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The Church and State Dream with Dana Coverstone and Kat Kerr

The Watchman on the Wall • By The Watchman • Jan 3

The Church and State Dream with Dana Coverstone and Kat Kerr

The Watchman on the Wall • By The Watchman • Jan 3

An American Harbinger and Shortages of Goods
Jonathan Cahn shares 9 prophetic signs of calamity that came to ancient Israel and how they are also happening to America.  In the second half of our episode, Perry Stone shares information of coming shortages and how to prepare.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Dying Baltic Dry Index
In todays episode, Stan Johnson discusses the latest news of the slowing Baltic Dry Index.  He also talks about how this ties in with the Dana Coverstone dreams.  (music by Lary Olson) 
Dreams and Visions of Suitcase Nukes
In todays episode, Stan Johnson shares prophecies, dreams and visions of possible suitcase nukes going off in America.  (music by Lary Olson)
Food Shortage and Crash of the Dollar
In todays episode, Stan Johnson shares information that there will be a food shortage and a sudden crash of the dollar.  He confirms this with many prophecies.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Next Few Months Will Be CRAZY
In todays episode, prophet Chris Yoon shares what God has shown him about the next few months.  (music by Lary Olson)
A Personal Tour of Heaven
In this episode, Jesse Duplantis shares his trip to Heaven.  In his tour of Heaven, Jesse talked with Jesus, angels and biblical saints.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Coming Massive Arrests
In this weeks episode, Stan Johnson shares prophecy, dreams, visions and the latest news concerning massive arrests that are coming.  (music by Lary Olson)
Accessing Armies of Angels in Heaven
In this episode, prophet Tim Sheets talks about the armies of heavenly angels that are available to help us.  This recent interview comes for "It's Supernatural" with Sid Roth.  (music by Lary Olson)
In todays episode we will here 3 different stories of encounters with hell.  (music by Lary Olson)
Prophecy Overview of Coming Events
 In this episode, Stan Johnson shares many dreams, visions and prophecies that could be unfolding soon.  Stan has compiled these dreams, visions and prophecies over his many years of hosting the Prophecy Club.  (music by Lary Olson)
Coverstone Dreams of Wall Street, Bartering and Persecution
In todays episode we look at two of Dana Coverstone's dreams.  The first is the "Plumb Line Dream", concerning Wall Street, the Capital and church persecution.  The second is a recent dream called the "Wall Street Barter Dream".  (music by Lary Olson)
The Coming Financial Crisis and Fall of the Dollar
This week Stan Johnson and Terry Sacka talk about the economy and what may be coming.  They reflect on current news that you will not here on the MSM.  Stan also looks at what prophecies have to say about what is coming soon. (music by Lary Olson)
Caught Between Heaven and Hell
After dying, Jim Woodford saw Heaven but also found himself at the edge of a pit to Hell.  His story will amaze you.  His interview was taken from the television show "It's Supernatural", with Sid Roth.  (music by Lary Olson)
Satanist High Priest Meets Jesus
John Ramirez was a high priest in the church of satan.  His story will amaze you.  This interview, with him, was taken from the television program "Something More", on the ISN Network.  (music by Lary Olson)
Political Dreams and Visions Coming Soon
In todays episode, Stan Johnson shares dreams and visions of future events in America.  Stan has documented many of these dreams and visions from his years of hosting the Prophecy Club.  (music by Lary Olson)
An Unveiling and Exposure is Coming
In this weeks episode, two prophets, Chad MacDonald and Dr. Kynan Bridges, share a similar message of what they have heard from the Lord.  Sometime this Summer, things that have been hidden from the public, will be exposed for all to see.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Amazing Near Death Experience of Colton Burpo
In todays episode we hear the story of Colton Burbo's near death experience, at 4 years old.  Later, we will hear Colton and his family, in two separate interviews, explaining what happened.  Colton also shares stories of being in Heaven.  (music by Lary Olson)
Headline Prophecies of John Paul Jackson
Prophet John Paul Jackson, in a broadcast from , discusses and reveals several prophetic visions and dreams given to him concerning the future of America around the year Martial law- civil unrest- riots- pandemic and more.  (music by Lary Olson)
A Great Unveiling is Coming!
Recently, Donna Rigney was on the Elijah Streams TV Network.  She reveals what God has shown her as to what will happen in the very near future.  (music by Lary Olson)
