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Brutus is one of the more popular villagers in Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise—which is strange because Brutus isn't a true Animal Crossing villager at all. The legend of Brutus is something that goes back to the very first installment for GameCube released over 15 years ago.

Open-world games like Animal Crossing are bound to have creepypastas behind them. After all, who truly knows all the happenings in a world of walking, talking animals? Brutus' story is one that sends a chill down the spine of long-standing fans.

Will Brutus Return in New Horizons?

Brutus the Bulldog is a character surrounded by myth and legend within the Animal Crossing community. There have been claims of his legacy since the dawn of the franchise. Despite this, many fans doubt he has ever existed.

The rumor of Brutus began around in the early 2000s. Players began to report the existence of a villager who acted completely out of the ordinary. As with all rumors, the name and species of this villager varied from message board to message board. The most common combination of these traits is "Brutus the Purple Bulldog."

Allegedly, Brutus would move into the player's town during the night and only stay for a single day. He would then spend this day making the player's life an absolute nightmare for the rest of the game. Brutus had a penchant for causing all sorts of trouble and ruining towns wherever he went.

He has been accused of chopping down all the trees in town, sending strange messages to the player character, kidnapping villagers, and even crashing your game if you attempted to enter his home. The worst of these is Brutus completely deleting your game data if you tried to speak with him.

Some players were so wary of him that they avoided playing at all during the night. They believed this would limit the chances he had to move-in and destroy their dedicated townships.

Eventually, these stories mellowed out and Brutus' legend became more of semi-realistic glitch than anything else. There are no in-game files to support his existence and there hasn't been a single sighting of him since.

Nintendo has yet to confirm if these rumors were ever true and if there was ever a character like Brutus to exist in the game's canon. They do have a running list of all the confirmed villagers you can find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


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Brutus is a purple bulldog, who is a urban legend of the game "Animal Crossing". He wears a black shirt with a white B on it. He also has diffrent names, but Brutus is the most common name people use. The urban legend was said to be passed around in playgrounds in the early 2000s. The playground rumors soon were called, "Playground Rumors." Brutus is said to move into your town at night and you'll not want to meet him, if the player interacts him it's said bad things will happen. Brutus also lived in a house that was known to freeze the game if you entered it. This house was said to have walls of fish on it. Brutus only stayed in your town for one day before moving out.


Brutus is said to have a slew of activities, the most known is choppping down all of the towns trees. It is unkown if there are any other activities but this could have been result of the urban legend not being fleshed out a lot. It is said he could kidnap your favorite character however. The only other thing he could do is said to send binary code messages to you in your mailbox.

Character or Fusion?[edit]

When Brutus was still a well known legend, many started to think that the character could have been in result of a glitch or animal fusion. It was soon ruled out that he was not a beta character or fusion due to there being no data in the game or fusion which would result in what would be Brutus. [1]

Scariest thing he can do[edit]

The most scariest thing Brutus was said to do was to melt your data away while doing an evil laugh if you encounter him. [1]

Pictures ( Rumor Pictures )[edit]

There has been one instance in which someone took a picture of "Brutus." The picture was actually just a poorly edited version of Octavian in a non-existing B shirt. [1] But, this could picture could not be found in anyway. Most likely that it was taken down from Nintendo or it was just taken down.

Diffrent names and looks[edit]

Brutus Bulldog Purple
Brutis Dog orange
Rufus Wolf Black
Hippo Blue
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Full Name

Brutus the Bulldog

The "Brutus the Bulldog" legend is an urban legend revolving around the 2001 life-simulation game Animal Crossing.


After being released, fans of the original Animal Crossing for the GameCube began spreading stories of an “evil” villager named Brutus who would move into the player’s village if the player was away from their village for too long. Brutus, also known as Burtis, was allegedly a purple or black dog with a black shirt and glowing red eyes. Upon moving in, Brutus would do many unusual things, like speak in binary and crash the game when the player enters his house. Only one “screenshot” of Brutus is known, and it is known to be a fake. Thus, the Brutus rumor is unlikely to be true. [1]



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