. 

Side Battery Access - Access the battery from the side without removing the sight off the slide or re-zeroing required.

Fully Enclosed Body - Fully enclosed housing design protects the reticle emitter from dust, water moisture and other nasty stuff. Keeping it protected makes the 509T superior than any of its previous open emitter models

Solar Backup - The sight's solar power will keep it working even after the battery dies after 100,000 hrs. It almost feel like infinite battery life

Please not that this optic requires very special clamp based mounting plate. If your MOS handgun isn't compatible, please buy aftermarket mounting plates from various companies

Holosun 507K X2 - Best For Sub Compact Guns

Why The HE507K - Made specifically for conceal carry users. The optic has everything the 507C has but has reduced in overall size. Sub-compact gun users will love this. 

Easier Battery Access - Replace the battery right from the top without having to remove the sight or re-zero the reticle.

Super Light Weight - Weighing only 1 oz, which is about 50% lighter than the HE407C. For conceal carry people, shaving down any weight is a plus.

Still Fast Target Acquisition - The smaller window frame really doesn't make much difference in target acquisition speed. In fact, it feels just like the 507C

Built Like A Tank - Made with 7075 T6 aluminum that matches mil-spec level quality to endure rough handling in the field

What Makes Holosun Products Great?

What makes Holosun products great is the durability and the price point!

Not everyone can afford an $800 Aimpoint, Therefore Holosun has taken the step to slowly leave the budget sight market, and started to make high-end mil-spec optics that are:

  • Unique
  • Packed with advanced features
  • Durable
  • Affordable

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Lens Quality

This is usually something shooters overlook when picking a red dot sight because it’s not very obvious until you get more experience with the sight.

The Holosun has some glass glare and reflection, especially in the dark environment.

More Reticle Options

Some of the Holosun models allow the shooter to turn on or off some parts of the reticle giving the ability to have the ideal reticle for the target. The reason for it could be using the reticle for holdover estimate.

For Sig Sauer has the same multiple reticle offering (Dot, Circle-Dot, Dot with Holds, Circle-Dot with Holds). All of the red dot sights offered by the two companies have 1 MOA and 2 MOA dot sizes and adjustable brightness settings.

Beefy External Construction

Holosun optics are mostly made from lightweight aircraft-grade 6061 and some are with 7075 aerospace aluminum.

But, here is something EVEN BETTER!

Holosun has introduced its unique Titanium alloy body optics to the market for providing ultra-lightweight optics, while the Titanium material is about 35% STRONGER than 7075 T6. This means a new generation of optics manufacturing has begun!

Aftermarket Mounts

Holosun's optics assemble the look and feel of Aimpoint and Trijicon products, which means most of the optics can accept mounts made for Aimpoint Pro, Aimpoint Comp, Trijicon RMR & Trijicon MRO.

Getting those high-quality mounts will ensure secure installation on the rifle and retain zero.

Mounts from LaRue, Scalarworks, American Defense, Midwest Industries, KDG are all great options to go with.


Only good things to say here. Holosun provides outstanding packaging with perfect English instructions and toolkits.


Holosun offers a limited lifetime warranty, please click here to read their policy.

Holosun Optics FAQ

Is Holosun made in China?

Yes. Holosun optics (US company) are made in China

How Reliable Is The ShakeAwake Technology?

Holosun’s power source took another innovative approach. They branded its as the Shake Awake technology.

It turns on when sensing any movement, and turns off when sitting at rest.

How Does The Solar Fail Safe Work?

The solar panel on top of the optic is another innovation by Holosun to raise the bar on red dot technology.

In addition to the 50,000 – 100,000 hours of battery life, the solar panel provides additional power source to keep the optic working even if the battery is running low.

Under day light, the solar panel works like a fiber optic.

How Long Is The Battery Life?

On average, the HoloSun series red dot sights last about 50,000 hours using just 1 CR2032 battery.

Some models like HE510C, HE503GU have about 100,000 hours of battery. It definitely raise the standard for other red dot optics on the market.

Its even better than some of these mil-spec holographic sights like the EOTech with only about 800 hours of battery life.

Are HoloSun Optics Good In General?

Does it retain zero and will it last? Yes it does.

According to one of the specs Holosun listed on their website, their optics can withstand up to 1000 G-force. On top of using high strength aerospace grade aluminum, the Holosun is the shit!

Check out more on badassoptic.com/best-red-dot-optics

Sours: https://www.badassoptic.com/best-red-dot-optics/holosun/

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