Pastor Stan Johnson, of The Prophecy Club, does an outstanding teaching on how to Spot the beast, his mark and his image in the near future. This broadcast is the audio from the Sevenfold Miracle Crusade that was held in March  (music by Lary Olson)
A Man Dies, Goes to Hell and Returns
In todays episode, we hear from Ivan Tuttle who died, went to hell and then taken to Heaven.  Ivan also saw past and future events on the Earth.  This amazing interview was conducted on the ISN Network.  (music by Lary Olson)
3 Amazing Stories of Healing
In todays episode we will hear about 3 stories of healing.  These stories originally aired on CBN.  (music by Lary Olson)
Real Guardian Angel Encounters
In this episode we will hear a narration of real life angel stories, from the website Paranormal Rising.  In the second half of our program, we will hear the original broadcast of "A Letter from Michael".  A true story about a marine, during the Korean War, in  (music by Lary Olson)
Experiences in Heaven with Donna Rigney
Donna Rigney has been taken to Heaven many times.  Donna was recently interviewed on the program "Something More", where she shared some of her many experiences in Heaven.  (music by Lary Olson)
Washington and the coming Whirlwind
Timothy Dixon is a pastor who has recently received 2 prophetic dreams.  He says a shaking and a great storm is coming to Washington D.C. in the next 30 days.  (music by Lary Olson)
NDE's and Heaven Stories with John Burke
John Burke has written extensively about those who have died, went to heaven, and returned.  He has interviewed over 1, people who have had a near death experience.  He has found some interesting similarities in those experiences.  This interview was done by Sid Roth on his television show "It's Supernatural".  (music by Lary Olson)
The Near Death Experience of Ken Johnson
In this episode Ken Johnson shares his near death experience and the message he received from God.  He recently shared his experience on Everyday Miracles Podcast.  (music by Lary Olson)
Most Amazing Prophetic Encounter
Prophet Chris Reed did an interview with Sid Roth and on the program he had a prophecy about a woman in Kansas.  A viewer was amazed and encouraged to find this woman and follow up on this prophecy.  His investigation just might surprise you.  (music by Lary Olson)
Today we hear from Robin Bullock and what God has told him about what is about to happen in America.  (music by Lary Olson)
What is next for America?
In this episode, two prophets tell us about God's prophetic timeline.  Chris Yoon and Prophetess Priscilla talk about the election and what is next for America. (music by Lary Olson)
A Big Shaking is Coming, Starting with Shock and Awe
Many prophets are saying that a big shaking is coming and will happen suddenly.  Chris Yoon says he heard some shocking things from the Lord, that are now about to happen.  (music by Lary Olson)
Is a Red Sea Moment About to Happen?
On todays podcast, Kat Kerr, Annamarie Strawhand and Chris Yoon give revelations on a dramatic and miraculous turnaround that is about to happen.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Church and State Dream with Dana Coverstone and Kat Kerr
Today we will hear Dana Coverstone talk about his latest dream he calls "The Church and State Dream".  In the second half of our broadcast, we will hear from Kat Kerr and her latest message from the Lord.  (music by Lary Olson)
Things Will Change Rapidly
In todays episode, we will hear from 3 prophets with uplifting messages for the next 30 days.  Albert Milton, Kat Kerr and Chris Yoon will share what they have been shown by God.  (music by Lary Olson)
Important Future Prophecies for America
This week Stan Johnson compares a number of future prophecies for America and ties them to what is happening now with the uncertainty of the election.  (music by Lary Olson)
This week we will hear from John Hemans and Christa Elisha on what they have been shown about the election and the future of America.  (music by Lary Olson)
More Election Dreams and Visions
Today Pastor John Hemans shares his recent vision of what is happening now with America and the election.  Sadhu Selvaraj talks about what he was shown back in October about the presidential election.  Albert Milton shares shocking information about what might just happen on December 12th.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Data Dream Analysis with Dana Coverstone
We take a look back at "The Data Dream" with Dana Coverstone.  This dream was documented 2 weeks before the election.  Since the election,  the meaning of this dream seems to be more clear.  In the second half of our episode, prophets Jeremiah Johnson, Maurice Sklar and Bobby Connor share insights into the election.  (music by Lary Olson)
