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To get an idea of what makes a good shower curtain—including how to care for them and how to account for subjective design issues—Tyler Wells Lynch spoke with three experts: Jan M. Dougherty, a house cleaner who has cleaned thousands of bathrooms and shower curtains; Annie Hall, of Annie Hall Interiors in West Newton, Massachusetts; and Jeff Schwartz, of J. Schwartz Design in Boston. We also combed through a bunch of buying guides, fabric resources, and customer reviews to identify some of the basic requirements, as well as a few dealbreakers.

Alex Arpaia, who researched and wrote the update to this guide, is a Wirecutter staff writer who has also written guides to small bathrooms and bath mats.

The difference between a shower curtain and a shower liner

People who don’t have glass-enclosed or doored shower stalls need, at the very least, a shower curtain liner. The difference between a liner and a curtain is sometimes confusing—a polyester or vinyl liner, which sits inside the tub, is necessary to prevent water from leaking into the tub or spraying all over your bathroom. A shower curtain, which sits outside the tub, makes your bathroom look more polished than it would with a liner alone.

If you have a clawfoot or standalone tub, you might need two curtains and two liners. The curtains and liners should trace completely around the outside and the inside of the tub, respectively. “You should measure their length to allow for a bit of overlap of the curtains and of the liners to trap water within while allowing easy entry and exit—so not too long or too short of an overlap,” Jeff Schwartz told us.

An effective shower curtain liner should keep the curtain from getting wet. Keep an eye out for mildew, and wash and dry the curtain frequently (ideally, once a month). Also be sure to suspend the curtain high enough that it doesn’t skim the bathroom floor or bath mat; shower curtains should be suspended at least 2 or 3 inches above the ground to prevent mildew.

How we picked and tested

A bathroom with a white shower curtain and teal bathmat.

The most important aspect of a good shower curtain is whether you like the way it looks in your bathroom. We searched for shower curtains that would look nice in the largest variety of bathrooms, focusing on minimal patterns, and white and neutral tones, or those that came in a few solid color options. We based our decision partly on the advice of designer Jeff Schwartz, who told us that a lot of people want a bathroom to have a clean, “spa-like” environment rather than being a “riot of color.”

“If that’s your preference,” Schwartz said, “we recommend choosing a neutral off-white, soothing gray, or cool pastel and using it for all your accessories.”

We focused on standard-size shower curtains, which tend to measure about 72 by 72 inches. Other sizes typically fall into the long (72 by 84 inches) or extra-long (72 by 96 inches or larger) categories; a standard tub-and-shower combo measures around 72 by 60 inches.

For most of our picks, we considered curtains that you can find for less than $ For our upgrade pick, we expanded our search to include curtains that cost up to $ Unless you’re going for a specialized look, there’s little reason to spend more than this.

The experts we spoke with agreed that machine-washable cotton or polyester curtains are ideal because they’re easier to clean than vinyl plastic alternatives (PEVA, EVA, PVC), and we also think they look better. Although all shower curtain fabrics are susceptible to mold and mildew, vinyl needs more manual scrubbing to remove built-up soap scum and mildew.

Most shower curtains have 12 button-hole slits along the top of the fabric for attaching the hooks that hang from the rod. Some curtains have small plastic or metal grommets in place of those holes to reinforce the fabric and protect against tearing. “Hookless” curtains have large grommets designed to slip right over the curtain rod itself. We don’t think one style is necessarily better than another, although we did find that larger grommets made hanging a curtain easier.

To find the best curtains to test, we scoured online retailers for the most popular and best-selling shower curtains that came in neutral and solid color options. This search included big-box retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as home goods retailers like West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn. We looked at about 60 different curtains, comparing prices, owner reviews, availability, and fabric type. We tested seven contenders for our initial review, and tried six additional curtains as possible upgrade picks for the most recent round of testing. Although we don’t think you need to spend more than $40 on a good shower curtain, there are many pricier options available, and we wanted to find the best option for people who want a more luxurious-feeling shower curtain. We also researched and tested six different sets of curtain hooks.

In our initial tests, we measured the precise height and width of each curtain to check for any deviation from the advertised sizes. We then ran each curtain through the laundry three times (warm water and tumble dry). We did a second measurement to check for shrinkage. We then hung the curtains to assess factors such as ease of use and appearance. We also looked closely at the fabric of each curtain to check for snags, fraying, rusting grommets, or any other signs of wear and tear.

We subjected our top pick to an extra abrasion test by running a steak knife across the fabric more than 50 times, after which we let a playful cat cling to the curtain while we dragged him around the kitchen.

In , we laundered the curtains to check for wear and tear (like seams unraveling), and hung each of them up to assess the quality of the fabric, how well they draped, and whether they were easy to use. We simultaneously tested our hook contenders.

Our pick: Threshold White Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

The Threshold White Waffle Weave Shower Curtain hanging on a black rod in a small bathroom.

The Threshold White Waffle Weave Shower Curtain is the best option if you’re seeking an affordable shower curtain that will look good in nearly any bathroom. The heavy waffle-weave fabric drapes nicely, doesn’t wrinkle, and looks better than any other white shower curtain we saw at such an affordable price. The material is also extremely durable. The curtain’s metal grommets make the curtain easier to attach than competitors without them, and the grommets help to reinforce the fabric. All of the curtains we tested shrank a little, but the Threshold White Waffle Weave, which is made from a cotton/polyester blend, shrank less than the other cotton curtains we tested, and only slightly more than those made from polyester.

A hand holding the Threshold White Waffle Weave shower curtain

The Threshold shower curtain will look great in almost any bathroom. The heavy, cotton/polyester fabric drapes nicely, and in our tests it was the only curtain that showed few, if any, signs of wrinkling after three runs through the laundry. It’s also the softest curtain we tested, featuring a subtle waffle weave that adds a bit more visual charm than a straight sheet of fabric.

This curtain also fared well in our durability tests. After combing it with a steak knife, letting a cat claw into the fabric, and washing it three times, there was only a single, 1-centimeter-long snag. To be clear, we didn’t find much snagging in any of the other curtains we tested. But because the Threshold is made from a thick waffle weave with raised sections that could theoretically snag easily, we thought it was particularly impressive that this curtain didn’t snag in our tests.

The Threshold White Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

We like this curtain’s metal grommets, which reinforce the fabric and allow for easier hanging. The Threshold’s grommets were larger than those on most competitors, including the InterDesign Zeno and Pottery Barn curtains we tried, and they felt more durable. Although some people may be concerned about rusting grommets, we saw no signs of that problem after three wash cycles (we didn’t find any complaints about it in customer reviews, either).

Most linens will shrink after their first few runs through the wash. Every curtain we tested shrank somewhat after three cycles through a washing machine and dryer (even the polyester ones), but the Threshold curtain showed negligible shrinkage. Across multiple years of testing, the Threshold curtain lost only about 5 percent of its total area to shrinkage, or about 2 inches in width and 1 inch in height. That’s more shrinkage than polyester curtains we tested, but less than most of the cotton options suffered (some of our upgrade picks shrank over 20 percent). Some Target customer reviews claim shrinkage of up to 6 inches. Overall, though, we didn’t see many complaints.

We’ve had a lot of positive experiences with Threshold textiles in the past. The brand makes our favorite budget sateen sheets, budget flannel sheets, and budget comforter. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for some reason, Target offers day free returns on unused and unopened packages.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Compared with other curtains we tested, the Threshold White Waffle Weave Shower Curtain didn’t have any particular trouble drying, but because it’s a bit heavier than your average curtain—and made from a 60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester blend—it will probably retain more moisture than a light cotton or polyester curtain.

Budget pick: Threshold Light Stripe Shower Curtain

The Threshold Light Stripe Shower Curtain hanging on a black shower curtain rod.

If you’d prefer a neutral-toned curtain with a stripe pattern, we think the Threshold Light Stripe Shower Curtain will look elegant draped in any soft-white or neutral-tone bathroom. It’s super-soft and durable, and although Target sells this curtain as a standalone pattern, it is one of dozens of similarly priced, similarly made Threshold shower curtains. If you’re not sold on this particular design, we highly recommend that you check out some other options in the Threshold line.

A hand holding the Threshold Light Stripe Shower Curtain.