New Dreams and Visions from Dana Coverstone and Christa Elisha
In this weeks episode we will explore Dana Coverstone's 2 recent dreams concerning future changes in America.  We will also hear from Christa Elisha, who had a vision and a message from the Lord, about changes in the United States as well as the mainstream media.  (music by Lary Olson)
Prophecy Update about Election Fraud
We will hear from 5 different people on what God has told them about the election fraud going on right now.  Prophetess Raji says something really big is going to happen on January 16th.  Also, Chris Reed, Sid Roth, Francis Myles, Annamarie Strawhand and Apostle David Mutisya, from Africa, will also share what they have heard from God.  (music by Lary Olson)
Coverstone Dreams and Election Alert
Pastor Stan Johnson takes a look at previous prophetic dreams from Pastor Dana Coverstone.  Did his dreams reveal an election trap to catch the cheaters in voter fraud?  (music by Lary Olson)
Election Prophecy Special
In our election special episode, we will have three different prophetic testimonies.  In part one, we will hear from Robin Bullock on what he heard from God about who will win the presidency on November 3rd.  Then, in part 2, we will have a prophetic word from R. Loren Sandford on what he was shown about the results of the presidential election.  Finally, we will end with the latest dream from Pastor Dana Coverstone.  (music by Lary Olson)
Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj on the U.S. Presidential Election
In todays episode prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj speaks on what he has recently been shown, by the Lord, about the U.S. presidential election.  He was also told about the judgement that would befall America, if the wrong man was elected president.  (music by Lary Olson)
URGENT Prophetic Update with Kevin Zadai
Kevin Zadai recently had an interview with Sid Roth, on the ISN television network.  He reveals prophecies on President Trump, Amy Coney Barrett, as well as exposing corruption in America.  (music by Lary Olson)
Do Prophecies say to Shelter at Home for 5 Months?
On todays episode, Stan Johnson, compares various prophecies, dreams and visions of the future.  He gives us his advice on what we should do to prepare for the next 5 months.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Ministry and Purpose of Angels with Judith MacNutt
Judith MacNutt has experienced and seen angels most of her life.  Today she shares some of her supernatural experiences with angels.  This interview was taken from Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" television program.  (music by Lary Olson)
New Prophecies with Stan Johnson
Stan Johnson shares some recent prophecies he has received for  I think you will find them very interesting because they seem to go along with the dreams of Dana Coverstone.  The following was taken from a recent broadcast of The Prophecy Club.  (music by Lary Olson)
Betty Eadie's Near Death Experience
Earlier this year we did a podcast on the book "Embraced by the Light" by Betty J. Eadie.  The book chronicles her well documented near death experience.  Today we will replay an old interview she did on the television show "The Other Side".  (music by Lary Olson)
Angels, Visions and NDE's
Today we are going to hear some amazing stories of angels, near death experiences and death bed visitations.  (music by Lary Olson)
Dana Coverstone's New Dreams of December and January
This week Dana Coverstone shares with us his new apocalyptic dreams of December and January.  In the second part of our podcast we welcome Perry Stone.  He teaches on the similarities of the days of Noah and Lot in the Bible, with recent events and times we are living thru right now.  (music by Lary Olson)
New Prophecies from Maurice Sklar and Dana Coverstone
In this episode we have the most recent prophecies from two well know prophets of God, Maurice Sklar and Dana Coverstone.  Maurice was given a message for the next 5 months and Dana Coverstone had another dream concerning upcoming events in America.  (music by Lary Olson)
The Fall of America Prophecy of Dumitru Duduman
TruNews, with Rick Joiner, just did a special on the Dumitru Duduman prophecy about the Fall of America.  Earlier this year we also did a podcast about this same prophecy.  When we look at current events, we must ask ourselves if we are in the beginning stages of the fulfillment of that prophecy.  (music by Lary Olson)
She Found herself in Hell and the Reason Will Surprise You.
Laurie Ditto was transported to Hell, by Jesus, and the reason will surprise you.  She saw other Christians there as well.  The following interview was taken from the television show "It's Supernatural" with Sid Roth.  (music by Lary Olson)