Although we did notice some significant shrinkage after we ran this curtain through the laundry three times (more than 5 inches in each direction), we don’t consider that a dealbreaker, since the curtain was still large enough to fit comfortably across a standard inch tub. The all-cotton material felt lighter than the other percent cotton or polyester-cotton blend curtains we tried—even our main pick, the Threshold White Waffle Weave Shower Curtain (a cotton-poly blend).

Upgrade pick: Crate & Barrel Pebble Matelassé White Shower Curtain

The Crate & Barrel Pebble Matelasse White Shower Curtain hanging around a large white tub.

If you’re looking for a luxurious shower curtain that will elevate your bathroom’s appearance, and you don’t mind spending a little more, go for the Crate & Barrel Pebble Matelassé White Shower Curtain. The Crate & Barrel shower curtain’s fabric drapes elegantly and has a weight to it that feels luxurious in hand. Its fabric feels somewhat softer than the Threshold shower curtain’s, but the Crate & Barrel lacks metal grommets, making it a bit more difficult to hang from a curtain ring. The Crate & Barrel also shrank more than the Threshold in our laundry tests, but it was on a par with our budget pick, and it shrank far less than other upgrade contenders we considered.

Matelassé is a term for woven fabric that looks as if it’s been quilted or padded but does not contain any actual stuffing, and it’s this technique that lends the Crate & Barrel curtain its effortless style. Its round, pebble-like texture looks attractive up close, yet is small enough that it gently fades into the background, appearing solid from afar. It’s a subtle look, unlike the Threshold’s fabric, which has large woven squares.

The Crate & Barrel curtain’s materials are also top notch. Its thick texture feels luxurious, with a pleasant yet substantial drape. It’s made from percent Oeko-Tex certified cotton, which means it’s produced without the use of certain harmful chemicals (the Target options lack this certification). After it was laundered, the Pebble Matelassé had some shrinkage but no damage, although we didn’t do the knife test on it. It shrank less than other upgrade options we tested, losing about 6 inches in width and 4 inches in height—on a par with the striped Threshold budget pick. If you’re especially concerned about shrinkage, this curtain is available in an extra-long size, at no additional cost. The Crate & Barrel has stitched curtain rod loops, which may be somewhat less durable than the Threshold’s metal grommets, but they felt strong in our testing.

Crate & Barrel reviewers award this curtain stars across reviews. The positives mention loving the texture, and the negatives point out the shrinkage. Since this curtain was still well over 65 inches in both directions after it was washed, we don’t think this should be an issue for a standard inch tub.

Also great: Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain

The Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain hanging on a black curtain rod in a small bathroom.

If you’d prefer more of an all-in-one option for your bathroom—and you don’t mind a somewhat industrial, hotel-like look—the Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain is another great choice. It’s easy to hang without needing separate hooks, and it comes with a snap-on liner, so if you’re starting from scratch, the only thing you need to complete your setup is a curtain rod. We also like the semi-transparent top panel, which allows light into the shower, making this curtain an ideal pick for windowless bathrooms or stalls that don’t have an overhead light.

A closeup on the Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain

This curtain is embedded with large metal grommets that are designed to slip right over the curtain rod. It’s easy to hang, which is why you often see this design in hotels or Airbnb rentals. The material feels pretty soft for a polyester fabric—more so than the other polyester curtains we tested. It even has a subtle waffle-weave texture, which is visually more interesting than a straight sheet of fabric.

The Hookless curtain comes in dozens of color options (including white) to match any bathroom, but they’re all based on the same two or three patterns (a border-stripe pattern and a solid-color waffle-weave). You can find Hookless curtains through a number of retailers, and they typically range from $20 to $ Bed Bath & Beyond offers several color options; we found a similar variety at Walmart.

A look at how the liner attaches to the Hookless Shower Curtian.

All Hookless curtains come equipped with a snap-on liner, so you won’t need to buy a separate one; some of the liners are made from a polyester fabric, and others are made from PEVA plastic, which isn’t our material of choice. Polyester fabric looks better, weighs less, is much easier to clean, and doesn’t smell like plastic. The version we recommend has a polyester liner, but if you buy a different Hookless design, check to see what the liner material is.

Also great: Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

The Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain Liner.