The One World Religion and False Prophet with Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a christian prophet from India who has visions, sees angels and has been told, by the Lord, future events.  In this episode he speaks about the False Prophet and the rise of the One World Religion that is about to happen.  This could happen as early as September  (music by Lary Olson)
Three NDE Stories that result in meeting Jesus in Heaven
These 3 near death experiences all have on thing in common, they all visit Heaven and meet with Jesus.  I believe these experiences give us all hope in the afterlife.  All three of these stories were originally broadcast on CBN.  (Music by Lary Olson)
Seer Ana Werner sees angels and visits Heaven
Ana Werner can see into the invisible world.  She can see angels and has been to heaven numerous times.  In this episode she shares some of her experiences.  She gave this interview on the ISN network show "Something More."  (music by Lary Olson)
Shocking Prophecies for the rest of
These prophecies, for our immediate future, are told by Stan Johnson of The Prophecy Club.  He looks at what the modern prophets are saying for the rest of  The prophecies he has collected, along with recent dreams and visions, has led him to believe that we might be in for some shocking events leading up to the presidential election in November.  (music by Lary Olson)
Visitations to Hell with Mary K. Baxter
Mary K. Baxter was taken to Hell, by Jesus, for 30 nights in a row.  She was shone the different levels of Hell and what is happening to the lost souls there.  Jesus wanted her to inform us all about Hell, so we wouldn't go there.  Her interview was taken from Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" television show.  (music by Lary Olson)
Prophets say The Fall of America starts with an Internal Revolution
Modern day prophets have similar prophecies of America falling.  They say they have been shown that it starts with civil unrest, which turns into an internal revolution.  Stan Johnson, of "The Prophecy Club", explores these prophecies and the current events we are seeing in America.  (music by Lary Olson)
Visions of an Asteroid Strike in the near future.
Tom Horn has had many dreams and visions of the future, following a near death experience.  One in particular has to do with an asteroid hitting the Earth.  This episode is taken from an interview that he did on Sid Roth's television program, "It's Supernatural".  (music by Lary Olson)
Heaven Stories from those who died and returned by John Burke
John Burke has written extensively about those who have died, went to heaven, and returned.  He has interviewed over 1, people who have had a near death experience.  He has found some interesting similarities in those experiences.  This interview was done by Sid Roth on his television show "It's Supernatural".  (music by Lary Olson)
Mary K. Baxter's Visitation to Heaven
Mary K. Baxter was taken up to Heaven and she describes it's wonder and beauty.  She talks about mansions in heaven, the Throne of God as well as babies In Heaven.  This uplifting encounter will fill you with hope and inspiration.  (music by Lary Olson)
Visions of Empty and Burning Cities
Perry Stone had visions of empty and burning cities.  He wasn't sure why or what happened to cause this, but this year might be the start of the completion of these visions.
This episode highlights two of many stories of angel encounters from the best selling book "Where Angels Walk" by Joan Wester Anderson.  
Pandemic Survival Food and Water
With the Coronavirus hitting hard, the store shelves are quickly emptying.  The situation now is starting to parallel last weeks prophecy by Shane Warren.  Parts of this episode are taken from a special by the Prophecy Club.  They give insightful information on good long term food storage as well as water filtration. 
A Vision of the Future of America by Shane Warren
Shane Warren had a visitation from the Lord when he was just 12 years old.  Later as a minister, he received a dream and a vision given to him by God.  These future events for America, may be just around the corner.
The Near Death Experience of Viola Horton
The near death experience of Viola Horton is one of thousands of case studies that are documented in the book "Life After Life" by Raymond Moody.   
This is the story of Betty J. Eadie and her near death experience.  Her message has filled hundreds of thousands with hope and a new desire to love.  This podcast was taken from her bestselling book "Embraced By The Light".
This is a story from the book “In the Arms of Angels” by Joan Wester Anderson.
The Story of Dumitru Duduman
The true story of a man from Romania who was caught smuggling bibles into Russia. He was tortured but eventually saved by an angel and told to give a dire message to America.

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Evangelical 'Prophet' Kat Kerr Says She Won't Get Vaccinated, but Would Have if Trump Won Election

Kat Kerr, a self-proclaimed "prophetess" and Evangelical preacher from Jacksonville, Florida, has said that she refuses to get a COVID vaccination because former President Donald Trump is no longer in office.

While speaking with co-host Steve Shultz on their YouTube show Wednesdays with Kat and Steve!, Kerr acknowledged that there are several vaccine varieties. But she said she's not open to taking any of them, according to reporting from Right Wing Watch.

"I may have trusted [the vaccine] when Trump was sitting where the villain fraudulent person is sitting," she said, referring to current Democratic President Joe Biden. "But because they're not, I won't trust it. I don't trust you I don't know what's in it, I don't know the makeup of it."

After very briefly mentioning that conspiracy theories exist about the vaccines, she suggested that people shouldn't put "anything extra in their body" if they are already healthy.

Kerr is the author of two books that purport to be an "eyewitness" account of Heaven. The front page of her personal website contains a quote attributed to "The Holy Spirit." One of the quotes attributed to the Holy Spirit on her website states, "Take the journey and check it out, it will make you praise Him and joyfully shout!"

Kerr has previously said that there is football in Heaven as well as a warehouse where God keeps spare body parts and organs for those in need. She has also said that that if a woman miscarries a child, God will put the soul of that child into a second child if the woman decides to get pregnant again.

In January , Kerr claimed that God had personally told her that Trump is still president. Trump lost the election by 74 electoral votes and over 7 million popular votes.

Kerr isn't the only Evangelical to express doubt about the COVID vaccine.

In December , pro-Trump pastor Jack Hibbs said that he believed the COVID vaccine is a means of social control that will "condition" people into accepting the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast is a Biblical prophecy of an anti-Christian marker placed on the head or the hand that will be required to buy necessities and participate in modern secular life.

Epidemiologists estimate that 70 percent of the population will need to develop immunity to COVID in order to end the pandemic, whether through vaccinations or other means, according to Science Magazine.

Only a small number of people oppose vaccination for religious reasons, Heidi Larson, director of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told Nature.

Larson said that most people who oppose receiving vaccines often fear negative health effects, feel suspiciously of medical authorities or haven't had their concerns addressed by the information available on the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO) or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Newsweek contacted Kerr for comment.

Sours: https://www.newsweek.com/evangelical-prophet-kat-kerr-says-she-wont-get-vaccinated-would-have-if-trump-won-election
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Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr said back in June of that she was going to assign ,, angels to protect the Republican National Convention. Last week, she said she was going to dispatch ,, angels to protect Israel.

That’s why I’m shocked to tell you her army is getting larger.

Kerr said Wednesday that she now has an army of 5 billion angels at her disposal.

Last night, I was out there sending 5 billion of them to go worldwide to make a… sweep for the next 30 days, 24 hours a day, to dispose any unseen, unknown, wickedness, evil, cheating, stealing, lying, controlling, whether it was spirits or people or [demons?]… and I sent 5 billion last night out to go do that, and immediately, they went. And they’re gonna go to every city and every country — even some that people don’t know about yet are about to find out about it.

I know I should probably ask about these countries no one knows about yet… but how did these angels multiply?! How did the army grow that big in a week? What are the recruiting tactics? Are the angels having babies? Are all these angels registered somewhere? Will the army continue growing exponentially? And why does host Steve Shultz never have any follow-up questions?!

Maybe one day we’ll find out.

(via Right Wing Watch)

Sours: https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com//06/06/prophetess-my-army-ofbillion-angels-will-solve-the-worlds-problems-2/

God creates angels in tribes.  THERE ARE BILLIONS OF ANGELS!!!!   The JEWS were not the first tribes on earth nor were the American Indians.  God the father made the angels in heaven.  Many  tribes of angels were created in Gabriel&#;s Group and Michael&#;s Groups.  Messenger Angels, Scribe Angel, Currier Angels, Worker Angels, all working on our behalf to help us here on earth, are in Gabriel&#;s group. Messenger Angels will bring messages to GOD.  Scribe Angels are sent to record our words.  Words we decree, declare and speak&#;  Currier angels will bring something or deliver something.    People that have been miraculously healed had a currier angel sent with a package from the bodyparts warehouse to them so that they could be healed.  Currier Angels can also bring things from God such as a gemstone from heaven just for you.

Worker Angels can be sent as people, hanging out with us.  You may just be talking to an ANGEL among us.    Michael is the &#;HOST&#; of all the &#;Warring Angels&#; always at war with demonic forces, warring on our behalf.  They were not created to defend heaven, there is no need to defend heaven, they were sent to defend us here on earth.  The demonic angels came from the angels that fell with Lucifer.  They have become so defiled in the wicked demon acts they do that they have actually changed their appearance and have become very demonic in appearances.

No matter what angel comes to see you, you always need to test the spirit.  You ask &#;are you of the spirit of the most high god who sent his son to die, to save the world?&#;   If they say yes&#; you can go with them, if they say nothing, they are not from GOD and you kick them out of your room!!

We have power over the enemy and we should command our host of angels to be with us every day. 


Sours: https://childrenofthelight.us/tag/kat-kerr/

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    November 13th Sunday Night - Kat Kerr

    Popa began to get used to the member in it, the pain almost subsided, leaving only a slight discomfort. Vasya started to download a little. My gut tightly wrapped around his member. Maxim walked up and stood on the side.

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    Her vagina seemed to become alive, now and then clutching a thin bottle. It was already too much for me. I pulled it out and, running my nose along the surface, inhaled deeply. And at that moment, powerful white jets flew onto the blue sheet. It was so indescribably sweet that the whole world disappeared.

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