Shower curtain liners are essential to extending the life of any shower curtain, and they’re especially useful if your shower curtain isn’t made from a water-resistant fabric (such as all of our cotton picks). We recommend the Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain Liner. Of the four polyester liners we looked at, the Maytex was the most affordable. The percent polyester fabric means that in a pinch it can double as a standalone shower curtain. It’s machine-washable, and the fabric is surprisingly breathable (for polyester), so it’s better at warding off mildew and soap scum than many other liners we found. The Maytex has weights in the bottom two corners that do a pretty good job of holding the curtain flat inside your shower. It comes in three color options—white, off-white, and black—adding a layer of personalization that’s hard to find in liners; most come only in white. The Maytex is cheap enough that you could replace it every couple of months without breaking the bank, but it’s also durable enough that you probably won’t have to.

Also great: Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks

Six Amazer Shower Curtain Hook Rings holding up a shower curtain liner.

If you want shower curtain hooks that just work, we recommend the Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks. They were slightly larger than other pear-shaped, rolling shower curtain rings, leaving plenty of room to hang even the thickest shower curtains on rods of any size. And their steel and nickel loops felt more durable than those of competitors. These rings come in 15 colors and finishes, so you should be able to find ones to suit a range of styles.

If you have a heavier curtain that you frequently launder, we also liked the Maytex Metal Double Roller Glide Shower Curtain Rings. They consist of two open hooks that hold the liner and curtain separately. Unlike on most rings, on the Maytex rings there’s no hardware to open and close, and the wider spacing also helps separate two layers. But in our tests, vinyl liners or lighter-weight shower curtains often popped up off the hooks when we used the curtain, which might be a dealbreaker for homes with small children.

A few notes on design

For this guide we focused on affordable, neutral curtains that would look good in almost any bathroom. If you’re doing a complete bathroom overhaul, the designers we spoke with recommended selecting the shower curtain last. It’s just a lot easier (and cheaper) to match your curtain to preexisting wall paint or cabinetry than the other way around. Annie Hall of Annie Hall Interiors even referred to the shower curtain as the “throw pillows” of the bathroom. “The shower curtain is the final accessory that gives the room the punch of color, or pattern, or graphic that pulls the design elements together and can make the room come to life,” she said.

Jeff Schwartz of J. Schwartz Design explained that it’s important to consider how the curtain’s color or pattern matches or coordinates with the color of the towels, wallpaper, or bed linens. If you happen to choose your curtain before painting or decorating, Schwartz recommended “choos[ing] a wall color that complements the pattern of your shower curtain, not the same shade, so that the colors don’t drown each other out.” He added, “If you do choose a fabric with a more kinetic or colorful design, make sure that it’s not too overpowering if it’s reflected in your mirror.”

Care and maintenance

A white waffle shower curtain hanging in a small bathroom.

The more damp or humid your bathroom is, the more prone the shower curtain will be to mold and mildew. Tossing it in with the laundry once a month is the surest way to nip that problem in the bud. All the curtains we recommend are machine-washable and can tolerate tumble drying (as is the case with most cotton or polyester fabrics). After showering, you should always close (spread out) the curtain. Leaving it bunched up slows the drying process and increases the likelihood of mold and mildew developing.

The competition

Shower curtains

The Brooklinen Shower Curtain Set is tempting. It comes with a curtain, a liner, and hooks, and it cost $70 at the time of writing. And the curtain shrank less than all but one we tried. But the oxford stripe on this shower curtain looked drab in our bathroom. And the fabric seemed to be made of the same cotton material as the company’s sheets—it’s a luxury on the bed, but it felt insufficient on our shower rod. The metal S-shaped hooks felt flimsy, and the PEVA liner was just okay.

The Pottery Barn Waffle Weave Shower Curtain was pleasant to the touch, but it had smaller grommets than the Target Threshold, and it shrank far more. It also had a wide top panel that was tough to squeeze into the shower curtain hooks. Most shower curtain grommets are set a few inches down from the top of the curtain, but these were at least 4 inches in.

The Madison Park Spa Waffle Shower Curtain comes in five color options and is well reviewed on Amazon, but we don’t love the plasticky polyester feel of it, and we don’t think the pattern options would look good in a wide variety of bathrooms.

Shower curtain hooks

The Uigos are a good alternative to our recommended shower-curtain rings. They didn’t feel as nicely made, but they worked just as well.

We tried both the C-rings and the O-rings from Qulable and found that their plastic felt flimsy. What Qulable advertises as flexibility mainly gave us concerns over the durability of these rings. When we bent the C rings, they often didn’t fully spring back to their original form.

Shower curtain liners

We also tried out the AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain liner. It’s a decent plastic curtain overall (although the Maytex is somewhat easier to wash), and it has a breathable weave, which should resist mildew better than others. The AmazerBath is available in 14 colors and has suction cups at the bottom, in lieu of weights.

More ideas for the bathroom


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Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

Help transform your bathroom by adding a classic, luxury or colourful shower curtain from Dunelm. Creating the perfect bathroom in which to unwind and relax is made simple with Dunelm’s range of bathroom accessories which can complement existing bathroom schemes. Shower curtains are both decorative and practical, offering privacy and helping to keep your bathroom floor dry when showering.

We have a huge range of shower curtains to choose from, from plain coloured shower curtains that could easily fit in with an existing décor, to bright and colourful designs that will add some life to the room. Some of our most popular colours include yellow, orange, ochre, blue, green and pink. Or consider our range of stylish and timeless shower curtains, like a classic black, white or grey shower curtain. For that monochrome look, try our black and white patterned shower curtains. A clear shower curtain is great for keeping the space feeling open.

To add some character, why not add an animal motif such as our owl or butterfly shower curtains? They’re guaranteed to please kids and grown-ups alike! We also stock a range of long, and extra long shower curtains for those with high ceilings in their bathroom, or are creating a wet room. If your bathroom is particularly big, we also stock extra wide shower curtains.

The materials used in each shower curtain range from polyester to PVC and are easy to hang using Dunelm’s selection of shower curtain hooks and shower curtain rails. So with so much to choose from, visit your local Dunelm store today.

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Touch of Class

Find shower curtain hooks shaped like butterflies or shells, and pick out a coordinating curtain with tropical prints, pine cones, or even old-fashioned lacework. Capture exactly the mood you're going for with one of these lovely, cascading accents in white, tan, blue, and many more colors.

Beyond adding privacy and helping to keep floors dry, shower curtains provide a great avenue for making a big design statement. Need to curb competing patterns in the bathroom? Hang up a curtain in solid white or beige, and tone down a busy space. Conversely, throw a large-scale pattern into the mix, if your bath lacks visual interest.

Bath curtains have a wide surface area for displaying your favorite designs or a soothing color. Think of it as a blank canvas, a way to hit your surroundings with a truly transformative touch!

It might not be the most obvious room, but your bathroom should be filled with little hints of who you are, from the joke book beside the commode to the DIY potpourri on your vanity. Portray a bubbly personality with a ruffled shower curtain. Paired with a light and feminine mirror over the sink, these curtains exude old-fashioned romance.

If it's a more eclectic look you're after, however, just toss a graphic print rug to the side of your tub, and choose a ruffled fabric in bold red or orange. Curtains like these work with multiple themes, so don't feel confined to just one style!

You also can't go wrong with classic white shower curtains. Whether riddled with ruffles or fashioned from lace, these lovely panels evoke vintage vibes, in the right setting. Just scoot a tufted chair under your vanity for a nostalgic tone. For the final touch, hang a series of retro fashion illustrations all around your mirror.

Or, create an atmosphere every bit as refreshing as a crisp mountain morning. Rustic shower curtains feature pine cones, moose, bears, or even foliage. If you really want to get crafty, thrift an old washboard you can hang on the wall or lean on a shelf above.

But say you want to bring a bit more color into your decorating. Floral shower curtains are versatile, allowing you to create a flirtatious space or even a transitional one. Sink your toes into a plush fluffy rug when you exit the bath for an amorous aura. Or, bring in modern elements with a quirky sculpture displayed proudly on a nearby etagere.

Finally, be sure to check if your chosen curtain has coordinating shower curtain hooks. They often mimic the design of the curtain itself, creating a put-together look that just can't be beat!


Curtain brown sheer shower

Gypsy Ruffled Voile Sheer Shower Curtain 72&#; wide x 72&#; long BROWN FLOWER

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Building the Modern Family

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Best Shower Curtain in 2021 - Top 10 Shower Curtain to Decore and Upgrade Your Bathroom

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